Mecha and Technology Rules - updated 07-10-07

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Mecha and Technology Rules - updated 07-10-07

These are the rules for the Mecha & Technology section. Please be aware that all general forum rules also apply.

1. Attempt to be logical: Don't go crazy with non-canonical references, use circular reasoning, make completely unsupported statements, or anything like that. Use some common sense.

2. Attempt to be informative: If you have access to any sort of resource or information that may be applicable to a discussion, by all means, SHARE IT! Just make sure that your source is reputable.

3. Attempt to be accurate: Post your data and references, and try to stick to the ones you KNOW are reliable. Wikipedia is generally frowned upon (at least for Gundam), so please try to use another source. MAHQ, Gundam News, Ultimate Mark, etc etc etc, are good sources to start. All-in-all, just don't post a 'fact' that any billy-bob has typed up and put on the Internet.

4. Do not use the term "plot shielding" to describe technology, especially in reference to the Cosmic Era universe of Gundam SEED. Everyone just points out plot shielding, which in terms of a technological discussion is ridiculous and doesn't add to the conversation in any way.

5. Although discussions about fictional technology will often relate to real world scientific principles, please do not get off topic with really long quote wars disagreeing about science, philosophy, etc. Please stick to the main topic at hand.

6. Versus threads of any kind are not allowed.
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