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Kamen Rider RedBurn

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Warning: the following you are about to read is based on the canon of an old forum from long ago.

“You can’t even think to compare to my power!” Primus roared, ”I am the most advanced machine Automata has ever built! The master of Mechanica! You are nothing more than a step away from slime in your evolution!”

“I am sick of hearing your superiority speeches!” Blitz shouted back. “Time to turn up the heat!” With that, a pair of thrusters popped open on the back of his suit and began to charge up. Within seconds they erupted with a pair of white hot flames. As they did Blitz forced the blade down even harder.

The glass exploded outwards, nearly sending Blitz shooting past his rescue target. Hastily he reached down, scooping up Raikou under the armpits as the thrusters cut out once more. The two soared past Terminus’s tail as Blitz readjusted Raikou’s body so he could carry him over his shoulder. When he touched down Blitz planted his feet hard, the speed and angle of his landing causing him to screech to a halt several feet after touchdown. Behind him a pair of flaming streaks were left on the asphalt where his feet had hit the ground.

“HAH!!” Blitz barked a short laugh in triumph. “And that’s why you should never screw with a Rider! We’ll always have the fighting spirit your little whizbang sparkle powers can never-”

The message *POWER DEPLETED. SHUTTING DOWN.* appeared on Blitz’s mask.
“Ah, hell!” Blitz commented as his armor began to burn away. He adjusted Raikou so he could carry via piggyback and booked it, barely avoiding Terminus’ hand as it slammed the ground he once stood on.
Blitz panted and wheezed as he finally came to a stop. He layed down the unconcious Raikou onto the ground and rested his back against a tree. “ZOINKS you weigh a ton.” Blitz said to Raikou, although he was pretty sure the thunderboy was still unconcious. He looked out to the distance to see the Terminus be blown off its last leg. As it fell, it raised it’s arm to the sky, holding some object that were glowing so brightly even Blitz could see them, The the mechanical monstrosity’s arm finally blew up along with the rest of the body, six lights scattered, but he noticed two red ones and a light blue one were... heading in his direction!!

“Sh*t!” Blitz dove on top of Raikou’s body and used his arms to cover his head. The red lights zoomed over them and smashed into the ground near him while the light blue one went flying over past the mountains. After the rush of wind subsided Blitz looked up to see two red glowing spheres. He slowly approached them, cautious of the danger they might emitnate. When he got close enough, his belt suddenly roared to life and he involuntarily transformed, “What the--!?” The visor scanned the engines.

The results were that these spheres was generating a massive amounts of energy, and the aura around it was the same as the energy being generated. “Is this somehow affecting my suit?” But this transformation did not last as the suddenly transformation ended and Blitz returned to normal. Blitz sighed, “Well, that was short lived.” Blitz reached out to the spheres, and quickly pulled his hands back once he felt the warmth from one of the spheres. He reached out again and grabbed them. The warmth was soothing to the touch. Blitz sighed in relief, “At least it’s not hazardous. I hope.” Blitz took both red spheres and put them in his pockets.

He walked back to the unconscious Raikou when he saw a figure taller than himself approaching. “Who’s there!?” Blitz doubled his fists and took a fighting stance.
Neverstorm shook his head, “I appreciate the cautiousness, but you do not want to pick a fight with me.” Neverstorm took the body and slung it over his shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go meet up with the others.”


Prologue Chapter

“Blblblblblbl...” Nev wiggled his finger up and down across his lips, so bored it felt almost fatal. Normally this would get some sort of comment or mild jeering, but considering the mood in the board room he was acting fairly appropriately. At least, if Nightwing popping his lips to his left and Flonne clicking her tongue to his right was any indication. If this went on long enough they might’ve synchronized their boredom-induced burbling into the strangest acapella session ever.

He scanned the room, observing the other staff members as they expressed their mind-crushing boredom. Supernaught had fished out his phone and was browsing the internet with it. Konacha was tapping away at something on her 3DS, occasionally looking up to scan the assembled members. Even the normally implacable Sarge had given up on making everyone terrified of his mere presence and was rapping his fingers against the table, resting his head in his other hand and trying not to fall asleep. If True didn’t show up soon they would all probably just shuffle off and stop caring about the emergency meeting they’d been summoned to.

Then suddenly, the plush black executives chair stationed at the far end of the table swivelled around to reveal the blue and black haired young adult that (on paper) ran the forum. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses with amber lenses, currently reflecting light from the ceiling to make them appear opaque and bright white. This effect was undone due to his actual eyes being much bigger than his glasses. His hands were also steepled beneath his nose to obscure his face, but without a table to rest his elbows on he had to lean his head down so far and his hands up so high that it looked ridiculous.
“Gentlemen...and Flonne...and Konacha, I’m glad you could join me for this meeting.” True said, trying to sound professional despite his attire.

Nev blinked, “Wait, have you been in that chair this whole time? We’ve been waiting for almost an hour now.”

“It’s all in the timing with this job.” True replied coolly, oblivious to the sudden round of glares at their wasted time.

“Also, we checked that chair when we came in here. It was totally empty .” Nightwing pointed out.
“Details, details,” True waved him off, earning another round of glares. He continued, “I have gathered you here as you have each been charged with helping police and defend the forum from outside threats...And Supernaught. But you’re here because any time we can see you is a time we know you aren’t breaking sh*t.”

“Excellent logic,” Supernaught noted.

“Indeed. Now, I don’t need to remind you of our recent attack at the hands of the race called Mechanica.” True began, earning a round of murmured confirmations. “Yes, horrible destruction, 90% of the forum population captured, The Basement being penetrated, all grisly things that brought the entire universe to the brink of destruction. So you can understand why I had a bit of a trouser-soiling moment when I found out the object they were searching for has gone missing.”

“You don’t wear trousers.” Flonne pointed out. She was promptly ignored.

“Wait, what exactly was their objective?” Nev asked, “You were pretty quick to seal up the case once things started getting patched up.”

“Their objective, my dear Nev, was this.” True reached into his quills and produced a small remote. He pressed a button, causing a small circle in the middle of the table to slide open like a camera shutter and producing a small glass projector pointing upwards. He pressed the button again, causing the projector, actually a holographic projector, to hum to life.

Instantly a slightly transparent video of True appeared. He was wearing a suit and helmet scaled down for himself and posing dramatically. The shirt was black with 6 green pads on the front, white stripes running down the sleeves, and looked cheap and overall poorly made. The pants were also black with white stripes. He wore silver gloves and boots along with a red scarf that fluttered around in a way that would have been dramatic were it not True wearing it. His belt was huge, red, and had a large silver buckle with a red circle in the middle. On his head was a helmet fitted to his massive quills, the top half was green with red bug eyes and small silver antennae between them, the bottom half was silver and shaped like a grasshopper’s mandibles.

”All of Shocker will tremble before the might of the True Rider! HUZZAH!” The holographic True exclaimed, punching and kicking invisible foes.

“...” The entire room stared at the footage in stunned silence. True immediately looked horrified, and all too quickly for his liking the room filled with snickers, some quickly exploding into laughter.
“And yet Raikou never pitched a fit when you were doing this.” Nev managed to say in the middle of his laughing fit.

“I think any time Rai is too stupid to get worked up is always a good thing.” Supernaught said. “That guy needs to chill like I need vodka. Speaking of which-”

“Here, we’ll share.” Nightwing said, no stranger to SN’s train of thought as he pulled out a silver hip-flask and offered it. Supernaught declined as he pulled out an identical one and the two clinked their flasks together before taking a long pull of the mysterious liquor.

“I don’t know who that is.” True muttered, his blush so strong it peeked through his fur. “It’s an imposter or a shapeshifter or...anyways.” He pressed another button on the controller, causing the Rider-Hedgefox to vanish.

A new image winked to life. It portrayed a green sphere roughly the size of a human head, a miniature galaxy spinning within it. Several text boxes appeared next to the ball, each one full of incomprehensible technobabble.

“This was their objective: The Dynamis Engine Mark 7.” True explained, “How it was created or how it came to us is irrelevant. What you need to know is that an entire galaxy full of life was sacrificed to create it and that it’s capable of producing unlimited energy for all eternity. Anything powered by this would never need to stop or worry about not having the necessary power available.”

No wonder a bunch of robots wanted it.” Flonne remarked, “They could take literally every weapon ever, slap ‘em all together, and put that at the center. It would mean all the Dakka, all the time.”
“Quite. Now this particular model is safe and sound in The Basement, but there’s still a problem.” True pressed another button, causing several more spheres of varying shapes and sizes to appear around the Dynamis Engine. “The Mark 7 was the end product, but Marks 1 through 6 were the prior, weaker, productions that eventually lead to the creation of the Mark 7 itself. All of them are capable on eternal energy production, but each one is weaker than the one after it.” He brought two red spheres, each about the size of a baseball, and a cyan sphere, which was slightly larger than either of the red spheres, to the forefront. “These are the Mark 1 and Mark 6. Mark 1 is obviously the original, but it’s output could only be enough to say, power this entire island. Mark 6, however, could power entire galaxies without rest. If either of their power was all drained at once, Mark 1 could destroy our very moon, where Mark 6 could wipe out the better half of the known universe off the map.”

“F#$%in’ metal.” Supernaught commented.

“Very.” True agreed, “And here’s the problem. The Mark 6s went missing while repairs were being carried out on The Basement’s armor plating.”

“So...why are we not in full Panic Mode and calling up every piece of violence we can get our paws on to hunt them down?” Nev asked. “I don’t find the phrase, ‘wipe half the known universe off the map’ terribly exciting if it’s the half I’m in.”

“We have reason to believe that whoever has stolen these two specific engines, they’re still in the city, at the least on this island specifically, so we’re not calling in the nukes just yet.” Konacha chimed in.

“Oh yes, that’s much more comforting. Because this forum is notable for only having sane, level-headed individuals as its members.” Nightwing said, sarcasm so thick it was nearly solid as it left his mouth. He continued more normally, “How do we know Sogesnake hasn’t eaten them yet or Clockwork hasn’t tried to f#$% them yet?”

“There’s a joke about orgasms and explosions in there somewhere, but I’m too classy to find it.” Nightwing remarked. This was immediately followed by everyone in the room giving him deadpan expressions. Nightwing find this to be quite amusing.

“Sadly, this is all the proof we have.” True clicked the remote, and the image of the Marks 1 and 6 flickered to a piece of footage... Though definitely not what they were expecting.

“OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD!!” Konacha cried out in shear panick over the report of the stolen engines. Her office was in utter disarray. The water cooler was duped over, papers were scattered (and soaked for the ones near by the spilled water), and cabinets broken and left wide open, and one of the paintings was knocked off the wall. Then Konacha’s face suddenly became extremely close to the security camera that recording this display of titanic freaking. One could swear she was yelling at the camera. In fact she was yelling at the camera. “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIIIIIIEEEE!!!” Konacha in the recording yelled, who proceeded to continue her panic. Seconds later, Sarge popped into the recording and punched Konacha, who went flying into the wall opposite of the office door. “Thanks...” Konacha said in pain. “I needed that...”, “Don’t mention it. Ever.” Sarge replied, promptly leaving the room now that this unwelcoming noise was dealt with.

It was at this exact moment that the entire room burst into laughter again, Supernaught howling the loudest. True just sat there with a dumbfounded look on his face, “And I thought my panicking was bad.”, Konacha just stood there absolutely horrified at what she had just witnessed.

Konacha, before she could get any more humiliated as she already was, and is, quickly reached over and pressed the delete button on True’s remote. The screen then display ‘FOOTAGE DELETED’ in bright bold red letters. “Let’s never speak of this again.” Konacha quickly pressed another button, which toggled over to the footage that was SUPPOSE to be displayed in the first place.

The footage displayed was indeed the scene when Mark 6 had gone missing.Starting when the Terminus was defeated. Due to the intensity of the battle though, the video quality was somewhat poor

“Well, four seconds in, and the video is already shite.” Nightwing snarked.

“Don’t review it!” Konacha remarked, everyone groaning in response.

The video got to the point where terminus exploded and the engines scattered. They were all in collectable range, but three of them, Marks 1 and 6, both flew off in the mountains. The video turned to static, most likely from the camera finally dying from the damage it had sustained.
“Well, that’s really sucks. Those mountains have bigger valleys than some of our ladies.” Supernaught snarked. Nightwing and Neverstorm couldn't help but snicker at that.

Konacha cleared her throat. “Yes, well, we were able to find Mark 6’s impact site, but by then they were already gone, footprint were even seen on the site. Mark 1 has yet to be located, though it could be assumed that it flew farther than the Mark 6 did.”

Konacha looked down at her clip board, which had the report related to the engines on it. “As for to the clues of who has the Mark 6 now, the only identification we have for our prime suspect so far is that they have red hair and are pretty scrawny.”

Everyone looked at each other. They all shook their heads, dismissing the idea. “Naaaaah.”
“Why would Dragon want the Mark 6?”
“Better question, can he even use them?”

“Well then who else matches that description?” Flonne asked, “Which other forummer has red hair and a thin figure?”

“I have a name that leaps to mind, and it’s quite apt that we watched True’s Rider-Spaz-out earlier.” Nightwing replied, “Snotty, would you mind flicking over to the security cameras and brining up footage from that recent fight with the mammoth food monster?”

“Gladly,” Supernaught nodded, moving with such speed he became a blur as he stood up, walked over to True’s seat, and took the remote.
“Hey!” True began.

“Not right now, True. The men are talking.” Supernaught hushed him. A few button presses later he brought up Blitz’s battle with the Terminus, from when he used the Great Red Claymore, to when his armor shut down on him, and when he ran off with Raikou on his back.

“Now this was before the Mark 1 and 6 went missing. Who else do you think could have found the Mark 6 and taken it for himself?” Nightwing asked, the answer already obvious.

Neverstorm pondered a bit, "You know, if my memory is right, I found him and Raikou near where the impact site is." before anyone could jump to conclusions, Neverstorm brought another idea to the table, "But say that he did have the Mark 6. Why hasn't he bragged about it until now? Nobody would be able to hold that much power without gushing over it."

Nightwing thought on this a bit. He supposed that Neverstorm was right, and Blitz probably doesn't have the Mark 6. Nightwing rose out of his seat and headed for the exit. “I’ll be returning to my bar now. I believe this meeting is done now.”

“Yeah same. I’m going back home. I got bunch of Otaku to torture.” Supernaught declared.
Within moments, the meeting room was now empty. Only True and Konacha remained.

“I suppose to return to my work myself. It’s going to be real busy here for a while.” Konacha exasperated. She wasn’t looking forward to the paperwork that was to come.

True decided to take a nap. The town wasn’t in any immediate danger right now, even with the issues of Dynamis Engines Mark 1 and 6 missing, so he thought he’d take this chance to relax for a while.

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Re: Kamen Rider RedBurn

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August of the year 20XX AD

The Sonic Factory. "TSF" for short. A once glimmering example of a once proud civilization that praised the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

However, those were but mere golden days, for the landmass of today was now reduced to a wasteland, ruled by tyrants blinded by their power as Administrators and Moderators. This terroristic group called themselves "The Administration"

When the city had become ruled by dictatorship, a wall was built around the central area to keep out those who did not approve of the way The Administration behaved towards the people they were meant to keep watch over. Those outside the wall were labeled as heretics, frequently under fire by The Administration's soldiers. To help with this oppression, they developed a series of mechanical humanoid weapons, crushing their opposition with tremendous force, the Automata.

The Automata began Mass Production after the discovery of an ancient prototype buried in a ruin discovered some time after the walls were constructed. However, no matter how much the Administration tried, nobody would get the machine to activate. They decided to simply reverse engineer the prototype and immediately discard it once mass production became a success. The Automata's average height is 20 - 25 Meters.

The city, as a whole had been split into two major areas, and one district that was completely sealed off from the outside world. First, the Outer Area, home to the people who did not share the same opinions as The Administration, often oppressed for simply speaking their mind. The second was the Inner Area, where those allied to The Administration live in luxury. Finally, the Otaku District, a mere place where those who had taken a liking to anime or Japanese culture were trapped in; The Administration looks down upon this district and its population with extreme prejudice, to a point where it could be considered racist and xenophobic. This is the district that has been completely sealed off. There are no entrances or exits, and the wall is too high for anyone to climb over it.

The city cries desperately for help. Many individual "Heroes" have risen to the call, but the overwhelming might of The Administrator proved too much for them.

Until now, as a small group of rebels discovered the discarded machine, and discovered that the Leader's best friend was compatible with the machine, designated "Revias".

Day of the Dynamis - Part 1

TSF Military Testing Ground, 30 Miles outside the city limits

The training grounds was set up to look like an imitation of the city. At many points of these imitations were mounted with AI-controlled turrets, loaded with non-lethal ammunition. The automated cameras of the turrets adjusted to keep constant focus, looking for their target. A giant shadow rose from street and the turrets automatically fired on their target.

The large white and gold Automata with red wings swayed back and forth as it dodged enemy fire. This particular machine also had a human-esque face, though it was really just two eyes and a faceplate. Mass Production units were known for only having monoeyes. This machine was sporting three weapons: two Gigas Vibration Swords mounted between the wings, and a High-Output rifle mounted underneath the wings, on the back.

The white Automata pulled out the high-output beam rifle mounted underneath the flight unit. It fires three shots, two missing and hitting the building behind, but the third hit its target, shutting down the turret. The Automata immediately descended back to ground level, and pull up its shield upon noticing four more turrets on it's left, further blocking enemy fire. It counters and hit the target balloons hovering over the turrets. All hits. The turrets stopped firing upon recognizing that they were defeated.

The white Automata promptly dashed forth and boosted into the air, using one of the building as a stepping stone. Upon gaining some altitude it back flipped and fire as it adjusted itself back into and upright position, shooting more target balloons and boards.

The audience observing this spectacle were left in awe of the new features the new Flight-Type Automata displayed, and clapped with much praise. Among the audience was Nightwing, sent to observe the event. "The Flight-Type Automata, Lancelot." he chuckled, "The first Automata of its series to run on solar energy."

"Those dumbasses upstairs are lagging behind on the Ground Series, no thanks to this thing." said a man with a snide voice, followed by a devilish chuckle. Nightwing looked up to see that it was his begrudging 'associate', Supernaught. "I'm sure they'd like to embellish their new models with the best ZOINKS they can offer."

"Should you, the leading commander of the Anti-Otaku Branch, really be here?" Nightwing questioned with his arms folded, "You know Konacha will throw a fit if she finds out you're out here slacking off."

"Pffft!" Supernaught took a seat next to Nightwing as he spoke out his next line, "F*ck that overzealous rabbit. So what do have here, Dingbat? Some kind of half-ass prototype?"

"You could say that." the Lancelot continued to perform aerodynamic tricks to further display it's performance. "It certainly had to sacrifice a good sum of the armor so the weight didn't get in the way of its ability to fly."

"Do you think this'll do some good on anyone who has the balls to stand up to us again?"
"I doubt it." Nightwing answered, "This kind of machine can be taken down by an Automata Tanker's Anti-Air Launcher. Made worse when the assigned pilot for that robot is that half-pint, Dragon."

"HEY!! I HEARD THAT!!" Dragon shouted through the Lancelot's external speakers. The hatch in the chest opened up and Dragon popped out with his helmet pulled off. He was greatly offended from Nightwing making fun of his size. "You wanna see how angry this shorty can get!? Huh!? Do ya!? Which of you said that, anyway!?"

Supernaught and Nightwing went into a small fit of laughter from seeing Dragon make a fool of himself. After they calmed down, Nightwing added one more comment to his opinion on the Flight-Type Automata, "Well, at least we know it has an excellent sound system."

Supernaught continued to chuckle from Dragon's little fit, "Sure seems that way."

Unknown to anyone at the grounds, a machine was approaching them from the sky. It was an orange robot with a pair of buster cannons mounted on it's arms, folded back to allow it to make use of it's hands. It's weapon, Steard, capable of Close Quarter Combat and turning into an Energy Rifle for Long Range Combat, was located on the back of the waist. This robot was, infact, the abandoned prototype that the Administration used to give creation to the Automata. Revias.

"19921104, Revias. Visually confirming target location." said the pilot with a stern, almost robotic voice. He had red spikey hair and blue eyes, wearing an orange pollo T-shirt and tan pants. unlike Dragon, this pilot was not wearing a pilot's uniform. "Activating weapons system upon entering the combat zone."

"Excellent, Revias." said a young man through the OS' communication systems, "Do you see your objective over there?"

A window on the sub-monitor displayed a zoomed in image of the Lancelot on the ground. "Target confirmed. Commencing first phase as planned."

"Roger that. If our informant is accurate, you'll have more than just that "prototype flight-type" to deal with. Once we secure our targets, we'll come over to help you. Oh, and one more thing." The pilot looked at the sub-monitor, which removed the zoomed image and instead showed a man two years older than the pilot, with blonde short hair and blue eyes, a part of his black shirt showing on the screen. "Try to relax a little. This may be your first time, but we all know you can handle your objective with ease."

The pilot took a deep breath, "Sorry. I'm just nervous and feeling pretty pressured. Let's just make it out of this alive. Over and out." He pressed a button on the sub-monitor, ending communication and displaying how much ammunition and energy Revias had left, along with stastics of how the frame is holding. "Revias. Ashton "FieryBlitz" Lehman! Commencing attack!" The pilot applied pressure to the acceleration pad, increasing Revias' speed.


Back on the ground, the watch tower has detected Revias. "Captain! Incoming silouhette confirmed!"
"What? From where?" demanded the captain.
"Direction three o'clock!"
"Which squadron is it from? This is an exercise. Tell it to stay back!"
"Silhouette is not responding!"
"It's entering at combat speed!"
"Track it with the camera!"

After aiming and focusing on the target, one of the monitors displayed Revias. But it's appearance left the observation crew in shock, "Isn't that the Ancient Prototype!? I heard that thing was inoperable! Get this image to the Administration right away!!"


"What? An unknown is approaching?" Dragon spoke to the observation tower through the communication system built into his helmet, "Why now of all-- Ouch!" He cringed as the radio suddenly cut off, momentarily replaced with loud static before going silent. He looked up to the sky and witnessed the approaching target. He too was surprised to see that Revias was suddenly moving.

"Well, I'll be f*cking damned." Supernaught commented, "Somebody actually got that piece of junk to move."

"Whoever it was, it certainly wasn't one of ours." Nightwing put a hand on his chin to think, "So who's the pilot of that robot?"

Revias casually landed onto the ground, entering a relaxed idle it. It stood there for a few second before turning its attention directly at Lancelot.

One of the admirals pulled out his military-issued phone and attempted to contact Dragon, "Lieutenant Dragon, do not engage that robot! We don't what it's capable of!" there was no response. He looked at the screen and noticed there's no signal, "Damn! I'm not getting a signal! What's going on here!?"

A security guard patrolled the audience seats to make an announcement, "Everyone, we've been advised to evacuate!"

Dragon hopped back into his pilot seat, closing the hatch. The inside of the cockpit lit up all around him. Unlike Revias, which had four separate monitors displaying the front, left, right, and above, Lancelot's was far more advanced, displaying Dragon's surroundings completely, even the ground below him. "So, who the hell are you, Ancient Prototype?" Dragon asked as his fiddle with the interface to input the password that would authorize continued operation of his Automata. This conversation was being spoken through Lancelot's external speakers, as he couldn't get a connection to the enemy's communication line. "Some hotshot looking for a fight? From the Forbiddon District?" He looked at Revias with a smug look, "Well, either way, you storm in here uninvited." Lancelot's eyes glowed and assumed combat stance, "You're not getting away with that bravado of yours!"

"That damn fool." Nightwing's eyebrows furrowed, "Doesn't he realize how much money was put into developing that thing?"

"Oh chill out, Nightwing." Supernaught snarked, "This battle is exactly what we need. If he takes down that Ancient Prototype, it's value will increase ten-fold. Dragon's the new Aerial Force's ace pilot. Although his attitude is a bit problematic."

"Hey, Ancient Prototype." Dragon called out, "Do you have any idea who I am?" suddenly, a communication line was established, "You are TSF's Dragon. Designated leader of the first Aerial Force." Dragon cheered with joy, "Hallelujah, the pilot's a human!"

"Can't say the same about you."

Dragon continued to ramble on, "I'm Mr. Special, and I have a record of winning two thousand mock battles, and never lost a single one! I won't take any of your "I didn't know" nonsense!" the Lancelot promptly pulled out one of its sword, turning red and emanating a vibrating sound that was very loud for the politicians back on the ground, hurting their ears. "That idiot!" the Nightwing shouted, "Come on! Say something!" Dragon shouted as he charged at Revias with his sword lunged outward.

"Revias, let's eliminate the target." Ashton spoke to his robot. Just when the Lancelot's sword was about to hit, Revias sidestepped, evading the thrust with ease. "What!?" Dragon was utterly shocked, but in the moment, he forgot to pay attention and he noticed too late that the Revias retaliating with a right hook to Lancelot's head unit. The impact threw Lancelot off balance and falling down. Ravias used its thrusters to dash into the mock city.

"I won't let you get away!" Dragon shouted, immediately getting back up and chasing after the bright orange machine.


The Administration, Central district of the Inner Area
(Play BGM: The Master - Code Geass)

Another day, another moment where Konacha is spinning around in her chair, laughing her ass off from all the power she has over TSF, being one of the Founders and all. "Oh, what a wonderful day it is to be me!" she thought out loud to herself, continuing to spin around in her high-quality office chair. The phone on her desk beeped to notify Konacha that somebody was trying to contact her. She pressed the flashing button, "Konacha speaking." she said with a joyous voice.

Truesonic yawned on the other end, "There's somebody here to see you. Ugh..." Truesonic wiped his eyes as he complained, "Stupid narcolepsy. let me stay up for more than 2 hours, is that too much to ask?" Just like that, he went right back to sleep. At least he can enjoy the sweet dream of busty babes at the beach.

She sighed, "Send 'em in." she leaned back in her chair, waiting for the visitor. A few moment later, somebody walked right into her office. "Hello, sir. Please, sit down and let's chat."

"Thank you, Miss Administrator." The man sat down in the seat placed before her office desk. "So, I've been observing the economy of the Inner and Outer areas. I have to say, and this is entirely my opinion, our city is not doing--"

"Ah, no no no no no no no." Konacha cut off the visitor. She was not going to have this nonsense of somebody saying her precious millennium kingdom is not a paradise. "You're banned now."

"Wait... What!?"

With the sound of a loud buzzer, Konacha pressed a shiny button that was labeled "BAN" in bright, red letters. A trapdoor opened underneath the visitor, and he plummeted into the darkness below with an agonizing scream, cut off when the trapdoor slammed shut. The rabbit went into another fit of laughter, "Oh, it is good to be an Admin. Nobody to stand up to me without feeling my righteous wrath." He turned the seat to face the window that looked out to the Inner Area that she so proudly controlled with a fluffy iron fist.

And not even having a MINUTE of peace to herself, a soldier comes storming into the office in a panic, "Administrator Konacha, ma'am! We have a problem!" Konacha whipped around and stood up from her chair with widespread arm motions and a big booming voice, "What makes this so important that you can just barge into my office without my consent!?" the soldier quivered and placed a photo on the desk, which Konacha picked up to get a good look at it, "It's this, ma'am! It's the Ancient Prototype! It's active and attacking the demonstration event at the training grounds as we speak! Communication was cut off just after we received the image."

With great fury, she crushed the photo in her hand. How dare this metallic orange bastard come storming into her domain to pick a fight! "This pilot shall rue this day!" she lunged her arm towards the window, "Send a messenger to the troops! I want the new units to scramble!" the soldiers panicked form the order, "B-B-But Administrator Konacha, if we scramble that team, the politics will question--!"

"You're banned!" without hesitation, he pressed the BAN Button, and the soldier went down the traphole as well. "Nobody shall ever dare question my authority!" she looked at the other two soldiers that were peeking through the door the entire time, frightened by what just happened. "Well? What are you standing around for? Send the order!"

(Stop BGM: The Master - Code Geass)


"Gotcha, prototype!" Dragon shouted through the sound system, firing several rounds from the sky, down upon the mock city. The Revias made a mad dash to avoid the fire while firing back some shots of it's won with Steard in Rifle Mode. Neither of their shots hit, and the smoke gave Ashton a chance to run for cover. The Lancelot decended to the ground and began to patrol the streets "Come out, come wherever you are." he called out. He kept the head unit looking left and right to make sure he wasn't going to be blindsided.

Ashton breath heavily as Revias hide himself behind one of the buildings, holding the Steard with his life. He kept focus on the radar that showed on the sub-monitor, which was keeping track of a moving red dot representing the enemy Automata. He quickly switched over to the stat screen to see how Revias was doing. "Damn." he cursed himself. He already wasted a full energy cartridge in that last attack. The cartridge count was down to 13/15 with five new energy shots loaded into the weapon. He mentally noted to pace himself. The battle has only just started and he was already wasting too much ammo. He looked at the armor and condition of the machine. Still at 97%, though he was certain that lost 3% was from him sucker punching the Automata in the head.

Suddenly, there were metallic footsteps from behind. Ashton tensed up and became nervous. He slowly moved Revias to look around the corner-- and he pulled back upon seeing Lancelot almost seeing him. his breath was starting to pick up. He kept hearing footsteps and quickly changed the sub-monitor back to the radar. Lancelot was still moving in a straight line form when he last looked. He overlooked and walked past his location without looking to see if he was hiding. Almost. Just a few more steps. Lancelot had completely missed him. He took a deep breath and sighed with relief. He caught his second wind and prepared to reengage the Automata, "Steard Sword!" he shouted, the OS picking up on the command. The command's programming transferred to the sword. Revias shifted the Steard from right hand to left, holding it by the sword handle. The gun trigger flipped back into the hidden chamber of the weapon and the bottom blade slid back, cover the gun trigger. The weapon was shifted back to the right hand. "Let's do it, Revias!"

The warning system went off like crazy in Dragon's cockpit! "What!?" he looked behind and saw a machine coming at him with a sword about to come down! It was the Revias! "Raaaaaaaaagh!!" Ashton shouted valorously, swinging the Steard Sword down on the Lancelot! "I don't think so!" Dragon dropped his rifle and pulled out the second Gigas Vibration Sword. He blocked with the left sword, and countered with his right, though Revias grabbed it with his left hand, the blade sliding and damage the surface of the hand. "You're not bad, prototype!" Dragon complimented before bragging on more, "But did you already forget? I've had two thousand mock battles, and never once lost!"

"So what? I've had two hundred mock battles, and lost in all of them." Ashton retorted. This only inflated Dragon's ego, "How sad for you. It's only a miracle that you're still alive!" The Lancelot pulled it's left sword back and swung down on Revias' right arm. But before it could make contact, Revias dropped its weapon and pulled back it's arm. The sword slash completely missed and hit the ground. "What!?"

The buster on the right arm started to move. It disconnect from the elbow and turned 90 degrees before stopping. "There's one key difference between you and me, however!" Revias threw its arm upward, and the cannon snapped another 90 degrees, transforming into a proper arm cannon. Revias hit Lancelot with his knee and kicked him away while it was knocked off balance. He took this chance to get the left arm to transform into an arm cannon. He jumped back into the air. "My two hundred mock battles, all of my humiliating defeats!" Revias' visor glowed, the optical sensors behind the visor visible to the human eye. "They were all at the hands of real pilots! I acquired more experience in two hundred battles than you did in two thousand!"

This caught Dragon completely offguard. "Y... You had fought against actual pilots!?"

(Play BGM: Active Mind - Super Robot Wars K)

"Groovine Buster!!" Ashton shouted. Upon his battle cry, the arm cannon fired a pair of high-output cannon shouts. "Oh, shi--!" was all Dragon could say before he tried to flee. The cannon fire didn't hit him, but the blast of the explosion sent him flying back into a small complex building, the impact was strong enough to knock it down. "Unlike you, I had genuine experience!" Revias' arm swung in downward, diagonal motions, sending the buster cannons back into their idle position. The machine landed on the rooftop of a small skyscraper and took a moment to vent out all of the heat the Groovine Buster generated. Once the temperature within safety parameters, Revias boosted back to the ground and grabbed the Steard. "Steard Rifle!" the front blade slid back up and the triggle handle. He tossed the sword into the air and grabbed it by the gun grip as it came back down.

"Oh ZOINKS! Oh ZOINKS! I gotta get out of here!" Dragon panicked and scrambled to desperately get Lancelot back on his feet and into the sky.

"Let's take him down, Revias!" he slammed down on the acceleration and coming in on the Automata faster than it could run away. He brought the Steard up into shooting position and focused to get a good aim at him. The recital locked-on to the Lancelot. "Steard Shot!" Revias fired three shots, then focused a fourth shot

Lancelot was hit! And this time, each bullet took out a different limb. The first was the left hand, "I'm Lieutenant Dragon of the new Aerial Forces!" The left arm was destroyed, "I'm special!" the right arm, "I had two thousand of these...!" and finally the head. Revias caught up as he descended to the ground. He increased altitude and dropped down on the Automata. It extended the left leg as it landed on Lancelot and used it as a stepping tone to jump back in the air. To finish it off, Revias turned around to face his opponent and fired a fifth shot, piercing the flight unit, "Mock battles!" This was all Dragon could say as the flight unit exploded, sending Lancelot crashing to the ground where the politics could all see it. Although the altitude wasn't very high, the crash still looked it would knocked the pilot to a daze.

Revius stopped his attack and calm landed back to the ground. He grabbed the Steard's default grip so it can go back to sword mode. He mounted back to the back of his waist and entered a neutral stance. "One other thing. Next time you pilot an Automata, don't go ripping off anymore Knightmare Frames. Especially one as blatant as that pile of junk."

(Stop BGM: Active Mind - Super Robot Wars K)

Just like that, the politicians were left speechless. The new flight-type Automata, cut down toe size and reduce to piles of scrap by a machine that was supposed to be inoperable. Supernaught and Nightwing stood there, slightly phased by the turn of events. Then they noticed Dragon coming out of the machine and throwing a fit, shouting some random nonsense about how he was special and shouldn't be looked down upon, "At least we know the pilot safety is actually good." Nightwing commented, believing that this was the only good feature of the destroyed Lancelot.

"Automata prototype destroyed." Ashton said to no one in particular. The Revias turn away from the wreckage and began to fly off. A bullet went zooming over the shoulder and stopped in mid-air. "Hm?" He turned around and saw back-up arrive. They were mass produced Flight-Type Automata, armed with rifles like Lancelot's, but with one sword mounted on the hip.

"Tch. Our informant was right. They already mass produced flight-type Automatas despite they said only the prototype was made." Revias looked back down at the wrecked Lancelot, "Does this mean that "prototype" only existed to get supporters?" Revias looked at the audience. They noticed the incoming backup, "Either way, they don't look happy about what they're seeing" A second bullet hit Revias' left shoulder, making it flinch on impact. "Whoa!" he increased altitude to dodge a third and fourth bullet. "Steard-- Gah!" Ashton was being tossed around as the hail of bullets started to come crashing down on the Revias. All he could do was raise his sword and use the large width of the blade as a makeshift shield to block some of the enemy fire. "Damn! I can't handle this many by myself!" All he could hope now was just float there and pray that run out of ammo. The attack was too heavy for him to try and move from his position. The monitor alerted Ashton that his armor was slowing dropping! 92%, 86%, 81%! "Gah!" he was buffeted by another shot hitting Revias' right shoulder, "I can't take this heat much longer!"

"Don't give up, Ashton!" somebody shouted through the communication line. Before Ashton's very eyes, a teal robot with large shields mounted on the shoulders was boosting along the ground, shooting up to the flying enemies. It was using a small machine gun, known as a Madra Beam Machine Gun, to shoo down the enemy. Three of them had already gone down before some of them turned their attention toward the unknown robot. One pulled out his sword and swung down, but the teal robot sidestepped and jammed the beam machine gun into the side, piercing the armor with the Stunner Bayonet that was equipped and promptly electrocuting the circuitry inside. After a few second, the Automata exploded, killing the pilot inside, though the teal robot dashed right through the smoke with it's left arm held in front of the head unit to avoid any damage to the main camera.

"It's about time, Jordan! I thought I was a goner!" the Steard was brought back to gun mode and to return fire. While firing, he took this chance to start retreating. The unknown unit took this chance to boost forward and use Revias' counterattack as cover to get ahead of the enemy. "Sorry about that. We were held up a bit. By the way, they call this thing "Serius". You like it?" the Serius took flight and stood alongside Revius and help him shoot down their pursuers. "What happened to the others?" the Serius gave a thumbs up with its free hand while using the other to keep shooting, "They're alright. They have the "Serius II", a purple version of what I'm piloting, to help them escape!"

"Good. I didn't want our first major mission to be our last." The warning system went off in Revias' cockpit. "Behind us!" the Revias and Series broke formation to dodge a large bullet the flew right between them, straying right into one of the enemy Automatas chasing them. "What the hell was that!?" The machines looked back. They saw a purple and silver Automata hoving in one spot, holding a large weapon. It didn't look like a military issue weapon. The robot itself was a primary silver taking up most of the body with purple taking up the legs from the knee down, arms from the elbow down, the center piece of the chest, and a pair of demon horns on the head. It had a pair of eyes like Lancelot, but they were a deep shade of green. Unlike the Automata chasing them, and the Lancelot, this one's flight unit was mounted on the back, this one looked like it was capable of flight without needing boosters. It gazed down upon the Revias and Serius menacingly.

"You have balls to go into our territory and steal our robots." Neverstorm mockingly complimented with a mildly angered tone in his voice. "But this is as far as you're going to get!" the horned Automata put away the gun and readied a pair of katanas, which were in arm-mounted sheaths.

"Crap." Ashton thought out loud, "I think we just found the real prototype to the Flight-Type Automatas." Revias and Serius hovered, back-to-back. They're stalling had gotten them in a pretty ugly situation now. Five Flight-Type Automatas and the Demon Prototype, forming a ring around them.

"He's pretty damn menacing, isn't he?" Jordan looked at the sub-monitor, which had a view of the prototype. "I like the look of this thing. Yeah..." he had an idea formulating in his head, and that was when he decided, "I'm going to take that machine for myself!" Revias looked at the Series behind him, "Are you insane!?" Revias pointed at the demon, "We're dealing with the real prototype, and his goons! If we get shot down here, the mission will be a total disaster!" Jordan just took this as a welcoming challenge, "Then let's consider this a test to see how powerful these machines really are."

Ashton couldn't believe what his leader had just said, He sighed in defeat and accepted the reality he was in now, "Alright then. But just remember that we still have friends that we need to return to! We're retreating if we can't beat this thing in time! Steard Sword!" Revias charged at the demon automata, going into close quarter combat.

"Roger that, buddy!" Jordan followed suit, with the Beam machine gun ready to fire.

"Fools! Taste the wrath of the true prototype of the Flight-Type Automata, Vincent!" Neverstorm declared, charging in with both blades ready!

End of Chapter