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Mobile Suit Gundam Shadow Sakura

Post by Silent_Knight_Gundam » Wed Jul 18, 2007 9:31 pm

Mobile Suit Gundam Shadow Sakura
U.C. 240
Basically I’m using my frankens in my new fan fic that takes place many years after G-savior the game in the Universal Century. It was hard to choose a reason why a new war should start but after remembering the aftermath of World War 1 and the U.S. president wanting the elimination of all military weapons it should be a good reason to start a war. The military fanatics and those who yearn for peace will soon fight for what they believe what the world should do. I also got character descriptions to work on but I’m not sure if I should post them up after I finish writing them up but most likely I will. It will also take a while since it takes time to make a good story that fits together. Ill start off with some prequels from L.E.O. and Shadow Guild, but not sure if i should also do the Dragon Magnums since its from the SG's point of view.

L.E.O. (Liberal Earth Organization)
This is a Government who wishes to press through the future but not forgetting the past in the name of the People and not the Government. President Sonia Masterkova is a very respectable woman who wishes for peace and by doing so she has presented a new universal law that would eliminate the use of guns, Mobile Suits, every piece of military and arms to the human race because of many pain and suffering that has happened in this century. But when a small number of terrorist attacks and the “Side 6 massacre” occurred it ignited into a full out race for military strength and President Sonia was forced to go against her dream of a peaceful world is put at a standstill for now. She was the one who initiated Operation Mass Production, an action that pushes every factory to the limit to produce the MPS-02 Knight GMs and its C.A.S.T. armor. By doing so the large number of pilots can now be accommodated with the Mobile Soldiers the army is in desperate need for. They stand very little chance against the monstrous units the Dragon Blade Society are pulling out but are still effective when they are equipped with their C.A.S.T. (Core Add-on and Special Tactics) Armor. She has a relative; General Roberto Flores who commands the earth sphere forces with great pride and nobility who has reduced causalities ever since the introduction of Mobile Soldiers. Together they both are trying their best to make the situation better for everyone in this world but something more then leadership is required to make the situation better. With the support of the now renewed and improved SNRI (Strategic Naval Research Institute) came through when Anaheim Electronics surprisingly failed to produce a better performing Mobile suit now under their own production name: “The Mobile Soldier”. But because of a showdown between the overwhelming forces of the DMS and the outmatched Shadow Guild the President did the only thing to save them by ordering a full out war and to even out the battlefield. This severely limited the time for newer advanced mobile soldiers to be produced but L.E.O. will be able to hold off the impeding DMS for now.
Area Control: U.S.A. (H.Q.), Mexico, Europe, Some of Northern Africa, Eastern and Southern Asia (Except Japan and Sri Lanka), Gate 1, 3, and 8.
Mobile Soldiers: Sphere Tank (discontinued), MPS-02 Knight GM, MPCA-04 Knight GM Crusader Cannon Armor, MPCA-03 Knight GM Break Boundary Armor, LPDS-00 GunGear, and PCAS-01 Full Armor Nu Gundam, RX-87-6 Mudrock 2 Gundam.

Dragon Magnum Society
Emperor Gates Winchester not only believes that the military should control everything but only his military should control everything. Ruling with a iron fist and a brilliant strategist who spared no expense in strengthening his military power and numbers. The D.M. Society was formed to overtake the entire population of the Gate Colonies and the Earth Sphere (Moon already belongs to D.M. Union) and force them into their emperor’s beliefs. It was when President Sonia Masterkova’s uncomfortable and unrealistic announcement Emperor Gates was completely infuriated and immediately announced to the entire world and all the gate colonies a declaration of independence, militarism and the beginning their power over the colonies and soon enough the earth sphere. They created in secret Mobile Soldiers capable of mass destruction in mass production and will prove a dangerous combination of chaos and destruction among the gate colonies and the Earth Sphere.
Area Control: South America, Rest of Asia, Africa, Gate 2, 4, 5, 7(H.Q.).
Mobile Soldiers: APS-001 Zaku 5, ZPS-006 Gyan Blade, DBPS-007 Gelgoog 2.

Shadow Guild/Side 6 Remnants
On the verge of destruction due to the constant DMS Attacks the only base left for the guild lies in the neutral territory of Canada. A failure copycat resistance movement made up of remnants of the Side 6 survivors who were willing to fight and those from the neutral nations that did not allow the “Side 6 Massacre” discourage them from the truth. But the major problem was that even with Anaheim electronics’ behind the Guild they are no match for the Zeon Descendant Mobile Soldiers that the DMS are using to push their military strength and numbers.
Area Control: None, currently residing in British Columbia near the Vancouver/Island Area.
Mobile Soldiers: SGS-000 Sakura Gundam, SGS-001S Shadow Sakura Gundam, MPCA-01 Knight GM Cross Recon Armor, SGS-000B2 Sakura Gundam “Blossom Booster” Armor.

SNRI (Strategic Naval Research Institute)
This new line now called Mobile Soldiers was SNRI’s idea has greatly improved the Republic’s chances of winning the war guided by their new president Frank Lee in charge and pushing the company to the limit to vastly improve their friendship with their new client. Although tried and failed to gather new clients from the neutral nations they have told them that if they need someone to turn to they should turn to SNRI. Frank lee is a man who wants to make friends and not enemies and on the side make some money. After the fall of the Earth Federation the SNRI went though many downslides but got back up after the war with CONSENT and Illuminati when small conflicts emerged and newer better Mobile suits were needed. Now is the age of the Mobile Soldiers which will pave the new way for SNRI and its future clients.

Area Control:
Mobile Soldiers:
RGM-079j Juno
Mobile Soldiers: MPCS-025 Jegan High Mobility Type
Mobile Soldiers:
TCS-016 Taiga Dom
Mobile Soldiers:
APS-021 Neptune Alpha
New Zealand
Mobile Soldiers:
APS-022 Neptune Beta
Mobile Soldiers:
MS-006GM Gaikum
Mobile Soldiers:
GMS-011 Leo Tundra Guardian[/b]

final many Gundam seed fan fics........just wow.....

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Post by Silent_Knight_Gundam » Sat Jul 21, 2007 3:13 am

Chapter (-1)
Welcome change

On the outskirts of the city of Victoria at 20:00 military time is a small housing compound where Professor Karen Tanaka is being held for a sort of vacation. Unknowing to everyone in the area that a small group of Mobile Soldiers have snuck in with the objective they must accomplish.
“My my, this forced vacation bores the living hell out of me.” Professor Karen Tanaka yawned out to her bodyguards, “Is there anything I can do here or at least go somewhere else?”

“Sorry professor, we have orders not to let you out of the condo and allow you to rest up after that incident and all. You need to get used to your… self before we let you back on any projects.” Explained Bodyguard 1.

“Sigh, but I have and as much as I miss my right arm and leg I am already used to it and I want out!” ,erupted Karen “I’m tired of being cooped up in this stuffy place”

“Not our problem professor, we are just here to protect you and keep you here where its safe.
“But nothing, I didn’t spend years in the academy to bodyguard a whiny old grandma whos top of some stupid crazy research project involving-”
“GRANDMA!? I am 30 years old for your information and I am more important then you and what you call balls are and I deserve the right to go outside……and its not a crazy project, it’s a classified project you don’t need to know about!”
“Yell at me all you want but you are not getting out of here and that is FINAL: Now sit down or go to your room and sleep!”
“FINE!! I didn’t need to go outside today anyway”
“ Ha, too easy-OW”
“Pick that up while you are “Guarding” me”
“son of a…..this is not going to get any easier”

The bodyguard went to pick up the mess and dropped it on the table sighing in pain thinking about what would happen if he wasn’t guarding Professor Tanaka. Just then a loud and strong bump shocked the compound and Karen ran down screaming and yelling that it was an earthquake, running around franticly. One of the bodyguards then grabbed onto her and slaps her across her face to calm her down. Another bodyguard grabbed his binoculars and started scoping out the area and found the source of the problem coming their way. He immediately told everyone to get to the car and drive as fast as they can to the nearest L.E.O. base. With Karen yelling at her bodyguards to hurry up they gathered and race out of the condo while the roaring quake draws towards them. With not enough time to put on a seatbelt every turn about made Karen bump into the bodyguard beside her slapping and slamming into him until she got her balance back. Just then another Mobile Soldier landed right in front of the car forcing them off-road onto a rocky landscape, sliding and accelerating into a large tree. The driver and the side passenger were killed but both Karen and the backseat bodyguard has barely survived and as quickly as they could get out of the car. Karen then lost her stability after panicking from the crash but was then grabbed by the arm and dragged into proper balance.

“What’s going on here!? Who are they!?”
“Don’t look back I think there are two of them after us!”
“But that doesn’t answer my question! How are we gonna get out of here with them on us!?”
“Oh just shut up and let me do my damn job!”
“Damnit I have no time for this, my damn ass is on the line and all I have is my rifle busted in the crash and a pistol with only 4 clips to spare against-“
“I thought I told you to shut up”

That is when the Bodyguard pushed Karen into the ground and ran off by himself into the nearby woods

“Wait where are you going!?”

He disappeared into the night as Karen struggles to get up and hide from her pursuers but fails as they march to her as she starts breaking into tears. Then the grey and dark indigo colored Mobile Soldier slowly walked towards the broken down professor and crouched down as the pilot opened the cockpit and was zipping down the line and landed onto the ground. The pilot then slowly walked towards Karen and she was desperately crawling away until she bumped into a rock and started to stand up against it still crying her eyes out. Just then the pilot started to take off her helmet Karen picked up a rock and threw it towards the head and hit dead on. Just then Karen heard some faint crying from the pilot as she finishes taking off her helmet to reveal a special person.

“WAAAAAA why did you hit me Sis!?” cried the female pilot, “I don’t throw rocks at you…..anymore”

”LYNN!?, Lynn what are you doing here-I mean in that suit-I mean in that Mobile Soldier!?” yelled out Karen

“But why did you hit me!?”
“You scared the crap out of me, chased me down without telling me it was you in some weird never seen before MS!”

Then a green Mobile soldier carrying beam sniper rifle came out of nowhere and stomped on the ground creating a shock that silences the two from fighting each other.

“Hey Lynn are we done here?” Said the mysterious Green MS Pilot, “I’m starting to get the munchies here.”

“But she didn’t say why Eddy!” said Lynn.

“I wsa only defending myself, I would have never hit you if I knew it was you Lynn!” said Karen.

Off in the distance a small ball like tank was spying on the conversation in the distance with a familiar face inside. Apparently a sphere tank was on it’s final run before it gets stripped down for spare parts and arms until it met up with the base.

“There you are, get ready to fire.” Said the runaway bodyguard

“But sir the Professor is in the way.”

“Ha she’ll be ok, just fire”

At that moment Eddy’s radar starting going off and he quickly went to cover the girls from the upcoming shells. They were being bombarded until he waited for the second the last shot hits the ground, strengthen his sensors, locked on target and fired his Beam sniper rifle. That beam of light flew from his rifle and straight into the main body of the sphere tank and is exploded into fire then darkness as the group sighed in relieve.

“Can we go now?” asked Eddy.

“Fine lets go, come on Karen I want you to meet our friends back at the base!” Said Lynn

Karen then said, “What makes you think I want to come with you and meet your crazy friends Lynn First you-“

“We got the Bathmaster 2000, your favourite Lavender Lovers bath soup at the base and I got the latest Mineva fashion line dresses including the “Smiling Sundress you love”.”
“What are we waiting for LETS GO!”
“But why did you hit me…..”
“……Fine I’m sorry”

And so Eddy, Lynn and Karen got into their Mobile Soldiers and whisked away as fast as they could to the Shadow Guild base. But as they do from the ashes of the sphere tank a arm is held up high and a fist is made in anger…..

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Post by Silent_Knight_Gundam » Mon Jul 23, 2007 11:07 pm

Sorry for the two prequels and having the first one so short but this one is 8 pages on MS Word....Enjoy!

Chapter (0)
No invitation? No Problem!

Agar Walker: Private 1st class Agar Walker reporting for duty!

This is my first mission using the new Crusader Cannon C.A.S.T. and I’m pretty excited about this as much the other pilots. We were chosen to investigate an ambush that happened near Victoria involving a Professor Karen Tanaka, a V.I.P. involved in many Mobile Soldier experiments that lead to the creation of the C.A.S.T. system. Apparently at 20:00Hrs a distress call was activated at the condo holding the Professor and in short her captures seems to be from the drowning Shadow Guild. They are not getting enough support to get off the ground even though Anaheim Electronics are supplying the group their need for pilots and money is drying up fast. I have been assigned with five other pilots taken from other divisions based on their history but I was sort of special. Apparently I look almost like the late son of General Roberto Flores except for his blond hair and his outgoingness and whenever the General sees me he just stares at me....... It’s kind of creepy, but he is a man who loves and cherishes his son very much and that’s a father I respect and would go out unarmed in combat. But the other higher ups knew it would be trouble later so they transferred me into this little operation away from General Flores to keep him on track. I understood how much this move meant to our forces because being distracted from our goals and victory is a dangerous road.

The Outskirts of Victoria

Alpha 1: Ok everyone we have reached the destination point, report in!

Alpha 4: Alpha 2 reporting in no strange movement around here

Alpha 3: Alpha 3 here I got nada here either.

Alpha 1: Alpha 2 how’s it going with your group?

Alpha 2: Alpha 2 here, my group is just doing dandy. Isn’t that right Harry Flores?

Alpha 6: For the last time its Agar! Seriously this is getting old and as much as I like the interest the General has taken to me its getting really creepy with each stare…..

Alpha 5: Ha ha ha! Ok guys lets give the kid a break here we got a mission to do.

Agar: I’m not a kid damnit! I’m just about your age Alpha 5!

Alpha 5: You’re 35 too?

Agar: ……..maybe….

Alpha 5: Ha! Keep dreaming kid *Warning signal* Damn ladies and gentlemen we got some company ahead of us.

With the Crusader C.A.S.T. system equipted on their Knight GMs they cautiously approach the direction of the enemy with their shields up and fingers on the trigger. Slowly with each step they await a fate of death or death dealer until Alpha 1 ordered a halt to his forces. The sky was dark yet bright with every star in the sky looking upon the team as eyes looking straight at them as Alpha 5 was ordered to move forward into the forest. He then spotted a small object on the ground giving off the signal belonging to Mobile Soldiers lying next to a crashed car.

Alpha 5: Well lookie here ladies and gentlemen, a decoy device and the Shadow Guild symbol Ha ha ha. That’s it for the mission then, I’ll buy everyone drinsk when we get back with this device and data and then we can enjoy our vacation reward! Well looks like you have been here a while little guy. Must be lonely out here for you- *Beam fire and a explosion*

Alpha 1: Alpha 5!? Everyone defensive positions stick to your hard shields, do not on any circumstances turn on your beam shields.

Suddenly multiple unknown Mobile Soldiers came out of the woods nearby and fired upon Alpha team as they quickly went for cover wherever they could and fired back at the aggressors.

Alpha 2: Guys I have a visual on our enemies, apparently they are Dragon Magnum Mobile Soldiers. About 2 Gyan Blades and a Gelgoog 2, both carrying beam weaponry.

Alpha 6: Thank you captain obvious. Alpha 1 what do we do?

Alpha 1: Alpha 3, 4 and 6, Circle around the enemy! Alpha 2 and I will provide a small artillery barrage around the enemy position. Escort Alpha 4 to point B which I’m sending the coordinates to you right now. From there Alpha 4 will provide more artillery barrages as the rest of you move in for a better shot! Got it?

Alpha Team: Roger that!?

Both Alpha 1 and 2 fired their shoulder cannons upon the enemy hiding in the forest stalling some of the enemy fire towards the team as the rest of alpha moved to point B. But it was seconds later that the beams came flying back at the away Alphas as they tried to reach Point B in one piece. Both Alpha 3 and 6 made it to the destination just fine but just as alpha 4 was almost there a beam shot through it’s Knight GM’s right leg and forced it down. Agar(Alpha 6) then boosted towards Alpha 4 as 3 provided covering fire and the rest of the teams intensified their artillery barrage. Through the chaos the three Knight GMs made it to Point B and was ready to initiate the next part of the plan.

Agar: Hey Alpha 4, you ok!?


Alpha 3: Lay off your knight in shining armor 4! If you didn’t notice your Knight GM magically moving across a shower of beams that Alpha 6 risked his lfie to get you here!

Alpha 4: Ok fine I guess I overreacted!

Agar: You still ok to do the mission?

Alpha 4: Those dicks are still gonna get a early birthday present guys. Just give me a second to set myself up then you guys are ready to go.

Agar then assisted Alpha 4 into a upright seating position as Alpha 3 provided cover for the improvised action as the heat of the battle rushed through every pilot on the field. Alpha 4 was now set up and began his artillery barrage on the enemy’s position to push them towards a parallel position beside Point B. From there Agar and Alpha 3 pushed towards the enemy’s position firing their beam rifles and head vulcans, forcing them out of the woods and into retreat.

Alpha 1: The enemy is now in full retreat, good work alphas. Status Report!

Alpha 2: Whew that was one hell of a concert, I think we used up all our shells Alpha 1.

Alpha 3: This is Alpha 3, 6 and I am ok but we are a bit far from your position.

Alpha 4: Oh yeah I’m fantastic, Hey mind if I break dance out here in the field or just lay on the grass.

Alpha 1: Yeah yeah Alpha 1 I heard about your leg but we can still manage to return to base with our report.

Alpha 4: Sorry 1, I’m just ticked off that we didn’t get any of those guys for killing 5. Man he said he was gonna buy everyone a drinks; I have tabs on my tabs I barely have enough for bus fare!

Agar: Hey no worries 4 I saw 3 drop his car off in the base and it would hold all of us.

Alpha 3: Damnit 6…..Fine everyone gets a ride as soon as we get back to base with the device. 6 lets head to it.

Alpha 2: Man I can’t wait to get home too. I have a girl here and I think I might propose to her you know before this crazy war starts.

Agar: A what? Come on 2 that’s nonsense, I’m sure there are not gonna be a war. This is probably some terrorist work by some fanatics, The president is also probably working on some game plan to prevent the war from happening by forgoing the race wide disarmament to a major 75% disarmaments.

Alpha 3: Kid I barely think there is even gonna be a disarmament at all. I agree with 2, there is gonna be a war, we need to live life especially for 5, and having a female president of the earth sphere come up with that idea will prevent anymore female presidents in the future.

Agar: But its been 22 years of peace! If we do the disarmament now our century will break the 30 years of peace and war tradition before its too late. Of course we need to somehow stop the Dragon Magnum Emperor from going crazy but I’m pretty sure the F.B.I. or C.I.A. got that covered.


Alpha 1: 4 has a point 6. I would kill myself before trying to infiltrate a Giant space colony filled with gun wield maniacs to try to assassinate their leader, get out unnoticed by the crowd, police and their army. Hide in a spaceship and magically fly your way into friendly territory.

Agar: ….Man we live in some messed up century.

Alpha 2: Oh you better believe it. And its only gonna get even better-GAH *Beam of light emitting from Alpha 2’s cockpit as his Knight Gm is Sliced in two and a bright explosion followed*

Alpha 1: 2! Damnit where did you come from!?

At that moment a Gyan Blade revealed itself from the dust and smoke, charged towards Alpha 1 under the bright lines of death and quickly smashed the spike shield into the cockpit. It only damaged the C.A.S.T. shell but stunned it’s pilot for a split second resulting in death as the beam saber was stabbed from the head down thought the top of the cockpit. The Rest of Alpha could only watch in horror as they were being picked off one by one by a formidable enemy and panic as they try to retreat. Sadly it seems that alpha 4 is the next to go not so quietly into the night.


Alpha 3: 4 Get out of your Knight GM NOW!

Alpha 4: AAAHHHHHH!!!!

Alpha 4 quickly fired off it’s arsenal at the impeding death dealer as the Gyan Blade rushed through the chaotic shower of beams and shells like it was rain. It pulled out its beam rifle and shot off Alpha 4’s cannon and right arm with marked precision and slowly approached the desperate pilot fired his head vulcans. Just then a transmission was received from Agar.


Just at the moment Alpha 4 cleared up his mind, randomly fired at the right arm until he got enough shots into the joints blowing off the arm and the beam saber flying away from the Gyan Blade. Staggering backwards the Gyan then spearheaded it’s shield towards Alpha 4 but the Knight GM then boosted upright on it’s left leg and swung it’s shield against the Gyan Blade’s left arm and collapsed ontop of each other. Just then at the right moment Alpha 4 fired it’s head vulcans into the Gyan’s head damaging the eye and various parts with it then stabbing the shield straight into the cockpit. It barely did much but both pilots seeing how their options are limited opened their cockpits and came out shooting each other with their pistols. Alpha 4 got hit in the shoulder and the Enemy pilot was hit in the leg and chest but was still shooting and retreating into the cockpit. Just then Alpha 4 pulled out a grenade, ticked out the pin, released the handle and thrown it into the Gyan blade’s cockpit setting off a light show for everyone else to enjoy. Then walked towards the cockpit and saw the barely alive pilot and finished the job leaving very little words.

Alpha 4: ……Dick.

Agar: Holy crap 4 that was just incredible! Where did you get that grenade!?

Alpha 3: Hey Alpha 6 look under your seat.

Agar: Holy crap I have one too!?...........hey!

Alpha 3 and 4: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Alpha 3: Man you kill me Alpha 4, you kill me-*large explosion followed by a large amount of beam fire*

Agar: ALPHA 3!? I think killing their buddy over there might have pissed them off! 4 MAKE A BREAK FOR IT NOW!


Familiar Voice: Don’t worry; you pilots are now in good hands. Nu Cannon FIRE!!!

A extremely large beam of light flew towards the attacking enemy and obliterated the entire area surround them. Clearing up nothing was left and so the Giant blue and white battleship landed on the ground to pick up the pilots and whatever is lying on the ground. Apparently Agar recognized it as the Anubis Class “Blue Wind” belonging to only one person he knows so well and gets creep out by. General Roberto Flores came to greet the battle worn pilots from their tiring death experiences in the hanger as they were given check-ups from the medical staff

Agar: General Flores Sir! Permission to speak!

General Flores: No need for formalities son……figuratively speaking…

Agar: As always sir…..

General Flores: *Giving the stare*

Agar: ……..So anyways General, what are you doing here? I thought they sent you over to Europe to aid the L.E.O. forces and be apart of the first flight of the Break Boundary C.A.S.T.?

General Flores: Well apparently the President herself told me to take a small detour here first to aid the Shadow Guild in a joint operation.

Alpha 4: Joint operation? Ha ha ha you mean just a regular just our side operation right? I heard they aren’t doing so well for themselves and stole our stuff.

General Flores: Even though its classified Fredrick Fox you are correct but they need our help and apparently and we are gonna force a merger with them for taking our property.

Agar: So what the detailed situation sir-whoa wait your name is Fredrick!? *Is looking at Fredrick and back to the general*

General Flores: *Accidentally looks at Agar and gives the creepy stare for a minute*……..Oh right. Well the kidnapping was not the idea of the Shadow Guild but as the Dragon Magnum Society to kidnap one of our Scientist; Professor Karen Tanaka. We found the….leftovers they left laying around and knew they were on the job. The Bodyguards were the Plan B to bring her not to the nearest L.E.O. but to a hidden camp where they will transfer her to D.M.S. Territory and blast her into space to Gate 7.

Agar: Now I see it! Although they stole something replaceable from us they prevented the capture of the Professor, a irreplaceable great mind in Mobile Soldier technology.

Fredrick: Oh yeah now I remember her, she also has a irreplaceable hot butt and glorious-OWW!! *The nurse air tights the bandages around Fredrick’s wound.*

General Flores: Yes she does. *wets his whistle* Not as much as Miss Sonya but anyways we got a mission to do and here are your new suits. Designated RX-87-6 Mudrock and G4-Savior ‘Mudrock Arms Type” now belong to you two and are ready to take flight.


General: Ha ha ha, sorry Agar you can’t get something just because you called out its name. You get it because its been designated to you.

Agar: aww-YAY!

Fredrick: And so I get the G4-Savior. It’s weird that I should get this because-

General Flores: Because your father piloted the same type with a similar same.

Fredrick: Wait how did you know sir!?

General Flores: Private 1st class Fredrick Fox, you are hereby ordered to fight in the next battle this unit will participate in and then be transferred to space HQ Gate 8 where you will meet up with Admiral Vincent Radcliff with ace pilots Mark Curren and Reed Fox, your father.

Fredrick: WHAT!? REALLY!? When did my dad!?

General Flores: We seek him out on Earth along with Mark Curren who was-

Agar: …..Wait the Mark Curren who was the first G-Savior pilot!? I remember Mark Curren being falsely accused for killing a CONSENT soldier in cold blood.

General Flores: Correct Agar, but after CONSENT’s fall he was released although with the murder record we cleared him of he agreed to join L.E.O. against the D.M.S. threat. It was child’s play to get Reed Fox to join up too on the condition that Fredrick here gets transferred to the Mobile Assault Force 1st Navy Fleet Gaia Guardians.

Fredrick: And that is how I single handedly defeated the fastest D.M.S. Mobile Soldier-wait what? Hot damn, drinking with my dad having a father son-OWWW *the nurse tightens more bandages on his bandaged wounds*

General Flores: *Stares at Fredrick and then at Agar*

Agar: ……So what now?

First Officier: Attention, we are approaching the Rendezvous point. All hands to stations and pilots to Mobile Soldiers. Multiple MS Signatures are near the Rendezvous Point and a distress call is put out. General Flores please report to the Bridge immediately!

General Flores: Looks like this isn’t our party as intended

Agar: Do you think they’ll let us join in without a invitation?

Fredrick: Hey no invitation? No problem!

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Post by Silent_Knight_Gundam » Mon Jul 30, 2007 8:47 pm

Woo finally got the first official chapter up. People probably won't like me setting the timeline in U.C. and including g-savior but still if this board can have multiple SEED fan fics I thought it would be nice to do something different like the other fan fics i read here. Won't be as good as everyone else's but I always wanted to do something like this. I hope you like it!

Chapter (1)
Give everything to save everyone

2200Hrs, somewhere East of Bamfield, Vancouver Island

Edward: Ok we are here ladies, we better check in with Gordon and the others since they are wondering what we were doing out pass curfew.

Karen: Wait what do you mean by that?

Lynn: well… we weren’t supposed to go outside the base unless told to… or go on crazy missions like we did a couple of hours ago.

Karen: Oh… I don’t think they would be hard on you guys for helping me out back there. So you really took on the D.M.S. Mobile Soldiers?

Lynn: Yup!!

Shadow Guild’s Headquarters: Inside Hanger 1


Lynn and Edward: We are deeply sorry Mr. Kaiser! Please forgive-

Cameron: Sorry!? You did not only go out of the base against my call but you attacked the Dragon Magnums! Do you have any idea how much trouble this is going to be for everyone!?

Karen: Hey back off you old bag of barber hair! I wouldn’t be standing here if my sister and her friend didn’t break your curfew thingy!

Cameron: Who is this whore!? Lucas detain her and take her into town in the morning!

Karen: Grandma is one thing BUT WHORE!? *kicks Cameron in the family jewels*

Cameron: ARGH!!! DETAIN HER!!! *falls down on his knees and tips onto his side in pain*

Lucas: Sorry big C I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be in your situation. Violet if you will?

Violet: Sorry Lucas but Cameron really deserves what was coming to him.

Cameron: argh…..why isn’t anyone helping me……

Karen: Because I’m getting call ugly things today and you had to push it! Now Lynn where are those things you promised me! *evil smile*

Lynn: *whispers to Edward* Sis is really scary sometimes….

As Lynn and Edward both nodded to each other in agreement Captain Gordon Goodwin who watches them from afar. His eye are on Karen as Lynn grabs her for a make over despite the cries and orders of Cameron as he is being carried away by Edward and Lucas. Violent then sighs and was on her way to her quarters until Lynn then quickly grabbed her by the arm and started yelling out make over with pure resistance in the works. Lynn brought the girls into their quarters on the Cerberus Class battleship and presents a large room filled with dresses, cosmetics, and all sorts of fashion materials.

Lynn: TADA SUPER LYNN’S SUPER MAKEOVER!!! *plays her cassette tape to play a applause and turns it off 2 seconds into it*

Karen: *whispers to Violet* is she always like this?

Violet: *Whispers back to Karen* Hey you are her sister, you tell me……

Lynn: Ok Karen here is something you would love, A lovely Red and Blue long skirt dress just for you Big sister!!

Karen: Oh very nice fabric and colors.

Lynn: Yay, I knew you would love it!!!

Just then while the two sisters were being memorized by the beautiful dress Violet tried to sneak away unnoticed and went out the door. Lying on the door she gave a small sigh of relief until a large cracking sound burst through the piece of wood and two pairs of hands grabbed her and pulled her back into the depths of the underworld once more. Inside the medical ward is Cameron relaxes on a hospital bed smoking some special vegetable as the nurse watching over him rolls over her eyes. Gordon wanted to talk to Cameron but he saw how he was feeling better already and didn’t like hippies so it was for the best. Right then Lucas came in and saw Gordon on his way out and called out for him.

Lucas: Hey Gordon I need to talk to you about something!

Gordon: Sure, what’s on your mind Lucas?

Lucas: About the Dragon Magnums……Will we be able to hold them off and hide from them forever?

Gordon: ….I’m sorry Lucas I just don’t know the answer to a question I been asking myself for quite sometime now. We don’t have any support from any of the countries since we picked a fight with the D.M.S. and Anaheim could only do so much for us.

Lucas: I knew it… I just can’t get over the fact that they would destroy Sid- I mean Gate 6 like that. They just wanted to be neutral and not get involve but that is what got them involved in the war.

Gordon: We just have to do what we can Lucas, there is nothing we could do now either then try to get support for our remaining forces here and hope that Lynn and Edward didn’t attract their attention to us.

Lucas: But both you and I know that once they lose their unit sin a area they will do a wide open search for the attackers and bring hell upon the unsuspecting aggressors.

Gordon: We can only hope that L.E.O.’s forces could make it in time for us.

Lucas: Wait what!? You called L.E.O.!?

Gordon: I had to Lucas; it was the only way to save everyone. I just hope you could under- OW *is punched into the ground*

Lucas: You idiot you are going to destroy everything we have made!?

Gordon: We lost everything already Lucas. We need help and they were going to be pulled into this war already. They also know about our little operation to steal Edward’s special Knight GM if you haven’t forgotten.

Lucas: We needed more firepower without spending anymore money and they wouldn’t have missed it.

Gordon: Well guess what they did. Now we have no choice to be merged within their forces to try and survive the upcoming war.

Lucas: …..It just doesn’t get any easier doesn’t it Gordon.

Gordon: Never does Lucas, we just have to live through life as best as we can like everyone else.

Lucas: Man I don’t want to be some mindless soldier on the battlefield. That is why I joined with you guys, getting to do whatever we want, wherever we want.

Gordon: We all have to make sacrifices sometimes, but I didn’t expect to sacrifice everything. Lets just get everything ready to receive the L.E.O. Forces and prepare the defenses.

Lucas: Prepare the defenses? I guess its decided then…

Gordon: Yup, they are gonna hit us and they are gonna hit hard. Lest hope that the Shadow Wing can keep everyone safe.

Both Gordon and Lucas walked together to the Large Battleship Hanger to keep a eye on the preparations and hope for the best as everyone else in the base do what they can for the upcoming battle. Cameron still enjoying his stay in dream world in the medical ward and Lynn and Karen are forcing their fashion ideals on Violet as she struggles to get away. Finally she breaks free of her oppressors and made a run for her Mobile Soldiers.


She dashed for the Lifter and jumped into the cockpit as she locked the suit down from the inside. Using the reflection from the monitor she checks out how hideous she has become from Lynn’s super makeover with assistance fro her sister Karen. She glares into the monitor for minutes in anger remembering the pain she just went through until she picked off the fake eye lashes and sigh in relief.

Violet: …..Ah now that is better. Now I look as beautiful as belle from that old classic re-re-remake of Beauty and the Beast. Oh how wonderful the story was and majestic the characters were moving around……..was that a echo….

Not knowing that in her hurry she activated the speakers on her Gouf Kai while the Base Crew was loading up the spare supplies from the hanger she was in. Violet was known for her fierce battle skills on the field and no mercy kills and hostility towards people and cute things so this was a great laugh for everyone. Even Lynn and Karen were there just looking for Violet when her little announcement went on and they were holding their sides and as well as leaning towards one side. But then in Violet’s raging anger grew the need to destroy the nearest object but that would give off their location and she wasn’t ready to live through another life or death situation too soon. So she lift the Gouf kai’s leg and slam the foot into the ground creating a large earth shock that unbalances nearby crewmembers into dropping a container filled with loose ammo shells unleashing a swarm of metal cylinders rolling towards the doors of the hanger. From there they reach the outside just as Cameron who was fully recovered was just innocently walking to see what the ruckus out of nowhere a army of ammo shells charged the 44 year old in his blind spot. The affects of the drug was still in him so he didn’t notice the shells or the noise they made so she slipped on one and fell on another with his back. Everyone was baffled and ran towards Cameron with haste to see if he was ok even though it should have put him in a lot of pain he was ok.

Cameron: Hey my back feels better then ever my groovy chums! Now lets all have some-HARD ASS LABOUR PUTTING THESE DAMN SHELLS BACK INTO THEIR DAMN COTAINERS AND GET BACK TO WORK.

Sadly the drug wore after he got up and everyone was forced to help clean the mess up and continue their jobs for now.


CIC Operator: Lucas!! I’m getting multiple signals from the entire area. We’re surrounded by Mobile Soldier Signatures!!!

Lucas: There is no need to keep quiet now Set off the alarm!! *Turns on the microphone* The Dragon Magnum Society has found us! Everyone to their designated areas and prepare for the major offensive! MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!

Edward: huh….WAIT WHAT!?

Edward was apparently sleeping on his cockpit hatch when the alarm went on so he jumped and always fell off but quickly regained his balance to get his Cross Recon Knight GM online.


Violet quickly got dressed into her pilot suit and rushed to her Gouf Kai ready now ready to face the enemy forces. But in the other hanger Both Lynn and Karen are arguing to each other about the current situation.

Karen: But I want to get some action too!

Lynn: Sis, you are a scientist! Not a pilot! We went through a lot of trouble to keep you alive and now you want to go off and get killed!?

Karen: Everyone is doing their part and I don’t want to be left out!

Lynn: NO……It’s been 4 years since I seen you, I don’t want to lose you again.

Karen: …..Ok I’ll Back off just for you. BUT if you need help I’m grabbing the next spare MS and head out.

Lynn: Thanks sis but we only have enough for me, Edward, violet, and the other 9 pilots at the base.

Karen: What? Don’t the other 9 pilots have names?

Lynn: I would say them if I knew, they just joined us from the other former Shadow Guild Bases. They were all that was left after the Dragon Magnums got through with them…..

Karen: I’m sorry. Well you should get going now, Don’t let up or let me down ok?

Lynn: No problem big sis, I’ll be back before dinner!

Gordon: Come on people lets get this train moving!

Bridge Crew: Right away Captain!

Gordon: Pilot you got the helm don’t get us killed!! Everyone Keep up the defense until the L.E.O. Forces arrive!! I don’t want anyone dying on me unless Cameron says so!!

Cameron: Better listen to the Captain or else I’ll kill you myself, right Lucas!

Lucas: You better kill me right now if we are having potatoloaf again in the cafeteria.

As the Shadow Guild hastens to up their defenses and put out all their Mobile soldiers the D.M.S. are just entering their sensor range and as bad luck would happen they were surrounded by at least 16 Mobile Soldiers. The situation is looking grim for them as it gets from bad to worst. Apparently the Dragon Magnums don’t know the meaning of overkill since they have sent their three top ace pilots to join in the operation. Tracy Valentine known as “Flash Blight” who pilots a Gyan Blade, Harry Vandyke also known as SuperNova who pilots a Zaku 5, and the final most fearsome foe Derek Andrews who goes by the Blue Skull are all participating in this soon to be bloodshed and will not let up on their relentless attack. Edward has both his sniper rifle and hyper beam sniper rifle just in case if he doesn’t have enough ammo and fire power for this battle. Violet has her Gouf Kai ready with a Beam Sword in her left arm and a beam rifle in the right awaiting to earn her right to survive and ready to protect her comrades. Lynn comes out piloting in the Shadow Sakura Gundam, with a stand equipment of a shield and beam rifle and readies herself for a battle she might not even be able to handle. Then the Kunckleborne, Panzerborne Just then a white Mobile Soldier came out of the base with a exterior similar to that of the Shadow Sakura Gundam except for the arms and after realizing it Lynn remembers that this MS is the prototype Sakura Gundam. She quickly goes through her mind wondering who could be piloting it and then it hit her or in better sense beeped at her.

Karen: Hey sis, I decided not to wait around for you to be killed and decided to join in.

Lynn: KAREN!? You don’t know how to pilot a Mobile Soldier! Get back in the base!

Karen: First off I am the older sister, I should be telling you to get back into the base. Second If you know how to design and program a Mobile Soldier, you sure as hell can pilot one!

Lynn: BUT!

Karen: No Buts here comes the guests!

Just at that moment a Zaku emerged a from the forest in front of the Sakura Gundam, boosting into the air and firing it’s beam rifle at Karen as she guards against the shots with her shield and fires back at it. Seconds’ later three more emerge from the forest from the same direction and soon Gyan blades came from the north of the base and gelgoog 2s came flying into the fields on the east. In just mere seconds the Shadow Guild has found themselves between rock and total extinction.

Karen: I hope this robotic arm doesn’t break my controls!

Karen then fires her beam rifle at the closest Zaku 5 and was able to shot off the left arm then fires one more shot while the the zaku was flinch and destroy the unit.

Karen: Alright first kill!!

Violet: Wrong third kill.

A smoking bottom half of a Zaku 5 fell down onto the ground and exploded as Violet pulled her beam sword straight out of another Zaku 5’s poor attempt at close range combat. She backed away and seconds later that zaku also blew up into flames and smoke. Lynn was firing at the Gelgoog 2s as they charged both her, the panzerborne and the Knuckleborne beside her was tackled into her, forcing her onto her knees. Sadly the Panzerborne stood no chance against the huge monsterous machine and was sliced to pieces infront of Lynn’s eyes. Lynn then in a desperate attempt fire her grenade launcher into the ground beneath her attacker causing it’s left leg to be blow apart and forced down into the ground. She then finished the job with multiple shots from her beam rifle desperately to make her feel better. Luckily for the Knuckleborne was able to stay alive by grabbing and rolling over the Gelgoog, stabbed its beam saber through the cockpit and pushed the the enemy back onto it’s back to enjoy the fireworks. The north side of the base had a lot of trouble with the Gyan blades that destroyed the other panzerborne and shot off the right arm of the Gouf kai. Luckily Edward has that spot covered as he aimed and fired his beam rifle straight into the left chest piece of one of the Gyan blade destroying in a fiery blast.

Edward: Man those Guys are too hard to hit, they are moving around like freaking mice I cant hit one without taking my sweet time. I wanted to get this battle over it as quickly as possible.

Violet: Well that’s too bad Eddy we have to be OUTSIDE THE WALLS OF THE BASE!!

Edward: eep…Sorry Violet.

Violet: Just keep shooting!

Claire: Captain I’m getting three different signatures on the sensors! It’s the D.M.S. Aces!

Captain Gordon: Everyone on the battlefield needs to be ready for this next wave! Its going to be a blood bath and even I’m not sure if we are going to make it out by 4 minutes even!!

Violet: *grins* The pressures’ on and my Blood is boiling hot!

Lynn: Oh man I don’t like the sound of what the captain’s announcement…..

Karen: Don’t worry your Big sis is here with you to hold your hand.

Edward: Ah geez I hope I don’t get Flash Blight…

Claire: Here they are, SuperNova is in the South walls, Blue Skull is heading towards the East walls, and sorry Edward but you get to have fun with Flash Blight…

Edward: OH COME ON!!!

The three Dragon Magnum aces emerged from the shadows and charged the base at full speed. Backed up by two mobile soldiers of the same type there seems like no hope is left for the Shadow Guild Pilots.

Flash Blight: Ohh I want that green one on the top of that base,

Blue Skull: Don’t get yourself caught up in personal fun. We are here to destroy these scum off the face of the earth.

SuperNova: Oh come now Skull, we should have some fun while we are at it.

Flash Blight and the two Gyan Blades charged the base firing their beam rifles destroying the remainder of the North Side’s defenses and Mobile Soldiers. Edward now has to take care of the north side alone but was able to shoot down the left Gyan Blade.

Edward: Alright I got one!

Flash Blight: Why hello my pretty Emerald Unit.

Edward: AW CRAP!

Edward then boosted back as his beam rifle was sliced into two by the Ace pilot and was pushed off of his position onto the ground. A Gyan blade then zipped in from behind was able to go in for the kill but a large beam flew right above the Cross Recon Knight GM and destroyed the attacker with accurate precision. Just then Edward looked to the direction the beam was fired and the saw the Cerberus Class S.S. “Shadow Wing” hovering towards him.

Captain Gordon: Looks like you need some help there Edward!

Edward: Thanks Captain, that was too close…

Flash Blight: Oh poo, I can’t take on this job alone. Sorry everyone but I think I should pull back for now.

Blue Skull: But you are inside the base, at least take down the Battleship and that Knight GM!

Flash Blight: Sorry but I don’t like fighting alone, it feels so…lonely.

SuperNova: Screw her Blue Skull You got you and our Mobile Solders and don’t forget you got me. More fun for us!

SuperNova then charged towards the Violet and went into a sword duel between them. He swung left and missed her by just a small bit but sliced up-right towards to successfully slice off part of Violet’s Shoulder armor. Violet then boosted back and fired her beam rifle at SuperNova but her attacks are futile against him as he dodged every single last one of them and was able to slice off her left arm.

Violet: ok I think the hot blood just turned into blood popsicle…….

SuperNova: Oh I’m not done with you yet!

Karen: Captain Gordon the west wall is cleared but the only one left with me is a heavily damaged Knuckleborne unit.

Captain Gordon: Ok good I need you to support Lynn, apparently the Blue skull has 2 more gelgoog 2s backing him up with a total of 4 wingmen.

Lynn: WHAT!? I only got a knuckleborne too but the pilot only has his beam saber with him!

Karen: Don’t worry little sis I got your back!

Edward: Don’t forget me too! I don’t have my beam sniper rifle anymore but I got a regular one ready to fire!

Violet: Guy I could also use some help here too, this dick isn’t leaving me alone. He isn’t gonna get my phone number this way!

Captain Gordon: Just hand on everyone! Backup should be arriving soon!

Claire: Captain I just got another wave on our sensors! It’s the same size as the last wave but we can’t hold them back anymore!!

Cameron: DAMNIT! Can’t we just get a freaking break here!

Karen: Says you you old geezer! You are inside a giant heavily armed battleship!

Cameron: Oh not this again damnit!

SuperNova: Woo I am having so much fun here with this pilot. Hey Skull you should get out of that firing position and get into the action!

Blue Skull: No thanks I like to get my hands dirty. I already have dirt and mud on my Gelgoog 2.

SuperNova: Oh come on its fun! Join in!

Blue Skull: I am not going to put my men in danger unless its necessary. You already lost your units as well as Flash Blight.

SuperNova: But that is when they had more units! They have nothing now NOTHING-ARGH!!!! *Is completely eradicated by a large beam of light from the distance*

Claire: Captain Gordon I’m getting

Familiar Voice: Sorry we are late. We forgot our invitations at home and needed to pick up more friends. *grins*

Captain Gordon: General Flores its nice to see you drop in. We really could use some of your help!

General Flores: You got it Captain, we are sending our forces now! Agar! Jackson! You are go for Launch!

Agar/Jackson: Roger that!

Flash Blight: Hmm…. Whats this now? I always love shooting ducks at the range. Maybe I will enjoy this?

Fredrick moved his G4-Savior into position and gave thumbs up to the other Break Boundary Knight GM for good luck as they both launched. Suddenly out of nowhere a beam came flying into the Knight GM and destroyed the top half of the Mobile Soldier. Agar watched as the remaining legs flew off into the distance at the same speed and landed in front of the south wall as surprisingly the legs were able to land on it’s feet…

Violet: Hey finally we got more help…well help and a half but better then nothing.

Agar: Sorry we’re late we ran into some Dragon Magnums awhile back as well. The south wall is clear since we barged right through, and the “Blue Wind” is moving to cover the west wall as well!

Back at the Anubis Class “Blue Wind”

CIC Operator: Sir that blast came from a Gyan blade signature! It’s Flash Blight!!

General Flores: Unload the cannons off of the G4-Savior!

Fredrick: What!? Come on I don’t want to fight that crazy witch! She’s crazy!

General Flores: Don’t worry Fredrick, I’m not gonna let you die before sending you to your dad! Unload the Back cannons but leave the rest of the equiptment!

Fredrick: Oh man don’t I need those cannons!?

Combat commander: Trust me Fredrick the key to staying alive is speed against Flash Blight.

Fredrick: Ok Fine I’m launching!

General Flores: No not yet, I want an unpiloted Knight GM to launch! We need to distract her from the G4-Savior!

Fredrick: Don’t worry I got this!

Fredrick grabbed onto a Knight GM and carefully placed it onto the launch catapult in place for the plan. Now He hides just slightly behind the hanger doors and readies to fly off as the Knight GM Launches and off it flies off from the battleship.

Flash Blight: Oh, More ducks for me to have fun with! *Fires her beam rifle at the unpiloted Knight GM, blasting it into dust*

Fredrick: HERE I GO!!! *Boosted off the “Blue Wind”*

The G4-Savior Burst out and landed onto the ground as he skid towards his target, the ace pilot Flash Blight hiding in the forest. Just then a beam flew towards the G4-Savior and almost hit the shoulder but luckily Fredrick was able to dodge it in time and continued his charge against the enemy. Flash blight fired multiple beam fire soon followed towards him as he activates his Beam shield and fires his beam rifle at her to flush her out of her hiding place. Soon enough He was right on the mark and she emerged from the shadows flying into the air as she was firing her beam rifle at Fredrick.

Flash Blight: oh poo, I’m not having any fun at all because of you!

Fredrick: The guy you shot in mid catapult didn’t have any fun because of you!

Flash Blight: But I did and that’s what counts. Now I want to have fun with you! *throws away her Beam rifle and pulls out her Beam saber*

Fredrick: Not a chance you crazy witch!

Flash Blight: Oh you want me to show you some magic then? Here is something you will definitely love!

The Gyan Blade then charged towards the G4-Savior and smashed her shield into his and kicks him back into a tree. The G4-Savior then hostlers his beam rifle and pulls out his beam saber to duel with the Dragon Magnum’s ace pilot. But back at the Shadow Guild base things are looking up since the “Blue Wind” was able to launch all their Knight GMs out successfully since Fredrick is doing this part perfectly.

Zaku 5: Where did they guys come from-AHHHHH *explosion*

Gyan Blade: We can’t hold them off sir!!

Karen: AHHHHH!!!! *jumps into the air with her beam saber and slices downwards on the Gyan Blade*

Gyan Blade: AAHHHH!!!!

Edward: BEHIND YOU LYNN!!! *Fires his sniper rifle into the cockpit of a gelgoog 2*

Gelgoog 2: ARGH!!

Lynn: Thanks Eddy!

Blue Skull: I don’t believe this! Everyone we are pulling back! Why didn’t Intel say anything about the L.E.O. forces coming into this battle. Flash Blight We are moving out! You better get your ass back the Kraken Class Battleships!

Agar: Oh no you don’t! *fires his beam cannons at Blue Skull’s units*

Blue Skull: Argh! Damn L.E.O.!

With that blast Agar was able to destroy a Gelgoog 2 and the shoulder of the Blue Skull as they retreated back into their rendezvous point. Back towards the duel between Flash Blight and Fredrick the Gyan Blade was missing it’s left arm and a piece of it’s knee and shoulder armor while the G4-Savior was missing it’s right arm, the should armors and the head.

Flash Blight: Oh And I was having a lot of fun. Bye bye Mr. Leo pilot!

Fredrick: Hey I’m not done with you yet!

Flash Blight: Maybe we could do dinner sometime my little playmate?

As She flew away to join up with her unit Fredrick was almost speechless to a new possible rival for himself.

Fredrick: …Bit-

Agar: Hey Fredrick you ok over there?

Fredrick: Oh just peachy Agar, just peachy. So how many kills did you get?

Agar: Just about 3 and got blasted off the shoulder of the Blue Skull. How was your girlfriend?

Fredrick: THAT CRAZY WITCH IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!! I would never ever fall in love with a girl like that!! … she was creepy how she talks.

Agar: Sheesh you need to be less picky about who you choose to be with.

Fredrick: Ill take that into consideration about you.

Agar: …..Whoa didn’t mean it that way

Fredrick: HA don’t worry kid I’ll watch your back until I get transfer.

Back at the base with the Shadow Guild

Captain Gordon: Everyone report in!

Lucas: Everyone seems ok thanks to the L.E.O. forces.

Karen: I’m great and I can’t believe that we survived this!

Lynn: YAY I never knew that big sis was so lucky!

Karen: Hey wait a minute, I’m not lucky, I’m skilled and fortunate!

Violet: This is Violet calling in. I’m ok here but me and the L.E.O. pilot are the only ones at the south wall.

Edward: We are pretty much done here so I’ll go back to my nap.

Captain Gordon: Ok good for now. We lost a lot of good people today, and soon what we all worked together to build. General Flores, We the Shadow Guild are now at the services of L.E.O.. Please direct us as you will.

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