DEVELOPMENT: Super Robot Wars Blue

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DEVELOPMENT: Super Robot Wars Blue

Post by abaoaqu » Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:02 pm

I've been toying around with a Super Robot Wars concept in recent weeks, but need a little advice for what I'm doing.

In Space Century 056, amid the Cold War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, a large starship of extraterrestrial origin emerged from hyperspace and crashed on the island of South Ataria in the South Pacific. In the wake of its arrival, various factions fought for control of the ship as it was gradually renovated. The head of the restoration project, Dr. Bian Zoldark, concluded that it belonged to a race of giant aliens who could potentially recover it by force. The Federation dismisses his warning and proceeds with the process of converting the starship for human use and downplays the existence of extraterrestrial life. Zoldark disappears. Time passes and a city begins to take shape around the massive space ship, now rechristened Macross.

It is now SC 066...


The Zentraedi defold near Earth on the trail of a missing Supervision Army battleship and find it completely remodeled. They send out a task force to capture it, interrupting an air show to commemorate the launch of the Macross. In the middle of the fighting, circus stunt pilot Hikaru Ichijo finds himself thrust into the cockpit of a Valkyrie, mistaken for a soldier. When the aliens' onslaught is too forceful from the ship's vantage point, the Macross performs a space fold, accidentally transporting her and South Ataria, to Pluto.

Now she has to fight her way back to Earth, contending with a race of giant humanoids hellbent of capturing her unscathed.


The news of the South Ataria incident has reached the world and Bian Zoldark has resurfaced, claiming that the attack had vindicated him. In secret, he had formed a military coalition in an attempt to fight off the interstellar threat, the Divine Crusaders. Zeon and the far side of the Moon have sided with this movement, as has the majority of the Eurasian landmass, from the Rhine River to the Bering Strait. Dr. Hell, eccentric robotologist, has also aligned himself with Zoldark, as well as a strange subterranean kingdom calling itself the Dinosaur Empire.

At the time of Zoldark's declaration of war, the Earth Federation battleship White Base, alongside Super Robots Getter Robo, Mazinger Z, and Aphrodite A, is docked at Glasgow. There, Captain Paolo Cassius is given orders to recover several prototype mobile units from the research complex on Side 7 just as a force of Zaku I's and Mechanical Beasts (under Baron Ashura's command) ambush the Glasgow-Clydebank area. After they are repulsed, the White Base leaves for Side 7, soon to discover that Lt. Cmdr. Char Aznable of the DC is following them.


Months before the Zentraedi attack on South Ataria, the space battleship Hiryu Custom, commanded by Captain Daitetsu Minase, encounters and unknown enemy in the Kuiper Belt. One Elzam Bernstein captures the alien drone for research.

Earth Federation pilot Kyosuke Nambu is forced into flying an unstable mech called the Wildraubtier, which malfunctioned during testing. He survived, albeit with some broken ribs, and is quickly recruited by Sanger Zonvolt's ATX team. Not too long after, the DC declares war on the Earth Federation. With much of Eurasia under Zoldark's thumb, the Federation and the DC contend for control of the southeastern US and Caribbean, waging a brutal guerilla war.

Kyosuke is assigned a specialized Personal Trooper, the Alteisen, as the fighting begins.


Avid gamer Ryusei Date loses the Burning PT tournament to Tenzan Nakajima, but is soon recruited by the Federation's Far East brigade. As the new warship Shirogane is launched in Antarctica, the Super Robot Granzon sinks her with ease, sparking the Divine Crusaders' war to supplant the Federation, after its lack of preparation at South Ataria.

The SRX Team is assigned to the Kojima Battalion, which is to be deployed against the DC forces in Siberia. There, Zoldark's underlings are developing a secret weapon against both the Federation and the alien threat -- Apsalus, a weapon with enough firepower to wipe cities off the map.

Series used (the ones in italics are up for debate):

- GETTER ROBO G (1976)

- The Tomino Memo (1980)
- GUNDAM novels (1989)
- GUNDAM 0080 (1989)
- THE 08TH MS TEAM (1995)
- ZETA GUNDAM (1985)



Some OCs

Based on all this, I want to make sure that I'm getting stuff correct as not to offend anyone. Which leads to some questions.

1. Am I using too few sources?

Bear in mind that this fic is a melding of Space War I, several One Year War theaters, and the war against the Divine Crusaders (based primarily the first OG game on the Game Boy Advance), all using the game 2nd Super Robot Wars game on the Famicom as a guideline.

Yet at the same time I wonder if introducing Amuro as an angsty teen would work if Kamille were in it, yet the games always tended to bundle 0079, Zeta, ZZ, and Char's Counterattack together since the very beginning, so I'm divided. Plus, that would also entail Char joining the White Base and getting the Hyaku Shiki.

I'd also played around with Raideen the Brave being worked in, but that fell through. I'd also dismissed Golion, King of the Beasts and Space Runaway Ideon as they would be a bit too superfluous to the overall story (the furthest out anyone goes is Pluto). Evangelion, likewise, would have been too much, as I couldn't think of a way to work it in that made sense.

2. Should the Aerogaters be involved?

On one hand, I feel they should. On the other, we already have the Zentraedi in the Macross route. Would having both be redundant? If so, the ATX Team prologue will be removed.

3. Are the geographical shifts too jarring?

While in most SRW games, the pilots are already in, say, Londo Bell, many routes vary.

These are maps of the areas controlled by the DC (red) and contested zones (pink).

Many of the spread-out locations were, yes, partially the result of Space Drops.

As you can tell, if you read the route summaries, Kyosuke and crew are fighting a DC unit in the Southeast and Carribean and the events of The 08th MS Team occurs in Siberia alongside Ryusei, Aya, and Rai.

The Londo Bell route playing out the events of ORIGIN, travelling through the enemy-controlled West Coast and neutral Central America to get to Jaburo. From there, the White Base would be sent to knock out the DC in Eastern Europe, taking out Bardos in the Aegean along the way as to knock Dr. Hell out of the war and help open the way toward the Black Sea. Moscow replaces Odessa as the center of the enemy's forces on Earth. Not sure if that would be where Zoldark would make his last stand, because when the war moves to space, there's still Gihren Zabi and later Bodolzer out there.

4. What could be added to the Macross route to put more meat on its bones?

For the most part, it tells the plot of the original TV series which was later modified into the first third of Robotech. I have considered Masaki Endoh showing up during the voyage back to Earth, but am not sure, since I'm basing a lot of the Banpresto Originals stuff on the first GBA game.
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