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Gundam 2030 AD

Post by assault gundam » Sun May 13, 2007 3:05 am

First of before the writing of the fanfic, I have to say why I made it. I was poking around some old topics and found that a few people wanted a gundam/mecha series with the weapons we had now, and 20 years in the future. I decided what the heck, I'll just make one. PersonalyI like the Idea to, Gundam would fit btter in the year 2050 than 2150. The MSs won't be 18-20 meters tall, they will be 10-13 meters tall in this fanfic. There are no colonies, so no Colony-earth war. There are no beam weapons of any sort, there are primitive mirage colloids though. This is basicly a primitive version of gundam. So lets go 23 years into the future to the year 2030 AD.....

AD 2025
The US had succesfully made all dictatorships in the world dimocracies, but the thing they were preventing ended up being them. They were trying to make all dictatorships dimocracies, but had to police the country and control the country even though these counries had a goverment set up. The US had always had the power to supress all these countries military actions, which made the American controlled country no real threat. groing tensions were also growing in Japan do to lack of suplies do to the American controlled countries, which were also some of the most gas and oil mining countries in the world. The rest of the world was severly lacking oil and gas so the Midle-East was The only one left. As you can tell it wouldn't be soon until all hell broke loose.

AD 2026
The US succesfully removed themselves completly from iraq, it took them this long do to there constant rebels againts America, bad idea. A errorisT roup called Desert Cobra overpowered the iraq goverment and took control of iraq.

AD 2027
More counties conrolled by America followed the path of the Desert Cobra
and succesfuly overtook there goverment and joined the Desert Corbra, becoming the MEMIA(midle-east military independent of america). The thought that the US could sweep in and defeat the risisance was proven wrong.

AD 2028
America, already dealing with MEMIA, also had japan and other countries to deal with, for North America was severly lacking supplies in oil and gas
and hadn't given its share to the rest of the world and MEMIA wasn't ready o ive upany of ere supplies. Japan threatened the US army that they would attack if they did not get suplies.

AD 2029
America had not given its share of gas and oil to the rest of the world and Japan made a decleration of war against North America, soon Germany, Oceanie, Russia, and finland joined with Japan to form the ANAM (anti-North America military). Japan launched a full scale assault on British Colombia with a new form of humanoid weaponry known as Mobile Suits. They dammaged most of the costline.

AD 2030 january
ANAM sucessfuly took over Alaska with Japan's supperior Mobile Suit technology.

AD 2030 march
North-America has succesfully mimicked Japans designs and is ready to take back Alaska...

AD 2030 April 1st

At the Ontario Military facility An announcement had just been made that NAA's(North-American Army) were going to take back Alaska. This caused confusion because just yesterday everyone thougth that they were going to attack ANAM's Europeen miliary facilities. A boy, by the age of 16 with shaggy black hair seemed to be uneffected by it though. His name was Corey Arhque, a new sodier who just passed in his military training not to long ago. Most people thought he was going to be effected since no matter where NAA attacks it will be his first live combat. He had had lots of simulation and live excerise though. He had been the top of his class as well.

Another boy, also 16, named Jake Stanly, with long, curly blond hair sat down beside him.

"God I am so nervous!" Jake told Corey. The two of them had been in the same military training school and ended up being best freinds.

"Jake, if you hesitate in combat you are bound to get yourself, or someone you know, killed..."he said silently.

"shut up,"ake said jokingl,"you are just making me more nervous!"

Just then a voice came over the speeker for all pilots to get to there respectable Mobile Suits for the invasion.

"I guess we better head of to our Mobile suits then, eh?" Jake said as the two of them headed towards the hangar with a group of ten, 12 meter high, AMS/X1 Cougars,and 2, 11 meter high, AMS/X2 Cougar Snipers. This was Corey and Jake's squad. Both of them got int the cocpit, in the torso, of two Cougars. They both took a 76mm assault rifle each and waited to be assigned to a transport ship. There squadron was assigned to a Jabouro class MS transport. When they started to take off the entire squad went to the cafeteria to grab something to bite.
Author notes: these seven astrexes mean that it is a change in the scene. A line of them going acros means that that phase is over.
"Are you shure we shoudn't put troops in Germany, just incase they do attack there and not Alska?" An ANAM general asked.

"listen,why would they attack Germany if we had control over ther shore lines," Anoter general said, " they need Alaska to take back control of the shore lines! Ready the ships for disembarcment. Radio our Alaska military base and tell them to get ready.
"all pilots proceed to launching bay" a voic said over the intercom on the Jabouro.

Corey and Jake just finished there supper and went straight to there Cougars and got ready to launch.

"Corey Arhque, Cougar launching!!!" Corey said as he launched.

"Jake Walt, Cougar, Launching!!!" Jake said as he launched.

The rest of their squad launched and he rest if the pilots from different areas launched. There was a total of 100 NAA Mobile Suits launched. They did extremely well in going across the terrain in a stealth like fashion. As they came up to their target, the NAA were ambusged from all sides by a force of 77, MCS/1000 Pantters. The Pantters were outfitted with mirrage colloids, rendering them unseeable to the naked eye and radar, however it doesn't work in batle when you use a weapon.

In under 2 minutes over half the NAA invasion force had been wiped out.
Jake and Corey, thougnwere still alive and were working together to take down the enemy Mobile Suits. Each of them were covering each others backs. Then, an unknown MS appeared, colored black with a red lign running diagnoly down it that was meant to look like blood. It quickly aimed ant locked on to Corey's couger with a sniper. Corey was frozen...

Jake noticed that Corey had stopped and then he saw the black MS. The Black MS shot and with quick reflexies Jake darted in the way of the shot, only to get shot in the cocpit, killing him.

Corey, looked sown at the ruble of the destroyed MS his freind used
to pilot.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Corey screamed.


After each phase I will Give a description on the Mobile suits that appear.

Cougar: It has a bergandy color and resembles a GM[G]
Sniper Cougar: has a purple color and resembles a GM sniper II
Pantter: blue and resembles a UC Zaku II with a GM[G] head
By the way, the MEMIA will appear later on
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Post by Paul McCartney Jr » Mon May 28, 2007 9:05 pm

Thats interesting making it so early. Would this imply that moblie suits are the next step in tanks?

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Post by SolidSpidr » Tue May 29, 2007 1:14 pm

Well very nice start. Grammar and spelling mistakes are running rampant though. I would really take time and read though it, several words are missing letters or have letters tacted on. Always read the writing at least twice after you write it, you'll find alot of the mistakes that way.
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Post by Folken Fanel » Tue May 29, 2007 1:31 pm

Spelling and grammar mistakes are everywhere. I recommend copying and pasting into Word to check for this kind of stuff. I find your writing style simplistic and lackiing detail, but the only way to fix that is to practice.

I aslo don't fancy the setting of this fic. Its one of the many "OMG America is teh EVUL!" stories that are out there these days. Maybe this one will be different as it goes on, maybe not.
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Post by Dean_the_Young » Wed May 30, 2007 1:45 pm

If you're going for plausibility, I'm afraid you lost it already. Not in the US becoming authoritarian, not the fanciful "end dictatorships around the world", or even the Desert Cobra group. While those verge on the plausibility level of alien space bats, they're not the biggest part.

That belongs to Japan being the Yellow Peril (tm).

All high-technology and past history aside, Japan simply fails to qualify as a modern global power if it's just restrained to the Home Islands. They may have a lot of people, but that's not enough. Japan quite simply can not feed itself, or provide itself the raw materials it needs for a conflict. Japan, it has been said, is always one week from starvation, both literally and economically. And though Japan has a very good (if small) Self Defense Force, the pseudo-military is logistically incapable of projecting force.

Force projection is a very complicated art, for something so basic. You need not only ships and planes to carry things on, but you need the support for those as well. You need escorts for the ships, you need the expertise of maintaining a force in the field away from home, you need supplies for those, you need air cover, etc. The US has been working and developing its force projection capabilities since WW2, advancing and refining them until it is no boast to say we are the best in the world. The US Navy can fight off the rest of the world's navies combined, and is unmatched in quantity. Our subs may be second to Germany, but they'll still be black holes of silence in twenty years. One of our aircraft carriers groups can over-power almost anyone else's airforce. While our comparitive advantage will diminish as China updates its military and if Russia does the same, our capabilities are only going to increase in the forseeable future.

What does this mean, though? It means that should Japan be foolish enough to try and form a coalition to fight the US, it would end in a matter of weeks. Submarines, aircraft launched out of range of Asia's land, cruise missles, all these would sink critical freighters by the dozens. Japan just isn't up to taking on the US.

Unless... you make some serious points of departures (PoD) from history.

Say, perhaps, that Japan's political elite decide to avoid WW2. They submit to the US's demands and leave China in exchange for an end to the embargo. But as the US's attention turns towards Germany, Japan's elite, remembering their humiliation, take advantage of the US's turned attention. The seize other open Pacific colonies before the US can act. When the Soviet-backed Communists begin to win in China while the US is occupied in Europe, Japan also re-invades China.

But this time, Japan plays the US and USSR off eachother. Japan will help the US against the communists, so long as the US provides it with the materials it needs. If the US tries to be difficult, well Stalin is looking for someone to buy his Siberian resources at discount prices...

What this does is give Japan plenty of time. It can do its best to solidify control of its empire. Some regions could be assimilated somewhat easily (Taiwan, Korea), others less so, but the resources of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere can be tapped and developed. With the resources of Asia, time to build up a half-way decent industrial base, and no US-empowered US-Japan alliance, then Japan could think about challenging the US.

Though that was a bit of a rant, history is a hobby of mine.
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