Mobile Suit Gundam: Wings of Babel, chapter 3 is up

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Wings of Babel, chapter 3 is up

Post by Nagato21 » Fri Aug 08, 2008 5:22 am

This is a one shot story for the moment, i started writing it when Gundam 00 was about to air; its the source of inspiration, aside from using some of the character's name and technologies thats where it stops. Not sure if I will continue the story, so comments are appreciated, if there are any error in spelling and grammar errors I apologize.
By the way this story does not reflect on my political and religious belief (If I have any) If anyone finds him/herself offended I apologize its just a story for fun and I hope you enjoy it. Again critics are welcome as long as they are polite.
Enjoy :lol:

It is the year 2154, the exhaustion of fossil fuel and global warming has forced mankind to expand into outer space leading to the development of space colonies and orbital facilities, among them is the Icarus Project, a giant orbital elevator design to connect the Earth and the Moon, it is supported by five orbital elevators called: Pillars located on Earth.
Unfortunately the economic gap between the first world and third world nations continues to widen because the access to space economy is being monopolized by a few countries; this leads to several series of small scale conflicts and terrorism around the world which threaten to destroy the Icarus Project.
Due to the bickering among the nations member of the Project and their inability to protect Icarus, a private military company call AEGIS, financed by the International Space Agency and the Heliopolis Corporation is tasked to protect Icarus and all its related assets as well as preventing and neutralizing threats pertaining to the Project.
Using advance Mobile Weapons known as Gundams, AEGIS begins the first step of world unification.

Chapter 1

February 6th, 2154
Zanzibar station (#11) 03:45 GMT

Spanning 250,123 km long, the Orbital Elevator Icarus is the largest undertaking in human history and a critical factor in the space colonization. With its four hundred and sixty octagon shape modules measuring each six kilometers and fifty kilometers apart from each other, each facilities houses habitation quarters, recreation centers and a Magnetic Coil Drive which allow the linear train to travel from the Earth to the moon in less than three days. Although only sixty modules have been installed, the transportation line is operational and safe, being constantly monitored and protected by a force field from debris and any hazardous incidents….

Without listening further, Keith shuts down his seat TV screen and switch to the radio,
“I think she means terrorist incidents right, Allen?”, sitting next to his right, a young man with brown skin and dark hair is watching from his seat window the massive spaceship anchored to the docks. Keith emits a sight, he grabs his magazine and hit Allen’s head, but Allen turns toward him suddenly, because of the low gravity and his seat belt off, Allen dodge the assault, causing Keith to lose his balance and being taken by inertia he is propelled upward spinning with his head downward.
His uncomfortable position causes a loud cheer of amusements from his friends
“Are you training for the space circus?” asks Allen amused by his friends awkward situation.
“Shut up and help me!” asks Keith embarrassed.
“My my, this is certainly an undignified position for a prince, what would your sister think if she saw you that way.”
Keith face convulse with anger
“You did it on purpose did you?” he asks
Allen responds with a devilish smile
“Its so bright here that I could see you glaring at that pretty stewardess from the window’s reflection” he grinned
“Wait I get my hands on you, you devil”
The two boys began a friendly and cheerful melee, while floating across the wagon of the linear train. The two boys are students at Houston Academy and are aiming to become astronauts; today along with their classmates they are attending a very important event.

“Cut it out you two!” A pair of strong arms spawned by a beautiful red hair woman in her mid-late twenties ended the melee. “If you two want to blow some steam, then allow me to direct you to the nearest airlock.”
Allen and Keith swallowed hard, their supervisor Alicia Newman was a former US Marine and a hardcore by the rule woman.
The grin on her face meant she was considering applying her suggestion, which prompted the two boys to apologize and high tail to their seats.

“Damn woman” mutters Keith while grabbing a small bag of soda juice furnished with a straw. “If it weren’t for that ZOINKS personality the trip would be worth it!”

“It is worth it” declares Allen, “look outside!”
Keith moves toward the window; the linear train was approaching what appeared to be a giant ovoid structure filled with towers and modules, near the center, there was several large domes, each measuring at least a kilometer, filled with green vegetation, urban centers, looking closely Keith and Allen could see cars and people inside.
“I’ve been to a colony before, but this is incredible!”
“Zanzibar station” calls a voice, a young woman, probably in her twenties, with black skin denoting her African origins and green eyes, approached the pair. “There are eleven stations like this, each built by a nation; Zanzibar is the last one.”
“Which country?” asks Keith, he knew that the US possessed four of those stations and the rest was divided between Europe, China, India and Japan.
“The African Confederation” reply Allen, his gaze still fix onto the station.
“What?” asks Keith Dumbfounded?
The woman sights, “You’ve come here for the inauguration right? How can you not know about this?”
The young British was embarrassed, the only reason he joined the Space Agency was on a whim, but since he had met Allen five months ago, his interest about space had been somewhat rekindle, but he still had a lot of work to do.
“Yeah I remember!” he lied “Aren’t they the one who refused to export their natural resources?”
The woman gave him an angry glare and suddenly left
“What did I do?”
“It must be your lack of information or rather your lack of interpreting information, maybe both” says Allen
“Are you implying that I am stupid?”
Allen’s laugh
“She is mad at you because she thinks you are one of those ignorant white people who take the world for granted.”
It was Keith turn to laugh
“No kidding! If she knew that I was a quarter Ethiopian I wonder how she would react?”
A sad thought ran through his mind, that woman had every right to be mad at him, after all he had lived a sheltered life, not exposed to the reality of the third world and crisis that had befallen them ever since the colonization program; It was for that very reason he left his home, to learn about the world, but sometimes he had to admit he was getting to carried away, unable to shed the comfort of his former life.
A tap on the shoulder from Allan brought him back
“Don’t worry! She doesn’t know you like I do!”
There was plenty of time for him to change and learn.

A few hundred kilometers from the elevator, the sun was about to set down, the profile of a rectangular ship with the last rays of sun on its back, slowly approached the station Zanzibar.

“We have arrived at designated coordinate sir!” declares the ship helmsman

“Good! Maintain position, radio officer what’s the status of Delta team?”

“Last transmition at 030! They have successfully reach waypoints Alpha and Beta and standing by!”

The captain nodded, staring at the Station profiling before him, he could see the linear train docking at Zanzibar, next to it was a massive antenna filled with solar panels in perpendicular and parallel positions from each other.

“Launch Charlie and Bravo Team teams!” he orders

“Aye Sir!”

The ventral hull of the ship opens up, revealing a red pale light inside, while it disgorge several giant humanoid forms armed with menacing looking canons

“This is Gale team, commencing operation!”

Zanzibar station (#11) 04:15 GMT

Today is a day of celebration, not for the inauguration of the Zanzibar station, but the introduction of Solar Transmitter system, a joint project between Heliopolis corporation and the African Confederation, despite fierce opposition from the European Union, the United Nation assembly approved the application of this new Project code name Helios as the first step to solve the energy crisis that has been plaguing half of the world.

Graham Aker scoffed gently at the journalist commenting before the camera a few meters from him.

“As if it was the only plague in this world!” declares Charles Constantine, a tall bold man whose two pieces suit was not enough to hide his huge musculature.

Aker grabs two glass of champagne from the passing waiter and hands one to his guest

“Fortunately there are many sorts of cures, the only problem is that we tend to abuse it.”

“Or neglect it”
Charles empties his glass with one gulp, while Aker savors it.

“I am surprised to see Russia number one field strategist present in such a peaceful gathering.” Declares the American amused; “One would think it foreshadows something grim.”

Charles scoffs at him, his blue eyes fixing the guests drinking champagne and dandy
“I am no longer with the Military; unlike some people I am not infatuated with the battlefield, Thunder hawk!”

Aker smiles at the mention of his nickname

“And yet the private sectors are known to house those types of beings!, kind of ironic wouldn’t you say?”

“Why are you here?” asks Charles coldly, “I can understand the ambassador presence, but a top ace pilot like yourself.”

“Believe it or not I was invited by none other than Chairman Durand, he and I go way back.”

The Russian almost twitch an eyebrow at the mention of Durand name, the man standing in the podium a few meters ahead of them and surrounded by the crowd, he was the chairman and CEO of Heliopolis Corporation and the richest man on Earth.

Despite being only twenty six years old, that man had an imposing presence, which was reinforce by his uncanny intelligence and ruthless yet polite business skill, giving the control of a financial empire rivaling a super power national budget five times over.

After gauging the crowd with his piercing green eyes and a comfortable smile drawn on his lips, Durand spoke through the mike
“For a very long time the world has been suffering due to lack energy, conflict, famine and diseases have slowed progress in many parts of the planet; despite the best intentions no definite solutions have been reached, until the Helios Project.

Durand presses a button revealing a three dimensional hologram above the room displaying Earth.

“Once the Helios Project is complete, 32 orbital satellites equip with solar transceivers will relay the energy collected by Zanzibar Solar Energy Station and relay it across any location around the globe possessing a solar antenna. The fabrication process and availability of the required materials are if I may say so myself very cheap. It is our hope that in less than two years more than a 132 countries will be receiving constant energy and thus we begin a new era of prosperity.”

A thunderous applause and cheers spawned from the crowd, Durand waited a few minutes before ordering silence

“Any questions?”

A fleet of raised hands sprouted from the crowd, the young CEO cheerfully obliged the journalists.

A few levels above, five men in security uniforms enter the power control sub station where climate control and the energy field are being regulated from. Inside the station a dozen technicians are busy checking their screens or sipping coffee while exchanging jokes.
One of them notice the group
“What’s up guys? Don’t tell me you guys still have that power surge in your quarters?”

One of the officer’s smiles, while the others spread around the wall

“If only that was the only problem!” he says

The man holsters his gun and empty two rounds on the man’s chest

Anger and panic overcome the technicians at the sight of their comrade dying, while the other officers reveal their menacing firearms

“What the hell are you guys doing?” a technician asks, frozen in fear

“A revolution!” reply the leader

Bullets and smoke rain inside the floor, tearing the victims in shreds, a few minutes later the entire station has become lifeless, bathed with blood and smoke.

Some of the gunmen are attending to the control screens, after a brief hacking and tapping, one of them nods to the leader, this last reach his intercom lodge in his ear

“This is Delta team 2, waypoint Alpha is secure.”

“Acknowledge Delta team 2, proceed to phase 2.”

Some levels below a group of men in space suits are busy planting charges on the stations main shafts.

“This Delta team 1, the table is dress, time for dinner.”

“Acknowledge Delta team 1, begin countdown ETA 2 minutes.”

One of the men presses a button on his data pad activating the timer on each charges.

“Alright let’s go!”

The welcome at the dock had depressing, because they had arrived a bit late; security had refused to let the class from Houston to attend the ceremony. Mrs. Newman had no other choice but to go to security to talk to them, while the rest of the class would go on to visit the station, she brought Allan and Keith with her, in hope of keeping an eye on them.

“Thank you very much Victor! You really saved us.” Thanked Newman to the Security officer

“It’s nothing Major, always glad to be of service.”

Newman chuckled

“Stop it I am retired now, call me Alicia you know!”

The man blushed

“Sorry I guess old habit die hard; although I am surprised you became a teacher.”

“People change!”

A polite groan from Keith reminded the two adults that they weren’t alone

“So you guys served in the US Army together?” Asks Keith nonchalant

“That’s right! The Major…. Hum I mean Alicia was my commanding officer and the best mobile suit pilot in the entire Corp.”

“C’mon Victor!” she spat him in the back, “You are giving me too much credit!”

“But its awesome Mrs. Newman, after all piloting a mobile suit is not easy!” replies Allen

“Maybe, but I don’t think she could hold a candle to Graham Acre!” replies Keith

Alicia’s heart nearly missed a bit at the mention of the name, Victor noticing was quick to change the subject, but Allan was quick to notice something amiss.

“Well how about I give you guys the grand tour?”

The two boys raised their eyebrows in surprise
“Really! Is that okay?”

Victor chuckled “Of course c’mon!”

Suddenly a huge tremor rocked the floor, followed by loud sounds of explosions coming from below and above.

“What is going on?” asks Keith

Alicia and Victor exchange quick glances, years of combat had honed their senses enough to convey their thought without words, she nods and grab Keith.

“C’mon! No time to stare you two, will get to the nearest shelter!” she orders while training the two down the corridor.

“There should be one down Block C7!” shouts Victor; as they take the next turn, he runs on the opposite direction, reaching the Command Center.

“You are late!” tells the Commander

“Sorry sir!” says Victor; he grabs a comm. Unit. “I take it that this explosion isn’t normal?”

One of the officers seating on a terminal faces him “We’ve located the origin of the detonations in five separate locations, one of them is the spaceport, the rest occurred in sector G.”
Victor frowns; he looks at the Commander who exchanges the same worries.
“Display the location of the detonations and the path of the secondary explosions.” He asks.
A holographic screen sprouts at the center of the room displaying the station and its various internal layouts; a series of red dots represents the explosions, along with some surrounded by yellow circles for the detonations appears on the map.

“This doesn’t make any sense!” declares the Commander “Why sector G, if terrorists are trying to attack why not disabling are radar and comm. Stations?”
“Sir! Rescue teams have arrives, they report multiple casualties!” says an Officer.
“The elevators have been damaged as well!”
“We have reports of several hull breaches in block 1 to 23!”

“Alright, I want an emergency relief center on sector F and H; cancel every linear transport and secure the docks. Assign a security detail to the chairman and VIP’s until they evacuate.”

Victor stood silent still examining the map, his brain was trying to absorb the information and sorting out the facts and possibilities.
“I don’t like this!” he mumbled
“What’s up?” asks the Commander
“Even if the terrorists where trying to cause collateral damage, why sector G, there is only fifty people down there and the place is only used for recycling wastes coming from the other sectors.”
“The secondary explosions have caused a massive amount of damage on the outside as well and the debris floating could disrupt our air space or even damage the linear train. Perhaps chaos is there goal.”
Victor nods negatively
“The emplacements of the charges, the timing after each explosions, its too organized, either this is part of an elaborate plan or some mad bombers; whatever the case there is more than one guy here.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! Only a few personnel can have access to all the blocks in one sector, either the culprits are disguised as security personnel or engineers, maybe…”
He stops himself, realizing something terrible, he taps his radio.
“Radar Control what’s the status of the debris?”
“There is a large amount spreading to grid Bravo and Charlie but..”
Victor cuts the communication, his face sweating
“What’s wrong!” asks the Commander visibly perturbed by his subordinate.
“The debris are floating outside!” he replies
“Yes, because of the explosions.”
Victor nods negatively
“But the magnetic field is supposed to prevent the debris from spreading outside, then why are they…”
“Oh my God!” Shouts the Commander, suddenly realizing Victor’s words; “What’s the status of the magnetic field?”
“Still online! But… the output is below 60 percents.” Announce an officer.
Victor and the Commander look at each other.
“Order the Mobile Suits to scramble immediately, and search grid Bravo and Charlie for possible enemy contact; bring the external defenses onl….”
A sudden tremor stops his words.
“Report?” he shouts
“Explosions in the Mobile Suit hangars”
Suddenly the lights shut down, plunging the room in a dark and pale red light
“We lost power! Explosions have hit the power lines, switching to auxiliary power.”
“Can we launch Mobile Suits?” asks Victor
The Officers
“The hangar was smashed, the only units we have are six Rhinos in patrol.”
“Alright, tell them to find and intercept the enemy, in the meanwhile contact central command and asks them for reinforcements.”
“I don’t think we will need to.” Announces Victor coolly
“Why do say that?”
“Have you forgotten that we are not the only one defending this place?”
A shiver ran through the commander and some of the officers.
“I don’t think they wouldn’t have foreseen such event!” Victor thinks “The shield of Icarus.”

Inside the ceremony room, the VIP’s were being evacuated by the security; A group of well armed men in black suit where surrounding Chairman Durand escorting him in one of the long glassed hallways of the station, at his side Graham Aker and Charles Constantine.

“What’s the condition of the station, Maria?” asks the chairman
His secretary, a beautiful blond with cold eyes opens her datapad reading the current information.
“So far the damaged have crippled the recycling system, the power conduits in several areas have been damaged, but power is being restored gradually.”
“Have the terrorists been located?” Durand was addressing to Charles
“No however Security believes that the enemy main target is the solar transceiver since they lost radar contact in some areas in proximity to the device. Unfortunately their Mobile Suits hangar has been disabled and they have limited forces.”
The group reaches an air lock, beyond the door is linear train with the symbol of Heliopolis Corporation: A yellow sun with a flying dove above.
As Durand steps into the airlock, he faces Charles
“It seems that we have no choice then. Alright Mr. Constantine I live it to you.”
The Russian bows “Thank you sir!”
Durand step inside along with his bodyguards, a few seconds later the train departs, leaving Charles and Graham alone.
“Why are you still here?” asks the Russian
“I just want to see if the famous man once called White Hound hasn’t his touch.”
Charles walks away; he draws his cell phone from his vest.
“Yes it’s me. It appears that we weren’t able to foresee scenario A1, proceed to plan T04 immediately.”
He puts back his cell phone and face back Graham still on his tail
“How about I show you the true strength of the Shield that defend this place?” he declares smiling.
Graham smiles back like a devil ready to play a trick, something that puts Charles uneasy
“I think you are referring to the swords that will rip apart this distorted world.”
The blond American walks slowly toward the glass window of the hallway, starring at the far away Earth.
“I can’t wait see it!”
Like buzzing flies, a horde of twelve Mobile Suits in clad dark and gray color where flying across the station in close formation, hidden by the dark shadow of the structure itself.
Suddenly a stream of bullets tore the formation apart; the group of SMV 011 Baku broke into two team of six.
“This is Gale 1! Zulu team, take of those guys!” orders the lead Baku igniting his thrusters he and his group dashes away from the incoming enemy, while the rear group moves to intercept the approaching Rhinos.
The Rhinos opened fire with their 90mm machine guns, but the sleek and agile Baku are more maneuverable than their Bulky and slow opponents.
One Baku opens fire with his bazooka, the projectile splits open revealing a rain of steel pellets, blowing a Rhino away and damaging the structure behind the exploding suit.

The explosion caused by the Baku attacks severely damages the block, suddenly a small container, a rescue pods ejects.

“Damn it!” Yells Keith angry
“Get off me you idiot!” yells Alicia, Keith’s head was lodge between her legs. Embarrassed the young boy promptly obeyed, he ran toward Allen at the pods control, to avoid his teacher seeing his red face.
“Is it a battle?” he asks
“Looks like it! I see a bunch of Rhinos and Bakus” remarks Allen
“Bakus? Aren’t those Chinese models?” asks Keith visibly surprised
Alicia arrives behind him, looking at the optical screen and radar
“Yes, and they are the latest model, type F-4 I believe.”
“No way!” exclaims Keith “Does that mean the Chinese are attacking?”
Allen nods negatively
“No! The Chinese would never break the treaty; they need the elevator as much as anyone else.”
“Then who are they?” Keith points the Mobile Suits
A Baku draws a heat dagger and plunges it into a Rhino waist before moving away as the suits explodes.
“Whoever they are we have to move away from this area or we will finish like those Rhinos out here.” Warns Alicia; “Allen move the pod around this shaft, the docks shouldn’t be far from there.”
Slowly and gently, Allen pushes the stick while maintaining the inertia stabilizers, a small push from the thrusters, orients the pod toward the shaft direction.
A second later, Allen activates the main thruster on the back, pushing the pod around the column.
“Nice job! You certainly are a natural Allen.” Congratulates Alicia
“You haven’t seen my skills yet, Miss Newman!” retorts Keith in a flirtatious tone
“Repulsiveness I believe is your main skill, right?” replies the teacher
Allen laugh at the sarcastic comment, while Keith moves to the corner pouting when suddenly a shock sends the pod flying away abruptly from the shaft.
“What’s going on?” yells Keith, his body spinning at both ends of the craft.
Alicia jumps at the co pilot seat next to Allen and straps herself; she then gazes at the radar screen
“Mobile Suits! Two of them!” she announces
Indeed, one Rhino and a Baku where exchanging fire, it would’ve been no concern for Alicia and her students if it weren’t for the pod being in the middle of the battle.
The Rhino attempted to circle around the pod, but a second Baku appearing from above prevented his escape.
“Move us away Allen!” orders Alicia
The boy didn’t wait, he manipulated the thrusters, propelling the pod backward, then reoriented it to face the station, he was about to accelerate, when a threatening and giant red eye appeared in front of him, startled, he was too late to stop the Baku big hands to grab the pod and push it back toward the battlefield.

“What are they doing?” asks Keith

“Those Bastards!’ yells Alicia; “They are using us as a shield!”

Allen slams his hands on the panel control, his face contortioned by rage

“Don’t they have any shred of decency?” he yells

“That Rhino pilot must be pretty good for them to gang up on him like that.” Notes Keith

“But we can’t stay here!” says Alicia
Allen grabs back the control “You’re right we can’t.” The pods thrusters on the rear above ignites, at the same time with the forward thrusters, spinning the pod, the Baku grabbing them, lose control and is propel upward, Allen readjust the craft’s balance and push the rocket thruster.
“Watch out!” yells Alicia
A stream of bullets narrowly misses the pod, but one projectile hits the rear of the pod losing balance and spinning again, this time on a collision course toward the shaft.
“I can’t break!” screams Allen
“Everyone hold on!” orders Alicia
A shock rocks the pods, as Allen opens his eyes; he sees a giant head, with a visor and a long exhaust port similar to a horn.
“A Rhino!” he mumbles, he looks at his friends sharing the same stun faces.
“Are you guys alright?” asks Rhino pilot through the intercom
“Yes Thank you!” respond Alicia “But you better move away from us!”
“Too late!” mumbles Allen, Alicia’s look at the radar then outside, sees the Bakus.
“What the hell is wrong with those guys, do they want to kill people that badly?” Asks Keith
The Rhinos moves away from the pod to engage the suits, with agility and grace, the Rhino easily dodges their fire, passing them, he takes a sharp turn and unleashes a stream of fire on the nearest suit from their side. The bullets hit, tearing one suit apart.

The two Baku retreats toward the pod, one of them pointing his gun toward the craft; the Rhino suddenly stops and backs away from their firing range.
“Listen up!” calls the Baku holding the pod hostage. “Cease all resistance or we will destroy this pod and anyone in it!”

“You cowards!” insults the Rhino pilot
“Call us whatever you want it doesn’t matter! Now drop your weapon!”
The Rhino tosses its rifle
“Get him!”
The second Baku jumps toward the defenseless suit, his heat dagger forward
“You will pay for what you did to my friends!”
As if reality had been split in half, a green beam ran from the station, passing the pod and piercing like an arrow the back of the charging Baku, a split second later it blew away like meteor crashing in the planet’s atmosphere.
Before the second Baku could comprehend, the shadow of the white and black giant warrior appears from behind, plunging a long bladed spear at the end, inside the belly of the enemy suit, reaching the reactor and passing through the back.
The Baku pilot helmet is filled with blood, while his eyes display incomprehension and surprise at the cold and blank stare given by a pair of green eyes flashing a glow at him. With the motion of its hand holding the spear, the giant throws the suit like a one throwing garbage into the cold space, before it erupts like a fireball.
“I can’t believe it!” says the Rhino pilot, stunned by this appearance

“Is this… that’s not possible” mumbles Keith; he checks his friend’s faces to confirm his surprise

The giant turns toward them, his face looks like a human, but the mouth is hidden by a white mask, only his cold greens eyes and golden fin at each side of the head are visible

“A Gundam!” this word is spoken by all four of them at the same time; the legendary guardian of Icarus and the future of the human race in outer space stand in front of them.

Perhaps out of habits or curiosity, Alicia initiates a visual scan of the suit; she frowns at the data.
“It looks like a new model!” she mumbles
“More Bakus approaching, three of them!” warns Allen

The Gundam rushes toward the enemy suits, the Bakus suddenly break formation trying to surround the Gundam.
Evading the bullets, it charges its spears upward, before slamming the sharp and long green blade into a Baku, cutting the suit in half from the head downward.
A second Baku fires his bazooka, sending a rain steel pellets, the Gundam right arm surges to protect the face, on the arm, a round object similar to a buckler start spinning, from the buckler a transparent light comes forth, projecting itself in front of the body, like hitting a wall, the pellets stop a few centimeters from the suit, the Gundam then motions its arm sideways, like a shockwave the light travels back toward the Baku who is then pierced by the pellets and explodes.

The third Baku runs away, but the Gundam outruns it, blocking his escape, panic or courage the Baku pilot opens fire, but not fast enough to stop him from cutting him in half with its spear.

Alex sighs slowly, the enemies he had dispatch where pretty weak; a look at his display showed that the area was now clear, he gazed at the pod, and the civilians seemed to be ok or rather stun by his appearance.
“This Alex Davenport, Gundam Warter; Area C23 clear, proceeding to the next objective, over.”

“Roger Warter, proceed to the next objective!” responded a female voice

Without further due the Warter flew away, leaving Allen, Alicia, Keith and the Rhino pilot to contemplate at what happened.

A few kilometers away the last group of Bakus where making their way toward the giant solar transceiver towering above the station.

“Sir!” calls one of the pilot “We can’t seem to raise Zulu team on the radio!”

“Maintain radio silence! We don’t have time to worry about them!” shouts the leader.

The Solar Transceiver was now a kilometer from them

“All units spread out, get your launchers ready and watch out for the enemy turrets!”

Underneath and above them a large caterpillar thread compose of steel bars and modules surrounded the Transceiver, the Bakus dove inside the complex, the optical and motion sensors suddenly triggered a series of laser turrets; but the Bakus where too sleek and agile to be hit. After blowing a few turrets of their own the Bakus finally entered a large open space, right in front of them, lays the transceiver.

The lead Mobile Suit waved its left hand, signaling to stop

“The time for revenge has come! The ACS will pay for the humiliation they did too us!”
Spoke the leader.
“All units aim!”
On the back of each Bakus a massive container detach itself, supported by two arm manipulator, the containers raises above their head
Two circles from opposing direction gradually join in one around the crosshair of their targeting screen.
“Open fire!”

The containers open, from each tube the missiles sprung out like arrows or rather like devils toward the Transceiver.
“Contact in ten seconds…8…7…6….5…”
A hazy green and transparent light suddenly appeared in front of the Transceiver, the missile suddenly exploded as they hit this wall of light.

“What happened?” asks a pilot

The light glows as the explosion rocks it

“An energy particle field!” yells the Baku leader, visibly stunned “It couldn’t be..”

“Sir Look dead ahead!” points a pilot

The light suddenly disappears as if swallowed by another flash of light that stand in front of the Mobile Suits.
As the light dissipates, one can see the form of a bulky , fat and yet sleek form of a Red and Black Mobile Suit, its face similar to that of a human with a helmet, its mouth covered by a black mask, golden fins on the forehead and cold green eyes.

“Is that a Gundam?!”

Oliver smirked, a contrast on his usual cold face, there only six mobile suits, hardly a challenge for a professional like himself, but a job was a job.
“This is Oliver Karta. Enemy in sight, Gundam Balrog will begin dispatch!”

On each of the Balrog massive shoulders where a rectangular red panel, those panels slowly opens revealing sparkling green tubes in each side.
Red circles locked on each suits displayed on Oliver’s crosshair
“Phalanx Missile; fire!” he said while pressing the trigger

The missiles inside the shoulders suddenly erupted from the Balrog in every direction, a split second later their direction changed and they flew like arrows onto the group of Baku.

“Everyone, scatter!” orders the lead Baku; obeying, the troops flew in every direction, taking a series of evasive maneuvers to trick the missiles; unfortunately despite their speed and agility, the missiles penetrated the hard shell of the Bakus, suddenly convulsed with bubbles of energy before exploding in a series of bright light illuminating the station.

The Ship’s captain stared at the necklace of light and explosion that took the lives of his men, despite the distance, the ship visual sensors had monitored the Mobile Suits team progress and their demise at the hand of the Gundam, Heliopolis grim rippers.
Months of planning, training, selection and sacrifices; resources had been wasted for the sake of this mission, resources that could’ve helped his country economy but instead went into a desperate plan to save the mass of hungry and the face of politicians who lived like pig while their own people die. Still he had faith in his country in their cause, yet deep inside of him he had known that it wouldn’t have worked, now they where paying the price for their mistakes.

His XO approaches him, his face showing distress

“Our long range sensors are being jammed, we can’t get in touch with Delta.” The officer informs.

“Helmsman plot a course out of here maximum thrust!” The captain orders; “Recall the remaining Mobile Suits order them to back….”

A slight tremor shook the ship’s hull preceded by a bright green beam tearing apart a Baku in front of the ship.
Red light and siren began to fill the bridge
“Unknown object approaching fast from above!” warns the radar officer.
“Bring CIWS online!” yells the XO “Mobile Suits intercept the enemy!”

Like comets six Bakus darted above the ship toward the approaching intruder, its form resembling a bird made of silver and gold, with long and fin wings, where a blue light was filtering from. Some of the pilot paused their thought for a second at the majestic sight of this enemy; a mistake which caused two of them two die, as a volley of green beam erupted from the nozzle of the aircraft, piercing the Mobile Suits armor before blowing to pieces.

“Son of the bitch!’ insults a pilot; the Bakus open fire, but the bird skillfully evades the streams of death while flying around the troops. Suddenly it dives, pushing its after burner and find itself right below the Bakus who are too slow to react, so slow that they unable to escape the second torrent of death beams spit by the bird; one Suits however has manage to survive.
The last Baku tosses its rifle and dart straight at the bird running at him as well. Suddenly the Baku pilot inverts his suit’s rocket verniants upward, using his speed momentum he performs a barrel and find himself right below the bird.

“Got you sons of the bitch!” he yells
Using its left arm, the Baku spawns a heat blade from its shoulder and stabs the bird belly. As he is about to make contact with the metal, a strong magnetic force pulls the Baku away from its prey, his view is blinded by sunlight which had been hidden by the bird, as he adjust his sight, a chill runs across his spine. As if taken by some convulsion the bird splits apart, retract itself until finally the form of giant warrior with eagle wings bathed by sunlight stands before him, the warrior green gaze falls on him like hammer.

“A Gundam!”

Alberich was pissed, this lowly terrorist had dared too scratch his precious toy; furthermore the one that was standing against him was a trashy Baku, the fact that such disgusting looking suit dared to challenge him made him even more mad.

“This Gundam Waltz Falken, I will show you the beauty of justice!”

With its left hand the Gundam spawned a large stick hidden behind its waist, the stick suddenly grew in length before a large beam spew from the tip taking the shape of a Death scythe.
Like lightning, Waltz Falken tore the suit in half
The source of his anger dissipated, Alberich sets his eyes toward the Ship and the three remaining Baku guarding it.

A flare shoots out of the ship and a comm. Hail on Alberich screen, he opens the comm. Channel, revealing the face of a proud man with a gray beard in uniform, his eyes showed no fear but determination.
“My name is Sergei Doltsoviak, my men and I have been defeated, we have no means of resisting and are preparing to surrender under the laws of the Geneva Convention.”

Alberich red eyes fixed the man gaze, his face stoic at the officer’s declaration, a long second passed then Alberich mouthed opened with an icy tone.

“Is there anything else you want to declare?” he asks

The Captain looks at him surprised

“We are surrendering, what more do you need?”

Alberich cold demeanor suddenly became imposing

“Then I am to assume that you are soldiers under official orders of your government to carry an act of terror.”

An angry expression appeared on the captain’s face

“We represent the heart and soul of our nation not that of our government which has betrayed us!” This was a lie but the captain knew he couldn’t let his country be butchered by the international community even if his government deserved to burn.

Alberich however smiled at the man’s declaration
“In that case you have no need to surrender!” he exclaims

“What do you mean?” the captain asks suspiciously

Alberich smile grew wider
Waltz Falken wings suddenly unfolded its tip forward, spitting sparks of electricity began to concentrate at the center of the Gundam.

“What are you doing?” asks the Captain alarmed

“I am relieving you of your misery!” declares Alberich triumphal

As if space and heaven had been split a gold beam of light surged out of the Waltz Falken chest, engulfing the ship and the mobile suit in a bath of light and death.

“Terrorists have no rights!” Declares Alberich; “Be grateful that your souls have been sent into heaven by the hand of a Gundam.

February 6th,2154
Toward the moon, 06:45 GMT

Onboard the private linear train, Durand was watching the news: the news reporter was commenting on how the terrorists had infiltrated Zanzibar, deactivate its sensors while a squadron compose of the latest Chinese armament had sneak within the defense perimeter to destroy the Solar transceiver; Fortunately the timely dispatch of the Gundam had saved the Transceiver and the people on the station.
A new reporter was given screen time in commenting how suspicious it was that terrorist where able to acquire such high tech Mobile Suits, the identity of some of the members of the now dead assault team had been identified as Russian decent and Siberian extremist. The Russian and Chinese government of course denied any involvement and happily pointed fingers at each other. The highlights where concluded by the African Confederation Prime Minister making an emergency press conference to denounce the actions of the terrorists and their unknown bakers as selfish and malicious. The word that stroke Durand was when the Prime Minister mentioned that the act itself was a crime against humanity.
He turned off the screen and poured himself a glass of champagne, outside the moon was profiling itself.
“Terrorism is in the end an act of desperation from a child who needs help.” He empties his cup and put it back on the table;” That child that is humanity.”

Maria who had been standing right beside him pours his glass again, she then presents on the table a red file marked top secret.
“Agent Z has confirmed the termination of the Baku vendor, his death will be announce on the local Siberian newspaper in two days, causes are heart attack due to drug abuse, the medical files have been altered and any relatives have been either silenced or given compensation.”

Durand rapidly sliced through the file before putting it back and drink his cup

“What about the money trail?”

“Prior to the operation a week ago we transferred the funds to one of our dummy company Aureal Incorporated who officially is backing PMC’s in the middle east, as for the source of revenue they where provided in cash prior to be in the bank, the risks of tracing it back are close to zero.”

Durand smiles

“Never underestimate the power of capitalism, my cherie.”
The young Chairman gets up and walks toward his desk, he takes his time to adjust his back to the leather seat.

“How was G011 performance today?” he asks
Maria sprung her data pad; a holo-screen opens in the middle of the room, showing schematics of Mobile Suits and personal data files; one of them is the face of a dark skin, green eyes and white hair man in his twenties.

“As expected it was oerfect; but I can't say much about its pilot, his synchronization rate was below 5%, however his response rate during combat where above the previous 45% recorded during training; although this does not give us enough reason to approve him for stage 2.”

Durand chuckles; aside from being a beautiful woman, Maria was always cold and calculating, wherever it was business or pleasure; it was to be expected given her background, an attitude which had helped to ascend the ranks in the military prior to join his company. But he could detect a slight trace of anger as she reviewed #0345/NX00
Code name: Alex Davenport

“So far he has yet to disappoint us”; he presses a console on his seat left side, “I sincerely believe that the Warter is a good match for him.”
The menacing form of a giant machine profiled on the holo screen; “He is the guardian of our tower after all.” Says Durand as he turns off the screen, he turns around looking at the glass window protecting him from the cold vacuum of space.
“One guardian among many!”
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Post by Big B » Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:38 am


The writing is a bit, well, frumpy. The details are there, but the flow isn't.
“But we can’t stay here!” says Alicia
Allen grabs back the control “You’re right we can’t.” The pods thrusters on the rear above ignites, at the same time with the forward thrusters, spinning the pod, the Baku grabbing them, lose control and is propel upward, Allen readjust the craft’s balance and push the rocket thruster.
“Watch out!” yells Alicia
There's a lot of that, and it gives an uneven flow.

It might be better if you had something along the lines of this:

“But we can’t stay here!” says Alicia
Allen grabbd back the control. “You’re right we can’t.” The pods thrusters on the rear above ignited. At the same time with the forward thrusters, spinning the pod, the Baku grabbed them, lost control and was propelled upward. Allen readjust the craft’s balance and push the rocket thruster.
“Watch out!” yelled Alicia.

Secondly, your sentance structure, spelling and grammar could use some fine tuning.

If you're not sure, run it through Microsoft Word and make use of the spell checking function. It's not perfect, but it may help with the contexts of the words. Also, if you can, getting someone to proofread your story would be beneficial.

I do see where you're going, and with some polish, it can work very well.

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I wanted to give a bit of a background about the world the story is set in and the characters here, but you will get to learn there motives in later chapters.
Again comments are appreciated

By 2099, the importation of energy from outer space diminished the demand of oil and its value in the stock market.
In 2110, the oil producing countries of the Middle East formed an economic alliance call the Persian Alliance. Fusing their economy as one, the Persian Alliance was able to participate in the Icarus Project by providing 70% of the materials and work force necessary to construct the Middle East Pillar: Aladdin.
Unfortunately, after 44 years, the tower is still incomplete and the Alliance is now in an economic crisis that has once again reignited ethnic conflicts across the region.

Chapter 2: Battle Plans

February 12th 2154, 04:32 GMT
Province of Iraq; Persian Alliance military research complex of Arbil

Following the 2 hour guide tour of the research complex of Arbil, General Abdulla Nakaraf, chief of the Persian Mobile Division had made no comments, as a matter of fact he hadn’t utter a single word nor did his face showed an expression of surprise or amazement toward the various products of the research staff.
Professor Massoud did not really care about the General presence, but he wondered why the officer was so stoic?
Following the Alliance defeat in Syria six years ago, the military had been spending billions of dollars to develop mobile weapons capable of providing their troops an equal footing with their sworn enemy; so why was the General not showing any concerns. Was he already displeased? Or maybe he already knew…?
“No that would be too early.” Thought Massoud; the group enters a large hangar, where engineers are busy working on a massive behemoth made of thick metal, its massive head measuring nine meter long at least resemble that of a carnivore but its menacing eyes gives it the appearance of a demon from the pits of hell.
Massoud gives a glance at the General, whose face now express surprise and proud joy toward this marvel of engineering.
The professor gives a discreet smirk. He should have known what this man was really after, despite the fact that the weapon itself was beyond his jurisdiction a man as proud and ambition as Nakaraf could not resist the opportunity wanting to obtain a weapon such as this.
“With this the Alliance will be invincible!” he declares with a proud tone in his voice; “Our ultimate weapon!”

Massoud gives a mocking laugh as he adjusts his glasses.
“Am afraid that weapon doesn’t belong to you General! Not anymore that is.”; declares the scientist to the confuse General.
As if his words where confirmed, a dozen armed men in full combat suit and assault rifle appears from the entrance surrounding the General and his staff.
Nakaraf face contortions with anger and surprise; “Massoud what are you doing?”
The scientist lift his shoulders; “Let’s just say that I found someone who really appreciates my work and beside; the pay is better.”
“You scumbag!” insults Nakaraf; were not for the soldiers holding him at gunpoint he would have gladly slit Massoud’s throat. “After all the Alliance has done for you! If it weren’t for us you would’ve finish as POW in a Turkish prison you ungrateful dog.”

“Perhaps you should’ve treated the dog better!” says a familiar voice. A man in dark uniform with the gallons of an officer, a red beret, dark eyes and a black goatee appears on ramp platform above the group, staring Nakaraf with triumphal smile.

The General felt at this moment a chill run his spine at the presence of this man.

“Za… Ahmed Zarqawi! You bastard; I should’ve known it was you!”

The man name Zarqawi smirks.

“Yes you should’ve known my dear friend! But it is too late, with this weapon!” He points at the dark Behemoth. “Nothing will stand in our way!”

Nakaraf scoffs at him “You fool! Don’t tell me you still harbour those ideas of yours?”

“Ideas?” yells Zarqawi as if insulted. “This is the will of our people! Why can’t you understand that as a fellow countryman?”

A ray of sadness passes on Nakaraf’s face bringing nostalgic times, but it quickly changes to the expression of a resolute and firm soldier.

“Our people as you say can’t survive without the Alliance. The world has changed so much that it will not allow it; you of all people should have realized it! This selfishness can no longer continue!”

Zarqawi already angry gives back a hateful stare. “Spoken like a true Persian dog! In normal circumstances, I should kill a traitor such as you, but not today.”

“I have no value as a hostage!” reply the General with a firm voice, but his face is betrayed by Zarqawi’s smile.

“Hostage?” he replies, Zarqawi lowers the ramp and approach Nakaraf holding his collar. “Do you think we are terrorists?” He pushes him back. “This is a revolution led by the people themselves, who have uncovered the lies of your masters and will brake from their hold. Why would I need a hostage?”
Zarqawi gives a nod to his men who then lower their guns.
“A transport is waiting for you and your men. Return to Tehran and tell your masters that the Republic of Iraq has declare war upon the Persian Alliance.”
Nakaraf does not protest, he knows there is nothing more to be said, nothing he can do to stop him. He looks at the men, his compatriots his face express shame and sadness.
“You are all fools,” he mumbles. He raises his index pointing in a circular motion the traitors. “Your actions will not save this country! It will be its doom!”
Without further do, the proud man exits the hangar, leaving everybody to contemplate his prophecy.

“Is it alright to let him go?” asks Massoud who had been staying silent up until now.
Zarqawi watches his old friend take the elevator leading to the surface, his back facing him until the door closes.

“It was the least I could do for an old friend.” He turns, back facing the Behemoth.
“Beside, like I said earlier we are not terrorists, but a nation at war with another.”
Massoud laugh discreetly while adjusting his glasses again.
“A nation led by a soldier!” he declares, standing beside the man. “Sounds like déjà-vu to me.”
Zarqawi does not answer; his mind already taken by a surge of emotion from the past. This weapon standing beside him is the key to change the future, no matter what obstacle he will re build his nation.

February 15th 2154, 09:23 GMT
Odysseus Colony, Icarus

Between the moon and Earth, stands the first built space colony following the so call Space Expansion Era that began in 2083. Odysseus started as a replacement for the international space station, it became a research center to study the effect of permanent life in an artificial environment in outer space. After the signing of the Energy Emergency Plan by the G8 nations in 2095, Odysseus became the bridge for the colonisation of the moon and the primary trade route for the exportation of resources such as helium and Celestium a new alloy found on Earth satellite with amazing properties.
Now Odysseus has become an essential part of the Icarus Project, acting as the central command center of the linear transport between the Earth, the moon and the colonies. It is also the headquarter of the Private Military Company known as Aegis.

Although it is Sunday, Alex Davenport felt uneasy, the weather forecast did say it would be sunny and bright today. Of course it would be! After all this place is an artificial environment design to simulate the Earth, even the climate is fake. The only reason it would rain will be to change the usual boredom.
Right now he was riding his electric bike down the road surrounding Mirage Lake which divides the colony urban city and country side, above him the artificial sunny blue sky is a metallic dome of one kilometre thick protecting the colony of all perils from outer space.
Alex often wonders why Odysseus was created like this. Unlike the traditional O’Neil type colony with cylindrical form, orbiting the Lagrange sectors, Odysseus is a five kilometre long circular plate with a close dome sealing its atmosphere and large Ion pulse thrusters underneath its structure, deep inside is the magnetic wheel, a device simulating gravity via nuclear power. Linking the colony with Icarus is a massive rectangular structure, housing residential, industrial area, a linear train and even a spaceport.
When he first arrived here, Alex saw from his shuttle passenger seat, the odd structure the colony was, he could tell at first glance it was design to be more than a colony.
His thoughts where interrupted when his phone rang. He pushed a button on his helmet, connecting him.
“Am on vacation!” he says, knowing who is on the phone
“This is your second week at work and you think you can take liberties on your schedule?” Replies a young and angry female voice
“I was just joking!” Sights Alex “What’s up?”
“There is an emergency briefing at 030, don’t be late!” says the woman cutting the communication.

Without further do, Alex pushes the acceleration, his bike speeding toward a large bridge suspending above a sea of emptiness, the end of the bridge takes the form of a tower. It is the private spaceport and headquarters of Aegis.

While he may have fought many battles and survive each one of them; there is one Oliver has not finished. It is call the battle of sexes; although he should blame his carelessness for the cause.

“Are you listening to me? Oliver!” yells a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes. “My parents are coming over this week end, so I expect you to give a good impression!”
Oliver winced at those last words: good impression. If Helen’s parent were the same as her, nothing he would do will be good impression for them.
“Listen honey I got to go earn my living okay?” he jokes “Call you later!”
He turns off his vid-phone and gives another long sight.
Although it has been two years now, his relationship with Helen is as chaotic as ever. A single mother in the army; which became his family had raised him and a rich American family who owns private jets and fancy parties for presidents and super stars raised her.
How did the both of them dated and went as far as to live together was something he didn’t understand, two diametrically oppose mentality and yet they loved each other with passion despite the usual quarrel or rather the one sided quarrel.
As he approaches the briefing room, Oliver wondered if it was right for him to get a lasting relationship. He had never stayed long with a woman because his job as a soldier often put him in danger, for that reason, he did not want any type of attachment and vice versa. After leaving the army, he became a mercenary, not being able to live the battlefield until, Aegis recruited four years ago.
When this beautiful woman, working as a staff employee at Aegis met him, he felt an emotion he had not experienced in a while. Despite the fact that she knew what kind of job he was doing, Helena did not seem bothered by, however she and him had to keep it a secret, only a handful of people within Aegis knew the identity of the Gundam pilots, Oliver cover was that of a military advisor for commander Charles Constantine, leader of operations. Once back at home, he and Helena would have to cook a good story for her parents concerning his job. The thought of it made him uncomfortable and at the same time entertaining. For once, he would be able to play spy without the threat of a gun on his head.
As he enters the room, his mood suddenly darkens. Waiting inside is a red hair man with a face displaying arrogance and vulgarity.

“I don’t like to repeat myself!” he says, berating a young dark hair woman with thick glasses and dress with classic office female working clothes.
“I understand sir, but that man has excellent recommendation and worked on the original designs before being transferred.” Says the woman shyly
Alberich De Mezar angrily grabs his secretary left shoulder.
“Your job is to obey not question! Do I make myself clear Mrs. Blair?”
Trembling, the woman nods affirmatively to Alberich’s delight.
“Good! Then I want him fired before the end of the briefing; dismissed!”
The woman leaves room, not before giving a polite salute to Oliver, whose sights are still lock on her boss.
As if he never saw what happened, Oliver fills a cup of coffee from the machine at the back of the room and grabs his designated seat where a reports describing the Balrog’s updates. It would have been fine, if it were not for the fact that Alberich doesn’t like be ignored.
Son of Heliopolis vice president, Alfred De Mezar a European count whose lineage dates back to the Napoleonic Era, Alberich, age 23 grew up with everything handed down a silver platter, his first try of martini was at the age of ten during a gala. His first taste of woman was at the age of twelve. This is some of many reports that Oliver read in the young prince’s evaluation file; one of many files he has access to, following when promoted to the leader of Lambda squadron, the one comprising, Davenport, Alberich and him. That however did not sit well with Alberich.
One had not to guess, to understand why this boy was so spoil. As for his cold-blooded attitude and lust for battle in combat, Oliver often ponders on it. Alberich joined the French foreign legion at the age of 18. He became an accomplish Mobile Suit pilot, serving with distinction in North Africa where he single handedly took out fifty suits and thirty armour vehicles in Libya. An exceptional soldier, except he was demoted and later booted out from the legion because of his insubordination and psychotic tendencies. This last comment had been highlight in the report Oliver read.
He wondered how did Alberich was able to get inside Aegis combat unit, even with his father’s influence, the length of such file could not be overlook; not even Constantine could give him an answer.

Nonchalantly, Alberich sat beside Oliver and threw his legs on the table.
“How are you doing commander?” he asks brightly
Oliver ignored him.
“I hope this mission will be as satisfying as the last one.” He continues. “Terrorists are so easy to kill this days; I hope I’ll get more kicks out of this one though.”
Oliver slammed his empty cup on the table.
“You really are an annoying kid, how about you go to the corner and play with yourself until the briefing starts!” Says Oliver coldly, with such a cold enough to freeze Alberich blood for an instant before he regains his composure. However, he was not fast enough to prevent a smirk from his C.O.
While he may have been on the battlefield before, Alberich knew Oliver was a different category. A man had to walk across many field of carnage, to be able give such a murderous aura and then shut it as if it never existed.
It was because of this gap between Oliver and him that Alberich could not stand. He could not stand somebody above him. Even his chief Constantine and his father; everyone above him he could not stand, but he had to wait. Wait for the opportunity to rise on top and gives them the humiliation he was suffering.
All he could is just scoff.
Three more people came inside the room, the tall dark hair man in his forties is Charles Constantine; a long dark hair woman dress elegantly in a blue white uniform with the emblem of Aegis is Catherine Springer, second in command, military advisor and public liaison of the PMC.
Alberich did not like one damn bit, especially that all knowing attitude of her. Given the opportunity, he would do all kind of humiliating things to her.
The third one is someone he hates even more than everyone in this room; Alex Davenport. Age: unknown, birthplace: unknown, family: unknown; this guy with brown skin, white hair is a complete mystery to him and even to the others.
Alberich tried everything, from hacking the Company’s main computer to asking his father. This last gave him a warning. “Don’t trifle with this boy or you will regret it.”
The tone in his father’s voice was a mix of fear and seriousness. Never his father had been intimidated; so why a boy with no past would would scare him this much?
His thoughts where interrupted when the boy in question stood next to him.
“What do you want?” Asks the prince
Alex’s gold eyes are deep like the deepness of outer space and as bright as the moonlight; like a cat.
“This is my seat. Would you please get back to yours?” he asks
Alberich scoff mockingly “Does it really matter? Go take mine; I’ll treat to some milk later. Okay kitty?”
Alex smiles warmly back at him and turns back making the prince uncomfortable.
As he settles comfortably in the seat, Alberich suddenly feels a strong force pushing him and the seat back toward the wall; before he can understand Alex is in front of him in another seat at the spot he was just a second ago.
Oliver gives a cheerful whistle. “I guess even cats have their pride.” He says mockingly to Alberich.
“Mr Mezar, would you please get to your seat? We are about to start.” Declares Springer.

When everyone is comfortably nestled, Constantine raises his voice.
“Gundam pilots!” he begins. “Allow me to congratulate you again on your first mission as the eleventh Mobile Squadron, Lambda team. Not only did you save the lives of thousands but you also averted an international incident that might have sparked a war.”

“That’s not what I hear from the news lately,” says Alex.
Indeed the Zanzibar incident had increased tensions between Russia and China; tensions which had started thirty years ago. Despite the UN investigators research nothing had been found pertaining to the ones behind the attack, except the evidences while weak served to suspect that China and Russia where involved. Since both countries where major oil furnisher; the Helios project was a direct threat to their economy.

“Our job is to protect Icarus; the conflict between nations is not our problem”. Declares Springer.

“Putting that aside.” Resume Charles. “Here is your next mission.”

He pushes a button, darkening the room and revealing a hologram at middle of the table, showing a map of the Middle East followed by images of conflicts and press conference.

“I am sure that everybody is aware of the recent events in Iraq.” He says. “As you may already know four days ago, a movement within the Persian Alliance garrison forces in Iraq launched an armed rebellion. After seizing control of half of the region from the north to the south of Bagdad in less than 24 hours, the group announced the secession and independence of Iraq from the Alliance. Following the rebellion, the Persian Alliance has deployed troops to the frontier between the Iranian and Syrian Provinces; aside from a few skirmishes at the border, no sides have made a direct move. To be clear, the Persian Alliance has not dared to make a move.”

Charles nods at Springer who then brings another series of images, the profile of a man with a dark uniform, red beret and a black bear standing on a press podium and shouting toward the cheered crowd is display in large.

“This man is Ahmed Zarqawi; formerly a general in the Iraqi Republican Army before the country joining the Alliance in 2110. According to our intelligence, Zarqawi is the man behind the rebellion. The Alliance was originally form as an economic partnership between the nations of Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq in order to join the Icarus space project and compensate their dependence on oil. Aside from exporting it to many third world nations, the price of oil has become worthless nowadays.
Because the completion of the Pillar of Aladdin has not met the required date, the Alliance has become heavily indebted to other countries, particularly China, India and Israel. As a result, it created a resurgence of ethnic conflicts that where kept at bay for the past thirty years. To prevent a collapse of the entire region, the nation members of the Alliance dissolved themselves and formed a central political system ten years ago in the hope that it would bring positive change. Unfortunately, it has not brought many results.”

Alberich makes a slight groan, interrupting Springer.

“I don’t mind the history lesson, but how does it concern Aegis and the Icarus Project?” he asks.

Springer brings another set of images, this time, maps and detail structure of a military installation and weapon schematics.

“This is the Persian Military weapon research complex of Arbil, in North Eastern Iraq. Four days ago, the same day as the rebellion; the complex was seized by an armed group belonging to a Private Military Company known as Scimitar.”

The four pilots make surprises faces at Springer last words.

“A PMC?” Repeats Oliver

Charles nods

“Ten years ago after the Alliance economy started to decay; the Persian Alliance had to restructure their large military. The cut back where more severe after the Syrian conflict with Israel six years ago; as a result many soldiers found themselves without jobs, especially in Iraq which had provided the bulk of the troops. A Private Military Company sponsored by a multi-national corporation name Aurora .Corp was form in 2148 and gathered the soldiers together. The Alliance gave legal status to the Scimitar who began to protect and oversee several of their installations across Iraq.”

“So this PMC is somehow supporting the rebellion and Zarqawi?” asks Davenport

“It doesn’t change the question what does it have to do with us?” asks Alberich pertinently.

“We will get to it.” Replies Springer

Charles continues

“Your assessment is good Davenport, but however the PMC is not supporting Zarqawi.” Constantine poses a moment as to give suspense. “Rather it is the PMC that is following Zarqawi.”

Another wave of surprise flashes through the pilots faces.

“Is it because of their background?” asks Oliver

“It is one of the reasons; but according to CIA intelligence, Zarqawi is the co owner of Scimitar and a member board of trustees in Aurora .Corp.”

Alberich suddenly laughs
“A general and corporate business man; talk about original!”

“After extensive investigation, the CIA has discovered that Aurora is a dummy corporation and that another organisation is behind Scimitar financing and supply.” Mentions Springer. “Unfortunately we have yet to find their identity.”

“You mention earlier they seized a military facility.” Remarks Davenport; “Any reason why?”

“To be accurate, the facility was already under the jurisdiction of Scimitar, which is why they easily took over the place without problem.” Comments Springer

She brings another image, this time showing a canon with a rectangular barrel split in half vertically.

“That’s a….” murmurs Oliver, completely stun by the design

“An Electro magnetic linear canon!” declares Charles “Or simply put a Rail Gun.”

“This what the Persian where developing?” asks Oliver overwhelmed

Alberich scoffs at him

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a canon!”

Everybody stares at him, making uncomfortable

“What?” he asks

Springer sights

“Do you know about the Mongolian tragedy of 2139?” she asks

“You mean that explosion during the Siberian War?”

“Massacre would be the correct term.” Replies Oliver

Springer brings in another set of image

“During 2135-2139, Russia and China where involved in an all out engagement over Siberia. The reason is the discovery of large reserves of natural resources underneath the region that had remained hidden for millions of years.
Prior to make the same discovery in Tibet in 2140, China was almost on the brink of economic collapse. They gambled everything by invading Siberia and sparking local uprising against the Russian government.
Because of the US-Russia armed treaty, United States was involved militarily in the conflict, which led to China being back into a corner. Their ultimate solution was the use of a top secrete weapon: the Rail Gun.
The US and five other nations had been developing their own version; however, China had modified theirs for an entirely different objective.
The Rail gun was design to transport ballistic weapons; because it would be propel via electro magnetic force, the missile could achieve sub orbit without being detected thus bypassing the anti-missile shield system covering US and Russian territories and circumventing the START 3 treaty.”

“But the Chinese had not foreseen one crucial detail.” Interrupts Charles; he closes his eyes, perhaps trying to forgot the tragedy he saw taking place twenty years ago.
“The warhead for the Rail gun had been specially modified so that it would be easy to launch. However, when launched, the warhead achieved subsonic speed, flying six thousand times beyond the speed of sound. As a result its mass expanded and exploded one thousand meter above ground, creating a massive plasma explosion which transformed all of Mongolia into a burning field of molten glass and flesh, killing a total of four million civilians and four hundred thousand soldiers.”

A long pause filled the room, even Alberich was in awe to Charles explanation, but it was more out of admiration for the mass killing than feeling pity for the victims.

“This event created the first Plasma bomb and the most destructive weapon in human history. Following the tragedy, the employ of Rail Gun with nuclear warhead has been banned.”

“And now the Persian Alliance has created one of their own.” Says Oliver

Charles nods

“The Rail Gun project was apparently initiated as a deterrent against Israel advance Mobile Suits. But now the project has fallen under Zarqawi hands, because of that the Alliance doesn’t dare to make any open military attack for fear of mass destruction.”

“Sir!” says Alex “I don’t want to agree with Alberich here, but how does it involves us?”

Charles gives a cryptic smile

“Zarqawi has fervently believes that the reason why his country has suffer so much is because the west paralysed the construction of the Pillar and that the Alliance is corrupt. To free his nation he must destroy the Pillar, thus the Icarus Project will fail and mankind dependence on oil will return.”

“Iraq still has a large supply of oil capable of supplying the world for the next fifty years.” Comments Springer

“So his plan is to blow the Pillar in the Middle East with his Rail Gun right?” asks Alberich impressed by the man audacity. “So why hasn’t he done so already? It’s been four days.”

Springer brings another round of image, this time portraying number figures, projections and lists of names.
“That is because the canon is still incomplete; so far most of the research where conducted via computer simulations. The Alliance is not stupid enough to leave a stockpile of nukes in this region.”

“So why is the Alliance not making a move?” asks Davenport.

“Just because they don’t have nukes doesn’t mean they can’t use it.” Remarks Oliver

“True. The Cannon is operational and can still cause a threat. Firing a custom shell or missile is enough to create a plasma effect, which will destroy a city. But not enough to be able to pierce the magnetic field of the Pillar.” Point Springer

“After the CIA had sliced through Aurora accounts, we found out that Zarqawi and his allies purchased a custom built a nuclear warhead in a black market facility in Kazakhstan. A team of Navy Seals was dispatch but too late before the nuke was transported and chipped off on board a military Stealth transport plane.”

“I don’t think that’s enough to stop the US or Russian to shoot it down. Don’t they have orbital lasers?”

“Unfortunately it appears that none of their satellite can acquire the target because it emits a friendly IFF and both nations are busy trying to figure out what’s causing the problem. This is why our Company has been given order to intervene in the situation.”

“Of course the operation will be top secrete until the mission is completed.” Remarks Springer “The mission has been approved by the Persian Alliance who has already initiated a media black out. Our mission is to intercept the transport and destroy the facility of Arbil.”

“Just like that?” wonders Oliver. “I am surprise the Persians are willing to lose that much money.”

“Not many people within the parliament are aware of the Rail Gun project, if learn it would cause a major political incident. As a trade, Heliopolis has promised to provide the necessary funds to complete the Pillar and a large percentage in the importation of Celestium.”

Alex sights

“No wonder they approved the operation.”

Charles gets up from his chair.

“This operation must succeed no matter what! If not the set back for Heliopolis and the entire world would be disastrous. Lambda squadron we are counting on you, the whole world is counting on you. Now Dismiss!”

February 16 2154, 10:00 GMT

The White House, Washington D.C

In his Oval Office, the President of the United States read the files over five times before addressing his chief of staff and secretary of Defence.

“Are we sure the Gundams can handle this?” he asks

General Ryan Northwood, a man in his forties with blond hair, his face rugged by years of combat on the field and political dealings answered him.

“We have tried every possible scenario, including long term effect to the public and our allies. So far, this plan is the fastest but also the hardest because of the current situation. But if we count the Gundam as the spear of the engagement and the willingness of the Persian Alliance Military to get rid of their mess, then we are looking at a 95% success rate.”

The President arch an eyebrow
“What about 5% remaining?” he asks. “What if Zarqawi decides to reveal it to the public; the Alliance could be destroy in matter of minutes and the region would be a new hot bed of civil war?”

Ryan smiles back at the President worries

“Do not worry sir. The media black the Alliance set up is just for that reason. As for Zarqawi; the man is not foolish enough to reveal his finale ace in this war, otherwise he won’t be able to force the Alliance to recognize Iraq autonomy and by revealing it he would draw anger from the international community.”

“Alright then, here’s the big question. What if the Gundams fail?” asks the President

Ryan did not flinch, his eyes where projecting a fierce assurance.

“They won’t fail to accomplish the objective sir!” He then gives a cryptic smile. “As for them getting out of their unscathed I am not so sure. This is why we have deployed a carrier group in the Persian Gulf.”

It is the President turn to smile

“If it works then, we will finally be able to obtain a Gundam”.

It took another hour, for the President and Northwood to present and prepare the secretary of Public Relation, before the General could leave the Oval Office.

After he got out of the White House, safely out of the microphones populating the most guarded building in the world; inside his car, Northwood took his cell phone out and composed a number. A few seconds later, a voice answered.

“How was the briefing?” asks the voice

“Just like we planned; the man is too easy to convince.” Answers Northwood “Not to mention greedy, the elections are approaching and the conflict with the Micronesia Federation is hurting his legacy.”

“It’s too bad for him. His legacy will serve as a stepping stone for ours.”

“How our things on your end?”

The voice gives a cryptic laugh

“The plane should arrive in six hours, I sent Mica and Laura too observe the situation and get our friend you know who?”

Northwood frowns

“Is it really ok to bring this man within our group?” he asks

“His ambitions make him easy to control and beside he is one of the few existing members of the project, his experience has already proven valuable.”

“Then all we need is the Gundams to play their part. I hope their playmate will do the same.”

“Don’t worry about that one; just in case I sent some additional playmates as well. In the end it should be really fun.”

Northwood smiles

“Yes, I look forward to it myself.”

February 16 2154, 14:30 GMT

Odysseus Colony, Aegis spaceport

Inside the massive hangar, the mechanics where busy preparing the Gundams.

A loud scream interrupted some of the workers concentration

Near the Waltzfalken, Alberich was holding the lower parts of a mechanic stiffed in pain.

“Your predecessor made the mistake of ignoring my orders and now he works as a garbage hauler,” says Alberich, smiling sadistically “Now if you don’t want to end up like him, don’t ever touch my Gundam without my permission. Is it clear?”

“Ye…yes sir!” says the mechanic painfully

“It’s yes master!” corrects Alberich “Say it!”

“Yes Master!” reply the mechanic, the pain more intense than ever.

Satisfy, Alberich releases him and jumps into the cockpit.

A pair of mechanics approaches the poor newbie, comforting him.

“Don’t worry about this. The guy is like that with everyone.”

“What a bastard!” replies the newbie angry

“I know it’s a pain dude. But next time asks him before touching it okay?”

“What’s the big deal with him and that Gundam?”

The mechanic lifts his shoulder

“Beats me, but when he first came here it was with the Waltzfalken three years ago; no one even knew we where receiving it.”

The newbie frowns at the sight of the Machine in its bird mode. He could tell something was fishy, but now that he had finally come here; he would take his time to resolve the mystery.

A little bit further away from the Waltzfalken; mechanics under the orders of chief Alonzo where busy adjusting the new parts for the Warter.

Dress in his blue white spacesuit Alex approaches the chief and emits a whistle at the sight of the Warter new form.

“So this is the Kruntz pack system?” he asks the excitement in his voice.
Fin black armour plating is covering the Gundam torso, arms and legs; on each legs is a rectangular fin thrusters, the same is on the end of each shoulders. On the left arm is a large shield pointy at each hand, housing two barrels, behind the shoulder is two massive containers, on the waist a black machine gun and behind the waist a large and curved blade folded in two.

Alonzo smiles back at him

“Pretty cool hey?” he hands him a data pad containing the suit new specs. “With its particle energy powered hover thrusters; this baby can speed on the ground up to six hundred fifty kilometres in just thirty seconds. Its got additional armour plating, a cooling generator and a hybrid dual sensors with sonar, upgraded heat sensors and radar.

“What happen to the beam rifle?” ask Alex

Alonzo scratch his heads, embarrassed

“The Warter sucks a lot of power when on the ground and we haven’t been able to modify the rifle to bypass the Earth magnetic field and heat convection. So instead, we install a 90mm high velocity machine gun; it based on the same idea as the Rail Gun and more effective than a beam rifle. For heavy firepower, you have a hyper beam bazooka; it can be stored on the shield by folding it. Its power supply is connected to an external power source inside this shield we custom built, it has its own cooling system but you must be careful about not over heating it.
For dessert, we installed two eight tubes phalanx missile launchers, with three recharge rates each and for close combat with made this special pole arm made of Celestium alloy.”

As Alonzo described the new specs, he could see Alex bewildered face; He had done simulation of the Kruntz before but the real thing was standing in front of him as a Gundam he had never known.

“With this you could wipe out the whole Persian Army without breaking a sweat.” Confides Alonzo jokingly.
However, Alex did not laugh at the joke, rather a ray of sadness drew on his face.

“It is an awesome machine; but no matter how you look at it, it is still a tool of murder.” declares Alex.

Alonzo bows his head in shame, he had lived most of his life in outer space in hope of leaving the misery on Earth, but he had almost forgotten about those who did not have the same chance as him. To make matter worse this kid will descend out there to take the lives of people he knew nothing about, with a machine prepared by Alonzo’s own hands; in the end, he is as guilty as this boy is.
He pats Alex’s shoulder and gives him a warm smile.
“When you come back, let’s go for a drink ok?”
Alex’s smile back at him
“Am still underage you know!”
Alonzo scoffs
“Who cares? You are piloting a war machine what worse can happen?”
The both of them laugh

Like a an ultra speed robot, Morgan was tapping on the Balrog’s computer keyboard with such a speed, even Oliver had a hard time following the programming operation she was doing on the Mobile Suit’s OS.
As if a bell rang, her hands stops completely and then she sights in relief.
“Am done!” she announces cheerfully.

Oliver gives her a smile

“Thanks for the help Morgan!”

The young girl blushes at the compliment

“It’s my job you know; no need to thank me.”

“Still thank you,” replies Oliver “Operating the Balrog with Earth gravity is not going to be easy.”

“Don’t worry about that!” she counters. “The Balrog power source is sufficient enough to perform atmospheric flight; you will also be able to use the particle defence field and the Hyperion Canon at the same time. I also adjusted the energy displacement for increase mobility and the mechanics have set up a secondary system for emergency power.”

“Wow!” whistles Oliver in admiration, “You must’ve outdone yourself, Morgan!”

Morgan faces becomes red flustered with embarrassment and pride.

“Well good luck with the mission!” she says and leaves.

Inside the command center, Charles is standing above three operators nestled in their chairs and fix on their screen:
Shirley Minot a tall Asian dark hair woman, responsible of communication; Daniel Perk, a black American in charge of data analysis and Catherine Springer in charge of tactical.

“Preparation check list is complete sir!” announces Shirley

“Satellite visual on the transport!” announces Springer; “the target will be entering the Syria-Iraq border in thirty minutes”.

“Prepare to launch Lambda team!” orders Charles

“Lambda team prepare for take off!”

At the same time as the announcement, the pilot get inside their respective suits; following the confirmation ID from their biometric scan, the suit cockpit hatches closes, pressurising the cabin; one by one the Giants walks away from their sled bed. Except the Waltzfalken who is being transported by an elevator toward a linear ramp aimed toward the Earth.
As for the Balrog and Warter, they are being encased each inside a capsule.

“The mission will be divided into three separate objectives.” Announces Springer

“First is the transport, code name bogey one. It is currently entering the Iraqi border from Syria. The Waltzfalken will be in charge of intercepting it and force the transport to land.”

“Are you serious!” asks Alberich in an insulting tone. “I thought you said the nuke was to be destroyed.”

Charles takes the intercom

“The CIA is concerned about finding the ones financing Zarqawi and his PMC, otherwise the same incident might be repeated if we don’t put a rapid term to it.”

“Once neutralized, a US black ops group will be standing bye to capture the transport and its content.” Resumes Springer “You are not to destroy the transport; understood?”

Alberich shrugs angrily

“The Arbil complex’s defences comprise of two bases. One in the South is an airfield with a squadron of thirty-two aircrafts; according to intelligence, they are modified Russian Su-87 fighters’ code name Shakram design for atmospheric and trans-atmospheric battle.
At this moment, a squadron is en route to provide escort to the cargo.
An armoured contingent comprising of sixty-five Mobile Suits is stationed at the second base in the West, along T-93 hover tanks.
An extensive network of SAM sites and Anti-Air batteries surrounds the complex. Most of the installation is built inside a meteor crater and entirely built with Celestium; making a ballistic attack such as the bunker buster impossible.
The Strategy here will be for the Balrog to use its main weapon to pierce through the base armour and penetrate the complex where the canon is being house.
The Warter will in the meantime perform diversionary operation from the South West, while the Balrog completes the mission objective.”

Charles takes over
“Despite the Gundams superior abilities, terrestrial combat is different and much harder than the ones in outer space. Do not underestimate the enemy! Use your surrounding as much as possible. We expect that reinforcements from the rebel will be deploying against you. If that is the case, you will be hopelessly outnumbered and outgun; retreat will be the only option. Good Luck!”

“Waltzfalken! Catapult is ready, you are clear to launch!”

“Waltzfalken here! Launching!”

Like thunder, the silver bird is launch at frightening speed into the void; the distance between the station and the suit widened, it ignited its thrusters and flew toward the blue planet.

“Waltzfalken has launch ETA to objective twenty minutes.”

“Launch Warter and Balrog five seconds each!”


One by one, the capsule are launch, transporting the silent and deadly guardian toward Earth.

Comfortably nestled inside his cockpit, Alex is making a finale check list, he then opens a comm. Channel.

“Hey Oliver!” he calls.


“You’ve done ground battle before right? How is it?”

Oliver takes a moment to answer

“It is disgusting.” He says; “In space you don’t have time to see your enemy being reduced to a lump of flesh; but in the ground, you can see the constant carnage of the battlefield and the faces of enemy or allies infantry lying dead before you.”

Alex’s feel a bit nauseous but he remains calm. After all there was a reason he was fighting.

“Why do you fight Alex?” asks Oliver

Alex is surprise for a moment. It was the first time Oliver had asks him a question; it was also the first time they where talking like this.

“I made a promise.” He gets a pendant in silver with gold lining from his suit’s breast pocket

“You made a promise?”

“A promise to change this world of suffering.” He declares with a resolute tone

Oliver laughs, startling him

“How ironic” Oliver says “You want to end the world’s suffering and yet you are making people suffer by using that very weapon! This is such a contradiction.”

Alex’s laugh as well

“You are right! But it’s the only way I know!”

“You are a very selfish guy you know Alex?” declares Oliver

“Aren’t humans selfish?”

The two become silent contemplating their words, as they descend into the Earth like falling comets, bringing doom upon the world.

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A private military company by the name of Scimitar led by renegade general Ahmed Zarqawi have sparked a rebellion in the province of Iraq by seizing control of a top secrete military weapon plant. Zarqawi intend to free Iraq from the Persian Alliance hold by destroying the orbital pillar of Babel with a prototype Railgun thus throwing the region into total chaos.
Because of the possible, publish backlash if the existence of such weapon was uncovered, the Persian Alliance is convinced by Aegis to let the Gundam intervene in the region.
However, unknown to the Gundams, the current situation has been set into motion by forces lurking in the shadows.

Chapter 3: Dogs of Wars

February 16th 2154, 15:10 GMT

Province of Iraq, Rebel territories, 400km from Arbil

Like heaven delivering judgement on trespassers, the Waltzfalken particle beams cut through the SU-87 fighters hull like a knife through butter, before their inside erupted into fireballs.
The remaining fighters escorting the dark delta-shape stealth transport, engaged after the Waltzfalken. Despite their speed and mobility that made them the fiercest fighter in the world, the silver bird-war machine agility was beyond the pilots’ skills and their machine’s performance.

Those where the thoughts of the Stealth transport pilot as he saw the last of the fighters deployed by the Iraqi rebels disintegrated above the desert.
His eyes filled with horror and panic as he spotted the Waltzfalken circling around them while shooting light pulse of beam particles on transport’s left wing.

“Engine 2 and 4 are down! We are losing altitude!” warns the co-pilot

“I am picking a signal from the enemy fighter!” says the navigator-radio operator in the back. “Head to following coordinate and land or you will die as painfully as possible.”

The pilot slammed his fist on a side panel, barely holding his anger.

“No need to stress comrade.” A voice with a thick Russian accent spouted from the pilot’s headset radio.

“What do you suggest we do?” yells the pilot “This thing took out sixty two fighters like nothing!”

The voice gave back a sordid laugh

“Relax! That’s why we are here!”

The pilot shares a confuse look with his crew

“Open the hatch!”

A dumbfounded look ran across the pilots faces

“Are you mad? We are supposed to deliver those suits for the client not...”

The signal cuts off, meaning the conversation was over

A small explosion from the right meant that the bird took out another engine and they where wasting time.

“Launch the Aries!” orders the pilot

“Wait a minute….”

“Shut up! We do not have time. That’s an order!”

Alberich’s patience was about to wane; although the envy to shoot down the plane right now was too tempting he could not afford to disobey a direct order.

“Waltzfalken to Nest!” He calls. “Bogey one doesn’t show any sign of surrendering. Approaching enemy defensive line, ETA 02 minutes. Demand permission to terminate the target, over.”

At the Aegis command center, Springfield gave a glance toward Charles, the commander for an answer.

“There is no risk for a nuclear explosion.” She comments; “We might be able to obtain data from the wreckage.”

Charles stepped down from the ramp where he could observe the operators. He approaches Minot console.
“Waltzfalken this is Nest; gives them another warning!”

Alberich gave a reluctant roger

Just as he circled around the plane’s tail, its rear hatch suddenly opened. Strange black shape objects ejected from the plane one after another.

“Unknown objects are leaving Bogey one!” Notice David from his monitor

Alberich adjusted his HUD zoom on one of the objects. There where nine of them; from afar they look like box shape containers but as he was getting closer, he noticed some irregularities. As he got closer, he noticed what appeared to be a giant human shape caught inside a box and on the box where some aerodynamic features like exhaust ports, tail binders and thrusters.

“It couldn’t be…” He murmured intrigued

Suddenly the upper part of each boxes lifted and retracted behind itself, revealing a strange looking like head helmet with a rectangular red visor, then a pair of arm extended with a large rifle in the left; the legs at each end where large thrusters spewing pale blue flames helping to keep the machine balance.

“Shit!” curses Alberich as he nosedive his machine to evade the sudden concentrate fire from the new enemies.

“Unknown Mobile Suits are engaging Waltzfalken!” alerts David.

A shock ran on everyone’s face inside the control room.

“Atmospheric Mobile Suits?” asks Springer disbelieved. “How can that be?”

Charles runs his left hand on his cheek where a small scar, barely visible because of his pale skin lies.

“Are they Talons?” He asks. The MTF03 Talon is the US Air Force main mobile suit and the only one in the world capable of atmospheric flight after the Waltzfalken.

David quickly scans the unknowns and compares their data with the one at hand.

“Negative! Those are unknowns!”

“What’s going on here?” Asks Springer; as she watches the Waltzfalken dog fighting, “Those Mobile Suit seems to possess some kind of variable frame similar to the Waltzfalken. But that is impossible!”

Charles smirks as a foreshadow to the things to come

“What’s wrong Birdie?” shouts a middle age man with dark hair and a cowboy hat, piloting a Blue Aries, sporting a long canon. His crosshair paints red and he unleashes a round of bullets on the Waltzfalken soaring below him. However, the fighter easily evades it while not losing its grace and quickly gains altitude, passing the Aries.”

Kasey gives a whistle in awe. “That thing sure is fast.”

“Move your lazy ass Kasey! This no time to play around!” replies an angry female on his vid-screen: a young woman with blond hair, and an angry face. Her Green painted Aries gesture menacingly toward Kasey.

“Careful lady or you will get wrinkles!” warns Kasey jokingly

“Who are you calling an…?”

“Enough!” cuts a thick voice with Russian accent, the sharp contour on his face gave him the look of a sword ready to cut at a moment notice and a large scar running from his right eye iris down to his shin added the finale ingredient to his look and voice that would instil fear and obedience. His Aries painted red and white inspired the same feelings. Boris Yokosuka, the Dragon. “That fighter is fast but slow on turns, will corner it at that moment. Iris, Bob and I will chase him. Kasey, get ready when I give the signal. The rest of you scatter and target him with your missiles.”

A roger from all the pilots and the formation scattered.

Leading the party, Boris, fired his shoulder mounted missile launcher.
Alberich activates the laser turret underneath the belly, showering the missiles with green particle beams. Several dots on his radar disappeared, confirming he destroyed the missiles, but more where converging toward him.
He abruptly pushes the stick and takes a sharp turn around a cloud, appearing behind the chasing party.

“Now it is my turn!” he smiles, his crosshair fix on target. However, his smile quickly fades away.

A rain of bullets from the sky showers the Waltzfalken. Before it can safely escape from the Blue Aries piloted by Kasey, its left wing is pierce, forcing him to lose balance and altitude.

“His all yours, missy!” calls Kasey

Iris dives toward the wounded bird, brandishing a large blade similar to a sabre.

“Shit!” curses Alberich. He re adjust his balance upward and pushes the thrusters. Not in time to evade Iris, attack.
The sabre slices through the left wing of the Waltzfalken like butter, before falling down like a rock.

“Launch the nets!” orders Boris

“Are you sure we should capture this thing?” ask Kasey

“There are a lot of people who will be ready to pay for Gundam technology;” replies Boris with a cold smile. “Think of it as retirement fee for our hard work in the company.”

Kasey returns a smile as well

“I can finally open my dream ranch.” He sights

Three black Aries surround the falling Waltzfalken and throws cables from their waist, slowing his fall.
“Target secure!” confirm a pilot.

Boris acknowledges and calls the transport

“Delta one, prepare to receive package. After that will head to the rendezvous point…”

“Sir we…”

The voice is interrupted by a gargle of static and a loud explosion.

Boris stares below and sees a second, a third and fourth explosion.

“What is going on?” ask Iris panicked.

From the smoke cloud, emerge a winged giant, its left wing broken and a giant scythe.

“It…it transformed!” stares Iris

Kasey whistle
“What is he, the Grim Reaper?”

“No time for jokes, all units take him out!” orders Boris.

He fires a large volley of missiles, while Iris and four Aries charges toward the Gundam.

Alberich takes off his helmet, his forehead bleeds a fin trail of blood, running across his left check, his face convulse with rage.

“You bastard!” He mumbles. His fingers run across the keyboard on his right, “Activate Ion Launcher!” he says.
A computerized voice is heard:
Acknowledge! Beginning Ionic Sequence
Atmospheric levels within Acceptable Parameters
Engaging Safety Protocols lvl1 through 30

A faceplate suddenly covers The Waltzfalken face, while a blue jelly like liquid pours out from the joints covering the body.

Firing Sequence online
Ready to fire

The Waltzfalken chest opens up, just as the horde of missiles impact the Gundam, engulfing it into a cloud of flame.

“Why didn’t he dodge?” asks Iris. She and her group slow down.

“We got him Lt!” says a pilot

Iris frowns “Something is not right! Why isn’t the debris falling down?”

“Energy build up coming from inside!” warns a pilot

A hole opens in the cloud, revealing a giant beam of blue light, trailing massive clouds of flame in its trail.

“Everyone scatters!” yells Iris

The Green Aries narrowly avoids the beam, but her teammates are less fortunate; tears and frustration pours out of her eyes as she watches in horror the beam flailing her squadron.

“My god! What kind of monster is this?” exclaim Kasey horrified, he evades the beam a hair breath away from being vaporised.

“Iris, retreat! Dylan, Rook, engage! Kasey, provide us with some cover!”

Kasey fires several rounds breaking the hard blue substance that has become solid.

“Some kind of gel layer armour hey? Those AEGIS guys have some nice toys.” He comments.

He fires an explosive round, blowing the gel layer on the upper body.

The remaining Aries close in and concentrate their fire in the open spot, but the Waltzfalken dodges and dashes forward with its beam scythe. It slashes one then two with frightening speed. Before he can take down the third one, Iris jumps in and elbow her suit on his.
“You annoying bitch!” curses Alberich, he decelerate his descent and rushes back, Iris fires her machine gun, but he is too fast approaching.
With his Gundam left foot, he throws a kick into the chest, tossing the suit away; his previous prey attempts to get him from behind with a blade but he cuts him down vertically into two pieces.

“Damn you!” screams Iris enrage, her Aries shoulder opens spitting a rain of rockets.

Alberich dashes toward her, his head Vulcan making a path he charges with his scythe. Bravely, Iris jumps in, ready to melee.
Their blades clashes against each other, producing electric spikes, both sides are not giving an inch.

“Don’t ZOINKS with me!” screams Alberich, overwhelm by anger.
Waltzfalken wings suddenly glow; bathe by a green light, it pushes back the Aries.

“What’s going on?” wonders Iris panicked by the sudden surge of power against her

The Waltzfalken suddenly brakes from the melee and elbows the Aries, pushing it farther away. Losing balance Iris realizes with horror she is now defenceless as the Gundam charges back toward her ready to cut her open.
As if, salvation came knocking on her door, a stream of bullets between the two suits forces, Alberich to disengage from her.
Boris unleashes another volley of missiles forcing the Gundam to retreat further into the clouds.
“My ECM are at max, everyone retreat!” says Boris
Iris wanted to object but she knew better to question Boris’s orders.
“What about the transport?” Kasey asks. “With our fuel we might not have enough to reach Turkey.”
“Leave them be! We still have contacts in Syria, we’ll manage from there.”

The Aries turns tail and flees from the battlefield, as Waltzfalken come back.

Back at AEGIS command center, the operators where expressing sighs of relief

“All enemy mobile suits are leaving the combat area, announce Shirley.”

“And the transport?” asks Charles

“Still here, it seems its losing altitude. Judging by its heading, it’s moving away from the complex and heading north.”

“Inform USAF Middle East command about the transport movement, we will leave this matter to them; Status on the Warter and Balrog?”

“Warter as touch ground, enemy units have begun interception. Balrog will reach target in three minutes.”

A loud siren echoes throughout the base, now engulfed in flames and debris.
Despite their numbers and the concentrated firepower, the Mobile Suits where still unable to get a lock onto the Warter Gundam, streaming across the sands like a swan, a deadly swan.
With the precision akin to a surgeon, Alex destroys the Mobile Suits, RVG 75 Ankh, standard model for the Persian Army and rebels, with his 90 mm high velocity assault rifle. A shower of missiles fired by distant vehicles falls on him, but not fast enough to keep up with the speed of the Warter hovercraft leg pods. A curtain of fire and dust erupts behind him as he dashes straight into the heart of the base, destroying the hangars, barracks, fuels and ammo depot. A few foot soldiers armed with rockets fire at him, but the Gundam’s armour shrugs them off, Alex moves on ignoring them. His job is to provide enough distraction for Oliver approaching the base in stealth mode.

Twelve Ankhs arrive from behind the base surrounding him; Alex stores his rifle behind the waist and selects the beam coated sword panzer. Like Warter, the Ankhs have hovercraft systems and track wheels underneath their feet, for mobility in the desert. When they are this close, close combat is the best method to deal with them rapidly.

“All units engage the Gundam but keep your distances,” orders the group leader.

Its shield upfront, the Warter jumps into the storm of iron and fire, its blade swiftly severs arms, torsos and legs. A few seconds later, the entire group of Ankhs is nothing more than a smoking dismembered pile. The base personnel are fleeing onboard trucks or on foot, some carrying their wounded, others running away in sheer terror.

“This is Warter, phase 2 complete, standing by.”

“Acknowledge Warter, proceed to link up with Balrog and provide support, over.”

As the Warter leaves the base, hidden between two rocks several kilometres away with a camouflage net, a jeep packed with optic and electronic sensors is observing the battlefield.

A dark hair ponytail middle age man with tan skin bites an apple, his yellow eyes fixed on the screen where the Gundams images are being relay by the dozens of stealth drones flying in the area.
A red hair woman in a desert camouflage uniform hands him a drink.
“I can’t believe the Aries where defeated so easily!” he comments
The woman takes a pair of goggles and observes the open blue sky stained with a few black clouds.
“I know how you feel.” She says in a thick Russian accent. “All of those years of planning, design, test and production only to see it being wasted by those monsters.”
She puts down the goggles and gives off a sight.
“From a soldier perspective I guess you could label them as monsters.” Seating underneath a parasol, a soft drink on table in his left and a laptop on his lap, Professor Massoud’s eyes where sparking like a kid writing his list for Christmas to Santa.
The woman frowned at him; there where two things that Tanya Rochenkov hated in this world: one of those incarnated itself inside the being call as Massoud Rahall, a man who only live to inflate his ego by developing tools of murder and getting satisfaction in observing their destructive power taking lives by the thousands. Although she was a soldier herself and committed things that went beyond moral conduct, she has a profound respect of life and a code of honour that made her entire being despise the man that was standing next to him, watching the battlefield as if it was a movie flick.

“How does it feel to betray your own government and then double cross those who you help instigate this situation?” she asks coolly

Massoud take a sip from the drink and exhale, his sunglasses hiding his malicious eyes
“I am a scientist Miss Rochenkov, I offer my services to anyone who wishes to use them in exchange for money and the freedom to exercise my talents without any restrains.”

“You are avoiding my question?”

“I am giving you the fact.” He replies sharply, humour still within the tone “Your organisation gave me a better offer than my previous employers. I really do not care if this country is nuke or its people end up starving because of my actions. I do not have the time to worry about moral ethics created by sensitive simple-minded inferior brains. Got it?”
As he finish speaking, he gave her back a sadistic grin, making Tanya’s blood boil and the urge of reaching her magnum tucked in its holster on her left hip.
“Cool down comrade!” advises her companion.
“Carson, don’t tell me…” He cuts her off
“I can’t stand him either, but the boss orders where crystal clear.” He pats her in the back, but she shrugs him off and lives.
Carson sights and approaches Massoud
“I hope that toy of yours will be enough to accomplish our objective” His gaze was as cold as the frozen tundra of Alaska. “For your sake that is!” he finished his sentence coldly.
If Massoud had been scared, he did not show any trace of it. “Do not worry Lieutenant; MIST will have what they want.”

Like a hammer from the heavens, the particle beam of Gundam Balrog pulverized the mountaintop hiding the Arbil military complex along with the thick armour plating protecting the base’s entrance.
“This Balrog, beginning phase 3!” calls Oliver, like a winged demon he descends inside the cratered hole.
What awaits him is a vast cavern with hundreds of tunnels, machinery and a welcoming committee in the form of mobile suits Ankhs armed with heavy weapons.

The head of the Balrog splits, spitting a glowing but deadly green beam, which slices all the enemy suits followed by a chain of explosions.
Using the map given by Intel, the target was located in a separate cave below, accessible only though a long tunnel underground via the first cave.
The Gundam softly touch ground, and headed inside the tunnel, suddenly hatches on each side opened revealing gun emplacements, soldiers with rockets and even mobile suits.

“Are they nuts!” wonders Oliver, he raises the Balrog left arm deploying around it a composite shield that grows rapidly to protect its front body “Fighting in such narrow places tsk.”
The left hand split itself, revealing a blue glow transforming into a long tongue of flame, incinerating anyone close to it.
“Sorry guys but my Balrog was also design with guerrilla warfare mind.”
There was no humour in his voice, from his cockpit he could see the hundreds of soldiers running in every direction while being cooked alive, somewhere already ashes.
Some of the Ankhs who had not overheated could not use their firearms and resorted to close combat. However, the Balrog while looking heavy was too fast and too strong for them; with just its fist it tore apart every one of them left standing.

At the end of the tunnel awaits him a massive door.

“This is Balrog, I have reached the objective.”
“Roger that Balrog beg…. Stand by we are receiving new Intel.”
Before he could ask for explanation, the door suddenly opened and a giant hand came through tossing his suit away from the entrance.
The Balrog hit the metallic walls of the tunnel with thunder, reeling from the shock, Oliver could see from his camera a giant hulk of metal twice as big as his Gundam, it had two long arms, longer than its legs which where covered with track wheels, the head was a huge rectangular glowing cyclopean eye.
“A Mobile Armour?” wonders Oliver “Must be a prototype.”

There was a metallic pod on each shoulder, Oliver did not take long to figure out they where actually small barrel cannons before they shot him.
Without giving him time to regain its footing, the giant hulk charges at the Balrog and grabs it with its massive hands.
“So this is the Gundam!” says a male voice coming from the mobile armour. He tosses him into another wall and throws a left fist on the chest armour.
“You filthy westerners destroyed our way of life and now you come here again meddling into our business!” The Mobile Armour grabs the Balrog again from the shoulders and attempts to rip it apart.
“I will show you the power of the Hagun.” Scream the pilot in victory

“As if I am going to get killed by you morons.” Replies Oliver, the Balrog left arm opens revealing an arm manipulator with a small cylinder, the cylinder turns on creating a long sharp beam blade.
The Hagun’s arms are sliced in an instant, free Balrog releases a second beam sabre in his right.
“Is that all you got?” Taunts Oliver
“Damn you Gundam!” screams the pilot in rage. Without mercy, Balrog pierces the chest where cockpit is located and then slices the torso in half before moving toward the entrance.

A shock of stupefaction runs on his face once inside.

“HQ this is Balrog, what the hell is going on?”

“Repeat Balrog!”

“Where is the damn Railgun? The place is empty!” he yells
Charles takes the mike on “Are you certain?”
“Positive! The place is empty, hold on I see some kind of large tunnel, looks recent.”
“They must have transported the weapon through some kind of underground transport.” Suggest Springfield.
Commander!” calls David “Satellite is detecting what appears to be land carrier with a full escort. They are heading toward Arbil, ETA 20 minutes.”
“Why didn’t we detect them earlier?” asks Springfield visibly concern
“I don’t know, probably because of the sand storm earlier. They must have used the river to reach the area quickly during that time.”
“Are they allies?”
“According to the profiles in the database it is the Darius, assigned to the 5th Armoured Division.”
Springfield faces Charles with a worried look, he on the other hand is still calm, but she can feel his nervousness.
“What is happening commander?” she asks
Charles paces slowly before slamming one of the monitors
“We have been double cross that is what is happening!”

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