Astray novels and photonovels

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Re: Astray novels and photonovels

Post by Deathzealot » Sun Sep 21, 2014 7:32 am

Wait. There where Forty Pre-Production ZAKUs? Heh. That's new.

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Re: Astray novels and photonovels

Post by balofo » Thu Jan 01, 2015 2:35 am

Extra special scoop chapters info
For the Astray B one, it starts with Serpent Tail receiving information about a large-scale ZAFT attack on TSA that was receiving supplies from ReHome. They also know that Canard was in the area and likely to get involved in the battle. I think one of the scene features Jean Carry joining up with TSA, the lady he is shaking hands with is Erica. The three Astray ladies find Prayer cute and one of them notices that Kazahana was jealous. Serpent Tail informs the ReHome about the ZAFT attack and the ReHome retreats. Canard was there as he intercepted communications from ZAFT about a nuclear powered Gundam onboard the ReHome. However he arrived a bit late, and was mistaken by the ZAFT attack force as a Siegel Clyne sympathizer. Hyperion's 360 degree beam barrier runs out and was saved by Serpent Tail. This story occurred after X Astray's Hyperion vs Serpent Tail as Canard recognizes them. They then battled the ZAFT attack force together, not so much as allies, they were just facing a common enemy. Jess happens to be in the area and so took photos of the battle.

For the Destiny Astray one, yes, it does feature a bit of Ash's back story. When he was young, Ash was down with a genetic disease. At the hospital (or whatever that place is) he met a girl with the same illness. She gifted him a puppet she made herself to uplift his mood, and was optimistic that a cure for their illness could be found. When Ash was 10, a cure was found but the girl had passed away. Years later, Ash heard that the girl was created so that her organs can be used to save a politician with the same illness. It just so happens that this girl resembles another girl in a picture that Jess used in a photo competition. It was Setona who had heard about the competition, they were joining it in hopes of winning and using the prize money to buy better food. However, the picture was stolen after the submission and Jess was attacked. Jess senses something is wrong with the picture and asks about the girl around the place where the photo was taken. He then comes across the brainwashed Ash. Jess and Kaite were later attacked, but Ash interfered with his ally's attack using the virus, shutting down the MA's positron reflector first and later destroying it. Matis was furious about this and asks for the brainwashing to be strengthened. Apparently, Ash had broke the brainwashing due to some emotional memory. Later Jess found out that the problem with the photo was the background. Flowers should not be flowering there at that time as the temperature was not hot enough. It thus revealed that a secret base was underground and generating sufficient heat to cause the flowering. Jess decides to reveal the base in a news article rather than selling the information for a nice sum of money.
Translation by E08

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