Mobile Suit Gundam: Dawn of Dreams

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Dawn of Dreams

Post by Darkerangel » Wed Nov 07, 2007 11:38 am

((This is a new calendar timeline/alternate universe so PLEASE Enjoy and please comment.))

Mobile Suit Gundam: Dawn of Dreams - The year is A.S.C (After Second Coming) 8-81, war between the spiritual believers known as Religious Tribes has put a dent in our planet’s survival. Decades later, each tribe thought it best to separate from one another and expand in space, thus colonies were born. However, darkness threatens to darken the twilight as the Genesis Tribe malevolent ruler Lady Jazquez, foresaw her birthright to be the one true god of not only her people, but the entire Earth Sphere. Consumed by a prophecy, she makes it her purpose to control all that is space. Five gifted deviant teens of different religious backgrounds were chosen by fate to undergo a process known as the Rebirth Project to stop this devilish cult from eliminating any and all other faith and beliefs.

Cosmos 01: Dawn of Bloodshed

- The year is A.S.C (After Second Coming) 8-81, war between the spiritual believers known as (Religious) Tribes has put a dent in our planet’s survival. Decades later, each tribe thought it best to separate from one another and expand in space, thus colonies were born.

“Space…a boy has the right to dream, there are endless possibilities stretched out before him.”

Zax Verdād, age 16 opened up his forest green eyes, remembering the words of his people long ago. The dummy asteroid squeezed itself into a crack aboard the Nexus’ space station called Querez. Zax unzipped the fake asteroid from the inside and stepped out, wearing a Nexus’ uniform of black and green. Zax proceeded to head to the transport deck, viewing their current mobile suit production called the Leggōw. The Leggōws had two shields on its shoulders, huge leg armor, but tiny waist, and a long beam rifle x2 placed on its back. Color scheme was purple and black.

Zax proceeded to the operation deck for more inside coverage. He saluted the guard that was standing by the door, but as his hand lowered, he knee jabbed the guard in his stomach, passing out. Zax then quickly put on two crisscrossing gun holder cases, buckling them on his back making the letter X and preceded in taking the guard’s keycard and swiped it down the key pad thus the door slide open. The room was pitch black, but with flashing on and off lights of different colors. As he stepped inside, further into the room and lights automatically came on, exposing different types and new computer equipment. Zax approached the main computer and placed a small disc in and began typing. A verity of information appeared on screen,

“Hhhmm…so they allied themselves with Genesis,” he said to himself in a low tone of voice. He quickly hit the eject button and placed the disc back into its case. He turned around and all of a sudden a door by the main computer opened as fog escaped. His emotionless face didn’t expose any curiosity whatsoever and he began heading out when sudden something took over him, causing him to stop. He turned around, feeling a sensation he had never felt before. This pulse took over him, drawing him near and into the room without him realizing it. There in front of him was a computerized alter and on top was a large hard black and grey military briefcase.

Zax took out the disc and placed it inside the slot, start plugging away the encryption code, removing the glass that protected it. Zax was granted access as the glass shield lifted up, ejecting the disc. This allowed Zax to remove the briefcase from the computerized alter, however when that happened an alarm was set off somehow, causing him to move swiftly out the two rooms and down the hall.

“You—Stop!” shouted an officer. Zax reached down and took out a RK-7 handgun, pointing it directly at the officer face. The officer’s eyes widen as Zax without any emotions pulled the trigger. The officer slid down to the floor, smearing blood on the wall.

Zax made a sharp left turn, continuing walking down another hallway, taking out a lookout scout. He quickly adjusted his wristwatch, clicking a button that caused the insides of the dummy asteroid to light up, while coming up on another turn. He heard something and quickly placed his back against the right side of the cream colored wall. He looked up seeing a huge mirror in the upper middle wall of the T shaped hall that was at an angle. There were lots and lots of guards posted in the body of the T. If he could see them then they can see him. He stretched his arms behind his shoulders and unclipped the buckles, pulling out two RK-7 handguns slowly. He held them firm, coming up with a plan. The RK-7 handguns are specially hand crafted guns, able to do more than your basic firearm handgun. They are black with two grips. The first grip held the trigger while the second grip held three circular gold colored buttons in front. Also, it is flatter and has a more rectangular shape to it with a small scope at the top and a long slide.

Zax inhaled slowly as he without any warning, slid the briefcase a crossed the floor over on the other side and did a cartwheel in midair with not hands. Time just slowed down as Zax appeared to be levitating off the floor as he pulled both triggers repeatedly and started firing. They shot back and bullets were flying everywhere. One of Zax’s bullets shot a soldier in the shoulder, shot an officer in the thigh, and another guard in the head. The bullets that they fired back went right passed him, because of the cartwheel that kept him rotating. When his foot finally touched the floor, he quickly placed his back against the wall now on the right side head of the T shaped hall. His heart started to pound as his body raced with excitement.

“Now Opening…” said the briefcase. Zax turned seeing the briefcase locks flipping up as steam gushed out of it. The briefcase started opening up and inside was what seemed to be a semi-naked, cryogenically frozen young woman with caramel skin and hair white as snow.
The Dawn of an Era Begins Anew
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The Dawn of an Era Begins Anew

Post by Darkerangel » Thu Nov 08, 2007 5:15 pm

Cosmos 02: Escape Beautiful Stranger

- The year is A.S.C (After Second Coming) 8-81. Human evolution has finally evolved, once people started to develop special abilities…now these gifts are hidden deep within us, only to be awaken by those tribes who practice them.

You will have to trust in your own power for whatever happens from now on, you stand firm and face your destiny without fear, but with courage.

Her eyelids slowly opened, revealing turquoise eyes as Zax launched over and closed it the case, locking it back up. Zax focused his attention in getting out of the space station. His heart continued to pound with excitement. Zax reached down and touched the bottom part of his graviton boots and increased the speed and pressure. He took another deep breath and slid the briefcase down the T shaped hallway as it went under the soldiers; he dashed back out, this time running straight into enemy fire. The soldiers that were left fired twelve shots, as Zax ran up on the side of the wall on their left, dodging the bullets. The soldiers were taken back by his unusual agility and grace as he fired back, capping a couple of them. They tried to reload as Zax pushed off the wall and did a tumble roll. He quickly stood up and kneed the first soldier in the gut and slammed his fist in the back of his head, knocking him out. The second guard opened fire, but Zax front flipped, landing his feet on the soldier’s shoulders and twist, snapping his neck. Another guard was about to pull the trigger, but Zax back flipped off and kicked the body in the direction toward the other solider, using it as a shield as the gun went off. Zax ran straight around, knocking the gun out of the soldier’s hand and without hesitation, shot him in his kneecap then elbowed him in his throat. Only one soldier stood in his way as Zax ran up on the side of the wall again and with precision he pushed off of it and shot the officer in his chest, then did a spin kick using the brace on his left boot to create the static electrical current on contract, which knocked him out cold permanently. He went back, grabbed the briefcase and proceeded to the elevator which took him back down. He stepped out, posing as a regular soldier again and snuck under the crack, into the dummy asteroid. The asteroid popped itself out of the crack and floated away from the space station, Querez.

“Lt. Commander! An enemy has just infiltrated out space station. He not only took out a ZOINKS load of soldiers, he also stolen what was in the sealed wall,” said Officer Zedd.

“What! Dammit we need to get that case back, send out the mobile suits!” ordered Lt. Commander Newbark.

Out inside in space, the Querez gates opened, spitting out Nexus Tribe’s mobile suits Sting-Ray. These mobile suits had no legs, but were replaced with a tail. Both the tail and sides had thrusters, making it as though the mobile suit is swimming. Sharp claws, huge shoulder armor pads, and closed up wings that overlap each other, flat on its back, and two fins that some would say could be considered ears.

Zax pulled out his keyboard and started punching in numbers, grabbed a level and cranked it up forward, causing the asteroid dummy to pop as a winged mobile armor jets out. The middle part of the mobile armor popped off and the two outer sides went in, then the torso formed and closed as the back came down into legs and arms came out and it was a normal size looking gundam with two archangel-like wings that stretched out and there stood before the Sting-Rays was Hybrid Gundam. The gundam was black and grey, with yellow eyes, and a black antenna.

Zax punched in a key-code as the gundam whipped out two separate single-barrel buster rifles and stuck one in the back hole in the other, thus creating a high-energy rifle.

“I’ll annihilate you all,” said Zax, pulling the trigger.

“What the? AHAH!” screamed the crew aboard the space station as the high energy beam forced itself out and not only obliterated almost half of the mobile suits that came out, but also took a chunk out of the station.

“Now out of my way,” said Zax as he unhooked and separated the twin buster rifles. He folded both handles up as the guns doubled as two beam sabers. Zax hit the thrusters, putting the two gun beam sabers straight through a Sting-Ray, splitting it in half, but in return he got hit from behind,

“Augh,” he moaned, reversing his gundam behind and under the enemy and fired a beam directly in its back. He started to sense something as he turned and fired a few shots out of his Vulcan gun, stopping a rushing Sting-Ray that surprisingly had a beam saber out, mounted on its forearm towards him and he finished the pilot off with his gun beam saber. Zax took this time and cranked thrusters to maximum and blazed off into deep space, away from Querez.

Zax made his way to his station base called Dragono. Zax was member of ROSE (Resistance Ops Squad Espionage). They are an elite resistance movement unit, dispatch to fight in the event of a major insurgence. Zax got ready and docked in, little to minor damage to his gundam, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. He opened his hatch with briefcase in hand and jumped out of the unit, floating in midair do to low gravity settings. He grabbed the railing on the balcony and hopped over it. He went to the briefing room and saluted to his superior, Captain Aries and Commander Nikoladze. Also in the room was Lt. Commander Brass from the Federation Tribe that established a base on the lunar surface of the moon and on Earth.

“Ah, so you must be Zax Verdād…heard so much about you,” said Brass.

“Here is the disc you wanted Aries and I also picked up this,” said Zax, showing them briefcase.

“Excellent, we were just talking about it. You, didn’t open it did you?” asked Brass.

“No sir,” said Zax keeping a straight face.

“Right…so, I’ll take this with me and you three figure out what the Nexus Tribe has been cooking up,” said Brass.

Within ROSE was a prison quarters and on cellblock 00-F a dangerous 18 year old female from the Vixen Tribe named Marina Hotchkiss, had her hands above her head bound by chains. Members from the Vixen Tribe are mostly if not all 100 female and are considered very dangerous as they have a seductive gift to lure any person of the opposite sex. They would usually meet drifting or wondering soldiers and once their sexual desire is met, they’ll use the soldier and take whatever he has. This is one of the reasons why they have been a surviving race.

“This is such a drag…kinky, but a drag,” she said. The Marina was braless, wearing a small gold and white smock that was held by two gold chain ropes, but the outfit was so loose and really revealing, it showed of almost everything from the front and the back. Addition to she had on a long (touching floor) gold and white skirt that was shredded in the front, but whole in the back. She also was wearing an upside down sun around her neck, brown belt with golden orbs around it, brown high heeled stripper boots, and two bracelets around each wrist. She had long flowing golden brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin.

Soon the door slid open as a Petty Officer Brent entered into the room, bringing the prisoner her meal for the day as it will be her last because the Huntress Tribe are coming to take her away permanently.

“Hey...kid. You’re kinda cute,” she said with a devious smile.

“Nice try,” said Brent, placing the tray down.

“Okay for real. My nose is killing me, it itches like crazy please just one little scratch?” she begged.

“Argh fine! But don’t try anything funny,” he said and approached her. He started scratching her nose, freeing her from the irritating itch.

“There,” he said.

“Thank you, how can I ever so repay you?” she asked, looking into his dark eyes. She was sooo beautiful he couldn’t resist but to look back,

“Wha..what did you have in mind?” he asked.

“Get me out of these chains and find out” she said seductively. Something was coming over him, as if her essences weaved a little web and trapped him in it as he couldn’t break free.

He unthinkably unlocked her chains as her arms fell right down. She started rubbing them.

“Now what?” he asked. She smiled, grabbed him and slammed him against a wall

“You can have it two ways, ruff or very ruff,” she said, while ripping his uniform shirt off of him, exposing his developing muscles. Their lips met as he started to squirm a little, unable to hold back,

“Ahh!” he yelled. She looked down and notice his pants was soak and wet,

“You’ve got to be kidding me?” she asked. He was about to explain, but didn’t get the chance as she without warning fist slapped him, knocking him out as he hit the floor.

“Dammit! I’m still horny too,” she said and existed the cell. She began walking down the hall of the station base, sensing men all around her,

“Hmmm so many men here, so little time,” she said, soon spotting two unsuspecting Officers.

“Hey boys…wanna play?” she asked, flipping back her hair.

“Whoa!” said the first Officer.

“And you are?” asked the second Officer.

“Why don’t you boys come with me and we can have some real fun?” she offered, curling her finger, telling them to follow her.

Back in the briefing room,

“Sir, members of the Huntress Tribe will be arriving in less than 20 minutes,” said Operator A on the loud speaker.

“Right. Zax, bring the prisoner but be careful. She is a tricky one,” said Nikoladze.

“Roger,” he said, placing an earpiece in his right ear and stepped out of the room while Brass went back to the moon. Zax traveled downstairs to the holding cells, seeing that the door was open. He rushed in seeing the Petty Officer down on the floor,

“She gone,” said Zax, touching his earpiece.

“What!” yelled Aries, sounding the escape alarm. Zax felt something he had never felt before…this sexual feeling was new and quite different. He ran up the stairs and down pass a couple of rooms before one a door slid open as two Officers ran out half naked to the sounding of the alarm.

“Uhh…that was interesting,” said Marina, feeling better. “Now to get out of here.”

“Hey you!” yelled some soldiers, guns drawn.

“Who? Little young beautiful me?” she asked, flipping back her hair allowing her charm to take over. Suddenly she sprinted forward and jumped kicked the left soldier in his throat, pushed off and spin kicked the second soldier on the right, rotated back and grabbed the third soldier by his collar as she stood completely straight up above him. Marina then bent back, kicking the back of the soldier’s knees, slamming his head on the floor.

Just as she thought it was all clear she head a click and turned around seeing a guy with spiked up black hair and forest green eyes.

“My…and you are?” she asked. He fired the first shot which missed, but inches away from her.

“HEY! What the hell is your damn problem?” she asked.

“Next time I won’t miss,” said Zax. Marina was completely puzzled. This guy doesn’t seem to be phased by her hotness.

“What are you? What tribe you come from” she asked curiously.

“I have no tribe,” replied Zax.

“Impossible, everyone has a tribe,” she said. “And I’m going to mines,” she said and kicked the gun out of his hand. She did a front flip over his head and kicked him in his back. The feeling he felt earlier was much stronger now, clouding his senses as he hit the floor, sliding. She chased after him as he jumped up and kicked her back, but she blocked it and they both locked into hand to hand combat. Right fist, left hand, left fist, right hand back and forth. She blocked both of his fists and kicked him with her right foot in is stomach and face causing him turn. He backhanded her with his left hand and again with the right before turning back around.

“I am woman, her me purr,” she said and swung both her fists around, double punching him in his face, causing him to jump up, left foot inches above the ground and kicked her straight up in her face, which made her fall to the floor.

“Not bad cutie,” she said and did a back flip, running down the hall, jumping over the three soldier’s bodies. Two more soldiers appeared and it was as if time slowed down as she gracefully smiled at both of them and walked right passed them. Once time resumed Zax ran after her, only to be blocked by the soldiers who struggled to move out of his way.

At the end of the hall she saw a keypad and started punching in numbers given to her by the two Officers she met earlier. The door opened and she entered into the hanger where they kept the mobile suits.

“Hmmm, I pick you!” she said with excitement. Pushed a tech crew member out of the way and stepped onto a lift and turned it on as it elevated up. The hatch on the mobile suit was already open so she just jumped right in.

“Damn,” said Zax, finally in the hanger. “Where is she?”

“She’s in there,” pointed a tech crew member.

She turned the viewing screen on as the window circled around her,

“Later fellas,” she said and used the Vulcan guns to blast a whole in the station base hatch.

“Ahahh damn!” yelled the tech crew as they held on from dear life, trying to reach for the red button that will seal the whole. She started moving the mobile suit and went through the whole, jetting off into space.

“Sir, a ship from the Huntress Tribe are asking permission to sync and dock,” said Operator B.

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