Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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Expectations of peace soar to their greatest heights with the formation of the Earth Sphere United Nations. The year is After Colony 225. The dissolution of mobile suits and militaries from the human race has allowed veterans and civilians alike to a progressive new era for humanity. Grudges however are far more powerful than what many realize. Former members of the Romefeller Foundation have taken to the stars to act against the ESUN's pacifism policies. The horrors of war have revisited the Earth for a new generation of humanity in the form of the vengeful Falson Coalition. 11 years have passed since the conflict began. The ESUN's hope lies in the form of its own mobile suit project. Operation Rising Himalayas. The revival of GUNDAM.

Story Index:
Episode 1: The Past Reigns Supreme
Episode 2: The Crumbling Before the Walk Part1 Part 2
Episode 3: The Struggle for Ostrava
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is created by Masashi Ikeda, Katsuyuki Sumizawa, and is property of Sunrise inc. and Bandai. I am NOT affiliated with Gundam Wing or any of it's affiliates.

I. Introduction

II. Timeline

III. Mobile Weapons

IV. Vehicles and Support Units

V. Soundtrack
I. Introduction

The following fanfic is a next-gen fic to the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. It effectively ignores the events of Frozen Teardrop although there will be some passive references to said material along with other side material to said Gundam entry. Having knowledge of said side material however should not be necessary to enjoy this fic, just the foreknowledge or having seen the Gundam Wing anime itself. Of course that's probably why you're reading a Gundam Wing fanfic. Unless you were expecting a yaoi smut fic though in which case you might be dissapointed.

I apologize if Sections III and IV are extremely underdeveloped. I kind of put a bit more priority on story and ended up losing sight of how to manage those sections.

WARNING: Big long rambling ahead. Feel free to skip if you're easily bored.

I suppose if I could start off with any point in particular you could say that my idea for this fic came around when Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop was first announced. I haven't been able to read it or learn a whole lot about it, but what I saw when it was announced had me a bit on the disappointed side. I will admit a big part of it was not showing Heero and Relena in a "Happily Ever After" setting although I could say that some other things were less than impressive to me. It's kind of difficult for me to go on with this sort of explanation without sounding like a closed minded fan but some of the things in said series just sort of kept me from wanting to venture into Frozen Teardrop and simply want to try and find a better sequel to this anime favorite of mine.

I can start by saying this fic's conception began quite a long time ago when I was very young and still riding the excitement train for Gundam Wing. Frozen Teardrop wasn't around at the time and I just went off of the crazy imaginations in my head. Pretty much a wide number of things that I considered doing were definitely the thoughts of a young kid and I can't say I really remember too many of them. Probably for the better. If you want just a small bit I can say that my idea for a sequel then involved combining the asteroid belt into a planet. Moving on.

So to what really set off this sequel's creation. A pretty selfish concept that managed to grow into a more full-fledged story. February 2013, I had gone to see A Good Day to Die Hard in theaters and I saw the plot element that managed to be the big spark for this work. John McClane and "Jack" together in the film had me decide that I would create a Gundam Wing sequel with a "next-generation" setting. With this sort of setting I would be able to create a world where Heero and Relena being together was simply passive canon. This ended up bringing the biggest inspiration where I figured maybe if I based the plot on the descendant of Heero and Relena then I would be able to create my own personal sequel that I could be pleased with.

Biggest situation that I had to figure out was coming up with a story that would fully justify being written. One of the first places I went to was roleplayerguild. I am a bit experienced with roleplaying over the years and I figured the best way I could get started on the story would be starting a roleplay and then expanding on it into a professional story. At the end of the day the most I got was one guy to roleplay with who went for the long term and actually managed to carry the story all the way to the ending. Big thanks to him, his name is Sugihito on roleplayerguild and Darth Kaiser on Deviantart, he gave a lot of help in making this story come to life and decide on what direction to take.

Primary inspiration for the overall plot comes from a Gundam roleplay website that I can't remember the name of unfortunately. If anyone would like to remind me it was a roleplay based around Gundam Wing with several potential sequel ideas. This fic is based on one of them and I'd like to think fully expanded into what that roleplay might have been like. Although I'm not sure if it ever came to fruition it's really just my unfortunate laziness in not trying to find out what website was hosting this roleplay. Credit also goes to them if anyone over there does read this.

Of course you might have read this far and wondered, "Didn't the epilogue of Endless Waltz say that the Gundams were never seen again?" Yeah. It did. For technicalities though, the narrator did say the Gundams were never seen again but he didn't say for how long. One key thing to remember is how in the various timelines in the Gundam Universe most of the anime timelines converge up to Turn A Gundam and obviously the Earth gets to see Gundams again. Another statement, I believe Yoshiyuki Tomino said this although I could be wrong, is that the timelines all take place thousands of years in between each other. I think that should provide another potential way to interpret that Gundams wouldn't never have another appearance on Earth. Either way I feel like I have some kind of ground to write this sort of story despite what the Endless Waltz epilogue may say. Whatever the case may be I hope that this setting doesn't disrupt you the reader too much and at least be able to sit back and enjoy the story.

As it is I hope to create this into a 75 chapter epic that way we basically have three "25 episode seasons" or at least so it will fill that quota. Concern not because I do in fact have the overall story outlined thanks to the roleplay and only needs to be fleshed out properly. As of this introduction I can say that I have reached about 10% of that length and updates will probably be coming in at a fairly slow pace. I do have a goal of making the story live up to the best of my writing ability and writers likely how some people just need more time than others.
II. Timeline

This timeline provides context and background information behind some of the events that occur in the fic. Not all of the information behind what happens however will be placed as some of it will be there for discovery in the fic itself.

[]- Notes the title of an important event in history

AC 201 - A series of strikes and riots leads ESUN to thoroughly review labor laws and crack down on violators. The majority of these suspects are found to be former members of the defunct Romefeller Foundation. When empirical evidence is found indicating that one of the primary investigators in this issue was falsifying evidence for the sake of a personal grudge, a majority of the cases were dismissed hoping to quell the dissent.

AC 202 - The assassination of equal work opportunities activist Ewan Falson caps a wave of rising violence triggered by a moderate economic depression and the working classes' perception that its effect on their lives was due to the ineffective investigations of the previous year allowing the true culprits to roam free. After several months of rising tensions and an attempt on the life of her son, Falson's widow, Hermine Falson, attempts to take her family out of any assassin's reach by moving them to their most distant property, an asteroid mining base on 3 Juno; over the next four years, many of her extended family and closer friends will follow.

AC 206 - The election of populist candidate Neil Goslin to the office of ESUN President calms many of the internal class tensions, but the depression continues and all contact with 3 Juno is cut off. Attempts to reestablish contact yield no results but the Earth Sphere is slowly able to rebuild its economy with a relative period of peace.

AC 214 - [The Day of Broken Promise] A fleet of automated warships and mobile dolls arrives in Earth's local space, under the command of what has come to be known as 'The Falson Coalition'. President Xhosa's election had convinced Lady Hermine that 'Leveling' forces represented a clear and present danger not merely to her fellow aristocrats but to society as a whole, and she had used the resources of the asteroid belt and her followers' technical expertise to do something about it... -before- things came to the worst. The hidden weapons hoarded by the ESUN are utilized along with the enlistment of the Preventers at the last moment in an act of self-defense to ward off against the Coalition on ESUN Colony L5-X28999.

AC 215 – [The First Descent War] The efforts of the Colony are crushed after the Coalition makes its final push. The return of mobile suits on the frontlines violates the many peace policies of the ESUN and forces parliament members to reconsider the status of such weapons. The Preventers return to Earth in defeat to bring warning of the Coalition's military might. President Xhosa makes attempts to appeal to Parliament on how to handle the invasion finding that divisions keep action from being taken.

AC 216 – The Falson Coalition makes its descent to Earth and begins the offensive. Within a matter of days, a majority of the earth sphere has been taken. It forces the ESUN to retreat to major cities to continue putting up a fight. The contact with Mars is destroyed by Coalition forces and the ESUN is unable to send terraformation efforts and Mars is unable to send any military support.

The Leo II unit is seen on Earth for the first time and begins to emphasize how obsolete the mobile suits of yesterday prove to be. The Earth Sphere uses what mobile suit parts it has to build some of the first Spinosissimus units to destroy as many Coalition space descents as possible.

AC 217 – The ESUN is close to being totally absorbed, it begins to revoke all pacifist motions in the parliament eventually allowing the construction of mobile suits to be practiced. Pacifist parties in the parliament show opposition to this practice but are now being outclassed by the growing desperation felt by its party members.

AC 218 – [The Division Period] The Coalition suffers from internal fighting due to differing visions of how to handle the occupation of Earth. The internal hardships eventually escalate into a full scale civil war the Coalition is unable to set aside. Hermine Falson pushes to remain united but defying Generals do not agree to the call instead forming three factions who seek dominance over one another.

It is the proper amount of good luck needed to buy the ESUN time to mobilize against the invasion. The election of President Franz Kecker's First Priority Party signals the beginning of the ESUN's military buildup.

AC 220 – With the Coalition forced on the defensive due to the ESUN's first advances, the ESUN is able to make its first major victories. The failed invasion of the ESUN capital forces the Coalition to await further supplies and attempt to rediscover some form of unity. With the string of successes the Earth Sphere begins to accumulate many of the Leo IIs from the Coalition to build a greater force. Many of them are internalized to the central defenses in the Earth Sphere. The old Leo units however are not scrapped as to best meet the Earth Sphere's need for as many units as possible.

AC 221 – Hoping to end the war sooner, ESUN begins its own GUNDAM project. Varying factories are headed by new mobile suit designers with the intention of matching everything their predecessors of the previous project achieved.

AC 222 – [The Second Descent War] Now feeling prepared to take back the Earth from invaders, ESUN begins major offensive movement against several smaller Coalition operations. Victories are made with each one being more beneficial than the previous. The string of successes is attributed to the First Priority Party and not only allows for a re-election of President Kecker, but pushes the party into a majority of 73%.

Political changes in the Coalition are made as well with the passing of President Hermine Falson and the leadership is handed to her son Nathaniel Falson. Nathaniel's prioritizes in making the Coalition act as a single unit again with the common goal of defeating the ESUN. He warns that the lack of unity among the Coalition will deter his men from taking the Earth and defeating those who were responsible for undoing the economic hardships done to them. Development in progressing the Coalition mobile suit infantry goes underway at a desperate pace to advance the Leo II unit.

AC 223 – Most of the Coalition reorganizes and focuses on taking back lost territory from the ESUN's offensive against Coalition factions. The introduction of the Leo III mobile suit allows for the Coalition to regain the upper hand. More Leo IIs are sent to meet with them but even these units have difficulty in defeating the new model. The surge in concentrated attacks from the Coalition forces the ESUN back into a defensive position due to the renewed invasion.

AC 224 – GUNDAMs near completion while ESUN continues its desperate plight. In a final effort to push back the Coalition, the new GUNDAMs are completed and ordered to begin participation in the ESUN's greatest military operation to date. Operation Rising Himalayas.

With the intention of decisively defeating the Earth Sphere the Testudo is dropped in Russia to begin its walk to destroy what Earth Sphere bases remain.

AC 225 - [Operation Rising Himalayas]; NOW
III. Mobile Weapons

Will be updated
IV. Vehicles and Support units

Will be updated
V. Soundtrack

The following portion takes some inspiration from Specter06's Titan AE Shattered Universe trilogy in adding a soundtrack to the story for your enjoyment. Just like said creation this will be consistent of music from other soundtracks. Listening to these tracks isn't necessary but it should be enough to enhance your experience of reading the story. Will be updated as the story progresses. Until the soundtrack is completed, this is the list of soundtrack pieces that are given credit.

1 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 OST - Main Theme)

2 Code Geass OST - Stories

3 Code Geass OST 1 - 3. Prologue

4 Transformers Prime Ost - 04 Dreadwing

5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Russian Warfare

6 MW3 Sountdtrack_ Battle for New York

7 MW3 Soundtrack_ Heroes

8 Transformers- Prime - Original Soundtrack _ BATTLE IN THE ENERGON MINE

9 02 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Oil Rig- Hans Zimmer

10 Gears of War 2 Soundtrack - Hold Them Off

11 03 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Sent Here for a Reason - Hans Zimmer

12 Gears of War 2 Soundtrack - Hope Runs Deep

13 Code Geass_ Outside Road

14 Gears of War 2 [Music] - More Brumaks

15 Gears of War 2- Tickers

16 Transformers Prime Ost - 24 Prime Finale

17 Battleship - Full Attack (The Score - Soundtrack)

18 Transformers Prime Ost - 18 Dogfight

19 Code Geass_ Occupied Thinking

20 Battleship - Trying to Communicate

21 Transformers Prime OST - 24 Prime Finale

22 Gears of War 2 Soundtrack - With Sympathy

23 Battleship [OST] #2 - The Art of War

24 03 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Sent Here for a Reason - Hans Zimmer

25 14 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - This is Clark Kent - Hans Zimmer

26 11 - Man of Steel Soundtrack - Launch - Hans Zimmer

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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[Track 1]

[end 2:04]

Episode 1: The Past Reigns Supreme

Agaisnt the cold winds of Vysokaye, Belarus the tides of war were swept along. Within the moving fortress of Testudo, Coalition General Edward Blare was observing the upcoming battlefield. The far off city of Warsaw was preparing to make an advance as was to be believed by intelligence, but there didn't seem to be major activity indicating it was the case. A silent enemy however was always the indication of a greater conflict very soon to follow.

One of the operators announced, "We have the enemy base located sir."

Edward was quick to ask, "Have there been any reports of the new mobile suits?"

Another operator gave an unsatisfying report, "We cannot confirm. The enemy is keeping the equipment concealed from outside observation."

Edward gave the order, "Very well. Send out an advance team and observe what the enemy is hiding. If the defenses are weak enough have the enemy base destroyed while they're at it. If those mobile suits can be taken then it will be a great achievement for us all."

The first operator agreed to the order beginning the transmission, "Understood sir. Sending request to main base now."

Within an hour a squadron of eight Coalition Leo III mobile suits had begun its next advance towards the ESUN city. 11 years had passed since the Coalition declared its ambition to take the Earth. No progress had been made in taking back the peaceful times that were promised by the ESUN.

As had been in its establishment the Earth Sphere United Nations capital was settled in the city of Brussels where President Franz Kecker signed the bills he was entrusted to handle. Eventually someone knocked on the door to his office.

He greeted, "Enter."

His assistant Devine entered with, "Mr. President, we are now ready to begin voting."

Franz stood up and confirmed, "Very good. The passing of this bill is the final block to making our victory possible..."

[Track 2]

The hopes of seeing such a bill come to pass were conflicting with that of its opposition. The Minority Leader of the Pacifism Party had seen days where such desperation passed and she was now forced to endure them again but without even a voice. These days she was known as Relena Yuy. One of the Representatives greeted, "Mrs. Yuy. I'm certain the House will be willing to hear out a final case against this bill."

Relena turned to her when she thanked, "It is good that you maintain some form of optimism Zlata. I must warn you however. The worst outcome is very real now."

The two women made their way towards the entrance when Zlata asked, "You don't have any faith that our party will be willing to attempt blocking the bill?"

"We could assemble the entirety of the party and we will not prevent Kecker's plans be unopposed." Relena opened the doorway to her office when she continued, "The Parliament lost hope for peaceful negotiations with the Coalition years ago. Now they are only a formality before the President's actions are passed. Now we are truly nothing what we swore to achieve so long ago."

"There is regret to that outcome Relena. But you know your husband wouldn't want you to back down even in these odds. I wouldn't want you to back down either."

Relena smiled when she thanked, "Of course Zlata. I can only fight in my own battlefields. I know I'm nothing of what I once was. But I will not let that stop me from making a difference in this process."

"It's good of you to maintain those thoughts Relena. Just remember that the Pacifism Party will not be turned into a shadow of its ideals. Not as long as you are there to lead us." Relena gave a firm nod when she found her way to the entrance of the Parliament gathering.


The preparations of war had begun within the ESUN base of Warsaw, Poland when the base saw its men lining up to prepare for morning First Call. As early as always, the mobile suit pilots began to rush to stand at attention for the accountability formation. In the course of the 11 year war, the ESUN was capable of forming a sizable force to push back the Coalition. If the war was to continue for any longer, it would need another generation of mobile suit pilots ready to fight for the Earth Sphere cause. These new men and women were the best hope for their leaders.

As soon as most of the pilots had arrived at the point of standing to attention, one of the pilots pointed out something to another next to him. He pointed out, "Jutila. You forgot this." He handed him the insignia to his friend. Jutila recognized his insignia was missing on his left pocket and quickly began to fasten it to his uniform.

He thanked, "Oh boy. Thanks Yuy, the Major would have had me skinned." The last name was not anything of great coincidence. Keijo Jutila's friend was none other than Mercurio Peacecraft Yuy.

Mercurio nodded, "Not a problem. It might help if you keep it pinned on at all times."

Keijo shrugged in admission, "Guess so. I wouldn't want to make it worse by leaving it in the washers."

Mercurio reminded, "It's almost time. Just be ready when the Captain arrives."

Keijo stood to attention, "That much will be easy." The squad of pilots stood to attention to begin the daily accounting for the pilot training.

To the west of the Warsaw base, Donna Lindemann was on her way to Warsaw to join the counterattacks. The first Earth Sphere Gundam the Sandesgeist was carried by one of the company trucks, concealed with a huge sheet. It was followed by four Maganac II mobile suits also concealed and carried by following vehicles. She was left to ponder her position as pilot of this mighty mobile suit while the Maganac IIs were operated by her brothers as support. Regardless of her feelings she was prepared to participate in the Rising Himalayas operation. She was riding the truck that carried Sandesgeist as she observed the covered mobile suit from behind.

[Track 3]

Donna looked at the sky above as she leaned out the window with her thoughts of the past. The big operation was going to start soon while she remembered the men responsible for sending her here. She remembered her father's words when he explained, "It's about time the Earth Sphere had gained the means of striking back against the enemy. Those fools in the Falson family will not live to see their dreams of Earth's conquest be made a reality."

The next to respond was her teacher Instructor W when he answered on his secure channel, "Perhaps it will. If this is the final choice we have then we must take it."

He did not show the same amount of enthusiasm as her father which led to her finding a moment where she could contact, "Instructor, are you not anticipating this operation?"

The Instructor gave a sigh before he answered, "I never wanted this conflict to come around full circle. It seems that we have been forced to repeat history in order to have a chance of seeing a united Earth preserved."

His depression was apparent to her when she promised, "Don't worry about it Instructor. Peace will follow once this operation is successful."

The Instructor wore a forced smile when he accepted, "I hope for everyone's sake it is. But please don't give the ultimate sacrifice out there Donna."

She parted with him after promising, "I'll make sure it's done. I hope to see you again Instructor."

"We will be arriving in Warsaw around 30 minutes." The driver told her as she moved herself back into her seat.

"Thanks." She replied.


Captain Dana Houston was awake before the call to the accountability formation was called. She was observing the field waiting for the next line of recruits to be sent for the great operation. She herself was one of them with Gundam Artemis being primed and ready for combat with another one being shipped here from Berlin. "How optimistic should I be about this operation? Should I just get ready for battle or see it as the beginning of the end?" She threw her report to her right when she answered herself, "Ending the war would be great and all but who's got the manpower to pull that off?"

One of the younger soldiers entered the command room reporting, "They have arrived Captain Houston." Dana keyed a few strokes on the nearest computer and had a view of the soldiers standing to attention outside.

Much in their favor Dana commented, "Well these don't look like too bad of a bunch. I've seen worse last minute formations this side of the East." She announced to no one in particular.

The same soldier handed a paper report, "We've determined the one that will be piloting the new Gundam model."

She looked at the name briefly and shrugged, "That much is a start. Is the Operation planned to begin?"

"After the arrival of Unit 1 and standard preparations are made."

"Good to hear. I want my unit prepared and ready to show these guys how to fight a battle."

"Understood Captain." The soldier rushed off to make the report to the base's commanding officer.

Major Alberto Capon had entered the training field as soon as the 0515 hour hit. All twenty four pilots had been standing at attention waiting for his orders. He turned to one of the soldiers from the command center reach him. The Major saluted as soon as the soldier did asking, "Have all men been accounted for?"

He was reported, "Yes sir. Everyone is present."

"And the Unit 2 candidate?"

"Yes sir."

"Today marks the beginning of the Operation. We can't afford any mistakes."

The assistant nodded and ran off to other duties, "Understood sir."

Alberto turned to face his men and announced, "We have received orders from the capital that Operation Rising Himalayas is officially under way. Those shipments that just came in, those are in fact the new mobile suits designed specifically for this operation. I also don't have to remind you of the consequences if such information is somehow ever relayed outside of this facility. With this in mind, I want all of you to remain acting as a single unit and not looking up to the pilot of Unit 2 as a superior. It's this equality that puts us above the Coalition and we need it more than ever. Can I expect that much from you pilots?"

Mercurio joined the others in a chorus of, "Sir, yes sir!"

The captain nodded in confirmation and announced, "PT begins now. Let's move!" By this it meant the daily exercise of running a safe distance away from the base and back for the next hour. The pilots were still uncertain of who was going to be piloting Unit 2, but that much was probably to be revealed once the first phase of daily training began.

[Track 4]

The various outfitting and modifications changed the former Leo units into an entirely different unit for the Falson Coalition. The Leo IIIs were fitted with side armor for better protection and propulsion jets that made for better maneuverability. A total of twenty four of them were making their way towards the Warsaw base with one in lead. The leading pilot made observations of the base noticing that there wasn't anything changing outside of pilots out for morning training.

The leading pilot was contacted by General Blare, "What is the current status of the shipment?"

The pilot observed the base a second time and reported, "Nothing appears to have changed sir. The enemy still hasn't recognized our movement."

The General gave him the order, "Prepare to move in. Pierce into their defenses and take out the others while they're flatfooted."

Agreeing to the order the captain agreed, "Roger that sir." He changed his camera to switch focus to his other units and announced, "Move forward and prepare all weapons for contact. Find that shipment and take it back intact."

At that order, the twenty four Leo III units began to make their way towards the Warsaw base with their weapons ready and kept their eyes open for the enemy. The first shot on either side would be the beginning of the ESUN's great conflict.


It was that damned feeling that always took over before a battle. Major Pavel Kolek knew his equipment was working at 100% and expecting a battle but still felt unease from the escort. When he oversaw the trucks from Berlin he took the opportunity to let some speech out of his system. "Major Kolek here, what took you lot so long, over?"

Donna saw the repaired Leo II ahead of the leading trucks when the convoy was nearing its way to Warsaw. Behind it a squad of Leos still working were following while setting up a last minute checkpoint. The trucks stopped when Donna responded to the radio, "Who said we were late? We brought in Gundam Unit 1 and Maganac IIs for the battle. We will begin unloading them."

The drivers of the other trucks and her brothers got off their transports and prepared to unload their mobile suits. Her brothers were identifiable by the keffiyeh they wore like scarves.

Pavel recognized the serious response from the young lady when he chuckled, "Hey, I was trying to be funny..." Pavel rolled his eyes and turned the Leo II towards the base when he signaled to the others, "I suggest we head to Warsaw ASAP, this shipment needs to get there as soon as possible." As the Leo II unit signaled for its fellow Leo units to follow the Major introduced, "Oh yeah, proper introductions. Major Pavel Kolek. Just here on mission to see this Operation get started."

Donna confirmed his greeting, "Good to meet you Major. I'm looking forward to working with you in Rising Himalayas. It will be good to meet the other pilots when we arrive."

The leading Leo II began to move forward when Pavel responded, "Of course. Just stick close and be ready for any enemy fire."

Due to the lack of updates on the ESUN's part, the only mobile suits available were old Leo models that were quickly becoming antiquated in comparison to the Coalition's power. Unfortunately it was all they had as one made its way across the frozen grounds of Warsaw nearby. The pilot reported to his superiors, "This is Delta 5, the coast is clear."

Captain Houston was on the other line and ordered, "Keep your eyes peeled Delta 5. We are picking up signs of activity."

The pilot agreed, "Roger that Command. I'll report anything that turns up." A few more steps to the east, the scout was checking the perimeter for the enemy. It was too late when the advancing Leo III mobile suit team fired on him with his back turned.

[Track 5]

A few beams fired first and he made an effort in a final report, "Command! Enemy contact! There's enemy contact on its wa-" Immediately he was destroyed by a few more shots and exploded. The Leo IIIs were making their advance in a wedge formation.

Dana heard what there was of the report before the pilot was killed. "Sounds like they've arrived on time. Hope these people are able to do more than just talk big with their own Gundam onboard." She adjusted a headset before announcing into the base intercom, "All personnel! We're under attack! Defense team move up to the contact point! All base pilots, man your battle stations now!" Within moments the base was scrambling for a final defense. The defending Leo mobile suits prepared for what stand they could with their old mobile suits against the new ones of the Coalition. The pilots in PT would have to hurry back to the base if they were to be the ones participating in the defense.

Alberto saw the fire begin to spread across the Warsaw base as soon as the Coalition Leo IIIs had begun their attack. Even though the pilots were in the middle of PT, they knew what their duty was in such a situation. He announced, "Pilots! Here comes the real thing! Get back to base now and fight tooth and nail if you have to!"

With all of their horsepower in their legs, the pilots began to make a run for the base. Mercurio was among the leading ones and noticing that some were falling behind despite the emergency. The ones in front encouraged, "Go!" "Move!" "Hurry!"

Mercurio saw the damage become greater the closer he came to the base. In a seemingly hopeless situation he had to wonder, "This can't be good. Do we still have a chance?"

The Coalition leader shot down the final Leo model for the Warsaw base. There were two losses on the Coalition, but the bases initial scouting party of eight had been decimated. The Captain heard one of the other pilots report, "The forward defense has been breached sir!"

The Captain ordered, "Keep moving forward, we need to make work of those hangars! Find the shipments!"

"Yes sir!" Was agreed from the nearby pilots once the order was given. The Coalition Captain's mobile suit made short work of the base's walls just by crushing it and began to open fire on the nearest hangar. There was only an old Leo model inside and was quickly destroyed.

[Track 6]

The pilots just made it to the base when the destruction had begun within. Alberto ordered, "Get to your Leos!" The pilots began to make their way to the nearest operational Leo before Alberto ordered, "Jutila! Yuy! Form up on me!"

Both Mercurio and Keijo stopped in front of their superior and Mercurio asked, "What can we do sir?"

Alberto instructed, "We need to get to the main hangar bay. We have to work together if we're going to get past the crossfire."

They both knew that there was some plan for trying to get to the main hangar instead of the nearest one and didn't have any time to argue about it either way. They both agreed, "Will do sir."

Alberto gestured, "Stay behind me and keep moving."

The three men made their way towards the largest hangar bay in the base and found themselves caught in the firefight between two ESUN Leos and one of the Leo IIIs.

Keijo asked, "How are we going to get through this one sir?"

Alberto evaluated, "We need a weapon. See what you can find." A harpoon is not capable of destroying a mobile suit in all practical manners. It is however the only way that any ground troops are able to have a chance of surviving a mobile suit on their opposing side. This was what Alberto used once Keijo pulled it out from the nearby hangar door. He quickly noted, "It should still be in tact sir!"

Alberto took the harpoon cannon and began to take aim at the enemy mobile suit's main eye camera. He had it in place at first before despite a nearby explosion Mercurio was able to say, "Adjust to the left! It's advancing forward!" As soon as the Captain saw this movement, he immediately changed the target to his left and the harpoon cannon was able to fire into the eye with success.

Not bothering to reel the spear back in, Alberto thanked, "Good call Yuy. Let's move!"

Dana had just made it outside when the chaos had begun to escalate. She turned to one of the nearby personnel and asked, "Majewski! Is the Artemis prepared for battle?!"

Gawel Majewski rushed to her side when he answered, "Yes Captain! It's still in the main hangar!"

Dana shrugged, "Well that's great. I hope you're ready for the fastest sprint you're ever going to endure!"

"I have… Uh right Captain!" Gawel immediately remembered the priority he was given when it came to allowing any of the pilots to the main hangar bay. He threw his clipboard to the ground and placed every ounce of strength into catching up with his superior.

The moment the two made their way across from Major Capon's location, Dana saw him fire a harpoon shot into the eye camera of the nearest Leo III. She commented, "Looks like the Major has his resources at least."

Gawel commented, "It should be safe for now." Just moments after the comment he was tugged by the hand across the path of the Leo III's footsteps. The enemy mobile suit had begun to fall down from defending Leo units the moment they were making their way across. With any luck, Alberto and his crew would have made it across without much worry as well.

Donna saw the smoke from the distance. It seemed that the battle between the Coalition and the ESUN started. She turned to face her brothers outside. "Get the Mobile Suits!" She ordered. "We need to join the battle quickly if we're going to win!"

Her brothers ran into their Maganac IIs. She removed the sheet that covered got cockpit of the Sandesgeist and got in.

As she entered, the interior cockpit started to light up. The main screen displayed "XXXG-01SG". The screen than changed to the main camera, currently blocked by the sheets placed over the head. A small screen appeared just below the main screen, showing the status of the mobile suit. It seemed that it was ready to go with all parts colored green on the display.

As soon as the mobile suit fell down Alberto, Mercurio, and Keijo ran to the main hangar with Gawel and Dana. Alberto slammed the control panel for the nearest door and it opened. He ordered, "In here!" Everyone followed in at the command.

Mercurio scrambled into the hangar along with Keijo and Gawel and saw the two covered shipments that had arrived earlier in the morning. "Are there mobile suits we can use?"

[Track 7]

Alberto shook his head, "Better than that."

As soon as Alberto pressed a button, the covers for both the Artemis and the Uriel Gundams were removed. Keijo and Gawel showed a sense of awe while Mercurio had a feeling of confirmation from the reveal. Keijo asked, "I see. You needed our help to get the Gundams up and running for you right Captain?"

Alberto answered, "I do need your help yes. But I won't be the one piloting. I did say that the Unit 2 candidate was selected today."

Keijo asked, "Who would that be sir?"

"Private Yuy."

Mercurio turned to attention asking, "Sir?"

Alberto explained, "We've tested everyone out equally. You're the one to pilot Unit 2."

Mercurio was uncertain about this fate. The fact that he was sent to pilot the Gundam out of everyone on this base was not something he anticipated to be handed. He could only inquire, "You're certain I'm the candidate sir?"

Alberto reminded, "That's correct. I'm afraid we don't have time to argue about whether or not you actually are qualified, I'm just giving the report."

Mercurio found himself forced to agree. He was the one selected for being the pilot of Unit 2. The attack was going to continue unless he did something to help stop it. He reluctantly agreed, "…Understood sir."

Alberto nodded instructing, "Good. Yuy, get in the cockpit and be ready to go out swinging. Jutila, key these command keys into the Uriel command computer." Alberto handed Keijo a folded piece of paper with some obviously important commands.

The two soldiers saluted, "Sir!" and ran off to complete their respective duties. Keijo was at the computer working on the commands while Mercurio made his way to the cockpit. Keijo told Mercurio, "If they took out my Leo, could you try and smash ten of them at least?"

Mercurio nodded, "I'll try. If I'm any good with a Gundam, I'll at least be able to do some damage."

Mercurio then rushed towards Unit 2 and on top of the chest plating that covered the pilot seat.

Alberto instructed, "Just man it like you do the Leos for now! And bring it back in one piece!"

Confirming the order Mercurio agreed, "Yes sir!" Mercurio entered the cockpit and began to key at the control panels to start Unit 2. Within a few moments, Uriel was running and began to lift itself up slowly. Mercurio was aware of the danger that would follow if he continued to rise, the debris from the roof would leave the hangar in a few shambles just by standing up.

Knowing this, Alberto shouted to Mercurio, "Don't worry about the roof! Just get it raised and have Captain Houston instruct you on the attack details!"

The Coalition Captain warned, "To your left! Fire on the enemy!" One of the Leo IIIs fired to its left with a rocket launcher and destroyed two of the old Leo models. By now the Earth Sphere Leos were almost all destroyed with very little resistance left in them.

The pilot of the Leo reported, "It's not a problem at all. They're dropping like flies sir."

Another pilot commented, "Yeah, it's pretty sad actually. These Earth Sphere types just didn't know when to be prepared."

The Captain only wondered to himself, "Only real wonder is that they managed to last all these years."

Within a few moments of that thought, the two Earth Sphere Gundams were making their way out of their containment and into the battlefield the base had become. One of the Coalition pilots reported, "Sir! There's something coming out of the main hangar bay!"

Another one was shaken, "It can't be…"

[Track 8]

Uriel slowly began to pick up speed while Keijo still managed to enter the commands into the computer. It was a few seconds before Uriel began to stand and made a hole in the roof of the hangar with the battlefield in plain view.

Dana was rushing over to her cockpit and issued an order to Gawel, "Make sure the safety locks are overridden Majewski! We have a new pilot who needs to take his own out for a fight!" Now that the Gundams were out in a full fledge battle, they had to be willing to pull out whatever restrains they had before. It was a choice between this or allowing the enemy to end Operation Rising Himalayas before it could even begin.

Gawel assured, "Got it Captain! All locks should be off by the time you stand up!"

When Dana began to wait for the roof to open, she saw that instead Unit 2 was tearing a hole above its height. She confirmed Alberto's desperation to herself, "Well you sure don't bother waiting." She entered a communication with Unit 2 and ordered, "Alright Yuy, listen up! We don't have any time to go over anything complicated with these things so don't try anything fancy."

The Captain at first commented, "The Earth types have their own Gundam units…" Snapping back to the mission at hand, the captain ordered, "All units open fire! Fight for the Coalition's existence! Destroy them now!"

As soon as Mercurio heard Dana give the command, he responded, "Understood Captain." Turning around to find a group of three Leo IIIs headed his way, the Uriel Gundam was prepared for the attack. Taking aim with the most immediate weapon on hand, shots were made from the Vulcan cannons to ward off against the Coalition enemies. Uriel controlled just like a Leo did, but it seemed to be more agile and responsive. Mercurio wondered how much it was affecting his ability to aim but couldn't take any chances wondering in the heat of battle. It fired upon one of the Leo IIIs for a direct hit causing the proper damage but obviously not enough. He had to reach for the weapons system but wasn't sure how to operate them. He was not given any weapons in his hands before rising like with the usual arming process. He contacted Dana, "Captain, I'm not sure about the weapons system. I haven't been familiarized with it."

Dana should have known the inherit problem of putting a new guy in charge of a Gundam model. These things were fresh off the assembly line so to speak and the Earth Sphere pilots hadn't been given the time or study to demonstrate how different these models were from the average mobile suit. Once they were determined however, they did have an edge of convenience for those who managed to master them. She briefly wondered if any of Mercurio's father was in him when she heard the issue but instructed, "The weapons panels are on your left Yuy. Engage the mobile suit to close combat and long range depending on how you see fit." This was all she could offer for now when she drew out Artemis' rifle and began to fire on some of the more far off targets. She warned him, "I suggest you try them out now unless your promise to Jutila was just a bluff!"

"Thanks Captain." Switching off the communications, Mercurio worked on the long range weapons portion of his Gundam to assist the Artemis. Finally getting the mobile suit prepared, Mercurio could only tell himself, "I hope this is the proper long range mode." In act of preparation for the assault, Uriel had a beam rifle from its back pop out and the right arm of the mobile suit reached up to allow the device to attach itself. Soon after it was just like aiming with any other rifle with a Leo for Mercurio but the functionality was far more than what he was used to. He continued to take aim at one of the Leo IIIs and believed to have it in his sights. Unfortunately the beam rifle was far less stable than the weapons older mobile suits used. The Leo III jumped up at the sight and made an advance for Uriel and Artemis. In just a second, Mercurio continued to fire with hopes of hitting the charging Leo III and finally managed to hit it in the cockpit area. Unfortunately the ammo for the rifle was almost empty from the many shots made earlier. Mercurio cursed, "Grr… Damn it. This aim is sensitive." He began to key again for the close range mode that Uriel had programmed into it. With any luck this portion of fighting wouldn't be much different in the same way the beam rifle was.

Dana continued to pick off the Leo IIIs as best she could while noting Uriel wasting its ammunition just to take down one. Dana could only remind herself, "Well damn, I should have known that these newbies aren't used to the current reaction time." Within just a few moments she saw the Uriel draw out its buster sword and prepared for close range combat. It would invoke a very speed that most mobile suit pilots weren't used to if this was the first time. In a desperate action, Dana ordered, "Yuy! Set your thrusters to 50%!"

There was one thing that Mercurio did not count on when it came to the buster sword mode. He was already rushing towards the nearest Leo III at such an unnatural speed that he thought he was about to crash right into it. As soon as he heard Dana's order, he quickly grasped for the nearest thruster and found himself thrown forward from the sudden brakes. As soon as the brakes were applied, he thrust up into the air to avoid the upcoming collision with the Leo III. Mercurio felt a sweep of relief from the action but knew that the enemy was only right below him now. "Here goes nothing!" The Uriel swept down to the ground with its sword in hand and sliced down the middle of the Leo III resulting in an explosion from its destruction.

As if on cue, another one appeared from the flames with a beam saber in hand. Uriel brought its own sword to contact with it and just in time managed to convert to the proper heat levels necessary to block the energy from its enemy. Uriel continued to slice away at its enemy and its blocks while Mercurio shouted, "Go down!"

The base was still being attacked but as soon as the two Gundams had arisen, the focus of the Coalition Leos had been changed. As soon as Uriel was locked in blades with one of the Leo IIIs, the captain ordered, "Henders! Blindside with maximum power hit!"

The pilot of the mobile suit confirmed, "Not a problem sir!" The duel continued with Henders doing everything possible to cut the Gundam down.

This plan went awry when another Leo III charged, "I'll get him for ya!"

"Don't! Pull back!" It was too late when it seemed like the Uriel managed to turn in time to cut it down and go back to its former opponent. "Rookies... All rear teams form for a retreat! We have to make the report!"

The attack was swift and sudden, but Mercurio saw the charging Leo III attempting to interrupt the battle. He spun around with a great force and was able to slice into the charging enemy before it could do any damage. Damage was done however when the Leo III he was facing had fired on the Uriel with its vulcan guns. The armor was damaged but not destroyed and Mercurio turned around to deliver another strike. The blade cut the Leo III in half and Mercurio was able to take notice of the retreating Leo IIIs. Before beginning another assault, he reported, "The enemy is retreating. Beginning pursuit." Regardless of what anyone would say, the Uriel continued to make its charge towards the retreating enemy.

The Leo II moved to the midst of the battle while Pavel prepared a beam saber to attack an unsuspecting Leo III. The beam saber marked his first kill while he observed the destruction from his camera. A second one was felled by two swift strikes and the Leo II moved to a better defensive position while giving what covering fire it could with the dual vulcans. Pavel quickly set up communications with the Gundams "Ok, folks, let's show them how good we are."

The Maganac team moved closer to the battle. The team saw the partly destroyed city and pieces of Leos that defended the area.

[Track 9]

"We're too late here..." Donna said sadly but she became calm to take leadership of the squad. "We need to establish communications with remaining ESUN forces. Flake, try to contact them!"

"Yes ma'am!" Flake answered. He immediately started looking for the communications channel in his Maganac II. It took him a minute to finally find the channel. "I found it. You're ready to speak with it."

"Right." She responded. "This is the Maganac Team. We are here as reinforcements. Point us to where we are needed the most."

While the fighting between the two Gundams and the remaining Coalition mobile suits raged on, Gawel was able to hear the hail from Maganac Team over the explosions. He made quick adjustments to the frequency and managed to report over the noise, "We read you Maganac Team! Patching you to our leading captain now!"

[Track 10]

The Artemis continued to make its shots at the escaping Leo IIIs while the pilot of Uriel was clearly now becoming used to the mechanics. By now the loses on both sides were heavy, but at least the Coalition forces would soon lose this battle along with what forces they brought here. In the middle of the fire, she heard Gawel contact, "Captain! Reinforcements with Unit 1 have arrived!"

Dana turned to the entrance to the city and found that the forces promised along with Unit 1 were indeed on their way. "Better late than never." Was the least Dana could comment. She quickly assessed the situation of the retreating enemy and reported, "Maganac Team! We have confirmation of the enemy making its escape across the western walls!" She wasn't sure how many Earth Sphere Leos were left standing but hoped that the Maganac Team would catch up to them before the enemy could report anything on the base's status.

In the middle of the contact, Dana heard Mercurio contact her about pursuing the retreating enemy. She tried to stop him in vain, "Yuy!" It was too late when Uriel went to pursue the Leo IIIs. Dana left him with, "Just be glad those things are all you have to deal with kid."

Having just reached the edge of the base, there were about three Leo IIIs left attempting the escape. The Uriel was closing in at fast speeds and had its buster sword at the ready.

One of the Leo III pilots reported, "Sir! The mobile suit is closing in on us!"

The Captain could only usher one final warning of, "Damn! That thing is too fast!"

At that comment, the Uriel sliced into the closest Leo III and made its next kill. The two that were left standing continued to fire on the Uriel in hopes of doing damage. Some might have been achieved, but it was for naught when the Uriel flashed forward and made another mighty sweep with its blade. The skills of Uriel were proven with this attack and one portion of the escaping enemy had been finished.

Mercurio contacted Dana, "Captain, are the remaining Coalition mobile suits still active?"

"They are. But we won't have to worry about them for long."

"Western Walls? Understood!" Lindemann answered to Captain Dana. The team started to make haste to the Western Walls. As they progressed, they eventually saw the Coalition Leo IIIs. It seemed like they are retreating. It was perfect for the surprise attack.

"Enemy sighted! Cover Fire!" She ordered to the Maganac IIs. The Maganacs started shooting at the Leo IIIs with the beam rifles. With the beans fired as cover fire, the Sandesgeist swooped towards them with the heat shotels held in both hands.

[end at 1:37]

At least on most sides of the city base of Warsaw, the battle was drawing to a close. The destruction of the Leo IIIs and old Leo models littered the streets and desecrated the progress and achievements made by civilization. Such is the inherit nature of any war with such brute force. Alberto found Keijo now finished with the updating of Uriel's software and asked, "Alright Jutila, can we confirm our current status after the attack?"

Keijo saluted, "Sure thing sir. It looks like we were evenly matched but lost 21 of our mobile suits. 16 lost in combat, 5 lost before being able to take off. We've managed to find eight surviving pilots though and the wounded are still being accounted for. The remaining three enemy mobile suits are still being handled by the Maganac Team."

Zachariah snapped to attention when he saluted to Alberto, "It looks like we pulled it off sir."

Alberto commented, "Just barely. Survivor outcome is up by 300% from the usual encounter though, that's one sign of progress."

Keijo added, "And it looks like Mercurio just proved how much of a pilot he is. Not bad for a first fight in a Gundam model."

Alberto concluded the meeting, "Good work on the defense today, we've still got a war on our hands. Someone get Houston and Yuy to meet us in the main base. Make sure Lindemann and any Maganac representatives are present as well. We have an important meeting to make."

Keijo confirmed the command, "Yes sir. Relaying the message now." Keijo found a nearby phone when he announced, "Attention all Maganac assist team. Major Capon is requesting your presence at the center hangar bay. Report ASAP."

As soon as Mercurio received the message, he knew he wasn't able to continue further with the battle. The Coalition lost this one and hopefully it would be the beginning of something far greater for the ESUN in the future. He confirmed the order, "Roger that Keijo. Returning to base now." With that command, the Uriel flew towards the remains of the hangar and was prepared to make its docking preparations.

Dana continued to observe the battlefield the base had become and did not find anything unusual outside of the arriving Maganac Team. The battle was one and the casualty rate was significantly lower than what it could have been if action hadn't been taken. She eventually heard Keijo's message requiring the pilots to meet up at the main base. She answered, "Confirmed. Returning to base." Artemis began to follow Uriel to the hangar they came out of and began to make docking. She observed, "Well this was to be expected from a surprise attack. Maybe these two are our best hope after all."

As soon as the last Coalition mobile suit was taken out, the report was made to General Blare. The operator pointed out, "Sir, we've lost signals on all Vysokaye Reserve Unit."

Blare in a blend of confusion and concern asked, "What? How were they wiped out?"

Another operator began to work on his computer, "We've tracked the attack from the unit's camera. There should be something in here…" As soon as the commands were given, the main computer screens showed various scenes of the battle from earlier. Outside of the weak Leo units making their stand there were three peculiar units that stood out from the rest.

As soon as Edward saw these three mobile suits he concluded within a second, "Hm… So the Earth Sphere has resorted to this have they?" He told his men, "I'll need to file a report on this. Do we have any further attack reserves for this particular city?"

One of the operating tacticians on the main computer reported, "Most of our main forces are still in Minsk. We still have some patrol units in Brest."

Edward shook his head in consideration of calling the Minsk forces to their call. "The enemy will likely have pulled out before the Minsk forces even get there." He thought to himself. He asked the status of the Brest patrol, "As much as the previous force sent?"

"Twice as much sir."

"Excellent. Send them out immediately. We might be able to stop them." He turned to make his way to his own quarters and begin filing the report. He observed to himself, "The President will be quite interested in this news."

[Track 11]

The survivors of Warsaw would have a moments peace of their current victory, but within a matter of hours, they were soon to face the vengeance of an even greater force. War continued to be merciless and close in on all points of a moments rest. All of Warsaw was going to burn this time.

Making the descent down to the hangar bay, Dana was able to observe the damage from the ground view. More than forty mobiles suits lay scattered across the ruins thanks to the mighty power of the Gundams. If it hadn't been for them, the Coalition would have been able to advance towards the city today.

Gawel greeted her in a salute, "You did really good out there Captain. How many do you think you got?"

Dana answered, "I counted about nine. Artemis works well with my fighting style."

Gawel reported, "Wow. I thought Mercurio would have been totally in the dust. He might have been able to get as many Leos as you did. He might catch up if he keeps progressing as a pilot."

Dana shrugged and began to walk off to the main base, "Sounds like a plan. I'll see if he's up for a bet like that."

With the remaining Leo IIIs destroyed, the battle of Warsaw was over. As the Maganac team arrived during the battle, there wasn't any losses within the team. They may not be lucky in the coming battles.

[end at 1:17]

"Nice work." Donna said to her brothers. "I have received orders to head to the ESUN base. We will move there immediately."

The team moved towards the base. They saw destroyed Leos and Leo IIIs scattered across the streets along the way. The sight of forty year-old Leos have partly proven her war-loving father's prediction of the lack of advanced weaponry in the ESUN side will bring heavy casualties. She wished her father can restrain himself but currently Instructor W is taking that role.

The base was in sight. There were also signs of battle at the base with remains of Leos scattered around. She also noticed the destroyed Leo IIIs, the first victim of the new generation of Gundams though the generation seemed to have fewer Gundams as far as she knew. She found what remains of a hangar that she and her brothers can use.

"I will be attending a briefing." She told her team. "You can get out of the mobile suits and have a stretch." The Sandesgeist began docking with the hangar. When the docking was complete, she opened the cockpit of the mobile suit. She stretched a bit before moving on to find the captain.

As Mercurio made his way towards the main base, he found that the surviving pilots were meeting up with him in curiosity of the meeting. The group collectively cheered with Jutila greeting, "Hey Yuy! Looks like you managed to make it out of this one!"

Mercurio agreed, "I guess so. Emergency training does seem to pay off."

Another one of the pilots pointed out, "Yeah? Doesn't seem to land everybody with a super powered mobile suit though. You've already taken down at least six Coalition Leos and that's six times more than what most of our guys manage to pull off in a lifetime."

Mercurio assured them, "It's more the fault of the old models than our men. If we get more mobile suits like those Gundams, we'll be taking back the earth before we know it."

Another pilot punched his arm in respect, "I like the way you think Yuy."

As soon as Mercurio saw Dana walking up to them with Gawel behind her, Mercurio and the others saluted, "Captain. Thank you for your assistance."

As soon as his assistant returned, Alberto asked, "Can we confirm our numbers now?"

He was reported, "We have found the survivors and wounded sir. Including Yuy, Houston, Jutila, and Majewski there's eleven of our pilots remaining. About 63% of the base personnel managed to survive the attack."

Sighing with an edge of disappointment but mostly relief, Alberto noted, "At least we'll have some kind of staff for the Operation. That's a whole lot more than nothing."

Another staff member rushed in with some papers announcing, "Sir, this isn't looking good."

"What is it?"

The staff member presented Alberto with photos of the advancing Coalition attack. The numbers were twice what they previously faced and Warsaw was now even less prepared. He elaborated, "We have reports of further enemy activity headed this way from Brest. The Coalition is reacting quickly to this. With these kind of numbers, I'd say they're getting ready to make a more aggressive push into our territory."

Shaking his head in disappointment, Alberto evaluated, "Well that's perfect. The enemy knows we've been softened up. Looks like we'll have to make a run for Ostrava if Rising Himalayas can take off the ground."

His assistant asked, "Is the meeting still planned sir?"

Alberto confirmed, "It is. We'll have to make it quick. President Kecker needs to instruct them on their objectives before this Operation can begin. Get our remaining personnel to prepare for evacuation. We'll need everything we can carry."

Gawel was just as excited about Mercurio's great rise in power from the recent battle. Dana was only pleased that he wasn't shocked from the experience or trying to find a way out of being forced to pilot Uriel in the future. She wasn't entirely sure if he would be right about the state of the Earth Sphere's pilots though. The Leo units however did need to be scrapped for something that stood a fighting chance and that much was a fact.

As soon as Mercurio gave the word of thanks to her, she lazily saluted and responded, "You've got a ways to go Yuy. Keep it up though and you'll be worth more than just a few grains." She turned to the rest of the pilots and ordered, "Let's get moving, Capon's waiting for us and we have an operation to execute!"

[Track 12]

As soon as everyone at Warsaw base was gathered, Captain Alberto Capon began, "Alright, you've all probably heard of our recent package by now. Operation Rising Himalayas is off to a shaky start, but we've at least got our three main pilots together. In order of unit: Donna Lindemann, Mercurio Yuy, and Captain Dana Houston. These three are our current Gundam pilots. Treat them as regular pilots and back them up as best you can. Now for the message at hand." He pulled out a device that displayed a hologram of President Franz Kecker. Alberto introduced, "We have a message relay from President Kecker. Beginning the transmission now."

Pressing a button, the hologram spoke, "Warsaw base. I'm afraid that from what reports the War Cabinet has received that the cause for Poland may soon be lost. The beginning of Operation Rising Himalayas may begin with another loss of our United Nations, but will soon be replaced with that of our own victories. A shipment of new mobile suit units, the Ursa unit, has been shipped to Ostrava to fit one squadron. It is the most we can offer now, but once mass produced we shall finally begin to offer the mighty push against the Coalition we have been missing throughout this war. Once the survivors have arrived, it shall be your responsibility to head for the Rome Spaceport. Your destination shall be to arrive at the terraformation center of Mars. Search for Colonel Rumfoord once you have arrived for further debriefing. The hope of the Earth Sphere hangs on the success of every mission soon to follow. I can only hope that the pilots of Gundam are strong enough to deliver us from the Coalition. My prayers and hopes go with you all."

As soon as the message was finished, several soldiers were left curious about the mission. Mercurio seeking confirmation, "We're headed for Mars. There's still a resistance up there?"

Alberto answered, "After all these years it's amazing there is. But I think being screwed over from the terraformation effort is enough to keep anger going for a few generations. Hopefully Rumfoord is more than just rank."

It was a time to begin a true resistance. First to Ostrava, then to Rome, then to the stars that Mercurio thought he would see years from now. What was the weightlessness of space like? What was the battlefield that many had forgotten? Would Mars be any more welcoming? These were the questions Mercurio never thought war would answer, but he was soon to find that it was these questions that would hinge on his success as well as the fate of the Earth Sphere.


[Track 4]

As soon as General Blare was finished working on the report of the last invasion attempt, he began to work on his contact with the President of the Coalition. Nathaniel Falson was a relatively young politician considering the average age, but carried the professional and observant manner of his late mother many were familiar with. The President greeted, "General Blare. You have something to report?"

Edward began to slip the photos into a scanner explaining, "Yes Mr. President. Warsaw will not be ours as soon as we thought. It will however soon be taken."

Curious about the hitch, Nathaniel asked, "And what is it that causes the delay?"

Edward explained, "Mr. President, it is something what we have doubted the Earth Sphere was capable of replicating." As soon as he answered, the photos of the Earth Sphere Gundam units had arrived before Nathaniel Falson's screen.

Nodding in understanding Nathaniel kept a solemn face when he answered, "Quite the poetic justice indeed. Where are they currently located?"

"All three are still reported to be in Warsaw Mr. President."

The President took several printed copies of the photos elaborating, "I shall require this for the address. We will make an example of the Earth Sphere United Nations. They are in a dire situation if they are resorting to this."

Edward agreed, "The effects of the Kecker administration are starting to take toll on their old policies. Just from the very return of Gundam, the people will have no choice but to rally at our side."

"Properly evaluated General. Soon the people will recognize who their true enemy is. Do not fail in this assault." Nathaniel shut his screen off with one final piece. The hologram shut off leaving Edward to his personal work.

"Of course Mr. President. For just this period." Edward turned to the front view of the Testudo among his alert operatives. "Keep me updated on the progress of our second invasion. We move as soon as they have fully progressed."

It was only a matter of time now. The second wave of Coalition Leo IIIs were on their way to Warsaw. The battle would be far more fierce and the stakes far riskier.


When Donna overheard the meeting she turned to the Maganac Team. Having just defended the base they were currently making the necessary last minute adjustments in the hangars still standing. "So we're heading to Ostrava to defend the new mobile suits for the United Nations?" Flake asked while he fixed one of the Maganac joints.

Donna summarized. "Then after that is done, we will be in Rome to be sent to Mars."

Christian came up to her when she asked, "You sound like you're not totally convinced about the idea."

Donna looked up when she answered, "I would think the Earth Sphere requires our presence here."

Christian patted her shoulder when he promised, "Don't worry about it. We'll remain here if we have to. The Coalition may have its footing up here but they won't take the capital that easily."

Richard from a platform above agreed, "For damn sure. We'll make sure we're equal to what the Sandesgeist is capable of."

Donna nodded when she left, "Thanks guys. I have to go make some last minute changes now."

"Yeah see you in a bit." Flake agreed. "Hey Christoph, be sure to make those repairs sooner than later. We've got to get out of here before you're done."

"I'm working on it!" A voice said from beneath one of the Maganac holding trucks.

Donna found her way to the cockpit of the Sandesgeist. Inside she opened the communicator to contact Instructor W. "I heard about your work at Warsaw." Instructor W said to Donna. The instructor had light skin and blonde hair but he hid his eyes with sunglasses.

"Now it seems that we will have to move to Ostrava soon and eventually Rome." Donna updated him. "Then we will be sent to Mars to support the resistance there."

"I see." the Instructor replied. "In that case, I will prepare some parts for Sandesgeist then. You can claim them at Rome."

Donna brushed her arm before she confessed, "I don't think I can really agree with this sort of mission though."

"Why is that? I know it's your first space mission. But the training should be up to date with simulating that form of combat."

"I understand that. I'm not sure if I really support the idea of this operation though. I think Earth needs us more right now."

"I certainly can't argue with that evaluation. I'm afraid that all we have to go off of is the hope that High Command sees this resistance as part of a greater long term effort to assist against the Coalition."

"How's father doing?" She asked. "I hope his hawkish attitude isn't causing trouble."

"He is doing fine." The Instructor assured her. "I did see him busy lately and he said that he is heading to Luxembourg for some reason he refused to tell me."

"Right. That was all the update from me." She finished the conversation and turned off the mobile suit again."

She got out of the mobile suit. She remembered that she didn't see the other Gundams yet so she started to walk around the hangar to look for them while her brothers talked about individualizing their Maganac IIs to their liking.

Pavel had taken the liberty of observing meeting with the other pilots and Alberto's forces. He recognized the reason for their attention than he was after pulling out so much weight today. "If anyone takes these results to their head I'll have to step in." He reminded himself while casually lighting a cigarette. He announced to the others, "Well, it was nice working with you folks. I really hope we get another chance soon." He properly saluted all of the other pilots before heading towards the Leo II waiting in the hangar.

Alberto walked up to meet him side by side reminding him, "You'll be surprised how soon it will be. The Coalition is already going to be on us hoping they can catch us flatfooted."

Pavel took a final deep breath of his cigarette before he agreed, "Sadly I should know. And warnings are not really going to help us with that issue."

[Track 13]

Within the Capital building two hours had passed when the Parliament finished its decisions. As soon as the voting had been finished, the House Speaker announced the results, "The bill now passes with a 78% majority in the ESUN Parliament." At this proclamation, much of the parliament representatives applauded at the passing. At this achievement, Franz stood before his Parliament with a prepared speech.

He began, "My fellow leaders, let it be known on this day that we, the leaders of the Earth Sphere, have agreed to strip ourselves of the old principles of pacifism and forward into an age of our own preservation!" There was another applause with a few reluctant supporters in the rows.

Franz elaborated the plan of Operation Rising Himalayas, "Our fellow fighters have been imprisoned on Mars for more than ten years! No more shall we excuse ourselves by saying we have been constrained to the Earth, but we shall now offer a sincere helping hand! With the construction of the Gundams, we shall now begin a battle to save them once and for all! Not only will this be a noble act of the ESUN military, but the first step towards eradicating the Falson Coalition all to their foundations at 3 Juno!"

There was a final round of applause from the Parliament members before he concluded, "I assure you all now that with the beginning of Operation Rising Himalayas, the finest days of the Earth Sphere United Nations are right before us! Hear this now my fellow leaders of the free people of Earth! Today we fight a war for our preservation, soon we fight a war of progress! Our brothers on Mars, our fellow humans in space, they will all rally to our side as we reclaim the Earth in the name of unity! Before us is the greatest turning point in human history as we take our past experiences and forward ourselves under an era of unparalleled unity!" There seemed to be little opposition to this passing as the Parliament agreed to the action. The applause took hold over the majority of the House representatives at their most recent accomplishment.

The First Priority Speaker Malcolm Hunter announced, "The Parliament shall now hear from the leading Opposition Party. Speaker Relena Yuy, you have the floor."

Within the crowd stood the now aged Relena Yuy. Once a symbol of total pacifism under a united humanity, now the leader of an ideal that many had begun to believe was a dead ideal. She spoke, "This action is something that I regret to see the former symbol of peace enact. I have long believed that the worst course of preservation is becoming what we as a people despise. The return of soldiers, the return of Gundams, I feel that I must show some concern for what will become of the Earth's peace with the ultimate rebirth of a military and reliance on leaders. I believed that 30 years ago this system was built to preserve such a peace. The most I can offer now is my apologies for my failure regardless of where I have stood for the past years... Thank you Mr. President..."


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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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[Track 1]

[end 2:04]

Episode 2: The Crumbling Before the Walk

Franz overlooked the paper work from the earlier meeting when he heard Devine announce on his channel, "Lord Lindemann is here to see you sir."

[Track 3]

"Let him in." Franz responded as he singed another signature. He saw Lord Till Lindemann enter a few moments after and greeted, "Good afternoon Lord Lindemann."

The Lord made his way to the front of the President's desk introducing, "Mr. President. It is fortunate that we have seen the new battle plans brought forward. I take it the resolution was passed without issue?"

The President offered a seat in front of him when he confirmed, "It has passed Lord Lindemann. The Ursa unit will soon become our standard for the Earth Sphere military. As anticipated we did have opposition but our majority makes their voice of little consequence at this point and even they are soon to see reason."

The Lord accepted the seat when he added, "I can only hope that this will be enough. We will require miracles by now to see that the Coalition can be pushed back. And from what I understand not just against the frontlines."

The President looked over the transcript of the recent house meeting when he agreed, "Indeed. The Pacifism Party is persistent in its attempt to hear out the enemy. It is very unfortunate that Madame Yuy has placed herself in such a box."

Till was attempting to hold back a scowl when he elaborated on the situation, "It was one that she placed herself in and has completely shut the lid from reality. The fact that she is capable of conceiving these sort of thoughts is baffling. Had I not rallied our forces away from such ideologies early in the war she would have been the end of us all."

Franz didn't show any disapproval when he simply acknowledged, "There are those among us from the past who would hope that even without the permanent solution that there will still be a semblance of progress to be had."

"She is fortunate that I do not speak to her directly or else I would have choice words. She should learn her place as a spokesman of a past that will not again be revisited."

Franz nodded to the observation when he agreed, "As it may be."

Till collected his thoughts before he lost himself to another long disapproval of the Minority Leader's policies. He brought the next question, "I should like to know this much Mr. President. The completion of the Gundams has shown completion through prior test results. However is there a reason for starting Rising Himalayas on the Martian colony?"

Franz looked up from his desk when he confirmed, "There is a reason Lord Lindemann. It is currently classified but once we have seen the results of this first step… The effects will be quite a sight to behold."

Till didn't allow his curiosity to bubble out of the situation when he reminded his leader, "It is not my place to question you as leader of the Earth Sphere Mr. President. I shall only hold good faith that you hold the wisdom to this decision."

"Wise of you to do so Lord Lindemann. I shall expect the first squads of Ursa units to be shipped from Berlin within the next few days. If you have any further projects to deploy on the battlefield, then I suggest now is the time to unleash them."

"Gladly Mr. President. I have several final projects passing through the final testing stages. They shall require more time to complete but it will be time well worth investing."

"I have faith in your abilities Lord Lindemann. Your efforts will be among the most well recognized in our effort."

Before Till stood to leave he asked of the President, "I have nothing but respect for your judgement Mr. Kecker. However I would like to know. Who are the current pilots of the new Gundam units?"

Franz opened a file when he answered, "We have recognized your daughter Lady Donna taking the first unit as per your request. For our Wing Zero variants we have enlisted Private Mercurio Yuy for Unit 2 and Captain Dana Houston for Unit 3."

"Yuy…" The Lord chuckled at the notion when he took in the revelation and pointed out, "Now even Madame Yuy's own blood can't stand for her ideals I take it?"

Franz was ever as stoic on the matter when he agreed, "It was hard on her indeed. When he enlisted two years ago we have noticed a considerable amount of passion drained from the Minority Leader. This war has nearly gone for half a generation and has pressed the children of the past to endure a war we promised would never occur."

Till ran a hand across his face when he agreed, "Perhaps it shows there is hope for our children after all. Raise them on the ideals that pacifism only restrains violence temporarily and we will prevent such idealism from creating another disaster of this scale."

"And I understand that this is what the Lindemann estate has hoped to achieve in favor of supporting its home government?"

"For both this reason and the fact that you will not shy away from demonstrating what war is to the people. The fact that the colonies have resorted to using mobile dolls alongside pilots is something that will prevent them from tasting true victory or realizing the consequences of their actions."

"A worthwhile philosophy to live by. Sometimes perhaps prior generations do have a grasp of what is correct."

Lord Lindemann stood when he prepared to part, "In some few cases there may be. I promise that the Ursa units shall be completed when they arrive and we will hopefully be able to stand against the Coalition soon."

Franz looked down to his paperwork when he thanked, "Very good Lord Lindemann. Please keep us updated on the progress."

Till began to show himself out of the room when he parted, "Of course Mr. President. I only hope that you will see that this war brings us back to the basics of what makes humans what they are."

As Lord LIndemann made his way out of the office Franz offered a parting word, "It will be accomplished Till. It is only a matter of time."


Gawel observed the loading process from the highest base tower and saw at the same time the enemy radar was picking up the enemy. He contacted Dana on the nearest monitor, "Captain, it looks like the enemy is closing in on our location."

Dana checked to her left on the other screen when she responded, "Looks like Capon was right. If we even try to push them back this time, the weights gonna be on the shoulders of the Gundams. What's our status on the loading for the mobile suits?"

"We've got the Gundams and the other mobile suits loaded. Maganac Team should be ready to move as soon as we are. Securing our Intel from the enemy will require a system purge of about fifteen minutes."

Dana looked back into the screen ordering, "I'll give you five and then be ready to go." Without even a chance to debat the order Dana's screen shut off leaving Gawel to his order.

Gawel restrained a groan when he agreed, "Yes Captain. Well I should start on the most critical stuff first then." Gawel began to work as fast as possible on purging the critical battle data from the main computers. If the enemy was going to invade Warsaw, enemy intelligence was going to be the first thing they would want to eventually pierce into the main capital.

"Damn. Looks like we don't have much time left. Better get to the others." Zachariah made his way to the nearby hangers where the remaining Leos were stored.

"Well it's not like we needed more emphasis the new guy was privileged isn't it?"

Zachariah overheard the comment when he found the commenting pilot. He wasn't talking to anyone in particular but Zachariah reminded him, "Two year experience doesn't exactly put someone into new guy territory Roy."

Roy turned to face Zachariah to meet his face. "Yeah maybe. But you know how there are people who think they are destined for greatness just because of their lineage."

Zachariah found Donna preparing the Sandesgeist when he pointed her out among her brothers, "So you think that Lindemann girl is privileged then?"

Roy was briefly disrupted from his thoughts when he conceded, "I'll leave the jury out on that one. She has four older brothers from what I counted and she somehow managed to get the Gundam. How does that work exactly?"

Zachariah pointed to the flaw in the Roy's statement, "Being privileged for inheritance is one thing. By now that's a pretty petty thing."

Roy showed more of his cynical side when he asked, "Even if it is, who's to say they don't exactly have petty reasons to join this war?"

Keijo arrived behind them when he observed, "I'm guessing Mercurio didn't really give you guys the lowdown on what made him want to rush out here."

Roy shook his head when he agreed, "Guess he's not much of a bragger when it comes to these kind of things. Where's he at now?"

Keijo gestured to one of the Gundams, "Preparing the Uriel right now. From our previous briefing we'll be headed out soon so it'll have to be quick."

Zachariah gestured towards the central hangar when he agreed, "Sure thing." The two pilots made their way to the Uriel while Keijo made his way to the other base pilots. Keijo followed behind while checking around the base to notice its scrambling personnel. Zachariah and Roy arrived at the Gundam when Zachariah asked, "Hey Yuy, got a minute?"

Mercurio shut the pilot seat door when he turned to them answering, "Yeah it doesn't sound like the Coalition has arrived yet."

Roy brought his question to the forefront asking, "You really think you were the one picked to pilot this thing and the Major isn't getting cold feet at the idea of piloting something this powerful?"

Mercurio considered the question before he reluctantly agreed to answer, "He said that I was the one who qualified for the most to pilot this Gundam. Out of the two I think I understand why."

Zachariah remembered the two possibilities when he agreed, "'Cause this one has the big ass sword and the other has the big ass rifle right?"

Mercurio nodded when he "Yeah. That might have been what made me get this one. Can't really complain about anything though outside of the arm cannon taking some getting used to."

Roy gave his final question to the matter when he asked, "One thing I really want to know Yuy is if you really think you have the right to be there."

Zachariah smacked his shoulder when he reminded, "You're not the Major you know."

Mercurio didn't show any disdain for the question when he answered, "I was given this Gundam to pilot. My only objective now is to make sure it doesn't fall into enemy hands."

Roy shook his head when he commented, "Damn. He's got nothing. I should probably know by now he's just the good little soldier boy unlike the rest of us." He walked away from the site while Keijo and Zachariah were left to observe.

Keijo shook his head as the two parted, "Sounds like some of our guys still have the luxury to be jerks even in hours like these."

"Not so much jerks. They're just acting like most people would in a situation such as this. They seek relief from the stress of a situation such as this one." Mercurio reminded.

"I guess. But it's not like agreeing or disagreeing on this matter is going to make us any more prepared for what's ahead."

"It won't. We have a long journey ahead of us and if we're lucky it won't be after reaching Rome."

"Yeah. Unfortunately that's what we have waiting for us."

Zachriah walked with Roy as he told his fellow pilots, "He's only meeting the requirement of being committed to the mission. Just follow his example and we'll be alright."

"Yeah sure." Roy turned to ask, "So Ludwika, refeshing chance to finally use some medical skills out there?"

Ludwika turned to answer, "You think casualties are something to brag about on either side Gilliam? If you don't know who to respect I might have another to work on."

Zachariah gave a light agreement warning, "Someday those attempts at lightening the mood are going to get you in serious trouble Roy."

"And just what are we supposed to do when things get worse?"

"It's his funeral Zach. I'll make sure the obituary reads, "Death by Oral Exertion"." Ludwika said through gritted teeth.

Roy offered a quip asking, "Why not? It's got to be better than Death by Medical Malpractice."

"Pilots. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

The three snapped to attention before Major Capon when they saluted, "No sir."

"No one is able to feel the stress of this situation more than you people. It's your duty however to manage that stress and turn it towards the enemy. Spend more time making that the case and we might be closer to winning this war. If the Gundam pilots can understand this notion then you all have the same capacity." Alberto saluted when he dismissed, "Complete your duties before preparations to move out."

"Yes sir." The three accepted when the Major left.

"Seriously you see what I'm talking about? Him comparing the Gundam pilots to us?" Roy was the first to point out.

"I think we've had enough Roy. We've got an evacuation to be ready for." Zachariah said ending the conversation.

Roy crossed his arms in defeat from the argument as he cursed, "Just a bunch of sorry gits is what we are..."

Donna heard the argument between the three pass underneath the scaffolding holding the mechanics of the Sandesgeist. "Everybody is quite on edge right now."

"We've got no idea when the Coalition is going to get here and we know full well they're here to make sure the Gundams don't do any real damage to their mission." Christoph reminded as he hoped down from the Sandesgeist's vulcan panel.

Flake was still focused on his blueprints when he added, "Especially if it means preventing us from having a chance to defend the capital. Month or two tops and they'll have the prize in sight."

Donna saw the stress pressed on her fellow pilots. After a brief consideration she asked, "Do you think I should press for a chance to remain behind? I think I would be able to prevent them from reaching us."

Christian shook his head when he reminded, "You heard the President. He needs the Gundams out on Mars to help our guys trapped over there."

Richard set his tools down when he agreed, "If he's asking for all of them then this has to be something important. Right now your biggest concern is building a bond of trust with Captain Houston and Private Yuy over there."

Donna brushed her arm lightly when she asked, "I guess I will have to at some point wont I?"

"It's not going to be so bad. You and Yuy already have the common ground of being nobility sent to the frontlines. There's got to be something else there." Christian assured.

"One of the key requirements of our unit is to build a mutual trust. And they will be the only people I will get to meet for a while." Donna said as she observed the Gundams across from her.

Christoph shook his head when he turned to his brothers, "Still like little Donna there. Treating any new meeting like it's some kind of diplomatic mission to prepare for."

"If she's lucky she'll at least pick up some new social skills after this." Flake added.

Dana made her way to the Central Hangar Bay when she ordered to every pilot near the trucks, "Let's hit the dirt pilots! The Coalition isn't going to show any mercy this time!"

Roy was rushing towards one of the trucks when he questioned, "Well damn, not even a last stand? Can't we just get the Gundams to fight the war for us?" Ludwika did her best not to give a stink eye in that moment as she stood at attention before the Captain.

Dana turned to him when she ordered, "If you don't want them to hog all the glory, you better get your ass ready for Ostrava! And I do mean sooner than ASAP!"

The pilots next to him didn't bother questioning orders this time but with the familiar chorus of, "Yes sir!" The loading process began. The evacuation of Warsaw base would be the first step to making a way to Rome and the only people to be left behind were the Coalition forces and whatever unfortunate soldier didn't bother listening to protocol.

Dana turned to face a few remaining soldiers when she asked, "Has Major Capon begun finishing the loading procedures?"

"He has sir. He's speaking with the local leadership on the current situation."

"Major Capon. I must ask if you are truly willing to follow with this. Can you not stand a final defense against the Coalition before leaving? We will not be able to handle ourselves against the invading forces without your assistance."

Alberto faced the image of the city mayor when he forced himself to answer, "I recognize the dilemma we have placed the people of Warsaw in Mr. Mayor. However we have been instructed to move forward with Rising Himalayas as soon as possible. If we remain here any longer we will not be able to move forward with this part of the operation." He answered with regret.

"I will hope that it is enough to assist us in the long run then. Please be certain to provide assistance to the Earth Sphere upon returning." The mayor requested.

"We only ask that you endure the occupation for a time. We will return with nothing but the intention to allow our United Earth to endure." Alberto promised before hanging up. He took a look around the communications room before he made his way out of the base and towards the gathering of base pilots waiting for the final order.

"Time to report our status. It seems everyone is prepared for evac." Dana picked up a nearby phone when she entered the channel to Major Capon's office. As soon as she saw the mobile suits were ready for evacuation, Dana reported to Alberto, "We're moving out now Major. The forces have been fully loaded."

Her superior thanked, "Good work. The enemy is going to be within our sights pretty soon."

Dana offered a sense of regret commenting, "I guess the only concern we have now is if we can make it back to Earth in time before we risk losing the home front."

Alberto seemed to recognize this sentiment and could only agree with him when he said, "We'll just have to hope that once we get there the Mars forces will be able to supply us with the support we need." He announced to the personnel prepared for the evacuation, "Last call. We're moving out in five."

[Track 14]

The Testudo continued to march forth when Edward observed the activity on his screen. There didn't seem to be any sign of the Gundam units the first attack force came across but the devastation was still evident. The General looked over the battle map when he confirmed to himself, "It would seem they are anticipating a chance to escape before we take the city. We will have to stop them before they are too out of range."

One of the operators announced the status of the enemy, "We're closing in on the enemy base sir. We have them in our sights."

Edward looked up from the map when he ordered, "Perfect. I want the leader of Brest Forces to lead the attack. Send in our defensive squadron and we'll have the forces necessary to engage the enemy."

One of the operatives overheard the order when he contacted, "Captain Belyakova. Are you within range?"

A feminine voice answered on the other line confirming, "Affirmative sir. We don't have any enemy presence yet. We shall continue to await your orders when the enemy begins to move."

Edward was the next to order, "Our squadron will enage with yours and we shall prepare to cut off their escape. They must be caught by surprise Captain. Do not permit them a chance to escape. The success of our mission here on Earth depends on it."

"They will not escape sir. We will prevent the Earth Sphere from going through with this mission." The channel broke to leave Edward to observe the potential battlefield.

Edwards strategist observed the field when he asked, "I am to believe that we have chosen to act on our secondary strategy by effectively attacking their forces to clear a path?"


[Track 4]

Edward reviewed the strategy discussed earlier, "We shall. Our mobile suit forces will attack the base but still have a timeframe to catch up with the Gundams before they are out of our range. It will be up to the competence of our men to see the Gundams are destroyed before they have a chance to progress any further from this location."

Edward's strategist observed the advance towards the city on the map before them, "Good to see this is one situation we won't have to use the cannon. Our forces will need to feel like they put a dent in the enemy somehow."

Edward agreed with the strategy when he reminded, "Using the cannon would only be a waste of ammunition and resources. We must ready for our arrival in Berlin before we can see this creation of ours used to its potential."

"This war is about to come to an end at one slow step after another."

"That is certainly one way of anticipating the end. Either way we shall see that this war ends to pave the way to something truly glorious."


The head engineer of the Testudo oversaw the stored Leo III units while the final preparations were made to forward the invasion. He saw one of the pilots nearby when he commented, "Looks like the Testudo is going to be ready for taking another city."

The pilot looked up from the hangar bay when he agreed, "Saves us some trouble for sure. We'll be headed for Berlin before long."

The head engineer was curious about the lack of comment on the pilot's part when he pointed out, "I take it you were planning on getting more than just a few battles from the advance into Berlin?"

"Not really. I could care less either way if I'm needed at this point."

He remembered the pilot's situation when he agreed, "Ah, you still got that family to return to."

"They'll need my support but I can finally help them enter a normal life one day."

"That's the thing that really confuses me. You said you're a Tsubarov and you're just here on the frontlines hoping to earn the next check rather than demanding it from another lowly soldier."

The Tsubarov pilot agreed when he shrugged, "What can I say? My granduncle never thought his brother would do much and from what you might have seen none of us were able to."

"Well you've had something to drive you this far. I say if you have the guts to keep going then you'll be able to return home with a clear conscience and at least something to keep living for."

The conversation was cut short when an intercom voice announced in the hangar bay, "All Testudo pilots report to the main hangar. Prepare to escort Brest forces to the enemy city."

The engineer waved him off when he parted, "Looks like you'll have to get ready for action after all. Be seeing you Oleg."

Oleg stood up when he prepared his suit, "Yeah. Later."

[Track 7]

Oleg was within the cockpit of his Leo III when he waited for the order to move out. It was a few moments before he heard the Captain announce, "We're heading out to meet with the Brest forces. Stay close and prepare to meet up with the enemy if they have prepared anything."

"We read you sir."

"Stick close and meet against any enemy resistance."

"Squadron Captain we are picking up your signal. We are prepared to begin the operation."

The Brest Captain Aglaii Belyakova observed the Testudo squadron moving in towards her positions when she ordered, "Roger that Testudo Squadron. Move in on the base and stick close. If we're lucky we should be able to intimidate the enemy from numbers alone." Aglaii shut of fher channel for the moment as she promised, "They're right to celebrate against one squadron but they won't survive against this many."

[end 1:10]

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam WING: ECLIPSE

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The remaining five minutes had passed the three Gundams and the remainder of the Warsaw base was making its evacuation from the invading Coalition. The only worry now was whether or not any enemy forces would be able to catch up with them.

Zachariah looked over his radar before contacting, "We've got the Gundams prepared for the travel. Let's get ready for escort guys."

"'Bout right. Their royal highnesses are going to reach Rome nice and pretty before too long."

Ludwika reminded them of a nearby truck, "The remaining pilots are still down there. They won't be able to offer any assistance until we get to Ostrava."

"When we get there we better have something that can make them worth more than lining up for enemy target practice."

Zachariah didn't respond to anyone on the channel when he hoped to himself, "If these units work like the higher ups promise then we might have some kind of chance."

[Track 12]

The Leo II took its place among the remaining Leo mobile suits. Pavel was contacted on the other line when he heard Alberto ask, "You are certain it's your prefered position to be that far up in the lines Kolek?"

Pavel answered without concern, "Maybe it isn't if I'm trying to survive for much longer. But the Gundams are going to be enduring the most fighting. I have to remain up there and offer the best firing support we can give."

Alberto permitted himself to be friendly when he requested, "Anything you say pal. Just make sure you return in one piece."

He contacted the other mobile suits,"Ok, listen up here, if there's gonna be a fight we'll be severely outnumbered - that's my estimate of the situation. I know I'm not the CO of this operation, but atleast some of you know that I'm good at what I do. I suggest we avoid heroics and try to keep our flanks and rear as secure as possible." Pavel paused for a moment when he tried to come up with words other than stating the obvious. "Seems like the obvious choice is the only one if they're going to have any shot." He commented to himself before re-establishing contact with the other mobile suits. "I'm not going to claim that this evacuation is going to be easy. But I want to see that we are all soldiers in the face of this issue and don't let the possibility of failure cause you to run towards the enemy. I suggest we head out now. The sooner we have arrive in Rome the better." Pavel rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. He tried to stand in the face of adversity but it seemed that he couldn't help but notice how they were probably going to face the worst regardless of their hopes.

Donna got inside her Gundam. When she turned her comms on, she heard Major Kolek's speech. "Roger that." She replied.

The Maganacs followed the Gundams and the Leo II. Under orders from Donna, they are part of the squad as well.

"Man we still have pieces of history among us." Said Cristoph. "Is it really the highest of the elite we have right now?"

"Yeah." Richard responded. "Jump into a warfront this late and it's the best we have to go with."

"Can't say it won't be an improvement over the current situation but there had to be a way to prepare for this better." Cristoph enthused.

Donna interrupted the conversation. "The Earth Sphere is doing what it can to prepare." She said to her brother. "Focus on the mission."

[end 2:18]

"Report support unit. Current observation for our status?"

"All clear Maganac 1. Not picking up anything yet."

[Track 15]

Flake checked the radar in his machine. Suddenly there were dots of enemies closing in.

"Enemies closing in!" He reported. "On our guards!"

"Captain Houston we are picking up signs of enemy activity heading our way!"

"Do not engage the enemy. Our current mission is to make our way out of here."

"How far are they from here?"

"Not very. They're probably going to pick us up considering our luck."

"Would not be surprising. Houston, have all Gundam pilots prepared for emergency engagement."

"Yes sir. Issuing orders now."

The siege of Warsaw was met with no real resistance once the Coalition forces had arrived. The only form of any fighting the Coalition received was from unhappy civilians who were frightened by the presence of Leo IIIs in their city. Forces that would be easily put down once the Coalition military had sent its ground forces.

[end 0:56]

[Track 16]

The Coalition Leo III mobile suits approached the city of Warsaw and found the civilian population making last minute escapes from the city. One of the pilots was disappointed when he asked, "This is what we have to look forward to? How did the last few guys have an issue with this place?" As he prepared his Leo's rifle.

"Best bet is they didn't. We should have been able to take this city earlier if those Gundams General Blare warned us about are as built as we think they are." The Captain warned.

One of the pilots kept his mobile suit's rifle ready when he voiced his concern, "Well damn. The stories of those Gundams bringing around destruction are about to be revisited?"

"Only if we let them. Our objective is going to be making sure they don't use any of them or have them leave Earth. Report to the General on our current hold on the city." The Captain ordered against the concerns.

Oleg was among the worried when he cut off his channel for a brief period, "Damn. And we thought this wasn't supposed to happen again."

[end 1:00]

"Yes sir. Reporting now." One of the nearby pilots adjusted the channel to report, "General Blare sir. We have met with minimal enemy resistance but the city is ours for the time being."

General Blare's voice across the systems, "Keep watch over any activity. They will attempt to distract us if they have prepared properly."

"Affirmitive sir. It won't be long." The pilot agreed while observing the buildings.

Captain Aglaii Belyakova received a transmission from the General, "Scout ahead and ensure the way is clear for the Testudo. Follow proper porceedures if the enemy is nearby."

"Yes sir." The Captain changed her frequency to order, "Tsubarov. Take the two nearest units and scout ahead to the West area of the base. Ensure that we have a clear path to make way towards our next target city."

Oleg supressed a sound of impatience when he answered, "Yes sir. I'll report any activity I find ahead."

[Track 17]

Attempting to understand what made the siege so easy, the Captain of the Brest forces kept her camera fixed on portions of the city near the abandoned base. One of the nearby scouts had just arrived from the lines of the city and reported, "I see them sir. It looks like they decided to pack and leave before we got here."

The Captain of the forces deduced, "I guess we could have expected that much. Looks like we'll have to divide our forces if we're going to take them."

"How shall we proceed sir?"

Captain Belyakova overlooked the path the Earth Sphere mobile suits were taking when she ordered, "Second squad form up on me and prepare to flank them."

"Confirmed sir." One of the Leo III mobile suits followed with its rifle gun at the ready.

The Captain changed her frequency to meet with the Testudo and reported, "General. We believe we have confirmed the location of the enemy convoy. We will require all available squads to ensure these Gundams are taken out."

The General answered her, "You have the forces available Captain. Attack them when they least expect it and you will stop them. For this mission you shall have command over all squadrons and I expect to see results."

"With all due respect sir, I'm worried that our attack may just be a bit of skin off their nose. How do we secure the city if we're just down to the Testudo's emergency forces?" The Captain brought out this question and only afterwards felt any sense of being out of line.

Edward didn't show any sign of displeasure when he answered, "We don't. We are here to reach the Earth Sphere capital. Not take territory Captain. When the capital falls we will have the entire planet at the most opportune moment for the colonies to stake their claims."

Belyakova sighed before she agreed, "That is one way of accomplishing this mission. We'll just have to hope the rest of the way there is this easy I suppose."

"It will be Captain. I have been behind this mission since the beginning and it is time the Earth Sphere felt the full consequences of permitting this war."

Belyakova prepared her Leo III's thrusters when she ended the call, "The purpose of the Coalition sir. Moving out." She switched off her channel with the General as she ordered the other Leo squadrons, "Attention all squads. General Blare has issued me command for this mission. Secondary Brest squadron prepare to advance. Primary squadron move in and assist." She made contact with the Captain of the Testudo squadron, "Testudo Squad form up on me. Stay outside the engagement zone while our guys handle the convoy up close. We'll provide long range support while they get up close and personal."

As soon as the Captain had issued the order, sixteen of the mobile suits that had been sent to take Warsaw were now on their way towards the escaping convoy. Belyakova's unit led the mobile suits towards the best possible spot to blindside the Earth Sphere forces.

"Shouldn't we have the rest of our units out here Captain? Those Gundams are going to be enough of a target as it is."

"We have to make due on what we have right now private. I don't want to lose everyone in case our mission turns out to be a total failure."

"Doesn't sound like something the General is going to approve."

"The General will have to understand that there are some victories we just can't achieve right away."

She pointed out to a nearby unit, "They're right down there. They should be in range."

One of the Leo III mobile suits prepared a rocket launcher when he reminded, "It's possible they might have seen us by now sir."

The Captain pressured him to hurry when she ordered, "That's why we need to be quick. Fire on the nearest portion of the convoy and advance."


[end 2:40]

At that order, the pilot of the nearest Leo III had fired a rocket launcher towards the convoy. It was guaranteed to hit one of the trucks, it would only be a few more before the convoy was finished.

[Track 5]

As soon as the rocket had hit one of the trucks at the end of the convoy, Dana knew who it was that would seek such instant destruction of military property. "ZOINKS! Well that sure didn't take long!"

Alberto turned to her when he cleared, "You have full clearance Captain! Order the Gundams to move out now!"

She turned on a communication grid ordering, "All hands keep advancing on the road! Move forward as fast as you can! We'll push them back for as long as possible!" Turning to a nearby screen, she ordered to the other two Gundam pilots, "Donna! Mercurio! Get the Gundams ready! Don't worry about the truck integrity, we need to close in on the enemy now!" Within moments of giving the order, she rushed out of the truck's back door across the truck bed towards the Artemis. It wasn't long before Dana thrust herself up to the pilot seat area of the Gundam ready to again demonstrate her abilities as a pilot again to the Coalition.

Roy saw the damage that was being done outside when he cursed, "Aw damn! The enemy is trying to make its way towards us!"

Ludwika prepared her mobile suit's rifle when she asked, "What do we do Zach? Should we move out to their assistance?"

Zachariah observed the situation and saw the Gundams prepare to move out. "We can't do much with these Leos. Stay back and we'll be able to provide some covering fire."

"Sounds right. No heroics today." Roy commented as he began to fire on the enemy.

Zachariah commented on the suggestion when he answered, "None ever."

Mercurio heard the order from Captain Houston as he rushed across the truck, "It's time to enter battle. Any last minute changes are going to have to wait." He rushed to the Uriel and saw Keijo working on some minor repairs.

Before Mercurio got into the cockpit, Keijo warned, "The blaster is still empty! We'll have to reload once we enter Ostrava!"

Mercurio assured him, "Won't be a problem!" He rushed into the pilot seat while Keijo jumped off the holdings and onto the back door of the truck carrying Uriel.

The Artemis stood with its rifle at the ready while the other end of the truck carrying it was crushed under its weight.

Sandesgeist got up from its resting place on the truck carrying it. Donna found the heat shotels from the adjoining truck before contacting, "Emergency engagement. I shall require my primary weapons."

The driver was on the other line answering, "Feel free to take them little lady. Survival is top priority now."

[end 1:02]

[Track 8]

Belyakova saw the Gundams preparing to move out. "They had their big guns prepared in the right position. Move out and give the suppressing fire."

One of the pilots prepared the rocket launcher when he announced, "I've got targets in sight sir." The rocket flew towards the convoy but it only managed to hit the crossfire of a Leo unit that managed to shoot it down. "Damn. Those Leo units are getting in the way."

The Captain began to fire her mobile suit's rifle when she ordered, "Don't find some excuse for it we need them taken out!"

The pilot next to her saw the Gundams rise without warning as he pointed out, "Aw ZOINKS they're both headed this way!"

The leading officer on the other side of the flank announced to his units, "Fire everything! Don 't let them advance!"

Aglaii led the charge as the two squads moved in to close contact with their enemy. As soon as she was certain her squad was in range she ordered, "Set down here! Provide covering fire for our squads!" The Leo IIIs planted themselves to the ground and began to fire their beam rifles in succession. "Take them down! For our survival and the Coalition's!" Aglaii ordered.

It was too late as one of the pilots noticed, "Captain. The enemy Gundams are getting up!"

Aglaii was quick to respond to the report, "Maintain your position! We're not any more helpful over there!"

"We'd at least provide them some kind of support!"

The pressure continued to build on Aglaii as she gave a stern order, "Keeping the enemy distracted is key to cutting them down! Maintain strategy!"

Oleg continued to fire from afar with the Testudo squadron but cursed to himself, "Damn.. Our guys will just get creamed at this rate if they don't have some stroke of luck."

In just moments after finding the first target, the Artemis fired with its rifle towards the enemy. The shot was powerful, but the distance allowed the enemy to have time to evade it. On impact, two of the Leo IIIs were destroyed. The remaining fourteen would only be up for grabs in comparison with the other two Gundams coming up.

Dana observed the Leo III units making their way in when she warned, "The enemy is reaching in close. Prepare for any close range combat." The Artemis fired at some of the further away enemy units when Dana reminded herself, "We let any of the debris get in the way we'll have a hard time getting to our destination."

The Sandesgeist picked up its heat shotels when Donna announced, "I am now about to engage against Coalition Leo IIIs." She reported. Just seconds after the warning the Sandesgeist charged towards two Leo IIIs. The heat shotels were combined with the shield to make the cross crusher.

Flake promised her, "Head in there Donna. We'll cover everything from behind and we won't let the enemy get the better of us."

[end 2:37]

[Track 17]

"Over there! Don't let them get any closer!"

With the combined weapon, she crushed a Leo III in half with the cockpit cut horizontally while the second enemy was stunned after being elbowed when the shotel was withdrawn to cut the first Leo III. The second Leo III attempted to draw it's beamsaber until it was stunned again by a punch from the Sandesgeist and eventually sliced in half like the other Leo III.

"There should be twelve left now." She observed. "The other Gundams or the Maganacs should be able to help make short work."

As soon as Uriel stood up, Mercurio saw twelve remaining Leo IIIs with Sandesgeist leading its attack on the enemy. Jumping forward with buster sword in hand, the blade began to resonate with heat and was sliced into the nearest Leo III. Turning to his right, the Uriel saw a Leo III that was attempting to fire a rocket in the way of Sandesgeist and was targeted in that second. Dashing forward, Uriel sliced the Leo III in half without it even being able to try pulling the trigger. "Ten left." The Uriel brought its sword into shield mode to block against the long range attacks. "Possibly more than we expected." With the far off targets in sight, Mercurio pulled the shield back on his arm and threw it into the distance.

"They're taking our guys out real easily captain! I don't know how much longer they'll hold!"

Aglaii held her nerves together when she ordered, "Maintain position! No one is to move in!"

Oleg continued to fire when he cursed the situation, "Ah ZOINKS that's not going to help!"

As the shots continued there was a circular object from a distance away. Aglaii made a desperate warning, "Private! Move back and avoid the attack!"

"Damn it! Not much to breathing space!"

"Watch the line of fire!"

"Captain, what the hellll?!" Oleg was caught off guard when he recognized what was happening. Aglaii's Leo III ran into Olegs as they both fell to the ground beneath the incoming shield.

Oleg looked up from his lap when he caught his breath. "Huff... huff... Thanks Captain."

Aglaii contacted him, "Later. We have an enemy to supress."

Oleg's Leo unit took out a rifle when he agreed, "Understood sir." Before either of the Leo units could get back up Oleg warned, "Down Captain!"

"What?!" Before Aglaii could discover what happened she saw the shield of the Uriel Gundam coming back like a boomerang. Oleg's Leo unit unfortunately didn't duck its rifle in time and found the barrel snapped clean off.

"How the hell does that happen?" Oleg wondered to himself.

"The enemy just keeps coming up with all sorts of ways to one up us." Aglaii answered to herself. She repoened her channel to Oleg before ordering, "Drop the rifle Private. We have to maintain our numbers."

"Acknowledged Captain." Oleg groaned in defeat.

The leading Leo II was still out of enemy fire when its pilot checked the surroundings. "Well how do you like that? It seems like I'm too slow to be considered worthy of this mobile suit doesn't it?" Pavel asked himself. "You hold up there guys. I'm not going to be totally useless for this encounter!" Pavel rolled his knuckles when he quickly moved the Leo II to the fray. Two of the enemy Leo's hesitated at the sight of the slightly older mobile suit. It provided a moment of opportunity when their armaments and mobility were lost as the Leo II used a beam saber to completely disable nearby foes. One of the Leo III's managed to get a glancing hit before it lost its legs. The Major prepared to use his Leo unit's rifle before he allowed himself a brief reward, "Seven remaining by my estimate." He stated to the com and made a quick spin to stab through a Leo. Pavel turned to his nearby panels when he noticed one of the blinking red lights next to his left hand. "Damn. If I keep this up I'll be out of power again... Oh well, it's better than staying out here and letting the enemy get any further." He activated the Leo II's thrusters and slammed shield first to one of the remaining enemies.

As the Coalition mobile suits continued to do nothing but take loses, the status was reported, "Sir! Those things are too powerful!"

Aglaii attempted to contain her anger when she cursed their luck, "Half of our numbers lost and no casualties on the enemy?" She did notice that one of the opposing mobile suits was rushing towards them. Taking the chance to surround this one, the Captain ordered, "Move up on the Leo II! We'll take at least one down!"

One of the eager pilots confirmed, "Confirmed sir!" As the Leo II made its way towards its next target, the remaining forces surrounded it in half of a circle with only a chance to retreat. It would have been too late to do so though when the leading commander of the forces drew a saber from its Leo III and warned, "You're mine!" The swing downward was mighty precise. Anyone capable of surviving it would have required nothing short of a miracle in this situation.

"Oh ZOINKS, this again..." Kolek knew he couldn't dodge the attack - nor could he retreat in his situation. Admittedly hesitation was not an option either, so he hastily activated all of the thrusters on the Leo II, lifted the shield slightly and charged at the enemy commander. As the saber cut the shield and damaged the left side of the Leo II, Pavel made a quick stab with his beam saber - if he'd go down now he'd at least take down their leader as well. "You don't know who I am, do you?" The Major muttered to himself and went for wide horizontal slice - with luck he'd get at least one or two of the bastards with him.


[Track 18]

The battle was growing even fiercer as Mercurio made his attack but just in time managed to catch the danger Major Kolek was in. "I won't allow any more sacrifices that demand so much!" Mercurio announced as the Uriel prepared its jets to launch forward. The Uriel jumped forward into the fray with its main target on lock. "Hold on Major!" With a mighty entry, a swipe of his sword managed to swipe into the pilot area of the Leo III prepared to strike down the friendly Leo II. As soon as the explosion occurred, the other remaining Leo IIIs turned their attention to the Uriel and prepared to fire on the intruding Gundam.

"Damn! What now?!" As soon as Mercurio found the emergency lights near his buster sword controls, the Uriel's blade made its first transformation into a rounded shield. With all of the force placed into the shots, the shield was still able to stand and was protecting Uriel from damage. With this new protection he contacted the Major, "Sir! I've got you covered!"

Pavel let out a heavy sigh when he commented, "That was too close for comfort..." The Major let out a little sigh and continued the horizontal slice - cutting one of the Leo's like it was made of paper. Pavel noticed the Leo II's energy levels were getting lower on his computer's warning signals. "Damn. My beam saber is going too far into the overdrive setting. At least it served its purpose when necessary." He quickly reduced the blade's levels in to normal and unleashed few rapid bursts from the dual vulcans while backing away slighlty. "Thanks, I appreciate that. Be sure to continue with that sort of effort." Pavel smiled faintly as he answered to the other pilots message.

"What good would it be on morale if I fell? What would the propaganda folks do in that situation?" He shook his head a bit and waited for the enemy to make the next move. The left arm of the Leo II was out of comission - not that it mattered that much, but having no shield to use was a damnably bad thing in a situation like that.

Still firing at the enemy when she had the chance, Dana found herself nearing empty ammunition when the final Leo IIIs were making their stand. Their speed and persistence to avoid made her curse, "Rrrr… This isn't going anywhere." In a brief moment she found an opening to take out as many of the Leo IIIs as possible. Several of them were lined up and ready to be taken down after being forced against their impossible odds. She noticed that one was ready to attempt attacking Uriel and warned, "Mercurio! Parry the one on your left!" Regardless of what Mercurio did, she fired the buster rifle into the targeted Leo III and waited to see the damage that would be done. In the best case scenario, it would be able to destroy most of what remained of the Coalition forces pursuing them. She could only hope that they were quick enough to avoid taking any damage from the explosions effect.

The attack wasn't going well for the Coalition squadrons as they were slowly but steadily picked off by the powerful mobile suits. As soon as the Artemis fired its mighty blast, there were only three Leo IIIs left. One of the pilots cursed, "Damn it! We can't hold them off any longer!"

Another one in disbelief could only ask, "The ESUN was seriously able to build something as powerful as these?!"

The leading Lieutenant couldn't answer either one of them as he attempted to make a desperate call, "Brest Captain! We can't hold out here any longer! Requesting assi-" With Dana's final shot, the remaining enemy Leo IIIs were finally destroyed.

[end 2:06]

The destruction was quick and decisive while Belyakova observed her men butchered one by one. Helplessness filled her veins while she made an effort to maintain her soldier's attitude. She ordered the remaining squadron, "We can't engage them any further. Fall back and retreat." There were only a few more shots from the beam rifles of the Leo IIIs as they made their retreat from the convoy. It was the second victory for the Gundams that day.

The Uriel had its sword in shield mode as it absorbed every blast that came close to them. There was a brief silence before its pilot noticed there was no longer any shots headed its way. "Most fortunate the shield can bear this much punishment." Mercurio observed. He contacted the rest of the convoy, "They've ceased fire. We should be clear to move."

The Sandesgeist stepped forward within the safe range to spot any further enemy activity. Dana observed the activity on her radar when she contacted, "Picking up anything Lindemann?"

"Radar isn't picking up any activity sir." As soon as the sweep was finished Donna reported to the Gundams following her, "It looks like they've all been destroyed. I think we can finally rest now."

General Blare saw what the results of attacking Gundams even unprepared would result in. In one day twenty four Leo IIIs had been destroyed. This would not pose very good news for the war effort in the short term. He could only evaluate to himself, "It would appear the Gundam models are as powerful as we feared."

One of the operators asked, "Should we send in another team sir?"

The General shook his head, "No. Discover their target destination. We won't throw any more of our resources at them until we can pinpoint their destination. Wait for their next stop and we'll see if we can send in another strike."

"Understood sir." The operator noticed a hail on his system when he reproted, "Sir we have a signal from Captain Belyakova."

The General signaled to him, "Patch her through."

Aglaii's voice came through on the monitor requesting, "Testudo Command come in. This is Mission Commander. Come in."

Edward stepped forward when he requested, "We read you Captain. Status report?"

"I regret that we were unable to engage the enemy sir. Both Brest squadrons have been destroyed."

"The reports have been as accurate as we believed. Fortunate to see you are alive with some left standing Captain. Not to question your efficiency but it would seem the Gundams are a significant challenge as it is even for our Leo units."

"I regret that you may be correct General. We may require more numbers if we are to have a chance against them."

"If we can correctly estimate their next destination Captain, we will have such numbers soon. For now you will follow your new orders. You are to fall behind enemy tracking and find their destination. Report back as soon as you have confirmation. And return alive. The Testudo shall require its squadron to defend itself very soon."

"Yes sir. We shall move out now."

Aglaii contacted what remained of the squad, "Attention squad. We have new orders from General Blare. We are to scout ahead and find out where the Warsaw convoy is going to be headed. Stay formed up on me and do not attempt to move in to attack unless I say so."

Oleg questioned the decision, "So we just follow them huh? At least tell me we should be heading closer into friendly territory."

"Good guess Tsubarov. The further south they go the closer they get to meeting with some of our front. We can expect a lot of help if things get desperate."

Another pilot was less enthusiastic answering, "Things are desperate enough as is. What we need is the chance to see those Gundams collapse under their weight."

Aglaii hoped to gain some confidence when she answered, "If the General is right then the enemy should be going against larger numbers than ours when the convoy reaches its destination."

Another one of the pilots agreed to the plan, "I like the sound of this. Any idea where they're headed sir?"

Aglaii considered the direction they were headed before she answered, "I'm not one of the military strategists. But the General definately has something planned." She adjusted her channel to all nearby units, "Everyone maintain radio silence. We can't alert the enemy of our presence unless ordered to."

"Understood Captain." Oleg cut off his channel when he prepared his Leo unit to move with the others. He didn't need to open his comms system to promise himself, "Keep moving Gundams. We'll get you soon enough."

[Track 4]

Aboard the Testudo one of the operators reported, "Sir. Testudo squadron is moving out."

"Maintain observation of activity." A holographic map displayed itself in front of General Blare as they observed the movement of the remaining Coalition squad. "We shall continue our advance through Warsaw where we shall wait for the remaining squadrons and the general war effort to meet with us as planned." With that order, the operators of Testudo were keeping an eye on the remaining Coalition forces as they followed the Gundam convoy to Ostrava. It was all calm as the Testudo continued to march across the frozen grounds of Poland.

As Edward stood at attention to observe the fields and the map, his strategist reminded him, "Regardless of where they arrive sir, they will be arriving at their next battlesite. Unfortunately an uneventful trip from their lost base will give the enemy pilots a chance to regain their vigor for battle."

Edward nodded his head before agreeing, "This is not a a luxury that either side should permit to give... Unfortunately the best way to catch an enemy off guard is to place a false sense of security."

Edward's strategist stood next to him when he agreed, "Sufficient. We shall see if such a strategy manages to pay off."



Pieces of destroyed Leo IIIs were scattered everywhere. Donna saw only the Gundams and the older Leo models remaining in the field. It looked like a slaughterhouse of the enemy. "Things are probably going to get worse the further we go unfortunately."

The other Gundams and Major Kolek's Leo II seemed to take an amount of damage but they were at least still standing. "With the trucks in their condition it seems everyone will have to keep their mobile suits active for the rest of the trip." Donna thought to herself. She contacted the Maganac units, "The enemy is finished. All units form up on the convoy."

The trucks stopped to allow the Maganac and the Sandesgeist to rest. Sandesgeist was loaded in first with the Maganacs guarding it until they were able to load onto the truck. The pilots the mobile suits however remained in their respective cockpits. Flake felt his unit slide down when he commented, "Damn. I don't know how much more I've got in me now."

Alberto sat in the front seat of Dana's truck when he observed the walking Leo II among them. He switched the comms channel of the truck to congratulate, "Sounds like you've managed to survive again Kolek. That old thing is going to fall apart on you one of these days. Just pray that your next mobile suit will hold up."

Pavel brushed off Alberto's comment when he assured him, "We've got three in older models don't we? I think I've got the chance to survive until we return to Ostrava."

When the other units made their way towards the convoy, Gawel reported to his Captain, "Thank you for the assistance Captain. The enemy is no longer on our radar. I'm afraid we can't help you with repairs though. That sudden rise totaled the back end of the trucks."

Dana accepted this report with a shrug and told the other units without their own truck intact, "Sounds like we'll have to walk the rest of the way. Everyone keep an eye out for the enemy if the Coalition tries to camp us again."

Gawel assured, "We'll try to keep you informed Captain."

Zachariah switched his channel to ask, "How do you like that Roy? Looks like the privileged kid got to prove himself again."

"Eh. I guess for now we'll have to let it go. No casualties, no reason to complain I guess."

Ludwika interrupted the conversation when she reminded, "We've still got the remainder of our pilots to protect guys. Just keep your eyes on them until we reach Ostrava."

"Yeah, hopefully they'll be more than luggage by the time we get there." Roy finished.

The Maganac team participated at the opposite side of Sandesgeist. All four members were battered from the combat. Flake was observed the ruins when he asked among his brothers, "Are we finished? If there are more after us, I will go crazy."

"They're all dead. We won't have to deal with them for now it looks like." Christoph confirmed.

While the other brothers showed visible weariness in their voices there was one who announced, "The Lindemann family was heavily involved with OZ." Richard stated. "It's in our blood to fight and we aren't going to back down from any challenge."

"But soldiers need to rest for efficiency." Flake added. "We're nothing without the energy to fight."

Richard nodded at the reminder when he added, "True enough. Let's just hope the Coalition has the same idea."

Mercurio saw the damaged state of the convoy after the battle and could only be thankful that it wasn't destroyed by the fighting. It would have been the only other outcome if they had not been ready to defend against the enemy. They would not likely be able to survive another attack though if their ammunition and energy were exhausted. Mercurio head Dana's command on the matter and confirmed, "Understood Captain." Mercurio shut off his comms channel for the moment when he asked no one in particular, "Out of one and into another right? I guess I should know that's what this mission will entail." The rest of the way to Ostrava, Uriel was set on autopilot to keep up with the convoy giving its pilot the much needed time to consume a much needed short breakfast from his supplies.

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[Track 1]

[end 2:04]

Episode 3: The Struggle for Ostrava

Ostrava, Czech Territory

Four and a half hours had passed since the Gundams and its convoy made its way from Warsaw. The Czech city was now in sight and as quiet as the route the convoy had taken. Finally the Warsaw mobile suits were able to make it to their target location in Ostrava.

The leading pilot of the leading Leo II greeted to Alberto in his truck, "We're here Capon. Welcome to Ostrava."

Alberto looked out towards the facility outside the city. "That's one part of our operation done. Now I want to see the rest of the way be a smoother walk than this."

"What? Is the pressure starting to build on you?"

Alberto took a look at Pavel's Leo II unit when he told him, "Come on. I know that you're not any better off than I am."

"Of course. It's not like I don't have any fight left in me though." "Well it's time for us to get formal pretty soon. I'll see you and the others down there."

"You head on down there Pavel."

Alberto switched his intercom channel to the following mobile suits ordering, "Attention all units. Report to the grounds of Ostrava base and salute Major Kolek on his grounds."

Dana heard the command confirming, "Roger that Major. We're heading out now." She switched her channel to the others ordering, "Alright guys let's give the men their welcome they've been waiting for."

"Read you Captain." Mercurio reported.

"Order received Captain." Donna added.

Zachariah had landed feet first on the ground while he stretched his arms having left the pilot seat of his Leo unit. "Welcome to Ostrava guys and gals. Our pitstop until we reach Rome."

Ludwika sat on a nearby bench next to him agreeing, "Finally we got started on some refueling. Sitting in one of those things for four hours alone is enough of a pain. This long haul is going to be a serious bitch."

"How's it supposed to be a pain? You have the big guns in case any of the enemy decides to show up." Zachariah looked up and noticed the pilot was no one familiar to him. Behind him there were four other adamant Earth Sphere pilots who didn't vocally add to the conversation.

Roy appeared from behind when he added, "Oh so we're the ones who do the heavy lifting now? Just consider that your brief off duty time soldier."

Gawel showed up in front of the escorted pilots when he waved a report announcing, "And you guys get to sit nice and pretty in the truck until we got here. Good news boys and girls, you're going to be pulling your weight again pretty soon now that the new units are here."

One of the pilots voiced his discontent with the idea, "ZOINKS. I still don't get why we have to be out there holding the hands of the Gundam pilots. They're the ones with the actual guns that are capable of putting a dent in the enemy for Christ's sake. What are we even supposed to do for them?"

"Some of them are even older than us, they might as well just be sent out on solo missions if they actually have any competance in a mobile suit." Another one added.

Zachariah stood up when he reminded, "I take it you don't have an idea of what the mission is do you? We're escorting the pilots to remind them of the mission. We have to ensure that the Earth Sphere is fully informed of what the "

"A lot of good that will do us when they decide to go rogue..."

"I'll let the Coalition know about that. Until then do you feel like following up on what we're here to do?"

Roy bumped an elbow to Zachariah asking, "And you're asking why I have a hard time believing this operation will hold together?"

"Pilots! Attention!" With that order from Dana, the mobile suit pilots stood and lined up in salute to the two highest ranking military officials on the base. Across from them the two dozen pilots of the Ostrava base were in the same salute as them but next to the offline Leo II.

Upon arrival the leading official, Major Pavel Kolek dropped from his Leo II and made his way over to the Warsaw convoy. Pavel stretched his hand out and greeted Alberto, "Greetings Warsaw forces. It is a relief that you managed to survive the attack. We will need the Gundams to move forward with the operation."

Alberto thanked his fellow officer, "Thank you Kolek. As you might remember we're here to receive the Ursa units for our pilots."

"Of course. The Lindemann Corp sent them in yesterday. Give them the lowdown on these things."

"Of course sir. What's arrived today are the new standard in Earth Sphere mobile suit infantry. The Ursa unit. They are suited for space combat and will provide a much more efficient and stronger blow to the Coalition than the Leos have."

"I suppose the only concern now is if they will be capable of giving our men a fighting chance. We've already lost too many good men today alone."

"We've scrapped many Leo IIIs and salvaged their tech to make these units possible, and what's more is that these are the only units we currently have. We won't be able to build another squad for another week. I know how war makes some demands impossible, but I must ask your pilots do everything possible to not let these be destroyed or even worse fall into enemy hands."

Alberto thanked his fellow Major, "I shall ensure that my men do their best." He turned to the non-Gundam pilots and ordered, "Pilots! Your Ursa units are inside the next hangar! Get accustomed to them quickly, we need to make our move to Rome in the next hour tops!"

The pilots rushed off to the hangar with, "Yes sir!"

Alberto contacted the hangar containing the Gundams, "All Gundam personnel, reload and repair until you are ordered to meet with the convoy!"

Mercurio in the meantime was working on the beam rifle calibrations for Uriel and hoped, "I'll just have to make sure the rifle works better. I can't waste ammo out there like last time again."

Kolek calmnly listened to the orders he and other pilots recieved. By his estimate the Leo II would need more than just a bit of paintjob fixing. He piloted the mobile suit in to a hangar and made his way out of the cockpit to examine the damages. The Czech Major spat on the floor and muttered many negative words while taking a closer look of the damages that his unit had taken. "I been through too much to let this beauty die out on me now. I'm just going to need enough time to fix the thrusters a bit." After a while the Major had procured a team of mechanics to repair the damages and made his way out from the hangar.

A few sparks were jumping out when Mercurio attempted to fix the beam rifle's aiming capabilities. "Everything seem to be okay with it Keijo?"
"Yeah there doesn't seem to be too much wrong with it." Keijo turned to the lowering ammunition clip when he instructed, "Alright let's get the ammunition reloaded guys, just bring it in here."
"I'll certainly have to get better with this weapon if I'm going to be any good with long range."
"I would say leave it to the Captain but I know your probably need to feel some kind of worth in just about everything."
"It's pretty much more a case of self defense than anything. I'll just keep using what the Uriel was really designed for."

With a little smile on his lips Pavel made a little trip around the hangar and exchanged few words here and there with some of the men and women at work with their mobile suits. His prescence seemed to cause only a little fuss - after all preparing for the coming battles took priority over gushing about the fellow who the propaganda folks had lifted on a pedastal. After a short while he found his way to Mercurio. "You wouldn't happen to be the fellow who saved my bacon back there, would you?"

As Mercurio heard the Major's words he stood and turned around to meet him Major Pavel Kolek in a salute. From what he asked, he was indeed the pilot of the Leo II from earlier in the convoy. Mercurio answered, "I believe so sir. I'm just doing what any fellow pilot should do"

Pavel lifted his hand in to a formal salute. "Didn't really catch your name back there, kid."

"Private Mercurio Yuy with First Mobile Suit Division of Warsaw sir."

Pavel let his hand down when he continued, "Pavel Kolek as I hope you might now by now. It's only been a few times Alberto ever managed to support me. Keep up at this rate and I'll be sure you get promotions sooner than you could hope for."

Keijo was entered the conversation when he added, "We don't have any solo missions to head out on yet but I take it those will be pretty soon."

Pavel looked up to notice Keijo guiding the ammunition into the Uriel's arm cannon. "If I have any then Private Yuy will be the first to hear about them. Until then I just want to hear that I'll get the same amount of support as I got today."

"I think the most you can ask is that the Coalition doesn't hear anything about that sir. You can't get weak knees on them." Mercurio reminded.

Pavel chuckled when he agreed, "Ha. Good point. I didn't get here for nothing afterall did I?"

The Sandesgeist was piloted to the hangar as Donna looked over her brothers adjusting the Gundam for repairs. "How is the Sandesgeist holding up?"

Christoph oversaw the status of the Sandesgeist's integrity when he reported, "Not much we can do with this piece of work. Instructor W's the only one who has the parts and blueprints to do any real improvements."

Christian jumped down when he added, "Here is the good news, only the vulcans need to be reloaded."

Donna checked over the Sandesgeist's list capabilities when she added, "I'm guessing I'll need better ranged weaponry if I'm going to improve the Sandesgeist right now."

"Donna you've got a modern version of the Sandrock. Do you really think it's weak enough to need that much of a tune up?"

"New generation of mobile suits are going to be a new standard very soon, the Sandesgeist will need to keep up if it can keep a winning edge."

Richard made his way in as he promised his sister, "Donna, you let us handle the Sandesgeist and its parts. You just worry about building a better relationship with your brothers in arms out there."

Donna hesitated as she looked over the Uriel and Artemis Gundams being worked when she thought to herself, "That is important isn't it?"

Meanwhile, Flake went through some of the scrap parts collected from Warsaw. "Nice. Look like commander type Leo IIIs parts. Maybe these will do some good." In contrast to the Gundam, the Maganac IIs were more conventional and easier to repair and refit. Like it's predecessor, the Maganac II was customised for each pilot. Flake had his Maganac II improved by adding the Leo III's commander parts into his machine to improve it's radar and to scout more efficiently. Christoph's voice came through on his channel asking, "Things going okay up there Flake?"

Flake took a brief look at his radar screen when he answered, "Yeah. Not much to report right now. I just hope it stays this way. Two battles in one day is already proving to be a pain."

Despite the sense of security the Earth Sphere mobile suits had been brought into, the movement had only given the Coalition a new position to strike. Captain Aglaii Belyakova's squad followed behind her while she contacted, "General, we've found the enemy's location. This one looks pretty decently equipped though."

Edward Blare's voice answered on the other line, "We are reading your location in Ostrava Captain. Very good work on tracking them without incident."

"Further orders General?"

"Return to the Testudo. We will have the proper forces necessary once we begin our work here."
"Understood General. We will rendezvous with your position." Aglaii switched her channel to her squad ordering, "Squad. Prepare to move out. We have another attack force prepared to move in."
"We don't even get another chance against them. Damn I hate tracking duty."

Aglaii struck down the curse, "Leave the complaints to the soldiers who are going to move in soon. We've done our duty."

Oleg's voice was heard next when he promised, "We'll have more likely glory to take when we reach Berlin anyway."

"That's the attitude we have to maintain. Now move out." At that order Aglaii and her squadron moved out of the area and towards the direction of the Testudo.

Katowice, Poland
[Track 19]
In the time it took for the Earth Sphere's Warsaw forces to reach Ostrava, Poland was now a true war zone. Lieutenant Colonel Lorens Tor observed the old Leo models fall apart like flies at his forces might. With how onesided the conflict was he could have took a casual walk through the battlefield without any concern. As it was however he was more content to observe from his Scutum unit and observe the conflict from afar while he waited for the battle to end.

His casual observation was interrupted when he heard one of the operators announce, "Sir, Defense Squad Captain is here to report."

"I shall meet with him." Lorens stepped from his command chair to make his way into the nearby hallway. Before him the defense captain stood in salute.

Lorens saluted to the defense captain, "Captain. Do we have any word on the resistance out here?"
"Not a great deal Colonel. The only resistance we have found is in the city of Wroclaw. The best the Earth Sphere had out there were just a couple of Leo II unit squadrons."

Lorens lay his arm down when he looked out one of the near windows to comment, "Humiliating. The most the Earth Sphere was ever able to do was steal squadrons of our Leo II models back in the Division War. All the while we used that period to make ourselves stronger and more united."

"With all due respect sir, how does a civil war make us stronger?"

"The unity Nathaniel Falson brought us was unparalleled Captain. You may not have witnessed it during Hermine Falson's period but being allied against an enemy so soon to be crushed was reason enough for the old generals to grow lax in our effort to defeat the enemy. The desire to remind the Coalition of the unity it needed was one that was only brought by two men. Nathaniel Falson himself... And our superior officer."

"I guess General Blare has been friendly to the President ever since his rise to power. And together they were able to end the Division War to bring the Coalition back together?"

"That is how it worked Captain. With their leadership this union will not break again. Not until the Colonies have taken their claim over this Earth."

"Yes sir. We have the units necessary and the men and women who are dedicated to such a cause."
Their conversation was interrupted when a transmission came from one of the Scutum operators announcing, "Colonel. We have a transmission from General Blare."

"Bring him through." At Lorens's request he made his way back to the main station of the Scutum unit.

[Track 20]
Before him stood a hologram of General Edward Blare asking, "Lieutenant Colonel. How fares the invasion? I understand that you will have the southern area of Poland cleared by the time the Coalition is prepared to advance again?"

"Easily General. I am only anticipating the chance to meet the enemy and bring the fight to Berlin. For the time being however at the rate our sweep continues we will have Poland fully occupied very soon."

"Just as the President wishes. However I must request of your men to enact a new mission to deviate from Poland." Edward gestured his hand to show a map of the Poland and Czech border explaining,"South of your location is a nearby base that we have discovered to be housing the evacuees from Warsaw. I do not exagerate when I say their capture or destruction is key to our victory in this war, send your entire force to Ostrava and prepare for absolutely optimal resistance."

Lorens briefly considered the weight of General Blare's warnings before he agreed, "If the resistance has built such capable defenses, I will be certain my men are capable of accomplishing this objective."

"Carry out the mission. Return with results." The hologram faded away with that final note.
Lorens turned to one of the operators, "Change our main objective. We are now to head out to Ostrava and engage the enemy. Prepare to engage as an absolute optimal threat."

The defense captain who overheard the conversation asked, "Damn. So the enemy has built a force strong enough to warrant the entire force out here to move out?"

Lorens turned to the Captain answering, "We are only to follow the General's orders. If the intelligence he has is true then we must be on our gaurd. Return to your squad and prepare to move out with them."

"Yes sir." The Captain saluted before leaving.

There was probably not going to be any test greater than what the Ostrava forces were about to witness. With 72 Leo III units came the accompaniment of two Scutum units, smaller deviations of the dreaded Testudo mobile armor. The Coaltion had learned its lesson with trying to take the Warsaw base evacuees lightly, and this time there would not be any room for the Gundams to take the battle easy.

As the base continued to observe the activity within its radar range, there was one report that very few pilots were probably hoping for. When it happened, the alarm sounded for the base personnel to make their way to the central meeting room. In the middle of Mercurio's discussion with Pavel, the alarm had sounded and that was the clear sign for all men to report to their superiors for a battle plan. He saluted Pavel one last time, "Excuse me sir. The alarm is sounding"

[Track 10]

"No worries, we can talk after the battle." Pavel stated politely and quickly followed after Mercurio in the opposite direction. He rushed into the room of main operations where he saw the personnel hard at work to determine the threat. "Report."

"Major Kolek. We have a status report on the advancing enemy... And I don't think they're going to go light on us either."

"Well ZOINKS." Pavel realized as he overlooked the pictures taken. "Get me Major Capon. He's going to need to hear this."

Alberto entered the room when one of the operators greeted, "Major Capon, Major Kolek has an emergency to report."

"Do we have a visual on an enemy headed this way?

Pavel pointed to a screen telling Alberto, "Alberto, I hope you're the battle hungry type. It looks like our forces are about to take another blunt attack."

"How serious is this threat?"

"A grand total of 72 mobile suits WITH their new Scutum units."

Alberto ran a hand across his head when he observed, "That certainly didn't take long. It looks like the Coalition has gotten a hang of what we have on our hands. And running is certainly not an option."

"Let them take this base and they'll have a first step into Rome and the Operation is finished." Pavel agreed.

"We've got pilots. They should know what they signed up for."

"That might be. But are they able to fight with the strength of several hundred mobile suits like the Gundam project has promised?"

"They've brought us this far. It's about time to see if they can get us any further."

"If that's what we have to look forward to then I'll just have to get our men ready." Pavel turned to order one of the operators, "Order all squadrons on full alert. We need to have the defenses up now." He gave Alberto a small smile and a quick salute, "Time for me to lead on the frontlines. Ostrava base is going to need all the support it can get out there."

Alberto saluted back, "Good luck Pavel. I'll be sure to support you where possible."


[Track 12 start 1:15]

Without further exchange of words the Major made his way to the hangar and found his Leo II in a much better condition than he had left it in. He quickly climbed to the cockpit and checked the systems before making his way out from the hangar. The Leo II took a position in the forefront of the defenders and contacted the other mobile suits in immediate vicinity. "No time for speeches here, so let's just do our duty to the fullest." Kolek readied the Leo II's vulcan and began aiming for targets. "Standard thing to prepare for... Giving them a fight worthy of telling our grandchildren about."

The pilots of Warsaw were all gathered as soon as they heard the alarm calling the base pilots to attention. Alberto set up a map of the area showing the location of their base along with the enemy's ground. He explained the situation to the squad members, "Here's the situation everyone, the enemy is here with more Leo III units than we have encountered so far."

Dana took the news attack like it was just another annoying customer at the market. Never a dull moment with this regiment it looks like. "I take it's because of the news of us having the three big hopes of the Earth Sphere running around right now?"

"Exactly Captain. That's why it's imperative that every one of us bring our fair share to the defense and it will be time to push the Gundam units to their limits. Due to our situation we will be facing some odds that will require all of our cooperation and efforts to hold them back."

Pavel elaborated on the power of the enemy by explaining, "Following the Coalition squadrons are two Scutum mobile armor units. If either of these units get within range of our base, this base will be a crater in just a matter of shots. The attack reports from Uzhhorod are not even close to being overblown."

"According to those same reports though these things aren't exactly the best when it comes to close range right?" Dana asked.

"Exactly Captain. That is why our strategy depends on two of us succeeding in moving to the frontlines." Alberto nodded in the direction of two Gundam pilots, "Lindemann, Yuy, both of you shall be sent over the Leo III lines and intercept the mobile armor. Do everything possible to take them down before they can start firing. Dana, you stay with the others and take your best shots at the Scutums without hitting the others."

Pavel ordered, "Everyone else, your mission is to defend this base from long range. Do everything you can to either push back or destroy the enemy. We are not going to chance any advances unless the enemy squadrons get within range. Is that much clear?"

Most of the pilots within the room agreed to the order, "Yes sir!"

"Captain Houston, you will lead the defense and carry out the mission."

"I'll do everything to go above and beyond sir." Dana turned to the eleven pilots she now commanded, "Alright infantry, let's form up at the northern base perimeter! I don't want any shots wasted!"

The pilots assigned to the Ursa units agreed, "Will do Captain!"

She added to the command, "And don't make any excuses on getting used to the Ursa units either; you've had your time to adjust them! Go! Move pilots!"

Combined total, there were 8 Ursa units for the Warsaw regiment with 24 Leo units from Ostrava and 3 remaining from Warsaw along with the number of Maganac Team units. The numbers might have been against the Earth Sphere base, but the power of their mobile suits was what they required in order to make their defense possible.

Roy made his way to the cockpit of his Ursa when he cursed, "The hell we did have time to adjust to these things. We can only guess how much punishment these things will take."

Ludwika reminded him, "That's why the goal isn't to take any punishment. We destroy the enemy before they even get a chance to fire on the blunt of our forces."

Zachariah appeared when he tried to motivate the pilots, "Sound plan alright. Let's just get out there before the Captain is done chewing up Majewski won't we?"

Gawel was shutting the cockpit lid one of the remaining Leo units when he heard Dana encourage , "Hope you get to have some fun out there Majewski. This will probably be one of the last battles the original Leo units will get to ride in."

Gawel strapped himself in when he thanked, "Yeah... I feel so honored I should carry that kind of weight."

Keijo responded from his channel, "Look at it this way. You aren't going to be the only one to have that kind of honor."

"Just don't expect me to head out there and be the first on the line will ya?"

"You will be if the Captain orders it. You don't want to find out what's worse do you?"

"Not really..."

[end 3:08]

[Track 17]
The Scutum units marched forward with their Leo III units in front while the base made their primary defenses. Now was the great chance of the Gundam units to show their true power. What they would truly mean to the Earth Sphere.

Within moments of preparation, there were now eight black mobile suits marching out of the hangars with three of the left over Leo units that survived Warsaw. Every bit of effort counted and they at least weren't alone with Ostrava forces still using the same technology. It was a first step that either side could have pity for in this war, but only the victorious would be able to decide who deserved the respect.

The Sandesgeist was at the forefront of the base line with the four Maganac IIs behind it. "Everyone prepare to form up on the Sandesgeist!" Donna ordered to her brothers.

Christoph observed her yonger sister's behavior as he rushed to his Maganac II, "Battles seem to be doing her some good. Just put her out here in this sort of situation and she acts like a commander for a change."

Flake held his nerves together when he told himself, "Come on... We're Lindemanns... We're brothers... We can pull this off..."

Donna was once again in the cockpit of the Sandesgeist and prepared her systems to engage in the third battle for that day. She found Christoph on the other line as she relayed, "Maganac team, focus on the Leo IIIs while I take down the mobile armour!"

"Roger that Sandesgeist. We're forming up on you and prepared to begin the attack." The four Maganac II units followed behind the Sandrock successor as they waited for the order to advance.

"If our luck has been holding so far then we shouldn't have much to worry about..." Donna said to herself.

Another voice introduced itself to Donna's channel when Captain Houston ordered, "Lindemann. Yuy will be right ahead of your location. Prepare to move out on the order."

"I have been waiting sir."

Just as the Sandesgeist announced its preparation the Uriel stepped up with its hand prepared to draw its buster sword. Mercurio's voice announced, "This is Uriel. Prepared to move out Captain."

Dana gave a final command, "Copy that Uriel. Wait for the signal and prepare to advance with the Maganac team and Sandesgeist."

Alberto observed the prepared frontlines from his Ursa's camera when he heard Pavel ask, "It's about time for the Gundams to begin their strike don't you think Capon?"

"Have the Scutum units made their way in range?"

"They're going to be as close as they'll ever be. Just waiting for you to move your next piece now."

"Very well then. Just remember your place at the defenses Major." Alberto changed his channel to Dana's Artemis when he ordered, "Captain, forward the advance team. Back them up whenever you can."

"Yes sir." Dana changed her channel to Donna and Mercurio's ordering, "Advance team! Enemy is in range! Advance now!"

"Advancing sir!" Came Mercurio's voice.

"Advancing to the enemy!" Donna said afterwards. With that announcement the Uriel and Sandesgeist flew forward from the base's defense lines.

[Track 6]

Christoph signaled to the rest of the Maganac team, "Now's our time! Don't let them hog all the fun guys!" At that order the team of Maganac II units moved forward advancing behind the Sandesgeist. The snowy battlefield was trailed by the mobile suits as the team of Leo and Ursa units lay behind in wait.

"We can anticpate they will be left on the defensive. They will not have the numbers to attempt meeting us head on. Once we have arrived in range we need only prepare the Scutum units to fire on the base."

One of the lower operators announced on the status of the advance, "Our squadrons are all on standby for the defensive sir."

Lorens observed the line of Leo III units in front of the Scutum units when he ordered, "Keep them behind the lines. We won't let them risk their lives unless necessary."

One of the operators pressed for an alert warning, "Colonel! The enemy is making it's first advance!"

Six signals began to appear on the map in front of Lorens when he was checked to confirm the report. "Not even a full squadron... This was not something to antcipate. Advance forward squadrons! Engage the enemy and don't let them near us!"

One of the leading operators relayed the order, "Forward squadrons advance! Attack the enemy with full force!"

The Sandesgeist attempted to run directly to the Scutum. A team Leo IIIs fired barrages at the Gundam to prevent it from going close to the target. The Sandesgeist is forced to take cover to avoid the shots. Donna spoke to the Maganac channel.

"These Leo IIIs are stopping me to get to the mobile armor!" She warned to her brothers. "Provide support! I need to break through!"

"Roger that!" Came Christoph's voice. "Provide cover fire!" With the order, the Maganac IIs began focusing fire on the Leo IIIs. The attack from another direction confused the Coalition mobile suits, allowing Sandesgeist to proceed. The Gundam used the heat shotel to cut down the enemies taking fire from the Maganacs.

As soon as the Maganac Team began its surprise attack into the ranks of the Leo IIIs, the first Scutum mobile armor began to deviate its course from following the other.

The mobile suits had reached the northern portion of the Ostrava base and they saw the Coalition mobile suit forces marching in the distance. The Artemis stood leading the other mobile suits and kept an eye on the other side. Dana spotted the Scutum marching towards the base lines but not without the Leo IIIs keeping them safe. She tried to keep the Scutum within her aiming sights and spoke to herself, "They'll need to come further in distance if I'm going to be able to fire. Come on Yuy, Lindemann, don't let us down…"

It was probably the one weakness of the Artemis, it needed to be within the correct range in order to hit the target. Firing even in a safe range would be risky. Still she needed to keep the concern of the base in mind…

Within the Scutum mobile armor units there was only a fourth of the number of crew the giant creation the Testudo bore but were able to give a sizable blow on the battlefield when they placed their shots correctly. Lorens heard on of his operators report, "Colonel! We have enemy fire coming from the side!"

Colonel checked the status outside just to see what he was up against. "So this is what the force was necessary for." He refocused his mind on the battle at hand ordering, "Switch the main cannon to artillery bullet! All turrets provide support for our units!"

One of the operators repeated the order to the deck below, "All missile batteries focus fire on the advancing enemy!"

Lorens checked back to the map when he demanded an update, "What is our current status with the range of the enemy base?"

Another operator reported, "We are approximately 8 miles away from our target Commander. We shall be in firing range within the next 20 minutes."

"Keep providing support. It will take more than just a bit of shrapnel these weak units can muster to even scratch this sort of armor."

"Affirmative sir!"

As soon as the orders were given, the Scutum began to head to the attacks' source and fired a volley of missiles in the direction of the Maganac Team while at the same time firing its main cannon towards the defense line for the Ostrava base. The only thing there was now to underestimate for them was the power of the Gundam that would dare to challenge it.

The attack had begun. As was planned, Donna was taking the Sandesgeist with Maganac Team towards the Scutum at the western side. He was being sent with Uriel to take the other one and possibly get some firing support from Dana. It was at least better than going in completely unarmed, but the challenge was greater than what any normal mobile suit could hope to face.

"Yuy are you clear to begin the attack?"

Mercurio registered Dana's request with a second's delay before he answered, "Negative Captain. Enemy Leo units are in my way."

"Clear through the enemy. Don't let them slow you down."

"Advancing now Captain." As Mercurio focused his sight towards the incoming enemy fire, the Uriel launched into the air with a mighty jump and towards the ranks of Leo IIIs that were in its way. "This will just be like the other times..." Mercurio tried to remind himself. The Uriel was more powerful than any Leo model that had yet been created and the armor was there to assist him as well.

Soon he was within range of being able to reach the targeted Scutum unit but there were still a number of Leo III units prepared to meet up with him. As soon as he began to make his way to the ground, Uriel drew its buster sword and began to make a mighty spin into the ranks. With that swipe, many Leo III units had been destroyed, likely doubling the kill rate that Mercurio had already achieved. There was no time for concern with the number though, he had to reach the Scutum.


[Track 21 start 1:05]

Finding the first possible opening, Uriel dashed towards the Scutums' legs and began to make a swipe. Uriel's buster sword was charged with the heat and might of its best possible swing but the blow was only enough to begin making some amount of damage to its nearest leg. It was harrowing to see how little effect the blade had on this armor. It would take far more than what he had to bring down the moving armor.

He had to be quick about it though, when the Scutum began to target Uriel with its cannons and began to fire a volley of missiles. Uriel formed a round shield to protect itself and endured the blows that it made contact with. "Damn… How is this going to work now?"

"Incoming missiles!" shouted Christoph.

The missiles surrounded the team with black smoke with nothing on sight. The Sandesgeist couldn't be seen at the moment but there was a greater concern for how many Maganac IIs survived the barrage.

"That was close... All units report." Christoph commanded. The smoke slowly began to fade as the warzone became visible.

"Alright here." Richard answered. "Just my shield's dented now."

"Thanks for the warning." Christian replied. "My armguard took damage."

As their visions became clear, they noticed a heavily damaged mobile suit. The mobile suit was designed like the rest of the team but it had additional scouting gear.

"Is that Flake?" Christoph asked the rest of the team. "He should be alive right?"

Christian moved in to the damaged Maganac II before requesting, "Hold off the enemy I'll try to get him out of here."

Christoph and Richard fired on the incoming Leo III units while regretting their situation, "Unfortunate we'll have to let Donna do the heavy work here but we've got a team to hold together."

Donna reached the leg of the Scutum. She got the heat shotel ready to bring the mobile armour down. The Sandesgeist swung it down at the leg with great speed. Despite the strength of Sandesgeist's swing, the shotel was only able to cut until half of the armour covering the leg. The shotels are useless.

"The armor is too strong for the shotel." Donna realised. "Only the beam saber will be able to cut this."

There wasn't any time left for Dana to attempt aiming at the advancing Scutum units. The Coalition had begun to make its advance towards the base walls. The Leo IIIs had primed their cannons for optimal firing with targets in sight. Hoping that speed would be enough to stop them, Dana ordered, "All units! Fire on the forward ranks!" The units on both sides had begun to fire on their targets.

Leo units on the Earth Sphere side had begun to fall with the expected rate, but the miracle of the Ursa units was that none of them had fallen in the crossfire. Dana ordered, "All Ursa units! Move up!" She was determined to see that Artemis and the other Ursa units would be enough to place a very sizable dent into the Coalition invasion. The push was far more than anything the Earth Sphere forces had ever hoped to accomplish as Leo IIIs had begun to struggle to maintain the ground they made. The Artemis Gundam then utilized its buster rifle to full effect and made a shot towards a chunk of the forces.

The pile up on both sides was going quickly, but the Scutum units only managed to get closer and closer. At least one of them would be in range by now. As Dana prepared her buster rifle for another powerful blast to the Scutum that she and Mercurio was assigned to attack she ordered, "Form up! I've got a clear shot at them!"

"Come on! The Captain needs us!"

"Roger sir!" Came the confirmations of her men. The Earth Sphere mobile suits were now beginning to make their impact on the war known. This shot would be one of the two required to make a success. With the shot prepared and primed, the shot fired in a mighty roar with its target well within reach.

As Dana fired towards the Scutum, the first step to victory Mercurio needed was given. The power of the buster rifle was enough to burn through the Scutum's armor despite being quite far away. Preparing its beam saber and scanning its target further, Mercurio saw the exposed engine.

With the beam saber in hand Mercurio prepared Uriel and dashed forward, "Here it goes. HA!" The Uriel made a dash towards the Scutum's underside and slid on the ground with its saber pointed up. The final blow was given when with great speed Uriel sliced at the exposed weakness of the mobile armor.

Dashing far enough in time, the mighty explosion from the mobile armor happened. There was a giant fire with the power of many mobile suits combined while Uriel was slightly charred from the explosion. The damage wasn't great and Mercurio determined he would have to do all he could to help Donna with her target now that he was finished. He kept his buster sword in a shield knowing that it would probably be the only useful function it could offer at this point.

Keijo was observing the explosion from his Ursa unit and could confirm that the target had been destroyed. He reported to the standing units, "He did it! The first target has been destroyed!"

Major Capon ordered, "Good work making this happen! Move to the other one! Unit 1 and the others are going to need our help!"

One of the mobile suit pilots reported, "We've still got mobile suits holding us up sir!"

Another added, "I think we might have taken too many losses to offer a lot of assistance."

Alberto reissued the order reminding, "Move forward! We have to give the Gundam units all the support we have!"

Alberto went through his plan again, "Keep the Ursa units at the rear! All Leo units move forward and fire on your targets!"

One of the Ostrava pilots could only comment to himself, "Well ZOINKS… I didn't know the cannon fodder regiment was still part of military action."

Major Kolek ordered, "Stow that thought! We've got a defense to finish!"

He kept his Leo II out of reach from the enemy and pelletted them with vulcan fire while still looking for a good opportunity to initiate melee combat. The Major found a target for his beam saber and quickly took one of the enemy pilots out of the fight with a swift dash and swipe combination. Diomedes examined the field calmly and lit a cigarette while contacting the other suits in his vicinity again "I'm going to need some support for a charge, any volunteers?" The Major actually sounded slightly amused as he searched for a new target.

"Colonel! Scutum unit two has been destroyed!"

"It has?" Seeking confirmation, Lorens checked his monitor displays and found that the heap of rubble was indeed the remains of one of their own units. "Damn! Do we have anything that can take down those Gundams?"

Another of the operators warned, "Sir, the Earth Sphere is attempting to advance!"

Lorens gripped his chair when he ordered, "Move back! Fire on the targets!" Lorens focused his gaze on the targets before him when he promised, "The least we can accomplish is ensuring the Gundams have nowhere to turn for support!"

At that order, the Scutum began to move back with not attention to those who attempted to stop it. With a greater distance made, the Scutum unit fired upon the Earth Sphere mobile suits with its main cannon. "We have the target in range Colonel. If our shots are accurate, it should be able to take out the advancing Ostrava forces."


At Pavel's offer to charge at the enemy, one of the squad captains ordered, "Everyone form up on Major Capon! Fire on your nearest target!" There was certainly collective concern among the pilots being ordered into the fray, but they were only able to follow with the order. The Leo units followed the red mobile suit and prepared to face the Leo III units in the way of the Scutum.

As some of the crossfire became more intense, Kolek ordered, "Keep going! We need to keep pushing the Coalition forces back!" In that moment, the Scutum unit before them had begun to open fire on the Ostrava units with its main cannon and volley of missiles.

One of the pilots pointed out, "Major! They're firing!"

"What?!" Registering the fact that there was fire shots aimed right at them, Kolek retracted his order, "Fall back! Move back and avoid the blast!"

As the Scutum blasts rocked the base with their shots Pavel did everything to consider the situation before him. "God damn... When the hell did they get in range? How the hell did they get in range?!" Another cigarette found it's way between Pavel's lips as he moved to cause as much havoc to the enemy forces as possible. Pavel performed a side dash to avoid the blast and he was now actually on the left flank of the enemy. He Major contacted the remaining defenders of Ostrava "Just hold on for a little longer, the Gundam's are gonna make a short work of those things. I on the other hand..." Pavel shut off his channel when he recognized the incoming Leo II units. He grit his teeth in a grin when he told himself, "I'm going to take these guys down for good." He put the Leo II on overdrive and sliced through two nearest enemy mobile suits. The Leo II took a few hits on its shoulder armor but continued to press on with the attack. The beam saber made short work of the third assailant. "Come on! We are not backing down! Not at this point!" The Leo II unit continued to slice away at the nearest units while its beam saber struggled to remain lit. "Go down damn you!" Right in midswing however the beam saber flickered and began to lose its energy. "How?! No damn it!" Pavel made his Leo II unit throw its beam saber to the side while grasping for its beam rifle. It was part of a futile final effort though when Pavel saw another shot from the faraway Scutum unit on its way. "No... It can't... End here!"

The Leo units made a desperate turn to avoid the shockwave and power, but for most of them it was too late to find any defense. At the impact of the shots, the charging Leo units could be found scattered across the battlefield leaving way for the enemy to make their way across.

Observing the damage done from the recent barrage, one of the Warsaw communicators tried to contact the Ostrava leader, "Major Kolek! What's your status?! Major! Major!" Regretting to see that the signal for Pavel Kolek's mobile suit had been destroyed, the communicator announced to the remaining forces, "Ostrava Leader is out. Repeat, Ostrava Leader is out." It would be a question of how the remaining few forces remaining to defend the base would hold out. Alberto and the others began to feel a strong sense of concern for their current situation. The last Scutum unit needed to be destroyed if they were going to survive.

Mercurio found the Scutum unit beginning to change its focus on the Sandesgeist Gundam and the Maganac Team and quickly began to hack away at the turrets with his beam saber. With each strike the turrents began to fall one by one and left an opening for the next attack. Mercurio warned, "Donna! We have to destroy the Scutum unit and then form up at the base! The defense isn't going to last much longer!"

The Sandesgeist drew it's beamsaber from it's backpack. If the shotels cannot be used, there is always the beamsaber. The Gundam lunges it's weapon at the leg of the Scutum. It was finally able to cut through the armour and the leg, causing the Scutum to collapse rendering it immobilised. To make sure the Scutum will not be a threat, she slashed through the torso, shutting it down.

"Roger!" Donna replied to Mercurio's instruction to form up at the base. She relayed the order to her brothers. "Maganac team, regroup at the base!"

The Maganac IIs and the Gundam moved away from the wrecked Scutum. They made their move towards Ostrava. Donna observed the destruction the Scutum caused at the city and felt glad that it won't happen anymore.

She made her next order to her brothers. "Take defensive positions!" She ordered. "We can't let another Warsaw happen!"

Dana was still firing from a distance but managed to take out a good number of Leo III units. They were at least enough to make up for the ones that Ostrava had lost. The final collapse that everyone had been waiting for had finally come when the other Scutum unit had fallen. Dana reported, "All units! The Scutum units have been taken down!"


"Takes care of that!" one of the pilots had cheered.

Dana reminded them, "We've still got a defense to manage people! Units 1 and 2 are going to regroup! Don't let Ostrava fall!" As the defense continued to make an advance at the invading enemy, she began to take aim at the enemy Scutum that had fallen down. It obviously didn't have a chance at escaping at this point but showing mercy was a devastating flaw in any enemy who dared to do so.

Within the downed wreckage of the mobile armor Lorens oversaw the crew scrambling from the recent fall. "Colonel! We have to get out of here!"

Lorens saw the Earth Sphere mobile units in front of him when he responded, "I do not need to be reminded! Evacuate the Scutum now! Report back to General Blare on the situation!"

"War's a bitch on this end ain't it?" Dana asked before she fired her buster rifle at the remaining Scutum unit. Now it was only a matter of endurance with both sides suffering heavy losses of different kinds.


A very long battle had dragged on for the forces, but the Coalition forces were finally destroyed. There were no longer any opposing forces and the Earth Sphere had gained something of a rest. The battlefield that had been left before them was greater than any that was made before with many tons of mangled, burnt and inactive metal materials reduced to scrap. All of it made up the final resting place for around a hundred dead soldiers.

[Track 22]

There were four surviving Ostrava Leo pilots as the forces regrouped at the base and the highest ranking one was meeting with Major Alberto Capon. Alberto was greeted with, "Thank you Major Capon. Without your assistance the base would have definitely fallen to the enemy."

Alberto nodded with a sigh of regret noting, "It probably will if the defenses aren't replenished. The Earth Sphere will have to hold up for another week before we have the forces necessary to push back a united attack."

He was still assured, "Don't worry about that. We'll hold down the fort while you're all on Mars. It's the only thing Major Kolek would have wanted to see accomplished after this defense."

Alberto turned around to see the forces he still had. It was everything he was fighting for and everything he was hoping to see achieve what the pervious years of the ESUN could not. He confirmed, "Yes. I suppose this is where we part ways then."

"The sooner the better. Please make Rising Himalayas a success."

They parted ways with Alberto offering, "Good luck soldier."

The status of the Ostrava forces had been made clear and with their forces as they were, no one could be left behind. They still had Maganac Team, the Gundam units, the eight Ursa units and two remaining Leo units. It was only national identity that kept them from being a group of rag-tags.

Alberto announced, "Alright men, we've lost a lot today. Ostrava did everything possible to give us a safe route to Rome. Thanks to our combined efforts, we're now in the home stretch to our current destination. It's estimated to be a 12 hour trip, so get as much rest as you can and hope this is the last surprise attack we have to deal with for a while."

Mercurio agreed to the order along with the rest of the forces and had loaded their mobile suits onto the extra cargo trucks the Ostrava base was able to part ways with. Three battles in one day was hard on a human body regardless of the warrior involved, and the most anyone had right now was the comfort of a cockpit or a passenger seat.

Mercurio sat in the passenger seat of the truck carrying Unit 2 and began to stretch a bit. Keijo was driving and prepared to inform him if there was any contact or anyone wishing to speak with him. In the meantime he was only thankful to have some downtime from fighting after everything he went through today. His only hope now was for a quiet 12 hour trip.


The Battle of Ostrava was finally over. Despite the victory, it was pyrrhic for the Maganac team as Flake was shot down. Donna walked to the medic to see Flake's status.

Ludwika finished work on her patient as she stepped out of the emergency truck. As she moved on when she saw Donna walk her way. "Miss Lindemann."

"How is Flake?" She asked him without showing emotion.

"It was fortunate for him to have survived the Scutum at point-blank." Ludwika said to her. "Most damage he did was breaking his right arm and leg."

Donna tried not to show concern. "When will he be able to fight again?"

"He will have to withdraw from the frontlines for about two months for his bones to heal." Ludwika evaluated. "Here's some good news, he gets a one way vacation trip to a hospital to Quebec. Pretty far away but he will be safe from battles and have access to all the supplies he'll need for treatment."

Donna looked down when she tried to change the subject, "That's unfortunate. The Maganac II team won't be able to function as well without him."

"They're going to have to recognize their limits pretty quick. I know you guys are a proud OZ bloodline, but Flake Lindemann isn't indestructible like Heero Yuy."

"Thank you... Do you think the Unit 2 pilot would be able to take that man's place?"

Ludwika hesitated for a few seconds before she answered, "He's gotten us out of these three sorties hasn't he? Gilliam's the one you should ask if you want a more cynical opinion. I'd rather just take what I can have..." She looked over the recent battlefield when she added, "I will admit I could ask for more. Losing as many men as we lost today alone is bad enough."

"You... are correct. But I guess I'll have to offer what I can to the frontlines. Especially in this upcoming mission." Donna said as she walked back to her truck. Ludwika was right. They are mere human beings fighting a war.

When she got back to her seat in the truck, she silently mourned her failure. She allowed her brother to be at this state. She knew she failed as a leader of the team because of that. Fortunately for her, she was able to hide her tears with her keffiyeh. Instructor W will be at Rome to supply her with new equipment and it should be something she will look forward to.

As soon as the final Leo III unit was destroyed, the results were reported to General Blare, "General. The results for the battle have arrived."

"And what is our status?"

"… No survivors sir…"

"Not even the Scutum units made it out of this one?"

"I'm afraid not."

Edward slammed a fist into a nearby plating, "Cursed... incompetent... Over 100 mobile suits lost in one day..." He regained his composure when he looked up to see his reproter had returned to his station already. Only Bertram remained when he ponited out, "So they are more powerful than we anticipated. Can we not catch up to these units at this point?"

Bertram overlooked the war map of the European continent when he evaluated, "Our current forces are mostly focused in Poland and scanning for potential points in Italy. It is likely that their next destination is a city within said state."

"This will be a problem. If the Gundam units are not destroyed as soon as possible, we may lose this war regardless of our numbers. Can our forces in Slovenia be mobilized for action?"

"I believe so sir."

"Start it now. We might have enough time to cut them off if their destination lies far to the south."

"It shall be carried out sir. I believe Agent Zelma will also be of key assistance once she has made contact with our forces."

"If she is as effective as she was said to be in the North American campaigns then we may yet have a chance. Call for her at once."

"Yes General." Bertram found his way to a communications panel when he ordered, "Relay this command to the forces in Nova Gorica. We will engage the enemy with a full surprise attack." The order was given. Depending on how soon the forces were sent out, they might be able to cross paths with the Warsaw soldiers. But there was always a chance that something might have stopped them from meeting.

Falson Coalition Capital Building

3 Juno

"Mr. President. We are ready to begin the transmission."

"Thank you Mr. Lehrer." Nathaniel Falson said standing from his desk. "You have heard news from the frontlines on Earth I take it?"

"Of course. The invasion is still on schedule. However ti seems that the advance to the capital may be held back for an undetermined period."

"I'm afraid so. You have read the speech beforehand. This will be a definitive part of ending the conflict. Without this particular issue dealt with I'm afraid that the conflict will continue for much longer than we wish."

"If this had happened sooner Lady Hermine may have been able to rally the Coalition under the ideals of coexistence like she envisioned."

Nathaniel turned to the vice president when he answered back, "Not a day goes by where I wish my mother had to die Lucas. But the Earth Sphere bears its true fangs now. If my enemy so wishes to fall wresting life from my veins then I shall see they do not have the satisfaction of seeing my blood."

[Track 23]

As Nathaniel entered the room before him and Marcus the two men stood before a live audience of reporters. Nathaniel maintained his cool expression that came with his years as President. He knew his speech was being fed live to viewers across the Earth and those living in outer space. He could not afford to let either side see a sign of weakness about him.

Having received this knowledge of the Gundam units, it was the first step he needed to bring all of humanity under his way of thinking. Everyone would unite under him with this speech delivered.

"Great citizens and soldiers of the Coalition! What you see before you now is the true face of the Earth Sphere United Nations and what our perseverance has uncovered! What you see before you is the inevitable turn that the people of Earth will take! We have before us three powerful pieces of technology built with the intention of enslaving the people of space! We now see the return of the Earth Sphere Alliance that has long wished to see the people of space tied down to their will!

"We are now met with the greatest threat that the history of our human race has ever created. There is no longer any reason to hope that the Earth Sphere will desire a peaceful ending to this war. For 11 long years, we have only sought to bring equal rights to the people with our struggle. My father has seen into the lies and flaws that the empty promise of pacifism has brought to humanity. The absence of power is only replaced with more power! When its people become soft and weak, those in power shall accomplish anything to see that their figurative thrones are allowed to forever reign!

"This empty promise has brought out the true nature of the Earth Sphere and shows that they desire nothing more than a return to a militaristic force that enslaves rather than beneficially unites.

"Citizens of the Coalition! We are more unified than ever before! We are a single people! We have been enlightened in space and we shall now see that the people of Earth will awaken to the progress we have made! This is the dream I dare our enemies to attack! The spirit and great vision of Ewan Falson! The visionary of our race and beginning of our march to the stars!"

Upon this final proclamation, the small audience applauded while many across the Coalition's territories in the space colonies, moons and occupied planets cheered and showed their rallying support for their leader. The unity among the Falson Coalition was strong and the determination was there to coincide with their efforts. Days would pass and the war would continue to rage on.