Fanfic request from ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty: The Dogs of War

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Fanfic request from ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty: The Dogs of War

Post by Destiny_Gundam » Fri Jun 15, 2007 6:36 pm

This fic was requested of me by ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty. It involves two characters of his creation. I did everything else.


The 3rd Battle of Victoria waged on. The Earth Alliance, now with their own mobile suits, had come to reclaim their mass driver from ZAFT. Ensign Michael Parrallax entered the battle with his Fortrestra equipped Duel Dagger. Almost immediately an enemy GINN attacked him. The GINN struck with its sword, but it merely bounced off the Dagger’s thick armour. Michael quickly silenced the pilot with a beam saber to the cockpit. He couldn’t help but be impressed. It took five Moebiuses to accomplish such a thing before. He picked up a battleship on his radar.

“Identified as a Lesseps class… I’d better take that out quickly.” Michael headed in its direction, only to be met with another GINN. Michael aimed his rifle, taking three shots. The GINN sidestepped the first two, but the 3rd proved to be fatal. He continued on and the Lesseps came into view. He detected incoming high energy and quickly shot to the left. The blast still hit pretty close, melting a bit of his armour. Unfortunately, the ammo clip for his shoulder-mounted cannon overheated. He quickly ejected the cartridge before it exploded. There was one unusable weapon. He spotted his attacker on the deck of the Lesseps. It was a GINN equipped with a heavy particle cannon. “Such a troublesome thing.” He mused. He had to get close to the Lesseps before it could fire off another shot. He flew forward in a zigzag pattern, shooting down the Lesseps missiles with his own. He finally reached the ship and leaned up against it. He pointed his rifle to the sky and waited. Soon enough, the GINN flew over the edge aiming down. Michael pulled his trigger faster and destroyed the enemy mobile suit. Michael leaped onto the defenceless ship’s deck and fired the grenade from his rifle at the bridge. The hit connected and the Lesseps was rendered inoperable.

Michael quickly checked his equipment. “Damage… minimal. Remaining power… acceptable. Remaining equipment… half my missile stock remains, beam rifle minus grenade, both beam sabers and a shoulder-mounted cannon with no ammo… This shouldn’t hinder me for now.” Michael advanced deeper into the war zone.

ZAFT Lieutenant Junior Grade Baxter Langley mowed over six Alliance Linear tanks in his LaGOWE. “Pathetic Natural trash!” He smirked. “They think just because they have some new toys they can take us. HA!”

“Sir!” The gunner said. “One target incoming!”

“Oh? Looks like some one thinks he’s Superman.” Baxter laughed. “Let’s show the pathetic fool who’s the superior race!”

Michael picked up an SOS signal from a nearby Strike Dagger. “Requesting assistance!” The pilot called. “My suit is heavily damaged!” Even though it’d take a lot of time to get the pilot to safety, Michael just couldn’t ignore an ally in need.

“I’ll be right there.” He replied. However, at that moment a green and purple monster came up behind it and cut the poor Strike Dagger to pieces. Michael glared at his new adversary.

“Why hello there.” Baxter said over an open channel. “I’ll be the one killing you today!”

Michael didn’t answer and checked his data. “A LaGOWE… once used by the famed Desert Tiger…” Michael put his rifle away and took out both his beam sabers.

“Gonna face me head on huh? You just signed your death wish.” The LaGOWE’s beam sabers activated and Baxter charged forward. Michael met the sabers with his own. They stayed locked in combat for a few moments. “Not bad, but unfortunately for you, I don’t play nice! Gunner! Fire!”

Michael noticed the guns charging up and kicked the LaGOWE’s belly. The quadruped suit went up and to the side. The beam cannons fired and ripped through the Duel Dagger’s left arm, destroying it completely. “Left arm and missile pod are gone.” Michael noted.

“Foolish Natural!” Baxter laughed evilly once the LaGOWE got to its feet. “You’d have been better off letting that shot kill you!”

“Lieutenant, watch out!” The gunner cried.

“WHAT?” Baxter cried as the Duel Dagger came at him with its beam saber. He avoided the brunt, but the blow cut off the LaGOWEs right front leg and wing. “Damn it! I wasn’t ready! Do over!”

“Um… Lieutenant?”

“Shut up! Fire already you moron!”

“Uh! Yes sir!” The gunner fumbled for the trigger. His moment of clumsiness gave Michael the time to grab his beam rifle and use it to destroy the LaGOWE’s cannons.

“ARG! DAMN IT!” Baxter jumped forward and cut Michael’s rifle in half. Michael quickly jumped back to avoid the follow-through. “Damnitdamnitdamnitdamnit…. I’LL KILL YOU!!!”

“Sir! Calm down!”


“S-s-sir! Did you forget to take your medication today?!”

“I SAID SHUT UP!!!” Baxter growled at his foe, but then started laughing. “HA! Just look at you! You have no weapons left!” Michael remained silent. “I’m gonna take my time and slowly tear you to pieces!”



“We’ve just received the order to retreat! ZAFT is abandoning Victoria!” The Gunner reported.

“WHAT?!” Baxter cried again.

“Sir, we have to meet up with our forces! These are our orders!”

“SHUT UP! I give the orders around here!” Baxter howled.

“But sir!”

“AH! I’ve had enough of you!” Baxter pulled out his gun and shot his co-pilot in the head. “That’s one annoyance out of the way.” He licked his lips sadistically and turned to Michael. “I’ll finish you right now!” Beam sabers blazing, the LaGOWE charged forward. “What can you do without weapons?!”

“Improvise.” The Duel Dagger reached up and ripped off the shoulder-mounted cannon. It then tossed it at the LaGOWE.

“WHAT?” The cannon hit the LaGOWE square on the head, disorientating it. The camera recovered moments later. “WHERE DID HE GO?!” Baxter only saw a pile of armour before him. His sensors indicated an enemy above. He looked up to see the Duel Dagger, sans its Fortrestra armour, beam saber in hand. “YOU STILL HAD THAT?!” Baxter screamed in horror.

“Your arrogance was your downfall.” Michael stated. The Dagger tossed its beam saber straight down, right into the LaGOWE’s cockpit.

“NO! NOT TO SOME NATURAL SKUM!!!” Were the final words of Baxter Langley. There would be no body to bury.

Michael landed as the LaGOWE exploded. “Be it Natural or Coordinator, no one can escape death.”

June 25th, Cosmic Era 71. The third Battle of Victoria ends in victory for the Earth Alliance. With a mass driver finally back in their hands, the war moves into outer space.


I really wanted to make the last line “Be it Natural or Coordinator, people die when they are killed”, but that line's too goofy to be used with a character like Michael.
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Post by ZGMF-X28A Nu-Liberty » Fri Jun 15, 2007 10:13 pm

I have seen, I have read, and this fanfic request is one of the most kickass I've ever seen. I'm having a flood of emotions coming through:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D :D 8) 8) :lol: :lol:

Thanks for taking on my request and producing a nice fanfic, Destiny. A big thumbs up to you, sir!
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Post by Ragormha » Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:17 am


I really, really didn't like the characters here, way too black and white. It's basically the good guy fighting the bad guy and the bad guy losing 'cause he's an arrogant idiot, I've seen the same a thousand times.

However, once again your writing style is well-rounded and you can really see the fight in your head, very strong graphical language, I'd just like it if you'd do something a bit more...Gundam-y y'know, two goods guys duking it out, or two guys who aren't good or bad.

In fact, how does that challenge sound?

I want an even fight set in the First Bloody Valentine war, at Jaichin Due, how about a slightly upgraded Orb Astray fighting a ZAFT GuAIZ?

Both pilots have their reasons and make sure they are valid, like family members lost in the Bloody Valentine, or desperately trying to create peace.
Basic bottom line, both pilots are good guys and skilled, and will be fighting it out to the death, I'd prefer a ZAFT victory.
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Post by lordyu » Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:37 am

hasn't Zaft won enough.

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Post by Destiny_Gundam » Sat Jun 16, 2007 2:20 am

Ragormha wrote:...riiight.

I really, really didn't like the characters here, way too black and white. It's basically the good guy fighting the bad guy and the bad guy losing 'cause he's an arrogant idiot, I've seen the same a thousand times.
Well, as I said, Nu-Liberty gave me the character outlines and I worked with those. Yeah, it's pretty black and white, but sometimes that's nice to see. I have been watching a lot of super robot series recently though...

Anywho, I shall take your request into concideration.
"In the end, the world doesn't really need a Superman... Just a brave one."

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