Mobile Suit Name Changes

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Mobile Suit Name Changes

Post by Leon13DM » Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:34 pm

This is a minor issue, but it's been nagging me for a while.

Over the years, several Mobile Suit profiles have had name changes. The largest number appears in the Crossbone Gundam profiles, but Turn A has some as well. Some Name changes are relatively simple, but others are rather silly, such as "Cornix" being changed to "Cornigs".

I'm assuming the changes are due to fixed translation errors. Personally, I prefer all the older names, but I'm not in charge, so that's not going to happen. Still, it would be nice if the old names were referenced in the notes of the profiles with the new names, but I know that would probably be too much work.

I was just concerned about this because the name changes might confuse some people with one of the fan projects I've been working on (it's just a free TRPG), and I can't remember some of the old names so I can't list both names.

Again, just a minor thing I wanted to bring up.

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Re: Mobile Suit Name Changes

Post by Chris » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:40 pm

The names used on profiles are official translations whenever possible. Edits are made if official materials are released that change spellings, which happens rather frequently. The whole purpose is to document official names, so there's really no reason to keep or reference older names that are not being used.

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