Mobile Weapon Drakkar *phase 1 complete*

Your own tale of two mecha.

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Mobile Weapon Drakkar *phase 1 complete*

Post by assault gundam » Wed Apr 25, 2007 7:16 pm

To clear a few things up, this is my own mecha series, even though it highly reasembles gundam. I am just writing the intro to see if people are interested in it, for, I am not the greatest author. In fact, I think this is the greatest( i think) idea I have ever had.


In the near future, man has made colonies surounding earth. At first, the colonies were aloud to have there own policies, goverment, etc..., even though they were built by Earth. In the years to come, the Earth started to grow suspicious about the colonies, since they had no idea what the colonies were doing. Earth decided that they would take control back over the colonies, telling them to be controlled by Earth. The colonies did not want this to happen though, and tensions rose.

Threats were said by both factions, neither side beleiving one and other though. Earth, getting mad, decided they would put a threat in that they were already realising. They told the colonies to bow down or they would amass an army that would crush them. The colonies had not taken this threat siriously, since the Earth had already made such threats before. What the colonies did not know, was that Earth was not bluffing.

Earth had started to create an army of humanoid machines, what they called Dragoons. The Dragoons were piloted by humans, who piloted the Dragoons from the Dragoons chest. After years that the threat was in place, Earth launched a full scale invasion on the colonies, destroying 5 space colonies in 1 day. The colonies, having heavy losses, tried to fight back with any weapon they had, battleships(which were capable of space flight), air ships, anything. Nothing could stop the Earth's superior numbers and technology.

The colonies started to try to create mobile weapons that were like the the dragoons. Still trying to fend off the Earth, they created 10 prototype Drakkars, mobile weapons similar to the Dragoons but with dragonoid heads. Before they could be put into opperation, a spy for the Earth alliance, named Gerald Jewl, gave away the facility in which the prototypes were being manufactured. Earth attacked the facility, and only 3 prototypes survived, Helion, Predator, and angelwing.

As the colonies took heavy losses, they had to start recrueting younger people ( 16 to 18 ) to fight the war. The year is 84 S.M(space migration).
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Post by SolidSpidr » Thu Apr 26, 2007 10:42 am

I see how you say it resembles Gundam, its like a cross between Gundam and Dragonar, Dragonar in the names of mecha, though. It looks promising, and could be good. Its kinda got a Seed Destiny feel to it with the Earth finding out about prototypes and then destroying them.
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Post by assault gundam » Thu Apr 26, 2007 11:30 am

thanks! I will wait for more reaplies before I go ahead with it though

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Post by Ravager » Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:44 am

Well, can't say this is original, but give it a little bit of twists along the story and this could turn out good

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Post by assault gundam » Tue May 01, 2007 5:59 pm

Well here it is.....finaly :roll:

PHASE 1: Paradise???
Part 1

On the beach of C8(colony C8 ), also known as the colony of paradise, lay Shiro Amada, a 17 year old with medium lentgh spiky black, who is a reserve pilot for the 3 reamaning prototype Drakkar, in his shorts and a t-shirt. A girl, Kara Jewl, daughter of Gerald Jewl, also 17 with shorter( NOT tomboish) blond hair in a shirt and skirt, who was also a reserve for the Drakkar prototypes, was walking towards Shiro.

"Heres your ice cream Shiro," she said, handing Shiro the ice cream.

"Thanks!" Shiro said smilling while taking the ice cream.

Then, in a very serious maner, Kara said, "Shiro, do you think that another spy like my....( you could tell she was holding it back)..... father will tell the Earth forces that the 3 last Drakkar are here..."

"Naw," Shiro responded.

Some 10 feet away from where Shiro and Kara were talking, a mysterious looking man, bald with sunglases on, dialed a phone-number on his cell phone and said to the person he was talking to " They are here!!!" After those words if flipped down his cell phone, stood up and walked away. Shiro and Kara had not noticed this mysterious character or what he did, as they were talking to a new figure that just appeared.

"What brings you to the beach Wolfe?" Shiro said in a joking fashion, "You aren't known to be a beach type of person."

Wolfe Storm, also a reserve pilot, has longer spiky, silver hair. He is 18. He is the silent but extremely deadly kind. He was in long sleeve shirt and ripped jeans. The three are all freinds, They are the only freinds Kara has...


Just outside the colony, unnoticed by the colonies radar, a Geist class battleship uncloaked revealling the boxish design with four wings (two on top and two on bottom). It also has many anti-ship guns and 3 anti-battleship guns, which are on the bridge which is on the back. Sudenly, a squardron of 5 earth alliance feure dragoons, 4 with the usual white and red colors, and on with black and red came from the battleship, each were armed with machine guns. The Feure Dragoons resemble the zaku warrior from gundam seed destiny but with no shield and a Daggers face. A MW transport ship also departed from the Geist. The squad Started to head towards the colony...


Inside the military operations facility on C8, Everyone was in an uprore, as they found out about the squad that came from the Geist ship. Also, htey only had the 3 prototypes and a few Klein fighters. They also had one new batleships called "titan". The Titan battleship was, however, not ready to launch yet. As they were getting ready to load the Drakkar, the Feure Dragoons breached the colony and were heading straight towards the military base.

On the beach, Shiro, Kara, and Wolfe were running for there lives as the MW transport landed and a New Dragoon unit emerged. The man that told the EA(earth alliance) where the MWs were went into the New Dragoon, a Fleish Dragoon. The Fleish Dragoon had two shoulder cannons, a sheild and was armed with a newly found technology beam sub-machine gun. It started to move and flew towards the military base also, Which was nearby.

The SCUA's(space colony united army) Klein fighters were easilly destroyed by the Feure Dragoons. The Dragoons were looking for the Drakkars which were underground, which they didn't know. They were capable of killing the pilots for them though. Which meant that The SCUA's only hope was Shiro, Kara, And Wolfe, who were on there way there through an underground passageway to the hangar. They had resceived a message that they had to pilot the Drakkars because thay were the only ones left to pilot them.

The SCUAs Klein fighters were trying to fend of the feure Dragoons with little succes. They mannaged to take down one of the EAs Feure Dragoons but the fighters were picked of by the rest.

" The enemy Drakkar are no where's to be found. Our main target is now the SCUAs new battleship. It is not operrational yet, so it should be easy to take down, " The pilot of the Fleish dragoon commanded.

As they found the Titan battleship, three hangars emergewd from the ground revealling the 3 Drakkar, Angel wing, resembling the wing zero custom from gundam wing with the robottic dragon head and armed with two double beam cannons and piloted by Shiro, Predator, which looked like a predator from the movie predator but mecha version with the dragon-like head and armed with two beam wrist blades, a sheild, and a gigantic anti-ship sword and was piloted by Kara, and helion, which looked like heavy arms from gundam wing with the dragon head and armed with two dual gatling guns and four six tube missile pods which was piloted by Wolfe.

"Stay sharp and wach your flank, we are out manned," Wolfe said to Kara and Shiro.

"roger!" Shiro and Kara replied.

A pilot of one of the Feure Dragoons was the first to notice the MWs before he was shot down by Shiro. The rest of the dragoons( four are left) began to counter attack as Kara charged at the comander Feure Dragoon, another Feure snuk up from behind just to be blown to peases by Wolfe. Kara them took out Predator's sword and cut the head off of the Last non-customized Feure Dragoon, and them cut it in half. The Fleish Dragoon started to shoot the shoulder cannons at Kara, Who was hit in the leg.

"Kara!!!" Shiro shouted as he targeted the Fleish Dragoon and blew it's arms of before it could shoot at Kara. The comander Feure Dragoon started to shoot at Shiro but Shiro sheilded himself using the wings. Wolfe started to shoot at the Feure Dragoon hitting it's leg.

"We have to retreat!" the Fleish Dragoon pilot said. The comander Feure Dragoon acceptid that order and retreated to the out side of the colonies.

" Dammit! The're getting away!" Shiro said

"Shiro calm down, are enegy is depleated, these weren't supposed to be ready for battle yet," Wolfe said calmly.

"anyway, shiro we need to protect hte titan" Kara said.

The three pilots got out of the MWs and heade for the titan finding the crew and captain. They saluted the captin and gave there names and ranks. the caiptain being the renowned pilot an dcaptain alex Mac Kinnon.

" We thank you for your help," Caiptain Mac Kinnon siad as he saluted back," the Titan is ready for take-off and we have a Strakin jet with us which means your not going to be the only people that will fight, I will be fighting with you to"

"WHAT!!!" all the crew members, Shiro , Kara and Wolfe said in shock

" I am the most experianced pilot here and you can't denie it," captain Mac Kinnon began,"and that EA battleship is still ou there waiting for us."


Just as the crew began to take-off the extirior wall of the colony began to break open and the Geist battleship appeared. There were still civilians in the colony and they were sucked into the vacumm of space. All you could hear were the screams of people as they were sucked away or killed by a squdron of Feure Dragoons that emerged from the rear of the ship.

End Phase 1
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