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Mobile suit gundam :project Angel

Post by Yue Osakura » Fri May 04, 2007 1:47 pm

Simple yes/no, would it be o.k. if I posted alittle of my story on the forum.

Remember that it's for fun(even if I'd love to make it into my own show,movie, or videogame :P )
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Post by ShadowCell » Fri May 04, 2007 1:50 pm

Moved to Fanfiction.

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Post by Strike Wing » Sat May 05, 2007 8:47 pm

I don't see any harm in doing so. So go ahead and post your story. :)
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Post by Yue Osakura » Sat May 05, 2007 9:11 pm

Thank you; I'll put some up later tonight :D
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Post by Strike Wing » Sat May 05, 2007 10:13 pm

Cool 8)
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Post by Yue Osakura » Sun May 06, 2007 3:28 am

this will be the 3rd time i've tryed to post it here.

The year is Univesal Centery 0973, the human race has expanded beyond the confines of the Earth, moon, and space colonies. With the introduction of new technologies such as the Jump Drive genrator which made interplanetery travel quicker and easyer, and the ability to finally terraform and colonize other world, gave way for a new era, a new centery, the Celestial Centery.

The first major terraforming project was set for Mars, Earths sister planet and was a success after a suprising 4 year long process. Mars finally had an atmosphere similer to Earth.

C.C 0981, 4-5 years after the Mars terraforming project success, the Jupiter moons Callisto and Lo were terraformed and colonized for thier unknow resources and information on the region.

for a while things were fine until, Earth begain to make outragus demands for resources on the Mars and Jupiter settlements. Earth started to say "sence it's thier original home, Earths needs must come first." the settlements were outraged, " the Jupiter settlement and it's colonies have better minning facilities and resources but not enough to distebute!" as a representitive of the Jupiter settlements tryed to explan, that thier citizens needs must come first. Earth would not listen.

on May 12 C.C. 0986, the settlements of Jupiter cut all ties to Earth and formed the NU-ZEON independent Government. Mars also clamed it would be an independent nation but also a mediator, to keep the peace between nations, a peace aggrement was made. to prevent a war from accuering.

Earths terms were that they would recognize Nu-zeon as an independent nation as long as Nu-zeon did not manufactuer or create it's own war machines.
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assault gundam
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Post by assault gundam » Sun May 06, 2007 7:53 am

It looks..........okay. I would be cool if you had aliens fight agaist earh or something. It could be good, but all it looks like is gundam and something like stargate or andromeda. So it could be promising.
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Post by Yue Osakura » Sun May 06, 2007 3:42 pm

alien technology really dose play a key roll in the story, but its not until, much later in with the intro of the Nu-zeon special forces the SHADOWS, the SHADOW 9, the truth about the gundams and the dark secret about the evo system.


For two years there was peace, but like always somthing happens to ruin it.
Calestial centery 0988, every so often the Earth government sends a VIP from senate to oversee and inspect facilities on Mars and in Nu-zeon. while on rought to the Nu-zeon homeland, the vip's convy was attacked and destroyed. serviving mobile suit pilots and ship crew reported being hit by somthing and it was over.

Earth beleaved it to be the work of a Nu-zeon weapon in violation of the agrement. Nu-zeon arggued that it wasn't. to resolve this, the marsion government again playing metiator asked that all three send a rep to a mutal loction to settel this peacfully. Earth suggested the Mars L4 colonie Phobos 3.

April 17, on rought to the meeting on phobos 3, the Earth govenment president and Mars rep were attacked and wiped out by some thier own MS escorts. Earth seeing the Nu-zeon rep servived knew that it had to be them, that Mars would really have nothing to gain from this.

The Earth Coilition Government (ECG) under new leadership threaten to invade the Nu-zeon homeland until the matter is resolved and Nu-zeon must comply to the demand.......Nu-zeon sent no reply.


thats all I've got right now, what do you think? oh, if you could create and name your own MS (knowing most have) what would it be and what can it do?
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Post by Strike Wing » Sun May 06, 2007 10:16 pm

Sounds interesting man, though there are spelling errors, but you'll get better at it. :) All in all, sounds good man.
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Post by Yue Osakura » Sun May 06, 2007 10:21 pm

Thanks Strike Wing, needed the confidence boost. it will be a day before i post the rest, ( checking for spelling errors :oops: )
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Post by Strike Wing » Sun May 06, 2007 10:28 pm

Okie dokie man, no prob and no rush. =) Take your time. :) 8)
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Post by Yue Osakura » Mon May 07, 2007 5:40 am

April 23rd 0988, a week after the event. coailtion forces launched from moldana moon base and made way to the Nu-zeon/Marsion border.

The day is now april 26th, at 1200hrs. The Earth coailition space force began it's advance into Nu-zeon controlled space. with thoughts that even if they had the will to fight, Nu-zeon only had ball class and construction type mobile suits.

1400hrs, coailition forces reach halfway to callistos air space.
(some mobile suit pilots on patrol began talking to each other.)

Man oh man, whats the liklyhood that well see some action?

Who knows? Hopfully none.

Yeah, i'll bet..huh. COMMANDER!

Unit commander-What is it unit 1?
(radar starts to sound)

Unit1-I'm picking up somthing on radar!

Unit commander-What is it and how many?

Unit1-Just one sir, it's-it's a zaku?

Unit commander-A zaku? Your joking right?
(a small light is seen in the distance)

Unit comander-Unit 2, varify.

Unit2-He's right sir, it's an old, really old mobile suit from the univrsal century.

Unit1-Your serious? well callisto is known to have the best m.s mussiem. If thier useing outdated suits like that, then this should be fun.

Unit2-unit is coming in fast, really fast, TO FAST! AHH!!
(a missile destroys unit 2)

Unit commander-Unit2!? That was an esan missile! but how did?


Unit commander-Say what? huh?
(milions of lights belonging to mobile suits are seen.)


The Earth forces underesimated Nu-zeons military abilities and met with heavy losses. Here on April 26th, C.C 0988, the battle at callistos midpoint became known as the "CALLISTO MASSACER" with total losses up in the one thosands, mostly on the coalitions side.

thats all i've got now, the prologue is almost over, sorry but i just didn't know how to shorten it. so what dose every body think so far?
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People are like the stars, thier are bright once and then there are thoughs who are dim.

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Post by SolidSpidr » Mon May 07, 2007 9:45 am

This fanfic is opening up pretty well. It seems the EF did one of there classical 'opps there more prepared then we thought' moves again and paid for it. The name Nu-Zeon keeps giving me the picture of a Char red Nu Gundam leading Zakus but that's me. Keep posting Yue its turning out pretty good.
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Post by Yue Osakura » Mon May 07, 2007 10:52 pm

after reports of the battle reached the ECG back on Earth, they immediately declared war on the Nu-zeon. Because the ECG tryed to attack and invaide thier territory, Nu-zeon also declared war on the Earth Coilition.

Mars, not wanting to take part, in fear that it's ecosystem couldn't support battle on world, maded the announcement that it would stay out of the war and that it would form the REPUBLIC OF NUTRAL NATIONS(RNN) and remain a nutral state. And so, battle a new is apon the human race once again, here in a new era.

the year is now C.C. 0992, 4 years sence the war began, both sides have be in a race to develop new and more powerful weapons which are sure to escalate or end an already devistating war.

L3 space colonie, a settlement in the sea of traquilitiy with over 200 thousand people living in it. From schools and malls to businesses and parks, a living enviornment almost identical to Earth. due to the war, many colonies now house military facilities and trainning centers were aspirering young people everywere come to become mobile suit pilots.

here on L3, underneath a mobile suit trainning center is a secret facility employed by the ECM.(earth coilition military)

Technical operator1-Start-up tests for M.S. RXV-002, now beginnig, energy levels normal, data link active.

Tech op2-pilot's vitals are normal, mental and physical status green.

Tech op1- Ether genrator output rising to normal levels.

Tech op2Pilot info entered. All systems are green.

Alright, have the test pilot begin.

Tech op3- roger chief, you may begin testpilot !

the machine takes one step forewred
Thud!! alarms begain to sound.

Chief technition-STATUS REPORT!

Tech op2- Energy levels are to high!

Chief tech-Then enter the shutdown codes!

Tech op3-It's no good! it's not responding to all commands!

Tech op2-It's rejecting commnads from both internal and extuernal soruces!

Chief tech-what is the status of the pilot!?

Tech op1-pilot status is normal, but sinc ratio with unit is dropping fast! rejections imminate!

the unit begins to shake.

Test pilot- Hey up thier. what the hell is going on!

it starts shaking saverly

Test pilot-huh!? WHAT THE!?

the cockpit hatch opens sudenly and the pilot is ejected out.
Fart noise, wush!

Test pilot-AHHH!

PLOP! The test pilot lands on the well paded floor of the testing area.

Test pilot- (sigh of releaf) Oh thank god for plush floors!!

the pilot gets on his hands and knees and kisses the ground.

Tech op2-test pilot is o.k, unit returning to normal.

Tech op1- all systems returning to sleep mode.

the cheif technishion lets out a large sigh and plops down in his sit.

Cheif tech-well, that was exciting more or less.

a rough voice is heard from behind.

* the test was a failuer I see, wouldn't this be the 37th failied atemped this month, Dr. Cane

a very big and very buff man steps out from the shadows.

Dr.Cane-38th, and yes. It's unknown why this unit and it's twin rejects all of ower testpilots put behind the controlls.

* Your the one who designed the system. And yet you mean to tell me you don't know why this keeps happening!

Dr. Cane-well General Walker, I don't know what to tell you. we've done everything to fix the...

Walker-Enough of your excuses! The Coilition Military has invested a graet deal of time and resoruces in to this project, and all you've produced is a defective weapon! I don't know why Admerald Davis was so intrested in such nonseance.

Dr. Cane-General Walker!

BG Walker- Thats Brigader General to you.(looking at Dr. Cane with closed eye's)

Dr. Cane- Brigader General.( said in an anoyed voice) This technology is beyond ower scientific understanding, the use of nano machines and ether energy on this scale is unrealistic! Do you have any idea what was sacrificed to bring this into being!

BG walker opened his eyes with a serious stair)

BG Walker- Humph, watch your tone Cane. (he begain to walk towred Dr. Cane )
It seems to me that your unable to complete the job.(he puts his hand on Canes shoulder)

Cane- What do you mean?

BG Walker-Were having both mobile suits moved to Fedration HQ on Earth for farther testing.

Cane- But you can't, I won't let.. ( Walker griped Canes shoulder tight) Ah!

BG Walker-Don't farget you have a responsablity to the Fedration.

Cane shrugs off Walkers grip.

Cane-I thought Earth was calling it's self a "Coilition".

Walker started to turn away.

BG Walker-Dosen't matter, will begin transfer of the gundams tomarrow, don't try to stall.

He walked to the door as it opened.

Cane-But BG Walker!!

The door closed. Dr. Cane sits back down in his chair and takes out a locket from his left pocket. He opens it to reveal a picture of a pink haired girl.

Cane- If only this didn't happen, If only you were born a regular girl.

He begins to shead tears.

Cane-I'm sorry.... Sakura.

Top side, L3 Ms traning center. Dream like sequince.

A young voice crys out.

young man-Wait! Don't go!

A gentel voice calls back.

gentel voice-Don't worry, I'm sure well see each other agin some day.

Young man- But...

A young female figuer is see through a closeing door.

Young man-please wait!

door closes


Out of dream sequince. we see a young man sleeping in a chair, leaning on the outside wall of MS hanger with a book on his face.

A jeep passes by, and a set of hairy lips quietly approches the sleepong boys ear.

A soft but beurly voice wispers in his ear

* Yue, oh Yue, It's time to get up.

Yue-Um, mum mum just 5 more min's mommy.

* Oh, o.k. take your time, take as much time as you need.

Yue-Um mum, thank you.

a booming voice is heard. CADET YUE, FROUNT AND CENTER!

Yue-AH!? Ouch!

The young man falls out of the chair and hits his head on the wall

Yue-man that hurts, Huh?

Yue looks up to see a tall man in an Earth forces uniform with his arms crossd standing in frount of him.

Yue-Ahh, commander james sir!?

Yue quickly stands at attinchion

Commander James- You were sleeping on the job agin, weren't you?

Yue- Um,...No sir I

Commander James-Um, Um nothing! Now I've told you time and time again to stop speanding late nights in the simulater. I know i said you could to improve your piloting skills, but if this keeps up and gets in the way of your duties, I'll have to take it away.

yue puts his head down

Yue- sorry sir.

Commander James-Thats alright, for now anyways. ower team will be starting it trainning runs in a few. Make sure your at hagner 14 by 1500hrs

Yue- Yes sir.(with his head still down)

Commander james- Oh, and Yue?

Yue looks up * Yes, commander?

Commander James- DON'T BE LATE THIS TIME!!!

Yue-AH! ye-ye-yes sir, commander James sir! ( saluting him)

Comander James walks away

*(sigh of releaf) man that was some wake up call.

Yue picks up the chair and sits dpwn

Yue- ( that dream again, why now after so long?), what time is it, Ugh!?

he looks at his watch on his wrist

Yue- OH MAN, it's 2:30, i've only got a half hour to eat somthing and go to the restroom. Damit!

He jumps up and takes off to the direction of the mess hall

Yue-If I'm late again, the commander will have me running laps for days.
Thats it for now, what do you guys think so far?
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Post by Strike Wing » Sat May 12, 2007 2:20 am

Nice. 8)
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Post by Yue Osakura » Mon May 14, 2007 6:18 pm

Mean while, on the weat side of the colonie. a carrgo ship has just finished docking

*docking complete, that was easier than I thought.

* Yeah, you'd think sence this is an Earth controlled settlement, there would be higher security then this.

A black haired man in an Earth forces uniform enters the cockpit

*( speaking in a calm yet sinister voice) sence there so close to Earth, they think there safe.

* commander?

Commander- How long before the rest of the squad starts it's attack?

* 3 hours.

Commander- Good, we should have both prototypes by then. what of the mobile suit team?

* The three of them are in the carrgo contaners that you will be "Delivering" to the military base.

Commander- Right, make sure to have the decoys ready for ower escape, we don't want an screw up on this mission.

* yes sir.

The black haired man leaves the cockpit and gets off the ship to see a transport truck waiting for him

Commander- are we all set?

Driver- yes sir.

Commander- Alright, lets get moveing.

Driver- Yes sir, Commander Zenith.

Back inside the colonies military instatushion, we find Yue running to hanger 14. Yue enters the hanger and sees commander James and the two other members of his team

Commander James- Alright, you know the drill, roll call. Maria Alister!

Maria- Here sir.

Commander james- (with an "I don't know why" look on his face) Rocky!

Rocky- Here. Hey Maria looken good in that uniform.

Maria- Don't even try.

Rocky- Owww, come-on that was just a complament is all, no harm.

Commander James- (coughing noise) anyways, now weres Yue? Yue Osakura!!

Yue- Here I am!!

Commander James- Your late, Again.

Yue- sorry, sir.

Commander James- What ever, Alright, listen up! I've got an anouncment! Today we won't be Doing simulator missions.

Yue in thought- Damn, I was hoping to get some more time in.

Commander James- Nope, were going to use these mobile suits in a real tranning sinnreio.

All three- Huh!?

Rocky- So we've finaly moved up the food chain.

Maria- Don't get happy yet, piloting a real suit is completely diffrent from the simulators.

Rocky- Ha, like you'd know. Your a newbe too, so don't try acting all high an mighty, " Witch of ...

Maria- Finish that sentince, and it'll be my fist in you teeth!!

Commander James- Thats enough both of you!! The three of you will be the death of me. Anyways, like I was saying, well be uesing these standred ground combat MS's

Yue- Wow! This is so cool!

Maria- Yue, get over it already. It's not the first time you've seen a mobile suit up close.

Rocky- Oh, leave him alone. Let him be amazed.

Commander James- Yo! (Wishseling noise) Zip it. Yue, pay attenchion. these units are equiped with the works: head valcan, small shield, and a guard stick to use as your saber for now. I'll let you deside on your main weapons.

Commander James- Well be going to the main tranning field to put what you've lerned to good ues.

Maria- Alright!!

Rocky- Ha, and you tell Yue to get over him self.

Maria- Shut-up!!

Commander James- You three will be the death of me, anyway, well bref once were in the ski, so get ready.

All three- Yes sir!!

Rocky- Hold up!? Did he say "when were in the ski"?

Yue- Breifing? I thought it was just more tranning, not a real mission.

Yue and his teammates head to the aircraft landing plateform, to find an air craft normally used to carry and deploy mobile suits on Earth, inside of a colonie

Commander James- Look at her, ant she a beaut if you've ever seen one.

Yue- Uh, huh.


Everyone got onto the transport and it lifted off to take them to the mission area

Commander James- O.k. listen up, as you can tell, If you have, this isn't a normal tranning mission. this mission will have some of the same asspecs as a real mission, just no risks.....mostly.

Rocky to himself- hum, no risks he says.

Commander James- I'll pretend I didn't here that, Rocky.

Rocky shrugs his sholders

Commander James- (coughing noise) Anyways, here it gose. the mission is simple, were being air lifted from the base to the tranning field.

Maria- Whats the terran like?

Commander James- Good question, the exerciss will take place in an urben setting.

Commander James- Your mission is to make it through the city from the drop point to the convincion center in the middle of the city. There you'll encuonter and nutralize the target commander unit.

Commander James- there will be alot of target drowns and old unmaned MS units, so stay alert.

Everyone- YES SIR!

Commander James- Oh, and one more thing.

the three of them looked at thier commanding officer like "here comes another catch"

Commander James- I won't be joining you in this exercise.

Yue- What!?

Maria- Why not!?

Commander James- I want to see how you function on your own.

Rocky- So whos leading the team on this mission then? Can't be Yue the pipsqueek over there.

Yue- Hey! Watch who your calling pipsqueek, pervert!

Rocky- who you callen prevert, pipsqueek?

Commander James- SHUT-UP BOTH OF YOU NOW! It just so happens that Yue is the team leader on this mission.

Rocky- What? Why?

Commander James- because i won't be there, I'll only be giving technical support from the air craft, besides I trust Yue's jugment over yours any day.

Yue sticks his toung out at rocky, Rocky makes a fist.

* 20 seconds to target point.


Everyone- YES SIR!
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People are like the stars, thier are bright once and then there are thoughs who are dim.

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Post by Yue Osakura » Sat May 19, 2007 1:04 am

WOW! I cann't beleave it. Over 540 people have looked at what i put in this forum and I didn't even put that much, and most of what i put wasn't as good as i wanted it to be.... don't that beat all.

All three got to thier asigned units, but before Yue boarded his

Yue-(whats that?)

he sees a large contanner in place of were a mobile suit should be

Yue- ( theres somthing not right about....)

Intercom- 10 seconds.

he pays no mind to his feeling and straps into his seat

Commander James- Alright you three, were here so get ready!

all three brace themselves

Intercom- we've arrived at the target area, deploying MS Jagers!

Each unit tuched down one at a time. Rocky, Maria, then Yue.

Maria- (grone) Not as bad as it was last time. (grone)

Rocky-ugh, NOT AS BAD! I think i'm going to be sick.

Yue- stop complaning, we only droped 8 stories.

Rocky- Yeah, and your point is?

Maria- Don't be such a wuss, I thought you were the big man on base.

Rocky- Oh shut-up, miss "witch from the black-----

Maria- If you finish that sentens, I will put my suits foot so far UP YOUR ASS THAT YOU'LL BE---


Maria/Rocky-yes sir (in an eritated voice)

Yue makes a small laugh at the two

Intercom- MS drop complete, moveing to obsrvation flight.

Commander James- Alright, you know the mission and you know what to do. move through the city eliminating any enemies you encounther while moving to the convencion center, then find and take out main target. Understand?

Everyone- Yes sir!

Commander James- Then move out!

The transport leaves the three on the outskurts of a ruined city. a once florishing city now nothing but run down buildings, this due to a past attack on the colonie years ago.

Yue- Maria, do you have ower position?

Maria- Were 40km away from target point. It's due east from ower current position.

Yue- Alright guys, lets move out.

Rocky in thought- Just because the commander puts him in charge, Yue thinks he's the boss. Hum, sword happy, game playing, bookworm, pip-

Yue- Rocky!!

Rocky- Uh, what, what do you want?

Yue- Over there, that building at 8'oclock!

They turn to see a shadow moveing behind one of the buildings

Maria- Enemy units detected around us!

More shadows apper. one of them move from behind an old bomed out buildings

Rocky- what the...what the hell is that thing? (said in a comical voice)

A small floting drone appers and looks at them moving it's red eye

Rocky- What kind of enemy is that? It looks like a flying trashcan with a gun, what could it possably do to--

Maria- Rocky! move 4 meters to your left!

Rocky- what for? HUH?

the drone fires a massive shot at Rockys Jager, but rocky moves out of the way just in time


the spot were Rocky was standing was nothing but a hole the size of a small impact crater.

* I see you've met your opponets!

Yue- commander, that you?

Commander james- No, It's your mother. Offcourse it's me! I told you i'd give technical support.

Rocky- ower opponets?

Yue- But sir, these aren't trainning drones, thier real security drones with live munition.

Maria- What!?

Rocky- You gotta be ZOINKS'en me, real ammo?

The commander gives a smark like smile

Commander james- yep, and I suggest you start moving and take cover, cause theres more comming.

Two more drones pop out of the shadow of the first

Rocky- Oh, come-on!

Maria- looks like we don't have a choice.

four more appear from behind them

Yue- Right!

Yue points his units weapon at the drone infrount of him

Yue- LETS GO!!

a shot is fired


well that's it for now. next time i'll put the MS data and equipment that they have and the enemy data too. till then...enjoy.
People are like the stars, thier are bright once and then there are thoughs who are dim.

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Post by Yue Osakura » Tue May 22, 2007 2:35 am

And now it's time for "YUE'S MECHA FILES!"

ch.1, this is were i'm suppost to put data on the MS, MA, space craft, and other things, but the problem is, most of the data is more then likely going to be similer to exsisting mecha and most of what i've got don't have names, infact most don't even have a model numder. To make things really bad, i...don't have pic's to show :oops: so bear with me...please

" please note that the units posted are trademarked and i am not trying to say that there all mine and/or put clame to them.(even though the people at sunrise, ETC, and myself think on the same page)

Model#- MAW- C17-G
Code name- JAGER
unit type- mass production ground assult MS
manufactuer- Earth Coalition military
operators- ECM
First deployement- CC 0976
Accommodation- pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions- overall height 18.2m; head height 17.2
weight- empty 42.0mt; max gross 58.5mt
construction- unknown
powerplant- ultracompact energy battery, output rate unknown
propulsion- rocket thrusters 3x15000 kg, 4x1440 kg
preformance- max thrust 1.17g, 180` turn time 2.6sec
fixed arms- 2x40mm vulcan gun, fire linked, head mount; 1 beam saber, in left/right hip recharge pack, hand carred in use
optional arms- low output beam rifle; switchable round sniper rifle, can fire beam or solid rounds; close combat nuckel guards with small impact explosive round attached to fist; standred low recoil mechine gun, clip fed, 250 rounds per clip, 1 clip on back clip rack of weapon, 2 on stored in shield; standerd avs shield, mount on ether forearm

Technical and historical notes
one of the ECM's early improvments in ground ms technology, with a base frame close to the RGM-79(G) GM Ground type design from the UC. back before war was around the corner, this perticuler ms was used mostly for war games on earth by the militery, it did not start seeing real active combat until 0990 when the war got so far as earth and inside colonies. after the deploement of the new, more cost effective MAW- C23 TIGROSS, the Jager was now used for trainning pilots for ground type combat and basic ms controls.

pilots; Yue Osakura, Maria Allister, Allen davis(Rocky)

Yue's unit equipment- low recoil mechine gun, avs shield, security shock night stick( in place of beam saber)

Maria's unit- nuckel guards, left/right hands; assist booster, linked to primary pack

Rocky's unit- switchable round sniper rifle, one beam shot clip, mounted on back rack, 2 solid round clips, one on back rack, 1 in shield; avs shield; small shock night stick( in place of beam saber)

Code name- security combat drone
unit type- mass production, AI controled, floting security robot
Fixed arms- shourt barrel cannon, mount on back, under unit in use; 2x rocket pods, mounted on each sholder

model#- MAW-C12-GAI
code name- jen-AI

from here lets just say the specs are somewhat weaker then the jagers

unit equiped with a standerd mechien gun, sholder monuted shield, and stun rod.
Now back to the story

Yue fires at one of the drones, but it has little affect

Yue- what!? singal shots won't work! Guys, formation two!

Maria- Roger.

Maria takes position behind a building

Yue- Rocky!

He points to the roof of a tall building to the southeast of them

Rocky- Gotcha, cover me!

Rocky makes a break for the building, but somthing rams him from the right. his unit hits the ground hard face down

Rocky- Ahh, S$#$% what was--huh?

He sees a large red eye from the back moniter

Rocky- S#$$%, a mobile suit!?

A green and red jen unit points it's gun at Rockys back and readies to fire, he has no time to react

Rocky- Damn-it!!!

The enemy unit stops in place, a spiked robotic fist comes right through it's chest and pulls out. It falls to the left and explods.

Rocky with a sigh of relif and suprise

* so you gonna sit there all day or are you going to get moving!

Rocky looks and sees Maria's unit standing infront of him

Maria- well, what do you want a grave invitateion, get moving. I've got you coverd. (putting her fists up)

Rocky-Right, count of three.

Rocky gets his unit up on it's feet, both maria and himself get ready, two drones and a jen close-in


Rocky takes off to the foot of the building, while Maria dashes into the enemy avoiding fire and takes out one of the drones with an uppercut.

Mean while, Yue's got his own hands full

Yue- Damn-it, where are these things comming from!?

as he's pent down fireing from behind a building, taking out drone after drone

Yue- They just keep comming, but from where? Huh!?

a Jen comes up from behind ready to strike with it's stun rod


A beam shot goes right through the jen's side and it blows in midair

* Hey, rookie, you alive over thier!?

Yue- Rocky, about time!

Yue focuses one of his moniters to Rockys position to see him pick out another target

Rocky- Yeah! Come to daddy.(targeting another drone) LOCKED, gottcha.

Rocky takes out four more enemy units

Yue- Great job! (but somthings still not right, even with Rocky in position and all the AI MS's gone, the drones will just keep comming)

Yue looks around and sees Maria doking it out with 2 AI's to his right, all clear to his left and behind, until he sees a small red light in the distince

Yue- whats that?

Yue enhances it on his moniter


Rocky- Yo.

Yue- 10:30 of you, in the distence inside that burnd out building, do you see it?

Rocky ajusts and magnifices to see what yue's talking about

Yue- Do you see it? That red light that keeps blinking.

Rocky- Yeah, I see it, what about it?

Yue- FIRE NOW! It's the control box to the security drones, with out it's signal....

Rocky looks again

Rocky- your RIGHT!

Rocky gets up from his snipping position and focues on that one point

Maria and Yue are back to back as over 20 drones close-in for the kill



The drones point thier cannons at them and ready to fire

rocky fires-------and bearly hits the signal box

Rocky- Oh Sh@#

All of a sudden, all the drones just stop moveing and drop to the ground

Maria with eyes closed- Are we dead yet?

Yue- I don't think so.

Maria-(sigh) we made it.

mean while, on board the transport

*there not bad for new commers

Commander James- Yeah, almost to good, think it's time for me to step in.

Maria with a pissed look on her face- RRRR, HEY, YOU. WHAT THE HELL TOOK YOU!!

Rocky- whao, whao, wait a sec here. if I had been off a parsec more, I wouldn't of hit it and we would have failed the mission, not to menchion both of you would be dead!

Maria- Why didn't you just fire a second round if you knew you'd miss?

Rocky- I only had 1 shot left.

Maria- Well thats just--WHAT!?

An AI Jen knocks Yue down with a rush and comes close to striking Maria's unit with it's stun rod

*BANG* A beam shot gose through the head and weapon whealding left arm while Maria turns and punches a hole into the units chest

Rocky jumping down from the top of the building- that was a close one.

Yue- Thought you said you we're out?

Rocky- I lied, so sew me.

Maria- Why, you( steping closer and ready to punch rocky's unit)

Yue- Maria, calm down.(puting his arm up to block her) You can kill him later, right now we need to get on with the mission.

Yue trys to contact the transport

Yue- this is unit 01, come-in transport.

A female voice comes on the com

* this is Dawn, come-in unit 01.

Yue- where's Commander James?

Dawn- He's takeing a call from HQ, in the mean time I'll be acting as your leasion.

Yue- O.K. well we've cleared this area and were moving to the next point.

Dawn- Roger that, your only a few kilometers away from the objective and the picup zone. just head....Ah

Yue- Operator, Dawn come-in. Whats happening?

Dawn- It's an enemy unit. It's attacking the transport!

Rocky- What's she saying

Maria- shhhh!

Yue- Dawn, what's your position?


Maria- think thats the target point.

Rocky- sounds a little fishy to me. What do we do?

Yue- What do you think, we go.

Rocky- you sure? cause I'm not likeing this.

Yue- I'm sure, lets just check it out and see whats up.

Rocky and Maria- Right!

After the near ass whiping by the drones and AI mobile suits, the team heads for the convenchion center to find this new enemy that could be more than just an out of control AI run amok

well thats it for now. dose anyone have any questions or suggestions to what i could put in, becouse i'm still trying to come up with a desent begening. I've got the middle, I even have how it ends, but how it all starts from here is over my head
People are like the stars, thier are bright once and then there are thoughs who are dim.

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Post by Yue Osakura » Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:16 pm

System active, openning MS data record

unit type- mass production ground combat MS
manufacturer- Nu-Zeon
operator-Nu-Zeon, ECM
First deployded-C.C. 0975
Accommodation-pilot only, standard cockpit in torso
dimensions- overall height 18.9m, head height 18.4
weight- empty 58.8 metric tons, max gross 78.9mct
Powerplant- ultracompact energy battery, output unknown
propulsion-rocket thrusters 3x41000kg
preformance- max thrust 0.60g
fixed arms-heat wire, retractable, electric\ grappling weapon, mont in right forarm; claw mounted in left hand
options- duel protection shields mount on left and right sholder; 75mm gatling gun, mount on left sholder; heat saber type 5, store on left hip

Technical and Historical notes
At the time, Nu-Zeon did not have the resources to construct there own MS units. so to commidate the need for military power, Nu-Zeon recyceled old units from old data banks and MS mussiums and improved them with new age technology. The MS Gouf custom refit was chosen as a canadate to be remade and put to active combat when most of the battles began to take place on Earth. known for it's grade A capabilities as a ground combat MS, with improved armor and weapons made it a great choice. leater replaced by the Nu-Zeons multi-perpos MS Bull terror Zaku.

Only 25 units were remade including 1 specal made model.

Yue and his team finally get out of the maze like city area and end up at the city's centeral convinchion center, a large dome like building once used for major sporting events now nothing but a bomed out ruin of it's former glory

Maria- Is this it?

Rocky- Looks like it.

an explosion is heard, glass falls from the top of the already caved-in dome building.

Rocky- What was that?

Machine gun fire is heard

Maria- Weapons fire from in--LOOK UP THIER!

Above the opening of the dome, the transport is seen fireing at something.static is heard on the radio

* Co---e---i--n-----MS-----team!

Yue- This is unit 1, Yue here, whats happening?

the static clears

Dawn- were under attack by an unknown Unit, we need help!

Maria- well wheres the security detail, can't you call for support from the base? What about colonial security?

* bow shield failling!

Dawn- No time, you guys have to take it out.

Rocky- WHAT! How do you think we could beat a real suit in combat with just trainning shells and weapons?

* shield down 10%!

Yue-(somethings not right, oh well)

Yue goes inside

Rocky- Hey kid!

Maria-Wait Yue, we don't know whats in their!

Rocky- Damn, that, grrr. Well shall we? lady's first.

Maria- Age before beauty.

Rocky- you suck.( his unit moves into the building)

Maria- You wish. (maria follows)

The two enter the center of the dome to find Yue dogeing gun fire

Maria- Yue!

bullets come their way

Rocky- Maria, get back!

the weapons fire stoped and all that could be seen is a cloud of smoke and dust

Rocky- You alright, Maria?

Maria- I'm alright, but wheres Yue?

rocky switches his sensers to enfared and looks around

Rocky- lets see, we've got a suit over there behind a wall of so kind, thats got to be him. Hey, Yue!

Gun fire gose their way and stops

Yue- Keep it down, switch to channel 42

Maria- Right. Whats going on? Wheres the enemy?

Yue- 10' O clock high of you, in the celing.

Rocky looks up and sees the unknown units heat

Rocky- I see him.

Maria- Can you get a shot off?

Rocky- I might.

Yue- will cover, you get into a fireing position

Rocky- roger.

Yue- lets hurry before the smoke clears.

Maria\Rocky- Right!

Yue- Maria, switch to infared, mines busted. don't lose sight of him.

Maria- O.K, got him in my sights.

Yue- Alright, on the count of three. 1....2.....3!

Maria and Yue moved from their hiding places and started shooting their guns, while Rocky moved to the back of the dome where theirs large chuncks of concret to hide behind.

seeing as Rocky's sniper rifle can do some damage even though it's only got trainning shells. made for the best action to take, or so they thought

Maria- we've got him!

The both of them fire at the same place hopeing to do some damage to the enemy

lots of smoke and falling dabrie is seen

Yue- Rocky, hurry!

Rocky- just a second, almost ready.

Maria- um, Yue. i've lost him!

Yue- Say what!?

Everyone starts looking around

Rocky spots him

Rocky- 2 O'clock high!

Gun fire comes Maria's way, but Yue gets in front of her and blocks it with his shield

Yue- You alright?

Maria- I've got legs you know! where is it? huh!?

the shadow of the enemy is seen flying through the air and straght tword rocky

Maria- ROCKY! He's comming your way, look out!

Rocky- I see him. (locking-on) Got you, EAT THIS!

Rocky fires a beam shot at the shadow but it vanishes

Rocky- What the f@@^%!? where'ed it go?

A cable of some sort comes from out of know were and attaches to Rocky's rifle

Rocky- Hey? Wha!?

an electric current from the cable gose through the rifle and it exploseds in Rocky's face

Rocky pulls out his stun rod

Rocky-Why you son of a...

something slashes down on Rocky's unit taking his right arm, rocky falls back and hits a wall

Rocky- Urgh!

Maria- ROCKY!

Yue moves in fireing his valcan and his main gun at were the enemy was standing

Rocky- Hey, watch it squrt, you'll hit me!

Yue- S@$%t, how'ed he?

Maria- He's in the air, above you!

Yue looked up to see a blue mobile suit atop a piller. It jumps from the piller fireing down with the gun on it's left shoulder.

Yue gets out of the way, dogeing backwards as the enemy unit land on the ground. the dust finally clears, everyone looks in tarror at the monster that they've been fighting.

Maria- What is that!

Rocky trying to stand- get up you piece of junk!

Yue- a real Nu-Zeon mobile suit. the Gouf.

The enemy unit stands up stright as dust blows by it. and as it's glowing red eye indicates, someones going to die.
People are like the stars, thier are bright once and then there are thoughs who are dim.

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Post by Yue Osakura » Sun Jun 17, 2007 2:04 am

This is really cool, over 1200 people have had a look at what I've got and it isn't even that much.

Rocky gets up with stun rod in hand

Rocky-BASTERD, HA!!!!!

Swings at the Gouf from behind with all his might, but the enemy turned quickly and useing the claws on it's left hand, slashed right through Rocky's Right MS arm

Rocky-How the HELL!! !?!

The Gouf then ripped through Rocky's left leg like a hot knife and knockes Rocky to the ground

Rocky- URGH! Damn-it, this isn't...!?!

The Gouf aims it's right arm at Rocky, and launches a cable which attaches to the main body and electracuts Rocky's whole unit


Maria- Rocky!!!!

Yue- No!

Maria- You, you, son of a BIIITCH!!

Maria charges in at the enemy with fists ready to unleash a devisateing blow


Maria- HAAAAA!

Yue starts to look around quickly to see if he could some how even the playing field

Yue- Damn, (starts to run after her) got one chance.

The enemy Gouf seeing Maria's unit charging in, retracts the cable and charges in too. unseen from behind maria, Yue jumps up and throughs his shield, which lands right in frount of the two.

Maria stops in her trackes, but the Gouf useing it's claw, jabed through the shield and piercese Maria's upper chest plate, and slashes away the whole right arm. Maria falls to the ground hard

Maria- F@%^, !?!

Gouf points it's shoulder mount gatling gun at her, but Yue (still in the air) fires a volly of machine gun rounds at it damageing the Gouf's gun. then pulls out his stun rod and horizontal slashes down. Gouf evaids it by jumping back some meters.

Yue- Maria, you ok?

Maria- Yeah, I'll be fine.

Yue- Don't move, leave him TO ME! HAAAAAA!

Maria- Yue, wait, pull back you can't beat that thing!

Yue runs in and swings from to the left only to be blocked by the Gouf's left shoulder shield. the two jump away from each other.

Yue- you'll pay for hurting my friends!

Yue stands ready to attack again, the Gouf looks at it's claw and at it's shields. then removes the claw to reveal a reguler hand and detatches it's shields and gun

Maria- What is it doing?

Yue- lightenning it's load.

The Gouf then pulls from it's left side a large sword and take a knights fighting stance

Yue- A sword fight huh? lets see if you can keep up with me.

the two square off swords clashing, matching each other move for move. Yue tries to get in close but the gouf knees Yue's unit in the gut and back slashes it damageing Yue right arm. Yue falls to the ground

Yue- AHHH! Damn-it my saber! !?!

Yue sees the gouf in the air coming down for a finishing blow, but Yue fires his head valcan, the gouf guards to protect it's self, yue rolls to the right out of it's way when the gouf stomps down. Yue gets up

Yue- Great, I've lost the hydro in my right arm. What am I going to.....

Yue gets a thought

Yue- what if i knock out his drive systems, then he couldn't move and this will be over.

*Yue, look out!

Yue looks up to see the gouf charge in sword ready to deliver the last cut. he jumps to the air to avoid.

Yue- Maria, throw me your saber! Hurry!

Maria detaches her knuckle guard and grabs her saber and was ready to throw it, when the gouf useing it's cable to rape around one of Yue's legs, pulled him down from the air and slams Yue to the ground on to his back


the gouf is seen standing right over yues damnged jager, it semms escape is impossable at this point

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