Super Robot wars HOPE

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Super Robot wars HOPE

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A Super Robot Wars (non-OG) Fanfiction.

Title: Super Robot Taisen HOPE
Number of Series: Over 20


The planet Earth. Little is known about the blue planet. Our ancestors believed this planet was destroyed, in a catastrophe named "Gods' Fury". Others believed it was the world as destroyed because of humanity's foolishness. Some say, it was because of the arrival of the Scub Coral. Whatever the case was the Earth Blew up.

The survivors made a mass exodus into space from Earth, on powerful and large Zoids, to the red planet Mars. From there humans tried to rebuild their society. Such as, IronRock City and a floating city in the sky called Sora City.

But the living contention on Mars was not what humanity expected. The atmosphere is permeated by an enigmatic energy known as Transparent Light dubbed Trapar waves for short. These Traper's can be ridden in a smiler matter to surfacing.

Unfortunately some humans however where not welcomed on Mars. Due to a grudge, that started during the last war, on Earth. Humans with genital genes dubbed Coordinators and the natural born Naturals. Coordinators no longer welcomed on Mars, fled to space. Where they developed Space Colony's, where humans could live just how it was on Earth called PLANTS (Productive Location Ally on Nexus Technology).

As for the Naturals they planned to use bio-mechanical technology to create life on Mars, praying that they won't make the same mistake their ancestors did. The technology they researched on was implemented on the planet, which gave birth to what the Martians refer as Generators. It has unique capabilities to maintain energy and growth life in the surrounding area.

But soon, Martians forgot about their past, as well as their destroyed Home planet Earth. The PLANTS kept to themselves and they soon forgot about Earth and the past.

With their horrors of the past forgotten, peace was soon brought to Mars and the PLANTS. Humans lived out their lives; the thought of war became a fantasy to them.

But everything changed that fate full day, about 12,000 years after the exodus to Mars.

There was a flash of light, in a place called Miroodo Village. A boy around fifteen with long white hair came from the light. Next to him lay two children around eleven or twelve, a boy and a girl. The Villagers took care of the children and learnt their names. Lance Cordfield was the oldest, followed by Yurika Misumaru and Akito Tenkawa. The Village most cherished symbol was a giant blade, found in the Village Temple.

The boy Lance was very cheerful in the village, and always spoke of giant robots. His favourite robot was one called "The Reborn".

However, this was a foreign term to the villages, as they had never seen these high tech robots. The only High tech things they had where planes. There where the Coordinators in the PLANTS. But, the villagers cared little for them. And their where projects of LFO's begin created to ride the Trapar waves such as the Nirvash.

But in fact these giant robots or mecha for short did exist. And two Nation's had them, Nation's that wishes to take over the world, The Peace Keeping Force PKF, with their FATE machines, and the all-powerful Digald, with their Bio Zoid's.

They would one day begin their assault one day after, The Summer of Love. An enormous, non-stop generation of Trapar waves spread across the globe and the confusion and chaos that resulted from this disaster sparked conflicts around the world, leading to civil wars. Adroc Thurston died putting an end to the Summer of Love, and was seen a Hero. But His efforts where wasted as PKF and Digald attacked.

Both nations killed millions. Over time peace was brought to these two nations, but the same could not be said for those who opposed PKF and Digald.

Deep underground, was where humanity hope lived. Humans found living machines, in the form of Zoids and Gundams. However, not all these living machines were the hope humanity needed. Some Zoids became wild, and Gundams where used as tool for destruction.

Ten years later, The World was under complete control under one of the two giant nations PKF and Diglad. The countries are in a state of cold war.

To make matters worse PKF used a nuclear missile to attack the PLANTS.(Making both sides remember their existence) This started a war between Mars and the PLANTS, soon to be called the Bloody Valentine War.

The PLANT started a military force made up of civilian volunteers. Coordinator's filled with rage and hatred. They called themselves ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty). But all was not over when alien forces came. Horned humanoid aliensknown as Boazanianand AI machines knownas the Jovian Lizards. Simultaneous tried to conquer Mars.

The world which once lived in peace, now is back to war. Will mankind repeat their mistake; they made in the past and destroy their planet. Or will they end the war and bring peace back.

Battle 7, suddenly appears out in space and with it a giant Army 'Neo-Zeon'. They soon took over the planet, and at the same time dealt with the aliens and the Holy Valentine War. Forming a team called HOPE. Made up of the Martian's and the citizens of Battle 7.

They were seen as heroes of the world. Lord Char the leader stated to move people underground and counting the exact number of people alive on the planet and the PLANTS. The Moon soon was under Zeon control.

As for PKF and Diglad they were wiped off the map.

The reason why? It was to prevent what happen to Earth. When the 'Evil God of Darkness' would come.

Lance, now at the age of twenty five was preparing his men, on an attack of a certain spaceship that was coming this way.

He didn't enjoy doing this. Their had been two ships with survives from Earth come to Mars.

But unlike the Battle 7, that arrived, via a wormhole and about 15 years has past for them. These people have been living on the spaceships for 12,000 years.

The Spaceship that was coming to Mars next is called the "Megazone 23". His mission was to destroy it.

1. Mazinger Z + Great Mazinger + Shin Mazinger Zero + Mazinkaiser
2. Mazinger Angles + Mazinger Angles Z
3. Devilman
4. Mazinkasier SKL
5. Chōdenji Robo Combattler V
6. Chodenji Machine Voltes V
7. Armored Trooper VOTOMS + Armored Trooper VOTOMS - Big Battle + Roots of Ambition
8. Armored Trooper VOTOMS - Case IRVINE
9. Armored Trooperoid Votoms Finder
10. Megazone 23
11. Super Dimension Fortress Macross
12. Macross 7 + Macross FB7 + Macross Dynamite 7
13. Macross Frontier: The Wings of Goodbye
14. Martian Successor Nadesico + The Motion Picture – Prince of Darkness
15. Gekiganger III
16. Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack + Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
17. Turn A Gundam
18. Mobile Suit Gundam Seed + Seed Destiny
19. Zone of the Enders: 2167 Idolo
20. Desu Machina Demonbane
21. Zoids Genesis
22. Eureka Seven
23. New Getter Robo
24. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Lagann-hen + Gurren Hen
25. Aquarion Movie: Ippatsu Gyakuten Hen bye
26. Pacific Rim
27. Originals

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Re: Super Robot wars HOPE

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Stage 01: The Arrival of Neo Zeon.

"Rex Nightwatch, Prepare for launch", a voice from the radio called. The Person who answered it was a man in his early twenty's, "Roger". At that moment the floor levitated up as Rex inside his Machine or mecha for short. Listen quietly to the sound of other machines and workers and he and the machine where been sent out, out into space.

"Dynamite, I don't understand, why did you come to me?" The machine Dynamite said nothing.
"It has been 11 years, and still nothing?". "Why do you stop speaking to me?". Rex seated quickly, talking to his machine, since he was kidnapped and force to work in the PKF, he has never had time to spend time with his machine, only the 30 seconds in the hanger was the only time for peace.

"Still, not going to give me a hint?" He said as the celling opened up turning to a black void with white lights. "Anyway, let's go we have Vajra to kill?". And at that moment music started to play, "Welcome to My Fanclub's Night" A song by the artist Sherry Nome, a favourite song for the pilot. "Looks like Sherry, is on." The pilot said happily as the ground now displays one word "GO". Just then Rex felt the boosters being clicked on; a smile came to his lips as well as a sense of excitement. In the Top of his lungs he shouted as the booster sent the Dynamite flying into the void ahead. "LET'S GO DYNAMITE!"

At the Destination point for the Dynamite, in the void of space two very similar mecha's flew side by side as they destroy the alien known as the Vajra from slight. "Particle distribution indicates enemy presence dead ahead." said the pilot of one of the mecha the VF-25G Messiah Valkyrie, Michael Blanc. "Are you ready?" he asked, his fellow comrade Alto Saotome pilot of the VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie. "It's coming" he relied "What!" Michael yelled surprise, their where more Vajra here they he thought. "I'll cover you!" he suggested as the both flew towards the enemy reinforcements in sync, "Damn Vajra!" where the last words this alien bug would have heard if it could hear the screams' of Alto, before it would die from the combination assault of two Messiah Valkyrie's.

Michael, happy with their victory went to radio into the Megazone on their success. When Michael had noticed an unusual signal, he locked into it to listen. "Resupply, ship commander centre, pleases reply. This is fleey code 'Kobayashi Maru' ". Michael gathers his friend wasn't going to listen to this emergency call and do nothing "Seems like we should help them, Alto." He suggested. "Lets go!" Alto replied. From the corner of his eye Michael saw a red light coming towards them and an older man screaming at the top of his lungs "And the Dynamite is here!". "Took you a while Rex". He smiled happy that he had another friend to help him save this "Kobayashi Maru".

The three pilots and their mecha, arrived at the destination. "This is Commander Lucy's area, she won't be happy here." Rex asked unhappily, he didn't mind this Commander Lucy's, but she didn't like him. Because he had a letter about her life, found on him via the same people he works for, the same ones who kidnapped him. " I'm sure we will be fine, we need to get to the Maru as quickly as possible". Michael re insured his friend. "Roger" repelled Alto and Rex together.

The Kobayashi Maru was a transporter ship, in its persecution was a powerful mecha going by the name as Gundam. The Captain Bright Noa sat down in his seat, wondering if this was the right thing to do. "Bring the enemy Gundams, what was Lance thinking", he wondered. One of his operator's radio in and told him of three unfamiliar units where heading towards the ship. "So, the enemy fell for the trap". Bright thought disappointed as he rushed to see his new arrival.

One of them the blue one, flew above them, and put a communicator on the ship. "Let's see what he has to say". Fear came to Bright; he understood his reasons for doing this, he has done this two times before. But if the self-destructor failed or it somehow missed his target he would be dead and unable to see his family again back on Mars.

It all was because of the Anti-Spiral if to many people came towards Mars, his home. There would be too much Spiral Power and thus, the Anti-Spiral's will attack, killing them all. "This is Michael Blanc of the Skull Force, I have received your message and supplies will be given to you shortly". Bright heard the young voice, he guess it was quite young not that much older than his own son Hathaway. 'So this Place using young pilots for war as well', Bright thought and then said "We accept your hospitality". The enemy went towards his comrade's for supplies. Bright sat down confirming what he has to do, he looked at that Blue machine and thought " I'm sorry" and commanded "Prepare the Self-Destructor". The Temperature of the room became hotter, emergency lights started to go on. While Bright's crew, prepared their escape, one of his crew ran up to him, "Bright, we have a problem".

Lance Cordfield, was in his mecha and watched as the crew of the Kobayashi Maru, panicked in terror. While that Blue Mecha, was trying to commutated back to them with the supplies. The other two machines then went after him. "Yes, the closer you are to the Ship the better. It's a pretty Bright has to die, he was a fine captain". Lance gave a smile and said one word "Goodbye", as a flash of light whipped out everything in a 200m diameter from the Maru. He then gave orders to his soldier's recovery the enemy mecha's and if you can that 'Gundam'. But those orders changed rather quickly as Lance noticed a creature that brought both fear and happiness into his eyes. "The Evil God of Darkness", Shocked, scarred, and with Happiness as he said those words. "That only means one thing - The Dynamite!"

Amuro Ray, watched in Horror as this Evil Creature came from the destruction of the destroyed Spaceship. It was so similar, looked so similar to the thing that cause the end of the One year war, the reason's he works for Char in Neo-Zeon. The reason of the death of, Kamille, Judau and now his captain and friend Bright Noa, The "Anti-Spiral" tears came from his eyes as he said those words. In the Nu-Gundam, Amuro trying not to let his emotions distract him as he flew towards his comrades in Neo-Zeon, to attack this Evil Creature of the Anti-Spiral. "The Evil God of Darkness" Amuro's friend Lance radio's, before he saw him fly ahead in the Reborn.

The last thing Alto remembered flying towards, Micheal after he radio in about the communications not working, and then a loud boom. 'Am I dead', Alto thought. Blood drip of his face and landed on his hand. 'If, I'm dead why does it hurt so much?' which the strength he had left Alto woke up. The first thing he saw was the Dynamite and Michael's Valkyrie. A light flashes on his dashboard, Alto pressed it, and Rex's voice is heard. "Alto, good to see your alive", happiness came to Alto as he repelled, "good to see you alive as well". But that happiness soon faded as these green looking mecha's came towards him. "What are they?" He asked not expecting a good answer. It was Michael who spoke "They can't be aliens or a Citizen of the Meagzone." Alto, wondered what they could be in his entire life he has never uncounted anything besides aliens outside the Megazone. "We, should worry about that later, right now they are the enemy." The moment Rex finished saying those words the Green mecha's started to fire.

Although Alto was injured, it looked like it didn't affect his performance. He shoot down not one more, but three more than Rex and Michael combined. But it's wasn't enough, more kept coming, and he was almost shoot down, after he destroyed one of the green mecha, and sure the dead body of the pilot falling out of the cockpit. "What, are you doing Alto that thing almost shoot you down", Rex yelled at him. "Thing their no things" tries ran down Alto eyes, "Their Humans, look at the cockpit's Rex". Alto didn't watch what Rex did after that, he answers a few minutes later. "ZOINKS….", "does that make us …?", Alto didn't know how to answer that question, but the fact remained. He killed for the first time, but not person died he had killed at least a dozen. "DAMN IT!" Alto scream's as high as he could.

Rex, was having a hard time believing the truth, to make matters worse, he was up against a very powerful opponent. "Who - Who are you guys" Rex shouted as he tried to communicate to the pilot. "We are ZEON" that pilot started to laugh as if he was taunting Rex. "What a fine, bunch of guys you are. You may be able to take down this small Zeon flight", The Zeon Pilot stopped his attacks, Is he willing to have a conversation Rex through. Rex decided he may as well say his first question.

"Who the Hell are you?" came out of the Zeon pilot's radio, "Oh, Rex you don't remember me?", Lance gave a slime, curious about what Rex knew. After all it had been 12,000 years since he last meant him? "What are you talking about?", Rex repelled. Lance was disappointed such a boring answer, It may be quicker if I just fight him instead, he thought. "I Lance Cordfield, and I challenge you Rex Nightwatch, Just you and me, One on One." Lance had to admit he has been waiting for this fight since he first meant Rex, those thousands of years ago. "You're Dynamite, against my Reborn."
He waited, knowing what answer Rex was going to give. "Bring it on! Lance, whoever you are!", And a Big Smile came to Lance's face.

Michael was having a harder time, than Alto and Rex, he was a sniper he fights at a distance, not at close combat. "This isn't going well" he had only shot down one Zeon so far, lucky for him, he didn't have that many Zeon left to deal with. Then a White mecha appears it had an awe of awesomeness with it. Something else is coming, Michael thought knowing this wasn't going to be hard to shoot down. "Amuro Ray, Gundam", he heard the pilot of this Gundam cry out. What is a Gundam, was the words he thought, before this Gundam shoot him down "MICHAEL!" he heard Alto scream.

It's seems my time is up? Micheal thought. Until he saw something coming towards the battlefield but it wasn't an enemy, it's was an ally, but not any ally this one was a legend. Combattler V.

Hyoma Aoi and his team charge towards that battlefield. At first it was to find out about the dark creature that appeared, but as they got closer they realised what was going on. "It's looks like a nightmare" said Juzo Naniwa the second pilot of V-Team. "I estimate the enemy numbers to be in the hundred's while ours appears to be at three" said Kosuke Kita the child genius, youngest member of the V-Team and the fifth pilot. "Only, Three we only have, Three left" Chizuru Nanbara, the only female and the fourth pilot asked saddened by the fact, that they were badly outnumbered. Daisaku Nishikawa the third tried some words of encouragement, but nothing came out. Hyouma the Leader stopped V, as it came to the battlefield and said one word "V-LASER!"

Alto, hope came back as he saw Combattler V's attack take down about thirty Zeon solders. Juzo radio's into Alto from the V. "We should figure out why these Zeon is here", Alto was surprised about been asked that kind of request. Then realised more reinforcements would be no the way. "If this is an order from the PKF", he asked, afterwards realised how much effort it took to just say those few words. Chizuru, replied "Your hurt, you should get back to the Megazone". However she was a bit, surprise with the words that came out of his mouth. "I'll be fine, they are just small fry, you should get to Michael and Rex, and quickly they are dealing with some hard hitting opponents". "Roger", came the voice of Hyoma and the Combattler V, went towards the other Valkyrie.

Amuro disappointed and angry after he shoot down the blue mecha, Why did you survive and not Bright puzzle him. However, he didn't get the chance to think about because soon a powerful mecha, "A Super Robot? How did the People of the Megazone get Super Robot's?" Commbattle V, charge towards him, letting the blue mecha escape. Amuro was able to dodge the attacks and with his Gundam's funnels get a direct hit. Unfortunately the damage did nothing to the super robot. And It start to spin like a drill towards him. "I can't stop this." Amuro thought, "but I have to". Amuro then used his power of the Newtype, and stop Super Robot. Then he took out his Beam saber and tried to piece through the amour.

"Hyoma, if we keep this up where going to lose." Daisaku asked, wondering how they are going to beat this speedy mecha. Hyoma through for a few second and answered, "Kosuke can we use the missile's on the Big Blast to attack the funnels", Kosuke started to see Hyoma idea before the other member's. "Lets Do this" Hyoma screamed, as the V-Team executed their plan.

Amuro, realised that the Commbattler V couldn't keep up and he was winning. "This is the first time, I can fully test the Nu-Gundam's power in battle, for that I am great full , Amuro told his enemy, however, the V-Team responded by using an attack that failed last time. As a Drill, It charged towards Amuro. Amuro did what he did last time and got his Gundam's funnels to slow the Drill down. Then In a blink on an eye, The Super Robot became five smaller machines dodging the funnels attacks. It then Got behind Amuro became One Machine again, Amuro heard an attack filled with passion. "BIG BLAST!", Amuro got out his Gundam's pistol and fired at the rocket. Then it explored into missiles and went towards Amuro's funnel's. "DIVIDER!" screamed the super robot pilot. "They were aiming for my funnels?". One via One the Nu-Gundam's funnels where destroyed. Combattler V became a Drill for the third time and went after Amuro. Amuro ,through to himself If I can hit right next to the cockpit, it should slow it down, but I only have one shoot, If he missed, it's all over.

The Plan worked, This Gundam has lost all of it's funnel and now it can't attack. The V-Team thought. As they went spinning towards their target, which fire one shoot from it's gun. The Super Robot started to stop, and get shot again, and again via the Gundam. It then stopped at the Cockpit at gunpoint towards Hyoma. "Sorry, It has to be like this", he heard the pilot say. Hyoma admitted defeat as he let the team down, after that he heard screaming and gunshot. Combattler V had failed.

Rex wasn't enjoying his fight with Lance. Lance was to powerful. Lance then stop fighting. "What's the matter, Lance-cy." Rex joked at Lance. "It's seems another person from the reunion is here" Lance replied. Rex didn't wish to ask any question, this guy never gave him straight answers. "Lucy and her mecha the Butterfly!". Lucy, Rex Thought was he talking about Commander Lucy or perhaps the one that was in the letter. Soon, Lucy did come and see didn't look seem that happy, "Rex, why are you and skull force on this side of the Meagzone?", "Lucy we are under attack?", "Can't you see that?" Rex was annoyed, at the fact she had no censured, that we were under attack.

Lance, looked at them both. It has been 12,000 years since he last laid eyes apron them, but they have not change nor aged a bit since then. Ever since Team HOPE defeat the Evil God of Darkness, all those years ago, In the one year war. Rex and Lucy fled on the Megazone 23, like many others to avoid living on the destroyed Earth. But If these two are the same person, why don't they remember their memories, the only exploration Lance could think of was they went through a wormhole, like Zeon did, afterwards they found Mars, but why didn't those two age, or have access to their HOPE system in their mecha. Well if they aren't going to use their HOPE system, he guess will. It's a pretty he thought that he can't destroy them or the Evil God of Darkness will come back, and he droughts that 'god' will go back inside the Dynamite, a few seconds later.

Lucy, was trying to get Rex to stop this attack, but her words wasn't get through to him. This guy Rex has always been up to something, ever since he was captured a year ago and found a letter address to him by herself. It's was almost one hundred percent accurate, of her past. That letter and this guy Rex, have always been annoying here. "I trust I am not interrupting something am I?", so that's Rex's opponent as she turned to look at the speaker's machine. "Tell me what happen, you both use to be such nice lover birds". "Love birds!" What is he talking about?. "Your Super Robot, has been destroy. And the pilots are dead." He heart sunk when she heard those words, she was the commander of the V-team, and she told them to go on ahead. How could they lose?. Lance continued to talk, "Those two mecha's that where with you, I am afraid that they failed to beat some Zeon solder's. I am quite sure they are dead." He then stopped talking and his machine began to charge. "O!" he shouted, "O, life and death are two sides of the same coin, but what happens when you slip that coin in half, is their double the life and double the death?, I am the HOPE of all those who live inside that coin of life and death, I am the reborn. THE DOUBLE O REBORN!"

In a flash of light, a new mecha appeared, called the 'OO reborn', In began charging up its attack. Lucy saw the Dynamite unable to move. It Fired it Blast and that all Lucy could remember after that.