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Crack crossover drabble

Post by Android raptor » Fri Feb 29, 2008 9:14 pm

I'm not dead! Anyway, wrote this a while back and figured I might as well post. It's a short bit of interaction between A Certain Someone and Montressor from Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado".

“So what was the reason you killed him again?” the blond man asked curiously.

“He ventured upon insult, Signor Sakhalin. It could not go unpunished,” a man in the shadows replied. He paused a moment, then inquired, “and why did you commit such a heinous act yourself? Certainly not all of those men could have injured you so gravely,”

“It couldn’t be avoided, Montressor! They were a danger to-,”

“To your mechanical plaything? There must be a better reason than that, Ghinius,” Montressor cut him off abruptly. Ghinius exasperatedly folded his arms and shook his head. How could a man in such a similar situation to his own fluster him like this, he wondered. He cleared his throat and took a seat.

“Well at least I have some reasons behind my actions. You will not tell me anything other than the man insulted you. It all seems very petty to me,” he retorted. Even though he could not see the other man clearly, it was obvious to him that his remark had hit a nerve. Montressor stood up lividly, glaring at the man across from him.

“What would you know, you madman?! You even went as far to try and take the life of your younger sister! You dare be the judge of what is petty!” he shouted. He stood there for a moment as he looked the other man eye to eye. This continued for a moment before he then returned to his seat, still eying Ghinius with contempt. The blond coughed, then stated dryly:

“I don’t think I’m anymore of a madman than yourself,”

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