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Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Legacy (Updated!)

Post by Ragormha » Fri May 11, 2007 7:49 am

Hello all, this is my pet project, I call it Gundam SEED Legacy.
Set in C.E 84, ten years on from Destiny, this is the story of two soldiers, a ZAFT Red and an Earth Alliance elite, both of whom suffered from the events of the past such as the Requiem attacks and Break the World.
Unlike other SEED fanfics this is not going to focus on Kira and co.
They will feature, but only since C.E without them would be all but impossible, I mean its not exactly like they're non-interventionists. Also, the main Earth Alliance pilot is going to be a Natural, as you'd expect; all things considered.

Now I will try to make this realistic and original, so I will be inventing some of my own weapons, suits, theories etc. if anyone should find them too outlandish or unrealistic/impossible do not hesitate to tell me.

Now onto the setting.

Following the events of C.E 74, the PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal's plan to unite the world in his Destiny Plan failed, Lacus Clyne assumed position as Chairwoman of PLANT and for a time tensions between Earth and PLANT appear to be on boiling point. However, by the end of C.E 75 no further violence had been committed and trade was resumed, key in this effort was the work of several organisations, businesses and nations, such as ORB.
Although perhaps the simpler truth is that every nation was too tired and weakened to keep fighting.

The next nine years would see Eurasia recover partially and then collapse into four smaller megastates, (the Republic of Western Europe, the Middle Eastern Union, Commonwealth of Eastern Europe and the the Dominion of Indo-China,) these came about over a long, six year war with the Middle East breaking off first on the second of April, C.E 77, these early attempt at breaking out of Eurasia was met with a ferocious display of force by the remaining Eurasian states and nations, but they were unable to decisively defeat the hit-and-run, ambush and anti-supply methods of the Middle Eastern nations.
Two years later, in March of C.E 77 China and the nations bordering it, which had been seized in C.E 76, also ceded from the Eurasian Union and founded the Dominion of Indo-China to resist Eurasian reprisal; which came in June C.E 79, the fighting was bitter, lasting over a year with a death toll as high as ten million officially, triple that unofficially.
In C.E 81 a large part of Eastern Europe joined the other dissident nations and broke off from the Eurasian Federation, declaring independence and war in one swoop.
The fighting both within the nations, from factions loyal to the former Eurasian regimes, and without; from nearby nations trying to set up their own empires became more and more fierce, ending in C.E 83 with the four states as they are now and the Eurasian Federation a distant memory.
The total death-toll for the Eurasian Collapse is estimated at one-hundred million people through disease, famine and war.
As of C.E 84 the leaders of the former Eurasian nations have successfully rebuilt their nation's economies and began to meet once again, however tensions are still high.

In C.E 75 The Atlantic Federation was in turmoil, they were bled dry and reeling from defeat and lacked the strength to fight the enemies they perceived in the form of ZAFT, however due to the removal of LOGOS many key players in their government and industrial complex were dead, confusion reigned as order began to break down.
It took half a year to get the Atlantic Federation together again, which finally began with the election of Arnold Colomdril in C.E 75 in August. Foreign economic aid enabled the Atlantic giant to regain some of its footing and much of its old corruption, with much of the aid received from several shadowy organisations.
However, despite their recovering state the Federation was still gutted, they had a relatively small amount of military force remaining and they were all alone in a hostile world with the Eurasian Federation becoming even more cold and distant as it made several Asian land grabs.
It was now that Arnold showed his worth as a leader, in September of C.E 75 he announced that the Atlantic Federation was now at peace with all foreign nations and disarmed nine-tenths of the Atlantic nuclear arsenal, calling upon other nations to do the same.
Many viewed Arnold and the Federation with scepticism, but in light of the Federation's steps toward peace and disarmament many nations accepted Arnold and the Federation back onto the international stage.
In C.E 79 a mysterious operation took place that resulted in all nations on Earth losing the technology to produce the Neutron Jammer Canceller, the organisations behind such an act were never known, but as it jeopardised the energy security of the Earth it was a serious threat.
Miraculously, two months later Miguel Ernz announced that he had rediscovered the secrets of the Neutron Jammer Canceller, he sold the design to the Atlantic Federation based company Chimera Electrics for a price of ten billion dollars, however the company itself made this much back in their first year of operation and promised to invest half its earnings back into its homeland.
Everyone needed nuclear power and only Chimera Electrics could provide it, due to the massive revenue generated by Chimera Electrics the Atlantic Federation was once again on its rise, powered by this new economic boom the Atlantic Federation began to further reinvest back into manufacturing areas of the economy, which had been hit hard in the wars.
Five years on the Atlantic Federation has rebuilt and revitalised itself and is once again a power on the world stage.

South America continues to consolidate itself as the United Republic of South America, quality of life and social equality have never been higher and government corruption has been heavily slashed.
As of C.E 81 Ral Chato is the new President of South America, a stalwart ally of ZAFT and its policies South America was one of only two Earth nations who financed and provided personal for Project Heart, an attempt to set up a deep-space relay station for interplanetary travel.
South America continues to attempt to develop its first designs for space warships and personnel transports, as well as its own line of mobile suits, so far its designs are not worth mass producing, but the future looks bright for the rising South America.

The African Union has began to amalgamate, albeit loosely.
As it stands most of Africa is currently pro-ZAFT and highly sympathetic, this is for several reasons such as the intervention of ZAFT in the Second Bloody Valentine War and ZAFT's continuing economic, industrial and agricultural aid.
One of the biggest leaps forward is the fact that at long last the majority of Africans are now well-fed and employed, progress is still slow and the African Union is still ruled by a coalition of national leaders, but at least they are beginning to reform.

Orb's history is equally brief, after the Second Bloody Valentine War the Archangel returned to Orb and the crew disembarked once again to go their own ways, the Archangel remains in Orb service to this day.
Cagalli Yula Atha reigned until C.E 82, when in an unprecedented move she stepped down claiming that she had personal issues to deal with and nominated an unknown, Nasuma Aman, as her successor till the time of her return.
Orb has recently been strengthening its space forces, now at five Izumo class battleships, this is despite repeated warning to scale down military spending by the nations of Earth and ZAFT, especially the Atlantic Federation.
Only time will tell what happens with Orb.

Following the Requiem attacks of C.E 74 and the deaths of millions resultant, there was massive public outcry against Naturals and Earth, it can be considered a stroke of fortune that Lacus Clyne was the Chairman of the PLANTs at the time, she calmed the ZAFT and PLANT citizenry and aimed to bring Earth and PLANT closer, to heal the wounds of the past, she did this by withdrawing ZAFT military assets to ZAFT-allied nations and ceasing the occupation of Eurasia, with had already began to initiate a guerilla war war against ZAFT.
This is the only action of note, albeit an important one, in Lacus Clyne's reign.
In C.E 77 Lacus stepped down and married Kira Yamato, both accepting the hyphenated Yamato-Clyne, while Kira had served as the supreme commander of ZAFT forces under Lacus, there were no significant battles or actions, so his fame is minor.
The Chairman who was elected after Clyne was Alerik Cuale, an aeronautical engineer who had two great goals, to spread mankind out amongst the stars and to bring humanity together.
Both goals are appearing closer as each years ends, with Project Heart completed in C.E 82, establishing a second PLANT-like structure in deep space and home to over a million Coordinators and Naturals, and PLANT-Earth relations at a high point.
On January 2nd C.E 84 the Preservation of Peace GUNDAM series is finally finished, four units are made and distributed to veterans and potential aces.

Oceania, still under ZAFT control, has accepted its role as a ZAFT supporter, with a small population the nation is mainly considered a protectorate of ZAFT and PLANT, no attempt at independence has been made and public support for such an operation is low.

In both Scandinavia and the Equatorial Union there has been a large-scale move toward more devout politics, both nations have also became more militant in the past years, for self defensive purposes.
Despite this they have also become increasingly more open to the other nations of the world, globalisation and trade flourish.
Indeed, it appears a new golden age of tolerance is just around the corner.

However below it all a darker face still lurks, Blue Cosmos, almost destroyed in C.E 74 has made a shocking comeback, mainly due to the pent-up dissatisfaction of many with their lot in life, prying upon the downtrodden masses and the power-hungry alike.
In PLANT many are becoming increasingly more divided, with those following the philosophies of Patrick Zala and Gilbert Durandal enjoying growth.
On Earth the old hatreds are coming back, religious, racist and political, who can say if it is a dream or nightmare that is to come?

SECRET HISTORY of Blue Cosmos' return and Sepha Irillion's role.

In C.E 76, The powerful European businessman Sepha Irillion officially takes over Blue Cosmos, having been in control a month after the death of Lord Djibril, his position is know only to perhaps half a dozen men, to the rest of the world he is Sepha Irillion the ruthless businessman who owns the Irillion Conglomerate, which consits of Chimera Electrics, Angel Industries (a widespread weapons manufacturer) and Dragon Finance to name a few particularly large and well known companies.
In the wake of the Second Bloody Valentine War more anger and hatred toward Coordinators is built up in the Eurasian and North American nations , both due to injuries to national pride and due to the high death tolls suffered by both nations.

In C.E 77 Sepha Irillion purchases the nations of Iceland and Svalbard, adding to his already impressive collections of assets, he begins centralising industrial activities on Svalbard and begins constructing Angel Industries HQ, a enormous pyramid-shaped building.

C.E 78: Angel industries begins to review many of lost and unused technologies bought off the Atlantic Federation and remnants of Eurasia, also at this stage Sepha founds the Blue Nova army group, officially it is a free-for-all mercenary group however examination of the records would show it to be a private army under Sepha's exclusive employ, it also serves as the military aspect of the reforming Blue Cosmos.

C.E 79: The Blue Nova's reach five mobile battalions and Sepha purchases the designs for the Archagnel and Girty Lue class warships, however like much of the Earth no significant amount of resources are committed to new weapons research.

C.E 80: The Blue Nova's are now almost exclusively made up of Blue Cosmos members who have either been trained to be mobile suit pilots or recruited from the army, Blue Cosmos membership soars to over a hundred-million members and many times as many sympathises.

C.E 81: The Blue Nova's are now privately called the Blue Cosmos battalions, membership increases to six full mobile battalions.

C.E 82: Blue Nova's are renamed the Cosmos battalions and integrated into the army of Svalbard and Iceland, I.E the Irillion Conglomerate.
Sepha Irillion reviews the designs for the original GAT-X series and orders an improved series, the EC (Extended Combat) series produced, at the same time Angel Industries begins to employ several professional hackers under the name Data Vamps.
The GAT-04 Windam design is improved, with stronger armour added, a simpler operating system and overall higher quality and performance, this unit is deemed the Windam Plus and enters mass production.

C.E 83: Cosmos battalions reach ten battalions and the Data Vamps steal Orb's Murasame design, this is restructured and renamed in homage to their skills as the GAT-05C(commander) Vamp, limited production is started, with some units sold to military organisations around the world in private, however the unit is expensive and even the deep pockets of the Sepha Conglomerate have their limits, which are already being stressed with multiple projects under way, each Blue Cosmos battalion is given a skeleton crew of mobile suits, sometimes as few as five or six per thirty pilots in each battalion.
The EC series is also completed at this date and handed out to skilled veterans among Angel Industries.
Blue Cosmos sympathises and anti-Coordinator movements begin to take root even in Coodinator-allied countries.
This is not so much a race-based movement as political, cries such as "Earth is for the Naturals" begin to be heard.

C.E 84: The start of the new year saw the completion of Angel Industries HQ, horribly over budget and overdue, mobile suit pilots in the exclusive employ of the Sepha Conglomerate now number five-hundred, however less than twenty percent of these pilots have constant access to mobile suits.
With the the completion of Angel Industries HQ; Sepha's attention shifts back to the Windam and Sepha Irillion orders the completion of the line and the construction of several new weapons packs.
Sepha Irillion also takes orders for a new line of prototype Atlantic Federation designs, as of now the details are unknown.
Attempts are made to secure contract with former Eurasian nations but they resist and attempt to design their own lines, with minimal success, a date is later set at the start of March to preview the new Windam Plus line.
At this time several new mobile suit designs are implemented for the private use of the Sepha Conglomerate, still in the research and development stage it is unknown what Sepha Irillion intends for these designs.

I'm thinking it will be set out like this...



1.5: time line + FAQ/NOTES

Earth Alliance characters.

Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty/PLANT personnel.

Earth Nations/Earth Alliance new weapons

ZAFT new weapons

Acronyms, weapons and battleships.

:7+ story.

Any questions?

All original characters and content are mine, please don't take them or parody them without asking me first.
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Post by CarbonStereoxide » Fri May 11, 2007 9:44 am


Can't wait for the story! :D

one question: why did not ZAFT or any remaining world powers did not intervene in the Euroasia conflict or did I miss something? they could intervene such as forcing the conflicting countries into peace talks or sent a peacekeeping force. Just a curious question
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Post by Mixtech » Fri May 11, 2007 9:55 pm

Interesting GS story. Surprisingly your timeline takes place at the same time as my own story Gundam Seed Edelweiss. We're in the same league apparently in terms of our story telling. We both feature characters from the original GS story but focus rather on our own characters, tech, etc.

My story Gundam Seed Edelweiss needs to be reconstructed after watching Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus just a few days ago. I have to make modifications cause in my story Shinn Asuka instead of Lacus Clyne is the chairman of the PLANTs (Thanks to the very vague and incomplete ending of the original Gundam Seed Destiny series) Anyway, my story focuses on the ZAFT side of things. Since GS Legacy seems to be very much in line with my own story I'll be keeping an eye on it...I see a potential complementary story. Send me a PM if you're interested to share some may be of mutual benefit to us.

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Post by Ragormha » Fri May 11, 2007 9:55 pm

Oh they did.
In fact, one of the main characters, Zera Dromos, is part of a force that was sent in to support the Eurasian government, just as ZAFT supported the rebellious elements, it was a secret war, like in the Cold War when the U.S supported Afghanistan against the Soviets, except a bit more direct with both sides supplying pilots and hardware.
However, after both Bloody Valentine wars most nations were loathe to commit more forces, several nations such as Orb and South America spoke out against the conflict, but it didn't stop the rebellion.

(I'll finish the history and setting off later today)

EDIT: Gah! Sorry, didn't see your post.
Well my story is rather different, as you might imagine, but I'd be happy to share some ideas, I almost made the same mistake as you (I managed to watch Final plus just as I was writing the first chapter.)
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Post by Mixtech » Fri May 11, 2007 9:57 pm

Interesting GS story. Surprisingly your timeline takes place at the same time as my own story Gundam Seed Edelweiss. We're in the same league apparently in terms of our story telling. We both feature characters from the original GS story but focus rather on our own characters, tech, etc.

My story Gundam Seed Edelweiss needs to be reconstructed after watching Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus just a few days ago. I have to make modifications cause in my story Shinn Asuka instead of Lacus Clyne is the chairman of the PLANTs (Thanks to the very vague and incomplete ending of the original Gundam Seed Destiny series) Anyway, my story focuses on the ZAFT side of things. Since GS Legacy seems to be very much in line with my own story I'll be keeping an eye on it...I see a potential complementary story. Send me a PM if you're interested to share some may be of mutual benefit to us.

Eeew! Sorry for the Double post

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Post by Ragormha » Fri May 11, 2007 10:03 pm

Its okay, I didn't see your first one.

EDIT: I'll keep an eye on your fanfic too.
EDIT2: Gee, we do seem to have similar ideas, reading a bit of your fanfic I can see a similarity in thoughts. Which reminds me, I should add a disclaimer.
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Post by Ragormha » Sat May 12, 2007 2:04 am

(more added with content.)

C.E 74: Gilbert Durandal killed in the Battle of Messiah, Requiem destroyed, Lacus Clyne becomes Chairwoman.
November-Decenmber C.E 74: Lacus Clyne withdraws ZAFT military assets to ZAFT-allied nations, such as Oceania, Africa and South America.
March the 19th C.E 76: China and sections of Indo-China are seized by the Eurasian army.
April 2nd C.E 77: Middle East cedes from Eurasia, Eurasian government retaliates violently.
August 11th C.E: 77: Lacus Clyne steps down from PLANT government and marries Kira Yamato.
March 4th C.E 79: Neutron Jammer Canceller technology 'lost'
June 1st C.E 79: Miguel Ernz rediscovers the Neutron Jammer Canceller, design bought by Chimera Electrics.
June 13th C.E 79: Indo-China and east Asia cedes from Eurasian union in an exterremely violent rebellion, forming the Dominion of Indo-China.
May 30th C.E 81: Eastern Europe cedes from Eurasia, leaving only Western Europe which subsequently renames itself the United Republics of Western Europe.
November the 14thC.E 81: Ral Chato elected president of South America.
2nd of July C.E 82: Heart founded in deep space between Earth and PLANT, built to house over three million it is only a little over one-third full as of C.E 84.
July 4th C.E 82: Cagalli Yula Atha steps down from Orb government, personal reasons listed.
July-August C.E 82: Windam Plus released.
January the 15th C.E 83: Eurasian Collapse ends, death count officially at over a hundred million dead.
March 12th-June 22nd C.E 83: Data Vamps steal Orb's Murasame design, design is then altered and released as the GAT-05C Vamp.
June 16th C.E 83: EC series is completed and handed out to skilled pilots among the Blue Cosmos battalions.
June 22th C.E 83: Roy Silver dispatched to work in secret in Africa to undermine ZAFT friendship.
January 2nd C.E 84: Preservation of Peace ZAFT GUNDAM series released.
Start of story: Febuary 22nd Cosmic Era 84.
Febuary 24th Cosmic Era 84: The Third Blue Cosmos Battalion attacks a ZAFT convoy heading for a military parade in Africa, approx twenty-four mobile suits stolen.
Febuary 28th Cosmic Era 84: Orb Space Forces do battle with Atlantic Federation space naval forces, assisted by the Third Blue Cosmos Battalion, after 'ZAFT' attack on Orb's capital. All hands are lost almost halving Orb military strength. The event is seen as a panicked frenzy and forgiven by the Atlantic Federation.
March 1st, Cosmis Era 84: War is declared on the PLANTs and ZAFT by the lesser consensus of the nations of Earth, with ZAFT allies, Oceania, South America and Africa attempting to veto the move. The Atlantic Federation, Dominion of Indo-China, Middle-Eastern Union and the Republic of Western Europe all declare war and mobilise with the stated goal of the disarmament of ZAFT.
March 3rd, Cosmis Era 84: The leaders of the anti-ZAFT pact meet in Angel Industries HQ at Svalbard, new series of Windam upgrades begin mass-production.
March 4th, Cosmic Era 84 The combined nations of Earth try to stop ZAFT's Operation Starfall, using their limited mobilised space forces. Heavy losses are taken on both sides but it is a ZAFT Victory. First incident of the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom further intervening in world affairs. Colonel Lieutenant Dromos of the Third Blue Cosmos Battalion is declared MIA following a duel with the ZGMF-Law under the control of Commander Apollo Harin.
This is the first battle of the Third Earth-PLANT war.
March 7th, Cosmic Era 84 Mars Lu Yeddin takes command of the Blue Cosmos battleship Pariah as acting colonel.
March 8th, Cosmic Era 84 Sepha Irillion founds the Chosen Elite, aka, the Knights. Roy Silver becomes the first member.
March 9th, Cosmic Era 84 Serrim Gospal and Jin Garuda are inducted as the second and third Knights respectively. Serrim Gopspal is appointed Major of the Pariah by Mars Lu Yeddin, reportedly under orders from Sepha Irillion.
Also ZAFT offers alliance with the Orb union, this offer is rejected by Nasuma Aman, the Orb representative as suspicions emerge as to ZAFT's motivation.
March 12th, Cosmic Era 84 The Second battle of the Earth-PLANT War, the Battle of Gibraltar CE 84. During this battle a Western European fleet under the command of Admiral Regault Lumare attempted to break the ZAFT Gibraltar base with a fleet of ships three-hundred strong, excluding support vessels. Despite this the fleet was horribly beaten back with over half of its total mass destroyed. Over fifteen-thousand lives were lost on the Earth Alliance side with numerous casualties. While only fifty-two ZAFT mobile suits were destroyed, although heavy damage was done to the Gibraltar base defences, total ZAFT casualties are estimated at perhaps six-hundred.
Also on this date: The First Battle of Victoria begins. Initial fighting takes a confirmed 112 Middle-Eastern Union Windam and 97 ZAFT Mobile suits. Total losses are confirmed to be 520 MEU casualties with 374 wounded and 103 Zaft casualties with 35 wounded.
March 13th, Cosmic Era 84 The Battle of Victoria continues, while losses were heavy on both sides it appeared as though Earth Alliance forces would once again push the ZAFT defenders back, until the arrival of FAITH Commander Apollo Harin and his battleship the Minerva class Galahad. With the arrival of Apollo's elite unit the Earth Alliance broke off its assault, knowing that continued combat could see overly high losses.
By the end of the battle an estimated 108 ZAFT Mobile suits were destroyed while 213 Earth Alliance mobile suits were taken out of action.
March 14th, Cosmic Era 84 The battle of Victoria continues for another day with the notable event of the Seventh battalion being defeated almost single-handedly by the awakened SEED of ZAFT pilot Ourei Bel Teraa.
ZAFT forces are brought down to sixty serviceable suits with thirty-eight that can be repaired, a total loss of 102 mobile suits.
The Middle Eastern Union lost significantly more with total remaining forces at around two-hundred units, a loss of over two hundred mobile suits.
Following this the Middle Eastern Union withdrew its remaining forces to the Arabian Sea.
Notably the First Blue Cosmos Battalion lost only two suits, although the Archangel-class carrier was heavily damaged with the deaths of 17 crew.
The Third Blue Cosmos Battalion also was transferred to the prototype Apogee command ship on this date and was re-assigned to help in the African offensive.
March 17th, Cosmic Era 84
The Apogee makes landfall in Doha and the Extended Rafor Terodrin receives his GFAS-X2 Destroy. Shinn Asuka meets with Chairman Alerik cuale.
March 18th, Cosmic Era 84 The battle of Victoria continues after a four-day break. This time ZAFT came off worse with fifteen loses and several suits damaged. The First Blue Cosmos Battalion's Terminal Penitence was also grounded after this battle.
The Strike Freedom also appeared on this date and participated during the battle, defeating the Windam piloted by Jin Garuda, the Dark Aegis and the Vamp of the Third Blue Cosmos Battalion before being forced to retreat by Serrim Gospal, also of the Third.

If you have any questions, they will be answered here, it is also where corrections of errors and notes will go.

Blue Cosmos battalions are organised like so...

Battalion head: Colonel, always of this rank and in command of the battalion, however it is not uncommon for them to sortie and leave the captain of their vessel in command.

Battalion second-in-command: Major, almost always younger and less experienced than their CO, although there are some exceptions, their chief duty is keeping track and attending to the pilots.

Other officers: anyone above grunt pilot level, from Communication Officer First Class to ship Captain to Lieutenant and other officers, they provide the backbone of command and support in the battalion.

Pilots and crew: self explanatory, everyone from communications officers to gunners to maintenance personal and grunts, it is these brave men and women who are given the thankless tasks of everyday duty and who also do most of the dying.

As the Blue Cosmos battalion are not 100% military organisations they often deviate from military rules and have less discipline in some ways.
The battalions usually have twenty to thirty mobile suits pilots when at full strength.

All Angel Industries mobile suits have built in ejection systems that launches the pilot out of the top of the chest, this is a notable addition to the Vamp and Windam Plus where their spiritual (or actual) predecessors had no ejection systems.

Another change is that some ZAFT teams are vastly larger than normal, this is because there is a severe deficit of skilled commanders and veterans compared to new recruits, so the teams have become much larger.
In other cases the teams are the same size but lead only by the most senior member.

The colours of the Earth Nations militaries are as follows:
Indo-Chinese Dominion- Green and black.
Republic of Europe- Red and white.
Commonwealth of Europe- Orange and white.
Middle-Eastern Union- lime and white.
Atlantic Federation- Royal Blue and white.

Questions that have been asked before, NOTE: some replies may be edited for minor accuracy improvements.

CarbonStereoxide asked:
one question: why did not ZAFT or any remaining world powers did not intervene in the Eurasia conflict or did I miss something? they could intervene such as forcing the conflicting countries into peace talks or sent a peacekeeping force. Just a curious question.

My answer:
Oh they did.
In fact, one of the main characters, Zera Dromos, is part of a force that was sent in to support the Eurasian government, just as ZAFT supported the rebellious elements, it was a secret war, like in the Cold War when the U.S supported Afghanistan against the Soviets, except a bit more direct with both sides supplying pilots and hardware.
However, after both Bloody Valentine wars most nations were loathe to commit more forces, several nations such as Orb and South America spoke out against the conflict, but it didn't stop the rebellion.
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Post by Mixtech » Sat May 12, 2007 2:34 am

The timeline will be helpful indeed. Since your story is more focused on the Earth Alliance's and ORBs side I decided to use those key elements to supplement the "other half of the coin" in GS Edelweiss. I'm not pressuring you however to modify your story in any way whatsoever. I simply want to make my story seem to extend out to yours as our stories are both founded on facts from the events of GS Destiny and both takes place 10 years after. It interests me to be able to make a Gundam Seed story that's considered as "real" or realistic in terms of story, facts, technology, people and events but at the same time introducing a new Gundam Seed story altogether as well as to be able to adhere that story to another great story from a fellow writer and enthusiast.

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Post by Ragormha » Sat May 12, 2007 2:38 am

gee thanks, I'll be writing my characters up soon.
I've actually got up to phase 14 already, but its kinda of in beta version.
I'm not fully sure what you're intending about our stories though, do you mean that since both of our stories are alternate universes set ten years later you want to use some of my ideas?
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Post by Mixtech » Sat May 12, 2007 2:42 am

I don't intend on using your ideas at all (That would be plagiarism) what I mean is that I'm going to treat the events of your story as "real" in Gundam Seed Terms cause it does seem sound and in all likelihood will happen even according to my own analysis and speculation of what the GS universe will be 10 years after (especially with the details like the ones you mentioned in your timeline)

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Post by Ragormha » Sat May 12, 2007 2:44 am

Oh I see, you mean things like Lacus Clyne becoming Chairwoman for a time and the collapse of Eurasia will be historical events in your story as well?
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Post by Mixtech » Sat May 12, 2007 2:47 am

Exactly, since our stories are very closely based off GSD I just thought it to be nice if the two "fanfics" or rather GS stories would compliment each other rather than contrast each other do you think?

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Hmmm, that depends, how exactly do you mean 'compliment'?
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What I mean by compliment is this, basically readers will see historical events from different perspectives. Not really sides but rather from the point of view of completely unrelated characters spanning across 2 different stories. For instance Cagalli Yula Athha steps down in your story and somewhere along the line a character in my story asks "Representative Attha stepped down? what happened? Why?"

Things like that. I hope you get my drift? It seems like a neologism in writing but I assure you that you need not modify anything or even worry about plagiarism of any sort.

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Oh I see, fair enough, sounds fine to me.
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Earth Alliance characters.

The characters will be set up according to this template:

Likewise the characters section will be set up like this...

Rank: (IF applicable)
Eye colour:
Hair colour:
Other Notes: (if available)

Name: Zera Dromos. AKA 'Lightning' Zera.

Rank: Colonel

Association: Blue Cosmos, 3rd battalion.

Eye colour: Dark blue

Hair colour: Black

Description: Six foot tall and solid with short spiky black hair and a squared chin, Zera could be referred to as solid or powerful, he is not a handsome man but neither is he ugly. Zera is of Arabic decent and has dark olive skin; he usually wears a dark blue variant of a Colonel's uniform rather than the traditional white, this uniform is decorated with his achievement medals which are as follows:*

2 X Crimson Heart, for outstanding valour. Basically a crimson love heart. The first was earned during combat at Jaichin Due when Zera threw his Strike Dagger into the path of Genesis in order rescue escape pods launched by a downed Agamemnon class, he barely made it out of the firing line in time. The second Heart was given for his action directly after the Break the World incident where in a single Windam (the last usable one) he managed to stop six GINN from destroying the surrounding city, his Windam was scrapped by the end of it, but he had saved thousands.

1x Star of Purity, for tactical excellence. A silver and pearl five-pointed star.
This was given for his unsuccessful assault on ZAFT-held Oceania, although the attack failed his unit managed to come out with two-to-one kills to losses against the ZAFT defenders. Zera still claims he could have won had the brass been willing to give him more men, given that massive ZAFT reinforcements is what stopped his attack this may indeed be the case.

1 x Iron Fist, for outstanding battlefield performance. A simple fist made of steel and edged with silver.
This was granted for his performance at Jaichin Due in which he used a single Strike Dagger to eliminate fourteen opposing mobile suits in the course of the battle, among then a CGUE and GuAIZ.

1x Saviour's Cross, for outstanding actions above and beyond the call of duty. Basically a dark-blue X edged in gold and set upon a black circle. This was given in CE 79 but the actions for which it was granted are not listed.

1x black diamond, for ten years long and faithful service. as the name suggests it is piece of jet carved into the shape of a diamond to reward one for serving for ten years.

History: Born in CE 53 on the Twelfe of June..
Before his military career little is known, in reality his life was rather plain and uneventful, aside from the fact he had a fierce national spirit. Zera joined the military at age sixteen and first saw combat at eighteen.
Zera Dromos joined the first Earth-PLANT war in the last two months, he was present in the invasion of Orb but not as an active pilot, he had barely began to show off his piloting skills before the Bloody Valentine war ended.
During the last battles of the war he was the pilot of a Strike Dagger and served with distinction at the battle of Jaichin Due. After the war he was promoted to the level of lieutenant for his achievements and was placed in the fifteenth Eurasian mobile suit division.
The next time Zera saw battle was in the Break the World incident, at the time he was around twenty years old and in charge of a small force charged with protecting the city of Onoyosho in the Republic of East Asia. After fragments of Junius Seven fell onto the city a force of some ten GINN Insurgents attacked, due to the the fall only a handful of Windam and Daggers survived, only four soldiers did, however Zera was delayed due to the confusion of the Coordinator's attack.

When he finally made it only one Windam was left in operable condition, without second thought he jumped into the last one and ran out to meet the enemy in the hopes of saving his out-gunned squad, his four men had fought valiantly but they were rookies and against battle-hardened veterans they were cut to shreds. However, the element of surprise and superior mobile suits had let them take out an equal number of GINN.
Zera attacked ferociously and by the end of it the GINN were all down and his Windam was little better than scrap.

After this event he was promoted to the rank of Major second class, partly due to a supreme lack of veteran soldiers and partly due to his excellent record, effectively skipping the rank of Captain.

As Major he was given command of the 83rd MS battalion, twenty Windams and a Tarawa class ship. During the Second Bloody Valentine war he spent almost the entire time fighting in Eastern Eurasia and even joined up with a small EA task force to assault ZAFT-held Oceania, which failed and result in his squad limping back to Taiwan for repairs and ultimately halving his combat strength.
The amazing thing is that over the rest of the war his ten Windams managed to win battle after battle against the physically and mentally superior ZAFT forces, without outside aid.
In fact, only two additional Windam were lost by the time that Heaven's Base had fallen and as of the destruction of Requiem five Windams remained, but over four dozen ZAFT mobile suits including DINN, BABI, ZAKU, GOUF and GoohN had been destroyed, it was due to these actions he earned his nickname "Lightning Zera," it was said his men could come out of nowhere, strike and retreat before you could blink.
Even after the Alliance had all but surrendered to ZAFT and supplies were cut off Zera had kept on fighting, in the end it was only the announcement that Orb and Clyne faction forces had defeated Gilbert Dulandal and killed him that Zera stopped fighting and returned to his home of Eurasia.

Watching his homeland break up over the long years that followed was the most painful thing he had ever seen, according to him. During this time he sought out the few remaining influential Blue Cosmos members and agreed to join their battle group, which was sent in to support the Eurasian government. Zera served several times in the fighting in Eurasia, specifically in the Middle East, before the superstate broke down into its four daughter states.
It would be almost a decade before Blue Cosmos and the Irillion Conglomerate had the power and influence to arm it's own battalions and research new weaponry, but Zera waited and briefly trained the next generation of mobile suit pilots, (C.E 80-82) this was because he could see that the war was failing and that he couldn't hold his homeland together. Unlike others, Zera doesn't hate Coordinators so much as believe that they simply cannot coexist alongside Naturals.

Other Notes:
Zera enjoys ballroom dancing as well as reading. His favourite drink is melon and mango punch and in his spare time he reads novels and histories.
Zera was offered the GAT-X303EC Dark Aegis, but refused it and kept his Vamp on the basis that the VAMP was faster.

*I had to make up some medals, tell me if you've got any better ideas for them.


Name: Darwin Shogriff

Rank: Captain, Executive Officer.

Association: Blue Cosmos.

Eye colour: His eyes are brown, but he has a habit of changing contact lenses to make them appear several different colours.

Hair colour: Black, but heavily greying.

Description: Darwin is six foot tall and beginning to show his age, his face is lightly lined and he often wears a standard captain's white uniform.

History: Darwin was born in CE. 40 on the ninth of December, in England, he had a rather normal life until he joined the military in CE 60,
in the next twenty four years he would make a name for himself as a skilled commander and warrior.
It has been over twelve years since Darwin has piloted a mobile suit or mobile armour in the field, but he did so extremely well in the first two wars, notably at the invasion of Orb and at Boaz, but also in several smaller conflicts in South America before that. Darwin loyally serves as the Captain on the Girty Lue class Pariah when Zera is absent.

Other Notes:
Darwin is a traditionalist and believes strongly in duty, he smokes a wooden pipe very rarely to relieve stress. For reasons unknown he wears coloured contact lenses to make his eyes appear different colours. Darwin sometimes wears a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles when reading, once again due to his odd fashion sense.

Darwin's nickname was the Wolf of Boaz, for an outstanding seven GINN and CGUE killed using a strike dagger.
As of the end of the bloody Valentine war his kill count was over twenty-five ZAFT suits.

Name: Mars Lu Yeddin

Rank: Major

Association: Blue Cosmos, Atlantic Federation.

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Red, bright red.

Description: Mars is a short, slim man. Mars' hair is actually naturally bright red but no one believes him, he usually he wears his uniform unbuttoned and his hair is almost shoulder-length and always looks messy due to his constant rubbing of his hands through it.
It has been remarked that he looks rogue-like and mischievous, he has skin that is a pale cream colour.

Born in CE 63 on the seventh of July.
Mars is the junior of Zera by nearly ten years, as a result he actually has no active combat record.
However he proved an outstanding test pilot and as a result was given the Dark Aegis to pilot. Despite the fact that he has little combat experience he has spent the last four years with Zera and has absorbed a great deal of knowledge about combat.
For reasons unknown the two men are close, it has been rumoured that the two men are related as even before Mars joined the two men knew each other. This is in fact false, they share no relation. However, Mars has known Zera since age eleven.

Mars was born in Orb, however he is actually from a moon-based city, his parents fled to Orb after the Bloody Valentine War's beginning for fear of being attacked, they then fled Orb after the Eearth Alliance's invasion and ended up in Rome.
Mars lived Rome for two years until Break the World, which he miraculously survived unlike his parents. As of C.E 84 Mars has only five blood relatives in the whole world, only one in his immediate family; his older brother Rupert Yeddin, who works as a lawyer in the Atlantic Federation.
Mars has a very deep dislike of Coordinators, for a variety of reasons, but this is mainly repressed, he briefly met Zera shortly before the second war and was so inspired that he enlisted in the military and was later trained in the elite pilot academy, the Rosenburg Institute, under Zera making him one of only two classes to do so. After his training period he was assigned to Zera's squad, which would become the Third Blue Cosmos battalion.
Mars also has close ties with Roy Silver, the Colonel serving in charge of the first Blue Cosmos battalion.

Other Notes: Mars was named for his red hair and the fact that when he was born his parents thought he would be a warrior from the sound of his cries.

It is a hobby for Mars to develop nicknames for his comrades.


Name: Serrim Gospal

Rank: Lieutenant First Class

Association: West European military and Blue Cosmos.

Eye colour: Amethyst purple.

Hair colour: Snowy white.

Description: Serrim is of average height with shoulder length white hair. Strangely Serrim does not wear a standard uniform but rather wears a dark blue coat over his usual white shirt and black trousers, with a badge of rank sewn onto the chest and shoulder of his coat.

It has been commented several times that Serrim Gospal looks very feminine, surely this is so with his longish and neatly brusher white hair and his slim body structure, but he has a unique and handsome masculinity to him at the same time, still there are many, girls and boys alike, who would be tempted to call him "a beautiful young man" as opposed to handsome.

Serrim is fit from his years of intensive training, but he is not a heavily built man but rather a slim and hard-muscled man. Also Serrim has darker skin than Jin, but being of European descent he is still quite pale.

Serrim was born on the twenty-second of May CE 67 in Scandinavia to a native mother and an Eurasian father.
Serrim moved to the Atlantic Federation at age three and met a young boy called Jin Garuda at age five.

At age seven Serrim lost his only brother and his father during the April Fools Crisis, they simply lacked the means to get home from faraway cities and froze to death like many others suddenly stuck in cities without heating or energy to move trains or supplies. At such a young age Serrim, his mother and his sisters were left to fend for themselves, they managed, but within another three years Serrim would lose his mother and his younger sister during Break the World.

The result being that at age ten Serrim was left alone with his older sister Sarah, who was eighteen, to survive they returned to their homeland, Scandinavia, however a simple life suited neither of them and within four years Serrim was enrolled in the West European military and his sister was on the way to Mars, they said their goodbyes and bid each other luck in their new lives, never expecting to see each other again.

Late in his fourteenth year of life, four months after enlisting, Serrim was transferred to the elite multinational academy, the Rosenburg Institute, in recognition for his "already formidable fighting abilities," it was here that he was reunited with his childhood friend Jin who he had been separated from at age ten, the two once again reignited their friendship and swore to always look out for each other.

Other Notes: Serrim does not like Coordinators and sees it as his duty to fight them, mainly due to his sometimes horrific first-hand experience with their actions, but unlike Jin he doesn't have the same fiery hatred of the, in Serrim the hatred manifests itself as a cold thirst for revenge.

Serrim was the best sharpshooter out of the entire academy with handguns and rifles, also he graduated with the prestigious title of top student for C.E 83 on December the twenty-fifth this was a generalised result based on a cumulative score.

Aside from that, Serrim enjoys playing and listening to the violin, his favourite colour is lavender purple, he had the nickname Spook for about one month during his academy days and his favourite flavour of drink is sour grape.

Serrim makes up the rational and calculating side of the duo consisting of himself and Jin Garuda, he has a brutal and efficient method of operation and a cold and shrewd mind at times, this masks the fact that Serrim is actually a rather caring person

Of the two men Serrim was a lot less comfortable with the opposite gender, he tends to the reserved side.

Also Serrim has a close friendship with Aran Le Kauroda, pilot of the Templar, despite the fact that the two rarely talk in depth they have a deep unspoken understanding.


Name: Jin Garuda

Rank: Lieutenant First Class

Association: Atlantic Federation, Blue Cosmos.

Eye colour: Emerald green

Hair colour: Jet black

Description: Jin is slight taller than average, he usually wear a cocky grin and has a much inflated sense of self.
Unlike his comrade Serrim, Jin wears the uniform of a lieutenant. His hair is usually cut shortish at neck-length.
Like his comrade and friend Serrim, Jin is also fit from the hard training of the Rosenburg Institute, but he is also significantly more heavily built than Serrim.
Unlike others in the Atlantic Federation Jin is actually pale, which contrasts heavily with his bright, clear eyes and his dark hair, he could easily be called handsome.

History: Jin was born in C.E 67 on the twenty-first of June, he grew up with Serrim in the Atlantic Federation from ages five to ten when Serrim left back to Scandinavia, the two young men are friends who have managed to lose all their other friends and family members, bar a few, through life's trials, this further strengthens their bond.

Jin has four surviving family members, a little brother and sister in the Atlantic Federation, an uncle also in the Atlantic federation and an older brother somewhere the Republic of Eastern Europe.

Jin was born in Japan, to a mother from Orb and a native father, they fled to the Atlantic Federation shortly after his birth for currently unknown reasons.
At age fourteen Jin enlisted in the Atlantic military, but was transferred to the elite multinational academy the Rosenburg Institute shortly in recognition of his talents.

Other Notes: Jin is significantly more egotistical than Serrim, he also is strangely enough more lazy and chilled out, but at the same time he actually has a lot more open anti-Coordinator fury.

Jin was one of the three best recruits ever recorded at the Rosenburg Institute, he was listed at being "outstandingly well coordinated and versed at predicting enemy movements".

Jin was also a star sportsman in every sports team he joined, from basketball to baseball to soccer, but he struggled in classes such as Philosophy, Economics and Chemistry, but was also good at technologically related systems.

Unlike Serrim Jin has a brazen sexuality, he's rarely afraid to present himself to girls or come on to them, however his utter lack of subtlety usually gets him nowhere fast. Jin is constantly trying to rethink and improve his approach to women and only time will tell if he meets his lady love, he always seems to seek Serrim's approval in his love interests, stems from an unpleasant mishap at age fifteen when they both developed an affection for a classmate, the two quarrelled over her and it took months to restore their friendship, they promised never to make the same mistake and if one wished to start a relationship with a girl they were to tell the other the moment the idea got into their head, despite the childish nature of this agreement it has proved successful as the two men have not fought over a woman since.

Somehow Serrim and Jin have formed a bond that transcends much, they are in many ways closer than brothers, simply because of the pain they have experienced through life. Despite the fact that the two men are quite different and at times seem too different to be friends their friendship has proved to be long-lasting and true.



Name: Silvia Gettam

Rank: Communications Officer First Class

Association: Blue Cosmos.

Eye colour: Dark brown

Hair colour: Honey with some faint paler highlights.

Description: Silvia is a slim girl of average height with waist-length brown hair help back by a black headband. Unlike other communications officers she wears a blue uniform. Silvia can be remarked upon as being pretty, or beautiful, in a delicate sort of way.

History: Silvia was a little girl when the first Bloody Valentine war started, she was born in C.E 64 on March the fourth, the first war was merciful to her family, all of them surviving.
However, during the second war her family was killed while on vacation in China, (Republic of East Asia), and she was saved from death by Zera Dromos while he was on route to fight in Oceania, she was ten years old at the time, she has stayed with him since and over the years she has beeen with him throughout all his placements and conflicts. The reasons for this, romantic or 'family bonds', remain unclear.

Other Notes:
Silvia is actually a kind hearted person who doesn't like fighting, yet she believes strongly in Zera and decided to support him in the only non-violent way she could, by serving as a communications officer.
Silvia is a good cook and also has a healthy relationship with the other female officers and crew on board the Pariah and later the Apogee.

Name: Aran Le Kauruda

Rank: Lieutenant

Association: Blue Cosmos, Eastern Europe.

Eye colour: Topaz yellow

Hair colour: Dark blue.

Description: Aran is taller than average, he is slim rather than lean, with longish hair slightly below ear-length, Aran's skin is a light tan colour.

Born on the twentieth of November in C.E 66 Aran is the nephew of the President of the Republic of Eastern Europe and has always grown up privileged.
Despite this he chose to enter the military, even though it was a time of peace. Like the other pilots with him, Jin Garuda and Serrim Gospal, he is not actually a direct subordinate of Blue Cosmos, but rather Aran and his comrades were transferred directly from their respective military organisations to the Third Blue Cosmos Battalion.
Aran does not 'hate' Coordinators, but believes it is an unfair advantage for them to exist in such close proximity to Naturals and simply impossible for Natural and Coordinator to coexist.
Of all the new pilots Aran has the second highest score, he received a 995/1000 final score.

Aran is the only pilot of the new five to have received a GUNDAM, the GAT-X185 Templar. This was actually more related to the fact that his family built the Templar than his piloting skills.
Aran despises the nation of Orb as cowards and liars, this may be built from experience or prejudice.

Other Notes:
Aran was one of the three best pilots ever to come out of the Rosenburg Institute, in fact he was the second best. Aran is listed having "extraordinary control and ability, especially manifest in exploiting an enemy's weakness."
In addition to this Aran was a top contender with knives and other close quarters weapons.
Aran is the oldest member of the three 'un-extended" pilots, whilst he gets on very well with Serrim Gospal he often fails to see eye-to-eye with Jin Garuda.
For reasons unknown his last name is that of his mother, not his father.


Name: Estell Savler

Rank: Extended

Allegiance: Blue Cosmos

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Black-blue

Description: Estell is slightly shorter than normal, she has hair slightly past shoulder length and usually wears a uniform of standard EA cut, with a knee-length yellow skirt, a sleeveless button-up dark red blouse and dark red socks.
Estell is both pretty and athletic, but her shy and detached attitude means that few ever notice, also many pilots, even some of her comrades, view her like other Extended, merely biological equipment.

Estell was the later of the two Extend, which explains her greater mental stability. Both use a combination of drugs and psychological conditioning to achieve outstanding results, but Estell uses manipulation of her own body systems to provide greater results rather than outside sources of drugs. Estell's past has been erased, apart from her birth date of the third of May C.E 65, however Estell was innocent of any crimes before she was adopted into the Third Generation Extended program.

Other notes: Estell uses modifications to her body to produce the natural performance enhancing drugs she requires to operate at a higher-than-average combat level, however she must sleep in a special unit that enables her body to regenerate itself fully.
Estell was given the nickname "Bouncy" by Jin during her time at the Rosenburg Institute, because of her particularly large bust-size.
Overall Estell tends to be a lot more quiet and withdrawn the Rafor, however she has a caring and playful nature at heart.
Like earlier extended she has a "block word," unlike the former extended Estell's block word, "Dawn" has the opposite effect of increasing her abilities for the purpose of battle, however in this state her body is pushed beyond safe limits and the ultimate effect is highly degenerative without immediate treatment after battle.


Name: Rafor Terodrin

Rank: Extended

Allegiance: Blue Cosmos

Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: Gold

Description: Rafor is tall and solid, while not being very big he is still very fit and strong, he wears a customised yellow and black uniform, with a yellow shirt, white under-shirt, black trousers and white socks. Rafor has golden-yellow fluffy hair, he keeps it a little longer than chin-length.

History: Like Estell his past has been erased, apart from his birth date of C.E 64, seventh of January.
Rafor is the earlier of the two Extended, he uses a combination of drugs and psychological conditioning to achieve high levels of combat skills but has a much more reckless style than Estell. However, Rafor was a criminal before he was an Extended and was drafted much like the first generation, taking the role to escape capital punishment.

Other notes: Rafor is a great deal more dependant on external drug sources and has had a lot less psychological conditioning, so he has no "block word" or "activation word" or anything, to this date there are four different performance enhancing substances he must take to ensure maximum effect.


Name: Sepha Irillion

Rank: Head of the re-formed Blue Cosmos, President of several small European nations such as Iceland and Luxembourg, Owner of the Sepha Conglomerate.

Allegiance: Blue Cosmos?

Eye colour: Cornflower Blue.

Hair colour: Dark mossy green.

Description: Sepha is a tall, debonair man, he has shoulder-length wavy hair that he keeps well brushed and glossy. Sepha's skin is slightly more pale than average and he tends to wear crimson suits with a lavender or royal blue tie, often he will wear a long dark coat with a crimson silk rope holding the front together.

History: Born in C.E 50 to wealthy European parents most of Sepha's early history is unknown, except that from a young age he has had contact with Zera Dromos and also since a young age he has been a Blue Cosmos member.

During the years of the Bloody Valentine Wars Sepha sat back and examined the situation while buying up weapons factories and military technology, whatever his plans by the end of the first war they were still unknown, indeed it is unknown if he was anything more than an enterprising military salesman.

During the second war Sepha provided many new technologies to Blue Cosmos and Logos whilst at the same time he never really believed the Earth Alliance would win the second war and thus made sure to stay distant, likewise he had connections with many LOGOS members but was never one himself.

It is unknown why Sepha took his place as the head of Blue Cosmos, only that under him it has regained and expanded it's influence like never before.
Sepha has directed Blue Cosmos for almost ten years, taking control in C.E 75. The 'How' is a simple matter, Sepha appeared at a time when he could tap into people's feelings of jealousy and envy as well as their moral objections, not to mention their injured pride and desire for revenge. Sepha was already a very rich man who owned a great deal of industrial and agricultural assets, he used this to good advantage aiding Blue Cosmos and provided much needed resources, in return he bought a stock of goodwill within the remaining levels of Blue Cosmos power.

Once Sepha himself became a high up there was never a question of having him removed as he has a natural flare for strategy and politics, not to mention a cunning and calculating personality that aided his rise.
As of now he has most of his personal assets concentrated on the island of Svalbard (it's a real place, check a world map) this is due to the fact that he purchased it in C.E 70 and since then has had his private security forces well accommodated here, it is also here that the Vamp was designed and built and also the EC series.

Other Notes:
Sepha has, over the years, gained control of many industries, companies and organisations, he is a major investor and supplier in almost all of the Earth's military industries and owns his own weapons conglomerate, Angel Industries, in addition to this he owns Dragon Finance, Chimera Electrics and several smaller companies. An observing might notice that Sepha names all of his businesses after mythical creatures.

As of now Sepha's master plan is still a mystery, as everyone who knows it is either dead, captured or sworn to secrecy, also given the fact that many times in his past he has proven himself to be utterly ruthless and shrewd as well as willing to play his enemies off against each other, there is the worrying possibility that he may actually achieve the goals of Blue Cosmos and bring about a 'blue and pure world.'

Name: Arnold Colomdril

Rank: Head of state, Atlantic Federation.

Allegiance: Atlantic Federation, Blue Cosmos.

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Blond

Description: Arnold is a big, solid and heavily muscled man, he usually dresses all in white and is clean shaven.

History: born in C.E 42 Arnold is fiercely nationalistic and anti-Coordinator.
Although his early history is shrouded in darkness, his life since August C.E 75 has been open to many, as it was when he became President.
From that point on his life is much like a story of the Atlantic Federation. Although Arnold has been violently anti-Coordinator all his life it was only since coming to power and restoring his nation that it has really been possible to vent his personal desires on many.
Arnold did do wonders to pull the war-devastated Atlantic Federation from the maw of collapse, but he did it through extensive use of favours to various corrupt business officials under the promise that it would be worth their while. The end result being that the Atlantic Federation, while as large and as strong as ever, is now as corrupt as it ever was.

Other Notes: Arnold could be called the most powerful member of Blue Cosmos. While the influence Arnold wields is less than that of Sepha Irillion, his raw strength as the leader of the Atlantic Federation makes him one of its most imposing members.
Arnold is also one of the most dedicated Blue Cosmos members, although the reasons to this are unknown.


Name: Tsubaya Heharo

Rank: Head of state, Dominion of Indo-China.

Allegiance: Indo-China.

Eye colour: black

Hair colour: black

Description: Tsubaya is a slim man with long thin moustaches, he wears either a casual blue pinstripe suit or a jet-black business suit depending on the occasion.

History: Born in C.E 48, not a lot else is known. Tsubaya was a bookish man in his earlier years, writing several unsuccessful novels, as he aged he became associated with various political parties in the Republic of East Asia. However, when the Eurasian Federation was invaded in CE 76 he became a key member of the anti-Eurasian resistance and over the next few years would become the prominent resistance leader.
While never piloting a mobile suit or taking up arms, he managed several compelling speeches and kept logistics and popular support for the resistance together.
In CE 79, 81 and 83 Tsubaya ordered the Dominion army to violently suppress protests to keep the Dominion together.

Other Notes: Tsubaya has fought hard to keep the Dominion together, when the Eurasian federation was breaking up the Dominion was formed to effectively fight off Eurasian forces to maintain independence and provide a solid from. In the six years Tsubaya has been in charge of the Dominion he has ruled with an iron fist, but maintained a careful watch on his nations citizens, it is quite simply a miracle that such a ramshackle alliance has managed to last so long and it can all be attributed to Tsubaya's influence.
Despite his authoritarian and iron-fisted streak, Tsubaya is also a man of cunning capable of large feats of espionage and propaganda.

Name: Rhamon Quodre

Rank: Head of state, Middle-Eastern Union.

Allegiance: Middle East, Blue Cosmos.

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Pale brown

Description: Rhamon is darkly tanned and the man himself is quite a large man, not exactly soft but not heavily muscled. Rhamon has dark tan skin and a square-cut beard and usually combs his hair back. Rhamon wears a suit with a purple or orange sash.

History: born in C.E 43 Rhamon has a long career as a motivational speaker, since age seventeen.
At age thirty Rhamon lost a son in the Second Bloody Valentine wars and has been a Blue Cosmos member ever since. Rhamon has been the leader of the Union since December C.E 80 when his predecessors was assassinated by Eurasian remnants.

Other Notes:
Rhamon could be called one of the more loyal members of Blue Cosmos, with a violently passionate desire to eliminate Coordinators and a silver tongue he is second only to Arnold Colomdrill in the raw power of Blue Cosmos members.


Name: Armellio Ruel

Rank: Head of state, Western Europe.

Allegiance: Western Europe.

Eye colour: bright green.

Hair colour: dark brown

Description: Armellio is a very big man at almost seven foot tall and solid and muscular, his skin is a dark tan, he takes very careful stock of his clothes, he usually wears a green suit.

History: Born in C.E 49, little other information is known. Armellio was a soldier in both Bloody Valentine wars, was elected to lead the newborn Republic of Western Europe in CE 83.

Other Notes: Armellion practices several martial arts and fighting techniques, among them Muay Thai and Aikido.
Armellio's combined kill-count for both wars stands at nine mobile suits, three Ginn, Two CGUE, a GuAIZ, a GOUF a BABI and a ZAKU.
In addition to this Armellio actually fought in the Eurasian Collapse scoring a kill count of some nineteen Windam and three Daggers.
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PLANT/ZAFT allied characters.
Name: Alerik Cuale

Rank: Supreme Chairman of PLANT.

Allegiance: PLANT

Eye colour: Sea-green.

Hair colour: Chestnut brown.

Description: Alerik is tall and lanky with very slight worry lines, he conveys an air of patience, confidence and capableness and is usually immaculately styled. Alerik wears a dark purple suit with a white shirt and an orange tie most of the time.

History: Alerik Cuale was born in CE 40. His early life is unremarkable, the only son of two parents who decided they wanted something more for their child and had him made into Coordinators.
In early life he faced quite some amount of persecution for this but he survived and moved to the PLANTs as soon as he was able, which was in CE 58.
Once he reached the PLANT Alerik worked as an understudy in a genetics lab but found it was not to his calling and transferred to the space-craft design section of ZAFT where he would help with the design and construction of many ZAFT technologies, the Nazca among them.
Since CE 77 Alerik has been Chairman of PLANT, so far his major achievements are the Coordinator Revitalisation Plan, which is projected to enhance a third generation Coordinator's fertility levels to approximately eighty percent of a Natural's and secondly and arguable as renowned Alerik was responsible for constructing many large hydroponic food production centres to feed the hungry of the Earth, especially in Africa.


Name: Artemis Harin

Rank: Red Coat, Ensign.

Allegiance: ZAFT

Eye colour: Gold

Hair colour: Black-green.

Description: Artemis wears her ZAFT uniform usually, she has a dark ponytail that reaches her waist and a pale honey complexion. Outside of duty she likes to wear dresses, with blue being her favourite colour.

History: Artemis was born in CE 67, on the first of July, her father was a mythological historian and her mother was a nurse.
Unlike many, she was lucky enough not to lose any family members in both the Bloody Valentine wars, although she still saw many who did and felt their losses.
Artemis followed in her older brother Apollo's footsteps in joining ZAFT, although she did it for her own reason of preserving the peace. Artemis graduated as a Red Coat and was lucky enough to earn the position of test pilot for the ZGMF-X77 Fortune.

Other Notes: Artemis is named after the Goddess, just as her brothers are named Apollo and Acheron. This is because her father is a historian and has a thing for the letter A.
Unlike many Coordinators, who typically have low fertility, Artemis is one of three children, her older brother is a famous FAITH commander and her younger brother is studying for a position as a weapon designer.


Name: Ourei Bel Terai

Rank: Red Coat, Ensign.

Allegiance: ZAFT

Eye colour: Red

Hair colour: Blond

Description: Ourei wears his red ZAFT uniform with pride, his hair is short, ear length at longest, spiky and generally a golden colour as he doesn't spend enough time in the sun for it to become bleached. When on leave he usually wears a white T-shirt with a green vest and jeans.

Birth date of CE 67 on the tenth of December.
Born at an age where he saw the horrors of war at an early age, he lost his father and sister to Requiem, this scarred Ourei and gave strength to his desire to protect what remained.
Ourei has an older brother in ZAFT who serves as a commander and his mother works as a doctor, he joined ZAFT for no other reasons than because he wished for thepeace to be preserved.
Unlike his brother, who graduated the Academy as a green-coat regular pilot, Ourei passed as the top of his class repeatedly and was awarded the AMF-X101S Impact Gundam.
On top of all this he studies the past two Bloody Valentine wars with a passion, he has studied the fighting styles of ZAFT topguns such as Athrun Zala and Shinn Asuka as well as others and he has also studied other pilots such as Mu la Flagga, Rau Le Creuset and Kira Yamato as well as both the Earth Alliances Extended. This is because Ourei believes that to exceed the best you must study the best and find out what makes them so.

Other Notes:

Unlike others who have lost their family Ourei does not feel the same lust for revenge, this is probably due to his desire to keep the peace and his understanding of the cyclical nature of violence.


Name: Apollo Harin.

Rank: Commander.

Allegiance: ZAFT.

Eye colour: Lime.

Hair colour: Black-green

Description: Apollo is a big man, about six foot six inches tall (195 centremetres) and muscular.
He is not a young man, but neither is he particularly old. Apollo wears his white uniform with his FAITH badge on the right breast, he is in his late twenties and has a solid and reliable bearing and piercing green eyes.

Apollo was born the first son of Bernard and Lucilia Harin in CE sixty, on the ninth of march.
Apollo graduated military school with distinction, a Redcoat, he served in the Second Bloody Valentine War and proved himself more than capable operating both primitive units such as GINN and DINN as well as ZAKU and GOUF, achieving significant victories. He was promoted to FAITH by the end of it all. After the war he stayed on duty and has not left since.

Other Notes:
Apollo is the older brother of Artemis.


Name: Sioun Reava

Rank: Sioun is a squad-level commander.

Allegiance: ZAFT.

Eye colour: Black.

Hair colour: Green.

Description: Sioun is a tall woman, taller than most men, she wears a white uniform and has slightly wavy shoulder length hair.
Sioun has a stiff and commanding attitude that does nothing to make her less pretty, she is a delicately built woman with large dark eyes.

History: Sioun was born in C.E 64, on the thirtieth of October.
She lead a promising career as a musician and singer until age sixteen when she joined ZAFT, empowered by a sense of duty and national pride.
Sioun was appointed a commander in CE 83, in response to the growing size of ZAFT teams.


Notes: Sioun graduated ZAFT military academy as a green coat, failing unarmed close combat and lacking stealth proficiency.
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Earth Nation Mobile Suits.

Will be presented in the following format:



Name: Vamp

Designation: GAT-05C

Purpose: High-manoeuvre "ace" class mobile suit. Made to be able to fight in any conditions, also one of the latest mobile suits used by Earth.

Weight: 49.22 metric tons

Height: 17.94 metres

Description: Very much similar to Orb's Murasame, however the Vamp is black and scarlet instead of white and red. (Scarlet where the red is, the rest black)
The wings are also significantly larger and slightly curved, overall the shape is more streamlined and curved, also the crest is double-pointed instead of single.

4 x M2M7 "Todesschrecken" 113mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
4 x M2M7D ""Todesschrecken Kai" 12.5mm CIWS, mounted on wings, operable only in mobile armour form.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, stored in hips.
2 x Mk335 "Stiletto" rocket-propelled anti-armour penetrator, stored within shield, can be fired from the tip one-at-a-time.
A88 offensive shield type G, can be used for stabbing and firing "Stiletto"
M9805L beam rifle x1 mounted on hip.
"Neo Schwert Gewehr" anti-shipping sword x2, mounted on shoulders.

Users: Former EA nations, used by the Atlantic Federation and the former Eurasian nations, albeit rarely.
Also used to patrol Angel Industries HQ.

In the two Earth-PLANT wars the Earth Alliance learned just how much effect a single well-trained and determined ace could have on the course of battle, in response to this the idea of a ace-only mobile suit began to emerge.
No one with a rank below major, or one who is a decorated veteran may pilot a Vamp.

The design is actually a rip-off of Orb's Murasame, albeit with the technological improvements that come with being fielded more than a decade later and a slightly different armament system.
The C stands for Commander Type, meaning whilst it is not a Gundam it is suitable only for commanders or aces.
Armament-wise the Vamp is a odd model as it combines a mainly-Orb design with next-generation Earth Alliance weaponry.
It is estimated that the Vamp has combat abilities in excess of three modern-day Murasame's if used to its full potential.

However the Vamp is dangerously under-armoured, like its Murasame cousin and is thus vulnerable to machine gun CIWS.
The exact number of VAMP produced is unknown, it may be as few as fifty or as many as two-hundred, they are a rare site.

*Yes the Neo Schwert Gewehr is one of mine, as are the other subtle changes, basically it is an updated weapon made to counter-act the rising defensive abilities of MS and shipping. It can be used as a beam machine gun, but since is not very accurate and consumes a lot of energy few pilots use it as such.


Name: Vamp, Zera custom.

Designation: GAT-05C

Purpose: Close-combat commander suit.

Weight: 50.27 metric tons

Height: 17.94 metres

Description: Identical to the Vamp except the crimson has been replaced by royal blue.

4 x M2M7 "Todesschrecken" 13mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
4 x M2M7D ""Todesschrecken Kai" 12.5mm CIWS, mounted on wings, operable only in mobile armour form.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, stored on hips.
Type H offensive shield.
"Star-edge" beam blades (mounted on wings)
Unlike the normal Vamp Zera uses two "Neo Schwert Gewehr" anti-shipping swords, mounted over the shoulders.

Users: Colonel Zera Dromos.

This was a custom made MS created specifically for Colonel Zera Dromos, it is considerably superior than a standard Vamp due to some new and experimental technology and larger thrusters.

The Star-Edge is a system very similar to the "Griffon 2" beam blades used by the Gaia, to enable it to cut mobile suits whilst flying past them, it is usable in mobile armour and mobile suit form but only really practical in mobile armour.

Zera's Vamp uses a diamond shaped shield that has a beam rifle embedded in the point facing forward, similar to that used by the Providence Gundam, but only one beam rifle. This the new offensive shield type H.


Name: Dark Aegis

Designation: GAT-X303EC

Purpose: High power command mobile suit. Made for adaptability and strength in all conditions.

Height: 18.69 Metres.

Weight: 84.2 metric tons.

Description: the Dark Aegis is almost identical to the original Aegis except it's colour scheme has been changed to dark blue rather than pink and it has been streamlined up a fair bit, also it has larger thrusters and boosters.

2 x "Lancet" 14mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
4 x ABS02 beam sabre, mounted of forearms and feet.
1 x 75mm "Dragon" beam rifle, stored on left hip
1 x "Enhanced Scylla" 585mm energy cannon, operable only in mobile armour attack mod.
1 x twin beam sabre, stored on right hip.
Anti-beam coated shield.
2 x "Midas Messer Mk2" beam boomerang, stored in either side of shield.

Users: Major Mars Lu Yeddin.

NOTES: The Dark Aegis is an upgraded model of the Aegis, in addition to it's upgraded weaponry it also has enhanced close and mid-range combat capabilities. These were added because Mars scored an average of 985/1000 during training with medium range weapons but only scored an 827/1000 on long ranged weapons.
In addition to it's upgraded armaments the Dark Aegis is also twice as fast as the original and features several adjusted weapons, it mixes Earth Alliance and Angel Industries technology.


Name: Windam Plus

Designation: GAT-04+

Purpose: Enhanced all-purpose combat mobile suit.

Height: 18.72 metres
Weight: 62.1 metric tons

Description: nearly identical to a Windam, except slightly larger and slightly more heavily armoured.

4 x M2M7 "Todesschrecken" 13mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, mounted on hips.
A52 offensive shield type H, mounted on left arm.
M9805L beam rifle x1 mounted on the hip
"Stiletto" are optional and if taken are mounted on opposite hip to the beam rifle.

Users: former Earth Alliance nations.

An upgrade to the Windam, they feature improved energy efficiency, longer battery life and slightly improved production materials, making them somewhat more resistant to damage and increasing their response time, still they are considered the "economical" choice and are best used in large numbers.


Name: Basilisk Windam

Designation: GAT-04+/B

Purpose: Enhanced long-range power.

Height: 18.72 metres
Weight: 66.8 metric tons

Description: Identical to a Windam, but equipped with a basilisk beam cannon, which is basically a watered-down Agni in appearance.

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, mounted on hips.
A52 offensive shield type H, mounted on left arm.
1x HBC08A "Basilisk" high-power multiphase beam cannon, stored on right hip, or shoulder, when not in use.

Users: Earth Alliance.

The Basilisk may fire either in sustained beams or in short bursts.
The Basilisk cannon is lighter, slimmer and more energy efficient than the Agni and thus allows its wielder more mobility and longer fighting time.


Name: Doppelhorn Windam

Designation: GAT-04+/D

Purpose: Artillery support.

Height: 18.72 metres
Weight: 73.20 metric tons

Description: Identical to a Windam, but equipped with a Doppelhorn pack, two large recoilless cannons that come over the shoulders.
Revamped from the original Dopplehorn to provide extra support.

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
A52 offensive shield type H, mounted on left arm.
2x M9805Lc beam carbine, stored on hips.
2x CEW09 recoilless cannons, mounted on backpack.

Users: Earth Alliance.

Note: The recoilless cannons on the Dopplehorn Windam plus have the extra advantage of much better heat-management, accuracy and may fire a great variety of shells, from High Explosive, to Armour Piercing, to Plasma (made to damage Phase Shift) and Fragmentation.
The Dopplehorn pack may be ejected if necessary.

Name: (Star) Ravage Windam

Designation: GAT-04+/S

Purpose: Fast-firing all-range support, massed fire.

Height: 18.97 metres

Weight: 88.15 metric tons

Description: Identical to a Windam Plus, but slightly larger and roughly twenty percent heavier, it is equipped with two eight-barrelled beam machine guns mounted on its backpack; rigged up much like the Dopplehorn, with the guns facing over the shoulders.
It is also made with significantly denser armour and some of the redundant circuity taken out and replaced with extra armour.

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
A52 offensive shield type H, mounted on left arm.
2x M9805Lc beam carbine, stored on hips when not in use.
2x ABW03b "Rapid Star" eight-barrelled beam machine gun, mounted on backpack.

Users: Earth Alliance.

Note: The "Rapid Star" beam machine-gun was originally deployed on Jin Garuda's custom Windam, however, the concept has been on the drawing board for the last three years, problems still exist at this stage with wear and tear on the barrel and heat management.
This pack may also be ejected should it be necessary.
This also called simply the "Ravage Windam."


Name: Razorback Windam

Designation: GAT-04+/aR

Purpose: All-purpose long range combat and artillery support.

Height: 24.06 metres

Weight: 128.34 metric tons

Description: Similar to a combination of the Doppelhorn and the Star Ravage, it is significantly larger to make room for extra ammunition, battery size and armour, about 80% all up.
It is heavier and more squat than most Windam variants with wider-spaced and larger legs for better stability.

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
2x M9805Lc beam carbine, stored on hips when not in use.
2x ABWb "Rapid Star" beam machine gun, mounted on backpack.
2x CEW09 recoilless cannons, mounted on backpack.

Users: Earth Alliance.


Name: Knight Windam

Designation: GAT-04+

Purpose: Close range combat.

Height: 18.78 metres

Weight: 78.22 metric tons

Description: Almost identical to the standard Windam Plus, except with a thicker build including heavier armour on the torso, legs and shoulders and extra verniers on the lower legs.

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, mounted on hips.
W78 Anti-beam shield with Geschmeidig Panzer system installed.
1x AS202e "Neo Schwert Gewehr." Anti-shipping sword, stored on either shoulder.
1x BL12 "Mach Cavalier" beam javelin, similar to a beam javelin but with a larger beam-blade for closer combat, can be thrown, stored on opposite shoulder to Anti-shipping sword.

Users: Earth Alliance Nations.

Name: Windam Plus; Jin Garuda custom

Designation: GAT-04+/CMS

Purpose: Generalised ranged combat and support.

Height: 18.72 metres

Weight: 74.1 metric tons

Description: Identical to the Windam Plus, but Jin's mobile suit is black and green instead of white and blue. Jin's suit is fitted out like a Doppelhorn Windam but with a massive "Rapid-Star" beam machine gun on the left shoulder in place of a cannon..

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, mounted on hips.
2 x Mk315 "Stiletto" rocket-propelled anti-armour penetrator, stored in right hip armour.
A52 offensive shield type H., mounted on left arm.
1 x CEW09 recoilless cannon, mounted on backpack.
1 x ABWb "Rapid Star" beam machine gun, mounted on backpack.
2x M9805Lc beam carbine, may be stored on hips.

Users: Jin Garuda

This is a mobile suit specially tailored to Jin Garuda's abilities.
The M9805Lc beam carbine is 25% shorter than it's beam rifle counterpart, as a result it has a lower power rating and decreased accuracy. But it can be wielded much more easily.
The "Rapid-Star" fires beams at a very rapid rate comparable to a GOUF's "Draupnir", however it fires roughly twice as fast. This can cause significant battery drain and thus has it's own battery packs which are replaced once empty, the Windam itself may carry three extra batteries on it's left hip with each having a capacity for roughly three-hundred blasts. The Rapid-Star can also be fired using the mobile suits own power, however this is inadvisable.
This pack can be jettisoned should the situation require it.

Image: ... m-65192683


Name: Windam Plus. Serrim Gospal Custom.

Designation: GAT-04+

Purpose: High mobility combat mobile suit.

Height: 18.72 metres

Weight: 71.2 metric tons

Description: Identical to a Windam but light grey and purple. It looks like a Jet Windam, but this pack is actually non-removable and designed for both space and atmospheric flight. It doesn't have the extra weaponry though.

4 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
2 x ES08 beam sabre, mounted on hips.
2x multi-purpose tomahawk, beam-edged, stored on underside of wings.
A52 offensive shield type H., mounted on left arm.
1x AWCR07A "Viper" high-powered beam rifle, stored on either hip.

Users: Serrim Gospal.

What it lacks in fire power Serrim's custom mobile suit makes up for with enhanced speed, albeit it is only of a very slightly high mechanical performance than any other Jet Windam Plus.
However Serrim's real strength lies in the fact that he can use a variety of weapons belonging to other mobile suits, among them the DINN, Vamp, GINN, GOUF, ZAKU and Murasame.
The high-powered beam rifle wielded by Serrim's mobile suit, the Viper, is actually the latest mass-produced rifle, it has more power and range than the M9805L.

Image: ... m-65192504


Name: Templar

Designation: GATX-185

Purpose: Dual defensive-offensive operations.

Height: 18.98 metres

Weight: 84.13 Metric tons

Description: The Templar is in some ways similar to the Justice Gundam, in build especially. It, however, is mainly grey and silver with only some lavender colouring to add definition. It is also powered by an ultra compact nuclear reactor.

2x TCS51 dual purpose shield, mounted on forearms.
1x MPEC04 "Enhanced Scylla" 585mm cannon mounted in chest.
2x multi-purpose tomahawk, stored in shield and beam edged, each can be used either as a melee weapon or as a medium range projectile.
2x BL12 "Mach Cavalier" beam lance, stored on back.
2 x "Lancet" 72mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head

Users: Aran Le Kauruda

On the dual purpose shields; each shield is in the shape of an elongated hexagon and is equipped with two beam guns and a beam sabre (much like an upgraded Providence shield), it also may project an energy shield from an emitter mounted in the centre.

These can also be combined together to form one large shield, of an overall similar hexagon shape. Doing so excludes the option of using the weapons but in turn enables a much larger and more powerful shield to be projected. This shield is seven times larger than a standard energy shield and renders the suit virtually impervious to frontal assault, the downside is the the shield is still large and very heavy so movement of the shield-arm becomes a great deal slower.


Name: Clarity

Designation: BTMA-63Z (GAT-X295EC)

Purpose: All-range high-speed high-power combat model.

Weight: 87.45 metric tons

Height: 19.13 metres

Description: The closest physically to the Clarity would be the Raider Gundam, except rather than the dark colours of the Raider the Clarity is mainly white with lavender purple where the Raider is red and dark purple where the Raider is grey, it has a scarlet V-shaped crest instead of the Raiders double-pronged one.
The Clarity lacks the ability to transform and so does not have the extra head-piece but keeps the wings which are equipped with several small boosters and are larger (about twice the size) and more curved, they can stay at rest or flick up and be used to add extra speed. Also lacks the extra pods on the hips and the limbs are more smooth, without fiddly bits, still has boosters in the back of the calf. The shoulders are also shorter and more streamlined.

"Afrit" 105mm energy cannon x 1, mounted in mouth.
"Fenrir" mace x 2, covered in anti-beam coating, mounted on the underside of each forearm, can be launched or thrown.
"Hell Viper" high power beam rifle x 1, stored on left hip while not in use.
"Dei Oculus" Long-range high-power beam rifle, stored on right hip when not in use.
"Schwert Licht" beam sabre x2 stored in outer-thigh armour.
"Ende Hinrichtung" carbon-crystalline kinetic kill sword, 18 metres in length.
M2M6 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS x 2, mounted in chest, fire-linked.
"Stella Scudo" beam shield x2, mounted on forearms, projects a diamond-shaped beam shield.
Trans-phase shift armour.


NOTES: Equipped with a nuclear reactor and a neutron jammer canceller.


Name: Wrath

Designation: BTMA-701Z (GAT-X284EC)

Purpose: Principally ranged combat.

Weight: 102.8 Metric tons

Height: 18.46 metres

Appearance wise the Wrath is similar to the Chaos the closest, it is slightly larger and lacks some of the weapons or add-ons but at the same time it gains other things, notably nuclear power and more weapons pods as well as heavier armaments. Colour-wise it is principally black with dark green instead of standard green and blue colouring instead of orange. Its crest is also three-pronged and more straight.


"Spitting Viper" rapid fire beam rifle x 1, stored on left hip while not in use.
2 x HMAWP mobile weapon pod, contains 1x beam assault cannon, 2x "Frapper" 92mm railguns, can be controlled wirelessly and used in space or the atmosphere, when docked they are in a "plus formation" where two are vertical and two are horizontal and all meet in the centre of the Wrath's back so they look like this + with the bases toughing.
"Licht Lanze" beam spear x1 (actually made of two abnormally long beam sabres stored on the hips that are joined together to form a double-ended spear. Can be used as two individual beam sabres.)
M2M6 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS x 2, mounted in chest, fire-linked.
M2M6 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS x 2, mounted in head, fire-linked.
"Stella Scudo" beam shield x2, mounted on forearms, projects a diamond-shaped beam shield.
1x "Cerberus" beam cannon, consists of a 106mm beam cannon and a 135mm under-barrel railgun (gunlauncher), weapons are stacked atop each other.
Trans-phase shift armour.


NOTES: Equipped with a neutron jammer canceller and a nuclear reactor.

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ZAFT Mobile Suits

Name: Impact

Designation: AMF-X101S Impact

Purpose: high-speed atmospheric combat, high manoeuvrability atmospheric combat.

Height: 19.15 metres
Weight: 86.72 metric tons

Description: Similar to the Impulse's Blast and Force silhouettes in appearance, but not very similar in operation.
Rather than having two large beam cannons/missile launchers the Impact uses two large propulsion pods to give it extra speed, giving it a similar appearance to the Blast Impulse but completely difference operation. Unlike the Blast impulse cannons which may swing up, the propulsion pods can also move side-to-side it also features wings like the Force Impulse to add to life and manoeuvrability.
The design was chosen over more original data and because the Impulse Gundam had the most data collect from a non-mass production mobile suit, it was reckoned that a similar design would be the easiest to adapt to from simulation-trained pilots. In colour it is principally bright yellow and white.

Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armour.
Deuteron beam energy supply system.
MMI-GAU27A 20mm CIWS x 4, fire-linked, mounted in chest.
M87-AAK "Folding Razor" anti-armour knives x 2, stored in hips.
MMI-RG89V Anti-Beam-coated mobile shield x 1
MA-BAR82 high-energy beam rifle x 1
M2012GX High Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon x 1, stored on left hip when not used.
MA-M971 "Hyper Vajra" beam sabre x 2, stored on shoulders)

Users: Ourei Bel Teraa

NOTES:This is the first AMF type to be a Gundam. It is actually theoretically capable of doing combat in space but would require alterations to achieve maximum effect.
This is designed with the purpose of creating a high-power, efficient and agile mobile suit for use on Earth, specifically for fighting in the atmosphere.
In serving it's purpose the Impact is very effective, it is the fastest non-nuclear mobile suit yet created.

Image: ... t-66037875


Name: Fortune

Designation: ZGMF-X77S

Purpose: High-power combat in all situations, experimental Geschmeidig Panzer equipped suit.

Dimensions: overall height 18.99 metres
Weight: max gross weight 101.12 metric tons

The design itself is very similar to the Earth Alliance's Forbidden line, to facilitate the use of Geschmeidig Panzer the closest frame was used, that was the design of the Abyss, so the suits are similar cosmetically and somewhat functionally.
The Fortune is an artillery mobile suit as opposed to an amphibious assault role the Abyss filled, on the Fortune the shoulder-fins are larger and flatter, more like the shields equipped on the Forbidden, also the suit itself is somewhat taller, it is principally red with some black.

It also incorporates two Baleena II cannons, which swing up under the arms to fire and are mounted on the backpack.

Variable Phase Shift (VPS) armour.
Deuterion beam energy supply system.
MX-RQB516 beam lance x 1 ,
MGX-2358 "Callidus II" multi-phase beam cannon x1, mounted in chest.
MA-M971 "Hyper Vajra" beam sabre x1 , stored in right shoulder shield.
M107 "Balaena II" dual beam cannon x 2 mounted on backpack, can be moved forward and up under the arms to fire (think Blast Impulse firing style.)
2 x MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head.
MA-BAR82 high-energy beam rifle x 1, stored in left shoulder shield.
Geschmeidig Panzer Energy Deflection Armour equipped "Fortune" shield.
Geschmeidig Panzer Energy Deflection Armour (in the shoulder shields.)

Users: Artemis Harin.

This is ZAFT's first attempt at Geschmeidig Panzer energy armour, in this model the shields can be moved either around the shoulder to cover the body, stay where they are or move to the back of the shoulder. At any level it protects against most forms of beam weaponry.
However to lighten the load the Fortune may eject its shoulder shields and this also enables the Baleena cannons to be moved forward over the shoulders to fire.

Alternately the Fortune may go into battle without its shoulder shields, this takes away the defensive advantage but gives it speed comparable to a BABI. In place the Fortune may equip the "Fortune" shield which is a standard-looking ovoid shield ovoid in shape and may project a Geschmeidig Panzer Energy Deflection Armour field in front of the suit.

Image: ... e-66313373


Name: Law

Designation: ZGMF-X59S2

Purpose: All-purpose combat.

overall height 20.81 metres
Weight: 79.93 metric tons

Description: Very similar to the Impulse Force Silhouettes, but redesigned in white and silver, longer wings and crest and with extra thrusters.
The suit is principally white, with some silver edging.

Phase Shift (VPS) armour.
Deuteron beam energy supply system.
2 x MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in chest.
M87-AAK "Folding Razor" anti-armour knives x 2, stored in right hip armour.
1x MMI-RG89V Anti-Beam-coated mobile shield x 1, right arm.
2x MA-M971 "Hyper Vajra" beam sabre x 2, stored on shoulders.
MA-BAR82 high-energy beam rifle x 1, stored on left him.
2 x MX2468 "Solidus Fulgor" beam shield generators, stored in forearms.

Users: Apollo Harin

NOTES: The Law is the third of ZAFT's new "Preservation of Peace" series, it was rolled out only two months before the third war started.
It is rather lightly armed compared to some other mobile suits, is equipped with energy shields, these are dangerous to overuse because they consume a great deal of power.

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Yeah, I know they sound fruity, but y'know, I'm trying to be C.E here.
Earth Nations

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"I don't CARE if the mechanaught can't handle it, I want Wings of Light, the few seconds it'd last and the pilot mortality would be worth it." -me, eXteel closed beta.

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