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Mecha Talk Fanfiction Forum Rules

Post by ShadowCell » Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:32 pm

-All other forum rules apply here.

-Please do not post only character bios or mecha stats or a plot overview without actually posting the story first. Bios, stats, and synopses are all pretty meaningless without a story to connect them to.

-Please do not post fanfiction that could be considered higher than R in the MPAA movie rating system or M video game rating. Please do not post any pornography or extremely violent work.

-If your fanfiction does contain R/M-rated material, please provide a disclaimer in the topic title or the first post.

-Posting of original works or non-anime science fiction is permitted, but please remember that this is a mecha anime board and as such, science fiction is the genre of choice.