Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Complete 12/12/11)

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Mobile Suit Gundam Deus (Complete 12/12/11)

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It's official: I'm a major dork. Now that's been established, my first attempt at a fanfic.

Mobile Suit Gundam Deus

Future Era (F.E.) 115

There are two primary power groups: the Trans-Pacific Union and the Siberian League. The Siberian League consists of the European portion of the former USSR and most former countries, Sweden, Finland, Norway, various Slavic nations, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Germany.
The Trans-Pacific Union includes Japan, a united Korean Republic, China, Taiwan, Alaska, Hawaii, and the west cost of North America.
The Trans-Pacific Union has enjoyed the unrivaled ability to produce superior, highly desired goods, particularly in technology. However, since F.E. 90, countries in the Siberian League have started to produce better goods. While impressive technology was expected from Germany, Russian and Ukranian goods rapidly began improving in quality.

Additionally, colonies have seen rapid growth from both factions. The Siberian League has the Olympus colony group at L3, and the Trans-Pacific Union has its Asgard colonies at L4. These are, at this point, largely industrial and business, so most people still live on Earth.

Siberian League/European Federation:
Due to the weakening of strong Western European leadership and a surprising industrialization of eastern European and some west Asian countries, power shifted. The shift itself wasn't as much of a surprise as to where the power shifted. The Siberian League owed much of it's growth to it's open arms toward Newtypes.
With open arms for the Enhanced, the Siberian League ramped up a new space program to build research colonies and manufacturing plants where the Union had been working unchallenged. However, this advancement displeased the countries in the Trans-Pacific Union, as this rise was creeping into technology sectors they had a firm grasp on. With mounting aggression, the League began building experimental mobile suits, the RMX series.
After many non-Siberian countries join, the Siberian League changes it's name to the European Federation.

Trans-Pacific Union:
Lead by Japan, the Trans-Pacific Union prides itself in technology it produces. Until recently, the Union was unrivaled in their products, including the fearsome Zeus mobile suit line. However, with cheaper, equal or better quality production from the Siberian League, the Union began to loose economic ground at a rapid pace. The Union became aggressive toward League countries, and meddling with their colonies. After learning about the RMX mobile suit development, the Union begins working on a replacement for it's Zeus series, the JXR prototype series. Cai Deshang, China's representative in the Union's Council, exerts considerable clout in the aggressive manuvering toward the rival Siberian League.

Centurion Guard:
An independent mercenary group welcoming both Newtypes and regular humans. AS the Centurion Guard is unaffliated with any particular country, it's free to accept or decline requests for help from the likes of the Siberian Leauge or the Trans-Pacific Union. Because of this independence, Leonidas Rask gives authorization---off the record, of course---for the group to assist in testing the RMX prototypes to avoid straining the already high tension with the Trans-Pacific Union.

I'll add mobile suit and pilot info as revealed below.
Q: Why a new era?
A: To get out of any specific timeline and set my own rules of engagement.

Q: Mercenaries? It smells like Gundam 00
A: I know, but I had this idea floating around before Gundam 00 was announced. Rest assured, you'll probably see bits and pieces of other Gundam stuff pop up throughout this

Q: How fast will you put this out?
A: As fast as I can come up with content. I'd love to have a set schedule, but that depends on how fast I can pump out material that doesn't suck.
Main Characters (introduced in the story so far):
Name: Alban Reese
Age: 23
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Peoples Resistance of Deutschland (PRoD)
Bio: Pilot aboard the Augustine

Name: Alice Hathaway
Age: 22
Hair: Light blonde
Eyes: Green
Affliation: Centurion Guard
Bio: Alice is assigned to the Augustus as a Zeus mobile suit pilot. In passing, she appears as a clueless airhead, but is nonetheless a capable pilot. One of her personal items she carries is Haro, her electronic "pet".

Name: Anders Cavalier
Age: 46
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Bio: Cai Deshang's right-hand, the head of the wealthy Cavalier family has a personal stake in the rapidly shifting markets over to countries in the Siberian League. One of the many companies he's invested in is Izanagi Military Design, which is conviently commissioned to start work on new mobile suit designs.

Name: Avent Marquis
Age: 21
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Bio: Pilot of the JXR-XA74 "Freya" mobile suit and assigned to the Rhine battleship. While a highly skilled ace pilot, he is rather condescending and cold.

Name: Bear Graves
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Age: 47
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Black
Bio: Bear is captain of the Augustus. While gruff, his battle tactics and command of his crew make his ship a force to be reckoned with, mobile suits or not.

Name: Blake Weisser
Age: 23
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Bio: Zeus mobile suit pilot assigned to the Augustus. He has been friends with Smith Bersche prior to his current assignment.

Name: Cai Deshang
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Age: 43
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Bio: Deshang is the official Chinese representative in the Union. Eerily calm, he exerts a large influence over the Union. His agitation with the rapidly growing industrial presence of the Siberian League gives him reason to move into aggressive posturing against them. After reports of new mobile suit development in the League, Deshang uses his influence to start new mobile suit development with assistance from Japan.

Name: Elena Faust
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Bio: She is one of the youngest members in the Centurion Guard. A bit of a tomboy and a penchant for surfing, Elena is a bit of a loose cannon at times, and isn't above getting in someone's face. However, her battle skills make her a valuable soldier and pilot. Along with two other Centurions, she is assigned a long-term test piloting program of the Siberian League's RMX units. She is paired with the RMX-G108 "Engel". She is also a Newtype.

Name: Hawk Quinn
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Age: 28
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Bio: Hawk is the mobile suit commander on the Agustus. He's friendly and laid back, yet still keeps his pilots in line. Along with his top two pilots he's given a prototype mobile suit, the RMX-G113 "Vulcan".

Name: Hisham Tariq
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Age: 22
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Bio: The silent, imposing Hisham Tariq is a fearsome man behind a mobile suit. While very private, he's extremely loyal to his comrades. In a test pilot program, he's assigned to the RMX-G307 "Anubis" mobile suit.

Name: Jin Suzaku
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Age: 18
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Black
Bio: Jin is regarded to be loud and arrogant about his capabilities as a pilot of a Zeus mobile suit. He's also a bit eager to get out and fight. As one of the better Zeus pilots, he's tapped to pilot a new protytpe mobile suit, the JXR-XA63 "Gilgamesh".

Name: Lee Hurst
Age: 23
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gray
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Bio: Lee is one of the Zeus mobile suit pilots on the Augustus. He has recently sought to start a romantic relationship with Elena.

Name: Leonidas Rask
Affiliation: Siberian League
Age: 51
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue
Bio: Leonidas is the face of the Siberian League. While his past isn't clear, he's a very popular politician who's sincerity keeps him afloat. Wishing to simutaneously avoid provoking the Trans-Pacific Union while readying for possible confrontation, he authorizes letting the "neutral" Centurion Guard test pilot the three completed prototype mobile suits.

Name: General Mamarou Kyoji
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union/Martyrs
Age: 37
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Black
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Bio: A well respected military leader, General Kyoji is keen on mobile suit development. He selects Avent Marquis and Nicoletta Giovanni as test pilots for the Union's Gundams, Freya and Aurora, respectively. He secretly pulls some strings with an unknown co-hort.

Name: Graf Heizer
Age: 39
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Peoples Resistance of Deutschland (PRoD)
Bio: The apparent leader of the group striking against the European Federation.

Name: Jana Benedict
Age: 22
Hair: Red
Eyes: Black
Affiliation: Peoples Resistance of Deutschland (PRoD)
Bio: Pilot aboard the Augustine

Name: Martin Jennings
Age: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Peoples Resistance of Deutschland (PRoD)
Bio: Pilot aboard the Augustine

Name: Nicoletta Giovanni
Age: 20
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Bio: Pilot of the JXR-XA83 "Aurora" mobile suit. Assigned to the Rhine battleship. She is a highly aggressive pilot in battle, but is rather calm otherwise.

Name: Oldrich Dietz
Age: 62
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Siberian League/Munich Mobile Industries
Bio: He is in charge of mobile suit development at the Olympus colony group.

Name: Otto Schraeder
Age: 37
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Bio: Otto is Captain of Titan-class battleship Rhine. He is calm and matter-of-fact, but is not above correcting subordinates who step out of line.

Name: Pagan Czevik
Affiliation: Siberian League
Age: 32
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: N/A
Bio: Czevik is one of the best known military leaders within the Siberian League, and aide to leader Leonidas Rask. Despite a mask, his favorable standing allows him to conduct affairs as needed without keeping the League informed of every detail.

Name: Ryuji Kai
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Age: 17
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Green
Bio: Ryuji is a highly skilled pilot of the known Zeus mobile suits. Along with two others, he is selected to test pilot new prototype mobile suits, being assigned the JXR-XA65 "Marduk". While much less vocal, especially compared to the two other test pilots, he's able to quickly gain respect in his determination. He is a Newtype.

Name: Sky Cavalier
Affiliation: Trans-Pacific Union
Age: 17
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Bio: While a decent pilot in her own right, it's no secret that Sky's military advancement of any sort is due to her family being a major financial supporter of the Trans-Pacific Union. This is also suspected to be why she is given the JXR-XA71 "Lilith" prototype mobile suit. Her personality is a bit of a princess type, making her appear aloof and a little arrogant.

Name: Smith Bersche
Age: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Centurion Guard
Bio: Smith is one of the Zeus mobile suit pilots on the Augustus. While a jokester and wise-guy, he is an effective mobile suit pilot.

Name: Veronika Becker
Age: 35
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Peoples Resistance of Deutschland (PRoD)
Bio: Captain of the Augustine, defected from Federation.

Name: Wade Frazer
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Affiliation: Peoples Resistance of Deutschland (PRoD)
Bio: Pilot aboard the Augustine
Mobile Suits:

Gundams: Engel, Anubis, Vulcan, Marduk, Gilgamesh, Lilith, Deus, Nergal, Freya, Aurora, Thanatos

Other mobile suits: Orion, Zeus, Scorpio, Wraith, Spectre, Bulldog, Nephthys, Satyr

Model number: RMX-G108/CGMS-003
Code name: Engel
Unit Type: Prototype close combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Centurion Guard
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.13m
Weight: 72.7 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked;
2x beam saber; 2x palm cannons.
Optional hand armaments: 2x heat-rod, sheild.
Pilot(s): Elena Faust
Notes: As part of the Siberian League's prototype testing, three mobile suits are handed over to the Centurion Guard. The close-combat RMX-G108 Engel is assigned to pilot Elena Faust. Shortly after acquisition, this mobile suit enters combat, successfully holding off two Zeus mobile suits.

Model number: RMX-G113/CGMS-004
Code name: Vulcan
Unit Type: Prototype artillery/sniper mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Centurion Guard
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Weight: 75.1 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked;
2x rail guns, 1x beam saber.
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M4A buster rifle.
Pilot(s): Hawk Quinn
Notes: The RMX-G113 Vulcan was a second unit handed over to the Centurion Guard, assigned to pilot Hawk Quinn. It almost immediately enters combat, destroying two Zeus mobile suits.

Model number: RMX-G307/CGMS-006
Code name: Anubis
Unit Type: Prototype general infantry mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Centurion Guard
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.21m
Weight: 73.9 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked; 1x beam saber; 2x beam boomerang.
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M8A repeating beam rifle, sheild.
Pilot(s): Hisham Tariq
Notes: The last of three prototypes, the RMX-G307 Anubis is assigned to Centurion Guard pilot Hisham Tariq. Along with the Engel and Vulcan, this mobile suit almost immediately enters combat after deployment, damaging several Zeus mobile suits. While not beating any, it has survived two encounters with RMX-D105 Spectre mobile suits without damage.

Model number:JXR-XA65
Code name: Marduk
Unit Type: Prototype general infantry mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.1m
Weight: 74.9 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked; 2x beam saber.
Optional hand armaments: MDR-AG37 repeating beam rifle, sheild
Pilot(s): Ryuji Kai
Model number: JXR-XA71
Code name: Lilith
Unit Type: Prototype stealth mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.3m
Weight: 72.4 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown, "Phantom" cloaking device.
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked; 2x beam boomerang, 2x beam dagger.
Optional hand armaments: MDR-ZX7 beam scythe; shield.
Pilot(s): Sky Cavalier
Model number: JXR-XA63
Code name: Gilgamesh
Unit Type: Prototype artillery mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.6m
Weight: 78.5 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 4x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked, 2x 6-barrel missile pods.
Optional hand armaments: 2x MDR-AG37 beam repeating rifles.
Pilot(s): Jin Suzaku

Model number: JXR-XA83
Code name: Aurora
Unit Type: Prototype mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.7m
Weight: 76.3 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked; 1x beam saber.
Optional hand armaments: MDR-AR7 heavy repeating rifle; MDR-AR3 cannon; sheild.
Pilot(s): Nicoletta Giovanni

Model number: JXR-XA74
Code name: Freya
Unit Type: Prototype transformable mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.4m (mobile suit mode)
Weight: 75.2 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2 x CIWS, mounted in head (MS mode only); beam cannon (MA mode only)
Optional hand armaments: MDR-AG32 beam pistol x 2; hammer; shield.
Pilot(s): Avent Marquis
Model number: JXR-XB05
Code name: Nephthys
Unit type: General purpose mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 116
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions 18.2m
Weight: 81.1 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, in head; 2x beam sabers; 1x short-barrel railgun.
Optional hand armaments: 1x MDR-AG41 repeating beam rifle; MDR-AR7 cannon; shield
Pilot(s): Jin Suzaku
Model number: JVR-CA21-A/CGMS-002
Code name: Zeus
Unit type: General purpose mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union, Centurion Guard
First Deployment: F.E. 108
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 18.2m
Weight: 79.3 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in upper torso, fire-linked;
Optional hand armaments: MDR-AG22 beam rifle; MDR-ZX54 beam hatchet; shield.
Pilot(s):Ryuji Kai, Jin Suzaku, Smith Bersche, Lee Hurst, Alice Hathaway, Blake Weisser
Model number: JVR-CA21-D
Code name: Zeus long range type
Unit type: artillery/sniper mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 110
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions 18.3m
Weight: 80.1 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in torso; 2x 4-barrel missile pods, shoulder mounted
Optional hand armaments: MDR-AG31 beam buster; MDR-AG29 beam sniper rifle
Pilot(s): Sky Cavalier, Jin Suzaku
Model number: JVR-CA21-E
Code name: Zeus Advanced
Unit type: Combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: Izanagi Military Design
Operator: Trans-Pacific Union
First Deployment: F.E. 116
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions 18.2m
Weight: 79.3 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in torso; 2x beam saber
Optional hand armaments: MDR-AG25 repeating beam rifle; shield
Pilot(s): Saul Hashashiri, Marion Goldman, Ren Katamari, Kyo Ryder, Mitch Aoba, Chantel Grand, Toru Inaba, Hannah Cho
Model Number: RMX-D105
Code name: Spectre
Unit type: Limited production mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Martyrs/Siberian League
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot Only
Dimensions: 18.1m
Weight 68.3 Tons
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in chest, fire linked; 1x 5-barrel bit pod; 1x beam saber
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M8A Repeating beam rifle; shield.
Pilot(s): Joshua, Felix, Shilah, Maxwell, William
Model number: RMX-D101
Code name: Orion
Unit type: General purpose mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Siberian League
First Deployment: F.E. 109
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions 17.92m
Weight: 74.4 Tons
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked; 1x beam saber
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M6C beam rifle; shield
Pilot(s): Pagan Czevik
Notes: The Siberian League's first attempt at a mobile suit ended in a disaster. It's capabilities proved woefully inadequate to deal with the Zeus mobile suits of the Trans-Pacific Union. It was slow moving and used a cumbersome OS, realized only well after the mobile suit was placed in mass production. After much work, the European Federation (formerly Siberian League) rolled out the RMX-D109 Scorpio, a far more effective unit.
Model Number: RMX-D109
Code Name: Scorpio
Unit type: Mass production mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Siberian League
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot Only
Dimensions: 17.95m
Weight: 76.2 Tons
Powerplant: Compact fusion reactor
Eqipment and design features: sensors
Fixed Armaments: 2x CIWS mounted in head, fire linked; 1x beam saber
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M8A Repeating beam rifle; CVX-M4A buster rifle; shield
Pilot(s): Pagan Czevik
Model Number: ACX-FD2
Code Name: Bulldog
Unit type: Mass production mobile suit
Manufacturer: Australia
Operator: Australian Armed Forces
First Deployment: F.E. 113
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 18.2m
Weight: 80.3 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Fusion reactor
Equipment and Design Features: sensors
Fixed Armaments: 2x CIWS mounted in chest, fire linked; 2x beam saber; sheild, shoulder mounted.
Optional hand armaments: RGR-A3 Repeating beam rifle; RGR-A5 launcher cannon; RGR-A7 sniper rifle.
Model Number: RMX-D106
Code name: Wraith
Unit type: Prototype Newtype mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Martyrs
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot Only
Dimensions: 18.6m
Weight: 70.9 Tons
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, long-range flight system
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in chest, fire-linked; 2x beam saber
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M9A sniper rifle; CVX-M8A repeating beam rifle.
Pilot(s): Uriah
Model number: RMX-G207
Code name: Nergal
Unit Type: Prototype mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: PRoD
First Deployment: F.E. 116
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.3m
Weight: 77.3 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown; psi-res frame
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked; 2x beam saber.
Optional hand armaments: 2x CVX-M8B repeating beam rifle, optional mount on hips; beam buster; shield.
Other: AVL03S "Sky-cutter" test-type backpack, for atmospheric flight
Pilot(s): Ryuji Kai, Jana Benedict
Model number: RMX-G208
Code name: Deus
Unit Type: Prototype mobile suit
Operator: PRoD
First Deployment: F.E. 116
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimension: 17.2m
Weight: 73.9 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown; "Seraphic shroud" shielding+flight enhancement system; psionic resonance frame (psi-res frame)
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS mounted in head, 2x palm cannons, 2x beam sabers, Seraphic wings
Optional hand armaments: 2 x heat rods, combineable
Pilot(s): Elena Faust, Alban Reese
Model Number: RMX-D112
Code name: Satyr
Unit type: Newtype use mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: Martyrs
First Deployment: F.E. 116
Accomodation: Pilot Only
Dimensions: 18.3m
Weight 67.3 Tons
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown
Fixed armaments: 2x CIWS, mounted in chest, fire linked; 1x 6-barrel bit pod; 1x beam saber
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M9A Repeating beam rifle; shield.
Pilot(s): Shilah
Model number: RMX-G212
Code name: Thanatos
Unit Type: Prototype SUB (Single Unit Battalion) Newtype mobile suit
Manufacturer: Munich Mobile Industries
Operator: European Federation
First Deployment: F.E. 116
Accomodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 17.9m
Weight: 83.2 Tons
Construction: unknown
Powerplant: compact fusion reactor
Equipment & Design Features: sensors, range unknown; psi-res frame
Fixed armaments: 4x CIWS, mounted in head, fire-linked;
2x rail guns; 2x beam saber; 2x 5-barrel bit pod, shoulder mounted.
Optional hand armaments: CVX-M14B dual buster rifle; CVX-M8A repeating beam rifle; sheild.
Pilot(s): Pagan Czevik
Mobile Armors:
Model Number: RMY-DS02
Code Name: Caste
Unit type: Mobile armor
Manufacturer: Therion Mechanics
Operator: European Federation
First Deployment: F.E. 115
Accommodation: Pilot only
Dimensions: 29m
Weight: 229.7 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Fusion reactor
Equipment and Design Features: sensors
Fixed Armaments: 2x particle cannon, 6x tendrils,
Pilot(s): Inez
Caesar-class Augustus
Type: Multi-environment battleship
Captain: Bear Graves
Capacity: 8 mobile suits, plus pilots and crew
Features: Catapult, space and air combat capable, ECM stealth device.
Armaments: 10x CIWS; 4x railgun; 12x missile tubes; 2x "Longinus" fixed main cannon;
2x "Hannibal" repeating turrets.

Other ships in class: Hadrian, Octavian

Titan-class Rhine
Type: Multi-environment battleship
Captain: Otto Schraeder
Capacity: 10 mobile suits, plus pilots and crew
Features: Catapult, space and atmosphere capable
Armaments: 12x CIWS; 2x "Hellmenn" main cannons; 20x missile tubes;
4x "Tanner" auto-turrets
Centurion Guard:

Julian Kaiser I-IV:
There are four underground bases in use by the Centurion Guard. Non-descript entrances are located on

the surface, while Ceasar-class battleships enter via underwater dock.
I: Guam
II: Argentina
III: Mediterranean
IV: United Arab Emirates

OP1: Got the Life -- Korn (1-13)
EP1: Semi-Charmed Life -- Third Eye Blind (1-13)
OP2: The Pretender -- Foo Fighters (14- 25)
EP2: Bleed it Out -- Linkin Park (14- 25)
OP3: Ties That Bind -- Alter Bridge (26-37)
EP3: Second Chance -- Shinedown (26-37)
OP4: Gravity -- Audiovent (38-52)
EP4: All or Nothing -- Theory of a Deadman (38-51)
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Phase 01

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Future Era 109
Siberian League Headquarters, Helsinki, Finland
June 15
Vladamir Stolitsky strode up to the platform, amid applause from the crowd and officials standing on the platform. The Russian politician stood absorbing the flashing cameras and continued cheers from the audience. He looked around at all the faces seemingly supporting him as Siberian League chairman. After a few moments, the applause started to die down, and Vladamir put his hand up to quicken the oncoming silence.
"People represented in the Siberian League, heads and ministers of state," he began, "as chairman of the Siberian League, I consider it a privilege to be with you tonight. Both those present here, and viewing this speech at home and abroad, I also extend my greetings."
"It has been a bane of my home country and many of yours, the depiction of unreliable, cheap products being exported from our countries. I applaud you in turning this perspective around. It is due to your efforts we no longer have this negative stigma attached to products coming from this part of the world, or from our colonies. I also applaud politicians who have stepped out of the way and will of the people to allow for progress. This has put an end to fighting amongst us and stop decades old slaughter between ethnic groups. We have never enjoyed this level of success before, and I thank you for it."
"Amidst this praise, I must also bring forth news I would much rather not. While we wish to remain peaceful, we also see aggressive posturing from countries associated with the Trans-Pacific Union. This Union has developed some powerful machines they describe as mobile suits."
There was a ripple of shock and gasps through the crowd, but he continued.
"While I sincerely hope that we can avoid conflicts and resolve this without bloodshed, we do feel that this posturing is a strong enough threat to warrant precautions. It is with much regret, that I must reveal that we have begun production of our own mobile suits, Orion."
More gasps came, though less than the first round.
"Myself and the League council wish to express that while we do not--I repeat--do not wish to escalate a conflict, we believe it our solemn duty to protect citizens like yourself. I realize that there may be some questions from the media. The specific details will be elaborated on from Minister Leonidas Rask, head of military technology. Thank you."
Vladamir turned. As Leonidas stood, he heard a boom. He looked up to see a stream of blood erupt from the side of the chairman's skull.
Before he could even start to comprehend what happened, security detail piled on around him, someone shouting, "Minister, get down!"
Through the tight coverage of security, he could hear the confusion and panic settling in along with desperate shouts to find the shooter.

Future Era 115
Oahu, Hawaii

It was a day for surfing only seen in the movies: a bright, blue sky, warm, friendly sun, and waves--totally, excellent, waves. Elena paddled on her surfboard with her friends as they waited, anticipating the next wave to roll in.

"Elena!" shouted a voice, "It's coming again."
She called back, "Yeah, I know. Don't wipeout, Jake!"
"Don't worry about me, missy." pointing a finger at her.

They mounted, then stood on their boards preparing for the inevitable. The excitement grew and her pulse quickened as the waters began rising up, beckoning the surfers to come. The waters began curling. She ignored the salty rain in her face as the speed increased. The invisible track lifted her close to cloud nine before firing her toward the shore. The hard part was done. Time to enjoy the ride in. Almost.

She felt her balance go backwards a little bit and instinctively attempted to counterbalance. Too late; she tumbled back into the blue with a splash. Her mind raced to direct herself toward the surface while attempting to properly orient herself. Gaining her bearings, she shot upwards toward the surface. Breaking through with a gasp for air, she whipped her head around looking for her surfboard. Over to her left, toward shore was where it rocked, gracefully.

Elena sloshed through the shallow water a few moments later with her board under her right arm, a wry smile crossing her lips. "I guess I should take my own advice, right?" she asked, moving her dark soaked hair out of her eyes.

Jake put his hands up as if surrendering. "Hey, you said it. Right, Meg?"
"Sorry, you're on your own." one of the other girls replied.
Elena came up to them. "I think I'm about done for the day on that one. Not to mention," her stomach made itself heard, "I'm getting hungry."

"So am I." Jake nodded approvingly. "Let me grab everybody else so we can go, and I'll be back to help you fine ladies. Hey, Vic..!"
"Oh, buzz off!" acting annoyed, Meg shooed him away.

Turning back to Elena, "You're still leaving tomorrow, aren’t ya?"
Elena nodded, "That whole 'work' thing kinda demands that." shrugging apolegetically.
"Aww, I wish you could stay longer. It's been a couple of years since we saw you, and you can only stay a week? Just tell them you got delayed or something."
"I wish I could, I really wish I could. Sorry, but I do so enjoy having money to pamper myself with."
"Oh, alright." Meg caught a glimpse of Jake leading the rest of the cavalry toward the girls. "What were you thinking of getting? There's a great place a few miles away that has this salad to die for."
"Salad? Maybe later, but I've really been craving a good steak."
"Steak? Ladies don't eat just steak! Maybe in a salad, El..."
"C'mon, Meg. You've known me for how long, and you think I'm much of a lady?"
The two dissolved into laughter.

Jake and the rest were now with them. "Okay, we're all here. Now, where are we going?"
The next morning, Elena came to in the spare bedroom at her parents house. She almost panicked for a second as she saw the clock read 10:17AM, but then remembered she was still on vacation. It would be time to care tomorrow morning, but not right now. She could've fallen asleep again, if not for her father tapping at her door.

"Elena? Are you awake?"
"Yeah. Just coming to." she yawned.
"OK. I'm going to wake Eliza up soon, so if you want to shower, speak now or forever hold your peace. Until your sister's done." he joked.
"Right. Yeah, I'll jump in. Just give me a few minutes."

Probably just as well to get up and moving. If nothing else, making sure to grab her toiletries now would be better than making a dash for them later. She never could understand why her sister took so long in the bathroom. They were both girls, but even when she wore makeup, she just couldn't see how anyone could take all that time. Well, maybe if you didn't know what look to go for. Then again, Eliza was always a bit more feminine than Elena.

She rolled toward the edge of the bed, sat up and sighed. Time to get moving. She maneuvered over to the open closet and fished out her clothing selection. Something good for travel and avoiding suspicion...something that would blend in. She gritted her teeth. And something that wasn't too girly.

About thirty minutes later she walked into the kitchen, where her father stood over the stove. She wore a black sleeveless top, tan Capri slacks and some brown dress sandals.
"Morning, dad."
He turned, a little surprised. "oh, good morning, Elena. I'm just not used to having any of the Faust women ready this fast. I'm glad to see someone has some sensible female attire around here."
"This time is really nothing; slow, actually." she grabbed a chair to sit, "I figured I could still take my sweet time today."
"You can't really have a vacation if you have to rush everywhere, can you?"
"Not really." she leaned her head back over the chair. "Is it okay to keep my board in the shed still?"
"Sure. I don't seem to keep much else in there these days. It's still going to be a little bit before breakfast is ready, so if you have anything to finish up..."
"Not really. Oh!" she remembered, "I should check my cell. I've had it off since early in the week. It's in my room." she got out of the chair. "Do you want me to get Eliza up?"
"Sure, why not. Thanks. Oh, don't forget your swim suit outside."
"Right, thanks. I'll get it." She headed down the hall.

"Liz?" she rapped on her sister's door. "Dad's almost done with breakfast. Wake up, sunshine." She cracked the door to see if Eliza had even moved. Nothing. "Eliza? E-liza?" She moved closer to shake the body under the sheets. "Wake up. It's almost eleven."
"No." a muffled girl's voice emanated. "It's too early."
Elena sat down on the body.
"Get up or I'll pick your clothes out today."
Now there was movement. "You wouldn't dare, Elena! Uh, get off me so I can, like, get up."
Elena slid off as the body that had become animated and walked out the door. Mission accomplished.

She moved along to her room and made a line to the purse hanging off a chair. She cracked it open and fished for the cell phone inside. There! Pulling it out, she flipped it open to power the device on and turned toward the door.

Elena headed back to the kitchen.
"I think I've raised the dead. I'll just be out in the back for a few minutes."
"Okay. Don't forget your suit."
The back door shut and latched itself.

She checked for messages, searching for something in particular.
Julian Kaiser. Now, what did they want? She dialed her inbox.

The phone churned out a digitized female voice. "Please speak your pass code or enter it on your keypad.
"Charlie, Whiskey, Alpha, One, Zero, Three, Omega, Two." Elena sounded off.
"Message from Julian Kaiser, reciev-" She cut it short with the press of a button.
"This is Julian Kaiser. Please call the usual line to receive orders." The call ended. Something had come up.
She hoped the Augustus hadn't needed her earlier in the week. Maybe it's just some slight change. Anyway, she'd soon find out and started dialing the number.
"Elena Faust? Please confirm your ID." came the voice on the other end.
She glanced around, "Sergeant Elena Faust. Mobile suit pilot assigned to Caesar-class Augustus. ID Code: Forty-five-thirty-eight-Kilo-Omega."
"Acknowledged. There is a slight change regarding your rendezvous point. The coordinates will be sent to your phone. You're to be there at 1800 hours."
She snapped the phone shut, grabbed the tank top and bottom of her swim suit off the line and headed inside.
That afternoon, Elena loaded her stuff into a cab while her father and sister watched.
"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you over to the airport, Elena?" her father asked.
"Thanks, dad, but this is fine. I kinda want to have a little scenic ride before I go." she said walking back to the house.
"Did you visit your mother yet?" the pain was still apparent in the man's eyes.
"I was at the cemetery on Wednesday with some flowers. I can't forget about mom either."
"That's...that's good. I'm glad you remembered. It's still hard to make it out on that day."
"I know. That's why I did it." she glanced at the cab. "Well, I've got to go."
She put her arms around her father. "Bye, dad." kissing him on the cheek.
"Goodbye, Elena."
"Goodbye to you too, Eliza."
"Bye, sis."
Elena went to the cab and sat inside.
The cabbie turned, "Where to, miss?"
A moment later the two people in front of the house saw the cab roll off.
Early that evening, the cab came to a stop close to the shore in a desolate area.
"Okay, miss, we're here."
"Thank you. Here's for the fare and something for yourself." she handed him a set of bills. "Now, you never saw me or anybody like me in this cab or around this place." she told the driver.
"Whatever you say, miss."
"Good. Thanks for the ride."
She unloaded her things and watched the cab drive off. Her pick up should be here soon. She drew her pistol from her purse, just in case, and flipped the safety off.
Whoever was coming would probably pull up to that dock, so she hefted her things in that direction.
She wasn't disappointed. A small boat came buzzing up a few minutes later.
"Sergent Faust?" asked one of the soldiers in the boat.
"That'd be me."
"Climb aboard, ma'am." he invited.
She loaded her items on and the boat pulled away.
"We're to meet up with the Augustus. Lieutenant Quinn's orders are for you to go to the debriefing room immediately. He says don't worry about changing into a uniform." the same soldier continued while they blazed through the water.
"Understood. And my things?"
"Don't worry. They'll be delivered to your quarters."
Straight to debriefing without changing out of civilian clothing? Odd, but it must have something to do with the upcoming mission.
Aboard the Augustus, Elena scurried to the debriefing room. Not because she was late, more to avoid being seen in civilian clothing at work. She'd soon find out anyway what this nonsense was about. She made it to the debriefing room and opened the door. Inside she recognized the man sitting in one of the chairs at the table. Hisham Tariq, another mobile suit pilot sat with his arms crossed, nodding to acknowledge her.
"You're back." the Arabic man stated.
"And, it looks like I'm just in time for something interesting." she mused, plopping down in a chair.
Hisham grunted.
A minute later the door opened again. Elena and Hisham rose to salute the two men coming in, Captain Bear Graves, and Lieutenant Hawk Quinn.
The captain eyed Elena's clothing with a hint of disdain, but the Lieutenant interrupted him.
"Sir, I gave orders for her to come here immediately and not worry about a uniform."
"Fine." Bear relented. "Let's proceed. First, Sergeant Faust: did you take precautions to ensure you were not seen at the extraction point?"
"Yes, sir. I covered my tracks."
"Good. I hope you're rested up, as you're heading out shortly. That's what this is about. Lieutenant?"
"Sir. I'm sure the both of you understand the tense diplomatic situations between the Siberian League and the Trans-Pacific Union. By the way, the following is classified, and not to be mentioned outside this room until after the mission. Is that understood?"
"Sir!" the two subordinates acknowledged.
"Continuing. We've been requested to assist the Siberian League. It's a bit different than what we typically do for help. The mission is to acquire some new mobile suits in the prototype stages. Three to be exact. The Siberian League needs to safely test these mobile suits without sparking any more hostilities with the Trans-Pacific Union, which is where the Centurion Guard comes in. The both of you will accompany myself to the Olympus colony group at point L3. We are to slip into the Olympus colony group, obtain the three mobile suits, and leave without stirring up anything. When done, we will rendezvous with the Augustus outside the colony group. We'll be leaving to grab a shuttle at 2000 hours. Any questions?"
"Sir," Hisham asked, "what kind of resistance should we expect?"
"None." Hawk answered. "This is entirely cooperative of the Siberian League, so we shouldn't have any issues getting in or acquiring those mobile suits. As far as anybody there is concerned, we'll just be another group of civilians on business. Should there be any incoming threat, the Augustus should be able to cover while we get these mobile suits."
Elena flagged Hawk. "Given the abysmal performance of their Orion mobile suits, I'm a bit concerned about these mobile suits. The Zeus units we use now are so much more refined. And not such pieces of junk."
The captain spoke. "My concern as well, sergeant. However, we've been assured that these prototypes are of much heartier stock than the Orion mobile suits. In fact, if what the League says is true, they're a few steps up from the Zeus."
"If that's all, meet in the hanger at 2000 hours. Dress is civilian, equip and conceal a pistol. Dismissed."
Hawk gave the final orders.
The four stood, saluted, then filed out of the room.
In her quarters, Elena pulled out her sport coat. Despite all the space travel going on, she'd never been in space before. No combat, outside of simulation, did she have. Hopefully, everything would go smoothly. Hopefully.
She pulled out her pistol from her purse to check it over. She pulled the magazine. It was full, so she slid it back in, checked the safety, and returned it to the purse. She stopped in the lavatory just to make sure she looked reasonably feminine. She did, but not sickeningly so. Time to go to the hanger and wait.

It was a little surprising to see Hawk and Hisham in something other than a Centurion uniform.
"Well," Hawk smirked, "It's show time." The three boarded the small aircraft in the hanger. Soon, it shot off from the catapult.

From the captain's chair, Bear watched as it traveled into the distance. "Lay a course for Guam. We're launching from the military spaceport there."

End Phase 01
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Siberian League Headquarters, Helsinki, Finland
Ahem. :D A Russian fellow giving a speech in Helsinki as an apparent political leader of Siberian League? Okay, I can hack, but this means you need to give some sort of historical recap of your timeline in addition to what you've already written down. Of course, I don't think other people would care as much so up to you. :twisted:

I liked the shift of your protagonist from a casual girl into a tough military outfit. Shows promise. :wink:
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Well, part of Russia/USSR is part of the Siberian League, so it's not incoceivable that a Russian would be a political leader. Kinda like any participating country can be Secretary General of the UN. I've noticed that the world in Gundam series doesn't pan out like we'd think it would in terms of alliances.

But, speaking of a timeline, I do have one, along with important character and mecha and vehicle profiles. I don't want to put them out before introducing them in the story.

I will admit that some stuff, I am pulling out of my arse, so some stuff may not jive with reality. I am trying not to pull too much SEED insanity.

There's a lot of questions, and they shall be revealed in time. :P

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Looks very promising....Is England part off the SL?

It looks quite awesome I look forward to more...I'd like to hear what the Gundams look like and what kind of weapons the have
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But, speaking of a timeline, I do have one, along with important character and mecha and vehicle profiles. I don't want to put them out before introducing them in the story.
Sure sure. In your own good time.

My main point about Helsinki + Russian was just a little jab toward the direction that I want to see a very convincing historical timeline (especially post-1917) before I gladly accept that setting. :P But maybe because I see the Siberian league as some sort of Eurasian Union, I can see it happening. One point though; try not to make your universe too bipolar. I mean you can have two blocs, but try to include some variety in there, especially given the colorful histories of many countries in the alliances you have crafted.
-We will not be caught by surprise!
*Almost everyone I've killed uttered similar last words.
-Then I am glad once again that you are on my side.
*They've often said that too.

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I'll keep that in mind. Thanks!

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Wild Wing wrote:Looks very promising....Is England part off the SL?

It looks quite awesome I look forward to more...I'd like to hear what the Gundams look like and what kind of weapons the have
No. England, Germany, Spain, France...a lot of the players in the current Western civilization as we know it aren't really the major players any more. They're technically neutral, but they're more likely to be influenced by the Siberian League, given the proximity and their fall from a leadership role. Similarly, Australia, while not in the TPU is still more likely to have pressure.

Most of the major characters will be introduced in the first three Phases, and the Gundams start showing up in the next installment.

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Oh okay thanks for clearing that up

I'm planning to start my own fanfic project but all I have so far is a world map with which Nations are are on which side
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The shuttle was light on passengers. Elena closed her eyes. Well, considering the tensions between the Trans-Pacific Union and the Siberian League, it's a wonder they could even get a shuttle going to any League colony from the Yokohama spaceport.

"You're awfully calm." Hawk remarked.
"Why wouldn't I be? This really doesn't feel any different than planes I've flown on before." Elena said.
"Oh, not you. Just talking to myself. Didn't know you'd never been in space before."
"There's a first time for everything."
Trans-Pacific Union Titan-class battleship Rhine

"Look, all I'm asking is why we're putting out around here!" Jin Suzaku shouted into the comm station. "All this piddling around up in the middle of space is a waste of my piloting skills."
Otto Schraeder calmly started his reply. "How did such a brash youth like yourself manage to remain this brazen toward any ranking officer, much less your captain? In any case, I'm operating under orders handed to me by my superiors. If your combative services are required, I will inform you. Until then, be patient--unless you'd rather face charges for insubordination. Now, I have a ship to command, Jin. Good day."

The comm shut off.
Jin snarled and swore under his breath. "Why? Why in--"
"Oh, poor baby." Sky Cavalier cut him off. "Such a shame you don't get to fly around, blowing things up." she taunted.

Over in the corner, Ryuji Kai raised an eye from his book. There really was no point getting involved here. Jin and Sky would bite the head off anyone who interjected into their bickering. How he got stuck with two of the most irritating pilots in the Trans-Pacific Union was a mystery to him. Jin was a great pilot, no doubt, but he was way too trigger-happy. The only thing larger than his mouth was his ego about the skills he incessantly yapped about.
Then, there was the princess wanna-be, Sky Cavalier. Daddy's girl, only daddy happened to be one of the wealthiest men in the Union. Of course Jin wouldn't be seeing any action out here. What was there to fight anyway? Even if they did run across any mobile suits, those pathetic Orion ones were no threat.

The bickering pilots interrupted Ryuji's thoughts.
"You dumb oaf! Keep your distance." Sky backed up as Jin took a slight lunge at her, temporarily losing balance.
"Hey, I'm not that stupid! It's because of you we're floating around in space!" Jin recanted.
"Oh, sure. Let's blame my family now."
"Sure, why not? We can't get within a frickin' continent of any kind of battle."

Ryuji groaned and went back to his book. At least there was free entertainment.
Elena gazed blankly out the window into the blackness of space. Hisham had reclined, taking the opportunity to sleep. Somehow, he still looked nearly as formidable as he did awake. The man had that for a talent at least.

Hawk sat surrounded in his thoughts, mostly in regards to the new mobile suits they were to pick up at the colony. The minor bits he was privileged to hear sounded promising, but compared with the Zeus models the Centurion Guard bought off the Trans-Pacific Union, the League's one mass-production Orion left a bitter taste. How did they make it off the assembly line without falling apart? Only some divine providence could've managed that feat. He moved his head to see past Elena, staring out the window.
Finally, the L3-centered colonies were starting to appear. Hopefully, they would have the chance to walk around a bit before plopping into those mobile suits.

Elena began to focus more intently as they neared the colonies. The gargantuan metal cylinders came into detail with patterns and lighting. It was one thing to see pictures of them. It was entirely different to see them in person.
"Don't get star struck. We're not sight seeing, here." Hawk cautioned.
Elena raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Well, duh. I'm just amazed at these things and the construction."
"Don't worry. They're safe."
"That's not what I meant."
The Augustus broke through the remnants of the atmosphere and into the darkness.

One of the crewmembers spoke. "Captain, we've left the atmosphere. Destination?"
"Point L3, the Olympus colony group. Inform me when we get a visual of the target."
"Aye, captain!"
Graves paused for a minute. "Have our mobile suits on standby and engage the ECM cloaking."
"I'll relay that order, sir." the crewmember spoke into his headset. "Attention. All mobile suit pilots are to standby in their units. Repeat. All mobile suit pilots are to standby in their units."
Another crewmember acknowledged. "ECM stealth mode activated, Captain."

Bear nodded approvingly. Better safe than sorry.
The shuttle docked inside the main Olympus colony.

Hawk stood. "Ready?"
"After ten hours of sitting? Of course." Elena muttered.
Hisham just rose and nodded.
As they walked down the street, Elena kept looking around at the interior of the colony. "Amazing."

In less than thirty years, dozens of colonies like this were up and running. History told her that scientists and engineers spent forty just getting a rinky-dink space station in orbit, and the mere thought of something this monstrous was almost inconceivable.
"They've certainly done a lot since I was here last." Hawk mused.
Elena blinked. "You were here before?"
"Yeah. They've added a few more colonies to the Olympus group, but this one in particular is more developed. The pace of development is just staggering. You blink and things change. I'm surprised they don't have casinos or strip clubs here yet."
"Well, you won't have to wait too long." Hisham motioned with his head toward a building under construction.
Hawk read the sign down to the exotic dancers line. "It's no longer just business here I see. But, we're not here for pleasure, just business."
"Aaaaand, speaking of business, mister lieutenant, shall we continue past boob-land?" Elena pushed onward.
"Eh, I guess." Hawk checked his watch. "Maybe we should grab a cab. I want you guys to have time to get familiar with our little pick ups."

Hisham had already turned and flagged down a cab. "Ask, and ye shall receive."
As the cab rolled closer to their destination, it was fairly obvious it was well guarded. Elena grimaced when she saw a pair of Orion mobile suits at what appeared to be the main entrance. The League sure wasn't kidding around, but still, they'd be better off with a mobile armor.

The cab came to a halt well short of the target facility. The driver started to explain, "Sorry, I can't you any closer than this. They're pretty touchy about anybody getting close to this place. I ain't gonna get shot."
"That's fine." Hawk said. "A little walk won't kill us."
Elena and Hisham had exited out while Hawk finished paying.
"Well, it's time to pick up our packages."
The trio walked forward. They could see the guards were taking notice, training their guns on them. A pair of guards came up to meet them.
"State your names and business." one said.
"We're members of the Centurion Guard." Hawk replied. "We're here to pick up some mobile suits."
The guards didn't budge, so he continued.
"I'm Lieutenant Hawk Quinn, and the two with me are Sergent Hisham Tariq and Sergent Elena Faust."
"You've been expected. Follow us inside." The guards turned and headed back toward the entrance gate.

Inside the gate, the guard handed down more instructions.
"Wait here. One of our guys is bringing a jeep to drive you three over to the right place."
"Well, I think we'd get lost here, so that's no problem.” said Hawk.
"More like shot, really. I'm sure," the guard continued on. "you can tell we are a bit on edge right now. Lately, we've seen more Union ships floating around the area."
"I understand completely." Bad timing, especially right now.
A few minutes later, Hawk heard the guard speak again. "Ah. I see he's coming up now."
The jeep drove into the main facility, and halted on a massive elevator. Something like this was to be expected if they were working on mobile suits here, but Elena still was dumbfounded by what she saw.

The elevator started to descend. It was hard to see through the breaks in the shaft, but there were definitely mobile suits down here. Mobile suits that were definitely not an Orion unit. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the elevator stopped. The jeep putted forward and came to a stop beside some office.
"I'll introduce you the man behind this." the driver said motioning to the three unique mobile suits against one wall. The jeep quickly emptied of it's passengers, who proceeded to the door. He knocked.
"Commander Dietz? Your visitors have arrived, sir."
There was a pause before the door opened. An older gentleman stepped out. "Thank you for coming. Let me get a few things I need to give you and then I'll show you the Gundams."
"Gundams?" Elena whispered.
Hawk shrugged helplessly, and was ready to reply, but the man stepped back out.
"Now, then I have the materials. I'm Oldrich Dietz, commander here, and head of this little project."
"Greetings. I guess I should introduce myself and these two." Hawk motioned.
"At the risk of being redundant, Lieutenant Hawk Quinn."
"Sergeant Hisham Tariq."
"Sergeant Elena Faust."
Oldrich nodded. "We've been working on something to replace those wretched Orion mobile suits. I guess they were a bit rushed to production to start with." he started walking in the direction of the three mobile suits they'd seen moments ago.
"I think we have much better units in these Gundams. Lieutenant, here are the manuals for each suit. There's a data disc for each one that you're mechanics will appreciate." he handed Hawk the binders he was carrying.
"Frankly, we saw the need to start over with these units. The machines themselves are sturdier, and the OS was created from scratch. We sure didn't know what we were doing when we wrote it before. I am fully aware of the dissent for the Orion, so I knew before you even came, you're likely to be skeptical.
Ah...I'm babbling. Here. The Gundams."
Elena could no longer contain herself. "Hey. Uh, where did you come up with 'Gundam', sir?"
"Oh, my, oh, my. Yes, well, that's the thing. We end up with some odd little internal codename for a project. It's not the official codename, just one the boys came up with around here. It's a made up word, and I did forget about that. My apologies for any confusion."
"Yes, well, let me introduce you to these prototype mobile suits. That silver one on the left, that's model RMX-G108, Engel. It's primarily close combat, so we gave it two beam sabers, a heat rod--it's that whip you see--and a shield. It also has a pair of palm cannons, and CIWS as needed for cover fire.
On to the next one: RMX-G113, or Vulcan; it's more of a sniper and/or artillery unit." He started on the red and white mobile suit. "We gave it a pair of rail guns on the shoulders and a buster rifle. CIWS, and, what probably won't see much use, a beam saber are the last thing on armaments. The black and brown unit on the right, that's the RMX-G308, Anubis. It's our general-purpose model. Shield, repeating beam rifle, a beam saber and CIWS, it's not a bad model. Oh, and there's a pair of beam boomerangs we thought to try. I can't say how useful it will be in combat, but it's an idea we wanted to try."
"That's where we come in." Hawk concluded.
"Correct. I'm not thrilled that we require this kind of armaments, but, unfortunately, it's almost like a fuse has been lit in today's world. If we could test this out ourselves without fear of sparking some international incident, we would. Reality, isn't so kind." Oldrich was obviously unimpressed with the world state of affairs. "How much time do you have?"
"Our extraction happens in 45 minutes." Hawk said.
"I'll have these mobile suits moved to our test hangar. I'm sure you'd appreciate a pow-wow with your people." Oldrich turned toward his office.
"Thank you."
The Augustus drifted closer to the Olympus colony.

"Any ships in the area?" Bear asked.
"Good. Let me know if something does appear. We've got thirty minutes until we rendezvous with those new mobile suits."
"Aye, Captain."
Sky had left, so the room had quieted down. Ryuji was grateful, despite seeing a still fuming Jin off to the side. He had put down his book to stare out the window into the vastness. Did he sign up for this? Floating around in space? Did it matter what he thought about it anyway? No. He was a soldier, that was it, and the luck of the draw was that he was in space.
He began to notice something in the distance; colonies, but not the L4 Asgard ones. Olympus!

"Why are we around Olympus?" He wondered out loud.
This piqued Jin's interested, distracting him from his foul mood. "Olympus? Humph. If they launch any mobile suits, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel." Jin was almost happy at the though of picking off Orions.
"It's a break from watching stars, that's for sure. It's not like Helsinki's mobile suits will be a threat." Ryuji tried steering the conversation away from combat.
"And their Chairman gets shot in the head right after announcing it to the world. So much for that famous German engineering they tapped for that project. Eastern Europe doesn't know how to make good military equipment. It still ends up being Russian crap." Jin rambled.
"Yeah. I don't think we'll be fighting. It's probably just to scare the League from even attempting anything, Jin."
"They should be. Embracing those Newtype freaks, they think they're gods or something."

Elena sat in the cockpit of the Engel, desperately flipping through the monstrous binder. Time to get as familiar as she could with the unit was running out. Fifteen minutes to go, and there was still an encyclopedia's worth of material she had to look at.
"Why am I even sweating this? I just need to get it to move to the Augustus and I'll play with it later."
"Well, the more you get done now, the less you'll have to fiddle with later." Hisham said over the comm from his Anubis cockpit.
"I know that. Geez. I'm just trying to figure out what needs done right now. As if you're not in the same boat." Elena was annoyed.
"What if we're attacked? We're not done with the mission yet." Hawk reminded.
Elena paused, and then sighed. "If that happens, we find out how good these things are."
"Captain!" an Augustus crewmember exclaimed. "A Titan-class vessel is approaching the Olympus colony!"
Bear scowled. Now, just when the mission was about to be finished, a Union ship had to show itself.
"Ten minutes, and they have to show up. ECM status?"
"Aim Longinus. If they make one wrong move, we'll need to destroy that ship immediately."
"Longinus online. Targeting Titan-class. Ready to fire, captain."
"Can you guys move your mobile suits?" Hawk asked.
Hisham replied almost instantly. "Affirmative."
"Ready to go."
"Good." Hawk switched to address the hangar crew. "Looks like we're ready to go."
"Right. Let us clear out before we open the exterior doors. It'll be a minute or two."
"Fine. Just give us the clear."
There was a slight pause.
"A Titan-class ship is patrolling the area. Proceed with launch?"
"We can't miss our pickup window." Hawk urged.
"But that Titan-class is the only ship out there capable of carrying mobile suits."
"Correction. That's the only one you can detect. My captain is out there."
"Understood. Our guys have cleared the hangar, and we're doing a few checks on the airlock."
"Make it quick. Neither of us want a battle here." Hawk addressed his pilots. "You hear that? Let's hustle people. Get out that hanger door as soon as you can. I'll lead and signal the Augustus."
Elena and Hisham acknowledged the order.
The hanger crewmember came back on the com. "Hangar doors are starting to open. Proceed with launch on your own terms."
"Roger." The Vulcan stomped toward the hangar doors with the airlock.
The doors came to a halt when they reached their limit. The Vulcan's thrusters started up.
"Hawk Quinn, Vulcan! Launching!"
The Anubis turned toward the exit. "I'm closer, so I guess I'll go next." Hisham positioned the mobile suit for launch.
"Hisham Tariq, Anubis! Out."
Now, it was Elena's turn. Time to get this thing going. She checked the thrusters as she prepared to launch.
Otto was in for a shock.
"Captain! Mobile suits launching from the main Olympus colony!"
"What? Where are they headed?"
"Tracking...Wait! Sir, we cannot identify these mobile suits!"
"Launch our mobile suits immediately and investigate."
"Launch the mobile suits?"
"Yes! However, relay this: the pilots are not to engage them unless fired upon."
She was finally ready, and with a little luck, the mission would be completed in a few moments.
"Elena Faust, Engel! Go!"

End Phase-02
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Looking nifty I can't wait to see what your Gundams can do :)
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Where do other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indoenesia, Laos, Myanmar/Burma, and Islands in the Carribbean fit into? Just wondering about that. Interesting idea by the way.
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They can join either faction, but aren't required to. However, they tend to be more friendly to whichever group is closer. Germany isn't in the SL, but they did the work on the current set of Gundams (Munich Mobile Industries). You will also notice the Captain of the Rhine sports a very German name.

I don't want to comment too much, as that may get into parts of the story down the road. If I don't shut up, I'll blow the story. :P I'm working on the third installment right now.

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Phase - 03

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"Mobile suits?" Ryuji was surprised, hearing the orders to sortie.
"Wake up, Ryuji. We're going to have a little fun." Jin slapped him on the shoulder. Did this guy live for war?
"We're not supposed to attack, you know that, don't you?" cautioned Ryuji.
"Yeah, but who knows what might happen out there?"
"Hopeless." Ryuji shook his head. "You're hopeless."
"Ten Zeus mobile suits versus three? No. They are hopeless."
Ryuji wanted to say more, but there was no point. Jin was too excited over the mere thought of having a battle. Was he suicidal or what? Who knows, why should he care about the motivation?

He relented his thoughts and pulled on his helmet before exiting the locker room. It was time to prepare for battle.
Outside the colony, the Engel, Anubis, and Vulcan grouped together.
"Where's the Augustus?" Elena was impatient.
"Just a few clicks out, and cloaked. "Hawk informed her. "You should be receiving the coordinates soon."
"It's not soon enough!" she snapped. "That Titan-class is launching mobile suits right now."
Hawk looked at one of the screens in his cockpit. "Great. I hoped they wouldn't notice. Make sure your mobile suits weapons are online. If they engage us, keep them off the colonies and work on a retreat to the ship. I don't want a full-scale battle here without knowing the full extent of these mobile suits"
"Augustus!" he hailed their ship.
"This is the Augustus, Lieutenant." the response came back.
"A Titan-class has launched mobile suits, presumably in our direction. We are en route to your position, but be prepared for mobile suit combat."
"Roger that. Proceed as you will."
The mobile suits emptied out of the Rhine, ten in all.
"Oh, I see they've made some pretty ones this time." Sky observed.
"They don't appear to want to engage us, but where are they going?" Ryuji thought out loud.
"Who cares? I want a closer look. I can't see anything this far out. Going in!"
Jin's Zeus blasted forward.
Otto flashed on his monitor. "Remember that you are not to engage them unless fired upon. Is that understood?"
"Aye, Captain." Jin scowled.

The Engel halted and turned. "We've got one Zeus making a B-line for us."
"It can eat my thrusters right now, Elena. Let's go!" Hawk really had no intention of fighting if he could help it.

Jin saw the silver mobile turn. There was a flash. Did it fire a beam weapon? The Zeus beam rifle came up to firing position and then discharged.

"Whoa! That thing shot at us." the Engel casually avoided the shot.
"They're not bluffing, Lieutenant." Hisham stated.
"Yeah, okay. I hope you're ready. We'll engage them to scatter them and get out, if at all possible."

Elena set her sights on the advancing mobile suit. The heat rod cracked in the Engel's left hand. It charged.

"What did you just do!" Ryuji shouted.
"I thought it fired at me!" Jin shouted back.
"Well, you just made it angry. Looks like you got your excitement after all." Sky shot off.
"Shut up. It's going down." Jin's Zeus charged.

The two mobile suits clashed, pilots reeling from the impact.
"It's going to take more than that to do anything my mobile suit." the Engel flailed the heat rod.
Jin barely had enough time to bring up the shield to block the attack "Sonuva--!" the Zeus retreated enough for him to regain his bearings.

Ryuji couldn't help a slight chuckle. Jin probably had much worse coming to him if he didn't watch out.
"I'm going after that silver mobile suit too. Is someone going to check out the other two or what? Jin, I'm backing you up."

Hawk brought up the Vulcan's buster. "Must be our turn. Hisham, go ahead. I'll see if I can pick a few of those enemy mobile suits off with this thing."
Bear continued to observe the events near the Olympus colony group. There was no aggressive movement from the Titan-class ship that had just launched all it's mobile suits. However, if it did, he would be forced to launch the remaining five Zeus mobile suits aboard or fire at the enemy. If that one mobile suit hadn't fired, there probably wouldn't be any battle transpiring. The fact of the matter was otherwise, as well as revealing the position of the Augustus prematurely.

"Captain, mobile suits are still on standby, and are requesting permission to launch."
There was a delay in his response. "Denied." he was not pleased with his own verdict. "Giving away our position now could add fuel to the fire."
Ryuji dove in, firing away with the Zeus beam rifle. If he could keep his distance, that mobile suit wouldn't be too much trouble if he got in a good shot or two.
"Another one, huh? Nice try." the Engel's shield came up to deflect the beam shots, then returned fire with a few shots from her mobile suit's palm.
The Zeus quickly dodged the burst, returning another volley of fire. That pilot was good. What were they up against?
"Keep that mobile suit's attention on you, Ryuji! I'm going to get underneath it." Jin had recovered.
"Sounds good." Ryuji continued to blast away.
"You're an interesting mobile suit. It's nice to have a little challenge, so let me reintroduce myself."
Jin's mobile suit crashed into the back of the legs of the Engel. Elena scrambled to regain control even as it went careening.

The Vulcan's buster scattered the remaining mobile suits.
"Ah. They're awake." Hisham noted.
"Yes, well, I've probably got their attention now." Hawk was amused with the Zeus's in temporary disarray.
"Allow me to keep them in that state." the Anubis made it's way into firing range, promptly firing bursts from the beam rifle.

Sky Cavalier had her attention fixed on the Vulcan now. "You're not the only one with a buster, red."
Her long-range Zeus leveled its buster.
"Not under my watch!" the Anubis charged her, beam saber drawn.
The Zeus squeezed off its shot, just before the slash came down to shorted the barrel.
"Nice work." Hawk verbally applauded.
Where did that dark mobile suit come from? Sky couldn't make out a visual on it. It showed up on sensors, but it's color made it tricky to see. She could fire missiles, but if they didn't take down the mobile suit, she couldn't stop any future attack. Should she retreat? Not yet.

Ryuji's Zeus pulled out its beam hatchet. Maybe a melee attack would work if he got close enough before that silver mobile suit regained composure.
Elena barely had time to look before one Zeus was on top of her. She unleashed a barrage from the CIWS.
"That's not going to stop me!" Ryuji was slowed down a little blocking the attack, and the closing gap began to widen.
The Engel's heat rod lashed out again, and wrapped around the attacking mobile suit's leg. Before Ryuji could blink, he felt his machine going in a new direction, and out of his control.
"Watch out!" Jin yelled, pulling his Zeus out of the way of Ryuji's unit.
"You watch out for that mobile suit instead!" Ryuji returned.
Too late. The Engel fired off a series of bursts from its palm cannons, scoring hits on both units.
"And you think you're mobile suit pilots? Please." Elena switched her machine to the beam saber. It was time to finish both units off.
Jin was too slow at pulling up his shield, watching most of the left arm separated from the slashing mobile suit.
Ryuji yelled at him, "Jin! Pull out, now!"
That was easy to comply with. The next blow could easily render him dead.
"Okay." he relented, downcast. "Rhine, I'm returning with heavy damage to the left arm."
"Roger that, Suzaku."
The stage was cleared. Now Ryuji was up against this intriguing mobile suit by himself.

Two Zeus's dashed toward the Vulcan, preceding themselves with beam fire.
"Best I stay on my toes then. It's no good if I get shot down in front of my subordinates." Hawk brought up the rail guns, returning fire.
The advancing mobile suits scattered to avoid the blasts, and changed their attacks. One charged while the other continued to fire.
"Nice to see they taught you guys some strategy." sighed the Lieutenant. "Not bad, but I do have my resources."
As the Vulcan kept firing its rail guns at the distant mobile suit, it revealed it's beam saber.
The incoming Zeus pilot was no fool either, and pulled out it's hatchet as it closed in.
Hawk avoided the chop then landed a kick to send the mobile suit flying. The buster came up as quickly as the beam saber disappeared.
"No hard feelings." the Vulcan fired. A moment later, there was little left of what was a mobile suit.
He turned his attention, and his buster at the remaining attacker.

Hisham's Anubis darted between a couple more Zeus suits, exchanging blasts from beam rifles. This was getting old, and quickly. He stopped firing and put up his shield. The mobile suits continued to advance, hoping that getting closer would make their beams penetrate the shield.
They fell for it. Suddenly, they saw something zing by them. The dark mobile suit's pilot couldn't aim apparently.
The Anubis charged one, beam saber out. Almost instantly, the other found itself to be without its head, and, consequently, much of it's visual sensors.
Jin approached the Rhine in his Zeus.
"Jin Suzaku is returning with a damaged Zeus, captain." came a report from the hanger.
"Yes, I can see that." Otto glared at the mobile suit. Idiot. Trigger-happy idiot. He would deal with the pilot later. "How are our other mobile suits doing?"
"We've lost the signal to Mueller’s unit. It was engaging the red mobile suit, according to the last transmission. Cavalier's long-range Zeus lost its buster in an attack with the dark mobile suit, but is still operational otherwise."
"What about the third unit? Who's on that one?"
"Ryuji Kai; so far no damage. Would you like another mobile suit to assist him?"
"See if he needs it. Those other two are doing enough damage to us as is. If he's holding his own against a new enemy, why assist there."

The com came alive in Ryuji's Zeus.
"Kai, do you require assistance?"
He eyed his opponent. "No. I'll be alright if I think first."
"Roger that."
Inside the Rhine's hangar, Jin's Zeus was locked into the maintenance frame. He exited with a scowl. How could that mobile suit have beaten him? That machine couldn't be that good. It sure wasn't any Union mobile suit, and that left just one suspect: the Siberian League.
He looked up at the damage to his mobile suit. That silver mobile suit was certainly a problem at close range. Maybe he should request a Zeus long-range just so he could have that buster. He clenched his fist. Whatever the case, this wasn't over. It was far from over.
The Engel and Zeus clashed. This Zeus pilot seemed more composed without that other one buzzing around.
Elena pushed the Zeus off and fired off a burst from the CIWS. Ryuji returned the favor with a blast from his Zeus CIWS, before bringing up the beam rifle.

The Vulcan fired its railguns, impaling another Zeus on the lethal beams.
"This mobile suit sure is something."
"Two down so far, two have been damaged, and one handicapped." Hisham reported.
"They're either going to retreat soon, or we're going to be fighting that Titan-class." Hawk's reply was unusually flat. "Elena, how are you doing?"
"I've got a Zeus with the one good pilot on that battleship. Just my luck." she groaned back.
Hawk noticed the remaining mobile suits weren't hasty to begin a battle.
"Not so hasty now, I see. Hisham, let's go after those remaining mobile suits and see if we can't encourage them to pack up"

The Zeus hatchet and the Engel's beam saber clashed, locked in place by the determination of the pilots. They relented and swung again; Elena was slightly faster. Ryuji backed off enough to avoid the swipe, then went forward with his own attack. She swung up to meet the attack, deflecting the blow.
She opened the comm. "You are good." she remarked.
Ryuji paused momentarily. He shouldn't have, but he didn't expect to hear a girl's voice behind that mobile suit. Elena caught the Zeus with a solid blow, shaking him back to the battle.
"Of course I'm good. They don't give these to someone who doesn't pass the tests."
"Maybe they should set the standards higher!" she shot back.
Otto had enough of the battle. Things had quickly spiraled out of what he'd hoped for. At the current rate, stopping even one of those enemy mobile suits had dismal odds.
"Call back our mobile suits and leave the area...quickly."
"Roger that."
Hawk saw the mobile suits drop back toward the Titan-class.
"Looks like I was right. I'm not sure if they came out to go at it or not. If they did, they sure didn't have too many that weren't wet behind the ears."

"Kai, we're pulling out. Return to the Rhine."
Ryuji pushed away and kept moving.
"Roger that, Rhine." Those were good mobile suit pilots, if nothing else.

Elena watched her opponent stop the attack, and took a deep breath. This mobile suit was pretty impressive, but getting used to its primarily melee attacks would take a little getting used to.
"I guess they're done with us."
"Yeah. We'll hang here for a little bit until it leaves the area. The Augustus is near by, so I think we should really be done this time." Hawk chuckled slightly. "Good work. This was unexpected, but I guess it worked out."
Otto stood up from his seat.
"Stand down from alert."
The crew started to relax.
"I'm leaving the bridge. Call me if anything comes up."
The bridge door closed behind him.

With his Zeus locked into the maintenance frame, Ryuji exited his machine onto the catwalk. He only noticed the two empty frames after pulling off his helmet.
"We're missing two mobile suits. I though I was the last one in."
"Yeah, we are down a couple. From what we've been told, two Zeus's were shot down." one of the nearby mechanics informed him.
Ryuji said nothing, bowing his head momentarily, then moved over to the small lift to descend to the hangar floor. Once down, he headed over to Jin, a sour expression still on his face.
"You're alright, Jin."
"No I'm not. I lost to that silver mobile suit." Jin growled.
Ryuji thought of things to say, then stopped. Maybe it was best not to mention anything anyway and let Jin cool off.
He noticed Otto enter the hangar.
"Captain!" he straightened to salute, others following.
As Otto advanced, Ryuji noticed the burning anger in the man's eyes. The captain stopped in front of Jin.
"At ease." the pilots lowered their arms.
There was a sharp crack as Otto backhanded Jin.
"What did I tell you before you went out?" he asked the pilot.
Jin started to reply. "Look, what happen--"
Otto slapped him again. "What did I tell you before you went out?"
The pilot collected his thoughts before attempting another answer. He took a few breaths before starting.
"Don't fire unless those mobile suits fired first." was the answer.
"What did you do?"
"I shot my rifle at the silver mobile suit."
"I thought it fired at me."
"You thought or you knew? We detected no shots fired from that mobile suit. Additionally, in the battle we just had, it appears to be a close-range mobile suit."
Jin still looked downcast.
Otto continued. "Furthermore, you engaged without assessing the capabilities of the mobile suit. We don't know how powerful those mobile suits are or who's operating them for sure."
"Why did we even sortie then?" Jin demanded.
"Strength in numbers. The objective was to provide an overwhelming force that would make them think twice about attacking." Otto explained. "And now, you'll have to excuse me. I need to file a couple of combat death reports."
Bear watched until the Titan-class disappeared from sight.
"Disable ECM and hail those mobile suits to return."

Elena was glad to see the Augustus appear. This job was finally over.
"All pilots, return to the Augustus." they heard over the com.

The three mobile suits docked in the hangar. As they descended from their mobile suits, they could see the mechanics applauding them.
"So these are the new ones, Lieutenant?" one of the mechanics asked.
"Yup. We were given some data that should help you guys do your jobs. I'm not entirely used to it, but as it stands, these things are definitely better than the Orion's."
"Good for us all. They seemed to be great performers."
"Yeah, well, it's not like we've got just anybody piloting them." Hawk handed over the binder. "This is for my Gundam...err mobile suit. That nickname is infectious. It's called Vulcan. I'll remind Elena and Hisham to hand over there binders for the Engel and Anubis."

Elena closed the lid of the laptop in her quarters. It was time to break from reading the manual through. She opened the small locker to pull out her uniform and boots. It was probably time to get into this anyway now that she was back on duty.
On her way to the showers, she ducked in the hangar. This machine was hers now. It was supposed to be a better unit. Why didn't she destroy that Zeus? She resumed her original path.
The shower room door slid open. She wasn't happy with her performance. That mobile suit was capable of so much more, but she was holding it back. She hung up the uniform on the hooks in the room. She undressed and stepped in one of the stalls. Maybe this would help clear her head.

End Phase 03
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Future Era Timeline (Updated 8/13/10)

Post by Big B » Mon Jun 18, 2007 12:37 pm

Okay, this shouldn't spoil anything really major, and I'm working on Phase 04, so that should be out mid-week (I hope--writing is hard!).
(Updated: 8/13/10)

Future Era Timeline

F.E. 64--Leonidas Rask is born.

F.E. 65--Bear Graves is born.

F.E. 69--Anders Cavalier is born.

F.E. 72--Cai Deshang is born.

F.E. 82--Trans-Pacific Union officially formed.

F.E. 83--Pagan Czevik is born.

F.E. 85--Siberian League formed. Bear Graves joins the newly formed Centurion Guard.

F.E. 86--Trans-Pacific Union establishes first production space colony at L4 as part of the Asgard

industrial program.

F.E. 87--Hawk Quinn is born.

F.E. 88--Siberian League begins designs for Olympus space colony program program.

F.E. 91--Siberian League establishes the first Olympus colony at L3; demand for goods starts to

noticably swing in their direction.

F.E. 93--Hisham Tariq is born.

F.E. 96--3.22--Elena Faust is born.
Cai Deshang enters into politics after becoming an aide for one of China's Trans-Pacific Union


F.E. 97--Jin Suzaku is born.

F.E. 98--Ryuji Kai, Sky Cavalier are born.

F.E. 102--Pagan Czevik enters into military service for the Siberian League.

F.E. 103--Anders Cavalier elected to Izanagi Military Design board of directors. He still resides

in London with Pagan Czevik meets Leonidas Rask, quickly becoming allies.

F.E. 106--Hawk Quinn joins Centurion Guard.

F.E. 107--2.28--London undergoes mass bombings. Cavalier family evacuates, and Anders decides to

move to Shanghai, China.
--3.21--Rosa Faust murdered.

F.E. 108--Izanagi Military Design releases the first mass-production mobile suit, Zeus. Cai

Deshang becomes China's Representatives in the Trans-Pacific Union.

F.E. 109--Munich Mobile Industries begins mass-production of the Orion mobile suit. After Vladamir

Stolitsky's assassination, Leonidas Rask elected chairman of the Siberian League.

F.E. 110--The Zeus long-range type mobile suit goes into production.

F.E. 111--Hisham Tariq joins Centurion Guard.

F.E. 113--Elena Faust joins Centurion Guard.

F.E. 114--Ryuji Kai, Jin Suzaku, Sky Cavalier enter military service for the Trans-Pacific Union.

All trained as mobile suit pilots.

F.E. 115
--3.29 Elena Faust retrieved by Centurion Guard Ceasar-class battleship, Augustus. Elena, Hawk

Quinn and Hisham Tariq board shuttle for Siberian League Olympus colony at L3. (Phase 01)
--3.30 Siberian League Commander Oldrich Dietz hands over three prototype mobile suits to Elena,

Hawk and Hisham, which are deployed almost immediately. (Phase 02)
--3.30-3.31 Prototype mobile suits enter battle after attack from mobiles aboard Titan-class

Rhine. Along with destroying two Zeus mobile suits, the prototypes damage units piloted by Jin

Suzaku and Sky Cavalier. Ryuji Kai engages Elena's RMX-G108 Engel, the duel ending in a draw.


--4.2 Siberian League Commander Pagan Czevik meets with Oldrich Dietz regarding prototype mobile

suits. (Phase 04)
--4.5 Anders Cavalier secretly unveils three prototype mobile suits at a plant in Shanghai, China.

(Phase 05)
--4.6 The Augustus enters the remains of London, England to wipe out terrorists in the area.

During the mission, Elena is captured, but later escapes. The team encounters a Newtype operated

Spectre mobile suit, eventually destroyed by the RMX-G108 Engel. (Phases 04-05)
--4.7 The Rhine departs Trans-Pacific Union Asgard colony for Earth. (Phase 05)
--4.8 Rhine docks in Shanghai. Ryuji, Jin, Sky assigned to prototype mobile suits (Phase 06)
--4.10 Trans-Pacific Union transport ships attacked and destroyed by two Spectre mobile suits in

the South Pacific Ocean. There are no survivors. (Phase 06)
--4.11 The three Trans-Pacific Union prototype mobile suits are used by their pilots in test

combat with success.(Phase 07)
--4.12 Trans-Pacific Union declares war on Australia. (Phase 07)
--4.13 Augustus enters Morocco to investigate and capture a warlord, known as the Dagger. Elena

Faust defeats two Spectre mobile suits in battle. A plant for Spectre production is discovered,

but destoryed in battle versus one Spectre. The Dagger is captured alive. (Phase 08-09)
--4.16 The Augustus docks at Centurion Guard base, Julian Kaiser III, handing over the Dagger for

interrogation. (Phase 10)
--4.17 Blake Weisser and Alice Hathaway assigned to the Augustus.
--4.19 Trans-Pacific Union begins assault on Australia. (Phase 11)
--4.20 Newtype facility discovered in Brisbane, Australia (Phase 12-13)
--4.22 A jet carrying Adam Martin is shot down. (Phase 14)
--4.24 Siberian League officially changes to European Federation. (Phase 15)
--4.28 New prototype mobile suits are displayed at IMD Shanghai branch (Phase 16)

--5.9 Centurion Guard attempts a sabotage operation of a secret mobile suit plant (Phase 17-18)
--5.12 Federation base in Omsk, Russia engages Centurion Guard ship with experimental mobile

armor. (Phase 19-22)
--5.14 Terrorist operatives attack Rhine, but driven off. (Phase 22-23)
--5.17 Union prototype mobile suits attack damaged Augustus, destroying the ship and damaging or

destroying it's mobile suits. (25-26)
--5.18 Ryuji Kai arrested for treason against Union. (26)
--5.23 Ryuji Kai offically court-martialed and imprisoned.

--6.11 Korean Republic's economy collapses.
--6.14 Investigation of Australian War links Newtype development project and technology to

--6.29 Investigation into Korean economic crisis linked to Federation.

--7.2 Cai Deshang makes a public speech calling for the Federation to end subversive activity and

bring those responsible to justice.
--7.3 Leonidas Rask responds to Deshang's speech, calling the claims bogus and fabricated.

--8.5 After unsuccessful talks, the Union and Federation mutually declare war.


--5.2 Veronika Becker arrives at Olympus Colony Group during testing of two prototype mobile

--5.3 Elena Faust and Ryuji Kai freed by members of PRoD
--5.5 Transport arrives at Olympus Colony Group
--5.12 First successful test of the Deus Gundam's Psi-res frame. This is quickly followed by a

successful battle with Union forces attempting to capture it.
--5.15 Augustine lands in Saratov, Russia.
--5.16 Union attack on Saratov base ends in failure.
--5.19 Ryuji Kai marries Elena Faust.
--5.21 Second Union assault on Saratov
--5.29 Resistance attack on Helsinki

--6.27 Pagan Czevik leads covert attack on Olympus colony; first deployment of Thanatos mobile suit
--6.30 Reformer-class battleship Knox leads assault on Resistance hiding in Iceland
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Phase 04

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Oldrich sat at his desk looking through some papers and browsing files on the computer. He hadn't expected the prototype mobile suits to run into combat that soon. There was a page on the phone, which he answered.

"Sir, there is a Pagan Czevik here to see you."
"I'll be up in a few moments to meet him. Just have him wait until I make it up."
"Sir, I will let him know."
"Thank you."
He set the phone down in its cradle.
"I never expected to see one of the top commanders to actually pay a visit here." he muttered to himself as he stood up from the desk. The higher-ups usually didn't come this far out. If they did, it tended not to be for any positive affirmation.

Oldrich made his way to the reception area to meet his guest. He'd heard of this Pagan Czevik before, but hadn't really seen him. It was a bit of a surprise to see the man, who he guessed to be in his late twenties or early thirties, wearing a mask across his eyes. Really, how did someone manage to pull this type of charade off in any military organization? This wasn't the time for those questions. A man should be judged by his abilities, not necessarily by his dress code.
"Greetings. I'm Commander Oldrich Dietz." he extended his hand.
"Ah, thank you for going ahead with this little meeting." the masked man gave a firm handshake to the older officer. "Pagan Czevik, also Commander. Siberian League."
"Why don't we head to a conference room to discuss matters?" Oldrich invited.
Pagan nodded. "That would be best, I suppose."
As they walked down the hall, Pagan began talking. "The Centurion Guard picked up those mobile suits, correct?"
"Just a few days ago, yes."
"Someday, I hope to see those units in action." the younger man mused.
"Well, funny you should mention that." Oldrich stopped. "Ah, here we are. Please come in."
"Thank you." Pagan followed through the open door. "Now, as you were saying."
"The mobile suits. As fate would have it, a Union battleship--it looked like a Titan-class--was in the area as the prototypes launched. I was a bit worried that our cover was about to be blown when it launched all it's Zeus suits. Our prototypes really are quite impressive. Just those three alone sent the ship to retreat."
"Unexpected, but certainly delightful to see them work so well." Pagan cracked a slight genuine smile.
Future Era 107, March 21
Ten year-old Elena sat on the couch watching the news.
"For the third straight week, London continues to burn following a series of attacks. Britain officials are blaming Lithuania for these attacks, although Vilnius is denying any involvement." came the grim announcement from the reporter.
Rosa Faust came into the living room. "I'd always wanted to go see London, but not in this case." she looked at the clock. "Elena, turn the TV off and get ready to go. I need to go to the store to pick up some things for your birthday on Saturday."
"Okay." the girl just giggled then started singing. "London bridges falling down, falling down..."
Rosa just rolled her eyes. "Elena. That's not nice for ladies to sing like that."
"But, mom, I'm not a lady. I'm a girl." her daughter protested.
"Okay, then." Rosa laughed. "You're a young lady. Now, go get ready." she shooed the girl off the couch and flipped off the TV.

At the store Elena picked out party favors, placing them in the shopping cart. Rosa patiently waited while her daughter finalized the key items and organized them in the cart.
"Okay, do you have everything you want for your party?"
The girl nodded approvingly. "Yes."
"Why don't we go order your cake?" Rosa pushed the cart forward.
"It has to be a big yellow one!" Elena shot both arms up for emphasis.
"I think we can do that."

As they neared the car, it started to rain. Rosa unlocked the doors.
"Elena, Eliza, get in before you get soaked." The two girls didn't need to be asked twice.
She popped the trunk and began loading up, not noticing the two men coming up to her.
"Ma'am, would you like some help with that?" someone asked.
"Thank you, but I'm fine."
The man reached out and grabbed her arm. "I don't think you understand."
Elena peeked out the window to see her mother and two men. Her mother started to struggle free of the man holding her arm. Suddenly, the body went rigid and stopped struggling. Elena opened the door in time to see the two men hurry away. Rosa crumpled to the pavement, bent over in pain.
"C-call...for help." she winced, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth.
Elena looked down at her mother's abdomen to see a mass of red covering the lower part of her shirt. It was spreading quickly. Elena stood, the rain turning heavy. She dropped to her knees, the reality setting in. She couldn't do anything as her mind raced around trying to piece together what just happened. As her mind began connecting the pieces, she realized all she could do was what she was doing. Scream. The sky seemed to cry for her, because Elena couldn't tell if she was or not.

Three days later, Elena stood in the cemetery. There was no celebration today, no happiness. Her birthday present was attending her mother's funeral. The sky was bright and warm, but it felt like some god was mocking the ceremony. Black on a hot day; it should be cold and miserable to match the solemn misery of those here.
All she could do was look at the closed casket her mother lay in. The eulogy from the priest never entered her mind. How could someone believe in a god that let this happen? How could one follow a god that let this sick fate happen? Did any god even exist? Her spiraling mind heard no answer.
Future Era 115
Elena sat up in bed, remembering her mother's murder. Her hand went to her face, massaging it as if to remove that awful memory. She eyed the clock, letting her legs dangle off the edge of her bed.
"What's the point?" she whispered to herself.
It was almost time to get up anyway, so she wouldn't even get much sleep at this point. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. There better be some strong coffee in the ship's mess hall today.

The Augustus was starting to show signs of life. Hawk knocked at the door to Bear's quarters.
"It's open."
The lieutenant proceeded in, saluting quickly once inside.
"You wanted to see me?"
"Yes. How are the new mobile suits working out?" the captain swiveled his chair.
"They're pretty impressive. We've been running some training programs to familiarize ourselves with the controls mostly. Really, at this point, we're going to be fine. I can't see doing much better without real combat."
"As can be expected. We'll get to test them out again in England." Bear assessed.
"I can't see those terrorists having that great of mobile suit training, so we may be in luck. Plus, those pictures pretty much confirm they're using Orion mobile suits. I'm getting ahead of myself, but this should be an easy job."
"We thought the same thing when it came to acquiring those new mobile suits too."
"That's the way it looks. We're mercenaries, so it technically doesn't matter who the target is."
"Quite a cold statement."
"Part of my job is killing people. Not exactly a profession you should be chipper about. Anyway, I just wanted to drop by to give you the update on the mobile suits before breakfast." Hawk saluted, then exited.

"That's a lot of coffee." Hisham noted at Elena's fourth cup.
"I had a rough night. What can I say." she rolled her fork between her thumb and fingers. There was a pause, then she raised an eyebrow. "And I don't want to hear any bit about retaining water."
"Not a word from my lips." he went back to his meal.
"I," she paused to take a sip, "just have some bad images connected to London. Don't worry, I'll be fine for the mission."
"Well, that's good." Hawk sat down. "I just hope you don't need to take a leak during a fire fight."
Elena just glared. "Its comments like that you guys are single."
"As if someone with your disposition is really flagging down the boys." he retorted.
Elena finally cracked a smile. "You win."
Hisham just shook his head. The lieutenant sure knew how to keep the morale up around here.
The Rhine was docked at the Asgard group colony 7.
Ryuji floated into the lounge where Jin and a few other mobile suit pilots were.
Jin turned his head. "Oh."
"I think we'll be going back down to Earth." Ryuji said, grabbing a soda from the vending machine.
"Probably because of Australia. I bet we're going down for a strike." Jin had a twinkle in his eye.
"Actually, I think we're going to Shanghai." Ryuji sat down.
Jin was perplexed. "Shanghai? What's in Shanghai?"
"Beats me. Maybe to put some pressure on the Korean riots."
"Yeah, Seoul has no balls. Everything is a major incident with that government." Jin smirked.
In the Augustus' armory, the mobile suit pilots equipped.
"Equip a machine gun and pistol." Hawk ordered. "We may be doing part of the operation on foot, so lock and load!"

The hangar was buzzing with activity from the mechanics running last minute checks.
"I did some optimizations to the OS, so your mobile suit should have a quicker response time. I haven't tested it out, but the diagnostics didn't show any problems." a mechanic informed Elena.
"Good. I'll probably find something else for you guys to tweak the more I get used to this thing." she replied stepping into the Engel.
"I welcome the challenge. We've tweaked the hell out of our Zeus mobile suits anyway." the mechanic was happy to hear of something new.
"Okay." she gave a thumbs up as she closed the cockpit.

It wasn't long before there was an announcement to the mobile suits. "Augustus approaching drop site. All mobile suits prepare for catapult launch."
"Ladies first." Hawk quipped.
"Fine. I'll show you boys how this is done." Released from the maintenance frame, the Engel stepped forward to the catapult. "I'm ready whenever you guys are!"
"All right, sergeant." the comm buzzed. "Catapult extended, Engel cleared for launch."
"Elena Faust, Engel! Go!" the mobile suit shot out of the hangar.
As the machine plummeted toward the ground, she noticed the rest of the mobile suits start to exit the ship.
The Engle's thrusters kicked in, slowing it's descent.
"I've landed. Proceeding to rendezvous." she said with the mobile suit touching down.
"Roger that. Watch out for enemy mobile suits." Hawk returned.

She quickly came across one of the squad's Zeus suits.
"Yup." the pilot replied.
Before they could start moving, their mobile suit IFF sensors went off.
"I guess we start earning our pay now." the Zeus pilot muttered.
"Ya think?"
"I think I want to see how that shiny mobile suit of yours is in action."
The Engel lunged forward. "Be amazed."
A group of Orion mobile suits rushed them, beam rifles blazing. Elena maneuvered her mobile suit around the attacker and then shot up into the air. The Engel drew both beam sabers and then dropped down. It landed between two Orion's, slicing them down the middle.
Smith whistled after ventilating one enemy. "That's some nice work."
"I'm not just here to look pretty." another Orion met its demise from one of the Engel's beam sabers.
The Zeus hammered away at its second victim. "Oh, Elena. Watch out for that one jumping on you."
"I know." Her machine sidestepped the attack and equipped the heat rod. She flailed the weapon, watching it grab the leg of the descending Orion and then slamming it to the ground. The downed machine exploded after a burst from the Engel's palm cannon.

"You're late." Hawk informed them when he saw the two mobile suits.
"Sorry." Smith briskly apologized. "There were a few Orions that got in the way."
"Well, kill them faster next time." the Lieutenant chided.
"You done chewing us out?"
"Yeah, I'm done. Remember, we're here to clean out the terrorists around the remains of Buckingham Palace."
The seven other mobile suits echoed an affirmative reply.
"Okay then. Let's go!"

The once great city of London now was a shattered and burnt shell of its former glory. As the Centurion Guards rode through the barren metropolis, Elena felt chills up her spine.
"I remember the news on TV showing this back in '07." Smith commented.
"No kidding. I'd just joined the C-Guard late the year before and worried if they'd have me going on some mission here." Hawk surveyed the wasteland. "Well, we're getting closer."
The group moved on. Elena said nothing.

They saw a large group of Orion mobile suits surrounding Buckingham Palace. For the damage done to the city, it was surprising to see the famous landmark not completely razed.
"I have no clue what they're guarding." Hawk said. "However, let's clear them out first and then we'll look inside. Make short work of them, people!"
The eight mobile suits sprang into action.
Hisham struck the first blow with a few well-placed shots to a mobile suit. An Orion got off a few shots only to be blocked by the Anubis shield. The return fire downed that mobile suit as well.
Elena ripped an arm off one Orion with the Engel's heat rod before plunging a beam saber into it's torso.
Smith blasted away with his Zeus's beam rifle.
"I know these are just Orion's, but these guys can't fight for jack!" he sounded annoyed.
"That is true." Hisham commented.
Hawk thought. This was too easy. Whoever these supposed terrorists were, they sure were lousy mobile suit pilots or not even trying. Even a rookie Orion pilot would be more agile than this.
Soon, the Orion mobile suits lay in pieces around the Palace perimeter.
More orders. "Okay. Hisham, Lee: you stay here and watch the mobile suits. Everybody else, follow me. We're going inside to look for any rats."
The pilots lowered themselves from the mobile suits. A small wave of clicks ran through as magazines were checked and guns readied to fire.
"Alright, people. Let's go in. Stay together; we don't know who's inside." Hawk turned, raising his gun and walking to an entrance.

Through the ash, broken walls and scorches, the Palace still held it's regal presence.
"I can't imagine how this looked before the attacks." Elena said in awe.
"What, you think we're sightseeing?" Smith badgered her.
"Cut the chatter." Hawk warned. "Smith, if you'd be so kind, the door." he stopped in front of a shut doorway that looked like it led to something important.
Smith nodded and shuffled forward. He counted silently with one hand. In one swift move, the door widened, Hawk leading in gun first. The others followed.
Elena could sense something. What, she wasn't sure. Maybe it was just the thoughts linked with London, but she was getting anxious. Something was coming. What was it?
Shouts from what seemed like all directions poured in. Then the chatter of machine gun bursts. Someone was home. The Centurion Guards ducked for cover and retreated.
Hawk cursed himself for being too careless. How could he have just waltzed in like that? He squeezed off a burst, hearing a man scream. Hopefully, it was one of the enemy.

Elena couldn't concentrate and stumbled backwards. Her head was spinning. Was it a premonition?
She felt something again. Where was it coming from? She sensed anger...or not?
Something crashed down on the back of her neck. It was out of her control. She dropped to the floor, unconscious.
The man stood above her. He picked her up and tossed her limp body over his shoulder, then hurried away.

The guns died out. Hawk peaked around for enemies, none in sight. He turned back to his comrades, noticing something was very wrong.
"Elena?" No response. "Where is she?"
"Well, I see a gun a little way up the hall." Smith pointed out. "I'm pretty sure that's one of ours by the looks."
Hawk said nothing, just grimacing over the turn of events that just happened.

End Phase 04
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More bio's added, and some other bits too.

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Phase 05

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"Hisham!" the Anubis comm crackled to life.
"Elena is missing."
"Yeah, she disappeared. We had a firefight with somebody, likely those terrorists, and when things cleared, she was gone. I don't think she deserted us, but keep an eye out for her or anybody that's not us. We're going to look for her."
"Understood, lieutenant." Hisham wasn't sure what happened, but he found it unlikely that Elena would cut and run on them. That girl was tough and would've choked in training if she were that frightened of battle.
"Lee, did you catch that?"
"Yeah. What the hell?"
"Got me."
Elena's eyes opened slowly. Her head ached, and the back of her neck was sore too.
How long had she been out anyway? More importantly, where was she. She struggled to sit up, but made it. Her wrists were bound with a healthy supply of duct tape.
She began to focus on the room she was in. It was small with one door. She wasn't sure if it was a closet or study, but it didn't explain the cot she sat on or why it was secured to the floor. The lone door to freedom was likely locked as well.
Her knife and pistol were gone, so how would she get free?
She heard voices in the distance and was sure they weren't in her head.
Quick! She had to free herself first. That's when she noticed the dried blood stains on one wall. One could only imagine what happened here, although it wasn't good from the looks.
She saw some broken glass. It was a little hard to, but she forced herself to move. She crouched over the glass to grab a big shard. She heard the voices again and returned to the cot.
She gingerly oriented the shard so she could start sawing through her restraints. The voices were close, but she kept at it.
Suddenly the door opened and man stepped through. He looked at her, then gave a devious smile before nodding to someone outside. The door shut.
Elena could tell this was not going to be good.
She slowly stood up, the tape almost severed completely.
There were about two conclusions she could draw as the man removed his belt, neither one were pleasant.
"Hey." she purred, pulling her shoulders back to accentuate her bust.
He nodded, the same devious look on his face. She hoped it was a good impression on her part and drew closer.
Rubbing up against him, she whispered into his ear. "I know you're here for some fun, but I want that too."
The tape was finally cut. She tugged at his ear with her teeth. "Come on, baby."
She stepped back, baiting him along.
His hands started to rub her body. She suppressed the urge to wretch from his touch. Almost.
She rested her mouth by his ear before she spoiled things with an unfavorable look.
He suddenly froze in place. She drew back a little bit, the shard of glass buried in his abdomen. The man was surprised. Elena placed her hands on the sides of the head.
"What's the matter, baby?" she gave him a fake sympathetic look. "Don't you love me?"
She gave a sharp twist, that was followed with a sharp crack. The body went limp, and she struggled to let it down without a lot of noise. Now her attention was at the door. How many were on the other side? She searched the dead man for weapons. A pistol was all she found. Now it was just a matter of getting out...
Shanghai, China
The white-haired Chinese official stood in the descending elevator. The floors counting down illuminated his expressionless face. The elevator glided to a comfortable stop, the doors opened with a blond bearded man waiting in the lobby.
As he stepped out, he turned slightly to address the two men in suits.
"Wait here in the lobby."
"Of course, Representative Deshang."
The blond man spoke as the elevator doors closed.
"I'm surprised that China's own Cai Deshang has time to personally pay this company a visit."
"Anders, you know that I can't neglect my close friends. I have enough enemies as is, so friends become more and more valuable to someone in my position." Cai shook the Anders hand.
Anders Cavalier nodded. "That is true. Politics is an unenviable career path. But, don't allow me to bore you with the job you already have your fill of at work." a door slid open. "You should stop by my home for drinks sometime when you get the chance."
"I may just have to make some room in my schedule for that. Pathetic that friends must do this sort of thing." Cai lamented as the two men walked.
"Quite. Since you're here, I believe you will be most interested in some mobile suits designs we've been working on." Anders continued down the hall.

Lights flickered on; three fearsome mobile suits greeted the two. Unlike the moneyed Zeus, these mechanical giants had a more human look with two 'eyes'.
Cai turned his head slightly, as not to remove them from his sight. "Are these the new models you mentioned?"
"Yes. We wanted to try some new Zeus variations, but they were simply not going to work with that model and keep acceptable performance. It would be quite embarrassing to have our own Orion fiasco." Anders smirked, then continued. "These are the JXR prototype series. From the left, the green mobile suit is the XA63 'Gilgamesh'. The black and red unit is the XA71 'Lilith'. That blue and white one is the XA65 'Marduk'."
"Quite impressive, my friend. I assume you've made the arrangements to have them deployed soon?"
"Of course, there's one Titan-class battleship on it's way from Asgard."
It had been several hours since Elena disappeared. Outside of the sporadic gunmen, Hawk hadn't noticed anybody else but he and his men.
"This is getting old." Smith commented.
"What, the incompetent thugs or that we haven't found Elena?" Hawk asked him.
"More the thugs, but, I'm not at ease with a comrade disappearing into thin air."

Somewhere, a man watched the corridors of the Palace. Suddenly, a call came up, and he answered.
"What's the status?"
"Those saps we hired are being cleaned out. I don't know how long those Centurion Guards are going to keep looking for that girl."
"Is she safe?"
"Not really. She's killed a handful of guys. One idiot was thinking with his balls, and thought he'd be lucky. Of course, their mental skills aren't what they were hired for."
"What do you think of her?"
"She's cute, but not my type." Joshua paused. "Sorry, I had to lay the facts on the table. I'd hate to run into her without knowing who I'm up against. The worst thing is, I don't think she realizes her potential."
"As a Newtype?"
"I don't think she even knows she's a Newtype."
"Oh, really? Such a shame."
"She'll find out soon enough. I'll make her."

Elena crept along, clutching the pistol she scavenged off a body. She heard voices. Not loud, but there were some people coming. She sank down against the wall, hugging it tightly. The voices grew louder and she prayed they didn't notice her. She had one clip, and she couldn't waste those shots. The group started to pass the opening she was in. She knew who they were.
"Hey!" she called out.
The group turned, machine guns leveled at her voice. She stepped out into the light, hands up.
"It's me. I never thought I'd be so happy to see your mugs."
"You'll make someone a wonderful housewife." Smith smirked.
Hawk just shot him a look to knock it off. "What happened, Elena? We've been looking for you."
"Yeah, well, I got picked up for a date." she said sheepishly.
Hawk paused, but then played along. "How was it?"
"It sucked, and I let him know."
"You're a real heartbreaker."
"Neck, actually."
"So much for sugar 'n spice..." Hawk tapped his earpiece. "Hisham? We found her."
"We’re heading back now. I'm pretty sure we've cleaned the place out anyway."
"Roger that."

The group exited the Palace near their mobile suits. As the pilots returned to their mobile suits, Hawk pulled Elena aside.
"You know I'll need a written report from you on this after we get back."
She nodded. "Sir."
"I'm all for easy money, but something about this entire mission doesn't smell right."
"Yeah--" she stopped herself. Should she tell him about what went on in her head before she blacked out? No! Not now. She wasn't sure what happened then and still needed to process the experience.

It felt good to drop into the Engel's cockpit. This mission was over as far as she was concerned.

As their mobile suits moved along, she started to become confused. It was that same feeling she had earlier. Where was it coming from? She whipped around trying to locate the source.
Her comm crackled to life.
"Looking for me?"
"You! Who are you?" she demanded.
"A Martyr. Someone who dies for their cause."
"What cause is that?" she snapped.
"The cause matters not, but it may help you become enlightened. Newtype martyrs."
"So you're some kook in a mobile suit. That's cute."
"You really are ignorant of yourself that much?"
She could see a mobile suit now, but it wasn't one she recognized.
Hawk knew what it was.
"Elena! Be careful, that's a Spectre mobile suit."
Joshua beamed. "So, there is someone well educated here. Yes, this is a Spectre. As for your little troop, I have some toys for you to play with while I educate this girl!"
More Orion suits came into view. This mission was far from over.

Elena was surprised at how quick and agile the Spectre was as it sprang towards her.
"One more for the scrap heap!" she drew the Engel's beam saber.
"Fantastic. Now, can you connect?" the Spectre met with it's own beam saber.

The Anubis buried it's beam saber in an Orion then threw a beam boomerang at another.
"Is this a fight or assisted suicide?"
Smith threw a mobile suit to the side before firing on it.
"Yeah, really. You have to be to try piloting one of those."

"When are you going to hit me, girl?" Joshua shouted, evading a blow.
"When are you gonna shut up?" Elena retorted.
The Spectre plowed into the Engel, almost knocking it to the ground.
"You're not a bad pilot."
"I'm so glad to have your esteemed approval."
Elena charged, armed with the heat rod. The Engel flailed the weapon, wrapping around one of the Spectre's arms.
The Spectre grabbed hold of the heat rod and flung her mobile suit down.
"Like I said, not bad. It's just a shame you aren't enlightened to your potential."
The Engel struggled back up.
"What are you talking about?"
"You really don't know?" Joshua was genuinely disappointed.
"Stop playing games with me!"
"You don't know you're a Newtype?"
Elena froze.
Joshua continued. "Quite sad. You might as well be fighting with one arm."
"I'm not a Newtype!" she seethed.
"Ignorance of the facts fails to make them untrue." the Spectre grazed the Engel.
"I'm not ignorant of myself! You don't even know me, so how can you tell me that crap?" Elena swung hard.
"You felt my intentions before I knocked you out."
"You felt my intentions before this battle. Your awareness discovered me."
Elena couldn't control herself. She couldn't focus on the battle, there was too much streaming in.
Joshua's voice resumed.
"I can see you're a late-bloomer. No wonder it's such a jump. I imagine it must be difficult coming to all this realization at your age."
Shut up! Why didn't he just shut up?

Hisham noticed the Engel's slow response and the exchange between the two.
"Lieutenant, I think she might need some help."
"Watch yourself. I've never seen one in person, but they're supposed to have some weapon that makes them particularly dangerous."
"Will do."
The Anubis moved toward Elena's position.
Joshua noticed.
"Oh, more players I see. I'm sorry to say, this is between the two of us, and I need to have you stay back."
"We don't leave our comrades alone in trouble."
As the Anubis drew closer, Hisham saw some small objects rise up from the Spectre.
"Well, you'll have to in this case. Don't worry, I have something to keep you occupied."
Beams shot from the objects, catching Hisham off-guard. Was this the weapon Hawk mentioned?
The Anubis blocked the attacks. Hisham tried to track the objects but he couldn't get a lock on one.
They were simply too fast. All he could do is hope to block them.
"What's the matter? Can't play the hero?" Joshua beamed.
Not like this he couldn't. He was simply a target.
As the blasts hammered at him, he kept thinking how this was turning very ugly.
That was it! A target. He just needed to keep moving and hope Elena would pick up.

Elena felt Joshua's oppressive attention move away from her. She started to regain control of herself. Why did she lose control?
She realized she had cried during the exchange with Joshua and dropped her beam saber. Her thoughts were collected now, and she knew what to do. She took a deep breath and wiped her eyes.
Joshua had backed off and seemed to be occupied with Hisham and the Anubis.
The Engel collected it's fallen beam saber and drew it's other.

She charged. Joshua was distracted for a second, and stopped his attack on the Anubis momentarily.
"Oh no you don't!"
Too late.
Elena had enough time to slice off both of the Spectre's arms.
"I already did." she retorted.
The Spectre's CIWS fired, but Elena ignored them.
"You said this was between you and me. I'll oblige, since you've made it personal." she yelled.
Joshua was becoming irritated now.
"This private war is far from over, girl!"
"Famous last words. Just go to hell!"
Elena thrust both beam sabers through the Spectre's torso.
There was no response from Joshua this time.
The Engle pulled back after deactivating the beam sabers. A moment later, the Spectre exploded.

Hisham relaxed a little as the objects that were attacking him dropped to the ground.
"What were those things?" he wondered aloud. "It's like they had a life of their own."
"I guess that's the weapon that I heard about." Hawk said. "Some sort of wireless beam cannons. Grab a few of them; maybe the eggheads can dig up some more info."

Elena was shaking, breathing hard. This battle was different from anything she had experienced before. It was mentally and emotionally draining. The Newtype classification didn't bother her really. She felt so violated by Joshua, yet she was sure he hadn't done anything sexual. It was more than that. It was a violation of her mind. How had it become an open door to someone else?
Then it hit her. What did it mean to be a Newtype? She'd heard of the term and knew the implied definition, yet she had no answer.
Asgard Colony Group 7
Otto sat in his quarters at his desk. He flipped through the documents on the computer. While it wasn't good practice, reading the volumes of information he was barraged with on a daily basis would never allow him to see the bridge. Then he stopped. The new mobile suits his ship would be receiving when they arrived at Shanghai. He quietly admitted to himself that it was something of an honor to have this happen, but that could always backfire.
"Captain." the comm fluttered to life.
"We've been cleared for launch. Please return to the bridge."
"I'll be up there shortly."

Ryuji felt the ship move as he lay in bed. So they were finally moving out. He thought about those mobile suits they fought around Olympus. Why did he manage to stand against that silver mobile suit? It was almost as if he was thinking a response to that pilot's moves. It couldn't be just blind luck.
Dread seemed to overwhelm him. What if? What if he was a Newtype?
No. His imagination was running wild. He trained hard to acquire these skills, so it must be intuition.
It felt like he was lying to himself. But, what if it was true? He feared repercussions, as the Trans-Pacific Union was biased against Newtypes. With Japan and China at the center, where could he run?
Jin walked in the room.
"You sure crash easy."
"They were running diagnostics on my Zeus all day. I had to be there."
"You sat around all day and you're tired?" Jin sounded exasperated.
"Well, what did you do, Jin?"
"Not much." Jin said, kicking off his boots. "Unless you consider getting an earful from the captain doing something."
"He's still ticked over that battle, huh?" Ryuji had propped himself up on one arm by this time.
"Yeah. It was more of that 'Don't fire unless I tell you.' crap. He shouldn't have slapped me back then anyway." he sat down on his bed, rubbing his jaw. "I still say that mobile suit shot first."
"Careful. He might do it again if you don't watch it."
Jin just scowled at the thought. Ryuji turned over to go to sleep. This conversation was only going to go downhill, and he didn't feel like getting into an argument right now. His thoughts turned to mobile suits as he drifted off.

End Phase 05
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Very interesting. I'm sorry I have so little to offer in the way of actual comments. :? A Newtype does come across also as a telepath here though.
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And that's probably going to be more of the highlight of Newtypes in this. Pinning down specifics of Newtypes, at least from what I've tried to research, is somewhat ambiguous. It's a sixth sense for sure, but getting it to be of a certain feel is a bit difficult. Good thing I went with a non-cannon era. :) I've probably been influenced somewhat by the X-men comics I read as a teen, so my emphasis on the telepathic side is probably stronger than what you might see in canon Gundam.