Finally watching 0079

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Re: Finally watching 0079

Post by bhayes82 » Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:56 pm

RTB wrote:
Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:03 am
I've seen the movies before, like a decade ago, but never the show

Does anyone else enjoy it, but find it hard to stay engaged because of the gimmicks? Having the war run by kids essentially, forcing the Federation to win even though Zeon is clearly stronger with the advantage through the entire show, Amuro having heavy plot armor, like when he survives atmospheric entry just by having plastic foil in his pocket, as well as the NewType stuff, which I don't think serves the story, I've heard people ZOINKS on Gundam before a lot, I never understood it personally, is it because of all this stuff?

I'm just wondering if anyone else holds this opinion, I know the overall consensus is it's great, I also know Origin fixes a lot of this stuff, I can't wait to read it
Are you speaking as a fan of the English dub or the First Gundam in general?

I'll be honest - i didn't like 0079 Gundam at all when i first saw it on Cartoon Network. I was new to Gundam back then and i didn't know about the other timelines. I only looked at Gundam Wing. When Toonami aired 0079 for the first time, I was shocked it was being aired because of the OLD animation. it turned me off to it completely. In fact it annoyed me that they would air it next to Gundam Wing (which i loved at the time). Then when visiting rental video stores and when i visited the 'anime' section i would see more Gundam VHS titles. (Gundam 0083, Gundam 8th Team, Gundam 0080). All the different types of Gundam had me confused and i was intimidated by it all and i was curious how these shows fitted in with Gundam Wing.

then one day a friend suggested i look at Cowboy Bebop for the first time on Adult Swim Action. But before it aired. 'Gundam 0083' episode 13 aired. and i was BLOWN AWAY!!!

then 0079 gundam made sense to me. all of these Gundam shows are sequels/spin-offs from this OLD Gundam show. i was aware of Macross and Macross PLUS and the connection between the two. so Gundam 0079 and Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory made sense.

So in the context of Gundam 0079 being the beginning of the 'concept' of Gundam. 'The White base' 'the gundam' 'guntank' 'guncannon'

and the idea Zeon and Fedeation have good and bad people on both sides and neither side is right or wrong and the teens are caught in the middle. the idea that Amuro and the characters all grow and change between all the shows and Amuro is a teen but he grows and changes into a great leader and the idea that when one hero steps down from the fight another hero takes over to continue the fight. I like the idea of that.

that's why i feel the U.C. timeline is the 'BETTER' timeline. it has the best characters and plot points and longevity. the other AU's just BEGIN and END and then we forget them.

I'm not a MANGA guy at all. I'm too impatient. I need animation with good English dubbing. and i initially didn't want to watch THE ORGIN anime. but i LOVE IT now. Infact I'm praying they'll continue-finish Gundam origin anime and use the style of animation seen in the G40 special for the mecha combat but bring back the same animation team from the Origin Anime.

but back to the original series. I think the English voice cast did an AMAZING job dubbing the original series. The old series is in-fact 'old' and 'klunky' looking. The voice cast give alot of emotion and depth to the characters which makes it watchable and enjoyable. (don't get me started on the ZETA GUNDAM dub. it was TERRIBLE. they ruined a great show with a sub-bar life-less dub)

The English voices for 0079 characters are all STRONG voices and they give the viewer a sense of the pain, suffering and emotion they're going thru.

So the idea similar to star wars and star trek. i respect the first Gundam as the beginning of a multi-chapter saga. but i very much hope Bandai does a remake/origin continuation of the first series.

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