Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by wonton bob » Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:23 pm

Character sheet
Name: Al DePantshu

Age: 62

Sex: Male

Faction: Firebrand (Mercenary)

Appearance: Hefty 5'10 , Years of hard living has made his skin leathery tough. It has also taken a toll on his speed. Bothered by aches and pains in his knees has given him a waddle-like stride. Keeps a handgun hidden under his poncho. Travels with Lil' Red, a puppy he found outside of town

History:Once big time sleaze and major douche, now all round good guy. Has recently seen the errors of his ways and decided to pick up where he left off.
During his 'youth' he fought along side the Northern Alliance until all that was left was the space elevator. Deciding that all was lost he deserted and entered a somewhat private life until his assets were confiscated by corrupted city officials. Once again he was force to flee 'off the radar' and hid in Vegas for awhile where it was rumored he had a one night stand with a young man named Karkas.

Made most of his money producing underground porn before the religious sect of the government started to crack down on his operation. It was at this point he roamed the dessert and had a revelation which led to the discovery of a Gundam. With no income he was forced to become a fruit vendor until he saw an opportunity to strike when the Empire turned it's attention toward space.

Mecha:RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex" Found severely damaged in an old battlefield, Al spent most of his funds repairing damaged systems and replacing the cockpit with parts salvaged from other downed suits.

Mecha Description:Zaku II Kai cockpit; beam machine gun, powered by rechargeable energy cap; Blash·XB-B-09 beam saber

Skills:Mechanic, audio/video professional.

*edited mobile suit conditon and discovery of
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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by Rob DS Zeta » Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:29 am

Name: Raz Kennedy

Age: 19


Faction: Mercenary (Empire)

Appearance: med length brown hair, rust-colored eyes. wears a black heat-resistant overcoat, red undershirt, ragged black jeans w/ black boots

History: Born to a pair of young refugees living in a shanty town in the Mojave wasteland, Rasputin A. Kennedy was kidnapped by a group of bandits when he was only 5 months old. He was raised as a slave, spending most of his childhood cleaning, cooking, officiating part purchases, and counting money. He was mistreated by the bandits, whom made their living as mobile suit mercenaries in the day and terrors in the night.

By a chance, while in town one day, Raz came across an Imperial agent hunting the very bandits that he worked for. Knowing what the unscrupulous people he slaved for had done, Raz sold the group out and made out with half of their fortune and the rest of the slaves that he worked with. He freed all of said slaves, sans a few of the mobile suit mechanics, and took over the mercenary business. Business quickly flourished, seeing as he had a new key employer in the agents of the World Empire. He kept a few mobile suits and sold the rest, leaving him to carve his own legend from the face of the world..

Mecha: RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type (standard colors)

Mecha Description: One of the few remaining mementos from the bandits that once held Raz, this Guncannon MP is referred to as 'Gunny' by its current owners. It is armed mainly with a 100mm machine gun, not to mention its 200mm shoulder cannons. It has also been customized to carry a beam saber in a recharge pack on its shoulder.

Several modifications have been made to the operating system of the mech. It has faster lock-on times than average, and its control response is superb. Modifications have also been made for use of the beam saber.

Skills: One part mobile suit pilot, one part housewife, Raz is his own man. His piloting skills are above par, though he tends to panic in the face of tough opposition. What he lacks in strategic knowledge, he makes up for with guts and luck.
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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by Fivemarks » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:30 am

Character sheet
Name: Ganelon Mennesson

Age: Ganelon Mennesson is 21 years old.

Sex: Ganelon Mennesson is, without a doubt, male.

Faction: Despite his misgivings about their policies, Ganelon remains loyal to the World Empire, believing himself to be defending its ordinary people

Appearance: Ganelon is almost statuesque, a modern Hector of Troy. Standing a seven feet and three inches, and weighing in at excess of two hundred and thirty pounds, one can see why he would be compared to the ancient Hellenic heroes. Ganelon is fairly well muscled, and his face is seemingly chiseled from fine marble. His noble features accompany fairly standard glasz(Greyish blue) eyes and short cut blonde hair.

History: Born in Northern France, Ganelon Mennesson is the heir to the House of Musel, a noble house dating back to the time of the Capets. As the Empire rose to power, his father, Richter Von Musel made a gambit to gain power in the new order, supporting the empire. With the Empire's complete dominance over the earth obtained, Richter solidified his power, and continued to support the emperor in order to keep his newfound wealth. And in 9 EE, his son was born. Given the finest education, it was a surprise when young Ganelon voluntarily joined the Empire's military academy, becoming an MS pilot in the process.

Recently graduated from the Academy, Ganelon finds himself on his first deployment, not expecting to see combat.

Mecha: Ganelon pilots a bog-standard Leo.

Mecha Description: Ganelon's Leo is the standard type, with no improvements or performance enhancing customizations. Painted in environmentally appropriate camouflage, the Leo is armed with a Dober Gun and a single beam saber, and has a rack of smoke grenades on the left shoulder.

Skills: Ganelon is a fairly skilled MS pilot, though with no true specialties. He mainly relies on quick thinking, ambush tactics, and stealth to win suit-on-suit combat. Outside of his MS, Ganelon is a fairly eloquent speaker, and is both intelligent and charismatic. Raised as a noble, he received a classical education which included such things as: History, Politics, Tactics and Strategy, Horseback Riding, Sharpshooting, Fencing, Style, Opera and Symphonic Music, Fine Cuisine, and Courtship.

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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by Inferno » Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:19 pm

So I decided I'd just make Solar a full PC, even if he is in a support role for now

Name: Solar Captux

Age: 18

Sex: male

Faction: Firebrand

Appearance: Scrawny, borderline emaciated, with short brown hair. Wears glasses with reflective lenses. Speaks with a lisp.

History: Solar found himself conscripted into the Imperial army at age 16. While in the army, he met and befriended fellow recruit Vann Karkas. Solar quickly took the role as the cool head to Vann's frequent temper-tantrums. The two fought side by side until the catastrophic Operation Subjugator, where the two deserted the army and went their separate ways.

Solar soon found his way to the Firebrand rebellion, where he chose to forsake mobile suit piloting for computers. Solar would work for days on end, many times never bothering to eat. His grueling routine has paid off, though: Solar is now an undisputed computer genius.

Solar eventually found Vann working in Vegas, and he recruited his old friend effortlessly. But Vann's temper had not faded, and Solar soon had to take the role of managing his friend full-time. While he can talk Vann down and keep him from starting fistfights, he usually has to bottle up his own emotions to do so. But when he can't hold them in any longer, he can have fits that scare even Vann. Solar really does care about Vann, a lot, and he knows his friend does too, no matter how they yell at each other.

This stuff spoiler'd due to not showing up for a while, so not important at the moment.
Mecha: Modified ZGMF-LRR704B GINN Long Range
Reconnaissance Type

Mecha Description: Not content with sticking to the rear, Solar instead has taken his electronic expertise to the frontlines, where he can help monitor Firebrand operations from the sky. To that extend, his GINN has equipped the flight pack of the MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame. Also, Solar has spent a good bit of time tweaking the sensor Radomes, increasing their range as well as boosting them through a good amount of interference that accompanies mobile suit usage. To protect himself, Solar makes usage of a BuCUE's head, mainly the mounted beam weapons. He has also passed up the sniper rifle in favor of a more reliable GINN machine gun.

OOC: Solar would obviously not start with this. He could stick to running a computer at Firebrand HQ and being a combat advisor, but make this a pet project of his, albeit a secret one to all but Sammy.

Skills: Competent pilot, but a computer genius. Can build MS operating systems from the ground up, and hack almost any security system.

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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by Tangerine » Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:55 am

Character sheet
Name: Calet Caleta B.
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Faction: World Empire
Appearance: Slim with average height, good looking and looks gorgeous with wide variety of clothing. Her short brunette made her looked feminine despite her somewhat emotionless facial expression. Carries an automatic baby Glock as sidearm as well as another one or two concealed as required since she’s an expensive property of the Empire.

History: She is the grandchild of the Empire Royal R&D NextGen program. Born as a necessity to better understanding of human nature by trying to build and produce a human life form. The first generation of NextGen is emotionless human supercomputer highly sought after by every imperial household or noblemen rich and influential enough to have their services. Extremely smart but uncreative, emotionless and short life expectancy is the weakness of the first generation due to their near-cloning mechanism. Thus the more humane second generation was born.

Calet Caleta is one of them. Second generation focused not with supercomputing but with fine motor control and heightened awareness. Because of that she can do gymnast, yoga, ballet as well as mountain climbing or skiing. She also has no trouble blinking one of her eye, whistling a good tune or wiggles both of her ears. Her life would be a “normal” one and probably ended up as mere-toys of the imperial household shown to honored guess to enchant them with her singing, musical expertise or her scandalous price tag.

But the twist of fate played their tune and changed her future. The delicate control of the most advanced military mobile suit proved to be too much for most save for the most talented pilot to operate. She came to fill the shoes and as an experiment to see whether her-kind can deliver their potential as military pilots despite their price tag.

Mecha: Leo YR
Mecha Description: The YR is a stock Leo with high reaction concept in mind, the upgrade it received was strengthened and finely tuned motors all over its limbs to keep up with the demands of the advanced control system. It may carry a small round shield or a dobergun as an optional weapon.

Skills: any of the stated above plus racing, judo, hunting and card games - her poker face is unrivalled!

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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by SNT1 » Tue May 10, 2011 12:43 pm

Character sheet
Name: "Fira"

Age: unknown

Sex: F

Faction: The World Empire

Appearance: She looks to be a young adult, possibly around 17-19. She always has a not-so-innocent smile. Hair is black with a bluish hue, and long Sailor Moon-like hairstyle. Seems friendly enough, though may have some sociopathic tendencies. Carries a dual shotgun.

History: As the King began to exercise his powers over the newly controlled planet, one of his main projects is to create a new breed of soldiers---faster, stronger, and far less emotionally motivated. His team has sampled the finest genes from all over the world to experiment and research how to genetically create the perfect soldier. It was a decidedly tough research at the beginning, amassing only a few successful 'prototype' babies. The King and the Empire had tried the specimens that seemed to have a more 'warrior-like' mentality. Those that passed the King's personal 'quality test' has went on to be trained as the King's special bodyguards. The King's "Imperial Elite Forces" consist of young, beautiful and deadly women. No one from the outside knows how many such guards the King has, but rumors state they were pretty much treated like 'princesses.'

One such 'coordinator' was born and now has a codename "Fira." Reported to be one of the more mischievous of the elite forces, she has been sent to California for one mission. The Imperial capital has apparently heard of Lancaster's demise and the King himself decides to lend one of his own personal units to aid Celeste's own troops and a morale booster than the Empire, thousands of miles away, has heard their troubles. Fira has only been sent to these types of missions twice before, and is the only Elite to be sent like this, because of her specialty.

Mecha: Gudnam GP02A

Mecha Description:

Skills: [Coordinator] Demolitions expert. Weapons and ammunition expert. Strategic and tactical bombing expert.
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Re: Gundam: Outlaws' Advance Signup Thread

Post by Rob DS Zeta » Thu May 12, 2011 3:32 pm

Name: Klug Bailey

Age: 21


Faction: Mercenary (Empire)

Appearance: short black hair, dark blue eyes. wears a navy blue jacket over a black shirt and blue jeans. shoes are cheap, worn white sneakers

History: Was picked up by the same bandits that abducted Raz while living in an alley in Vegas. Klug worked for the raiders as a computer and tech man for a while before attempting to double-cross the group. Luckily, Raz brought them down before Klug could be executed for his attempt.

Without much else to do, Klug stayed with Raz and now runs half of the business. He drives their trailer, carrying the team's mobile suits, and even pilots a mobile suit when the need arises.

Mecha: RGM-79SP GM Sniper II (standard colors)

Mecha Description: An old GM Sniper that Klug bought at Raz's request. It's covered in repair parts, but most of them have been painted to match the original paint scheme. It might not be quick or flashy, but it easily can stand up to whatever the wasteland throws at it. Its sniper rifle was not present when bought, though, so its only armaments are the 90mm machine gun and an added beam saber stored on an improvised recharge pack on the ammo belt.

Skills: While more tech-savvy than Raz, Klug is not as tough or as skilled as his teammate. He has hacking skills and the like, but his piloting ability falls short of standard. He knows the basics (walking, shooting, swinging the saber), but tends to avoid conflict if he can.
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