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Mobile Suit Zaku

Post by Montague » Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:22 am

Mobile Suit Zaku - A Winter Tragedy
A Story Typed by Gabriel Montague

The Jaburo Infiltration Team

One of the four soldiers in the black normal suits peered once more down the length of his rifle, giving a quick check of the sights as he placed a clip into the gun and slung it over his shoulder, making sure to store the remaining four clips in the waist of his covert normal suit. In truth the thing was a bit uncomfortable, 'course the higher ups didn't care for such 'luxuries'. Checking his knife holster to insure his blade remained at his side the soldier was the last to stand in the group as they approached their team leader, the Red Comet. The masked man in the red normal suit walked at a casual pace toward his grunts as he left his custom Z'Gok awaiting in a crouched position. The menacing amphibious suit caused the young Ensign to turn back as he looked over his own suit, the much less frightening Acguy. He only sighed as he returned his glance to Char Aznable who was already reaching for his rifle as he quickened pace.

Of course the four covert soldiers followed suit as they kept to a tight crouched line, the stock ends of the rifles tucked nicely into their shoulder as they kept a low profile and proceeded deeper into the Federation's Jaburo base, eventually finding themselves at the production plant. They came at a split in the path as Char, the pointman at the moment, gave the signal to halt as he directed two of the soldiers to take the right while the Ensign and the remaining black suit continued with the Lieutenant along the left passageway. When they finally reached their mission's coordinates the second soldier began planting timed charges along the wall of the facility. As he prepared the explosives, Char and the Ensign awaited the job to be completed.

Always one to make conversation and avoid an awkward silence the Lieutenant spoke first, “How do you feel about our current situation, Ensign -” there was a slight pause as the masked man pondered the soldier's name, it's always the detail which mattered, “- Markovich.”

The younger man turned, revealing a brown haired individual. He shifted his stance as the Ensign held his firearm at his side as he gave a cautious response, “Fortunately we have plenty in terms of distraction up top. Though I know it is only a matter of time before they learn of our infiltration.” The Ensign then looked in the direction of the Lieutenant, “And I would very much like to be back inside my Acguy when that time comes.”

The conversation had come to an end, the soldier had completed planting the charges. “Well, it looks like you just may get your wish, Ensign.” The red suited man took hold of his rifle as he returned in the direction they came. But it wasn't long before they began to hear the sound of gunfire in the area of their comrades. It seemed their ruse was at an end as the three sped towards combat. In unison the trio fell to a crouch as they pushed their shoulders against a half-wall.

In the distance they could see their teammates caught in a stalemate with a pair Federation guards. The opportunity to flank was apparent as the soldier remained at the wall to provide covering fire as Char and Isaac pushed forward, their rifles rolled into position as in an almost practiced union they pressed on the triggers, letting loose a quick burst at the blasted Feddies. The barrage was a success as it a bit of crimson blood splashed along the wall and the two guards fell to the ground. The team regrouped and proceeded to their mobile suits. A sense of security falls on one when they are at the control of a twenty meter tall tool of destruction.

Soldiers of White Base

The ongoing sound of an alarm was custom when one's base was under invasion, but the noticeable clash of gunfire caused the Federation suits within the meeting to fall silent. Arising from the map the brown haired pilot Amuro Ray turned in the direction of the echoing sounds, as did the Captain of the White Base, Bright Noa. The two looked at each other and never even bothered to speak the word they both thought in their mind, “Char.”

Amuro took hold of his normal suits helmet as he was about to make a rush toward the door, however Lieutenant Noa quickly got a hold of the pilot by the arm as he turned the young man around and slapped him across the face. “Don't get careless out there Ensign.” The stern look and the glare of his beady eyes conveyed the message that much more efficient as Amuro returned with a respectful salute, his face still red from the recent correction. As the door closed behind the pilot Bright signaled for the rest of the crew to return to White Base to take proper command, as the crewmen departed Bright lowered his head as he shook it side to side, “Let him last just a little while longer.”

The RX-78-2, White Devil awaited Amuro as he leapt into its cockpit, the many screens flickering on as it sealed behind him. His hands came to rest upon the controls as he took the helm of the Gundam, its eerie eyes turning on that sickly yellow. The Federation's iconic mobile suit rose as a pair of its mass produced counterparts, RGM-79 GMs joined as his wingmen. The Guncannons were deployed off in the distance as its pilots Kai and Hayato provided artillery support. The sound of the C-108's and C-109's dual 240mm cannons being fired in the distance gave way to four streaking balls of flame as they dragged trails of smoke behind them as they soared off into the direction of the infiltration. The Gundam took point as it followed in the same direction as the Guncannon's fire. Through a communication link Ensign Amuro shouted out a command to his GM allies, “Initiating forward thrust in three... two... one...”

On the final word the RX-78's thrusters screamed to life as the three mobile suits shot into the sky with white flames. As they reached the summit of their jump, shortened by Jaburo's ceiling, the Zeon infiltrators could be seen in the distance. Four strange brown mobile suits, short amphibious models, distracted the Ensign from his true foe for only a moment. When Amuro's eyes fell upon the red of Char's Z'Gok he fell into a short rage as he arched back and shouted out his foe's name, the lust for blood apparent in his yell.

The Red Comet's Response

“Char Aznable!”

The angered voice echoed within the cramped cockpit as the open communication link conveyed the pilot of the White Devil's message to the five intruders. The Acguy which was piloted by Ensign Isaac was frozen in place, a rookie pilot truly taken in fear. The other Acguys as well as Char were quick to leave the area as four 240mm shells exploded in a cloud of dirt and debris all about the lone Acguy. The brown haired Isaac was in a state of shock as amongst those cloud's came forth the White Devil, the smoke billowing over the RX-78 as if it were a menacing demon. The white mobile suit charged forward with saber drawn, the lengthy neon beam pointed toward the ground as it sped toward the paralyzed Acguy. It was too late as Isaac shook free from his shock as before him the Gundam was rearing back its beam saber as it moved to strike. The Ensign shut his eyes and turned away fearing it the end nearly crying out in desperation.

He felt his suit be forced to the ground as the cockpit fell into complete darkness, Isaac prepared to accept his fate as he awaited the piercing heat of the blade. However, the heat never came as he soon managed the courage to open his eyes. Managing to reactivate a few key pieces of equipment the Ensign was able to return the monitors to life as he saw what the destruction before him. The onslaught of the Guncannon's barrage destroyed two of the Acguys as another was recovering from the blasts. The Ensign's eyes opened even wider in shock as he saw what had saved him, Char's MSM-07S Z-Gok stood before the Gundam with its arms folded before it, Amuro's blade halfway through the super-high tensile steel.

“You never give up do you Char?” Amuro Ray shouted out at his nemesis as their mobile suits were stuck in this struggle. “I demand you answer me, why don't you just quick?”

The Ensign then heard the Lieutenant's voice over the open channel, “Because I fight for freedom!” A quick response caused there to be a moment of silence before the Red Comet continued, “Before Zeon Zum Deikun passed he asked for one thing, and that was the independence of his people.” The Z'Gok's arms finally gave way as the Gundam's saber pierced through its right arm, fortunately Char was smart enough to thrust backward as he landed next to the recovering Acguy. Over the team's comm link Isaac heard the Lieutenant command the Acguy's pilot, “After a silent three count, initiate Maneuver G.”

Now over the open channel once more Char Aznable yelled out to the Gundam's pilot, “And I intend to honor that wish!”

And as the third second passed the two mobile suits took off in opposite directions as Char's Z'Gok pushed directly toward the RX-78 firing its remaining arm's mega particle cannon in a repeated burst. The Gundam rose its reinforced crimson shield forward as it took the blunt of a few of the charges before giving way. Amuro pushed the controls back as the Gundam arched back to regain distance as it held its beam rifle before it. The sharp notice that something was awry fell upon Amuro as he turned the Gundam right only to be greeted by the second Acguy. With little time to properly adjust his targeting sights the Ensign fired his beam rifle in the brown mobile suits direction. The two rounds clipped the Acguy's legs as it left nothing remaining of them. The distracting Acguy fell forward and was rendered immobile as the Gundam turned in search of the Z'Gok.

Amuro's eyes opened in horror as he shouted, “Damn it!”

Sieg Zeon

The Red Comet was standing before the rubble that was one of Amuro's wingmen and in the Z'Gok's raised claw was the second, dieing out sparks flew about GM's corpse. The glow of the Z'Gok's claw signified that it was firing its cannon as the charge pierced clean through the GM's cockpit. With the Acguy as a distraction Char was able to destroy the Gundam's allies. However its artillery support remained as the Guncannon's second barrage came. Unfortunately they were of no assistance as the four shells landed around the surrounding area, once more kicking up a good amount of smoke and debris upon impact. It was a fiery chaos as the one armed crimson Z'Gok stood before the tall flames and smoke, that one menacing eye fixed permanently on the Gundam.

Blazing embers stood between the pair as two incapacitated Acguys were on either side. A temporary ceasefire as the two rested with eyes still very much affixed upon the other. At this time both Isaak and the other pilot worked frantically to get their weapons operational, both knew very well the opportune shot they were presented. Char was the first to end the moment of silence as he pushed his controls forward, the Z'Gok charging with claw pointed forward. The Gundam kicked off the ground almost immediately as Amuro rose the his saber high in an offensive stance.

The first Acguy was able to fire a single round from its mega particle cannon. Amuro had felt the pressure in his head well before the shot was near as he instinctively shifted the Gundam's position to avoid the round. However, this left a terrible blind spot where the Z'Gok charged from, his own cannon fired at near point blank in an upward fashion as the blast tore through much of the torso's armor, leaving the White Devil scarred black in the front. The force from the Red Comet's cannon caused the Gundam to stumble a few steps back. The Z'Gok's arm was just moving into position as it was acquiring its target. A grin spread across Char's face as he thought the time had finally come.


The reticule had fallen dead center on the RX-78's cockpit as it flashed a brilliant red, the reflection giving Isaak's eye a red hue, as he pressed the trigger. It was a beautifully aimed shot as the pierced and cackled through the air.

To Amuro it was but a streak of light, his eyes opened wide as the end came. There were memories, but none that need be detailed.

A flash of white light emitted as the beam pierced clean through the Federation's iconic mobile suit. The explosion was nothing short of spectacular as it lit the area. The Z'Gok rose its single arm to protect the camera's lens. Char was struck by the events as if it were all blurred. The man he had sought for months had died before his eyes, and he wasn't the killer. Worse yet it was quick, he never heard Amuro Ray speak his last. The masked man pounded his fist on the console having lost perhaps his most worthy foe.

White Base

The events had not gone unnoticed. Though many were within the silence was as thick as could be. A friend was lost, and possibly there only ticket to survival in this damn war.

Coming soon, the Next Blitz of Zeon
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