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Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth - Episode 17

Post by Darkerangel » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:03 pm

Frame 13: E.I.E. Driver

~Helios II-Space~

The mobile armor jetted out into space, approaching the effective zone where the enemy forces had gathered as a last means to acquire what they had lost. The Gigak pilots switched from monitor view to telescopic view, seeing an approaching mobile armor unlike anything they have encountered via this sector of the solar system. The Rebirth began transforming right in front of them when the middle part of the unit rotated and two outer sides converted inward. This made the torso lock into place when the legs and arms folded over and out. The shield mounted on its chest was removed by the gundam’s left hand. As Rikka mentioned, the gundam’s body was white with certain areas such as the shoulder armor and leg thrusters painted blue with turquoise eyes in the exact same place as a human’s.

The Rebirth Gundam unlocked the hidden compartment within the shield and took out a beam rifle.

“Target acquired!” said Haro #1. A single red beam of energy shot through the barrel and directly penetrated straight through the chest armor of a Gigak, striking the core engine resulting in an explosion on an atomic scale. The remaining Gigaks fired back with their beam sprits, causing Zax to rotate both the left and right levers, forcing the Rebirth Gundam to maneuver around the incoming beams. It was able to dodge, until the Gigak began moving around, forcing Zax to use the Rebirth Gundam’s shield in order to deflect the beams. Zax was familiar with their beam sprits, specifically built for close range depending on your distance the beam’s penetrating damage stood weak against shields. Zax applied more weight to the pedals, giving the Rebirth Gundam an extra boost on its thrusters when he saw an opening and fired another shot, destroying the left leg of a Gigak.

The remaining Gigaks tried to surround him, but the Rebirth Gundam fired another shot, taking out a second Gigak. Instantly an alarm started to go off inside the cockpit.

“Bastard!” Zax shouted when a Zankou model rammed the Rebirth Gundam.

“Hey you dere. You’re going to pay for what you did to Carter,” said Uday.

“Watch it Uday, something about this here Mobile Suit doesn’t sit well with me,” informed Terr. From what Zax had gathered earlier, the Zankou surpassed that of a Gigak with additional armor and built specifically for space and land combat. Despite having better armor, it was quick.

~Helios II’s Docking Bay~

“I’m picking up an two unknown enemy mobile suit,” panicked Rikka.

“He should be okay. Until otherwise, I’ll refrain from support,” Falyn said.

“How can you be so sure?” Rikka questioned.

“You’re not the only one with a Xel’tool. Preparing for departure. Estrial✭heading out!” relayed Falyn.

~Helios II-Space~

Zax had enough data on them to know what he was up against. His

Xel’tool rested in-between him and his haro.

“Haro #1 set!” Zax issued the command. Promptly his haro’s eyes lit up in multicolored lights and instantly flipped back, essentially opening its “mouth” which caused the Xel’tool to release a holographic 360 display. This card-like display went around the pilot of images of every previous gundams before the creation of the Rebirth. One by one, each blueprint image began moving counter clockwise until Zax selected the one he felt would work for him in this situation. The selected image went inside the mouth of the haro and began building a 3-D blueprint image in which Zax proceeded with the command sequence,

“Launch!” Immediately Haro #1 mouth closed shut. In the center of the Rebirth Gundam’s chest armor is a chest plate that swiftly unsealed, revealing an internal power output called the Emission Internal Emitter Driver or E.I.E. Driver for short. This started releasing light blue Bion Particles that spread and traveled like vines and encased the Rebirth Gundam in a light blue particle cloud. Within the partial cloud, nano-bits began bonding with the Rebirth, remolding the unit to fit the frame of the gundam unit’s blueprint scanned before. Within seconds, the Bion Particles withdrew back inside the E.I.E. Driver before sealing back up.

“Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ!” announced Haro #1.

“ZZ Gundam Rebirth! Lets make it count,” Zax said with excitement.

~ Estrial✭~

“WHOAAAH! Is…did…what just happened? Rebirth Gundam looks like the ZZ Gundam that fought in the First Neo Zeon War back in BSE. 6-88,” Rikka confirmed, drooling over a machine you only read about in text, but to actually see it was like seeing a piece of history in front of you.
Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth A rogue space team called U-FEA is in search for the Beacon of Hope for the future of humanity. They will have to use the blueprints of the Mobile Weapons before them as part of their arsenal to take down the Xen-Dominion.

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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth

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Frame 15: Rebirth of a Gundam

~Helios II-Space~

The Rebirth was remodeled, appearing as an exact replica of the MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam. What remained of the Rebirth was its head and E.I.E. Driver within the chest plate. The ZZ Gundam Rebirth posed unyielding and motioned its double beam rifle so that both hands would keep it steady.

“It ah…it transformed Terr! This is bad man. That…that Machine Doll is a monster,” expressed Uday.

“Stand your ground you fool! It’s just a trick. All remaining Gigaks—” Terr stopped short when two dual beams soared by his and Uday’s right shoulders, hitting not one, but two Gigak units at the same time. “Dammed! Two Gigaks in one shot!” shouted Terr, rethinking his original plan to cage the unit. To his dismay, Uday’s thrusters kicked in when he pushed his right gear forward. The Zankou came at the Machine Doll with its beam-hawk exposed.

The ZZ Gundam Rebirth recalibrated for another shot, but Uday had his Zankou launch a Flash Grenade that was stored on the waist. The grenade was circular with eight jumbo pegs around it. Seconds later, the grenade detonated when the pegs clamped downward, releasing chemicals to cause a reaction. The grenade emitted a blinding flash of light,

“AH!” screamed Zax when the grenade instead of exploding, emitted a blinding flash of light, momentarily blinding not only him, but also his visual sensors.

“Now I got you!” shouted Uday, his Zankous’ thrusters kicked in, charging at the Machine Doll while the pilot was disoriented.

“Haro, release missiles now!” Zax shouted while rubbing his eyes in order to regain his sight.

“Roger. Roger!” The ZZ Gundam Rebirth’s tubes within the backpack, opened up and released twenty-one small missiles, forcing Uday to not only halt his attack, but maneuver through the barrage. He knew his window to take down the Machine Doll was running out and he had to act fast. The two remaining Gigaks provided cover fire, detonating as many small missiles as they could when two of them looped around and took the fifth Gigak out.

The Zankou came over to the side when Zax visual sensors came back online. The ZZ Gundam Rebirth tossed the double beam rifle and reversed the boosters just as the beam-hawk swung diagonal, slicing the rifle in half. The explosion generated the distraction that Zax needed upon gaining his sight back.

“Uday above you!” shouted Terr.

“Huh!?” cried Uday when he looked forward and then up, seeing the Machine Doll above him. The ZZ Gundam Rebirth drew out its hyper beam saber, beam discharging a much longer and more powerful beam flow than that of the Rebirth Gundam’s. Uday quickly jerked the joysticks, placing the beam-hawk above its head when the two clashed.

“AH! Back me up Terr,” Uday cried out.

“Haro, double the beam's output,” Zax ordered. The increased power of the beam weapon turned the beam from a solid line to a thicker outline. The hyper beam saber not only cut through the beam-hawk, but also went straight down cutting the Zankou in half.

“No! Uday! You’re going to pay. Hey! Where the hell you’re going?” yelled Terr, seeing the last remaining Gigak backing away. Zak waved his hand above his Xel’tool, triggering his a performance data command,

Haro #1, EX-Overdrive set!” The firewall code was accepted which triggered every light source within the cockpit to shutdown one after the other, delivering a serge of energy into the haro. Haro #1 frame shimmered multicolored rays, processing the information given.

Go!” commanded Zax, pressing his thumb onto the Xel’tool. The particles within the center of the ZZ Gundam Rebirth’s head commenced charging. “High Mega Cannon!” A massive beam, more powerful than any standard beam weapon streamed directly into both the last Zankou and Gigak, disintegrating both mobile suits.

“Oh no. Deactivating,” said Haro #1 when the E.I.E. Driver opened on its own. The ZZ Gundam Rebirth emitted a light blue frame that shattered into tiny Bion Particles that were absorbed back inside the E.I.E. Driver before closing.

~ Estrial✭~

“That was EPIC!” You have to teach me everything. The schematics itself I have to know,” drooled Rikka when Zax returned to the ship. He went over and took a seat in his chair.

“Where to captain?” asked Falyn.

“We’re going back to that red station. Anything that we can salvage, I want aboard this ship,” he said to them.
Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth A rogue space team called U-FEA is in search for the Beacon of Hope for the future of humanity. They will have to use the blueprints of the Mobile Weapons before them as part of their arsenal to take down the Xen-Dominion.