Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 8/13/17)

Your own tale of two mecha.
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Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 8/13/17)

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(Back from the dead!)

Mobile System Gundam Legion


Future Era 384:

Twelve years ago (FE 372), the Coven rose to power overnight displacing, disbanding and executing leaders of the European Federation and the Trans-Pacific Union outside their ranks in a sudden coup de'tat. Instead of governing on the principle of peace, the Coven have stripped nations and citizens of their rights. Much like the nightmares most read about in history, dissidents frequently disappear and either murdered or sent to camps.

The raw power and terror weilded by the Coven have quickly dominated and suppressed most resistance on earth. For the moment, the colonies are safe, but fear the Coven will eventually set it's sights on conquering them.
Many politicians have chosen to send large gifts of money or supplies to keep the Coven at bay. Despite this, the threat of an assault on the colonies is imminent unless the beast can be stopped.

A small faction within the colonies, calling itself Sigma, is unwilling to stand by and let the Coven build the assault. Bent on striking back at the overwhelming power, mobile suits called Gundams are produced in order to hit the Coven before they can make it into space.

Characters (ordered by first name):
Bios are purposely being left out to allow greater freedom of development and as to give away as little as possible.

Name: Andressa Cole
Age: 25
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Ashton Dvorak
Age: 22
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Coven

Name: Callista Yi
Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Christmas Lajon
Age: 19
Hair: Black w pink streaks
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Daisuke Watanabe
Age: 25
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Francheska Keeler
Age: Unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Red
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Gordon Chase [Lieutenant]
Age: 37
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Coven

Name: Grey Flanagan
Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Herman Avery
Age: 23
Hair: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Jamie Ashman
Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: N/A

Name: Josiah Cramer
Age: 36
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: K.T. Barnett
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Kyomi Haruka
Age: 24
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Affiliation: Coven

Name: Louis January
Age: 21
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: N/A

Name: Nanai Shaman/Caelie
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Coven

Name: Shara January
Age: 21
Hair: Red (dyed)
Eyes: Hazel
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Thom Ainsworth
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Valentino Torani
Age: 53
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Sigma

Name: Ziddan Noddox
Age: 27
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Affiliation: Coven
Mobile Suits


Model: TAS-X2
Codename: Arcana
Type: Transformable mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: Sigma
Operator: Sigma
Height: 18.3m (MS mode)
Weight: 78.3 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 2x beam sabers, stored on hips; 2x CIWS, chest-mounted; 1x AT2C-1[G] wireless pod.
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: ARC-T2A repeating plasma rifle w/ bayonet; shield.
Pilot: Grey Flanagan

Model: TAS-X3
Codename: Equinox
Type: Artillery/sniper mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: Sigma
Operator: Sigma
Height: 18.4m
Weight: 82.2 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unkown; 2x beam sabers, stored in legs
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: 2x ARC-M7 Railgun, shoulder mounted; ARC-T3A Sabot; ARC-T1A Launcher
Pilot: Shara January

Model: TAS-X4
Codename: Sandalphon
Type: Close-range mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: Sigma
Operator: Sigma
Height: 18.2m
Weight: 76.7 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; forearm blades, retractable; 2x beam sabers, hip mounted; 2x CIWS, chest-mounted
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: ARC-S2 Plasma Claymore; ARC-S3 plasma Javelin; shield
Pilot: K.T. Barnett

Model: TAS-Y2
Codename: Revnant
Type: Sniper/ Infantry mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: Sigma
Operator: Sigma
Height: 18.3m
Weight: 81.1 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 2x CIWS, head mounted;
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: ARC-T4A Sniper Rifle; ARC-T2B repeating plasma rifle; shield; 1x beam saber, stored on shield.
Pilot: Callista Yi

Model: TAS-Y3
Codename: Vertigo
Type: Transformable mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: Sigma
Operator: Sigma
Height: 18.2m (MS mode)
Weight: 79.7 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 4x beam sabers, fixed at hands and feet
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: ARC-T2A repeating plasma rifle w/ bayonet; shield
Pilot: Herman Avery

Model: TAS-Y4
Codename: Siege
Type: Close-range combat mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: Sigma
Operator: Sigma
Height: 18.2m
Weight: 77.0 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 2x beam sabers, hip mounted; 2x beam daggers, stored in legs
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: 1x ARC-S4 heatrod; 1x ARC-T5A beam pistol; shield
Pilot: Thom Ainsworth

Model: MCPS-A01
Codename: Predator
Type: Mass production general purpose mobile suit
Deployment: FE 377
Manufacturer: National Mobile Arms
Operator: Coven
Height: 18.5m
Weight: 81.1 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 1x beam saber; 2x CIWS, torso mounted
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: 1x WCR-3N repeating plasma rifle; gauntlet/shield.
Pilot: Nanai Shaman (Caelie), Ashton Dvorak, Gordon Chase, Kyomi Haruka, Drea

Model: MCPS-A01-B
Codename: Predator Barrage
Type: Mass production heavy artillery mobile suit
Deployment: FE 380
Manufacturer: National Mobile Arms
Operator: Coven
Height: 18.5m
Weight: 82.5 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown, 2x WCR-7N Repeater, shoulder mounted
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: WCR-5N Smooth-bore Launcher; WCR-4N plasma buster

Model: MCPS-A02
Codename: Czar
Type: Mobile Suit
Deployment: FE 379
Manufacturer: HNT Company
Operator: Coven
Height: 17.1m
Weight: 80.2 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 3x CIWS, chest mounted; 1x beam saber
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: 1x WCR-2N long rifle; 2x gauntlet
Pilot: Ashton Dvorak

Model: MCPS-A05P
Codename: Seid
Type: Prototype mobile suit
Deployment: FE 384
Manufacturer: National Mobile Arms
Operator: Coven
Height: 18.2m
Weight: 83.2 Tons
Powerplant: Compact Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 2x beam saber; 2x CIWS, head mounted
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: 1x WCR-3NR2 repeating plasma rifle; shield
Pilot: Nanai Shaman (Caelie)
Model: EDF-P77
Codename: Avenger III
Type: Infantry mobile suit
Deployment: FE 362
Manufacturer: HNT Company
Operator: United Earth Sphere, Colonies
Height: 17.3 m
Weight: 77.1 Tons
Powerplant: Plasma Reactor
Fixed Equipment: Sensors, range unknown; 2x CIWS, chest mounted; 2x beam saber, stored in legs
Optional/Hand-carried weapons: CSM-R44 short beam rifle; CSM-R42 long beam rifle; missile pod, both shoulders; Shield
Support Units:


Class: Soleil
Unit Type: Orbital mobile suit mothership
Operator: Sigma
Captain: Shara January, Herman Avery
Armaments: N/A
Ships of Class: Soleil I, Soleil II

Coloy Arrangements:

L2 Colony Groupings
A Group, 1-17, Residential
B Group, 1-8, Business
C Group, 1-22, Government/Military/Black Site Colonies

L3 Colony Groupings
A Group, 1-15, Residential
B Group, 1-7 Business
C Group, 1-6, Government/Military

L5 Colony Groupings
A Group, 1-20, Residential
B Group, 1-12, Business
C Group, 1-9, Government/Military
OP1: Indestructible (by Disturbed)
ED1: Before Tomorrow Comes (by Alter Bridge)
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Point -- 01

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In Future Era 372, the Coven took over. On May 14th, it was business as usual. The next morning was beset with terror as citizens woke to the news of the United Earth Sphere officials being dragged into the streets and executed live.
What started in the major cities spread, like a poisoned river to the towns and country. The Coven has no face, just whoever happens to be one of it's black hands. Everyone has their assigned station, assigned grocery, assigned routes, all determined in some indirect way by the black hands.
Those hoping, praying for relief or salvation wait in vain; too many are afraid to resist. They fear the fate of those who have tried and been shot, or disappear at the hands of the secret police.

These ones are stained with the blood of those lives that have been taken and claimed by the Coven.

As this infestation grows and seems to devour Earth, the colonies are worried.
To avoid a potentially bloody, drawn out and ultimately losing battle, politicians have sent gifts down to abate the hungering black eyes of the Coven. However, most believe it is simply a matter of time before the Coven mount an assault against the colonies to bring them within the control of the black hands.

Presently, it is Future Era 384; twelve years after the blistering take over.
F.E. 382

Grey Flanagan sat across the table from his girl, K.T. Barnett.
The air was uncomfortable, but he was unable to determine why. He looked at the blonde girl, hoping to look into her eyes. Her face was turned to the side and downwards, leaving him to a spoken approach.
"So," he started, picking his words carefully. "What is it? What's wrong?"
Her head remained turned as she delivered her message.
"Look, Grey...I-I don't know how to put this." Her words were slow and delicate. "I've felt we aren't going on the same path for awhile now, but that feeling has been getting stronger lately."
Grey opened his mouth to interject, but she put a hand up before he could say a word.
She continued. "Hear me out before you say anything. Our goals are different. Our views are different."
He could feel the inevitable conclusion creep into his chest, yet hoped it weren't true.

"I don't think I can go on with this relationship anymore, Grey."

Those words could have been lead with the weight they hefted upon him.
"Wait." He reached over to stroke her face, but she gently pushed it away. "You don't know me like you should. I don't think you know who I really am."
Though stunned, he clearly heard the pain in her voice. At any moment, she could start to cry, and he wished to comfort her.

She finally looked him in the eyes with pain that matched what she emanated.
"It's over, Grey."
"What?" He scrambled to stop what was unfolding. "We can still work this out."
Her head shook slightly; the apologetic sorrow was present in her soft yet firm reply.
"It's best if things just ended here."
F.E. 384
--[Alberta Base]

A squad of Predator mobile suits zipped through the clear sky.
"Okay, dirt bags, that's it for now." Ashton Dvorak barked at his squad mates.
The Predators began circling around one of the landing areas, and he called into the command tower.
"Dvorak squad returning to base and requesting pad clearance."
The swift reply was expected.
"Dvorak, you have clearance for pad 1."
"Roger that."
--[Soleil I/ Earth's Atmosphere]

Grey stood quietly. His helmet hung loosely in hand as he looked up at the mechanical face.
"Guess it's d-day, Arcana."
His head turned toward footsteps, but then turned away when he saw who they were from.
K.T. Barnett was the last person he'd expected to see here.
She spoke, looking at her own mobile suit, the Sandalphon.
"I still can't believe we're here like this."

The feeling was mutual.

Another set of foot steps were heard. They knew who those belonged to: Shara January, pilot of the remaining mobile suit, the Equinox.
Her dyed red hair was pulled back, and she pressed the helmet to her side.
"Good, you're both here." Her voice was more upbeat than either Grey or K.T. felt.
She waved them on with her free hand.
"It's about time to head out, so get into your Gundams while I double check the Soleil I's timing."

Grey put on his helmet before stepping forward.
As the lift ascended, he caught K.T. in the corner of his eye.
It was at least a year and a half since they'd broke up, but the repercussions still remained.
He forced his mind to the task at hand.
Here and now, he was the pilot of the TAS-X2 Arcana; K.T. Barnett was his co-worker, nothing more and nothing less.
--[L2 Colony Group/ Colony C7]

Three ice cubes clinked into the glass. A man's hand adjusted the glass's location before a stream of amber liquid poured in.
The flow stopped and then the container rested on the table.
Josiah Cramer looked up and out the window, the cooling liquor in one hand.
He raised it up, toasting to no one.

"To the beginning of the end for the Coven."

The drink was downed in a single gulp.
He adjusted his tie with his other hand while setting the glass back down.
Now, it was just a matter of waiting.
--[Soleil I/ Earth's Atmosphere]

The hangar door of the Soleil I slowly opened.
Earth's surface greeted them with a myriad of blues, greens, whites, and smatterings of other colors.
"K.T., Grey, do your Gundams check out?" Shara asked.
"Arcana is good."
"Sandalphon's system's are all green."
"That's great. For what it's worth, Equinox is on-line." Shara mused before switching into a command role. "Grey, you take point."
"Roger that."

He checked the controls one last time.
"Plasma induction, check...ion thrusters, check...weapon systems...check."
The Arcana's hums became louder until the noise plateued.

"Grey Flanagan, Arcana--launch!"
--[Alberta Base]

Ashton sat, drinking through a straw.
He cringed over the pilots he was grouped with: wet-behind-the-ears yuppie pilots with near-sexual fantasies about piloting a mobile suit.
"I'm a Coven ace and they stick me alongside amateurs." He muttered to himself.

"You don't look too happy, Dvorak."
Ashton kept his head in its position, but looked up with his eyes.
"I don't think you'd be either if you were paired with the jokes I've been, Julio."
"That good, huh, comrade." He handed over a clipboard. "Anyway, here's the list of thing's were checking over this time around."
The pilot scanned through the papers before handing them back to Julio.
"Looks good."
"You want us to check anything specific?"
Ashton stood up.
"Nah, it's handling fine. Let me know if you find anything."
"Sure thing."

He exited the hangar towards the barracks. While he was devoted to his frustration, it was hard to ignore a sudden tension by the personnel he passed.
People were rushing by, but he hadn't heard anything.

What was going on?
He stopped someone.
"It's awfully frantic here for this time of day, isn't it?"
"Something's come up, and everyone in communications has been called to report in."
"Okaaay..." Ashton wasn't sure what to make of the situation. "Do you know what's going on?"
"Not really, but I wouldn't worry yet. They haven't called over the base PA system, so it's probably nothing more than the usual crap." The other guy just shrugged.
"I guess you're right. No big deal...thanks."
He walked off.

The mobile armored form of the Arcana pierced through the clouds. As it descended, the shaky re-entry signs wore off, as did the red glow it received in the former process.
"Equinox, I'm through the cloud cover."
Shara replied back.
"Copy that, Arcana--proceed with strike."

He blasted forward with his machine, watching as more and more details appeared.
This was happening. This was happening for real: a strike against the Coven.
A deep breath exited his mouth as he worked to calm himself and keep his focus.
The instrument panel displayed the altitude as the North American continent came closer.

Ashton hurried back in the direction he'd just come from. Whatever the batch of workers were called in for must have been a real problem or he wouldn't have been called back like this.

"Julio!" He called out inside the hangar. "Julio, what's going on?"
Julio shook his head.
"I'm not sure. For all we know the black hands could just be paranoid. They've told us to prep all Predators that we could and have them ready to go."
"I see." Ashton rubbed his chin. "How soon till mine's ready?"
"Actually, you can jump on in now. We hadn't even started on it or the rest of your squad."
He gave a sly grin.
"That's not a good look." Ashton whimpered slightly.
"I know."
"Guess I'd better be prepared to lead."

"Equinox, the strike zone is warming up." Grey reported.
"I can see that, Arcana. Make sure to target the hangars."

His hands flew over some buttons and switches.
"Time to ditch the mobile armor gig."

The hangar rocked as Ashton climbed into the Predator's cockpit.
"What the hell was that?" He looked around to locate the source.
Julio was yelling something at him. He couldn’t hear what it was, but he knew what was being said: get moving.

The Predator launched into the air. Ashton immediately began searching around for the problem.
A beam seared the air, striking the hangar he'd just exited.
The source of that was the problem.

A blue and silver mobile suit was there, and it wasn't anything of Coven design.
"Alberta, this is Dvorak. I have a visual of the target. One mobile suit is confirmed."
"We hear you, Dvorak. Engage and destroy the target."

The beeping alerted Grey to approaching mobile suits.
He shifted the Arcana to fire at the Predator leading the charge.

Instinctively, Ashton veered his Predator away from the shot.
"Watch out, kids, this guy is hostile."
A wingman seemed unconcerned. "Yeah, but it's just one."
"Those are famous last words as long as it's still up."

A burst of shots peppered a Predator.
Grey watched it sink rapidly, smoke billowing out, before exploding.

Alarms blared as one Coven mobile suit shot towards the Arcana.
"Saito, you idiot!" Ashton yelled.
"I'm not going to stand around, Mr. Ace."

Shara jolted Grey back into battle.
"Arcana, wake up!"
A Predator was almost on top of him.
"This is number two."
He pointed the beam rifle and charged the enemy. The bayonet flipped out as the two closed in on each other.

The scream filled Ashton's ears and he watched as the Predator flailed about. It was stuck on something, as if impaled at it's right shoulder.
He moved in as burst of light told him the new mobile suit had just dispatched another one of theirs.

"Who's next?"
Grey eyed the squad hanging back.
"That would be me, newcomer." Ashton's Predator came in, firing away. "Let me be the one to show you a real mobile suit pilot!"

Grey blocked, smirking. This would be the third kill today.
He shot at the bold Predator, but it barely flinched.
"Like I said, I'm the real thing, not just cannon fodder."

"Equinox, how long are we going to sit here?" K.T. wondered, a hint of boredom in her voice.
"I suppose we can work on the others. Go on ahead, Sandalphon."
The Sandalphon Gundam gripped its claymore.
"Roger that, Equinox."

Grey's hands tightened around the controls.
His cockpit shook as the Predator shot by the Arcana.
"I'll show you a mobile suit pilot."
The Arcana drew a beam saber and went after the troublesome Predator.
Ashton was quick to notice this.
"Hand-to-hand combat--let's see if that's as mediocre as you're shooting."
Light grew as the two mobile suits clashed.

K.T's eyes narrowed as the Sandalphon closed in on the dwindling squad of Predators.
"Go to hell, Coven."
The claymore glowed as she activated the plasma beam.
Her target snapped in two as it cut through its torso.
The Sandalphon whipped it around, catching another.

The sudden screams caused Ashton to look where the squad was.
Horror slipped into his voice.
"Another one!"
A second blue and silver mobile suit was attacking the squad with a massive sword.
"Alberta, this is the Dvorak squad; we have a second unknown mobile suit. Requesting immediate back up."
He took a swing at the Arcana, barely missing.
"Dvorak, we acknowledge that request."
"Fantastic." He grimaced, hoping he'd still be alive by then.

Shara slowly descended in the Equinox. She watched as the Sandalphon chased the three remaining

"Good job, K.T." she said to herself, before noticing the Arcana's ongoing battle.
"Arcana, stop playing around and take that guy out."
Grey delivered an exasperated response.
"That's what I'm trying to do!"

He really didn't appreciate being told to do a job when he was. He had no problems with the first two, but this guy...
The Predator fired and missed, but not by much. Any closer would've endangered the cockpit.
Grey was losing patience with this one.
The Arcana began contorting as it transformed into its mobile armor form.
"Equinox, I'm drawing this one away."
"Don't go too far."

That was all Shara could tell him, and she refocused on K.T.
"Sandalphon, are the Predators cleared away?"
"You got it."
"Alright, let's head down and--" The IFF signal had lit up, indicating something coming in.
"Can you handle this, Sandalphon?"
K.T. smirked. "Of course."
"Good, I'll work on the target."

Ashton glared at the fleeing mobile suit.
"Don't run away, coward."
He hated how that mobile suit had turned and ran. He hated it even more when he couldn't catch up.
Suddenly, his enemy slowed down, then transformed.
"Now you're ready to do this?" He whispered to himself in anticipation.

Grey aimed the Arcana's beam rifle at his pursuer.
"Let's go."
To Be Continued

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Point -- 02

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Grey watched the beam shots dissipate into the atmosphere. Normally, this would have been surprising, but not with this one. The one lone machine that refused to go down.

His eyes narrowed as the Arcana swiftly drew closer to this obnoxious Predator.
The bayonet flipped out as he dove at the other mobile suit.

"Oh no, you don't!"
Ashton veered out of the way. "You may have the shiny mobile suit, but that doesn't make up for your detrimental skills."
He landed a kick on the Arcana, and Grey knew it.

"I don't know who you are," the Predator's pilot's voice filled the Arcana's cockpit, "or what you want, but I'm not going to just up and die against some amateurs."
"We don't use amateurs for a Gundam!"
The Arcana lashed out with a beam saber.
Ashton's Predator backed off.
"So you want to try that again, Gundam pilot?" He asked, hints of sarcasm strung through the words.
He moved back toward the Arcana, beam saber drawn.

Though it was broad daylight, the sky around them brightened from the clash of beam sabers.
--[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

A light knock on the door alerted Josiah, his eyes shifting from the computer screen.
"Come in." He called.
One of the massive doors cracked open, and a blonde young woman in a dark suit slipped in.
"Mr. Cramer?"
"Yes, Francheska, what do you have for me?"
"I just checked in on the Alpha team's status. They're currently engaged with Coven forces over the target."
Josiah glanced at his watch. "They're about right on time."
"The Equinox should be striking the target any moment now." She added.
"Thank you for the updates, Ms. Keeler."
--[Earth/Alberta Base]

K.T. watched as a Predator split down the center from the Sandalphon's claymore. She watched, satisfied as the pieces descended.
She looked around for more enemies.
The few that remained kept their distance.
Her fury temporarily subsided. Of course, they wouldn't want to get close up.
"Well, at least you're smart."
She then turned sharply and suddenly dove at a now-closer Predator.
"But I'm still taking you down!"
The Predator moved to fire at the Sandalphon, avoiding a killing blow.
Without missing a beat, her mobile suit whipped around slicing into the upper torso, separating an arm and the head.

The dwindling number began to group into some sort of formation.
"Alberta, we are making a run on the second enemy." The lead said.
"That's a negative."
"You are to pull back and return to base, ASAP. A possible third unit has just been cited."

"They're pulling back?" K.T. was shocked.
"Equinox?" She called. "Remaining enemies are withdrawing."
"Thanks for the warning, Sandalphon." Shara replied. "If you'd be so kind, take them out before they get here."
"I'll see what I can do."

The ground was becoming clearer and more detailed as the Equinox continued it's descent.
"Let's see," Shara scanned around the area, "now where's that mass driver?"
Her eyes found a set of rails that winded around, eventually leading to a steep incline.
The Equinox banked off toward the structure.
As she came closer, her IFF screamed at her. Several Predators were ascending toward her machine.
She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, yeah, they don't want me to blow it up."
The enemies scattered away from her blasts from the railguns.

One Predator looped around and came at her, tearing through the sky.
"We didn't hear anything about you, but I can see what you're trying to do." The pilot yelled as the mobile suit started firing away.
Shara maneuvered the Equinox out of the way and pointed the sabot.
"Kill you? Not really, but a good guess."
The blast tore through the advancing enemy. It's pilot had no time to react as the violent explosion ripped him into the afterlife.

Grey spun the Arcana around after whipping past the Predator.
He was becoming angry.
"Why won't you just go down?" he forced through clenched teeth.
"Why does he go down?" Ashton muttered, the sky lighting once again from the beam weapons clashing.
A spray of shots spewed in the air.
"Whew!" Ashton whistled, barely avoiding the fire. "I can't tell if it's that pilot or that machine. Not that it matters."
He fired back at the Arcana, watching it again avoid the shots.

"What's with this guy?" Grey was exasperated.
The Arcana moved to put the Predator in its sights.
He breathed. He knew he wasn't focused, and was just reacting to the situation. He needed to control the issue.

The reticule locked on the Predator.
He fired.

The Predator rumbled as the shot burned its way across one side of the machine.
Inside the various systems were going off.
"Good job, Gundam pilot."
Ashton wasn't going to stick around. Whoever was the pilot could now have the upper hand, and he wasn't about to make a suicide run.
"Revenge is going to have to wait for another day."

Grey watched the enemy flee, smoke coming from one side.
He held the Arcana in place, beam rifle aimed until the machine disappeared from view.

The Sandalphon rushed at the Predator, blocking shots with it's shield. The attacks seemed to grow more desperate the closer the Gundam drew.
K.T.'s machine chopped down on the outstretched hand with a beam saber, cutting off it's principle attack.
She flipped her eyes up as the Sandalphon delivered a fatal slash diagonally across the enemy's upper torso. Another Predator was charging from above.
She let her machine fall backwards toward the ground until it was parallel to the attacker.

By this time, it had closed the gap, preparing to take a swing.
The Sandalphon slid to the side before whipping around, positioning behind the Predator.
"You can't tell this machine is designed for close combat?"
She drove the beam saber through the torso before kicking it away.
The mobile suit exploded shortly afterwards, and K.T. watched. Her face was cold and unmoving, much like her heart.
"I'm sorry I have no remorse."
If it wasn't a Coven mobile suit, that statement might have been true.

The remains of the last Predator around the Equinox fell ground wards.
Shara checked around.
No more enemies close by.
She returned her focus to the mass driver on the ground.
"Okay, I guess it's about time we get down to business."
The Equinox put away its sabot in favor of the launcher as it neared the ground near the mass driver.

Once on level ground, she turned and aimed at the base of the sharply elevated tracks.
"Arcana, Sandalphon! Stay clear of my position." She ordered as the launcher was building up a charge.
An indicator beeped.
She glanced down to see the charging was done.
The launcher belched forth a terrible swath of light that consumed everything in its path and wake.

As the upper portions of the track disintegrated, the Equinox retreated into the sky.
"We're done. Fall back and return to the ship."

Ashton braced himself against his damaged Predator, soaking in the devastation and destruction.

Whiffs of numerous things burning were intermixed through the air.
The hangars were, for all purposes, were destroyed.
The barracks...the barracks were okay, although some residual damage probably had happened.
The offices were intact as well.
His eyes finally made contact with the space where the mass driver once stood.
There was nothing there where the looming structure had been when he'd gone up to fight the assailants.
--[Earth Orbit/Soleil I]

Shara pushed off from the Equinox toward the floor of the ship's hangar.
"Well, it looks like we pulled the first strike off."
She pulled off her helmet. "You know, if you both were of age, I'd buy you drinks when we get back."
Grey looked at her with a surprised expression. "So we did pretty good then?"
"Yeah, I'd say so." She reaffirmed. "Hopefully, this will be a not-so-subtle hint to the Coven."
"I highly doubt that." K.T. bowed her head.
Grey and Shara turned their attention toward the Sandalphon's pilot.
She continued. "It's true we just knocked out their brand-new mass driver, but it won't turn away those hungering eyes. They won't stop with one attack."
"Hm." Shara politely replied. "I don't doubt that. If I did, I'd still be at home."
--[Earth/St. Paul]

Her view from the stage saw a sea of people. They were energized, as if her music were the flow of life within each of them.
Each strum of the guitar, every thud and rasp of the drums, the groove of the bass--each seemed to pulse throughout the venue.
Caelie whipped her head to shake her blonde hair out of her eyes as she stepped up to the microphone.

The cymbals clashed, cuing her to sing the final lines.

"Now this,
This is the final time
I'll walk away

And this,
This is the final time
You'll fly away"

She stepped back letting the instruments have the final words in the song.
One last set of notes reverberated.
A brief silence was there for a split second before the audience burst into an animated applause with whistle and joyous shouts.

"That was so, wow!" She waved back to the audience with her free hand, the other on the guitar neck.
The upheld hand turned into a fist and a rigid arm shot into the air.
"You soooo rock, St. Paul!"
Another thunderous applause rippled through as she exited the stage.

An older man stood off stage, clapping softly.
"Looks like you put on a good show miss."
"Thanks, Gordon." She smiled, eyes wide with joy. "As long as my trusty agent is with me, I'm good."
He trailed her as she continued walking.
"We're not going to Alberta." He said as she reached the door to the dressing room.
Her hand paused on the knob.
"Oh?" She turned her head. "What's the problem?"
"I'll tell you inside."

Caelie crashed back into the plush couch, arms outstretched.
"So, what's going on? Did the base get word of a surprise visit from the top?"
Gordon checked that the door was shut tight and locked before speaking.
"No. I just found out that there was an attack on the base." He spoke in a grave voice.
"What?" Her voice was low and her body became rigid.
"I don't know all the details, but a small number of mobile suits struck the based and destroyed the mass driver."
"Quite a daring move." She mused. "Have they found out who's behind it?"
He shook his head and crossed his arms.
"Not yet, however, what little I've been told seems to indicate the mobile suits used aren't in our database."
She leaned forward as if to catch every word.
"Really? I'd like to see what's been done to the base." A hand moved up and she rested her chin upon it.
"I don't think you'll be allowed in."
She smiled at one corner of her mouth.
"Oh, no, not me, I know they won't let me in."
The hand slipped up over her eyes, fingers open as she peered through them.
"See if they'll let 'me' in."
Her eyes narrowed.
"See if they'll allow a visit from Nanai Shaman."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

The locker shut, and K.T. turned to grab her duffel bag.
"See you next time, right?" Shara smiled, pulling her hair through the top of her sundress.
"I guess." She secured the bag on her shoulder and headed out.
Shara shrugged then reached for the gleaming ring sitting inside her own locker.

-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A9]

Grey sighed at the door.
"Man, I'm glad to be home." he said.
The door opened, and he stepped inside.
No sooner had he shut the door, a digitized voice spoke.
"Hello. Hello?"
He whipped his head around for the source.
"Okay, who is that?"
There was a light series of 'chink' sounds, then a ball flapping in the air.
"Hello! Hello!"
"Hey, Jamie, I'm home." he called out.
There was a giggle from the other side of a doorway.
"I know."
More giggling.
"Alright, alright...looks like you got to start programming that Haro with something useful." he stared at the unblinking ball that rested at his feet. "But, it's a little creepy over here."
By this time, the girl behind the giggling at walked out into the living room of the apartment, stooping to pick up the ball in one arm.
"Yeah, but that's just the first step. I've got to go back through the code and debug it."
She reached out with her free arm to hug him.
"So, glad you're back!"
He squeezed her briefly.
"Same here. So, you're robotics programming class is going pretty well?"
"Yup. It's awesome, but the prof... eh, is kinda boring. I fell asleep a couple of times." She answered sheepishly. "Anyway, how'd you're little trip go?"
Grey set his bag down.
"Not too bad, but I was going to get something to eat."
"And?" Jamie squinted with one eye. "And what else?"
He waved toward the door.
"Yes, you're coming along with me."

-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A3]

Shara primped her hair at the glass on the elevator.
She briefly examined her face on the compact mirror and returned it to her purse.

At home, she quietly shut the front door, then tiptoed further in.
In the living room a man sat with a sleeping baby in one hand, remote control in the other.
He looked up, noticing her. He smiled slightly, indicating for her to wait before gently standing and walking out.

He returned momentarily, speaking in a quiet tone.
"She just fell asleep, I dunno, ten minutes ago."
He reached forward to pull her close to him, kissing her following their embrace.
"It's daddy's girl, Louis. You're getting the hang of it."
"Thanks, babe. I still don't have a clue what I'm doing."
She leaned her head to his chest.
"I think you're doing just fine."

-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A6]

K.T. flipped on the lights and dropped her bag on the other side of the door.
The sparse room held few furnishings, and was nearly as bleak as her emotions.
She made her way to a small picture sitting on a counter. It showed four people: a man, a woman, and two girls.
"Whatever it takes." Her solemn, low voice directed toward the picture. "Whatever it takes to avenge you."

To Be Continued

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Post by 'Dustin' » Mon Dec 15, 2008 7:03 pm

Can't wait to see more. So this is a sequel of sorts?

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Post by Big B » Tue Dec 16, 2008 10:43 am

It's about 250 years afterwords and under different circumstances, like the advancement of colonies in space. It's not so much a sequel as another story in the Future Era timeline. Both Gundam and Victory Gundam are UC stories, but they're vastly different.

Where the Zeon in Gundam are akin to the Nazi's, the Coven is more akin to Soviet Russia.

It's coming along. Hopefully I'll be done with both series by the time I'm done having kids.

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Point 03

Post by Big B » Tue Jan 06, 2009 3:24 pm


-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

Grey walked up to the desk and stopped.
"I'm here to see Mr. Cramer."
"Very good, Mr. Flanagan." Francheska greeted him. "I'll check to see if he's ready. In the meantime, take a seat."
He shuffled over to a chair to make himself comfortable.
At this point, he couldn't figure out why he was called up out of the blue.

No sooner had he cracked open a magazine, the secretary called on him.
"Mr. Cramer is ready to see you now."
She had opened one panel of the imposing door for him to enter.

When it shut behind him, Josiah spoke an odd greeting.
"It's much easier to talk when you're closer to me than the other side of a room."
He moved forward.
"Though not entirely unexpected, the Alpha team will have another strike in the near future."
By then, Grey was close to the massive desk. "Why don't you take a seat."

As he sat down, Josiah leaned forward. The man had piercing eyes that unintentionally were making Grey slightly uncomfortable when he connected to them.
"I'd like to review your performance during the previous mission."
There was a shifting in the younger man's seat, but Grey said nothing yet.
"While I don't presume to know the face behind every pilot, I'd like to focus on the third unit you engaged."
All Grey could reply with was, "What about it?"
"Relax." Josiah formed a barely noticeable smile. "I can tell you're nervous, but I can assure you, this isn't an interrogation. All I'm trying to do is gague the performance of a Gundam against a Predator in the hands of various Coven pilots. I simply noticed you spent a long time with the third unit."
Grey exhaled, his body loosening. "Well, you're right, it did take a long time. Mr. Cramer, I'm really--"
Josiah put his hand up. "As I said, just relax. Focus on how that pilot worked with that machine."
"Okay. He moved more, ah, skillfully than the other two. He kept me on my toes, even though..."
"Even though it was an inferior machine, right?"
"And that's the key." Josiah tilted back in the chair. "Listen, I'm not saying you're a bad pilot. There are good reasons for having you at the controls. However, consider that your skills aren't necessarily magic."
"So, basically, I could use some fine tuning?"
Josiah nodded.
"To a point. Not every pilot is cannon fodder. The Coven's military presence is only as good as their forces. Outside our Gundams, the next best thing is those old Avenger III's, which is pretty sad."
Grey exhaled nodding about the older mobile suits. "Yeah..."
-[Earth/Alberta Base]

The helicopter passed around the perimeter of the now dilapidated base.
"I can't believe this is the work of just three mobile suits." Gordon said grimly.
"Quite impressive, however." Nanai mused as she observed the damage herself.
There was a look from her senior that seemed to question her respect.
"Lieutenant, I'm aware of what's happened to the base and don't intend to mock those who have fallen. However," she looked out the other side of the transport. "as soldiers, we have to respect the power of the enemy. If we're too self-righteous, we can make some fatal miscalculations."
Gordon relaxed then addressed the pilot.
"We've seen enough, so set down near the offices."
"Yes, sir."

As the two people stepped out of the chopper, a small group met them.
The man leading eventually stopped and saluted, as did the troop behind him.
"Major Andrew Curtis, head of the Alberta base." He greeted the masked woman and the older man.
Nanai and Gordon snapped to attention.
"Sir!" They said in unison.
"Lieutenant Nanai Shaman."
"Lieutenant Gordon Chase."

"I noticed your helicopter circling around." the major observed. "Rather devestating to the new high-speed mass driver."
"Quite." Nanai bowed her head slightly. "How long has it been active?"
"Well, if you mean active in the sense of the thing being completed, we're looking at about two weeks. Those mobile suits certainly did a number on us."
The major stopped to open a door, directing them inside.
"Please, have a seat as you will."

A projector hung from the ceiling and was aimed at a wall with a screen.
"We're still sorting through the data we've collected, but here's what we do have."
The screen displayed three unfamiliar mobile suits.
"These are the enemy, and seem to identify their units as 'Gundam'."
"Gundam, sir? An odd name."
The major said nothing, but turned his attention to the screen.
The image focused on the Arcana. "
From what we can tell, the first is some sort of transforming unit that gains additional speed in it's mobile armor form. One of our pilots survived a battle with this unit and we know it has a beam rifle, beam saber and shield. While I can't speak for the other machines, the pilot of this one explicitly stated this one as 'Gundam.'"
Another image, detailing the Sandalphon appeared.
"This seems to be a close range unit equipped with a massive sword along with some beam melee weapons. Lastly, this is their artillery unit, and the only one to actually touch down.

Furthermore, given it's load out, we're operating with the assumption that it destroyed the mass-driver."

"Major, would we be correct in assuming they were directly targeting the mass driver?" Nanai probed.
"That's what we're starting to think ourselves, Lieutenant. I'd like to say more, but outside of assuming they are highly dangerous, these so-called Gundams aren't giving us enough to make any sort of conclusions at the moment."
"I see. I guess that means there's not a good idea of any future strikes?

Nanai stood facing the charred ruins of the former mass driver.
"I'd like a chance to fight you, Gundam. Let's see if you're worth such a fuss."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A3]

Shara awoke, thankful it wasn't to any cries. She shifted on her side, not ready to exit the warm covers. There was a slight grunt from Louis in his slumber and she rolled over toward him, draping an arm over his side.
Momentarily, he rubbed her arm and turned toward her.
"Mornin'." He greeted her with a gravelly voice, coaxing her head closer for a kiss.
"Morning." She said softly and with a smile. "Nice to wake up like this."
His hand slid down to her bare back and began running his fingers over it.
"Someday, I guess you'll get that tat finished?"
"Sure, if I don't get pregnant again anytime soon." She laughed quietly. "But, you're still interested in getting some after the little surprise?"
He shrugged with a wry smile. "Why not, while the baby's asleep, Shara..."
She made an obviously fake pout for a few moments, and then scooted close to him.
"You win because I just love my hubby."

Afterwards, she lay with her back to him, held loosely in his arms.
"So, when do you go on your next business trip?"
"Tomorrow." She tightened closer to him. "Should be just a few days, like the last one."
They lay there, enjoying one another’s presence.

A cry, though muffled by walls made its way inside.
"Hmm, somebody wants breakfast."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A9]

Grey lazily browsed the news, finally exiting the browser.
"Nothing." He said quietly, leaning back to stretch.

"Good morning! Good morning!"
The bouncing, flapping ball greeted him, followed by sluggish footsteps.
"Ah, you're up." He turned, seeing Jamie yawning and rubbing her eyes.
"Morning." she waved pathetically, yawning once more.
"You're kinda late getting up."
She gave him a cranky eye.
He quickly expanded.
"Late for you, I mean."
Her expression softened.
"Nice recovery. You'd better be on good behavior, because I feel like crap." She shuffled over to the kitchen sink, pulling out a glass from the cupboard.
"Don't you have class today? You're not missing anything important if you stay home?"
"Test, so I'm gonna go." She started mumbling as she filled the glass with water. "It's just 'that time of the month' again."
"Oh." He paused, carefully choosing his words. "Well, I've got another trip starting today."
She pointed a finger at him momentarily. "Your lucky, bub."
-[Earth Orbit/Soleil I]

Shara looked over the data.
"This should go pretty fast."
"Didn't the last one go over well?" K.T. hung over her shoulder.
"It went fine, but there should be less mobile suits since they don't train here like in Alberta."
She stood up. "That and the mass driver we hit next isn't their new baby, so it's not as important."
"Time to go?"
"Yeah." She grabbed her helmet. "Ready, Grey?"
"Let's take care of this one."
-[Earth/Helena Base]

"Sir, three unidentified mobile suits are headed in our direction!"
"Have you contacted them, Miller?"
"Of course, and they're not responding."

"Looks like we've stirred up the hornets nest." Shara casually mused. "Let's make it quick."
The Equinox aimed its launcher and fired, scattering the incoming Predators.
"Go get 'em, kids."

K.T. snapped her head forward and the Sandalphon dove down, brandishing the claymore. "I'll take this half."
The first Predator split down the middle. The explosion was only seen in the corner of her eye as she targeted another unit. It fired, but she barreled down, forcing the claymore straight through the body.
Before she could pull the weapon out, another Predator had closed in, drawing it's beam saber.
"It's too late to lug that thing at me."
The Sandalphon freed the hand closest to the enemy. "Arrogant."
A blade flipped out from the side of her Gundams forearm, and the arm swung into the Predator's torso, silencing the horrified scream from it's pilot.

"Third one..."
The Arcana kicked away the fatally damaged Predator. He angled away, dodging and blocking shots from another machine in the distance.
He fired at it, but it cleaning avoided the shot. This didn't surprise him, given the gap, and he moved toward the mobile suit.
It shot at him as he drew near.
His machine twisted and turned as he moved in, starting to aim.
The Predator went down.
"Four." He said, his confidence building. "Who's number five."
Two were coming at him from above and below.
The Arcana rose to meet the one above.
His new enemy was swift and had a beam saber.
He breathed slowly, aiming at the head until the reticule locked.
The head went flying and Grey charged with the beam rifle's bayonet out.
It sliced off the hand holding the beam saber as he darted past the disoriented machine.
The beam saber sprayed into the back of the Predator, sending it down for good.
As it haphazardly fell, it clipped the ascending mobile suit.

From the distance, Nanai and Gordon sat inside their own Predators and watched the light of the Arcana's sixth kill.
"This is certainly entertaining." She commented. "Those Gundams are quite amazing, wouldn't you say?"
"Absolutely. I can see why they were such a problem at Alberta."
"This was most fortunate for us, you know."
"Why is that?"
"Now we can see how a little preparation does for us."
It was obvious what she was thinking, but Gordon still spoke his thoughts.
"You want to go up against them?"
"Of course. I want to spar with them--see what they're all about." Her hands flexed around the controls. "But not, yet--let's continue to study them from our position for the remainder of this little skirmish."

"Looks like that's it, Equinox." Grey reported.
"Good job, you two, now we're ahead of schedule." Shara congratulated them. "Now that you're all warmed up, we get to knock out that mass driver over in Portertown."
"Nothing more with the base?" He checked.
"Nope. Unless they've got any other combat ready mobile suits you can see, we're done."
There was a silence that confirmed no enemies were coming.
"Alright, then lets get going."

The three Gundams shot through the sky, grouped together.
"Nice area around here." Shara commented. "I wish I could enjoy it more."
K.T.'s scornful voice came up.
"It was, but not now--not under the grip of the black hands."
Shara was taken aback but recovered from the dismal outlook. "Well, hopefully that might change because of us."

Grey noticed something approaching them from behind.
"Equinox, something's trailing us."
"I see two, Arcana."
"That's what I got."
"So do I." K.T. confirmed. "Looks like a couple Predators."
"Watch them, Sandalphon, but I don't think they'll pick a fight."

Nanai focused on the Sandalphon.
"I'd like to find out more on the sword- and artillery-type Gundams."
"Alright, but don't get carried away."
"I won't. I just need to see the extent of these machines."

A beam flashed by the side of the Sandalphon. K.T. scowled at the two Predators in view.
"I guess someone else wants to die."
"Go ahead and take care of them, Sandalphon." Shara allowed.

"What good fortune." Nanai smiled as her personal target dropped back.
Gordon split away.
"I'll go occupy the other two."

"Arcana, watch that other one. It looks like it's coming around to get us."
"I can see that." Grey moved into a defensive position.

Nanai's Predator charged the Sandalphon with its beam saber and shield.
The Sandalphon's pilot was shocked and annoyed.
"You're challenging me like that?" She brandished one her own beam sabers. "This is my expertise!"
She slammed down with the weapon, expecting an easy victory.
The beam saber stopped, well blocked by the Predator.
"I hope you don't mind me, Gundam." It's pilot started. "I just had to see what your mobile suit was capable of."
K.T. glared out at the impetuous Predator, as the two machines wrestled in combat.
"All you need to know is it's enough to send the Coven to hell!"
"How cute." Nanai broke off and backed up. "But you'll need more than fancy words against the Red Witch!"
To Be Continued...

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Post by 'Dustin' » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:22 pm

Why no one else respond to this


The first and second chapters kinda swayed me from this storyline a bit, by the way; got into the action a bit too quickly. Don't delve in too quickly now. ;>

By the way, you have any OP and ED choices, yet?

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Post by Big B » Thu Jan 08, 2009 6:00 pm

OP and ED music are in the original post toward the end.

I want to have Nanai Shaman out early because she's the obligatory masked antagonist, but there's plenty to explain. Right now, it's establishing the questions that need answers.

And, yes, the Char-clone in MSGL is a girl, which was spawned from all the Lacus=evil-chan stuff. ;)

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Post by 'Dustin' » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:58 pm

Sorta like my including 3 female Gundam pilots, I see.


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Post by Big B » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:31 am

Not really. It's just writing a fanfic that happens to include female Gundam pilots. I've heard of people writing Char Aznable as a woman, but mostly, it was playing on the Lacus is evil thing. And I want good female Gundam pilots. The last G-pilot gals that really fought were Lunamaria and Cagalli in Destiny, and those weren't exactly stellar pilots in that series.

I think some of us, myself included, would like to see a Gundam series with a strong female lead. I really like Cagalli in Gundam SEED, and that character is a major influence as a base for my lead character in Gundam Deus. Going on that base, I don't think it's a stretch to go with a "what if the Char-clone was a woman?" line of thinking.

I've got plenty of other characters and machines to introduce, and it'll play into the series title.

I realize the premise might sound similar to yours, but I've got other plans and an active imagination. A lot of series can seem similar at first glance, but it lies in the execution and direction. I'm learning more about writing a big ol' series and am trying to avoid those pitfalls here.

I had to change one of my Gundam's names too. I originally had the Gundam Sandalphon as Raziel, but then found out there was a Rasiel that had just been introduced in the 00 universe.

A lot of the writing I do is largely comprised by, as they say "pulling it out of my ass."

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Post by 'Dustin' » Fri Jan 09, 2009 1:31 pm

Heh. I normally just brainstorm or write down temporary ideas that would end up working for mine.

All I can really say is that the bad guy who wants to destroy the world in mine, is not who you would suspect.

I'm also going to split my Kemal Dynasty series into four parts, including a final 'movie'; the main story, anyways. Similar to Mobile Suit Gundam-0083-Zeta-ZZ-Char's Counterattack.

I see some good things for this story, too. <:

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Post by Big B » Mon Feb 23, 2009 5:18 pm

Update: yes, I'm still working on it, but it's been slow progress due to other stuff, but I am working on #4. ETA: I dunno.

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Point 04

Post by Big B » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:40 pm


"It's going to take a lot more than words to win!" Nanai yelled.
K.T.'s face soured.
"And I'll back them up, Coven pawn!" She fired back.
The Predator shot back suddenly, spraying its CIWS.

She held up the Sandalphon's claymore to deflect the attack before charging her opponent.
Her teeth gritted.
"I won't let up."

Nanai held her distance.
"This one's a little dangerous." She smirked. "Up close."

Gordon's Predator blazed past the Equinox and Arcana, ending a stream of fire.
"This guy's good, Equinox. Are you sure you want me to break off?"
Grey was hesitant to leave Shara by herself.
"I'll handle this one just fine."

The Arcana rolled away, leaving the two other mobile suits to battle.
For a moment, Shara thought the Predator attacking them might go after Grey.
She fired a shot from her machine's railguns close to the Predator.
"Tsk, tsk." She chided. "You shouldn't leave me alone."
The enemy adjusted its position.
She knew she had it's pilot's attention.

Gordon strafed to the side, but watched the Equinox gracefully move out of the way, returning fire. He tried to get a lock on the machine, but Shara wouldn't give him a chance.
"I've got a little business at the moment." She told him. "And, sad for you, you're not it."

Just as he'd gotten a lock on the suit, the Equinox fired it's sabot, clipping the Predator's

right arm. His beam rifle was gone with that arm, and he quickly debated his options.

He shook his head.
"I'm just out of my league."
With that he started putting distance between himself and the Gundam. Only a fool would continue the fight. As the machine grew smaller, he considered the small victory. Now, there was more data on this artillery type.

The Sandalphon's beam saber sliced rapidly through the air, narrowly missing Nanai's Predator.
K.T.'s scowl grew even more defined.
"You're supposed to die already." She growled.
The Predator shot up, pelting beam shots at the other mobile suit.
"Perhaps if you'd focus all that energy you have spouting death at me into fighting, we might reach a conclusion in your favor."

K.T. shook her head furiously, pushing the Sandalphon after the enemy.
She was not going to put up with this garbage from this pilot.
Her Gundam charged up toward the Predator.
As she closed in, beam fire zinged around her target.

She whipped her head toward it's source.
The Arcana was trying to light up her target.

Nanai saw what was coming.
"I'm not interested in you." She said to the incoming Arcana.
Grey zipped past the Predator and looped around for another pass.
She looked down at the Sandalphon, which had stopped.

Beam shots passed by her machine once again.
Two against one were not favorable odds.
Gordon came on over the comm.
"I'm heading back. I've lost an arm on my machine.
"That's fine. We've gotten something out of this, and I've found a good point to quit."

Grey was almost on top of the Predator when it abruptly shot away.
"Hey!" He called out, but the enemy paid no heed.
"Sandalphon, Arcana, let's go." Shara called to them. "We've got to get back on track."
He paused as the two Predators faded from view.
"What was that all about?" He mumbled.
"Arcana!" Shara's voice was more pressing. "C'mon, Porterstown has a mass driver with our names on it."
"Right, right, I'm coming." He told her.
As they continued on, the sudden attack lingered in his thoughts.

The two Predators cruised through the air, adrenaline still pumping.
"Do you know where those Gundams might be headed?" Gordon asked his young wingman.
"It's hard to say." She began. "We don't know what they're intentions are, but the Helena base wasn't their primary target."
"Really." He said to her. "Not like this old fart knows himself, but you're very sharp."
"It's something that's going to keep me alive."
Her tone changed from serious to bright. "After all, I have a show tomorrow."

The Predator separated in two and the Sandalphon rushed on by the pieces to chase down another unfortunate machine.
Terror streamed out of the pilot's eyes as he desperately tried to shake his pursuer.
"No no no no no--!"
It was all he got out before K.T. added another mobile suit to her kill list.

Grey strafed by a Predator, pelting it with beam shots.
He caught a glance of the Sandalphon tearing through another unfortunate Coven mobile suit.
Just by the way the machine attacked, he could tell K.T. was angry beyond measure.
It was certainly a good idea for him to keep his distance as much as possible.
The IFF chirped, and he snapped back into battle.

The Arcana turned to it's left, pegging a Predator coming at him.
Several more were heading toward him.
"I bet a few will follow me." He said, initiating a transformation to mobile armor mode.
He shot off making several passes around the group of Predators.
It got their attention as they followed him away.
"How's it going, Equinox?"
"I'm doing just fine, Arcana. A few more minutes and this mass driver should be out of the picture." Shara responded. "How are you two doing?"
"Not too bad. I've got a few Predators I'm going to take care of, and Sandalphon is doing her thing."
The end of his response carried implications to stay away.

Shara's eyes darted over the incoming ground.
"Looks good."
The Equinox set down a safe distance from the mass driver.
She started to equip the launcher when her machine rumbled and shook.
"Hey!" She startled, re-checking her monitors. "I don't think there's any earthquakes around this area." She muttered.

When she locked on to the source, she knew what to do.
"Oh, now I see. This won't take long."
The Equinox whipped around, targeting a Predator Barrage with it's railguns.
She fired, putting a decisive end to the problem.
Cautiously, she re-checked her surroundings before turning back to the mass driver.

The Arcana thrust a beam saber through the last Predator, letting the heavy, limp machine drop away. Grey sat there before noticing a large illumination.
Soon after, Shara chirped through to him and K.T.
"Alright, mission accomplished."
-[Earth Orbit/Soleil I]

Grey exhaled, relaxed that he was back aboard the Soleil I, Arcana Gundam in tact.
He undid the restraints and opened the cockpit.
The artificial gravity had been turned off, so he pushed off toward the floor.
He touched down and removed his helmet.

"Well, that was lovely."
He looked up to see Shara drifting toward him.
"Eh, went fine," He helped her touchdown, "except for those two Predators between the targets."
"Yeah," She mulled the little spat, "that was...interesting. Not that I got anything to add right now, but--"

A frustrated, raging scream pierced the subdued environment.
They looked toward its origin and saw a helmet fly from the Sandalphon's cockpit.
"What's...her...problem?" Shara asked quietly.

K.T. emerged huffing.
"Who was she?" K.T. demanded aloud. "Who's the Red Witch?"
Grey was perplexed.
"Red Witch? What are you talking about?"
"Humph! Never mind!" She snapped, drifting to the hangar's exit and storming out.

The door shut.
"Okay." Shara breathed, mildly startled by the outburst. "I wonder what that's about."
"I know she's no friend of the Coven, but..." Grey trailed off.
"But?" Shara probed.
"She's changed--a lot." He commented.
"Oh. So you knew her before were in Sigma?"
He looked toward the hangar exit.
"Uh, yeah. We, ah, dated, and...yeah. I knew her, but it wasn't like this."
"I guess you probably don't want to talk about it? That's fine."
Grey turned his head back toward her, and she continued.
"That's no problem. However, she mentioned something about the 'Red Witch', and that sounds vaguely familiar."
"Yeah, but, then maybe I'm thinking of some shade of hair dye." She laughed. "Bewitching Red.

Anyway, I'll see if I run across anything."
"Okay then; sounds good to me."
"Great. Well, I'm going to head to the bridge. I'll leave the gravity off for now."
"Hey, fine by me." He waved as she exited the hangar.

He pushed off the floor and floated up around where the three Gundam faces looked at each other.
There was a very distinct personality change in K.T. since they broke up. She certainly wasn't the same person he'd known, and he tried to wrap his head around how she'd become so...

Vengeful. What she had told him was reason enough, but the attitude change seemed sudden to him and it was bothersome.
-[Earth/Casaros Base]

Ashton sat straight up, glued to the TV in the cafeteria.
The images flashing across the screen he was all too familiar with.
The Porterstown mass driver had fallen.

Just like the one in Alberta.
Although the screen simply referred to them as 'enemy mobile suits' he knew it wasn't good enough.
Enemy was too general for his liking.
It slipped from his mouth.

"You say something?" Julio turned, then winced. "Ah, forgot about that shoulder." He attempted to massage the shoulder attached to the arm in a sling.
"Gundam." Ashton answered. "That's what those guys call themselves."
"I see. So what, you want another shot at 'em or something?"
Ashton folded his arms.
"That'd be great, but there's just something with the Predator that's...lacking."
Julio gave him a funny look.
"It just can't keep up. That pilot I fought isn't making the most out of his machine, but he did well enough to shoot me down."
"Yeah, and you're one of the best." Julio had rested his fist against his mouth. "And most don't come close."
"Not everybody's a soldier, but still, someone's luck is bound to run out. Unfortunately, I'd think they'd improve over my luck."
Julio started to smile.
"I'll have to see what the higher-ups want. I can't imagine they'll sit still if the Gundams keep knocking over these mass drivers."
Ashton shifted his eyes toward him.
"So, what you're saying is, they might consider pushing out a successor to the Predator."
"I've heard about some stuff rumored to be in development, but I don't think the Fathers have been motivated before. Let's just wait and see."
-[L2 Colony Group/ Colony C7]

"So, what did you do to it?" Daisuke Wantanbe asked, expecting the worst.
"Sorry." Shara held up her hands, slightly apologetic. "There was some modified Predator I missed before or something. It got a potshot in, but I didn't see anything too terrible when I checked it out."
"Oh." He was relieved. "If a ding or two is all, then it shouldn't be that bad."
"Fantastic. I didn't think it was bad, but, then again, that's why you're here. If there's anything pressing, I'll still be around for a bit." She rolled her eyes. "You know, paperwork."

As she left, she took a good look at the Sandalphon Gundam. If K.T. was around, she didn't appear to be near the machine. In part, Shara wished she'd asked Grey for more details, but common sense told her it was best to leave it least for the time being.

A light rap grabbed Francheska's attention from her work at the terminal.
The hand behind the noise lead to a younger man in a sport coat and button-up shirt sans tie; she noticed he was also quite dashing.
"Hey, miss," He started, casual with his words. "I'm meeting with Mr. Cramer."
"And you are?"
"Herman Avery, one of the directors." He smiled warmly.
"I'll let him know you're here."
"Great, I'll just hang out until he's ready." Then, he waved off any urgency. "No rush; I know he's busy."

It was a while, but Herman seemed unconcerned with the time that passed. He had made himself comfortable on one of the seats and flipped liberally through the magazines.
Finally, footsteps were heard.

Francheska kept working, but Herman looked up.
"Hello." He said quietly, peering over the magazine's pages at the red head walking in. She checked in with Francheska, and also took a seat.
Herman watched her for a few moments before strolling over to her.

A slight shadow caused Shara to look up.
"Do you need something?" She asked, folding the magazine over so her left hand was on top, palm down.
Internally, Herman cringed when he saw the ring, but kept a pleasant exterior.
"I haven't visited here in awhile, so I don't believe we've met."
He extended his right hand. "Herman Avery."
"Shara January." She cautiously extended her right hand to his for a hesitant handshake. "Should I know you?"
"Maybe. I'm one of the directors."
She was sharp, and he knew it would be best to play things straight.
"Well, I know you're the lead for the Alpha team, and I'm starting to see why."
"You're right, but outside of being one of the Sigma big shots, I don't know you."
"That's fine. You just might have the chance, depending on how my discussion with Mr. Cramer goes."

Shara's face displayed her disapproval and concern.
"In regards to what?"
"How we continue to approach the Coven." He told her, throwing off any subtle hints of making a pass at her. "It's got nothing to do with you or your team's performance. We just don't want to continue the same attack pattern and endanger our pilots and equipment. The Coven isn’t stupid, and they will adapt at some point. We're a relatively small outfit in comparison, so maximizing our resources and impact is key."

He stepped back.
"Look, I'm not here to scare you. If you want, you're more than welcome to listen in on what I've stopped by to discuss. After all, you and your team are doing the dangerous work right now."

The large door's to Josiah's office opened and he stepped into the waiting area.
"Alright, Herman, I'm finally free, so come on in." He greeted.
"Sounds fine." Herman stepped toward the office. "I've invited Mrs. January to sit in if she likes."
Josiah nodded, and waved Shara along.
"Good thinking. What would you two like to drink?"
To be continued...

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Point 05

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FE 383
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A4]

Shara dragged her feet down the hallway.
The truth was a damning weight, but she'd mustered enough courage to do it.
Her hand nervously brushed her bare midriff.
She swore she'd removed the navel ring and had checked many times while she came to accept the reality she faced.
It was missing, but this did nothing to revoke the truth she wished to become untrue.

She clutched the banister, trembling. She was almost white, fearing what she wanted to say, but couldn't. All that she had to say was brief, but the weight, the truth made her sick.
Her parents had turned their attention to their daughter, concerned with what was amiss.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Her mother probed gently. "You look like you've seen a ghost."
Her lips needed to move. The words needed to come.
Yet, they were frozen, much like her resolve.

"Shara, do you need to sit down?"
The girl's hand gripped the banister all the more fiercely. This was as far as she would go.
She might as well go and say it.

"Mom, Dad." She painfully addressed them.
Both waited, concerned looking to where she stood.
Her eyes blinked, trying to hold back the build up of tears.
"I'm pregnant."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

Valentino Torani's face held a scowl.
"Tell me, Miss Dwyer, what we're going to do with such a large delay?"
Shara couldn't look him straight in the face.
"I don't think you appreciate the extent this hurts our timetable." He sternly lectured. "Don't you realize how this affects Sigma's operations? To think, you've been instated as the lead on one team, and you do something this irresponsible! I don't understand how you would put our operations in jeopardy--"
"Calm down." Josiah reined him in. "Clubbing her over the head with it won't help things. Plus, I don't think it's good for your heart." He then directed his attention to Shara.
"I won't lie and say this isn't frustrating. However, the Coven is just idle when it comes to the colonies. They will come, but as of right now, this is just a bump in the road." He eyed Valentino.
"With the other two pilots just getting their clearance, I don't see the missions starting anytime soon. Accidents happen, and while unfortunate, it won't cause the end of the world."
Shara's hands switched.
"Thank you, Mr. Cramer."
"Just doing my job."
The gleam from the ring caught his eye as he stood to leave.
"Oh, and one more thing Ms. Dwyer: congratulations...on both counts."
FE 384
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A2]

Grey and Jamie walked down the bustling corridor, hand in hand.
His jaw tightened as they went along.
"You’re tensing up." She told him.
He turned his head.
"I am?"
"Yes, you sure are." She looked up at him with bright eyes. "You might try to relax a little."
"Well, that would be nice, but this is the first time I'm meeting your parents." He then added. "Okay, well, not technically 'first' but it's gonna be longer than five seconds with 'hi' 'bye'."
She tugged on his arm.
"You're getting waaay to worked up over this." She stopped walking and moved around to face him.

"Do you see any bruises? No, so don't worry about it."
He nodded, and she elaborated.
"As long as I'm not black and blue, dad's pretty cool with this. He and mom can't wait to meet you."
He swallowed hard for effect.
"It isn't an interrogation. I've told them what a wonderful guy you are." She winked. "Plus, you're awful cute."
"Alright." He squeezed her hands. "You're right: it's nothing to worry about."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A14]

The sports car Herman drove zipped along the sparsely populated road. The breeze created from the car's speed was refreshing.
He noticed the dark brown hair of the girl in the passenger seat flow from her head in the air like water in a stream.
She looked good to him, dressed up in that strapless black number.
"You live quite a ways out." She commented.
"I like the drive." He smiled, visually following her lips to her neck to her chest. "It's quite nice to use this car the way it was intended."
She returned the smile, but it was coupled with seductive eyes.
He continued, speaking with verbal bait.
"There's also the opportunity to think about things."
"Such as?" She purred.
He purposely kept her waiting, raising the anticipation.
The car hugged a turn.
"Such as what I'm going to do with you at my home."

The door opened, and he stepped inside.
"This is the little place I call home."
He turned on some lights, but at a dim luminescence.
There was a whispered gasp of awe.
"It's so wonderful."

He took her by the hand to lead her over to one of the large, plush couches.
"Say, Lindsey, why don't you hang here for a minute while I make some drinks."

Herman quietly sat up in the bed, as to not awaken the girl from her peaceful slumber.
The alcohol from the martinis had lost their effect on him long ago, but he now needed to relieve himself.
Only the soft glow from his cell phone lit the otherwise dark room.
The device indicated he'd missed a call.
He got up, taking it with him.

"Herman," the message began. It was Josiah, and most likely a relatively important matter.

"Valentio and Andressa have expressed interest in the specifics of the Beta team's missions. We're not looking to start those at this time, so this is more of a review of the strategies. Call me or just leave a message with Francheska."

He closed the phone.
"Well, it looks like time to play around with the Coven."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

"Looks good!" Shara called down from the Equinox's cockpit. "You can go ahead and load it into the Soleil I anytime you're ready."

She dropped down with the zip line where Daisuke waited.
"Well, that's one done--at least for now." He said, satisfied.
"Fantastic; I guess I'll go check on my people."
He looked toward the Sandalphon.
"K.T. hasn't shown up yet the last time I'd been by the X4."
"I know." Shara was concerned. "She was pretty upset after the last mission, so I'm hoping whatever it was, she's calmed down and is just running behind."

The duffel bag was tossed onto the conveyor belt and K.T. watched it disappear through the brushes of the security scanner.
She swiped her card through the reader and then adjusted her head.
A red beam popped up for a retinal scan.
Several seconds later, there was a short beep and she heard the door unlock.
From inside, she grabbed her bag, walking determinedly to her destination.

The bag dropped on a bench in the locker room and she went to open her locker.
"Glad you made it."
K.T. turned her head just enough to see Shara peripherally, but said nothing.
"We've got a big mission, so you need to make sure the Sandalphon checks out." Shara told her.
"No problem." K.T. said dryly.
It was silent for a moment, save for K.T. fiddling inside the locker.
Then, Shara spoke again.
"About the last mission, could you tell me what bothered you so much?"
"The Coven."
"That's pretty general."
"Not to me; it's everything."
It was an odd response to Shara.
K.T.'s arms tensed. While quiet, the rage and anger was undeniable.
"When an organization does to you what they did you me, they are everything."

The final set of connections to the Soleil I disconnected and it drifted slightly from the arm that had been holding it securely in space.
"Soleil I has launched." Shara confirmed, then receiving an acknowledgement.
"Launch confirmed."
-[Earth/La Paz Base]

"Damn Gundam!" A Predator pilot roared, backpedaling the machine firing at the Equinox.
"I got this one, Equinox." Grey called out, barreling down at the enemy.
"All yours."
The Predator exploded just as the Arcana shot past.

"Let's get that fighter type, Rick!"
"Sure thing."
Two Predators took chase of the Arcana, pressing hard to keep it in range.
Beams dashed by Grey's Gundam, disappearing ahead.
"Guess this will be seven and eight today."
The Arcana whipped around, transforming to its mobile suit mode and opening fire.

"A bit more aggressive, eh?" Shara narrowed her eyes at the charging Predator. "But still suicidal."
She let the machine close in for its attempted kill before unloading a sabot blast at nearly point-blank range.

On the ground, the base commander was beginning to panic.
"Yes, we've confirmed the fighter type and the artillery type Gundams, and we need assistance now!"
"What about that sword type, Major Black? Where is that one?" The reply came from the other end.
"It hasn't shown up! It's not in the area!"
"What?" The other end was incredulous.
"Captain Noddix, we need--"
"Sir!" One of the officers interrupted. "The sword type just appeared and it's headed toward the mass driver."
"That's different from their other hits!" Major Black exclaimed.
The captain was smug in his reply.
"For such a high-ranking man, you are quite the fool when it comes to warfare."
"Don't ridicule me, Ziddan Noddix!"
"Look, I'll let you go so you can relish your inevitable defeat."

The Sandalphon rapidly closed in on the mass driver's ramp.
"I hope this works." K.T. said to herself as she moved the claymore into place.
Its blade glowed as the plasma coursed over it.
Metal melted like butter from the searing weapon, and the mass driver began to buckle.

"Major, the sword type just cut through the mass driver!"
"Just three machines!" The major was beyond frustrated. "How can just three mobile suits do so much damage?"
A flash caused him to look up.
He jumped, the glowing eyes of a mobile suit stared hauntingly through the window.
"You monsters!" It's pilot growled, winding its arms back.

All her might coursed through her veins as the Sandalphon rammed the burning hot claymore through the building. Vindicated, she turned away and ascended.
"Equinox, target is destroyed."
"I see. We're just mopping up a few stragglers."
A Predator exploded below the Equinox's position and Shara looked for a new target.
"Actually, that's it." Grey reported. "Predators are cleared out."
"Sandalphon, Arcana, onto the next target!"

Shara privately called over to K.T.
"See me after the mission."
-[Earth/El Azul Base]

"I want to thank the soldiers of the Coven!" Caelie spoke into the microphone. "It's because of honorable people like you, the rest of us can live in peace."
She placed a hand on the microphone.
"It's almost time to go, so I'll end with my Final Words."
There was a roar as the instruments kicked in, and Caelie started to sing.

"Place your hands below
By your side
Take a bow,
You think you deserve
But wait,
This is the final time
We'll speak today"

"Now this,
This is the final time
I'll walk away
And this,
This is the final time
You'll fly away"

Gordon looked on from off stage.
After the overwhelming attacks by those Gundams, he knew how much a concert meant for the morale of the troops. He was sure they could eventually stop this enemy, but for now, this was the best that could be done.
-[Earth/Quito Base]

"Here they come!" Shara warned.
A small swarm of Predators had risen up and was moving to cut off the three mobile suits.
"I'm game."
Grey moved ahead, firing the Arcana's beam rifle.
He could tell the Predators were still working to keep formation despite the Equinox blasting away.

"There’s eleven." He counted after two shots connected.
The Arcana turned to one side, dodging and returning fire.
An arm snapped off of a Predator, but the mobile suit stayed the course.
It drew closer, managing to avoid taking anymore hits.
"I must be getting too soft." He told himself before ramming the bayonet into the machine.

K.T. backed away from the freshly impaled Predator.
Her eyes found a new target and she raced toward it.
The unfortunate machine was cleaved in two, both parts exploding.

A trio of mobile suits closed in, trying to pepper her with shots.
"I won't," The Sandalphon held the claymore with the left hand, the arm blade flipping out on the right arm. "I won't be the one to die today!"
The Sandalphon swatted one with the broad side of the sword, then chopped through another.
The third Predator swung its beam saber.
"Not against me!" She yelled, catching the hand with the arm blade.

The Predator's arm trembled for a moment, then snapped off when the Sandalphon whipped around, following up with a fatal slice.
"They won't die in vain, Gundam!" The first of the trio had come back with a vengeance.
He was on a direct path for a collision, thrusters at maximum.
Barely any time was left to move, let alone position the claymore for a strike.
But she kept the Gundam spinning.
The arm blade caught the attacker, burying deep and fatally in the machine and sending it toward the ground.

Fury burned in her eyes as the enemy fell away.
"Never talk down to me."

"Equinox, it feels like we just hit a hive of wasps." Grey commented, semi-breathless, while the

Arcana caught a Predator with several well-timed beam shots.
"I know what you mean, Arcana." Shara seemed a little taken by the magnitude of the fighting strength. "The Coven seems to be putting more security around their newer mass drivers."
"Just made my day." He said, mildly sarcastic.

His reticule locked on to a Predator. It was a one shot kill.
A second later, pain shot up the back and through the top of his head.
He cried out, partially because of the pain, but partially out of surprise.
His hands raised up to clutch his head.
The pain lanced through the same route a second time.
"What the--AHH!"
A third time, and then a fourth hit him.

From across the intense battlefield, K.T. noticed something was not right.
"Equinox, look at Arcana."
"I'm having a hard time seeing it, Sandalphon. What's going on?"
"Arcana isn't doing anything, just sitting there. It's not moving!"
To Be Continued...

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Re: Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 4/7/09)

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Profiles for:

Herman Avery
Ziddan Noddix
Daisuke Watanabe

Mobile suits:

Predator Barrage
Avenger III

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Point 06

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-[Earth/Casasaros Base]

"Captain, why aren't we going to help?" Ashton inquired, earnestly wishing to be in a Predator that very moment.
Ziddan Noddix stared at him, unwavering.
"And what would throwing in more mobile suits do against these what, 'Gundams'? Nothing at all. So far, while it's fair to give you credit for doing so well against this enemy, another warm body is all you're good for. You'd simply be a statistic, like the human trash I used to clean out in the slums. If you're willing to die so soon, I'd rather just give you a pistol than waste a perfectly good mobile suit for that exercise."

Ashton forced as much of his disapproval as he could to not register in his face.
"Then, what do you intend to do, sir?"
"Nothing, as far as fighting goes." He turned to a map blown up onto a screen. "I simply intend to watch this enemy work so that I know how to tear it limb from limb."
He sneered.
"There's no such thing as an invincible enemy. With three mobile suits, they can only go so far.

When I find that limit, this little problem will disappear."
-[Earth/El Azul Base]

"Arcana!" Shara called. "Arcana, do you copy?"
She aimed the sabot to fend off a Predator getting too close.
"Arcana, do you read me? What's going on?"

The Sandalphon cut upwards through a Predator.
K.T. quickly surmised the problem.
"It's not moving, Equinox. We're not going to--"
"Leave it? Not if I can help it."
"What about the mass driver?" K.T. asked cautiously.
"Let's work on keeping the Arcana out of harms way and then worry about it." Shara pumped shots through several Predators. "Work your way over to the Arcana and take hold. I'll cover you."
"I'm ready."

K.T. narrowed her eyes at the swarm of mobile suits.
The Sandalphon's claymore arched back to strike.
"They won't take anymore people I know." She said to herself.

"Go!" Shara ordered, and began to light up the sky with fire from her mobile suit.
The Sandalphon shot forward, driven by K.T.'s aggression.
Predators backed up to stay out of her swath, shooting to keep the Gundam at a safe distance.
A second swing caught a hesitant Coven machine by the legs, whipping the body at another.
"Get out of my way!" She bellowed.

There were many mobile suits, but she was driven to fight them, to carve a path through them.
As they rippled up, Shara's mouth turned into a satisfied smile.
"Oh, by the way, I'm still here." She said casually.
The Equinox's railguns ignited, burning through several rising Predators.

Now, the Arcana was in close proximity.
K.T. had switched over to a beam saber and shield.
"Almost there."
Her weapon burned through an enemy and she dashed at another, quickly and viciously striking it

Her head darted around, searching for more, but the Predators had decided the Arcana was no longer

an appealing machine.
The Sandalphon's left hand planted firmly upon the Arcana's shoulder.
"Arcana, do you read me?" She asked.
As before, there was no response.
"Equinox, I have contact with Arcana, but no response from pilot."

One of Shara's hands moved over to a small keypad.
"Copy that, Sandalphon. Transmitting abort code to Arcana in"
Confirmation registered with the other two Gundams.
K.T. backed up her machine, watching the Arcana begin to drift up and away.

Two Predators began to pursue.
"Opportunity knocks." Said one pilot.
The Sandalphon lurched forward to attack, but enemy fire blazed in front of her. She quickly diverted her path, tracing the attack to its source.
It whipped back and forth, continuing to fire.
She kept the shield up, rapidly closing the distance.
"Equinox, there's two going after Arcana!" She warned.

Immediately, Shara looked out to see the Arcana and its pursuers.
"Well, damn." She muttered. "One down and they won't leave it alone."

"Sandalphon, they're too close for me to shoot." K.T. heard as she cut down another Predator. "I'm afraid I'll hit Arcana."
"Well, I'm kinda busy." K.T. snapped.
The Sandalphon shook, and she felt something pulling her down.
Below, a Predator had latched on.
"Hey, get off my suit!" She roared.

The more Shara fired, the more she was feeling overwhelmed by enemies.
"They just won't stop coming."

Inside the Arcana, Grey squinted.
His mobile suit was moving...without his control.
Soon, he noticed two enemies that were uncomfortably close.
Instinctively, he grabbed hold of the controls, but found they didn't respond.
"It's not working?" He was confused.

"Equinox, this is Arcana."
Shara's eyes widened.
"Equinox, my machine isn't responding!" Grey was slightly frantic.
Her hands flew to the keypad.
"Hold up, I'll rescind the abort code."

The Predators were within striking distance.
Grey's hands were tight on the controls.
"Hurry!" He forced through clenched teeth.

Grey felt the Arcana move under his control once again.
"I don't know what just happened," He said, his machine locking on to one pursuer, "but, I'm still alive."
Two shots pumped into his target.
The second began to back off, but Grey caught it with the bayonet and fired into the flailing machine.

K.T. began to notice the Predators that had flocked to the Sandalphon were thinning out.
She breathed a frustrated sigh, but was glad to see Grey was back in action.
"Good. The Coven even lost there."

"Alright," Shara began, "now that we're all back up, let's finish up and call it a day."

Grey zig zagged backwards in his machine, riddling a Predator with beam shots.
While he fought, he couldn't help but wonder what had happened.
-[Earth Orbit/Soleil I]

The door to the hangar opened like a maw as the three mobile suits drifted closer.
"Well, that was...interesting." Shara commented, as the Equinox was guided in.

"Could you tell me what happened to me?" Grey followed Shara after exiting his machine.
"If I knew, I probably would." She sighed with an apologetic face. "All I can say is that you didn't respond and your machine just sat there, and my options..." She looked away. "...weren't that plentiful."
He exhaled and shrugged, letting her move along by herself.

Just as he turned away, K.T. moved by, and he startled slightly.
For a second, their eyes met, but neither said a word.
She probably didn't know either.

Inside the Soleil's cockpit, Shara released the bottle from her hand to let it float in the air.

She made herself comfortable and pulled up a form on the computer.
The door whisked open and someone walked in.
"You wanted to see me?" Asked K.T.

Shara looked over her shoulder, thinking.
"Oh, that's right." With that, she turned the chair toward her charge.
"How do I begin this?" She asked rhetorically. "K.T., would you mind telling me what's going on?"
"About what?"
"About this last mission; you were awfully aggressive and reckless."
It was with narrowly slitted eyes that K.T. responded.
"I hate the Coven."
"Which I guessed as much." Shara teetered in her seat. "Care to clue me in on your reasoning?"

Barely a twitch in K.T.'s face, but it was enough to speak volumes. It was daring that her direction was questioned, but she had to relent and give something.
"They stole everything from me and left me alone."
"Ah, so you--"
K.T. cut her off.
"My reasons are enough. Unless my performance is an issue, I'm quite done."

After the younger had left, Shara rocked in the seat.
"Looks like I hit a nerve." She said quietly.
-[Earth/Coven Transport Plane]

"Yes, I'm on my way as we speak." Ziddan explained through the phone. "Not that there will be anything exciting at El Azul, but I'd like to find some clues if at all possible. I don't think we can continue to allow these...Gundams to continue their little operations."

A short beep came from the phone as he ended the conversation.
"Well, then, Lieutenant, what do you think about this?" He tossed the phone to the side as he looked across at Nanai.
"I think that, given the right circumstances, we can defeat them." She smiled softly. "I know you don't believe in any divine mobile suit, but they are a very significant threat."
Ziddan was bored and slightly terse by her response.
"Please, tell me something the entire military doesn't know."
"Absolutely, sir; we can overpower them with enough resources." She looked directly at him. "Even a pawn can finish off the king."

He relaxed, nodding ever so slightly.
"You've taken quite the interest in the Gundams haven't you?"
"It's impossible to not. Formidable is just the beginning of what I would use to describe them."
"As I'm beginning to suspect." He folded his hands. "What, in your opinion is the capabilities of the Predator against a Gundam?"
"In the hands of a top gun, then a Predator can keep up, but in my limited experience, anything less than the very best will simply fail."
"As I've heard from another of our ace pilots: the Gundams are just out of our reach. Now I know where I can push to get the proper resources."

Nanai exited the room.
"Well, what did he have to say." Gordon asked.
"Oh, nothing much, but I think our next fight with those Gundams will be vastly different."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A9]

Grey cracked the door to his apartment open.
Fortunately, maybe, the test had come back clean, but was that really a good thing?
What would happen if that blacking out, for whatever reason happened again? After all, being a

Gundam pilot wasn't something you could just talk about freely.
Sigma had found him before, and--

"Hey, favorite boyfriend!" Jamie's voice cut into his thoughts. "So, how was your trip?"
"Oh, just the usual." He smiled warmly. "Some minor bumps, but we got it squared away."
He walked over to the table where she sat.

There, Haro was disassembled, and she was working on something.
"So, whatcha working on?" He asked, putting a hand on one of her shoulders.
She leaned her head back to look up at him.
"Well, one of the microprocessor boards needed to be swapped out. I should've looked more closely at the revision number, but I didn't and it was, like, six revisions off from the rest." She explained.
"Oh, so nothing too major?"
"Well, no, but this model just about needs to be torn apart to access the boards."

His hand patted her shoulder.
"If you're ready for a break, why don't we get out and walk around? I know you've had your nose in this thing for awhile."
"Eh, I guess. I don't need it working immediately." She glanced at the clock. "Yeah, I've been working on it for way too long anyway."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

The four directors were in session.
Herman rocked comfortably in his seat.
"This certainly has been interesting. What is Sigma going to do about our Mr. Flanagan?" He asked knowingly.
"What do you think, Herman?" Valentino questioned indignantly. "We can't have a pilot black out like this."
"Of course not, but I can't imagine just dropping a valuable resource. It's not as if we can simply post an ad."
Andressa Cole brushed her hair away from her face.
"So, what you propose is?" She prodded.
"Come now," Herman said coyly, "what do you think?"
"Activate the beta team? I don't think we should reveal more of Sigma's strength so soon." She countered.

For a while, Josiah had been silent; now, as the one who ran the organization daily, it was time for him to speak.
He sipped his water and then spoke.
"On one hand, I do agree: we should be cautious on when we show our strength against Coven forces. As the leadership of Sigma, it is our duty to carefully use our relatively limited resources. On the other, we do have these said resources in order to attack the Coven. At some point, because of our size, we will undoubtedly use them, so, really we're down to 'when', not 'if'."
He looked directly at Herman.
"Obviously, this creates a risk for Sigma."

Herman was cocky, but utterly honest.
"Risks were taken when Sigma was started. There are safeguards in place, and I'm the arrogant, young fool willing to take these...risks."
Silence hung in the room for several moments.

Valentino spoke.
"Well then, let me be the first to wish you success."

"This is the first time they've been used in actual combat."
Shara was cautious, watching crews scramble over the three new Gundams.
"Well, of course, but so were the X series your team uses not too long ago. The Y series Gundams really aren't any different in core technology." Daisuke said. "What I worry about is having a director going down himself."
"Have you met the other pilots?"
"I've seen them floating around once this mission was decided, but I don't know them right now."
Shara bit a nail.
"Hopefully we'll have that chance."

"Well, if things go as swimmingly as your first mission, we'll be back before you can blink."
Herman entered the observation deck, flanked by an Asian girl and a dark-skinned man.
"So, how are things moving along?" He asked Daisuke.
"All three machines are basically ready, save for the final checks."

Herman turned slightly toward Shara.
"Well, this is the Beta team: myself, Thom Ainsworth--my close combat guy, and my sniper Callista Yi."
"Nice to meet you. I'm Shara January, Alpha team leader." She said cordially. "I wish you all the

best of luck down there."
"Why, thank you." Callista returned; Thom just nodded a greeting.
"Well, I'm just showing them around, so we need to get going, but see you later, Shara."
Herman waved. "Thanks for your concern."
To Be Continued...

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Re: Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 5/29/09)

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Herman sat down in the chair, then swung around to the set of controls.
"Little larger than I'm used to." He chuckled to himself. "But, then, I can't store the Vertigo in one of my cars."
His hands moved systematically through the panels before him.

As he progressed, a voice came into the cockpit.
"I see you've started the Soleil II up, sir."
"Yes I have; so far, we're looking good from my end."
"No problems from our side either."
"Great," Herman said, finishing his current task, "we should be ready to go any time."

The Soleil II broke away from the colony.
Herman watched as the cylinder slowly, but progressively shrank.
"Okay, looks like we're on course," he said to himself, looking at a screen on the panel, "so I'll go check on the kids."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A3]

Louis stuck his head over his wife's shoulder.
"You haven't made this in awhile, Shar-honey."
She smiled, continuing with the meal on the stove.
"Well, there's actually been some time, and there's a routine down, so yeah, I can actually cook something besides carryout."
"And my favorite too." He said from another room. "Now that she's fed, we might have a few hours of quiet."
"Oooh, shall I light some candles?" She purred.
"If I can find that lighter."
"It's in here, Louis" she freed a hand to search a drawer, "...I think. Yes!"

The soft glow of the candles lit the room with subtle light.
As the music played quietly, they stood embraced together, rocking back and forth.
"This is funny." She whispered.
"You know, us dancing like this with soft music."
"Well, metal or punk just doesn't, ah, fit the mood."
"One reason why I love you."
She slowly twirled around stopping half way, and moved his arms so they rested on her belly.
"I know it's normal, but it's kinda strange to see it not stick out."
Her head turned, and she puckered her lips.
"We could change that, if you want." She teased after he pulled away.
"Ask me again in a couple years."

From the window, the small group of armed rebels clearly saw the faceless group of Coven military forces below.
"Whadda we gonna do, Rico? The black hands look like they're ready to bust down the door."
"Evacuate the women and children." The leader replied, with a vehement determination. "Paolo, you and Raul go and get them down the exit. The rest of us will keep them occupied for awhile and join you."
The selected two stood up, grabbed their machineguns and exited the room.

"They're here. If we go with them, who knows where we'll end up." He peeked cautiously through a blind. "Probably dead after they brutalize us and rape our wives and daughters."

From the first floor, a large bang was heard.
"Get ready!"
The rapid spurts of machine guns were heard, followed by screams and many footsteps. The sound escalated in volume as the inevitable drew near.
Then it stopped...completely.

Rico's men were quizzical, nervous, and angry.
What was happening? There was no movement at the door, but there was a lot of uncomfortable silence hanging in the air.

After an eternity, the door shuddered then exploded open with a hovering ball ramming it's way through.
The slaughter was quick and bloody.

The last thing Rico saw before his life gave out were the glowing green eyes of the Coven trooper masks.
He fought to lift his machinegun, but a trooper pulled out a pistol.
One casing was ejected from the pistol as the fighter lay permanently dormant.

The point man carefully observed the results.
"Nifty little tool." He mused. "I guess this Darkart really does the job."
He put a hand to one ear, reporting in."
"This is Cooper squad. Hostiles have been silenced, but we'll need someone to clean up this trash."
"Sure, once you finish searching that little dump." The other end told him. "We don't want some issues coming up down the road."
"Of course not, sir. The hard part is done, so a few ladies and little rug rats won't be a big deal. Do we have anytime for a little fun?"
"Just make sure to do a thorough cleansing."
-[Earth/Casasaros Base]

Ashton was quite relaxed sitting in front of his laptop computer, a slightly cocky look to his face.
"As you can see, I'm alive and well, Kyomi."
The woman on the other end giggled.
"Yes I can. I'm glad you're alright after all that's been going on around you."
"You're not the only one, although with the way these Gundams are moving, I might not be out of the woods just yet. At least things are pretty quiet in Tokyo."
"Sometimes a little too dull for my tastes." She said. "It would be nice if you were here, Ashton."
"That's something that would be fantastic. Hey," he joked, "maybe the Gundams will be good luck for me and we'll end up by each other."
"I don't know about...seems a little risky." She shrugged playfully.
"Not something I'm crazy about anyway, but I guess we could talk about something else, if you wish."
-[Earth Orbit/Soleil II]

Herman floated down the corridor.
"Normally, something like this could do with champagne, but I suppose we can do that after we get back."
"You might turn off your inner playboy." Thom said. "We're not the skirts you chase."
"But you wouldn't turn down some chilled bubbly?" Herman asked, undeterred.
Thom conceded
"Eh, I guess it would be refreshing."
Callista piped in.
"I knew you'd be game."
The door ahead opened and Thom spoke with a dying hint of agitation.
"'s cold, and I assume we'll be a bit damp after today's excitement."

The door broke into the hangar, which housed three Gundams.
"Well, kids," Herman grinned confidently, "what say we knock over a little armory?"
The three pilots separated, moving toward their respective mobile suits.

As the machines powered on, Herman ran a final check on the Soleil II's orbital status.
"Okay, we're in position, give me a status on your machines."
"Revenant, all systems green." Callista reported.
"Siege is good to go." Thom said.

Their exit opened and Herman moved his machine to launch.
"Mission start. Herman Avery, Gundam Vertigo out!"
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

Grey continued to hold his cell phone up as he approached the door.
"Yeah, I'll be back pretty soon. This shouldn't take long."
"Alright then, I'm going out to pick up a few things." Jamie told him.
"Sounds good, bye!"

He switched it off, not that the signage wasn't blaring about the restricted use of such devices in the first place.
His hand pressed against the palm recognition pad, staring forward for when the retinal scan would start.
A soft bell sounded, indicating he was authorized to proceed inside.

Strolling down a hall, he quietly asked.
"I wonder what they called me in for?"
He knew it wasn't a mission; no call had been made yet.
The results from his brain scan had turned up absolutely nothing, but he considered they might re-test.
Or, it could be something he hadn't thought of.

Unsurprisingly, the room he reported to was in the medical area.
"Well, what's up?" Grey asked the older gentleman in the lab coat.
"It's about your brain scan we did recently; there's an oddity, and not in a bad way." The doctor told him. "I know it sounds a little strange, but there's something abnormal for the average human."
Grey plainly wore a puzzled expression.
"O-kay." He said slowly. "This is kinda confusing."
"No doubt, but what I've seen is in line with a Newtype." The doctor explained. "Not saying you are for sure, but the cerebral impressions give a strong possibility of that. What that means in regards to you blacking out, I don't know. What I can say for certain is that this is definitely not cancerous or otherwise malignant."

Grey sighed with a nervous relief.
"Nothing to worry about then..."
-[Earth/Tokyo Base]

Kyomi picked up her tray as she worked to leave the mess hall.
"Hey, Kyomi!" Someone shouted from behind.
Kyomi searched for the source, finally raising a hand to usher them over.
"Hey, what's up, Drea?" She asked as she was approached.
"Where are you going?" Drea asked.
"That's not why you flagged me down is it?"
Drea smiled. "Of course not, but I didn't want to get in your way if you were doing anything terribly important."
"Oh, no not really, just the usual stuff."
"Great. So what's the story now--with you and Ashton?"
Kyomi rolled her eyes. Her personal life wasn't something she was interested in divulging, but it would make Drea shut up if she threw her a bone.
"Well, he's alive, but" She paused before letting the tidbit drop, "he'd rather be here with me."
"Awww!" Drea squealed. "Tell me more."
"Another time, sergeant; tea time will have to wait."

The clouds finally cleared from Herman's view as the Vertigo descended.
"Hello, Tokyo."
Thom's voice came through into his ear. "Vertigo, I'm ready to advance and start the attack."
"Perfect timing, Siege. I was about to have you start the fireworks."
"You know that's what I'm here for."

Herman pulled back to give the Siege Gundam the right of way.
"Alright, Revenant, get into position to clip some birds."
"Ready to go!" Callista enthusiastically went ahead.

The ground quickly grew in detail before Thom's eyes.
Below, he directed the Siege toward a large, low-rise building.
He looked sharply at the armaments equipped to the machine's hands; a beam pistol to the left and the heatrod on the right.
"Vertigo, Revenant, we are go."

The Siege fired off several bursts into the roof of the target.
Some smoke rose lazily up as Thom guided his mobile suit through his newly created entrance.
Inside, people looked on at the invader with a surprise which turned to horror when it hit that a

Gundam was inside a large hangar full of Predators.

The heatrod whirled around, cracking once and then snapping at the unoccupied Coven machines.
Thom felt rumbles as some suits fell and others exploded.

At a distance, Callista watched the massive base that was something like a formerly sleeping giant. It was beginning to move.
The Revenant stirred.
"That's my cue." She said, bringing up the Gundam's sniper rifle.

Kyomi had never readied herself so quickly.
Yet, there she was, sitting in a Predator, gunning to go.
The words of the lead mobile suit couldn't come soon enough.
"Alright, the attack hit H4, so that's where we start. Subdue it quickly!"
And they were off.

By the time the first Predators reached the hangar, flames were past simply creeping out; they were bursting.
"Where's the enemy?" Drea yelled.
"It's still inside." The leader told the others.

The timing was unamusing, but still ironic when a door exploded open from a whipping strike.
Kyomi tried to see what it was, as she couldn't tell what was there.
"Get a visual ASAP!" The leader ordered.
"That would be great if I could see through smoke and fire!" One pilot remarked.

Through the fierce flames, Thom could pick out a number of Predators.
But, he wouldn't move unless he had his least not yet.

Callista sat up from the relaxed posture in which she'd been.
"I think there's enough to start."
The Revenant brought up its sniper rifle while a reticule appeared on her helmet's visor, lazily bouncing around.
There was a slight delay between the time her finger squeezed the trigger and when a Predator dropped.

Kyomi flew.
She wasn't sure if where she went was safe, but she knew it was worse to sit around where she was.
Drea was on top of it.
"A second unit just appeared, transmitting coordinates."

Now the flames had died down, and the Predators were clearly in a frenzy.
"I think you forgot about me." Thom said matter-of-factly.
The Siege blasted upwards, shots hitting his first airborne kill.
Several more shots whizzed in to send mobile suits spiraling ground ward.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say we just got a surprise visit from some Gundams."
Drea's Predator darted around.
"Yeah, I kinda noticed that." Kyomi replied, shaken.
"Hey, let's take it down." Drea had her sights set on the Siege. "A few squads are in the air now,

so the pickings are going fast."
"Wait up! We don't know this one; it's not on file."
"And it won't need to be!"
Drea aggressively swooped in at the Siege.
Without flinching, the Gundam lifted off to meet the attacker.
"You fight like a pompous fool." Thom told the enemy pilot, heatrod lashing out and puncturing the mobile suit.

"Ah, now they're upset." Herman observed. "Can't let my people down."
The Vertigo was in mobile armor form, and he would make full use of this advantage.
His machine opened fire as it struck from above.
It was obvious the Predators were confused from this attack. Even so, a few snapped out of this state, falling into attack.
"Revenant, I've got a few targets for you."
"Alright, Vertigo, I read you."
With that, a small handful of smoke trails began to appear in the Vertigo's wake.
"This response is pretty good." He remarked.
"You think so?" Callista asked.
"It would be foolish not to recognize an enemy's strength. Unfortunately, it's not good enough for a Gundam."
To Be Continued...

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Re: Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 6/27/09)

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Added profiles for:

Callista Yi
Thom Ainsworth
Kyomi Haruka

TAS-Y2 Revenant
TAS-Y3 Vertigo
TAS-Y4 Siege

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Re: Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 6/27/09)

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-[Earth/Mobile Suit Archive]

Ziddan walked forward briskly. Several armed men rushed along with him.
Ahead, an officer came toward the small group. He made no attempt to hide that he was displeased with this intrusion.
"I am Colonel Miller, and I want to know what business you have here."
"I have permission from the Black Hands." Ziddan shoved an official letter in Miller's face, not wanting to slow down. "This is very important. You have some prototypes," he said, "and I want them. Now."
"Not so fast, buddy. I don't even know who the hell you are and you storm in here and demand prototypes."
Ziddan stopped and turned to give Miller a frigid glare.
"I'm going to say this once: I'm Captain Ziddan Noddix. If you haven't heard, we've been running into these so-called ‘Gundams’, which have been trashing our Predator model. This place was cited as having some prototypes that might stand up against a Gundam. I am taking them. Is that clear?"

Miller was skeptical. "You don't seem to appreciate these machines. We can't just pull them out and go run them around. I mean, they've been sitting around for years and--"
Ziddan had enough. In a split second, he'd aimed his sidearm and put a bullet in Millers head.
"I don't really give a damn." He told the corpse, then barked orders. "I don't care what condition they're in, get me those mobile suits and any manuals, data--anything that goes with them. I want to have them loaded on the transport planes and taking off before the end of the day."
-[Earth/Tokyo base]

"Sir, it's the fighter-type Gundam." One Predator pilot confirmed. "Modvedev and I are gonna try to take it out now."
"I copy, Koufax; you may proceed."
"Thank you, sir! For the glory of the Black Hands!"

The Vertigo swooped in for another pass at a small swarm of Predators.
"Oh, no you don't."
He watched as beam bursts streaked from his machine and through the sky.
Two Predators were coming at him from different directions.
Herman smiled. "Fancy, fancy."
This was something that would add some spice to this one-sided battle.
He wanted them to get close, so he didn't attack...immediately.

"Thanks for giving us an advantage." Koufax congratulated his target.
"It's changing!" Modvedev was alarmed.
"Which gives us a perfect chance for a kill."

Not today. Not for Herman Avery.
The Vertigo's left arm snapped out to the two pilot's surprise.
Even more shocking was the beam coming from above the hand.
"Beam saber!" Modvedev warned, rapidly decelerating his mobile suit.
Yet, it was too late for his partner, much less his machine that just had a fresh cut through it's torso.
Herman smirked.
"One point for the observant pilot in that mobile suit."
"You monsters." Modvedev growled, his machine assumed a defensive posture. "You disrupted our peaceful existence."

Herman furrowed his brow.
"I don't believe that nonsense." He said under his breath.
A burst from the Vertigo's beam rifle was the only response he gave Modvedev’s Predator.

Two more Predators vaporized in the air.
Callista adjusted how she was sitting.
"Looks like they're thinning out."

The Siege ripped a Predator from the air with it's heatrod.
"Then that means we're about done."
A shot from the Gundam's beam pistol punched another enemy from the sky.
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony A6]

K.T. was beginning to drift off into sleep. She teetered on the edge of slumber for an apparent eternity before finally going over.

There she was. Her six year-old feet pounded the ground, as she was hurried along.
Commotion and dread-laced urgency swirled everywhere.
Men in black suits and sunglasses ran behind them, hurrying her along.
Though she didn't hear actual words, she knew whom they were running from: the Coven.
As she ran, it felt like the terrible force trailing them was rapidly gaining ground.

Off to her side was her twin sister, running just as hard. She dared to look behind for her father. He was far away--so it seemed to her.
She looked forward.
Where were they running?
She looked to her side, and her sister was further away, but still being pressed on.
She started to look back, but felt herself lifted up by one of the men in black.
She clung to him tightly so as to not be left behind.

Off in the distance, she could see her father being pulled away by Coven soldiers. They had him, and now they were coming for her.

Her eyes flew open, and gasp escaped her mouth. It was a dream, but she found herself sitting up in bed, sweating.
It was vivid enough to leave her trembling for a moment.
She swallowed in an attempt to compose herself, but still shook.
Leaning to one side of the bed, her hand felt the drawer in the nightstand, pulling it open and reached for the pill bottle inside.
As she removed the item, a long, faint gleam of a knife reflected from the drawer.
Her eyes fixed on the light, her body still shaking.
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

The Soleil II gently came to a stop, trailed by the colony's closing hangar doors.
"Mission complete." Herman smiled, obviously satisfied with the events he'd just taken part.
"So, I guess that means you'll crack open that liquid reward you mentioned." Callista reminded him.
"Of course." He got out of his seat to fetch an ornate box.
From it, he produced a trio of glass flutes, a corkscrew and a bottle that was obviously chilled.

After handing out two of the filled flutes, Herman raised his own.
"To a successful mission, and more to come."

"It appears our 'arrogant young fool' has come back." Valentino said under his breath. His hands were in his pockets as he paced around the room.
Josiah looked up from his work.
"Well, success is our intent, and this will help against any nuisance."
"I suppose." Valentino's eyes shifted to his fellow director. "I'm still not comfortable with the idea of sending a director down."
"And I'm fully aware of that, but you and I both know this is just a temporary measure. We picked a fight with poor odds for an average mobile suit, so I'm eager to get our pilots out of danger sooner that later, but..." Josiah sighed wistfully, "but that's not close to becoming a reality

at this stage."
Valentio was turned away, but his eyes moved to the corners to look at the other man.
"I am aware of that. However, as long as this has been in motion, I suppose for now its best to keep a steady progress."

Josiah smiled.
"That's the spirit. The longer the Coven are kept in the dark, the greater chance our end goal has

to succeed."
-[Earth/Casasaros Base]

Ashton stood before the door, arm raised to knock, yet he hesitated.
Why had he been called down here?
Though he didn't know the man, he had quickly developed a strong distaste for Captain Noddix.

"Oh, you got the pleasure of being called down to?" Julio said as he approached.
There was a urge to make a witty comment, but Ashton kept it to himself and simply nodded.
With that, he knocked and was summoned inside.

After their salutes, Ziddan motioned for them to take a seat.
"I'm sure you're all too aware of the problems our forces have had with the Gundams." He began.

"You know what a nuisance they have become, as I'm sure you've kept up with their escapades around the world. I think we'd all very much like to have something on par if not beyond what these Gundams have brought to the table."
He opened a drawer at his desk and pulled out two binders. As he slid them forward on the desktop, he continued.
"It came to my attention that there were some mobile suits that were designed but never mass produced because they were an unnecessary expense. While many of them are nowhere near any sort of usable status, there are a few that are in fine condition."
He looked directly into Ashton's eyes.
"Obviously, we don't want to hand these out to just anyone."
The pilot was guarded in his reply.
"So, my name came up?"
"Because I put it there. It is my duty to make the most effective use out of our equipment, which logically extends to the pilot. I am not about to spend a potential trump card on a rookie right out of school, and that's why you Lieutenant Dvorak, and Officer Valez, are being assigned to this machine."
"Effective immediately?"
"Of course. You are to become familiar with it as soon as possible. We don't know when the Gundams will strike next, but given the recent activity in this part of the world and the mass driver at this base, I think it's very probably this location is irresistible bait."

"You're pretty lucky." Julio commented as he skimmed through the pages of his binder.
"I think you're joking." Ashton grumbled. "It's a brand new machine, the layout is a lot different from the Predator, and I'm basically the test pilot."
"Well, the layout is different, but the design--at least from diagrams seems to have a more intuitive setup. Let's face it, the Predator is pretty solid, but the cockpit had to be created by someone completely stoned."
He ruffled through more of binder. "There's a lot of things I think you'll like about this, but I need to let this stuff sink in."
Ashton resigned himself.
"Let's go see it."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

Grey had arrived, but his teammates had not. He didn't feel inclined to head deeper inside, so he plopped down in a chair in the lobby.
Last time...he thought hard about the peculiar events that happened during the course of the last mission and had to wonder about the one impending.
What was the root cause, really? A budding enhanced sense he'd heard about over his short life so far, but with sparse specifics. It was his luck, so he guessed, though he wished the new change made more sense or was better explained.

He continued to bounce around the peculiarities in his head. It wasn't making him uneasy, just unresolved over the situation.
A door slid open and he looked over to look at whoever was coming in.
When he saw it was K.T., he turned his head from a subtle uneasiness brought on by her presence.
She casually made her way over to him.
"I take it Shara's not here yet." She commented after looking around.
Grey moved his head in her general direction.
"Well, I've been here for a little bit and haven't seen her yet."
She adjusted the small bag hanging from her shoulder.
"I see."

From the corner of his eye, Grey noticed some thin, red lines that partially wrapped around her arm. He thought for a moment, then took a prolonged glace to see if what he saw was true.
K.T. took notice and moved her arm to conceal the lines.
Although it was meant to look casual, he clearly recognized the move hiding shame and flashing a spark of irritation for him noticing.
"It's none of your business." She informed him in a quiet, cold tone as she slowly turned to further obscure his view.

Was it? He debated the significance at this point in their lives. Personally, it was hard to make the case, but professionally? That was a slightly more approachable angle.
He wetted his lips as he opened them to try and speak.
"I can't force you to do anything, and I don't have the right, but maybe you should consider--"
"You know what happened." She hissed before following with a more mild response. "I know I have other people's lives to consider, and I won't let them down. Just leave it at that. Please, you don't need to deal with my baggage."

Neither spoke, but after awhile she sat down in the general area.

The door opened to the lobby and Shara stepped through.
She turned over her arm to check her watch.
"Alright, I'm here, so we can get this show going." She said as she approached her two pilots.
Grey and K.T. silently rose, picking up their respective bags and following her.
-[Earth/Panama Armory]

Nanai and Gordon walked briskly behind a hurried Colonel Reynolds.
The officer quickly led them along.
"I know this has been such short notice, so I'm surprised you came so quickly."
"We are soldiers and obligated to come when called." Nanai said. "Especially with the current threat."
"Well, you'll probably sit around for a little bit since you arrived sooner than expected,

Lieutenant. Some maintenance needed done before we could have this mobilized."
"For something sitting around this long, I'd be surprised if some things didn't need done."
The colonel came to a stop at a door and pulled out a card from his jacket. He swiped it and then leaned over for a retinal scan.

"I've been told that this machine is to be assigned to a Lieutenant Nanai Shaman." He presented the mobile suit towering over them. "It's classified as experimental, but records indicate it's what would've come off the production lines had it made it that far."
"So what do they call it?" She inquired.
To Be Continued...

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Re: Mobile System Gundam Legion (New Point 8/24/09)

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-[Earth/Casasaros Base]

The door to Ziddan's office opened, and the masked girl entered. Immediately, she saluted.
"Lieutenant Nanai Shaman, reporting for duty!"

"Thank you for coming." Ziddan greeted Nanai. "I know it's a lot of weight when you've been assigned that mobile suit."
"No, sir. I understand we need to be in place as quickly as possible."
"Have you had a chance to work with your machine?"
A smile formed at the corners of her mouth.
"It's quite a nice unit."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

Herman glided through the corridors.
As he moved along he looked carefully and methodically.
"Now, they should be coming this way." He said to himself. After all, he should at the very least meet the souls on the Alpha team. It was only fair, not to mention his prerogative as one of Sigma's directors.

A ways down, he saw them coming. It was hard to mistake Shara and her red hair, not that meeting her before hurt his search.
"Well, if it isn't our Mr. Avery." Shara greeted him with a tone that proactively disarmed any thought of an advance.
"But of course." He didn't hold back on a warm greeting. "I knew you're preparing to leave," he started, looking past Shara to her two subordinates. "so, since I was around on some business, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself."

Shara halted. At this point, it wouldn't hurt. She was unsure if she was tired or just on edge because of Herman. Either way, he was higher up on the chain than she and it wouldn't kill her to humor him.

"Herman Avery." He extended a hand first to Grey and then K.T. "I'm one of the directors and Beta team lead."
"I see. Grey Flanagan, pilot of the Arcana."
"You've done quite well for yourself." Herman said, shaking hands with him. "It's good to see our program is working against Coven forces."
"You're not the only one."
"Indeed, sir."
Herman waved the air to dismiss the formality.
"I don't know if you need to go to that length. You can call me Herman. After all, we are comrades in this little war we've started."
"Oh, sure!" Grey realized he'd stiffened as he relaxed.
"No problem." With that, Herman turned to the blonde girl. "And you are?"
"K.T. Barnett. I pilot the Sandalphon."
"Katie?" Herman clarified as he reached out.
She shook her head slightly, and he paused. "No. They're my initials: K.T., for Kaitlyn Tara."
"Ah, my mistake."
"Just my bad luck." She said coolly.
"Hmm?" Herman stopped in mid-shake at the odd comment.
"It's a long story, but if you must know, I started going by K.T. to set myself apart from my sister. Unfortunately, I get the 'Katie' thing a lot."
"Well, either way, it's a nice name."
"I suppose it doesn't matter in the end." She started forward.

Out of the corner of her eye she looked at him as she passed.
"It's irrelevant when I'm cutting down the Coven."
For a few moments the three remaining people stood without saying a word.
Finally, Shara looked at Herman with an apologetic smile.
"Sorry about that; she has a real bent against the Coven."
Herman was clearly not offended by K.T.'s action.
"Who doesn't, especially here of all places."
"It's beyond that for her." Grey blurted, then realized what he'd said as the other two people looked at him.

"Oh, really?" Herman prodded with an earnest curiosity.
"Never mind," Grey retracted. "it's not my place to say. I shouldn't have said anything."
And with that, he quickly shuffled past.
He pushed forcefully off the wall as he rounded the next turn.
He knew he should've just kept his mouth shut. K.T. was still dealing with this issue and she didn't need him throwing this into the mess.

The silence permeated the area for a moment as the two remaining people thought of what to say.
"So," Herman began, "do you know the full story?"
"Afraid I don't." Shara replied.
"They do seem like they're pretty close."
"I guess they dated at one point, but beyond that, I don't know the full extent."
He let himself drift to one wall.
"Either way, I can't imagine that's a comfortable situation."
"No doubt--" Shara caught a smile forming across his mouth. "You know, I don't think the poor girl needs whatever ideas you have to comfort her."
"Well, the thought did cross my mind, but, no, the relationship portion intrigues me."
Shara crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.
"Oh, I see."
"Look," he told her in a blatantly serious tone, "if I wanted her number, don't you think I could simply look it up on her file? If either of their relationships are affecting the performance of your team, then we have a major problem. You know there's a lot of time and effort spent training our pilots, so it is a big deal to me. I would imagine it's the same on your end."
He looked her straight in the eyes.
"Our pilots are the most valuable assets we have. Without them functioning at their peak performance, the Gundams can't operate at their peak performance. In other words, it is a very vested interest I have in the Ms. Barnett's emotional and mental wellbeing. At this stage in the game, I would rather leave the plan as is with just our teams active..."
He trailed off, but Shara could easily see the 'but' hanging out there and knew he likely meant her team could be pulled if these issues became a problem.

Grey studied the new piece of equipment attached to the Arcana.
"How does it look?" Daisuke asked.
"Well, I didn't quite know what to expect when they said there was an upgrade with me in mind."
Grey looked at the armament again then back at Daisuke.
"Uh, yeah. I mean, I pass out during combat and the next mission, 'Boom! Hey, here's something else for you to shoot with.'" He rubbed the back of his head. "I don't get it."
Daisuke shrugged. "Neither do I; just orders from the top. They don't pay me to think up these strategies." He chuckled. "But, I do hope you're able to make good use of it."
"So do I."

He exhaled a big sigh and started to walk away.
"Did you at least read up on the manual?"
"Sure. It's something else for me to shoot with."

K.T. examined the Sandalphon as it was loaded onto the Soleil I.
Across the shoulder opposite its claymore, she noticed a rod that had clearly not been there before.
"Excuse me," she flagged down one of the mechanics, "what is that new piece of equipment doing on my mobile suit?"
"It's a javelin. We had orders to add it onto your arsenal before this mission."
"I don't know how much use I'll have for it." She said flatly. "Whatever."
-[Earth/ Casasaros Base]

Ashton smiled to see Kyomi on the screen.
"So, I finally get to see you."
She smiled back, though it was tinged with some pain.
"And alive, no less, but I still ache...a bit."
"I'm glad for that, you know."
A piercing sincerity captivated her, uplifting her. "I know."
"I wish I could get over there, but I don't see it happening."
He casually stretched out his arms.
"Not sure if it's good news or bad news, but the base commander got some experiemental mobile suits and assigned me to one. Supposedly, they might give us an edge against the Gundams."

Kyomi's eyes shifted from side to side while she decided how to take the news.
"Well, that's good isn't it?"
"I guess. If it performs, we might have a shot. If not, well," he chuckled at the prospect, "I don't see how I'll be much worse off than last time."
"Don't say that!" She hissed at him.
He responded, careful as to ensure any cockiness was absent.
"It's the truth. I got lucky against that guy...real lucky. Sure, he's far less experienced, but he was capable enough in the handling of that mobile suit to stand up against one of the best pilots we have to offer. The odds of surviving against a Gundam are pretty abysmal, so if this at the very least equalizes the playing field, that should be enough."
-[L2 Colony Group/Colony C7]

The door to Josiah's office opened and Herman stepped through.
"Well, how's it going?" Herman greeted, sauntering toward the desk.
The quiet clacking from a keyboard paused.
"It's work." And the sound started up again.
"So, did you read the report on Grey Flanagan?"
"He's a Newtype? Yeah, I read it...seems nice enough kid."
Herman fetched himself a chair to seat himself.
"It's interesting you had that little upgrade added so quickly, though."
"I was waiting to see if he would begin to manifest before ordering its installation. His profile indicated he had the potential, but I didn't want to take a risk before we could detect it."
"You weren't sure?" Herman smiled slyly.
"Even after all these years, the manifestation of Newtypes is still a bit of a mystery. The people who've studied it in depth believe it to be a genetic trait, although that is just a theory, just like the 'you need to be one to know one' idea."

Herman nodded, thinking over what he just heard.
-[Earth Orbit/Soleil I]

Shara strapped herself in as the cockpit hatch closed.
"Arcana, Sandalphon, system status?"
"I'm good to go, Equinox." Grey reported.
K.T. followed with her report.
"Sandalphon is all green."
"Alright, then let's head out. I have point."

While he heard Shara launch, Grey began to wonder how this would turn out. Casasaros was a big base, and though the Predators were usually fodder, he started to think about how many the team could realistically take on.

"Arcana, you're up." K.T. said coolly.
"What?" Grey shook out of his thoughts.
She reiterated with a perturbed tone.
"It's your turn!"

-[Earth/Casasaros Base]

Julio was busy talking, but Ashton didn't waste a moment to immediately dive into the food on his own tray.
"Man, I can't understand why they kept this off the production lines! Someone really put a lot of thought into the performance and the ease of servicing it.
Ashton swallowed, pointed to Julio's tray.
"I know. I know you love the Czar, but you need to eat."
"Oh, yeah." Julio chuckled.
Between bites, Ashton muttered under his breath.
"You're like a little kid."
"Hey, it's something new. I could replace anything on a Predator in my sleep."
"I'm sure you could. You know, you should take a look at that other mobile suit that came in the other day."
"What--?" Julio was surprised. "Oh, wait, now I remember. I'd like to take a peek, but they've been keeping everybody I know away. I managed to get a peek at the pilot, and it's some masked person...I think it's a girl."
Ashton stopped chewing.
"You said she had a mask, as in, across her eyes."
"I think so. Why?"
"Have you heard of the Red Witch?"
"Who hasn't?"
He took another bite.
"I'm pretty sure that's her."
"You're kidding!"
"How many female pilots wear a mask, come on. If they pulled her into the mix, they don't want to take chances with this base at all."

The alarm sounded.
Ashton calmly looked over at Julio.
"Here's the real world test."

The Arcana's arm swung out to aim while it locked onto a target.
A single beam shot went cleaning through a Predator.
Another dove head on, and started to fire.
Grey eased up on the thrust while firing the CIWS to keep it busy while he took aim.
A second later, the enemy exploded.
A beep alerted him to a pair of Predators rapidly incoming. They started firing.
The Arcana's shield blocked the shots as Grey watched them split from each other.
It would be best to keep them together, so he transformed his mobile suit before they would get into a position at his disadvantage.

K.T. saw the svelte Arcana jet away with two Predators in pursuit, but turned back to her own targets.
The lead unit began firing, zipping around to get in a shot.
But, she was undeterred.
The Sandalphon raced at the Predator, darting along the sporadic bursts.
It's beam saber ignited as she was on top of the machine, and it plunged into the mobile suit's torso.
The other two kept their distance, but she was not dissuaded.
"Fine." She huffed. "This just takes me longer."
The Sandalphon pulled out it's claymore.
It glowed as plasma coated the glistening blade.

The Predator melted away from a quick shot by the Equinox's sabot.
"Sandalphon, Arcana, how's it going?" Shara asked.
"I've taken out seven enemies so far." K.T. reported.
"Five here." Grey followed up.
"Good start. I'm heading toward the hangars nearby the mass driver. You two take care of the rest."

"Yeah, got it."
Grey squeezed the trigger for burst at the Predator in his reticule.
He looked around for a new target.
The IFF beeped, and his eyes flipped toward the panel.
"Hmm...that's coming awfully fast for a Predator."
An instant later he was forced to dodge the incoming attack.

"It must be my lucky day." Ashton declared. "So, how about a rematch, Gundam?"
Grey studied the unfamiliar blue mobile suit.
"Who are you?" He demanded. Internally, he was guarded and tense. The hair began to stand up on the back of his neck.
"Back in Alberta, I thought I told you your piloting skills weren't as good as the machine you have."
The Czar dashed at the Arcana.
"Let's see if that's changed.

With a mighty swing, the Sandalphon whipped around its claymore, cutting through a Predator.
K.T. took a deep breath, venting her fury.
A new target came into view, but she noticed it wasn't a Predator.
"Well, well. I can see you're still as aggressive as last time." Nanai commented.
To Be Continued