Guyver Fan-fic Beyond the Grave

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Guyver Fan-fic Beyond the Grave

Post by krullnar » Mon Oct 06, 2008 8:50 pm

I know it says by largo that is my handle at the site where I orginally posted this so just letting everyone know that so no one thinks that I ripped this off. Now there originally was some very r rated material but I decided that not long after posting it that it really need not be there for the story so when I finally get around to posting the rewrite it won't be in there. Well other then that here is chapter 1 of my fan-fic depending on the responses I get well decide if I post the other 5 chapters.

Disclaimer: This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and the original authors of Contains violent situations with adult language and adult situations. This is not meant to be explicit but to convey the story and the depth of my characters love. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Beyond the Grave: Death's Ascension

By Largo


The Void

A half dead being floats through the infinite nothingness that is The Void. The being, barely clinging to life awakens.

Half dead: Help! Somebody help me! My Gods I beg of you, please help me!

Like space one can not speak in the void but the message was heard. After several seconds he hears a voice in his head.

Unknown: So you are saying that you want to live?

Half dead: Yes, I want to live.

Unknown: Why does a creature created solely for destruction want to live? Is it so you can continue your reign of terror?

Half dead: No!

Unknown: So you wish to die.

Half dead: That’s not what I meant. I was not created solely for destruction. I must have other purposes, other reasons for being.

Unknown: Yes, yes you were.

Half dead: No, that can’t be true!

Unknown: Then what were you created for then?

Half dead: I don’t know, I don’t know, but I know it isn’t my destiny to destroy.

Unknown: You say that there are other reasons for your being but you don’t know what they are.

Half dead: Yes.

Unknown: Alright then, I will give you a chance to find that destiny you think you are meant to fulfill.

Half dead: I don’t understand.

Unknown: In laymen’s terms I will give you another chance at life.

Half dead: How can I, when my god’s will chose my destiny for me?

Unknown: When you are given that second chance at life you will be a guyver.

Half dead: Why do all this for me?

Unknown: It’s been a while since I’ve had much to do, and by the looks of things it promises to be quite entertaining. Feel no need to thank me I’m doing all of this for my own personal amusement.

Half dead: I see, lets get this over with then.

Just as the last word lapsed his mind, an intense pain shot straight through his body. An unknown energy ran through out his entire body. This energy began to change his very being. The very being that just stood at death’s door way now begin to surge with life. With the regeneration of his body came the restoration of his mind. As the pain subdued he looked down at him self with almost a certain joy. Right in the mist of his self exploration a voice once again boomed in his head.

Unknown: From this day forth Atrahasis no longer exists, from now on you will be known as Nightmare.

Nightmare: This power I’ve never felt anything like this, I want more

Nightmare raised his arms and clinched his fists.

Unknown: Being a little greedy now aren’t you. You are no longer just a mere pawn created by The Creators, now you are a being of chaos. Shaped by the darkness and the light, you are now capable of both destruction and life. Neither alive nor dead just existing.

Nightmare: Just out of curiosity, who are you?

Unknown: I am everywhere.

Nightmare: I didn’t ask where you are, I asked who you are or maybe what you are?

Unknown: Oh I see, I am The Will of The Void. You may call me The Will if you prefer.

Nightmare: I don’t get it?

The Will: It is not for you to understand. Now I think it is time you left this place.

Nightmare: Where the hell am I supposed to go?

The Will: To the dimension of the Warrior Guyver of Legend.

Nightmare: Why there of all places?

The Will: Don’t worry you will go there almost 11 years before the Warrior Guyver ever leaves his dimension to face you in the W’kar’s dimension. What you do once you get there is up to you as long, as you don’t interfere with the conflict between Chronos and the humans.

Nightmare: I guess I understand why you don’t want me to get involved with the conflict between Alkanphel and the humans. If I were to, I wouldn’t have been beaten by Dreadnought and the W’kar.

The Will: Correct. During those 11 years you will discover who you are.

Nightmare: Alright lets get this over with.

The Will: Good luck, you’ll need it.

End of Prelude

Chapter 1 Death’s Ascension

2 years later

Two years have passed since the being known as Nightmare came to Earth. He now goes by the name of Kakashi Hataki. He has abandoned the path of destruction and started anew.

Kakashi Impatiently waits under the Tokyo Tower.

Kakashi: Rei-chan what took you so long?

Rei: Sorry dear, it took longer then I expected.

Kakashi: So?

Rei: Yes!

Kakashi picks her up and twirls her around. While the two spin around they start laughing together.

Kakashi: That’s great dear. So you want to go out and celebrate?

Rei: Sorry, but no go on that.

Kakashi: Ok, but still don’t you want to go celebrate just a little?

Rei: You only want an excuse to party.

Kakashi: That’s not the only reason.

A massive grin appears on Kakashi’s face.

Rei: So that’s the reason why, you only want to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me.

Kakashi: I wouldn’t put it that way.

Rei: If you wanted that all you had to do was ask, some times I swear you’re such an idiot.

Kakashi: So that means the little one will be an idiot too?

Rei: Hopefully the little one will take after its mother.

Kakashi: Damn, that was cold.

Rei: Whatever lets go home, we have to start preparing for the little one at once.

7 months later

In the local hospital everything that Kakashi has gained will be lost in an instant but in return he will gain everything.

A Doctor walks in to the waiting room. He has an unusually perky look on his face.

Doctor: Sir I’ll be honest with you, what do you want first, the bad news or the good news?

The doc gave off an almost cherry feeling.

Kakashi: Well I don’t know uh... the bad news?

Doctor: All right the bad news you might want to sit down.

The doc waves his hand down at one of the chairs. Kakashi moves over to the chair and takes a seat.

Doctor: No then your wife didn’t make it, we did all we could. I’m so sorry about that you see the knife slipped and it oh I’m just joking with you.

The doc starts to laugh at his own joke.

Kakashi: So Rei is all right? What about the child?

Doctor: No like I said your wife didn’t make it the joke was the who knife thing. The good news is that you have a beautiful baby girl.

The doctor makes a gesture towards the doors that he came in from.

Doctor: Would you like to see your little girl? She’s a real cutie seriously.

Kakashi: Yes please.

Doctor: All right then follow me.

He lead Kakashi to the room where his daughter is.

Doctor: Also something you should know, before your wife passed she called for her child, she called her Rin.

Kakashi: Yes that was the name we had chosen for the child if it were a girl.

Doctor: I see.

Kakashi’s heart melts when he sees his daughter for the first time. He holds her in his arms and he smiles, as his tears role down his face and on to his daughters.

Kakashi: Little one I promise, I promise that I will protect you for as long as you live.

9 years later

On the far side of Jupiter Creator Mother Ship Des’Cos
<> translated from Creator tongue to English

<Krullnar: Draven the fleet is almost in position.>

<Draven: Good, we need to get under way immediately.>

<Krullnar: So what are the council’s orders?>

<Draven: We are to eradicate the human threat and capture all unknown units. The orders are simple enough in theory, but I have a feeling that this is not a very good idea.>

<Krullnar: How’s that?>

<Draven: It’s just that there are just so many unknown units. I think that we should wait just a little longer to gather intelligence so we know what we are up against.>

<Krullnar: I agree there are too many unknown units we must speak to the council about this.>

<Beta: My gods an unknown guyver is approaching.>

<Draven: Capture it.>

<Beta: Your word shall be done.>

Far Side of Jupiter Creator Fleet Hyper Space Exit Point

W'kar flies at the fleet and activates his blast shield, and rams through one of the Creator Battleships. Beta teleports in front of W'kar and fires a massive volley of gravity and energy weapons. W'kar takes the attacks and starts to feed of the energy of the attacks. After Beta stops his barrage W'kar merely laughs through his organisms.

<W’kar: Is that the best you’ve got.>

<Beta: Guyver, surrender your self to your gods or be destroyed.>

<W’kar: **** you! Do you really think some one as weak as you can stop me? Just to let you know I’m not a guyver I’m a W'kar.>

<Beta: It doesn’t matter what you are you will bow before your gods.>

A second later three more Enforcer Kavzars teleports around W’kar surrounding him, and fire their mega smashers at W'kar. In a display of his power W'kar summons his blast shield while simultaneously feeding off the power of the mega smashers and redirecting it to his shields. Just as the Enforcer Kavzars onslaught ends W'kar activates his plasma blades and charges at one of the three Enforcer Kavzars. He rams one of his plasma blades down the Enforcer Kavzars throat, while the other blade chops the Kavzars body in two. The Enforcer Kavzars control crystal teleports in to hyperspace to regenerate its lost body. Even before W'kar finishes off the Enforcer Kavzar, he begins to channel energy to one of his mage smashers. As the arm that sliced the Kavzar in two finishes its sweep it goes to open his chest plate and unleashes its brute force towards the completely star struck Enforcer Kavzars. The blast manages to get one of the Enforcers completely off guard. Incinerating it completely before the control crystal had a chance to escape to hyperspace.

<W’kar: Now do you see that you are no match for me. Go tell your gods that they are next.>

<Beta: Guyver you are a fool.>

With that hundreds of Commander Kavzars spill out from one of the Creator’s Carrier Relics and start making their way towards W'kar and Beta. With in a second they had surrounded the W'kar. They all opened their chest plates and fired their mega smashers at W’kar.

W’kar’s last words just as the blast hits him.

<W’kar: Son of a…>


Inside the Mind of a Monster

Nightmare: What’s going on? Where am I?

Others: Your mind has been reconnected to the Hive. The Hive is the central consciousness that links all Kavzar together.

Nightmare: That’s impossible I’m a Guyver now. I shouldn’t still be connected to the Hive.

Others: Just because you are a Guyver, doesn’t mean that the bond that all Kavzar have would be broken.

Nightmare: NO! I’m no longer a Kavzar, I’m a human.

Others: Just because your form changes it doesn’t mean that your mind will change too.

Nightmare: You lie! I’m human, I had a human mate, I have a human child, and I live a normal human life.

Images of Rei appear through out the Hive as do images of Rin but the images are filled with pain and sadness, but there are also feelings of happiness, joy, and love there too.

Others: You are lying to your self brother; you will always be a Kavzar. Brother join us in destroying the humans and we will help you release these thoughts of delusion.

Nightmare: I made a promise to someone who was once very close to me that I would protect her, but she is no longer with me so I vowed to my self to protect her people. But that is not the only reason why I must protect the humans. My daughter is the true reason why I can not, for her happiness means more to me than any thing in the world.

Others: How dare you defy your gods.

Nightmare: Screw you; I refuse to be a weapon for your twisted masters.

Others: But, they are your gods they gave you life. How can you defy the very beings who created you?

Nightmare: Because I gave my daughter life and her life is worth far more to me than that of your twisted master’s life.

Others: Fine, then if you will not come back willingly, then we will take you back by force.

Nightmare: I dare you to try.

Others: We sense your power and if we can not take you even by force, then we will remove the strings that connect you to those horrid creatures.

Nightmare: You even think about coming near my daughter, than the Warrior Guyver will be the least of your problems.

Others: You will regret your decision.

Back in the real world.

Rin: Dad, dad wake up it’s your turn.

Kakashi: Huh? Oh! Yah all right, what’s it my turn for?

Rin: Dad it’s your turn to talk with the teacher.

Kakashi: What!? Ohhh…yah I remember now.

Rin: What ever.

Kakashi and Rin move in to the classroom to speak with Rin’s teacher about her grades. Her teacher stands up to greet them and shakes Kakashi’s hand firmly.

Teacher: Oh Mr. Hataki, it’s good to finally meet you Rin speaks very highly of you.

Kakashi: Wow!? Really umm not to be rude or any thing but I so forgot your name, sorry.

Teacher: Its ok happens all the time you can call me Mizuho, Ms. Kazami, or even Mizuho-chan.

She moves her face close to Kakashi’s. So close that he can smell the fragrance of her hair. His eyes forced by the male libido to look down at her amazing set of breasts. His eyes get big and a caches a big lump in his throat.

Kakashi: Q…qu…quite the latitude of names.

Mizuho begins to giggle up a storm.

Mizuho: Well Ms. Hataki it seems your right about your father. He is definitely my type.

Kakashi: What the hell are you talking about? Your type? Rin what is she talking about?

Rin: Well you see, I…I… thought you could well you see. Umm I…

Mizuho cuts her off before she had a chance to finish.

Mizuho: What I meant by that is Rin was worried because you’ve never had another lover other than her mom. So she thought that I might be able to help you.

Kakashi: You’re joking right?

Mizuho gives Kakashi a look that could kill.

Kakashi: You’re not joking are you?

Mizuho: Look Kakashi, it’s ok that I call you by your first name?

Kakashi: It’s ok.

Mizuho: Alright, look Rin and I talk about stuff, and some of that stuff is about you. I know that the reason why you haven’t found anybody new is that you think Rin doesn’t want a new mom. I understand why you think that but you are dead wrong, she wants to have a real family with a mom, dad, and her. Now I know your thinking why do I care about that well you see Rin is more like a daughter to me then a student. On top of fact that I too am having relationship problems so I was thinking what the hell why not?

Kakashi: Wow, that’s deep but look right now is not the most opportune time for this kind of thing.

Mizuho: You need time to think things through and that’s fine with me, but look when you finally make up your mind call me.

She moves over to him and gives him a kiss on the cheek while at the same time slips a piece of paper into his hand.

Kakashi: Umm, well I’ll do that, Rin lets go.

Rin: All right.

Mizuho: Call me.

Kakashi and Rin’s trip home was a very quiet one indeed.


In the home of a monster, a child will learn the truth of her existence. Rin lays a sleep her mind wonders from its body.

In the Mind of a Child

Rin’s mind floats in to the conciseness that is the Hive.

Rin: What’s going on? Where am I?

Others: This is the Hive the central conciseness of the Kavzar race.

Rin: What’s a Kavzar?

Others: So you are the offspring of Nightmare.

Rin: Who’s Nightmare?

Others: That is your father’s real name. Not his pathetic human name.

Rin: What are you talking about?

Others: Simple your father isn’t human.

Rin: WHAT!?

Others: That’s right your father isn’t human. Never was to begin with. He is a Kavzar the ultimate warrior race. You to are of Kavzar blood well half of you to be precise.

Rin: NO! You’re lying I’m human, I’m human.

Others: If you think that it’s not true then ask your father the truth about what you really are.

Rin: Fine I will but you’ll see that you are wrong.

Others: We shall see.

Back in the Real World

Rin wakes up drenched in sweat. Her face is pale with worry. Rin leaps out of bed and goes straight to her father’s room and starts ranting furiously at her father. Kakashi rises out of bed and looks upon his daughter with a blank expression. After about a minute he finally regains conciseness.

Kakashi: Rin shut up!

Rin stops ranting and begins to calm down.

Kakashi: Thank you. Now tell me what’s wrong but do it in a slow calm indoor voice.

Rin breaths in heavily then calmly begins to tell her father what’s up. Kakashi looks at Rin and then thinks on how to answer her accusations.

Rin: Starring at me isn’t going to get you out of this one.

Kakashi sighs shakes his head.

Kakashi: You win, any way I’ve been thinking when the right time to tell you would be. Well it seems the time is now. The truth is, is that what you said was correct it’s all true. The part about being a Kavzar, my name being Nightmare all of it true.

Rin: You’re joking right?

Kakashi: Rin, pack some clothes and some things for you to do we are leaving now.

Rin: What?

Kakashi: Look I’ll explain later just pack.

With that Rin left the room to go pack her stuff.

New Cork, Texas

With a flash of light Nightmare and Rin teleport in to the middle of the small town.

Rin: Dad, where are we?

Nightmare: New Cork, Texas home of Dreadnought the Warrior Guyver of legend.

Rin: I don’t get it but ok.

Suddenly a rift in space opens and Dreadnought steps out.

Dreadnought: Who the hell are you and how the hell did you get through my barrier.

Nightmare: You placed a barrier around this place oops my bad. Oh and for who I am I’m Nightmare it’s finally nice to meet you.

Dreadnought: Are you with Chronos or are you with the Creators.

Nightmare: Nether.

Dreadnought: So then who are you with?

Nightmare: Well I was kind of hoping that I could be on your side.

Dreadnought: Why the hell do you want to be on my side?

Nightmare just shrugs and shakes his head.

Nightmare: What if I said it had to do with being on the winning side.

Dreadnought: Every time I make friends with some one who said that they only wanted to use me. So why the hell should I choose you as an ally.

Nightmare: Simply you don’t stand a chance in hell against Chronos, the Creators, and the ACTF with out me.

Dreadnought: You’ve got a pretty big ego to think that.

Nightmare: Egos don’t have any thing to do with this.

Dreadnought: Fine then prove it.

Nightmare: Fine with me but first we need to get my daughter to some place safe got it.

Dreadnought: You know you must be the only Guyver with a kid.

Nightmare: What the hell does that have to do with what were talking about?

Dreadnought: Huh, what ever follow me.

Dreadnought leads Nightmare and Rin to his house.

Dreadnought: She’ll be safe in here.

Nightmare: Rin go inside it will be all right.

Rin looks up at her father who hours earlier had just been a regular guy, but come to find out is really an alien.

Rin: All right, but be careful ok?

Nightmare: Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine.

With that Rin walks inside the house and looks outside through the window. After making sure that Rin would be fine Nightmare faces Dreadnought.

Nightmare: So you ready.

Dreadnought: Ready when you are.

With that Nightmare powers up red electricity begins to surge around him. After fully powering up Nightmare charges at Dreadnought he then activates his forward vibration swords and charges them with plasma. Right as he reaches Dreadnought he does a horizontal slash followed by a downward diagonal slash. Both attacks miss the target as Dreadnought activates his back thrusters. Dreadnought then charges a powerwave in his fist which he launches at Nightmare. Nightmare drains the energy from the powerwave and then redirects it to a ball of plasma energy which he fires at Dreadnought. Dreadnought activates his blast shield and takes the blunt of the blast.

Dreadnought: What the **** you can drain energy?

Nightmare: Yes, I can neat little trick huh.

Dreadnought: I thought that only the W'kar units could do that.

Nightmare: True they can but so can I.

Nightmare then teleports like that of a W'kar and disappears leaving a small crater behind. He then reappears right in front of Dreadnought with all of his swords active and coursing with plasma. He rams Dreadnought with his left forward vibration sword in the chest. The blade goes right through Dreadnoughts omni-directional shield and pierces Dreadnought’s chest, after going all the way in the plasma begins to burn at the innards of Dreadnought’s chest. Nightmare lets his blade sit inside Dreadnought a couple of seconds. Before Nightmare can do any thing else Dreadnought activates his blast shield forcing Nightmare off of him. After blasting Nightmare back Dreadnought charges a power punch activates his back thrusters and hurtles at Nightmare. Dreadnought’s power punch drives home, as Nightmare is launched back several hundred feet. Dust is thrown every where clouding Dreadnought’s vision but Dreadnought’s hyper senses detect Nightmare through the dust. The dust begins to clear a lone figure stands there his armor thrashed most of the green crystals that cover his body are badly damaged. For several seconds he just stands there hunched over facing the ground arms dangling at his side.

Nightmare: Not bad for a guy who relies on a secondary unit to boost his power.

Dreadnought: What are you getting at?

Nightmare: Well it’s just this I’m stronger than you. That’s all really.

Dreadnought: I think your stalling for time.

Nightmare tries to laugh at that but it hurts just to try.

Nightmare: Busted.

Dreadnought: Look I’ll admit that strong but you can’t beat me.

Nightmare: Defeat me? You’re joking right? The last time we fought you needed the W’kar’s help. So do you really think that you can defeat me by your self?

Dreadnought: What in the **** are you babbling about?

Nightmare: You don’t remember me? Oh of course not I looked a lot different back than, well that is for me but to you it’s only been a couple of weeks.

Dreadnought: What are you getting at?

Dreadnought realized that Nightmare had fully healed and was back to full strength.

Nightmare: Just keep looking you’ll see.

Nightmare’s control crystal begins to glow as his body starts to morph in to a different form.

Dreadnought: Atrahasis!?

Nightmare then returns to his original form.

Nightmare: Yes that’s correct. But I have been in this dimension for almost 11 years.

Dreadnought: What!? 11 years how the hell is that possible?

Nightmare: You of all people should know how closely related time travel and crossing dimensions are. After all isn’t that what brought you and Fiona back together am I right or am I right.

Dreadnought: How do you know about that?

Nightmare: I have been oh…how do you say keeping an eye on you.

Dreadnought: You have been watching me? Why?

Nightmare: To make sure that you defeated me in the W'kar's dimension.

Dreadnought: Why wouldn’t you rather get revenge against me for defeating you?

Nightmare: Revenge no never, you want to know why, look over at your house see that girl looking out the window. That’s why I had to make sure you defeated me so that I could be with her. I even went so far as to arrange the creation of Dreadnought.

Dreadnought: What the? Help create me?

Nightmare: Yes, I was the one who stole the matrix from Warrior Guyver 2. I then planned to use it at the right time to help you become Dreadnought but things never go as one plans? You see the Canadian front was about to broken when Guyver C’s unit was damaged so in order to prevent their defeat that would of prevented you from even being a Warrior Guyver so I upgraded Guyver C’s unit in to a warrior unit.

Dreadnought: WG2 thought it was weird that the Matrix acted on its own. It was really you the whole time, wasn’t it?

Nightmare: Yes it was.

Dreadnought: Then who was it the first time before I fought you?

Nightmare: The Will.

Dreadnought: Who’s The Will?

Nightmare: It’s not for me to tell you. It’s his choice to tell you who he is. Well I think it’s a guy could be a chick never really did ask it, its sexual orientation.

Dreadnought: Ok we’ll leave it at that about the Will. But if you really were watching me why didn’t you at least save Fiona?

Nightmare: If I didn’t you would have never became the Warrior Guyver.

Dreadnought: You could have saved her. But hid her so that I could still become the Warrior Guyver and so I could of lived with out the image of her dieing.

Nightmare: Yah, right and how would you explain it to that lovely lady staring at you with much anger. I think we should get back to are little fight. Wouldn’t you agree Mr. Dreadnought?

Nightmare once again taking the first strike this time Dreadnought does not try to dodge the attack. Instead he activates his forward polymorphic blades. The two contestants then start to do an amazing sword fight. The two of them match each other move for move not really able to outdo the other. Finally Nightmare being the one that lacks the necessary patience for this kind of thing. Gets board of their little game and decides to kick things up a little. He then parries both of Dreadnoughts polymorphic blades and charges a little plasma ball in the center of his palm, which he then rams in to Dreadnought’s head. Catching him completely off guard sending him back several feet.

Dreadnought: Ok you’ve proven your self that’s enough.

Nightmare: So now that were on the same side, we better come up with ideas on what to do?

Dreadnought: What? I don’t get it?

Nightmare: A Creator Fleet is orbiting around Jupiter right now.

Dreadnought: WHAT!? An entire Creator fleet oh sweet mother of Mary and Jude.

Nightmare: That’s about what I thought.

Dreadnought: All right now I see why you want me on your side.

Nightmare: Not only that but you can provide my daughter with some protection while we go fight.

Dreadnought: I don’t know how I can do that.

Nightmare: Easy, I know just as much as you do that you aren’t going to let your sister fight so that means while she’s just sitting on that nice ass she’s got she could look after Rin. It’s a win, win situation.

Dreadnought: Humph! You may just be right ok I’m game. So what are we going to do?

Nightmare: I’ve got that I’ll figured out.

Dreadnought: So what’s the plan?

Nightmare: Oh that it’s pretty simple if you ask me. We just get all of the resistance forces to join up with Chronos and we do a preemptive strike before they get their forces fully gathered. So what do you think?

Dreadnought: You’re nuts that’ll never work.

Nightmare: Well it will never work if you have an attitude like that. I’m just saying that remember when you and W'kar fought me. You guys didn’t stand a chance in hell but you tried any way win or lose you did all you could. It’s that spirit we need right now.

Dreadnought: You're nuts you know that, but you may just be right. Well lets get to work.

Together Dreadnought and Nightmare managed to negotiate a truce between the resistance forces and Chronos though it took a good deal of aggressive negotiation. The plan was set the combined forces would attack the Creator fleet in 36 hours, so all that was left to do was say good by to their loved ones.

End of Chapter 1

Seriously feedback would be most apperciated.

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