Gundam seed: blue wind

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Gundam seed: blue wind

Post by assault gundam » Thu Oct 04, 2007 4:51 pm

well I was reading the features on MAHQ and noticed the april fools joke they played.
Well, since seed destiny didn't do so well, I am making Gundam seed Blue wind.
Some characters from seed destiny will be in it. Including Shin and Stellar, and instead of kira killing her, well, you'll just have to find out.

If this has been done before please tell me.
If i do not have authorization to do this please tell me.

I will be using Mobile Suits from side stories that aren't SEED and use some from Stargazer.
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Post by CHASER » Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:53 am

There have been a few Destiny rewrites around, so in that field you wouldn't be the first or only one. As far as the prank relation I don't think there was any real story information released, past a bit relating to the Grandiose. I don't think anyone will object to you using the name, and if they do then changing it to something different shouldn't be too hard.

So in the end, using the same name shouldn't be a problem really. After all it was a joke.
HellCat wrote:
ShadowCell wrote:I'm skipping this one if it's in suppository form, though. Like, I like Gundam, but not that friggin' much.
They decided against that because most Gundam fans already have something up their butt.

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Post by assault gundam » Sat Oct 06, 2007 7:54 am

PHASE 1: Peace at last

C.E 72.
The armistice was singed between the PLANTS and the Earth Alliance at the end of the war. It was signed on the remains of Junius Seven. Hopefully, they thought, there would never be another war of such Genocidal amounts. With Patrick Zala dead, the PLANTS voted that Lacus Clyne be the Chairman. Cagalli Atha has remained the Representative for ORB. Earth, However, was lead by a man with seemingly peaceful means. His name was Neo Roanoke. After the war, Blue Cosmos went underground and has never been heard of since.

C.E. 74

At Aprilius, a downtown the downtown of a city was looking peaceful and calm. Everyone was talking and eating together. Suddenly, a bunch of people started getting up from their seats and running away. This was because they could hear the sound of sirens and shots being fired off. Closer
Suddenly a Ginn crashed threw the side of a building and continued going. A few moments later, a second Ginn, this one with sirens and a blue, red, and white colour scheme came took the corner making sure that he didn't hit the building. Inside the cockpit of the blue, red, and white Ginn there was a boy of 18 with medium black hair and emerald green eyes was strapped in the seat. He was very tense and was sweating like crazy.
"Lunamaria," the pilot said threw the intercom, "I'm, following him on Robinson street. Cut him off"
"Roger Shin," came the voice of a girl over the intercom.
Shinn continued following the Ginn. As the "bad" Ginn took the corner, Shinn lost sight of it. Suddenly, the "bad" Ginn burst backwards down the street. Shinn Stopped his Ginn right before he ran into it.
"Thanks Luna"
"Anytime" Lunamaria said as her Ginn, which was the same colour scheme as Shinn's, walked around the corner.
Suddenly the cockpit of the "bad" Ginn opened and the pilot stepped out with a gun to his head. Shinn and Lunamaria's Ginns looked down at the pilot.
"I will never be captured or arrested. For the death of all naturals!" the pilot yelled as he shot himself in the head.
An hour later, Shinn and Lunamaria arrived at the Police station, after landing their Ginns of course. They got unchanged and met each other in the Hallway.
"Well, that was a good job well done," Shinn said.
"I guess, But still I-"
Lunamaria stopped short of her sentence Because she saw Chairman Clyne and the Legendary Kira Yamato. Shinn looked and nearly fell backwards.
"Wha-what are you doing here?" Shinn awkwardly said.
"You two are Shinn Asuka and Lunamaria Hawke right?" Lacus Said smiling.
"Yes ma'am" Lunamaria said.
"I have been watching you two very closely and was wondering if you would like to become part of my Royal Guard," Lacus said. "You will receive top of the line Mobile Suits and join the other 3 other pilots and Kira."
"Yes! Thank you very much!" Shinn said.
"I would be honoured Ma'am," lunamaria said.
"But what about our job here?"
"that’s right."
"don’t worry, we’ve already made arrangements," Kira said.
"In that case," Shinn eagerly, "lead the way!"
"Okay, follow us," Kira said.

"Okay, follow us" Kira said.
"Kira, do you always talk so-so sadly?" Shinn questioned.
Kira smiled and said, in a much nicer tone, "No"
"That’s better Kira!" Lacus said.
Kira and Lacus turned around and headed down the hallway, Shinn and Lunamaria followed. They exited the doors and arrived at a fancy blue and red convertible with the hood down
"This is you’re car?" Lunamaria inquired.
"No, it’s Kira’s," Lacus responded.
They got in the car, Kira going into the drivers seat, Lacus went in the passenger’s seat, Lunamaria and Shinn went in back. The car quickly sped off out of the parking lot. They turned and continued throughout the city. Shinn was looking out the window, trying to picture what his new MS was going to look like. When, suddenly, he saw a girl, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Time almost stopped for him. The girl had blond hair and was dancing in front of the stores. He came back to reality and looked forward. The girl kept on dancing.

Two boys were on the sidewalk walking together looking at Stellar, which was the girl’s name. The one with shorter greenish hair laughed. He heard a ring and took out his cell phone.
He listened a few seconds
"Understood" He ended as he hung up his phone.
"Stellar, change of plans, we’re going to orb."
"really?" Auel, the other boy, questioned.
Stellar came running back and the three of them turned around and walked the other way.

On Orb, everything was very peaceful. Pretty much the same as the PLANTS. At a local Cafe, Cagalli and Athrun were sitting at a table on the balcony. Both were having their coffee. Cagalli was looking around in a worried state.
"Do you think it’s okay for us to go see Lacus and Kira?" Cagalli questioned," I mean, what if something happens?"
"don’t worry Cagalli, Unato can hold the fort for a day or so."
"I hope so... but what about"
"don’t worry, they’ll be fine. No one knows about them."
Cagalli finished her coffee and stood up. Athrun threw his coffee in the trash from were he was sitting. He then stood up and left the cafe.

At the Orb spaceport, Cagalli and Athrun went into a personal ship. It was bigger than the others but that was because it had a giant cargo hold that was being loaded with a massive metal crate. When it was done, the hatch in the back closed up and it began it’s takeoff procedures. When that was done, it took of. In the passenger bay, their was only Cagalli and Athrun, of course, considering that Athrun was Cagalli’s bodyguard. Cagalli had the window seat and looked out of it. Just looking. Probably thinking if it was a good idea to leave. She thought about asking Athrun but she knew what the answer was going to be: don’t worry, it will be fine. The Ship exited Earth’s atmosphere and was in space.

Athrun was looking out the window on the opposite side and noticed a civilian ship pass by. HE didn’t really think about it and went back think about it and went back to Cagalli.

On the ship that passed by, there were Auel, Stellar, and Sting, the green head.
"wasn’t that the representatives ship?" asked Auel.
"It wouldn’t matter, our mission is to get the three prototypes." Sting replied.
"Yeah, you’re right," Auel said.
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Post by Nightwing03 » Wed Oct 10, 2007 9:06 pm

Hmm....a few minor spelling errors, like you spelt "through" with "threw" Anyway, it seems that you changed some of the events during early GSD, like Shinn actually seeing stellar dance instead of him bumping into her. Anyway, just fix up your grammar a bit and it'll be good.

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