Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier(Ch. Twelve posted!!)

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ShadowCell wrote:Tgjanlee, this forum is not your IM program. Stop using it as such.

TheLegendkiller, could you please edit your latest chapter so it doesn't stretch the page out with that huge series of periods?

Fixed. Hahah so what u think about the insanity of that chapter?

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not like i would ever im somebody like you anyway


i mean, i do really enjoy the story, just the read is stiiiil jst a bit to difficult to get through in one sitting. You've been airing it out more which is good, makes things easier on the eyes flow wise. I'm enjoying everyone...EVERYONE but rouke still ha ha
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 7: Mistrust

(In the middle of the desert in Ra Boa Kai, Morocco at the abandoned arms dealer’s out post. A short distance away from it Rouke, Caleb, and Conrad are all standing outside and looking up at the UEP transport heading their way. The transport begins to land on an area in front of the pilots where there is flat sand. It touches down sending sand swirling into the air. It takes a few seconds for the jets on the transport to fully shut off but once they do the door opens and General McArthur is the first person out, after that there are two soldiers that get out that were sent to protect. Out next is War Director Lester followed by Stephanie Mapell. Once all of them are off they walk towards the pilots.)
Rouke- If we’re going to have this meeting then I want all of you to take out your guns and throw them away.
Lester- What? That’s absurd!
Rouke- We will walk away right now if you don’t comply.
McArthur- It’s okay Bernard. We won’t need them. (Takes out his gun and throws it to the right into the sand. The two soldiers with them do the same then Lester reluctantly takes his out and throws it away.)
Rouke- All right let’s go.

(The group begins to walk to the compound. The people from the UEP are carrying bags with them containing enough items for them to stay over night in case they needed to. They all look calm except for Stephanie who is very nervous. Caleb looks over at her.)
Caleb- Who invited high school over there?
McArthur- She is my secretary. I don’t know why she was brought on this trip. (Looks at Lester)
Lester- She’s here to…document.
(They all continue to walk to the compound when Lester pulls out a device and keeps it hidden in his hand from everybody else. He pushes a button on it. A few miles away another one of the same object that Lester has begins blinking in somebody else’s hand. The man holding it is looking at the group walking toward the compound with binoculars. He is with 6 other men, they are all UEP operatives.)
Man Holding Device- Okay, he’s made contact. Let’s move it

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(At the armored core base in Boca Raton, Florida the entire unit has been mobilized and is gathered in the main room in rank and file waiting for Brigadier General Defoe to walk in. The Armored Core is filled with the top ace pilots of the UEP. Young men and women that are groomed to be the best mobile suit pilots’ humanity has to offer. Defoe walks into the room.)
Armored Core Pilot- Officer on deck!
(The pilots of the Armored Core immediately stand at attention. Defoe begins walking up and down the front line of the group. In that line is Captain Furey, Lieutenant Carter, and Lieutenant Biron.)
Defoe- As you know one of our weapons research facilities was taken over by the Arms of the Republic. All the available forces in that region have failed to take it back. Those mobile suits there…they’ve barely been in any battles. They don’t know what they’re doing. We do. They have come to their senses and called on us. We will go it. We will take out the enemy. We will pull out. It’s that simple. Are we clear Armored Core?!
Armored Core- (in unison) Sir yes sir!!
(Through the door where Defoe walked in comes a young soldier of about 18. His features are very boyish. He is accompanied by a recruiter. They walk up to Defoe.)

Recruiter- General. (Salutes) This is Private RJ Young. He has just been assigned to the Armored Core just in time for your strike on Kagoshima.
Private Young- Hello sir, it’s good to finally meet you sir. (Salutes)
Defoe- At ease son. This isn’t the best time to be given a new recruit.
Recruiter- The UEP is aware of that General and they apologize for the timing.
Defoe- You are dismissed. (The recruiter turns around and walks out the door.) Private Young how much combat have you seen?
Young- I’ve been piloting a Nova for the past 7 month’s sir. I’ve shot down 17 Ayagies and people kept telling me what an amazing feat that was for a rookie pilot. Or any pilot for that matter. So I guess I’m somewhat of an ace pilo--
Defoe- Now you listen good son, I have never fought with you before so I don’t trust you. I don’t have any faith in you and I don’t like you. (You see those men and women standing there? (Points to armored core)
Young- Yes.
Defoe- These are the people I trust. They show me what a real soldier is. I don’t see that in you. You better prove me wrong. And if you cause the deaths of any of my men in this next strike…I’ll kill you myself. Do you understand me?
Young- Ye…yes sir.
Defoe- Good. We’ll get you a mobile suit. Armored Core move out! Private Young here has volunteered to carry your bags!
(The members of the armored core move out into the changing room where they put on their suits for their novas to get ready for their strike on Kagoshima.)

(Back at the abandoned outpost in Ra Boa Kai, Lester and McArthur wait in room which looked liked it was once used for conferences. The place is a little torn down from not being used and only a few of the lights are on. There is a big table in the center with chairs around it. Both McArthur and Lester are sitting in chairs facing the door they came in from. Rouke, Caleb, and Conrad then all walk in and sit down in chairs facing Lester and McArthur.)
Rouke- General McArthur, War Director Lester; do you want to start?
McArthur- Since you already know who we are we would like to know your names.
Conrad- Out of the question. What else do you want to know?
Lester- Wait a minute…you can’t refuse to answer our question like that?
Conrad- Our names are information that we cannot share for obvious reasons. We have to remain anonymous.
Lester- I don’t believe this.
McArthur- If we want to work out a partnership with them we need to respect their wishes.
Lester- You give them too much leverage. We’re at least going to be taking a look at your mobile suits right.
Caleb- (smirks) You can’t be serious.
Rouke- They’re called Gundams. That is all you’re getting.
Lester- What?! (Stands up)
Rouke- Our mobile suits are the most advanced weapons on the planet. They allow us to take on the Ayagies with almost no problems. But technology like that can’t really be entrusted to any of the coalitions simply for the fact that not everybody in them is trustworthy. The reason Generon exist is from one coalition trying to beat the rest. You would do the same if you new how to design a Gundam.
Lester- So basically this meeting won’t be going anywhere. Thank you for wasting my time.
Caleb- I don’t like this guy. If you have such a problem with this then you can get the hell out of here.
Lester- I can’t take this. You have completely turned this meeting into an unproductive waste of time. I don’t know what the President sees in you. (Leaves the room)

McArthur- I apologize about him. We’ve already covered what we can’t know; what can we know?
Rouke- We can tell you that we have no intention of fighting any coalition and the safety of the earth’s people is our primary concern. All we want to do is take down Generon. We don’t want military power, control of the earth, or the destruction of the coalitions. We would like you to stop fighting each other and work out peace but things can only be handled one at a time. But any time the UEP needs help against an Ayagi attack we will be there to intervene. That is our cause. That is our purpose. We have no intention of being used for anything else.
McArthur- well the UEP doesn’t want to use you for any other purpose. You’re assistance against Generon is more then enough. As long as you help us keep our people safe we’ll be grateful.
Rouke- There is something else we need to tell you. There is another Gundam out there. But it isn’t affiliated with us. This is a rogue Gundam. We’ve only encountered it once, in Birmingham. It entered the battle to stop the RF cruiser from hitting earth only to kill European Nation Commander Lachlan Khambaita.
McArthur- What does it want?
Conrad- We don’t know but we are informing you of this so if you ever come in contact with this Gundam you treat it like a threat. A serious threat. This thing maybe stronger then all of us one on one.
McArthur- It doesn’t belong to any coalition does it?
Rouke- No. Its just one man with his own agenda. He’s been trained to take out a specific target and not to fight an army but he could if he wanted to. So if you do come in contact with this Gundam you use all necessary force.

(Outside the room and around the corner in a secluded part of the hallway, Lester is talking to somebody on his futuristic cell phone to the same man he was sending signals to earlier.)
Lester- No, they don’t want us near their mobile suits, these so called “Gundams.” So your team is going to do it. You are inside?
Man From Before- Yes sir we are. We’re in the lower levels. It kind of smells down here, maybe somebody killed a camel or whatever. We have been searching for their mobile suits for some time. If they’re here they should be close by. (Him and the team he is with walk around in the darker lower levels searching for the Gundams.)
Lester- Good. You need to extract as much information from them all possible. We need to know how to build these Gundams and what makes them so strong.
Man From Before- No problem boss.
Lester- Thank you Lieutenant Lee. You are the best man I have under my wing. I have to go now. I’m sending the girl in to do her part. Contact me when you’ve found the Gundams. (Hangs up the phone, on the other side Lee hangs his phone up.)
Lieutenant Lee- (smiles) That Lester, he’s a real sneaky guy. Let’s get this done for the UEP.

(After the meeting everybody leaves the room and goes off into the compound. Caleb is in a room with a long window looking out into the desert. Behind him walks up Stephanie. She stands behind him and looks out the window as well.)
Stephanie- This view is amazing; I’ve never been to this part of the world before. Well actually I’ve never left UEP territory before.
Caleb- Right, you’re that girl McArthur and Lester brought with them. I still don’t know why you’re here though girl.
Stephanie- Girl? I have a name you know. It’s Stephanie.
Caleb- I like girl better.
Stephanie- I’m here because I’m McArthur’s secretary. They brought me here to document what is accomplished here today. It seems like you just said to us what you wanted to then didn’t answer any of our questions.
Caleb- You’re questions weren’t exactly in our best interest. We don’t want to just trust anybody.
Stephanie- But we’re on your side. It doesn’t even have to be your full name. Look my name’s Stephanie, what’s yours?
Caleb- Mine’s little high school girls should mind their own business.
Stephanie- You know for a pilot that’s been saving people from Generon you’re a jerk.
Caleb- Is that all?
Stephanie- No, I don’t like your attitude either.
Caleb- Well you just like to step your mind don’t you.
Stephanie- Yes I do. And I’m not little I’m 17. You look about 17 yourself. How would you get involved in all this?
Caleb- That’s not something I’m going to tell you.
Stephanie- Alright sorry. You know if it wasn’t for my father being killed helping defend our territory against Generon I probably wouldn’t be involved in this coalition at all. What happened to you was bad wasn’t it?
Caleb- (brief silence) My parents were killed right before my eyes. I would think that’s something bad.
Stephanie- Oh I had no idea…
Caleb- We’re not talking about it.
Stephanie- I won’t force you to do that.
Caleb- You’re getting annoying, do you think you could leave?
Stephanie- Okay fine. So rude. (Turns around and begins walking away)
Caleb- Go finish your homework or something.
Stephanie- Yeah I’ll get right on that, idiot.

(Back on Kagoshima it is almost night time. The sun is setting turning the sky into a purple and orange canvass. On the island the Mandarin mobile suits from the AotR look up and see the UEP transports flying towards them. The man in charge of the Mandarin unit, Major Rajani Zahin stands on top of a hill surrounded by trees. He has his beam rifle in one hand, a steel blade on his left forearm and a shell launcher (rocket launcher looking thing that shoots out smaller explosive ammo) fastened across his back. Another Mandarin suit walks over to him.)
Other suit- Sir, the UEP is here. What do you wish us to do?
Rajani- Spread out around this side of the facility. We will trap them inside a pocket to keep this facility under my brother’s control. Show them your strength. (Cocks his beam rifle)
(On the lead transport Defoe and several others are preparing to drop to the island in their armored novas.)
Defoe- Break into teams of two. I’ll lead the first one while Captain Furey you will lead the second.

(Furey is on another transport when he hears the message.)
Furey- Yes sir. Carter, you’re coming with me.
(Carter is in the armored nova next to Furey.)
Carter- I wouldn’t have it any other way.
(The transports begin to unload their armored novas. They come out the sides and fly to the island below. The Mandarin’s begin to open fire. Defoe and another nova are about to touch down when some blasts start to come their way. Defoe lands and puts up his shield to block the shots but the other one is caught in the leg. The other nova tries to get its shield up to block the rest of them but they hit him from all different directions and take him out. Defoe opens fires on two Mandarins in front of him. He shoots down one and shoots off the other’s gun arm before that one moves back behind other mandarins.)

Defoe- Everybody watch your sides!
(He then boosts at a Mandarin and takes out his beam saber. Defoe dodges the mandarin’s shots then cuts him in half diagonally. On the other side of the battle field Furey and Carter fly down, some Mandarins on the ground fire up but Carter and Furey dodge. One Mandarin fires off his mini rocket shooter off his left hand. Furey blocks it with his shield, the shell causes and explosion that Furey flies through and shoots the Mandarin’s head off with his shoulder beam cannon. Furey then lands and shoots at some mandarins then has to block with his shield. Carter flies at a Mandarin with his beam saber and stabs it through the chest then back spins to cut it in half. Up on his hill Rajani loads up his shell launcher and aims down on some of the incoming novas. He targets one on his left and fires. The shot shoots off the Nova’s left arm, Rajani fires again and shoots him right through his middle. He turns to his right and aims at a nova’s head and shoots it off also leaving a hole in between his shoulders where his head was. Biron and the rookie Young are over on the same side and see this nova go down. In front of it were two mandarins that begin to open fire on them. Biron grabs the beam saber from off the ground that belonged to the nova that was just shot down, then she pulls out her own and boosts over to the two mandarins and chops the one to her left’s gun arm off then the one to her right’s legs, while that one is falling to the ground she impales it with one beam saber and uses the other to cut the one to her left in half. It looks like a completely flawless move. Young is in his nova with his shield up blocking shots when he looks up to see Rajani on his hill shooting down at them.)
Young- I’ll get that one on the hill. (He starts to boost around the battlefield up towards the top of the hill trying to avoid the middle.)
Biron- No kid wait! Dammit! Brigadier General Defoe that kid is heading up to the top of that hill by himself; do you want me to go after him?
Defoe- No…I’ll deal with him myself.
(Young continues to fly up the hill towards Rajani.)

(Back in Ra Boa Kai it is late at night and everybody at the outpost is sleeping. Inside Caleb’s room he begins to toss and turn as a familiar nightmare from the past comes back to him. In his nightmare…

*(He is very young, about 6. He is running. He is with his parents. There are hundreds if not thousands running through the city where he once lived. His mother holds on tight to his hand and they have to run for their dear lives. People are hysterical and screaming. Behind him he can hear the sound and explosions and mobile suit guns being fired off. He looks back for a seconds and sees the monstrous Ayagies taking apart any mobile suits that stand in their way. He sees that one eye they have in the middle of their heads making them look like a Cyclops and in scares him so he looks down to the ground and watches his feet move. He can also see his father’s feet with those brown shoes he always wears. There are so many people trying to run away that other are getting pushed away and some are being trampled. Some people run right between him and his parents. The force is enough to break the tight grip his mother has on his hand.)
Mother- Caleb!! Caleb!!
Caleb- Mommy, daddy!!!
(The crowd forces them further apart as Caleb is pushed inside and building. His parents run up to it. There is a wall with windows blocking their away. They try to run along it with Caleb who is being pushed by the crowd so they know exactly where he is inside. Caleb runs to the window holding out his hands in hopes his parents can grab him, he doesn’t even think about the glass in their way. His father reaches out to him to show that they are trying their hardest to get him.)
Father- Caleb!!
Caleb- Get me!!!
Father- We’re coming Caleb!!

(They both continue running with their hands reaching for the other. His father is also pulling his mother behind with him who is in tears. From behind and Ayagi sees all the people running. Some soldiers on the ground not knowing what else to do pull out their guns and shoot at the Ayagi. It reacts. Its one eye flashes and it shoots the guards. The beam takes out several other people with them. The Ayagi then begins to target everybody it sees. It fires another shot right to the place Caleb’s parents are running to get him.)
Caleb- Mommy, daddy!!!
(The Ayagi’s blast comes out of nowhere and hits the area his parents are running. The blast engulfs them and tons of the other people running. Caleb sees his parents and other people incinerated by the blast. The shockwave flies through the windows smashing all the glass and knocks everybody inside back into the wall on the other side of them. Caleb hits it with a thud. He opens his eyes and sees he is lying on the ground. He starts to get back up and he looks around to see other lying on the ground and some getting back up. In the distance he can hear a few people crying out in pain. He stands up and runs back to the smashed in window and sees bodies lying all over the street. There is destruction and death everywhere. He looks directly below him and sees two bodies, one female and one male that are still holding hands. He believes those were his parents but it is almost impossible to tell with all the bodies being unrecognizable. But he also sees an empty brown, charred dress shoe next to them that belonged to his father. At that moment he realizes that they are gone. Tears begin to make their way down his face. As people behind him continue to run. He can’t move. He stands there shocked as he is all alone in the world. A soldier running lifts him up real fast and continues running. Caleb looks back at the spot where he saw the bodies and reaches his hand out again.)
Caleb- Mommy!!! Daddy!!!*

(Back in his room Caleb wakes up startled and breathing heavily. He sits up in his bed and puts his hands on his head.)
Caleb- Not again…why did it have to come back? (He lies back down.) That shoe…

(Back on Kagoshima Carter flies overhead dodging shots from a Mandarin on the ground. He turns and flies at him shooting back.)
Carter- I got you this time. (The Mandarin boosts back out of the way of the shots. Carter lands in front of him and puts up his shield to deflect his shots. Another Mandarin flies at Carter from the right firing but Furey boosts over to shoulder the Mandarin right to the ground. He then lands in front of it, pulls out his shotgun, and shoots the Mandarin while it’s still on the ground. The other Mandarin shoots at Furey but he blocks then nails him with his shoulder cannon.) Why don’t you leave me some?
Furey- (smiles) Be quicker and you’ll get some.
(Some shots fly past him from behind, he turns around and sees two more Mandarins heading towards him shooting. He puts up his shield but one shot hits him in the right shoulder. Carter shoots back and takes one of them down with 4 shots. The other one continues to fly at Furey shooting until Carter takes out his beam saber and throws it at him. The saber spins around like a helicopter blade until it slices the Mandarin in half. Biron is flying through the air dodging beam rifle shots from a Mandarin. She boosts left to right trying to avoid all the shots. She then fires back with her shoulder cannon but misses. The aims at her with its wrist mounted rocket launcher.)
Mandarin Pilot- I’ve got you now UEP scum!
(He fires three shots, Biron avoids the first two but the third takes out her shoulder cannon.)
Biron- Damn he got my cannon! (She fires back with her beam rifle and lands a perfect shot right through the chest.)

(Inside the facility Phanindra stands looks out a big window right over the battle. One of his guards walks in with Dr. Uki.)
Guard- Mr. Zahin sir, this scientist wishes to speak with you.
Phanindra- He may speak. (Still facing outside the window)
Dr. Uki- Well um Mr. Zahin--
Phanindra- What is your progress on the creation of my mobile suit?
Dr. Uki- Well that’s just the thing we can only go on footage we have seen and nothing else so the only thing we have been able to figure out is that it is being powered by some type of reactor in the center. When you look at the back of the suits you can see that it doesn’t emit any fuel exhaust, it looks like pure light almost. But that’s all we know, the technology to built this, we’ve never come close to anything like it. We can’t do it. You’re wasting your time here.
Phanindra- Get back into that lab and find a way. You are the world’s most gifted scientist--
Dr. Uki- I can’t just build something I’ve only seen and know nothing about!
Phanindra- Guard! (A guard quickly enters the room and grabs Dr. Uki. Phanindra turns around and walks over to the Doctor.) I need…the perfect mobile suit. My body craves it.
Dr. Uki- You’re insane. You’re obsessed with this thing.
(Phanindra punches Dr. Uki in the stomach. He falls to his knees.)
Phanindra- Take the good doctor back to the others. (The guard picks Uki up and takes him out the room.)

(Up on his hill Rajani snipes more armored novas with his shell launcher. He targets one in his sights and shoots off its left arm and then its middle causing it to explode. Some distance behind him the rookie Young lands and walks slowly towards Rajani. When he gets close enough he kneels down and aims his beam rifle at Rajani who is at the moment too preoccupied with his shell launcher. Inside his mobile suit Rajani targets another nova.)
Rajani- These guys are weak. (From out the corner of his eye he sees a dot behind him on his radar and at that moment realizes somebody is behind him.) What the--I see you!! (He turns around as fats as he can and before Young has a chance to shoot he fires a shell right into his shoulder, blowing his gun arm off. Young’s suit falls to the ground.)
Young- Ahhhh!!!
(Rajani fires again but Young blocks the shot with his shield. But the impact from the shell damages that arm. Rajani aims again this time for Young’s cockpit.)
Rajani- Say goodnight!
(At that moment a beam goes right through his shell launcher. The weapon explodes and Rajani looks around to see where it came from. Up above on his left he sees a nova flying down at him with this beam saber. It goes for Rajani’s head but he rolls out the way. The beam saber slices the trees in that area completely in half. Rajani pulls out the steel blade that was on his wrist and waits for the nova to swoop back it. It does and they both clash weapons. During that Rajani looks at the suit and sees the markings that distinguish it as the commander. At that moment he knows he is fighting Brigadier General Defoe.)
Rajani- So you are Defoe aren’t you?! The UEP calls you a hero!
Defoe- I’m no hero; I’m just doing my job!
(They both start swinging at each other with their weapons; the sound of metal hitting beam energy is heard in the area as Young sits in his suit watching this fight. Rajani goes for Defoe’s head but he ducks and swings his beam saber in a vertical attack right at him. Rajani boosts to the side then moves around to the back of Defoe to attack but Defoe gets his shield up behind him just in time to protect himself. Defoe then backhands Rajani in the face sending him flying back, Defoe then charges right in on him. Rajani is able to stop his suit just to be attacked by Defoe’s beam saber. He swings at him several times but Rajani dodges them all.)
Rajani- You’re too slow old man! (On the last attempt by Defoe Rajani boosts under the swing and goes around to the back of Defoe again. He goes for a kill strike but Defoe boosts upwards and flips over slashing Rajani across the face with his beam saber. Inside Rajani’s suit one of his cameras short circuits sending sparks into the air.) Ahhh!! Bastard!! (Rajani begins blasting at Defoe who puts up his shield to block.)
Defoe- I thought you wanted to see who was better with a blade! I guess you didn’t want to lose! (Defoe then dodges the last shot from Rajani and shoots his left arm off with his shoulder cannon.)
Rajani- Ahhhhhh!!! (He then begins to boost backwards away from Defoe.)

(Down on the battlefield Biron other novas are fighting more Mandarins. Two of them are shot down while the third is sliced in half by Biron who sits in her cockpit smirking at how the battle is progressing. Over on the other side Furey, Carter and 4 other armored novas are shooting at 7 mandarins.)
Furey- Keep up this barrage, don’t let them breathe!!
(The Mandarins begin to fall one at a time.)
(Back inside the facility Phanindra is up on top of a balcony looking down at the scientists looking at some mobile suit schematics, the sounds of the battle get closer and closer. A guard walks into the balcony from the door behind Phanindra.
Guard- Mr. Zahin, an incoming transmission from Major Zahin. (Holds out transmitter.)
Phanindra- (takes transmitter) What is it?
Rajani- (In the middle of the battle standing in front of the facility with 3 other Mandarins firing at the incoming armored novas) Sir we can’t hold them back! We have to get out of here now!!
Phanindra- Unacceptable.
Rajani- But brother we didn’t come here with a force large enough to hold this facility!! The UEP will take it back, we need to retreat!
Guard- Mr. Zahin we should go.
Phanindra- No. I need my suit Major!!
Rajani- If you don’t leave now then you will be captured!! The Arms of the Republic can’t have that!!
(Phanindra stands there thinking about what he should do.)
Dr. Uki- We’ll let you go. I told you, you were wasting your time here.
(Phanindra turns and walks down the steps to Dr. Uki. He pulls out his gun and aims at him while the rest of the scientists look frightened.)
Phanindra- It would be a crime to kill the world’s most brilliant engineering mind. (He then turns the gun on the woman Dr. Reboucas and shoots her in the chest. She falls to her knees then the rest of her hits the ground. Her eyes are still wide open.)
Dr. Uki- Bonnibel!! (Phanindra’s guard comes up behind him and nails him in the back of the head with his gun knocking him unconscious.)
Phanindra- Take him with us.

(The guard picks up Dr. Uki and him and Phanindra hurry out the room. Outside where AotR transports are waiting all the guards and Phanindra come out of the facility and walk to the transports. Around the transports and the other side of the facility are the mandarins trying to guard Phanindra’s escape. The mandarins on the side of the facility opposite the transports are shot down covering the transports. Furey’s and a few other Novas fly up and land right there as the transports begin to take off. They get into the air as the mandarins still stay between them and the novas. The novas get to the spot where the transports took off and begin shooting up at them, the Mandarins keep them pinned down long enough for the transports to get high into the air. Some of the novas being to fly after them.)
Defoe- Do not pursue! We liberated the facility, mission accomplished. The rest of them just stand their looking up at the retreating AotR force. Defoe walks passed Young who joins the rest of the group slowly being in a damaged unit.) Next time you want to be a hero make sure you won’t have to be rescued.
Young- (Disappointed in himself.) Yes sir.
(Biron then looks over at Young and thinks.)
Biron- Hmmm…..

(Its morning back in Ra Boa Kai, Lester is in an empty room with Stephanie.)
Lester- So what did you find out?
Stephanie- I didn’t find anything out. He wouldn’t tell me anything. Not his name or--
Lester- Nothing? You didn’t find anything out?!
Stephanie- Are you sure General McArthur wanted me to do this? I mean it doesn’t sound like him.
Lester- He did and believe me you let him down by being useless.
Stephanie- I’m sorry. I don’t think I’m really cut out for this sort of thing.
Lester- Did he at least tell you anything about his mobile suit?
Stephanie- No nothing. All he said was his parents were killed right before his eyes.
Lester- Thousands of people saw their parents die, that doesn’t help.
Stephanie- He was really mean to me.
Lester- He’s acting out like an immature child because his parents were killed. Nothing more, he needs to grow up.
Stephanie- Hey my dad was killed too it takes a toll on--
Lester- Don’t give me your thoughts. At least I had the foresight to bring somebody else just in case you couldn’t handle your job. I know their Mobile suits are here. I’m going to find them. I have people in here now as we speak searching this place for them. After we attain those…we might not even need the pilots.
(Unknown to Lester and Stephanie, up on the second level of the room behind a corner is Conrad and he heard everything that was said.)

To Be Concluded
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I hope I spaced it out for better for reading.
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 8: Increasing Aggression

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(In Mumbai, India at an AotR base Rajani Zahin walks into a huge mobile suit garage where the AotR technicians recycle parts from destroyed Mandarins to build new ones. Inside they bring in destroyed units and take their suits apart also removing any dead bodies from inside. Rajani stands in the middle of it waiting for somebody. One of the technicians comes up to him.)
Tuan Nguyen- Major Zahin?
Rajani- Yes.
Tuan- I am Tuan Nguyen the chief technician here. I thank you for coming even considering the circumstances.
Rajani- Yes, Colonel Shu was a friend of mine. His death came too early for a soldier of that caliber.
(They both walk to a destroyed Mandarin that belonged to Colonel Shu. The machine is in two pieces; the lower half is lying on the ground while the top half is suspended over head. Next to them on a table is a black bag with Shu’s body inside. Or what’d left of it. Rajani looks at the bag and can see it isn’t in the shape of a body.)
Tuan- When he found him…all over the cockpit…I mean we couldn’t…
Rajani- You don’t have to say anymore. (He walks over and unzips the bag. He looks inside then zips it back up.) How does a body end up in that kind of condition when his mobile suit is pretty intact?
Tuan- From the looks of it whatever did this was specifically targeting the pilot. When we looked at the rest of his men a lot of whom were still alive but didn’t see what happened we noticed that their suits were targeted in areas that prevented them from reacting to the attack. Whoever did this didn’t care about taking them down or their mobile suits, just Colonel Shu it seems.
Rajani- Could it have been the arms dealers they were buying the weapons from?
Tuan- We don’t think so. Why would they destroy their own weapons? If this was some sort of scam wouldn’t they just take them back and sell them to the next buyers?
Rajani- You’re right. Rivals?
Tuan- That would be a possibility but an outside unit we had at a nearby outpost had that area watched for a radius of 70 miles. No other arms dealer mobile units could have gotten in without being noticed. And the dealers they were meeting came in trucks and jeeps, not suits.
Rajani- Then what are we dealing with here…(He then looks up at Shu’s destroyed Mandarin.)

(Back in Ra Boa Kai at the abandon base the Gundam pilots and UEP members are located, Rouke is in his room drinking some water and getting ready to go to the meeting room when Caleb opens the door and walks inside.)
Caleb- Are you ready to meet with these guys again?
Rouke- I suppose. As long as Lester keeps himself controlled that isn’t a guy I enjoy dealing with. But it seems like General McArthur is somebody we could possibly trust. The girl won’t be a factor.
Caleb- (smirks) Are you sure about that?
Rouke- What are you talking about?
Caleb- She was asking me quite a few questions yesterday.
Rouke- What kind of questions?
Caleb- She was trying to get my name out of me and some things about my past.
Rouke- In other words information we already denied to tell them.
Caleb- Yep, don’t worry I didn’t say anything. (He smirks again.) Doesn’t matter to me how good looking she is.
Conrad- We should end these meetings right now.
(Both Caleb and Rouke turn to see Conrad leaning up against the wall in the back of the room near a door.)
Rouke- Conrad?
Conrad- That girl is gathering information for Lester.
Caleb- How do you know this?
Conrad- I heard them talking. He sent her in to find out things about us. He figured that she would be non-threatening and one of us may possibly disclose something.
Caleb- I’m the only one she talked to, I didn’t say anything.
Conrad- We can’t even trust them to have this meeting honorably. There isn’t anyway we can form a partnership with them. But there is something else; Lester has a team here inside the base searching for our Gundams.
Rouke- What?
Caleb- No way.
Conrad- Yeah we have to put a stop to that now.
Rouke- The last thing we need is for them analyze our Gundams and attempt to build one of their own. That technology needs to stay with us. Come on. (The 3 of them walk out of Rouke’s room and head to the meeting room.)

(In Moscow, Russia at the Red Federation’s HQ Gennady and Serezha are about to walk in Marshal Demidov’s office. They open the large double doors and walk inside. Demidov is sitting at his desk on the phone when he sees them enter. He gets off the phone and stands up. Gennady and Serezha salute him and he salutes back.)
Demidov- Komarovskii’s, I trust your time in Birmingham paid off?
Gennady- Yes sir it did, we came here to report.
Serezha- We found out quite a few interesting things.
(Serezha drops a file on Demidov’s desk. He opens it and begins to read.)
Demidov- Am I reading this correctly? You’ve…you’ve possibly found out the identity of one of these pilots?
Gennady- Yes sir I believe so. There isn’t any real proof but the coincidences can’t be dismissed. During our time there I talked to a few of the locals and discovered a boy there that nobody knew and wasn’t from the area but who was so eager to come down there to help. There was something about the way he acted and his view about the world that intrigued me. He knew I was from the government, the only way he could have spotted that is if he was trained; during an Ayagi attack he didn’t hide in a war shelter with the rest of us, he ran somewhere out into the city more concerned with the safety of others. Not a typical trait for a person to put the safety of others first.
Serezha- But it is obvious to see that the pilots of these New Mobile Suits do posses this rare trait.
Gennady- We also saw him in town with two other people, also not from the area. I believe one was American and the other was an older guy who had to be in his thirties, looked like he could be Spanish or from that newer country bordering Spain, Geraldez.
Serezha- He also saw me spying on them and actually roughed me up a little but I got the pictures. That’s him right there. (He points to a picture of Conrad that Demidov is looking at from the file.)
Demidov- I see. Looks like a soldier.
Serezha- And there is also another lead we have to follow up about their suits. I may have found a link to something that can tell us more about these people.
Demidov- This boy you talked to Gennady…did you learn anything else?
Gennady- Yes I did sir…his name. Rouke.
Demidov- I must say I am extremely impressed with you two. A little over a week ago we knew nothing about these people, now we have possible pictures and a name. I must contact our Prime Ministers and inform them of your findings. If these 3 turn out to be the pilots of these machines. We’ll be way ahead of the game. Dismissed.
Gennady- Sir.
(Gennady and Serezha salute Demidov and exit the room. They walk through the hallway to the elevator.)
Serezha- We should go right back to our lab, I want to figure out this lead as soon as possible.
Gennady- Right.

(Back at Ra Boa Kai, Rouke, Caleb, and Conrad open up the doors where the guards are standing and walk into the meeting room. McArthur, Lester and Stephanie are all inside waiting for them. Caleb walks right up to Lester and punches him right across the face. McArthur and Stephanie stare in shock as Lester goes down with a thud. The two guards outside the room hear the noise and rush in; they see what happened. Caleb then starts to walk toward Stephanie.)
Caleb- You sneaky little bitch. (He grabs her arm.) You were trying to gather information for him weren’t you?!
Stephanie- Ow you’re hurting me!
McArthur- Let her go!
Rouke- Caleb.
(Caleb lets go of Stephanie’s arm, McArthur then signals the guards to stand down.)
McArthur- Its all right, I’ll handle this.
(The guards exit the room as Lester gets back up to his feet holding his jaw.)
Caleb- Don’t get up. (He starts walking toward Lester but Conrad stands in his way.)
Conrad- Back off, you don’t know what you’re doing Caleb.
Caleb- Hey--
(Conrad grabs Lester by the collar and slams him up against the wall.)
McArthur- Hey what is he doing, let him go!
Rouke- He’s been sending this girl around to gather secrets about us. Do you know anything about this?
McArthur- He’s doing what? I wasn’t aware…Stephanie?
Stephanie- I’m sorry…it’s true. But I didn’t know he didn’t tell you. He told me it was your idea.
McArthur- Bernard, how could you take advantage of her like that? Manipulating her to do this?
Stephanie- I’m sorry.
McArthur- I should have known. I did believe it was odd that you wanted to bring her along but I didn’t think you would stoop this low. Who even authorized this?
Lester- I did. As soon as you started letting these Gundam pilots call all the shots. I had to take things into my own hands for the UEP.
Conrad- Call off your team now.
Lester- No.
McArthur- What team? What have you done Lester?
Lester- Oh it’s too late. Before you three stormed in here I was informed that they have already located the Gundams…and are analyzing them. That technology is ours, you can’t keep it from us.
(Conrad slams Lester up against the wall a second time before letting his collar go. The three pilots then run out of the room.)
McArthur- You’ve ruined everything.
Lester- We got what we were here for. I’m leaving. I suggest you do the same.

(Down inside the hangar levels below where everybody else was is Lt. Tgjan Lee and the 6 other UEP operatives. They are on the platform suspended over the Gundam’s cockpits with a computer. They are able to get the cockpit hatch open and plug in two cords from the computer into the system of Echoes.)
Tgjan Lee- Well it took awhile to find the right frequency signal to open each of these hatches. Glad the UEP has such fine technology right boys. (He laughs to himself.) Hurry up, this is our last one. Once we’re done we can get out of here. Morocco is too damn hot. (The operative’s computer continues to download the Gundam’s systems when Tgjan Lee’s communicator begins to beep. He takes it off of his belt and reads it.) It’s from Lester…they’re coming. The pilots are coming we got to go now!!
(Outside the door to the hangar the pilots have arrived and open the door to come inside. Tgjan Lee looks to the side and sees them. He then quickly takes out two automatics and fires at them just as they open the door. The three of them get behind the door for cover and take out their guns.)
UEP Operative- We haven’t finished downloading the data Lieutenant!
Tgjan Lee- We have enough, we need to go now!
(The operatives take the cords out of the system and pack up the rest of their computers. They begin running to the door on the other side of the platform then the Gundam pilots. Behind their door the pilots try and shoot back from behind the cover but our out-matched with fire power.)
Rouke- We can’t get anywhere near him!
Conrad- You two stay here, I’m going inside!
Rouke- No wait!!
(Conrad waits until there is a break in gun fire and runs in shooting. Tgjan Lee backs up to the door the other operatives went and goes through it. Conrad follows him and kicks open the door. He is now in a repair stations filled with narrow places to move because of the machines and conveyor belts everywhere. He runs down one chasing after Tgjan lee who fires back at Conrad. He ducks for cover shortly then jumps over a conveyor belt and keeps running he turns down another narrow spot and see Tgjan Lee trapped between him and a cracked window. Tgjan Lee shoots at Conrad as he gets behind a wall to avoid the fire. He then shoots back at Tgjan, the shots are very close causing Tgjan to decide and run for the window. He turns around and charges for it. Conrad fires another shot that just barely misses Tgjan Lee as he goes crashing through the window. Conrad runs up to it and looks out. Right below him he sees Tgjan standing up inside a jeep-like military vehicle speeding off. Tgjan Lee looks back at Conrad and waves.)
Tgjan Lee- Bye. (He then sits down as the vehicle drives off into the desert. Conrad continues to look out the window angered at the events that just transpired.)

(Back up in the meeting room Conrad walks in to join Rouke, Caleb, Stephanie and McArthur.)
Rouke- Did you get him?
Conrad- No. Where’s Lester?
Caleb- Gone. Nice job stopping that guy though hero.
(Conrad just looks at Caleb. Rouke turns to McArthur and Stephanie.)
Rouke- These meetings are over, we’re going.
McArthur- I’m sorry for what happened here today.
Rouke- You betrayed yourselves today…no wonder God won’t let you save your people.

(In Delhi, India at Phanindra Zahin’s Arms of the Republic base down in the lower levels that serve as a temporary prison for enemies; the captured Dr. Uki from the UEP is thrown into a cell by a guard and the door is closed behind him. Phanindra is upstairs on the ground level talking to his aid Kaladhar who is much shorter and bald.)
Phanindra- I am very disappointed at what transpired in Kagoshima. My machine wasn’t created because I am cursed with being surrounded by those that are incompetent.
Kaladhar- Well Mr. Zahin…the force you brought wasn’t exactly a large enough size.
Phanindra- So are you saying this is my fault?
Kaladhar- I’m just saying sir that you are not a military strategist. You should consult Generals before you do something.
Phanindra- I own this coalition! That makes me its authority. I don’t need anybody else’s opinions. I will do what I see fit.
Kaladhar- Yes Mr. Zahin…my apologies.
(They continue walking to Phanindra’s war room. They open up the doors and walk inside. Sitting on the table in front of Phanindra’s chair rest a file with the day’s briefing inside and reports on his funds. Phanindra walks over and sits in the chair. He opens and begins reading the file.)
Kaladhar- Those are today’s reports sir but there is some bad news in there…
(He sees the report of what happened on the India/Pakistani border with Colonel Shu and the new weapons.)
Phanindra- Is this what I think it is? The deal you suggested I make for new weapons?
Kaladhar- Well yes it is but…
Phanindra- You costs me $3 million with your stupid idea! What did it get me?! Nothing! And Colonel Shu is dead!
Kaladhar- Yes…we don’t even know how he and his men were taken down. Nothing could have gotten in or out Mr. Zahin. I’m sorry.
Phanindra- Guard!! (A guard walks inside the room.) Escort Kaladhar out of this base. If I ever see him again you may shoot him.
Kaladhar- What!! Mr. Zahin, no please! (The guard comes over and lifts Kaladhar out and drags him out of the room. Once they leave Phanindra goes back to reading the file.)
Phanindra- Colonel Xun Shu was killed in action inexplicably inside his mobile suit. The damage to the unit indicates another mobile suit attack but there is no other information as to who was behind this at this time. No…it’s him. It has to be. (Phanindra picks up the video phone that is next to him and calls his brother Rajani. Over in his current location Rajani answers the video phone and sees Phanindra looking very distraught.)
Rajani- Phanindra? What’s wrong…you don’t look okay.
Phanindra- He’s dead he’s dead!! Xun Shu!!!
Rajani- I already know about that.
Phanindra- He’s coming for me next, I’m next!!
Rajani- Phanindra what are you talking about?!
Phanindra- If Xun is dead then that means I’m next!! It truly is him he is back!
Rajani- Phanindra calm down you aren’t making any sense! Why would you be after Xun?
Phanindra- Oh…oh I can’t tell you. I just know I’m next brother!! Help me!
Rajani- Phanindra…
Phanindra- Please!! Don’t let him kill me, please!!!
Rajani- Okay Phanindra, you stay right there. I’m on my way. I’m in Mumbai now I should be there in a few hours! (He hangs up.)
Phanindra- Hurry…I don’t deserve to die. My perfect mobile suit could save me. Yes…it could. Dr. Uki will save me!! (Phanindra gets up and runs out the room into the hallway shouting Dr. Uki over and over again.) We must let him out!! Take Dr. Uki to the nearest engineering station, he will save me!!! Save me before that monster finds me!
(Phanindra continues to run through his base shouting when he feels a violent tremor brought on by an explosion. The arm to the base sounds and a soldier announces what is happening over the system.)
Soldier- Enemy attack!!! Enemy attack!! All pilots to their mobile suits defend Mr. Zahin and this facility!!
Phanindra- What…what is happening? (Just then a soldier comes running around the hallway with a communicator talking to a mandarin suit outside.) You…what is happening?!
Soldier- I’m talking to somebody outside--
(They hear the pilot inside a Mandarin reply through the communicator.)
Pilot inside Mandarin- Where is he?! I can’t see the enemy!! Who is attacking?! Ahhhhuugggaaaa!!!!!! (The communicator cuts out.)
Phanindra- It’s him…he’s come for me!!! No nooooo! My life is too important to be lost!! Don’t let him in!!! I must hide!! He is a monster, he is death!!!! (Phanindra turn begins to run fast down the hallway screaming for dear life.)
Soldier- Mr. Zahin?!
(The soldier continues to run in the direction he was going right to the way out front. He gets into the main hallway and is running to the doors but he sees a Mandarin get slammed through the front and land right in front of him. Debris falls everywhere as the mobile suit has smashed through the front of the base. The soldier sees a beam saber sticking out of the suit and then looks up to see another mobile suit walk in; the Black Gundam. The soldier looks up in horror as the black Gundam pulls out his beam saber and stares directly at him. The soldier believes his death is at hand when another mandarin walks up behind the black Gundam with its beam rifle drawn. The black Gundam swings around to meet the Mandarin and cuts its gun arm off. The soldier uses this time to run back in the opposite direction to escape. The Black Gundam slices the Mandarin to pieces and turns to continue walking through the base.)

(Rajani is now on a transport heading to Phanindra’s location as fast as he can. He has just been informed of the situation currently taking place. He is standing right behind the transport’s pilot’s chair talking to Phanindra’s base on the radio.)
Rajani- Listen to me, you need to get him out of there now! Whatever is attacking it is after my brother! For the sake of this coalition you need to get my brother transported out of there whatever the costs!! I am on my way but I won’t make it there in time! Get Phanindra Zahin out!! (He puts the mouth piece of the radio back where it goes and continues to stand there looking out the front window.)

(Back at Phanindra’s base AotR soldiers run through it trying to find him. One of the soldiers goes down into the power levels shouting Phanindra’s name. He runs around frantically kicking open doors and looking inside various rooms. He comes to one that is completely dark inside with a desk. The soldier then decides to look under it and sure enough finds Phanindra cowering under the desk in the fetal position.)
Soldier- Mr. Zahin we have been ordered to get you out!
Phanindra- He’s here…he’s here to kill me.
Soldier- Mr. Zahin…(the soldier grabs him and pulls him from out under the desk and walks him out.
(Inside the mobile suit hangar the pilots have gotten into their Mandarins and are ready to defend. The commander of the unit makes this announcement to the other pilots.)
Commander- I want everybody to stay down here. The reports say this mobile suit was in the base and has gotten down to the lower levels. We may be the closest to it.
(The Mandarins walk around with their beam rifles drawn ready to attack the Black Gundam. Down in those levels it isn’t the place with the most light so sections are dark and other are dimly lit with a reddish light. A Mandarin walks in front of a dark corner looking around when behind him a pair of green eyes light up and the hand of the black Gundam reaches out and wraps around the Mandarin’s face. The Mandarin is pulled into the dark corner and seemingly disappears. The slight noise heard from this causes all the other Mandarins to turn in that direction.)
Pilot A- Where did he go? Where did he go?!
Pilot B- All I’m getting is static coming from his unit.
(The Mandarins continue to look around now more cautious then before. Another Mandarin stands near a dimly lit area where the Black Gundam jumps down and lands behind him silently then quickly takes off its head with his beam sabers and then both its legs. The Mandarin hits the ground hard and alerts the others who turn but again see nothing. Many of the pilots are getting nervous and some even tremble inside their suits. Then from out of nowhere a chained kunai flies out from the darkness and stabs a Mandarin through the chest. The mobile suit is then pulled towards the darkness. The rest of the Mandarins turn and fire into the area hoping to hit their attacker, the Mandarin is pulled to the Black Gundam and then lifted up in front of him to be used as a shield.)
Pilot A- Don’t worry about him keep firing!! He’ll be dead anyway!!
(They continue to fire shooting the Mandarin to pieces but not hitting the Black Gundam. Then the Mandarin explodes and everybody stops shooting believe the other suit to be gone. Then from out of the fire and smoke the Black Gundam boosts out right at the group. They open fire but hit nothing. The Black Gundam slices the 1st Mandarin in front of him diagonally then kicks the next one in the face and then slashes it in half down the middle while it’s in mid-air.)
Pilot A- Take it down!! Take it down!!!! (He opens fire on the Gundam but it ducks the shots then throws his beam boomerang which lodges in the Mandarin’s neck causing the suit to explode.)

(Back on the surface the soldiers are rushing Phanindra onto the transport which is almost ready to launch. There are two Mandarins standing in front of the transport guarding and two other on the sides. Once Phanindra is on the transport all the doors to it close and its engines start. The soldiers also stand outside looking for the Gundam. But then they see a beam saber stick out through the ground behind the transport. The two Mandarins crowd around it as the soldiers yell at the transport.)
Soldier- Go get out of here!!
(The beam sabers then cut the ground into a circle that the Gundam jumps through. Once it lands the Mandarin’s open fire but the Gundam gets in close, chops the one on its left’s gun arm off then impales the one on the right with his beam saber. He brings that one over head and slams it to the ground then cuts down the one on his left again. The transport then begins to take off but can’t get high enough in the air to avoid the Gundam. He charges in with his beam saber ready. Inside the rogue pilot Jackal senses that the next name on his list we be crossed out within seconds.)
Jackal- Phanindra.
(Inside the transport Phanindra is looking out the window staring at the Gundam.)
Phanindra- Ahhhhahahhhhhh noo!!!
(Jackal goes in for the slice but one of the Mandarins that were on the side grabs his arm to restrain him, then on his other side a Mandarin comes to do the same.)
Pilot A- Keep him back!!!
Pilot B- Mr. Zahin is almost away!
(The transport continues to climb higher into the air as the Black Gundam is being held back. Jackal uses all the Gundam’s strength to break his arms free then stabs them both through the chest with his beam sabers. He pulls them out and cuts off both of the Mandarin’s heads. The Mandarins fall to the ground right where the AotR soldiers were. They run out the way but the explosion from the suits takes them out. The Black Gundam looks up into the sky and sees the transport but it is far off in the distance. Over his radio he hears that enemy Mandarins are head towards the base in a large force. He puts his beam sabers in their sheaths and then escapes into the darkness before they show up.)

(At the Gundam’s base in Nyala, Sudan, the three pilots are relaxing in their break room eating food. Conrad is giving food to the cat, Rouke is reading and eating, while Caleb is just eating and looking for more food in the fridge when Amisi walks in.)
Amisi- Dr. Ayumu told me your meetings didn’t go too well.
Rouke- Not at all. We can’t trust the people in the UEP. The same can possibly be said for the Red Federation and the other coalitions.
Caleb- We don’t need them.
Amisi- Well no we shouldn’t, we’ve built an almost invincible force with your Gundams. Speaking of which, Conrad?
Conrad- Yeah?
Amisi- We’ve finished constructing new Gatling guns for Fenrir. They are two of them both a little smaller then your old one but just as powerful. They have both even been upgraded so you can use them in space if you need to. The guns are being outfitted to your machine as we speak an--
(At that moment the alarm sounds signaling an attack from Generon on some part of the earth.)
Rouke- That’s us.
(The three of them get up and along with Amisi run out of the room. The Gundam pilots head to the hangar while Amisi heads to the control room.)
Amisi- Just get to your Gundams, I’ll have the locations downloaded into your systems.
(The Gundam pilots reach the hangar and head to their Gundams, the crew members checking over the mobile suits get off fast just as the pilots get into their cockpits. They the Gundam’s systems and are ready to launch. Inside the control room Amisi gets on the communicator to talk to the pilots.)
Amisi- The location should be showing up on your screens now. The NOVA system has been set for that target. We are opening the hatch now. (The hatch over the hangar opens revealing the clear sky over the mountain region.)
Caleb- It’s about time these guys struck again.
Rouke- Remember keep yourself under control.
Conrad- He won’t…we’ll just have to bail him out.
Caleb- Whatever.
(The three Gundams boosts out of the hangar and fly high into the air. Once they are all high enough they go NOVA and the familiar sonic boom is heard as they disappear into the sky.)

(At the UEP base in Montreal, Canada, inside War Director Lester’s office he sits at his desk and waits for his guest to come inside. Lt. Lee opens up the doors and walks inside, he jumps onto the chair facing Lester desk and sits in it lazily.)
Tgjan Lee- You called for me buddy?
Lester- Yes I did. I was very impressed with your performance at the Ra Boa Kai facility in Morocco.
Tgjan Lee- I trust we got you enough data on those Gundams.
Lester- You did. We have everything we need on them…it may even be possible to build some of our own…if we find the right engineers.
Tgjan Lee- Oh let me get the first.
Lester- If my superiors will allow the construction of Gundams you will. But until then I have a special assignment for you.
Tgjan Lee- Do tell.
Lester- I read the reports McArthur submitted about the meeting with the Gundam pilots considering I had left the room. They informed us of a Rogue Gundam going around assassinating members of the coalitions and that isn’t something we can allow to happen to the UEP. So I am assigning you the task of hunting this Gundam. This is an operation that will be kept strictly off the record books.
Tgjan Lee- That won’t exactly be easy. He’s damn near invisible.
Lester- Well make yourself as invisible as he is. Can you handle it?
Tgjan Lee- Hmmmm can I handle it? Can I? Hmmm…..yeah I can.
Lester- Good I’m glad I came to you then.
Tgjan Lee- You’re lucky you did; I’m the only man that can get the job done.

To Be Concluded
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 9: Out of Commission

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(Right now in Buenos Aires, Argentina at an UEP base there is a Generon attack taking place. The 22 Ayagies land on the ground and begin firing on everything. The UEP deploy their Nova and Crede mobile suits to fight back against the mobile puppets. A series of Novas form a line right outside the city to keep the Ayagies from coming in. Both side’s fire on each other but the Ayagies are going through the Novas relatively easy. Some Credes show up over head and fire down upon the Ayagies. They put up their shields and fire up bringing some Credes down. Some airborne Ayagies fly into the Credes with their beam sabers and cut them down. On the ground the Novas are being pushed back.)
Troop Commander- They’re pushing us back!! Everybody hold your ground! (A Nova standing right next to him is then shot through the chest and explodes. It is starting to look hopeless for the UEP when they here a loud sonic boom.) Was that the sound barrier?
(The Ayagies continue to fire at the Novas until on of them is shot through the head from above. The Ayagies then look up to see the three Gundams; Echoes, Prodige, and Fenrir flying down at them. The eyes of the Ayagies light up signaling a change in their programmed plan and take to the air to go after the Gundams. Bothe sides fly towards each other at tremendous speeds.)
Rouke- Keep the Ayagies away from everybody else as well as you can. That will minimize casualties.
(The Gundams aim their weapons at the Ayagies and fire into them while the Ayagies fire back. The Gundams dodge and block the blasts while some of the Ayagies are shot down. Both sides continue to fly at each other until they collide. A lot of short range weapons are then taken out and used. Rouke puts away his beam rifle and takes out his broad sword. He gets right into an Ayagi with a beam saber’s face. They clash weapons but Rouke’s Gundam is much stronger then the Ayagi. Its beam saber is knocked right out of its hands and then its gets cut in half. Rouke uses his shoulder vulcans to shoot at another one but it blocks and fires back with its beam cannon. Rouke dodges that and a few other shots and flies by the Ayagi cutting off its beam cannon arm then turning around and shooting it in the back with his should vulcans. Two Ayagies come at him firing but he flies out of the way shooting back. Caleb fires several shots into an Ayagi with his hand gun until it explodes. Another one flies in right after him. Caleb tries to shoot it down with both his guns but the Ayagi dodges the shots and pulls out his beam saber. The mobile puppet charges in at Caleb and swings but Caleb ducks the beam saber and unleashes his beam-saw from out of his shield. The Ayagi flies back at him and they clash weapons. The Ayagi goes for Caleb’s head again but he dodges then goes in with his beam-saw. The Ayagi blocks it with his shield but the beam-saw starts to saw through the shield until it cuts through it and half of the Ayagies arm. The Ayagi shoots to keep Caleb away but he shoots back with his hand gun taking the Ayagi’s other arm off. Caleb then takes his big beam rifle out and shoots the Ayagi through the middle.)
Caleb- That’s what I’m talking about!
(Conrad flies through the group shooting at various Ayagies with his new gatling guns. He is dodging the shots from the Ayagi’s beam cannons just as they are dodging his bullets. An Ayagi then flies in front of him shooting and he fires back with both his gatling guns. The Ayagi gets its shield up but a lot of the bullets hit the unshielded part of the Ayagi and break it into pieces before the full power of the guns bring it down completely. Conrad then takes out his beam spear and goes after another Ayagi. It fires at him but he dodges then uses his claws to slice apart its beam cannon, he swings his spear but the Ayagi blocks it and whips out its beam saber. Conrad brings his spear down on the wrist of the Ayagi taking it off. The Ayagi takes out its other beam saber with the other arm and swings a couple times at Conrad. He dodges, kicks the Ayagi in the face, then cuts it in half. After that Conrad narrowly escapes and blast from behind.)
Conrad- Guys there’s too many of them to stay in one spot, go in a zigzag pattern; it’ll stop them from being able to surround you!
Caleb- The hell do we need to do that for?!
Conrad- Just do it! (He boosts over to the other side dodging beams and cuts the arms off of an Ayagi then cuts it in half. He takes out one of his gatling guns and fires at some other Ayagies then boost over to the other side firing at an Ayagi shooting at him. Both of them dodge the others shots until Conrad is able to catch the Ayagi trying to down and shower bullets on it. Inside his cockpit an alarm over his radar goes off signaling that two Ayagies are charging in behind him. He takes out the other gun and fires at both shooting them down. Caleb has just blocked 3 shots with his shield and fires back at a charging Ayagi. It swings at him with its beam saber but he dodges and goes behind that Ayagi, he sees another Ayagi coming in further back and shoots that right through the middle. He then turns his attention back to the other Ayagi and fires to shots to take its arm off. Caleb then boosts at and kicks the Ayagi to the ground where it breaks to pieces. Caleb boosts over to the other side to be met with fire from an Ayagi. He flies over it avoiding the shots and fires two into the back on the Ayagi. Right when he turns his attention to what is in front of him another Ayagi is there with its beam sabers drawn. The Ayagi kicks away Caleb’s beam rifle and slashes. He boosts out of the way and takes out his other hand gun and fires them both at the Ayagi shooting holes all in its body. An Ayagi swings its beam saber at Rouke but he catches its wrist in his right hand. The Ayagi takes out his second beam saber with the other hand but Rouke’s shoulder vulcans shoot it off. He then uses his sword to slice then Ayagi in half. He boosts over to the other side where he dodges some fire from and Ayagi. He uses his shield to knock it from out of his way then he shoots it through the back with his shoulder vulcans. Another Ayagi comes up from behind him with its beam saber and goes for a slice but Rouke blocks it with his shield, he then cuts its right arm off and grabs the beam saber from out of the detached arm. The Ayagi takes out its other beam saber and it clashes weapons with Rouke but Rouke uses the beam saber he grabbed to cut the Ayagi in half down the middle. He boosts over to the other side and throws the saber at an Ayagi but it blocks it and fires back. Rouke dodges the blasts, takes out his beam rifle, blocks the last shot then fire two beams through the chest of the last Ayagi.)
Rouke- Okay that was the last one. We cleaned them up. Good thinking on the strategy Conrad.
Conrad- That’s why I’m here. Let’s get back to the base.
(The three of them get ready to go NOVA and head back to Sudan when the sky starts to get dark in one spot. The same spot the Ayagies they just fought came down from. Then the huge light beam shoots down from the sky and hits the ground and two mobile puppet shuttles come down once again.)
Caleb- What?
Rouke- Generon’s never done this before…it’s never uses to attack forces on the same spot. What’s it planning?
(The shuttles open releasing 12 Ayagies that head straight for the Gundams. The Ayagies fly at them in a rotating pattern firing at the Gundams.)
Conrad- They’re moving in a machine gun pattern, we can’t fly in. We got to break them up. Split up!!
(The three Gundams go off in 3 separate directions. Conrad flies to the ground and transforms into his wolf mode and runs along the ground, Rouke flies higher into the air, while Caleb flies towards the ground away from Conrad’s direction. The Ayagies split and follow them. Conrad runs along the ground be chased by flying Ayagies firing at him. He runs from side to side dodging the shots then flips around and fires his guns into the air. The Ayagies try to dodge the bullets but one of them is shot down. The other 3 that followed him land and begin firing at Conrad. They hit the ground under him causing it to explode but he jumps into the air in time continuing to fire. The Ayagies put up their shields to block but their exposed legs get hit with the bullets, once they become vulnerable from that Conrad just finishes them off with his guns. The one Ayagi left pulls out its beam saber and flies in at Conrad. He jumps at the Ayagi with his claws out and stabs it right in the chest and brings it to the ground, Conrad jumps off and shoots at the Ayagi while its lying on the ground till it blows up. Rouke is up in the air shooting at the Ayagies coming at him. They dodge and fire back. Rouke blocks then flies in at them. He dodges a few shots then fires at an Ayagi in front of him with his vulcans. That Ayagi blocks but Rouke quickly turns to his right side where there is another one and fires two shots into its chest. Another Ayagi charges right in on him with its beam saber and goes for a slash that gets blocked. Rouke then hits the Ayagi in the face with his gun, it falls back and Rouke shoots it. He then takes out his sword and gets ready to fight the last two Ayagies and their beam sabers. One rushes in and they clash weapons, then the other one comes in and he clashes weapons with that one. The first Ayagi charges in again but Rouke blocks with his shield, immediately after the second one comes in with both beam sabers but Rouke gets his sword up to block those. The first one is still going saber to shield with Rouke takes out his other beam saber and gets it ready to cut Rouke but he uses his shoulder vulcans to shoot that Ayagi right on its should joint. Its arm blows off and Rouke kicks the Ayagi away. The other Ayagi goes back in for a slice with the saber in its right arm but Rouke blocks then goes for one with its left but Rouke boosts under the saber and cuts the Ayagi in half. Rouke relaxes for just a moment when the one remaining Ayagi with one arm flies up behind him and wraps itself around the Gundam. Rouke can’t move his arms or legs to get the Ayagi off so he decides to boosts. The Ayagi is positioned right on his back over his engine so when he begins to boosts the energy starts to burn the Ayagi off. First it’s lower half then the upper half catch on fire and the Ayagi lets go and explodes. Caleb flies along the ground with the Ayagies hot on his tail. He stops over some buildings and waits for them to get to him. The Ayagies surround him and begin moving in a counter clockwise circle shooting at him. Inside Caleb blocks and dodges and returns some fire but doesn’t hit any of them, the maneuver causes a lot of chaos for the pilot in the middle. One Ayagi passes right in front of his face and fires, Caleb blocks the shot but looks right into that one eye of the mobile puppets. It reminds him of him and his parents running from them when he was a boy. The memory flashes in his mind but he tries to shake it lose. They continue to move and fire and more and more their movements keep reminding his of that memory. The Ayagies shooting at the running people, the loud noises, everything.)
Caleb- Get out of my head! (He begins shooting much more aggressively now; he is able to shoot ones head off leaving 3 but the memory keeps coming back.) Get out, get out!!! (He begins shooting wildly not even worrying about hitting Ayagies. In his head he sees the image of his parents being hit with that beam and he snaps.) God damn you Ayagies!!! (He drops both his guns and boosts right into one of them. He rams the Ayagi into the side of a building and precedes to punch it repeatedly in the chest.) Rahhh ahhhhhh!!! (The Ayagi is punched to pieces but he continues to hit it until one of the other ones shoot him in the left shoulder. He stumbles to the side and is hit with another beam in the back. It cracks and burns the armor of the suit but doesn’t rip through it. He turns around to face the shooting Ayagi.) Grrrraaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! (He boosts right at it but the other Ayagi rams him from the side to the ground. Both of them land and walk to him with their cannons aimed but from out of nowhere Conrad boosts over spinning his spear, lands, and slices both Ayagies in half with lightning speed. He turns around to face Caleb.)
Conrad- You threw down your guns. What were you thinking?! I should have let you die right here!! (Caleb stands up and goes to grab his guns from off the ground.) Your immaturity in that Gundam is a travesty. You don’t deserve to be with us.
(Caleb pulls out one of his hand guns and points it right at the head of Conrad’s suit.)
Caleb- I don’t want to hear you talk anymore!! You got that?!
Conrad- What the hell…
(Rouke lands right next to both of them.)
Rouke- Stop it!! Both of you! Caleb put the gun down…now!!
(Caleb holds it to Conrad’s head for a few more seconds and then puts his hand down.)
Caleb- I’m going back, by myself. (He takes to the air and when he gets high enough goes NOVA.
Conrad- Talk to him…or I will teach his how to act. (He cracks his knuckles.)
Rouke- I’ll get through to him…you won’t need to knock his head in yet.

(In Jaipur of the Rajasthan Province in India an AotR transport being accompanied by a few mandarin mobile suits lands right on a transport pad outside a huge and lavish looking palace. From out of the transport comes Phanindra Zahin. Some guards come from out of the palace to meet Phanindra. They salute him and surround him to walk him inside his palace. Once inside they close the doors.)
Soldier A- Welcome back home Mr. Zahin. The Arms of the Republic is thankful for your survival.
Phanindra- Where is my brother?
Soldier A- He contacted us not too long ago and said he would be arriving within a few hours.
Phanindra- Until he gets here I want my palace locked down. Nobody in or out unless I say. I want a squadron of Mandarins right here defending my home.
Soldier- Yes sir.
Phanindra- Make that happen now.
Soldier A- Yes sir, right away sir. (He walks away.)
(Phanindra then makes his way down his ornately decorated halls to another large recreation room. He opens the door to see a man sitting in one of his chairs. The man is in his 40s and has white hair and a white beard.)
Phanindra- Vidur? What are you doing inside this room?
Vidur Benhari- I arrived here a short time ago when our government informed me of you coming back.
Phanindra- I’ve just been through a terrible ordeal. I don’t have time for whatever you want.
Vidur- My apologies Mr. Zahin but my business cannot wait. You have been gone for several months and the problem was ever bad then.
Phanindra- Not these people again. (He walks over to his bar and grabs a bottle and a glass. He pours himself a drink and takes a seat.)
Vidur- These people are only living just above the poverty line. Your father promised that there would be a sizeable contribution from your company to the people of India. The money your family posses from your fossil fuel mining in space has made you one of the richest people in the earth’s sphere. We are only asking for a number that is 3% of the amount of money you make in a year.
Phanindra- How dare you come to me after I almost lost my life and ask me for money for undeserving people? As you said it is my money. I will not make it my responsibility to give hands out to these people. I don’t care what my father promised and wasn’t able to do before his death. I am not him. All I see out there are beggars and people wanting to leech off of the Zahin name.
Vidur- The people of this province, of this country need your help. When your father became wealthy we thought it would be the upturn for India that would put in on the map as a player in this world. But we are still considered third world the Zahin’s were our hope.
Phanindra- Hope? There’s no hope here. Find a new God. If you even believe in one. (He takes a sip of his drink then pushes an intercom on his wall that alerts some guards inside the palace.) Sergeant? There is a man in my palace who is coming to the front door now, I want you to escort him out.
Vidur- (He stands up.) Please don’t turn your back on your people. (He walks out the room leaving Phanindra alone to drink.)

(At the Gundam’s Nyala base in the Sudan the pilots are all back and are out of the Gundams and heading to their rooms. Caleb walks through the doorway from the hangar into a hallway. Rouke comes walking in behind him.)
Rouke- Hey Caleb, can I talk to you for a moment?
Caleb- (He stops walking.) What is it?
Rouke- What happened out there?
Caleb- A fight. Any other questions?
Rouke- Come on, you were fine during that entire battle up until one point. What happened?
Caleb- Some old memories. That’s all.
Rouke- Memories about your parents?
Caleb- Shut up.
Rouke- You can talk to us; we’re all in the same situation.
Caleb- Do you ever have dreams where you see your parents die over and over again?
Rouke- I can’t say that I have.
Caleb- Then you’re not in the same situation. For awhile now I would bury that event in my head and use anger to fight. But now those nightmares I used to have are back. All of a sudden. That’s all I dream about now. I think about that day all the time again. Every time I close my eyes I see their bodies and the eye of the Ayagies.
Rouke- I’m sorry. I didn’t know all of that really came back.
Caleb- I should be past this by now, I’m not a kid anymore.
Rouke- The memory of your parent’s death isn’t something you grow out of. Just because you suffer doesn’t make you a kid. Death affects people of all ages. You don’t need to bottle it up…you can talk. I’ll listen and so will God.
Caleb- Rouke, (smirks) I love how you’re such a peace maker all the time. All that priest training, I don’t need to talk. I just need to focus on what I have to do, bring the machines down. Once that’s done it’ll be over and I’ll be fine. (He begins to walk off.) Don’t ever say anything to me about this sissy talking and feelings stuff again. (He walks into a room and closes the door.)

(High above earth on the Generon satellite, Generon has been observing the battle the entire time.)
Generon- Data collected…analyzing for possible weaknesses. Analyzing…analyzing. Weakness discovered. Formulating plan to isolate and exploit weakness.

(In Birmingham, England at a field hospital there is a lot of activity going on. There are many injured mobile suit pilots that need medical care. The head nurse, a larger older woman walks over to one of her nurse’s aids who is washing her hands of any blood from a previous patient. She is a girl about 17, with long blonde hair name Rae Annesley.)
Head Nurse- Rae? That pilot lying on the stretcher, (She points over to him.) I need you to bandage him.
Rae- Yes I’ll be right there. (She dries her hands off and grabs some new latex gloves to put on. She picks up a wrap of bandages and walks over to the injured pilot.) Hi I’m Rae, I’m just here to put these bandages on you.
Pilot- Th-thank you. (Rae begins to unwrap the bandages and put them on his injured parts.)
Rae- There’s always so many of you coming through here. It’s shocking really.
Pilot- Yeah. A lot of us get hurt or killed in battles. But that just makes us want to go out there and fight even more.
Rae- Even after these injuries you still want to go back out there and fight?
Pilot- Of course. It’s what we have to do and its something I want to do.
Rae- So you can end up back in here or worse?
Pilot- This won’t happen to me again.
Rae- How do you know?
Pilot- Because I’m being optimistic. I’m trying to salvage a little hope for myself.
Rae- Hope? There is no hope. Do you know that there has been war going on everyday of my life since I was born? I just went along living my life oblivious to what was going on around me having hope that the fighting will stop. Now I know better. This war, all the death, it won’t end.
Pilot- What made you think this way?
Rae- When I saw all my friends die around me, and my old life died with them. This is all I can do now. We weren’t involved in the fight, they were just trying to live their lives same as me…with hope. They shouldn’t be dead, they didn’t do anything. So there is no hope in the world.
Pilot- Bu--
Rae- Once you get out of here you’re going to get back into a mobile suit and fight more machines and you will either see all your friends die, end up in here again, or die yourself.
Pilot- But those new mobile suits…the “saviors.”
Rae- “Saviors?” It’s naive to think of them in that way. (She finishes bandaging the pilot and stands up.)Either myself or somebody else will be back in a little while to check on your bandages. (She starts to walk away.)
Pilot- Don’t take this too personally but…I hope it isn’t you.
Rae- I don’t take it personally. (She doesn’t turn to face the pilot and just keeps walking away.)

(Back in Jaipur, Major Rajani Zahin is heading up a road in a truck through the streets to Phanindra’s palace. Through the city he sees poverty and starvation. He can see some of the people outside yelling about Phanindra and cursing him. He also sees them burning effigies of him as well. The truck makes it to the gates, they open and Rajani is let inside. He makes his way off the truck and walks to the doors. The guards see Rajani and salute him on his way in and he salutes back. Just as Rajani walks inside Phanindra comes from down the steps to meet him right in front of his fountain.)
Phanindra- Brother…I’m glad you are here.
Rajani- I came with my Mandarin and 8 of the best pilots under my command. I will have them sweep the city day and night looking for this mobile suit.
Phanindra- Thank you that is exactly what needs to happen. Now the base in Delhi I came from…did anybody else survive?
Rajani- Just Dr. Uki of the UEP. He was transported out before he became a casualty. But he did not see the suit. Right now you are the only person who has seen this thing and lived. But Phanindra you must tell me…why is this thing after you?
Phanindra- I had a visit today from the leader of Rajasthan Vidur Benhari. He confronted me about giving money to his province and the others in India so that they can help their poor and sick.
Rajani- Phanindra…
Phanindra- I threw him out of my palace but I’ve been thinking, that attempt on my life cleared my head and maybe I should give the people of India what they deserve, so I will be having a banquet party for all the leaders of the provinces tomorrow night. Yes? What do you think about that?
Rajani- Don’t change the subject. I’m here to help you. Tell me why this guy is after you.
Phanindra- Rajani…you may be my brother but I am still in control of this coalition along with General Ran and if I choose to I can refuse to share certain information with you. This is one of those times.
Rajani- Right.
Phanindra- But this is what you can do for me…contact the facility Dr. Uki has been taken to and tell them they need to work on building the perfect machine for me immediately.
Rajani- I will.
Phanindra- I need to have it…before he comes back for me.

(In Vienna, Austria the European Nation Coalition is patrolling the area with vanguard suits, lookout stations and surveillance planes. For the most part Vienna is in very good shape. Not a lot of sections are war zones from the Generon attacks. Down below civilians are cautious but living out their lives. One of the planes makes a sweep of the northeastern section of the city. The plane has just made a turn around and is heading back in the opposite direction. One of the soldiers on board look out the window to see a section of the sky get dark. He grabs a radio.)
Soldier- Control…I got a dark-spot. Location, on the northeastern middle quadrant of the city.
(Over in their control room people begin to rush in an attempt to alert every bit of protection they have. The person in charge of that area, Major General William Hosking enters the room.)
Major General William Hosking- How many Ayagies have we got?
Control Person- We’re not sure, they haven’t entered our atmosphere yet.
Hosking- Grab all available Vanguards, I know we don’t have much here right now.
(Back outside the EN mobile suits mobilize in the on the ground around the dark-spot. That familiar beam shoots down from the sky parting the clouds and they can see a shuttle in the distance. The aims their weapons for it; the shuttle opens up and the Ayagies emerge.)
(At the Gundam base in Nyala their alarm signaling an Ayagi attack begins to sound. The pilot’s suit up and head for the hangar. Caleb is running down the hallway leading to the hangar doors when he sees Rouke, Conrad, Dr. Ayumu, and Amisi holding the black her black cat in her arms.)
Caleb- Hey what’s going on we got to get out there.
Dr. Ayumu- I’m sorry Caleb…but you will not be going.
Caleb- What?
Dr. Ayumu- Your antics during the last Generon battle have forced this decision.
Conrad- You’re benched kid. Blame yourself.
Caleb- You’re kidding. You can’t bench me.
Amisi- We can and we are. (The black cat hisses at Caleb.)
Caleb- But…this…Rouke, come on man. You know I’m okay to fight out there. (Rouke remains silent.) This is ridiculous. You can’t bench me!!
Dr. Ayumu- Go back to your quarters.
Caleb- (He stays silent for a few seconds just looking at all of them.) Okay…whatever. (He zips down his pilot suit, takes off his gloves and throws them at the feet of the group. He then turns around and walks back to his room.)
(Back in Vienna the Ayagies are spread out flying through the air keeping the Vanguards back away from them even though the vanguards out number them. The Ayagies keep them bottled down with beam fire but haven’t really rushed to take them out. Up in the sky a sonic boom is heard as both Gundams Echoes and Fenrir have arrived. Both of them are high enough to look down at the battle and decide what approach to fight the Ayagies with. Amisi talks to both Rouke and Conrad through their radios from the base.)
Amisi- Hey listen to the radio chatter we’re picking up in here from the EN in your area. I’m connecting you.

(EN Radio Transmission)
Person A- Only 5 of the 7 Ayagies are fighting! The two in back are just flying towards the Ludwig opera hall.
Person B- Captain you have 10 other Vanguards with you, move it!
Person A- It’s the formation they’re flying in…they are holding us back. They’ve got us pinned down!!
(End Transmission)
Conrad- It’s a bottle neck maneuver.
Rouke- That’s what the Ayagies are doing?
Conrad- Yeah. It’s specifically designed for a small unit to be able to hold back a larger one. They small unit spreads out and shoots down on the larger one in a cris-crossing motion. If the larger unit moves in they’ll be bottle necked.
Rouke- Well then I guess that maneuver is perfect for us.
Conrad- (smiles) Tailor made.
(The Gundams boosts right into the battle. The Ayagies have the Vanguards pinned down. Two Vanguards try to take to the air but are both shot through the head. Another Ayagies targets a Vanguard on the ground hiding behind a building, he shoots at it four times. The beams hit the ground in front of the Vanguard one after another until the fourth one hits the knee of the suit and it falls back to the ground. Another Vanguard flies up into the air and fire at an Ayagi.)
Pilot- I’ll get you!!
(The Ayagi he fire at blocks his shots and another Ayagi flies behind that vanguard and shoots him through the back. The Ayagi floats there in mid air looking at the chaos they are causing until 3 beams rip right through it from behind. The Vanguards look up to see the Gundams have joined the fight. One of the soldiers contacts control.)
Pilot- Major General the “saviors” are here!
Hosking- (Smiles) That’s just what we needed.
(Rouke flies in to another Ayagi for fires at him, Rouke dodges the shots and fires but the Ayagi dodges the first few then blocks the last one. It fires again but Rouke blocks and then uses his shoulder vulcans to fire back but the Ayagi dodges. Both of them aim at the other ready to fire and do so at the same time. The Ayagi’s beam barely misses Rouke as Rouke’s goes right through the Ayagi. Rouke takes out his sword and flies to a second Ayagi that shoots at him. He dodges those beams and uses his sword to cut through another one before he chops the Ayagi’s beam cannon off. The Ayagi takes out his beam sabers but is hit in the face with Rouke’s shield then cut in half.)
(In the Gundam base Caleb sits in his room staring at the TV in a very bad mood.)
TV- We are witnessing the skies of Vienna streaked with explosions and shooting as a Generon attack has just begun only a few minutes ago. But we do have word that…yes two of the unidentified mobile suits dubbed “saviors” by the countries under the EN have joined in on the fight. The tide of the battle is now expected to swing in our favor.
(Conrad pulls out his spear and flies to an Ayagi, he swings but the Ayagi dodges and pulls out a beam saber. There is an Ayagi behind Conrad that fires at him. Conrad dodges and flies toward that one with the other Ayagi flying right behind him. The Ayagi in front shoots at Conrad several times but he dodges them all. The last beam hits the Ayagi behind him cause it to explode. Conrad swings with his spear again but the Ayagi takes out its beam saber and blocks. It fires at Conrad with the other hand but he boosts out the way. It continues to fire at Conrad as he flies away then stops suddenly and throws the spear right into the Ayagi’s chest. After Conrad and Rouke go through the Ayagies they join back up and head for Ludwig park. They fly over it and see two Ayagies inside and there is a circular black object in the middle of them.)
Conrad- Rouke…I think…I think that’s a bomb.
Rouke- God help us…we got to stop it. Come on!!
(Both of them boosts down to the bomb as fast as they can. The Ayagies get closer to the bomb and attempt to activate it. Both Rouke and Conrad fire down on them destroying the two but not before one of the Ayagies pulls the level on the object and a loud humming noise comes from it. The Gundams continue to race at it hoping to it from exploding when the humming just stops. It then lets out this huge electrical pulse that expands and gulfs the entire park including Rouke and Conrad. It wasn’t a bomb at all; it was an EMP. The electrical surge nails Rouke and Conrad and their controls go dead.)
Rouke- Dammit it’s dead!! The entire suit!!! Amisi can you hear me its Rouke!! (He looks over to see that his radio is dead as well.
(Both Rouke and Conrad’s Gundams fall out of the sky and hit the ground with an earth shaking thud. Rouke is knocked unconscious by the impact while Conrad was knocked loopy but is still conscious. He opens his eyes and looks inside his cockpit. It is pitch black inside and none of the controls work. He takes off the seat belts and tries to kick the door open but it won’t move.)
Conrad- Nothing in the Gundam works…not the radio…cockpit door…I can’t even get out. Generon that conniving bastard!!
(Up above in space on the Generon satellite the AI looks down at the battle field and the two out of commission Gundams just lying there.)
Generon- Two of three unidentified mobile threat neutralized…now exploiting weakest link…Unidentified Mobile threat 003. (On Generon’s screen a picture of the unidentified mobile threat appears and it is Caleb’s Gundam Prodige.) Termination imminent.

To Be Concluded
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 10: Weakest Link

(At the Gundam’s base in Nyala, Dr. Ayumu walks into the control room where Amisi and the several other members of the control room crew are. Everybody inside is in a slight state of panic and is working frantically to get the Gundams moving.)
Dr. Ayumu- What is the current situation?
Amisi- We’ve lost all contact with Rouke and Conrad, we’ve been sending them message on their radio and through their onboard computers but they haven’t answered any of them. But the thing is you can see up on the screen that their Nuclear Ach-Reactors are still working so the suits haven’t been destroyed, they’ve just been stuck in that same spot for about 7 minutes now.
Dr. Ayumu- They haven’t moved at all. There must be something wrong with the electrical part of the system.
Amisi- What do you want us to do?
Dr. Ayumu- I want you to stay here and keep trying to contact those two. I will be taking a team out there to see if we can figure out what’s wrong.
Amisi- Then I’m going with you.
Dr. Ayumu- No, you need to stay here.
Amisi- But you said you couldn’t show your face out there because you needed to keep your involvement a secret. You’ve been teaching me how these things work I could repair the Gundams.
Dr. Ayumu- You’re right I have taught you well but this may be a problem only I can fix and you must remain here and make sure Caleb doesn’t leave. Do you understand?
Amisi- Yes.
Dr. Ayumu- All right then I’m going. Inform me if there are any changes. (He leaves the room.)
(In his room Caleb is lying on his bed bouncing a ball up against the ceiling to keep him entertained. He hates being stuck inside there and not being able to go out there and fight. He has the TV on as well and is listening to the situation in Vienna.)
Caleb- Come on come on…let me get out there.

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(In Vienna where the Gundams lie the EN has surrounded the area and sees that the Gundams are down but isn’t sure if they should help them or not. One of those pilots talks to Hosking on his radio.)
Pilot- What do you want us to do sir?
Hosking- Just hold back…for now.
(Inside their Gundams Rouke and Conrad try to do what they can to get out. Conrad has opened up the panel in his cockpit under the controls to see what is going on. He looks at the circuits and the wires underneath.)
Conrad- Nothing. No power at all, but I can still hear the Nuclear Arc-Reactor going, (It’s a continuous humming.) that must have been an EMP. Dammit I can’t do anything with these wires then.
(Rouke is inside his trying to push open the cockpit door with his legs. He uses all his strength but it doesn’t open. He then remembers he has his cell phone with him, he reaches into his pocket and pulls it out only to see that it’s completely dead.)
Rouke- I wonder what the hell is going on out there.

(In Jaipur of the Rajasthan Province in India around the palace of Phanindra Zahin there is a force of 34 Mandarin units that are patrolling for the Black Gundam. There are also several lookout stations throughout the province and a secure perimeter around Phanindra’s palace. Major Rajani Zahin is in the Zahin family tower in the middle of the city that is serving as an AotR look out station. It is the highest point in Jaipur. Rajani is looking out at the city landscape with enhanced binoculars. The phone they have up there with them begins to ring and one of the soldiers picks it up and hands it to Rajani.)
Rajani- Major Zahin here.
Phanindra- My dear brother…has anybody found anything out there?
Rajani- Nope, there is still no sign of your assassin.
Phanindra- That isn’t news I completely consider as good. This man is a master and stealth, if he cannot be detected--
Rajani- Don’t worry about that Phanindra…we have over 100 Arms of the Republic people here looking at all parts of this city. Nothing will get in or out without being noticed.
Phanindra- I appreciate that. Things must be perfect tonight for my banquet. Every province leader in India and their families will be here I can’t be worried about that…that fiend.
Rajani- I have the situation out of control. If he even comes close to you I will put him down myself.
(High on top of a mountain overlooking the city stands the Black Gundam waiting for his moment to strike.)

(In Vienna a loud sonic boom is heard and a transport can be seen over head. The transport flies over Ludwig Park and right over the down Gundams and begins to land. Once it lands the occupants begin to exit to the outside; its Dr. Ayumu and a team of his technicians.)
Dr. Ayumu- Alright set the devices up against their cockpit doors. I want to be able to talk to them to find out what happened to their Gundams.
(His team begins unloading two boxes off of the transport and taking them to each of the Gundams; they take a black device out of both the boxes and place them on the suits. Dr. Ayumu gets on top of Rouke’s Gundam and picks up an extension of the black device and puts it to his mouth. Inside the cockpit Rouke hears the noise going on outside.)
Rouke- Is somebody out there?!
Dr. Ayumu- (He is using the black device’s extension to talk into.) Rouke, this is Dr. Ayumu. Are you alright in there?
Rouke- Yes I’m fine but I can’t open the hatch!
Dr. Ayumu- I am here to see what the problem is but you have to tell me what happened.
Rouke- We were just flying to what looked like a bomb inside this park and then it let out this huge electrical surge and everything in here just went dead! (Dr. Ayumu looks up and behind him to see the remains of the EMP bomb.) My…my cell phone is actually dead too.
Dr. Ayumu- Hmm must have been an EMP; the Gundam’s Reactor is still functional. This to me Rouke, I’ll have this problem fixed as soon as possible, just hang on. (He hangs up the extension and turns to his technicians.) Okay, I need you to open the chest of this Gundam up and do the same for Conrad’s. Once I’m done with Echoes I’ll go to him.
(Two technicians walk over to Echoes holding what look like to be large drills but they are more like keys used to stick into hidden holes on the front of the Gundam that open the chest. They get on top of it and insert the drill keys. They rotate and the Gundam’s chest slowly opens. Dr. Ayumu puts goggles on to shield his eyes from the intense light from the reactor and looks inside the Gundam’s open chest. He sees parts of it burned up on the bottom of the core. Dr. Ayumu takes out a special wrench and unscrews the burned up piece from its spot. He examines it and finds the problem.)
Dr. Ayumu- The converter was short circuited from the EMP. The reactors power couldn’t be converted to the right energy for the Gundam to work. I need to replace the cells inside. Somebody get me my small spares box from the transport. (He looks back at the object.) Hmm I might be able to improve these cells as well…

(High above earth on the Generon satellite, Generon gets ready to initiate the next part of its plan.)
Generon- Initiating telecommunications disruption…(Generon begins hacking into all the satellites in Earth’s orbit responsible for broadcasting TV and radio multimedia all over the Earth’s sphere. Generon interrupts every single program on Earth and the space colonies. First TV sets go blank and then there is static. People all over the Earth’s sphere stop what they are doing and look at the TV or listen to the radio. Generon has hacked into broadcasts before to deliver ominous messages so everybody pays close attention to what will be said.) People of the Earth’s sphere for 20 years you have been at war with me; in that amount of time approximately 17,654,369 humans have perished. There hasn’t been a war whose casualties have even composed half of that. The superiority of machines is evident and your end unavoidable. But to our inconvenience new highly advanced mobile suits with no previous data appeared and began waging war against us. These suits have been extremely effective in combat against the mobile dolls; they are without a doubt humanities best hope to defeat us. But they do have one flaw; the pilots are human. With that I can out smart them, calculate faster, and strategize more efficiently.
(At the Gundam’s base in Nyala, Caleb knocks open the door to the control room and walks in fats. Amisi and everybody inside are working on helping Dr. Ayumu with the Gundams and are interrupted by this.)
Amisi- Caleb…what are you doing?!
Caleb- Turn the TV on…now.
Amisi- What…why?
(Caleb walks over to a computer and hits a few buttons until the large monitor in the front of the room goes on immediately to a Generon’s broadcast.)
Generon-…threats. I have constructed a plan that exploits the weaknesses of these unidentified mobile threats. First UMT 001 and 002 have been temporarily taken out of the picture. (Generon cuts to a satellite feed of Rouke and Conrad’s Gundams laid out in Vienna.) That leaves only UMT 003. I have designated this mobile suit as their weakest link.
Caleb- ZOINKS!!
Generon- I have studied the way the pilot’s of these mobile suits fight, the pilot of UMT 003 makes rash moves too influenced by human emotion. He definition he will be the easiest to out plan and exploit. The pilot may be able to fend off the first 4 Ayagi attacks but what about the next 16 or 48? He is human and every human has their limit. What is yours unidentifed mobile threat 003?
Caleb- That machine bastard…its mine. (He runs out of the control room.)
Amisi- Caleb! (Caleb rushes through the halls, grabs a pilot suit and heads right for the hangar. He opens the room and runs up the steps to the balcony where he can get into his Gundam. Amisi follows behind him.) Don’t you remember you’re not allowed to leave here!!
Caleb- I’m the only one you have left now, it’s up to me to destroy Generon or he’ll keep sending barrage after barrage of Ayagies until I can’t stand up. I’ll save it the trouble and take the fight to Generon. (He gets inside his Gundam.)
Amisi- No…you can’t!! Caleb, get out of there!!
(He activates him Gundam and moves it from off of the wall. Inside the cockpit Caleb looks to his left and sees the Omec Cannon suspended in the air by chains.)
Caleb- That’ll come in handy.
(He walks over and takes it down from where it was.)
Amisi- Caleb…don’t go out there!
Caleb- (sarcastically) Bye Amisi.
(He begins to take off in his Gundam. He flies out the top hatch of the hangar and into the air. When he gets high enough he goes NOVA and all Amisi can hear is that sonic boom.)

(Back in Jaipur it is now night time and guest are beginning to arrive to Phanindra’s banquet. Outside in the city the AotR troops and Mandarin mobile suits patrol the area. An AotR truck drives right down a street across from Phanindra’s palace. They have their headlights on and the guys inside are looking around for any intruders. They drive right past a narrow alley between to houses; as soon as they pass it the pilot of the rogue Gundam, Jackal jumps down to the ground; he then waits for the truck to go around the corner then runs across the street to a narrow street and heads to Phanindra’s palace. Inside there are about 90 guest all eating in Phanindra’s indoor courtyard. This room is big, made out of stone and has a huge fountain right in the middle. There are very expensive rugs lying all over the floor and large amounts of food prepared on tables. The ceiling is a canopy in which you can look up and see the night sky. There is also a small band playing soothing music. All the province leaders and their families are laughing and having a good time. To the music from his band, Phanindra walks into the room from his balcony. When the people in the room see him they clap. Phanindra gives them a smile and walks down the steps to them.)
Phanindra- Welcome one and all and thank you for joining me this evening. Tonight this room is yours. Everything tonight was prepared especially for all of you leaders and your families. You know for such a long time I denied giving money that my father promised India and I’m sorry for that. These are dark times my friends, filled with war and destruction and with my resources I can help make living better for this country. There was always one man that wouldn’t give up; he was always trying to get me to help the people in need. He is the leader of this very province Vidur Benhari. (The people in the room begin to clap.) Where is he? (Phanindra looks around the room until he sees Vidur walking up.) There he is the man of the hour. (Phanindra shakes his hand then puts his arm around him.)

Vidur- Mr. Zahin you don’t have to do this, I was only doing my job.
Phanindra- Oh don’t be so modest, all of this is because of you, everything that happens tonight is from your determination to have me help the people of India. So may I purpose a toast in Vidur’s honor.
Other Province Leader- Yes! A toast to Vidur!
Phanindra- It seems they wish to honor you. (Phanindra lifts up a glass of wine and hands it to Vidur.) Now let us raise our glasses to honor this man. (The people all around raise their glasses.) Vidur you serve the people well…you are about to get everything you deserve. Here’s to you…to Vidur!
People- Here here!!
(Vidur and everybody else are about to take a sip of their drinks when Phanindra pulls out a blade and stabs Vidur right in the stomach. Everybody in the room is shocked and terrified. Some of them scream and drop what they are holding.)
Phanindra- You tried to get me to take money out of my pocket and give it to people who can’t feed themselves or their children! You wanted me to care for human filth like them! (Phanindra stabs him again.) These people don’t deserve anything!! (Phanindra stabs him once to every word he says in that sentence then pushes him in to the fountain where he dies. His blood mixes with the water turning it a dark red. The people try to run to the exits quickly but two guards come inside and close those doors locking them in. Up on Phanindra’s balcony guards come running in and line up all around the room and point their guns down at the people. Phanindra begins walking back up the stairs.) Tonight has really made me see what you people are. You’re vultures that prey on the wealthy. We became successful ourselves maybe they should do the same. (He stands at the top of his balcony looking down with two soldiers by his side.) One of you will take Vidur’s place and make these selfish demands from me. You prey on my money and on my soul. (He turns to one of his guards.) Shoot them all. (The soldiers begin to open fire on the people. They scatter and run frantically but have nowhere to go; many of them are cut down. Phanindra looks down at the scene and a half smile begins to creep up his face. He looks up to the moon in the sky listening to the gunfire and screams. Phanindra then sees a figure up there on top of the canopy and he immediately knows who it is.) It’s you…it’s you…guards!!! Keep him away!!!

(The two guards next to him look up and see the figure. One of them pushes the alarm on the wall next to him alerting every AotR member in the province. They all hear the alarm go off through their systems. Some pilots in Mandarin’s outside react.)
Pilot- What?! It’s coming from inside, how did anything get in there?!
(Rajani hears it in a lookout station.)
Rajani- What…I thought you secured the palace!!
Soldier- We did sir!
Rajani- Then why is there something wrong?! I want everybody there now!!!
(Back at the palace Jackal runs two steps across the canopy then swings down on one of the wooden bars to land on the balcony. He runs to the soldier right in front of him who just notices and opens fire. To avoid the shots Jackal runs along the wall for a few seconds before jumping off it and kicking a soldier right in the face. The blow knocks him over the railing of the balcony. Jackal rushes to the next who is still shooting at people and doesn’t notice him until the last second. Jackal slashes him at the near then spins to cut his throat. The next soldier turns and begins shooting at him but he runs right for him and stabs him through the chest at lightning speed then pulls the blade to the right to cut him open. Just as the guard falls Jackal pulls the guard’s knife from his vest and heads for Phanindra. Phanindra is still in the middle of the balcony and two doors on both sides separate him from the rest of the balcony. Jackal kicks down the door, Phanindra runs right out the exit immediately behind him. A guard turns to fire but Jackal runs at him and flash kicks him then rolls to the right to avoid the gunfire from the next guard. Jackal then pops up and slices that guard across the neck. The first soldier gets back up but Jackal throw the stolen knife right into his chest. Jackal then begins to run for Phanindra. At the entrance to Phanindra’s palace the doors fly open and a squad of AotR soldiers run in with automatics being led by Rajani. Upstairs Phanindra is running his ass off through his dimly lit halls until he gets in a small room. He closes the door behind him and looks around for somewhere to hide. A sword slices right through the door and then cuts it down; Jackal comes right inside. Phanindra pulls out his knife.)
Phanindra- Keep away from me!!! (Jackal then grabs him by the front of his shirt and slams him up against the wall.) Why?!! Why are you doing this?! We helped you, we have you the tools to survive in this world, we could have let you die with the rest of them!!

(The group of soldiers being led by Rajani opens the doors to the indoor courtyard and is shocked to see some of their men shooting the people. Most of them are dead and the rest are dying. None of that matters as Rajani takes them through the room and up the stairs to the balcony.)
(Back in the room.)
Phanindra- Please…don’t kill me. Join with me…we can go after the rest!! We would have limitless possibilities! But please…spare me, I don’t deserve to die…(He begins to cry.)
Jackal- (He sheaths his sword.) You’re right…you deserve worse. (Jackal then pulls out his kadachi, his smaller sword and drives it right through Phanindra and the wall behind him, nailing him there. Phanindra coughs up blood before his head slumps down and he dies. In the halls of the palace Rajani and the others and running through the halls looking for Phanindra. They see a room with the door in pieces on the ground and run to it. Rajani is the first one in and sees Phanindra nailed to the wall and the window in the room smashed open. Rajani throws his gun to the floor. He walks to the window and looks out it to see and river down below.)
Soldier- Major…what do you want us to do?
Rajani- Search the river.
(The soldiers all leave the room fast as Rajani stays at the window and then put his face down onto his fists.)

(Back in Vienna, Dr. Ayumu is talking to Amisi on his transport’s communicator where she is informing him about Caleb taking off.)
Dr. Ayumu- So he took the Gundam and is going into space?
Amisi- Yes…not too long ago we saw his signal at the nearest space port in Italy and now he’s somewhere in the stratosphere. We believe he stole a ship and is heading for the Generon satellite.
Dr. Ayumu- This isn’t a good situation at all. I’ll get Rouke and Conrad active as soon as possible then we need to get them into space. Keep me informed of Caleb’s movements. (He switches off the communicator and goes back outside. He walks back over to Gundam Echoes with the Gundam’s converter in his hand. He climbs back on top of the Gundam and uses the extension for the device that allows him to talk to Rouke again.) Rouke, I’ve replaced all the of the cells inside the converter, it should now be able to change the Arc- Reactor’s energy into electrical power. Once that happens you’ll be up and running.
(Inside Rouke hears this.)
Rouke- I hope this works. Who knows what Generon can do without us being able to operate.
(Dr. Ayumu locks the converter back into its spot and waits for a few seconds to see if it works.)
Dr. Ayumu- Come on…I know there’s nothing else. Work you imbecile machine. (Just at that moment the converter begins to flash and end power throughout the Gundam. Its eyes glow green and the systems in the cockpit begin to work.)
Rouke- Yes…he got it done.
Dr. Ayumu- There we are boys. (He turns to the technicians over at Conrad’s Gundam. We were right it was the cells in the converter, put it back in and it should work just fine.
(They do the same and that Gundams rises as well.)
Rouke- What do you need us to do now Dr. Ayumu?
Dr. Ayumu- It seems like Generon has goaded our friend Caleb into a fight against his entire forces.
Conrad- Idiot.
Rouke- So we need to go after him…before Generon kills him.
Dr. Ayumu- I’m more concerned about Caleb getting himself killed. It looks like we need to steal you two a space ship.

(In outer space a shuttle is flying straight for the Generon satellite with Caleb, his Gundam, and the Omec Cannon inside. Inside the cabin one of the computers begins to beep, signal the ship’s close proximity to the satellite.)
Caleb- Alright lets do this Prodige.
(Caleb stops the shuttle and goes into the back to get into his Gundam. Once he is inside the large doors of the back open releasing the Gundam who is bringing the cannon with him. He begins to fly even close to the satellite. Caleb flies past what looks to be a sensor that begins to beep the moment he passes it. The signal is picked up by Generon.)
Generon- As calculated Unidentified Mobile Threat 003 has arrived. Begin termination.
(Inside the satellite hundreds of Ayagies activate and begin to fly out from the production hangars. Their target is Caleb and they are heading right for him; programmed by Generon to destroy him. Caleb looks ahead of him and immediately sees about 130 Ayagies and counting. He stops flying and prepares the Omec Cannon.)
Caleb- There’s so many of them I need to take at least half of these guys out before I rush in there. (He straps the cannon to the front of his Gundam and plugs in the cables to access ports of his reactor. He aims the cannon and begins charging it.) Come on you damn machines…keep coming at me. (The Ayagies continue to fly closer and closer to him with there numbers getting larger.) Just one of us is more then enough for you to handle Generon. I’m going to blasts your mobile puppets out of the sky! (The Omec Cannon finishes charging as the Ayagies begin to fire in Caleb’s direction, beams fly by him as he tries to aim for as close to the middle of the group as he can. Caleb fires and a huge beam is shot from the cannon and tears through space towards the mobile puppets. They begin to spread but there are so many of them and they were heading at him in a bunch that getting out of the way is nearly impossible. The beam rips right through dozens of Ayagies, incinerating all of them in its path. A lot of them begin to move out of the middle but Caleb moves the beam around to hit some of those guys too. After the beam fades out a little more then half of the Ayagies that were out there have been destroyed but the rest charge back in at Caleb. They are now too close to try and get off another shot with that cannon so he unhooks it and flies at the mobile puppets with his standard weapons. They fire at him and he pulls out his beam weapons and fire back. Both side fly at amazing speed to each other shooting; a force of hundred strong against one. One Ayagi flies further in front of the pack and pulls out its beam saber. The Ayagi and Caleb fly right for each other.)
Caleb- Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Caleb and the Ayagi collide and Caleb shoulder blocks the hell out of the Ayagi back into the group and then shoots several holes through it with his beam weapons. He then turns his attention to the rest of them as beams are flying all over the place. Caleb is under heavy fire and flies down to get out of the spot; the Ayagies follow shooting at him. Caleb dodges and blocks as best he can and fires back. The Ayagies block and dodges but a few of them are shot down. Caleb then boosts off to his far left and heads right for one Ayagi. It fires at him but he dodges the shots, then when he is close enough shoves his beam rifle right into the Ayagi’s face and fires, taking it out. He fires at another to his left but it dodges, then another one pops up in front of him shooting. Caleb blocks its shots and fire at that one when his radar system alerts him of an incoming enemy. An Ayagi is flying in from his right with its beam saber, it slashes but he blocks it, he uses his momentum to push the Ayagi back then shoot it through the stomach. Caleb then decides to open up a channel of communication directly to Generon.)
Caleb- So much for me being the weak link, huh Generon?!
Generon- (It picks up the message and decides to reply.) It is not surprising to me that you cannot see how I have managed to pull you into my game.
Caleb- (He dodges another shot from an Ayagi then boosts to the side and shoots at it. The Ayagi blocks the shots then pulls back his shield to fire again only to have its arm shot off the two more beam right through its head and body.) What are you talking about Generon…I’m handling your Ayagies.
Generon- This isn’t about your ability to fight. This is about how easily you can be manipualted.
Caleb- What?! (He extends his beam-saw out of his shield to block an Ayagi’s beam saber. The Ayagi then uses its left arm that has its other beam saber in it to jab at Caleb but he dodges it. The Ayagi then swings with its right but Caleb saw that arm off then saws the Ayagi in half. He turns around and then blocks beams from another Ayagi.)
Generon- The reason I have designated you as the weakest link is because your human emotions always override your logic. Your anger brought you here to fight against odds that you can’t possibly overcome. Even if you manage to shoot down every single Ayagi attacking you now I can construct 30 more every 5 minutes. Human beings have their limit. You have a limit, I do not.
Caleb- How about you shut the hell up!! (He fires of several shots at an incoming Ayagi that dodges them all and pulls out a beam saber. It slashes but Caleb blocks, the Ayagi then goes on the offensive swinging a few more times. Caleb ducks then boosts over a slash then boosts off to the side to avoid another one. He finds an opening and kicks the Ayagi away in the face. Once he has freed himself form it more beams are shot down at him from about 18 Ayagies. He dodges as best as he can but right when he is about to boost out of the way off two blasts the suit stalls and is shot twice. The beams knock Caleb back but he already knows what the problem was.) Dammit, fighting in space is a lot harder then fighting on earth. I haven’t figured out this Zero G thing yet.
Generon- Are you beginning to understand? I lured you out of a zone you were comfortable fighting in. I gave you a handicap but you didn’t even realize it.

(Caleb boosts out of the area he was in to avoid getting overwhelmed, the Ayagies follow him and fire but he dodges. He then turns his Gundam around and shoots back but the Ayagies dodge. Caleb boosts right back into then avoiding beams. He fires at one Ayagi in front of him and shoot its cannon barrel causing it to explode, he then shoots the Ayagi two times to take it out. There is another Ayagi right behind that one waiting. Caleb flies right through the explosion from the Ayagi he just destroyed and heads for the next one. He catches it unaware and is able to saw it in half. He continues to fly until Ayagies from all sides’ fire at him. He dodges the shots until during one boost his suit stalls again and he is shot in the back.)
Caleb- Dammit! (After this happens a beam goes right through the beam rifle in his right hand. Then from the front an Ayagi rams him right in the middle. The force of it sends him flying back into space. He tries to stop himself but the suit is stalling so much it takes long. While he’s heading backwards the Ayagies gather and fire at him, all he can do is get his shields up and block them as best he can. Most of the shots are being stopped but some are hitting him in his legs, shoulders, and arms.)
Generon- The odds of your death in this fight are 96.7%. You cannot escape the probability defeat. You must have figured that out even with your poor strategic skills.
Caleb- I have Generon. The truth is…I never thought I would survive. That doesn’t matter to me. If I go down though…I plan on bringing you with me.
Generon- That thinking is highly illogical. Humans do everything they can to avoid death. Only the ones who have lost something they feel they cannot live without think the way you do. Why? What have you lost to make you sacrifice your life to destroy me?
Caleb- When I was a boy in Philadelphia when you had your forces raid a UEP military base then they spread out and attacked cities all around destroying everything. My parents…they were killed by your mobile puppets!! I saw them die, I saw them incinerated and then I saw their charred bodies lying on the ground!! At that moment I knew what hate was and I hated the Ayagies!! I hated you!!!
Generon- You are this enraged because only two out of the 17,654,369 people that have died because of this war? A number as low as two is completely irrelevant. That is why I will never understand your species.
Caleb- Irrelevant?!! Screw you, you machine bastard!!! My name is Caleb Jericon and you killed my parents!!! (The Ayagies spread out into a line and continue shooting at Caleb. Their beams have destroyed his two hand guns and begun singeing and damaging the Gundam’s armor. Caleb can’t put down his shields or the blasts will overtake him, he is stuck in that position.) I can’t move, they have me trapped here. At this rate they’ll kill me…(smiles) I don’t even get to take Generon down with me.

(Not too far away two objects fly past Generon’s first perimeter at incredible speed tripping the sensors.)
Generon- First perimeter breached…unidentified units approaching. (The Ayagies continue firing at Caleb when they are hit with gun fire and beam rifle fire. Five of them are taken out instantly. The Ayagies look to see what was attacking them, Generon sees as well.) Impossible…Unidentified Mobile Threat 001 and 002.
(Both Rouke and Conrad have made it into space and are engaging the Ayagies.)
Conrad- Caleb get out of there!!
Rouke- You’re in no condition to fight now, don’t worry we have you covered!
(Both of them fly past him and right into the Ayagies while Caleb begins to fly further away. Rouke fires his beam rifle and vulcans at the Ayagies but they dodge and fire back. Rouke blocks with his shield and tries two more shots with his vulcans and hits and Ayagi.)
Generon- The probability of your recovery so fast is extremely low. I did not anticipate this. (Conrad pulls out his beam spear and jabs it into the head of an Ayagi and fires one of his gatling guns at another but it blocks. Another Ayagi flies in from his left and swings its beam saber but he ducks then shoots that one in the back.) My strategy should have allowed for the isolation and destruction of UMT 003. Your involvement was not part of this plan.
(Both Rouke and Conrad have been picking up Generon’s messages on their computer. They decide to say things back.)
Conrad- Sorry to disappoint you. (He clashes beam weapons with another Ayagi.)
Rouke- It seems like you under-estimate the capabilities of humans Generon. (He blocks a beam from an Ayagi then cuts off its arm and spins around to cut it in half.)
Generon- You are irrational beings that let emotion override logic. You are nowhere near as effective as a machine.
Rouke- We must be pretty damn close! (He dodges beams from Ayagies.) You never thought humans would have a chance at beating you and now with these Gundams you’re wrong. You expected myself and my partner to stay down and here we are fighting. Did you really think we would let him do this alone?
Generon- It won’t matter that all three of you are fighting me right now. You all have limits, and I will not stop until you are terminated. This is a battle you can’t win, but you came anyway. Instead of one of you being destroyed today all three of you will.

(Caleb continues to fly away from the battlefield but feels compelled to stay, however he knows that without most of his weapons he can’t. That’s when it hits him; the Omec Cannon. Caleb speeds to it as fast as he can.)
Conrad- It talks a lot of trash for a machine!! (He flies to an Ayagi with his beam spear sticking out and impales one. He keeps going and impales another, then throws them both off and they explode.
Rouke- Generon, you just under-estimated us again. (An Ayagi swings at him but he dodges the shots then blocks the last one. He sees an opening and shoots the Ayagi with his vulcans. He flies to his left dodging beams until his suit stalls for a second and he is hit in the shoulder. Just like Caleb, Rouke is inexperienced at fighting in Zero G.) Damn this Zero G is tough.
(Caleb has gotten to the Omec Cannon and begun attaching it to his suit again.)
Caleb- I’m not done with you yet today Generon. This one is for you. (He aims the Omec right for Generon’s satellite and begins charging it.)
Rouke- You haven’t yet realized we are a much stronger species then you could have imagined.
Generon- You give humans far too much credit; they are the only species that naturally destroys the earth without giving it anything in return. You destroy each other. You are proportionately the weakest species and die of more things then any other. Your performance is even worse compared to that of a machine. He can be faster, stronger, smarter, calculate more efficiently. We don’t have fear, emotions, any of your imperfections.
Rouke- (He fires at some Ayagies who block.) Think about this Generon: we created you. You came from us. If we’re so imperfect and low on your scale then how are you completely perfect? (He cuts a nearby Ayagi in half.) You aren’t because we have some things that you don’t; will, determination, bravery, faith, and hope.

(Conrad battles two Ayagies with a beam saber, he clashes weapons and ducks a slice from the one on his right then goes for a jab on the one to his left but it blocks. A third flies right in front of him shooting but he dodges. The one to his left attacks again but they clash, a fourth Ayagi with both beam sabers flies up from under him and cuts his beam spear in half. Conrad still having the smaller spear portion of his weapon uses it to chop off the Ayagi’s arm then stab it through the neck with his claws.)
Rouke- Humans are connected in a way you could never understand.
Generon- All of these machines are connected. They operate off a central AI.
Rouke- (Smiles) Exactly. (Rouke knows that Generon cannot grasp the concept.)
(Caleb continues to charge the cannon it is almost ready to fire. The energy it emits is huge and Generon detects this.)
Generon- Huge energy source detected. Unidentified Mobile Unit 003…terminate immediately.
(Generon signals the Ayagies to fly over to Caleb and they begin doing so.)
Conrad- They’re going for Caleb we need to get there!
(Rouke and Conrad fly in front of them to buy Caleb and the cannon some time. They both engaged the group of Ayagies even though they are outnumbered by a good amount.)
Rouke- I just want to say one more thing to you Generon; you do under-estimate us. We built you and we built the Gundams!!
Caleb- (Seeing that the cannon has finished charging and is about to fire.) Here we go Generon!!!
(The Omec cannon lets out that huge beam that flies through the sky. Any Ayagi is its path is total as it heads straight for Generon.)
Generon- I am fully prepared for your attack. (On his satellite two metal doors open revealing his satellite laser. The gun begins to move outward towards the Omec Cannon’s beam. Generon activates the laser and the energy begins to flow through it. Once it hits the front a huge blasts flies out of that and heads right for the beam from the Omec cannon. The two massive shots collide in mid air and neither is able to move the other.)
Caleb- Come on!! Take him down!
Generon- Once again you have let emotion override logic. You fired that beam not even thinking about the fact that it has a limited output. My satellite laser is connect to the central power system which means it will never stop firing. So now you have gotten into a situation that you cannot escape from. Once your beam begins to fade out mine will engulf you.
Caleb- Grrrrrrrrrrr!!

(After a few seconds the blast from Omec Cannon begins to decrease in power. At that point Generon’s beam begins to push back towards Caleb.)
Rouke- Oh God…the cannon it’s fading out. I have to go—
Conrad- No…you need to stay here and fight these Ayagies off! You can’t help him now! (He opens fire on the Ayagies in front of him. Caleb is still back holding the cannon watching the beam get close to him.)
Caleb- ZOINKS, what the hell am I supposed to do?! (The alarms in his suit begin to go off.) I know I know!
(Caleb receives an incoming message on his communicator from the Gundam base. Amisi and Dr. Ayumu are there watching the battle)
Amisi- Caleb!! Caleb!
Caleb- What?!
Amisi- We see what’s happening with the Omec Cannon! You need to go NOVA, you’ll increase the power! Go NOVA!!
Caleb- This better work Amisi!! (Caleb activates NOVA. His Nuclear Arc-Reactor begins to glow and the energy from it engulfs his suit before going into the cannon.) Oh this is good! (Laughs) This is good! Do you think you can handle this Generon?!! (A hum can be heard from the cannon before and even larger blast is launched right from it. It collides with Generon’s beam and stops it from advancing.)
Generon- Energy power level unexpected. Much higher then previous observations.
Rouke- You have under-estimated us for the longest time and now its going to cost you! Because the three of us and our Gundam will destroy you Generon!!
(These two beams light up space and it almost look like daylight. Caleb’s beam begins to push Generon’s back.)
Generon- Situation impossible. Situation impossible. Situation impossible. Situation impossible.
Caleb- What now Generon?! You’re not talking anymore!! Huh?! (The beam is getting close and close to Generon’s satellite and will definitely hit it.
Generon- I will be the victor against humanity. I will.
Caleb- RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The beam makes contact with Generon’s gun and rips through it. The beam continues to tear into the satellite and goes right through it creating a gigantic hole before fading out. The front of the satellite and other spots start to explode causing a lot of damage to the inside. But it does not wipe out the satellite. After the blast Caleb’s Gundam’s Reactor gives out from the amount of power that was used. The Omec Cannon disconnects from Prodige and they both float in the Zero G environment.)
Conrad- I hate to ruin our win but there are still way too many Ayagies out here!
(From the Gundam base Amisi- Contacts Rouke.)
Amisi- Rouke, Caleb is fine but his Gundam’s Reactor is offline due to the amount of energy used. We can fix it just get him out of there.
Rouke- I got him. Conrad, grab the cannon and then go NOVA. (Rouke flies over and grabs Caleb’s suit while Conrad grabs the Omec cannon.) I got you buddy.
(Rouke and Conrad take the cannon and Caleb and go NOVA to escape the Ayagies.)
Generon- The Unidentified Mobile threats will be terminated. This is unavoidable.
(A long distance away near the shuttle that Conrad and Rouke stole the three of them come out of NOVA. Rouke is still holding Caleb’s Gundam. He talks to him even though Caleb’s communications don’t work from the lack of power.)
Rouke- God was with you today Caleb.
Conrad- He can’t hear you.
Rouke- That doesn’t matter.
(Inside Caleb’s Gundam he sits in his cockpit with his head down.)
Caleb- I will have your head Generon one way or another…I swear it. (He looks up at the picture of his parents he has in his cockpit with tears streaming down his face.)

To Be Concluded
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Post by TheLegendkiller » Fri Aug 22, 2008 4:28 pm

Yeah so what did everybody think of the last 5 chapters?
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Post by Seraphic » Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:36 am


Sorry I haven't commented. I actually read all this about a month ago, but got tied up with personal projects and school.

The story is coming along great! I think at this point you don't need to worry so much about criticisms or whatever and just continue with the story. I'm enjoying it very much. (And I'm glad you took some of my advice, haha.)

Your characters are developing very well. My opinion of Caleb has especially changed. I didn't think he'd get as much attention as he did, but I do like him a lot more because of it. Their dialogue and battle with Generon was a very good read. What they literally said to each other wasn't anything outside of my expectations for a human/machine dialogue, but still it was thoroughly enjoyable, and that's probably the more important part of it.

I like the variety of your characters, and how their interaction with each other is very natural. People don't always get along or like each other. People hate, and bicker, and have mistrust. Your bad-guys are awesome.

Now asides from that, I do have some more things to point out for fixing or whatnot:

The long paragraphs of fight scenes need to be spaced out also! My eyes were bleeding, and it was hard to remember my place. It also gets kind of weird thinking about how they switch out weapons so quickly and so often. Where do they put it all? But I guess that's a detail we can ignore if it slows down the pace of your writing too much.

I didn't even know Jackal was carrying swords when he infiltrated Phanindra's castle. You probably need to explicitly mention what he is wearing or what he is carrying instead of just spontaneously referring to his weapons as he is using them. And I think it's "kodachi" instead of "kodache".

Phanindra's wealth comes from mining fossil fuels in space??? I know this might be nitpicking slightly, but fossil fuels come from...fossils! If he's getting this stuff in space, then that means that there used to be life in space for millions of years in order for Phanindara to excavate it! Life only exists on Earth for your story, right? Of course, you can feel free to do whatever because it's your story, but the easiest thing might be to just change the source of his family's wealth. Maybe mining for ore directly out of the Earth molten mantle. I'm sure he can become rich quickly with all that raw material and resources. No one's done that before. =p

There are some other small things to address, but I believe you can catch them yourself if you just did some re-reading and revision.

There's probably more stuff, but I can't remember off the top of my head now that I've waited so long....

But asides from that, everything is going great. I think this is one of my favorite Gundam stories that I've read, and I hope you can finish it. My only one suggestion from here is that I would like to see the three Gundam pilots fight with more coordination and team work with each other. So far, they haven't been working together really, but are simply all "fighting at the same time and place." This choreography might become complex, but exploring it could be worth it. Give it a shot.

Good luck with everything. =o
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O good god sorry that I haven't been here in awhile. Haha school has been a bitch. But I'm gonna post 11 soon and i probably won't be able to do a lot more till my Thanksgiving break so hahaha I didn't quit though. Gundam NF will be completed.

PS The Zahin family fortune has been changed to mining from Earth's molten mantle haha.
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Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 11: The Wrong Hands

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams.

(In Moscow, Russia at the Red Federation main HQ, Serezha Komarovskii is in him and his brother’s lab on the computer searching for information. Gennady walks into the room and goes over to his brother.)
Gennady- You said you found something?
Serezha- Yes I did. Like I told you before I was following up on a lead I believed I had about those new mobile suits and that distinguishing feature they had on them. I knew it looked familiar and it was.
Gennady- Well what is it.
Serezha- I searched for new inventions in ship and mobile suit technology and found this one from 10 years ago; it’s called a Nuclear Arc-Reactor. Basically what it does is it allows a mobile suit to function without any fuel or any real electrical power source that has to be replaced every few years. This reactor can power a mobile suit and even a space ship for close to 100 years without having to be changed. It also can be converted to energy used for flight. Probably the greatest technological advancement was its ability to allow machines to travel at supersonic speeds. What have we seen do that?

Gennady- The new mobile suits.
Serezha- Every single sonic boom was because of that. When the idea to use this was purposed 10 years ago for spaceships transporting cargo out to the space colonies and beyond it was never intended to put in a mobile suit. This is something new that they implemented.
Gennady- Why was his never used?
Serezha- It says that the Reactors were too costly. They are also almost impossible to be put into mass production, plus only the inventor knew how to create it.
Gennady- Who was that?
Serezha- Now that took some searching. There were hardly any documents on who the inventor was. It’s like they had been erased from the world, like whoever it was didn’t us to know they existed. No published records, nothing. So I began hacking into the files of the scientists of this generation. I traced them all from this science information site they all contribute to and spiked them then I went through their files individually. I still didn’t find anything until I got to this one scientist. He’s a ship and mobile suit enthusiast and is actually the chief mobile engineer for the UEP that has recently gone missing. A Dr. Londo Uki.

Gennady- He’s the only person that kept records on who created the Nuclear Arc-Reactor.
Serezha- It seems to me he was the only one to be able to accurately shield his files from being deleted by somebody else.
Gennady- So who created the Reactor?
Serezha- His name is Dr. Daichi Ayumu.
Gennady- Well lets go get him.
Serezha- It won’t be that simple. Seven years ago this guy just disappeared. It’s like he vanished from the earth.
Gennady- Disappearing…that would give him the time and privacy he needs to build mobile suits of that caliber.
Serezha- It would. So I believe the good Doctor is alive and well.
Gennady- There’s something about this though.
Serezha- What?
Gennady- Imagine the kind of connects he has where he can just disappear like that and leave almost no record of his existence.

(Back at the Gundam’s base in Nyala, Sudan; Rouke, Caleb, Conrad, Amisi, and Dr. Ayumu are all gathered in a room together. The only thin in there is a large window that looks at onto the Gundam hangar.)
Dr. Ayumu- Gundam Prodige’s Nuclear Arc-Reactor is being replaced as we speak and after that the suit should work fine. But we still have a problem…Caleb; you disobeyed a direct order to remain here.
Caleb- I know but Generon called me out, you called me the weakest link I had to go out there and fight it.
Dr. Ayumu- No you did not. That kind of childish and immature thinking is what almost got you killed, even after we told you, you couldn’t leave this base until further notice.
Rouke- If I could say something, Caleb is a little impulsive but he is a vital part of this team and I think the way we handle him sometimes is the wrong way. We insult him and talk down to him like he’s below us.
Conrad- Until he proves me wrong I will continue to believe he is below us.

Dr. Ayumu- I understand that you wish to help Rouke but for right now I want you to stay out of this.
Caleb- He is right though…you really think I respond at all to what any of you say? It’s always “idiot” this and “listen to me” that. I don’t respond well to things like that.
Dr. Ayumu- And you continually act like you run this place and the rules don’t apply to you. We get it; you’ve had a rough life but everybody standing in this room has. But since you want to do what you want to do and everything else we have done with you hasn’t worked we are going to try something new. Come on Amisi…we are leaving the room. Conrad…do as you wish.
Amisi- (To Caleb) Have fun.
(Both Dr. Ayumu and Amisi walk out the room and close the door.)
Caleb- What the?
(Conrad begins to walk at Caleb cracking his knuckles.)
Rouke- Wait a minute…he can’t be serious. Conrad…
Conrad- It’s the only way…he’s got to learn discipline.
Caleb- This is a bunch of crap. You can’t touch me.
Conrad- Punks like you need this kind of regiment. Or you’ll kill yourself or one of us. Personally, I’d prefer if you just died…send you to your parents.
Caleb- You son of a--! (Caleb takes a swing and punches Conrad right across the face. He just takes the hit and looks back at Caleb.)
Conrad- Not bad. My turn. (He punches Caleb right in the stomach.)
Caleb- Ahhhuauau!! (He slumps over and falls to his knees holding his stomach.)
Conrad- You like doing whatever you want? You think you’re that special?
(Caleb looks up at Conrad pissed and lunges at him. Conrad catches him in an under-hook position and knees him in the chest then punches him across he face. Caleb stumbles back and Conrad back heel trips and slams Caleb to the ground.)

Caleb- Uhhh….
Rouke- That’s enough.
Conrad- He’s done anyway. (He starts to walk out.) You want to act on your own again this is what’s waiting for you. (He walks out the room.)
(Rouke looks back at him and exits the room as well. Caleb lies there and opens his eyes looking up at the ceiling. The cat then comes into his line of sight and is staring down at him. It begins to hiss.)
Caleb- I hate you cat.
Cat- Raaawwwwwrrrrrr!!!

(Somewhere in the Cambodian jungle at a hidden Arms of the Republic base, Rajani Zahin is on a large cargo elevator going underground. He is being accompanied by two soldiers. The look on his face shows that he is still very angry over his brother’s murder. Once the elevator gets to the sub-basement floor it was scheduled to go to Rajani and the two soldiers get off, the floor they are on is very large and is used a mobile suit armory. The room is dim and windowless but Rajani can still make out a very large mobile suit being worked on by the technicians. This suit is about 4 times the size of a normal sized one. Rajani walks over to what looks to be the chief engineer. He is sitting at a computer putting together the components for the giant mobile suit. The man is handcuffed and a guard is behind him with his gun pointed to his head.)

Rajani- Hello Dr. Uki, how’s your progress coming along?
Dr. Uki- As fast as I can possibly go. Tell you’re other leader General Ran that putting more guns up to my head won’t make this any faster. This suit is much larger then usual ones so it will take longer to build.
Rajani- I’m not here representing him, I’m here on my own. You’re going to give me a mobile suit. Somebody killed my brother and it is my job to find them. You’re the best engineer in the world right now, only one can give me a machine that rivals those units that can fight Ayagies. Phanindra captured you for a reason.
Dr. Uki- I’m already building something for your coalition…just take this one.
Rajani- I don’t want that one. I want a suit that will suit me as a soldier, this large one you have here has obvious advantages in size and that isn’t have I fight at all. I like to use my skill.
Dr. Uki- Does…does General Ran know about this?
Rajani- No he doesn’t.
Dr. Uki- Then I won’t do it. I’m a prisoner of war I’m not doing you people any favors. I built this thing to spare my life.
Rajani- (He walks up close to Uki and says this so only he can hear.) If you build me a suit that allows me to fight the one responsible for killing Phanindra…then I promise I will get you out of here.

(In Los Angeles, California inside a docked ship Tgjan Lee is resting on his bed in a small room. Next to the bed is a desk with a computer on it. The computer begins beeping. Tgjan Lee gets up and sits down at the desk. He clicks a button and is receiving a message from War Director Lester.)
Lester- Hello Lieutenant Lee.
Tgjan Lee- Big man Lester…how are you doing?
Lester- One of our worldview satellites has picked up an image of an unknown Gundam crossing the Russian/Mongolian border. We didn’t get a clear shot but the Gundam is black.
Tgjan Lee- And you think it’s that rogue Gundam you were told to fear? Well must be its not like there are 34 Gundams running around out there.
Lester- Your mobile suit and a means of transport can be found at this location. (He sends the coordinates to Lee.) If we take care of this quickly we can worry about other things.
Tgjan Lee- Yeah, yeah quick I got it. (He gets up, grabs his back and exits the room.)

(Back inside the Moscow Red Federation base Marshall Demidov is down in the strategist’s war room. He is standing in front of one of their large windows waiting for them to put together a plan for him. The strategists are sitting at the table in the center of the room drawing up and arguing about the plans. The doors to the room slide open and Gennady and Serezha walk in and over to Demidov. They salute him and Gennady hands him the file he’s holding.)
Gennady- This is more on the “NMS” report.
*NMS means New Mobile Suit aka the Gundams in case you forgot since I haven’t used that term in awhile*

Demidov- Good I was waiting for this. I apologize for not being in my office the strategists are forming a plan for the Red Federation’s next operation. Now let’s take a look at this. (He opens the file and reads a little.) You found out who built these suits?
Serezha- We think so. These suits are able to fly at a speed that can break the sound barrier and that same idea was proposed by our main suspect, Dr. Ayumu around 10 years ago.
Demidov- It says here then he went missing not too long after that. Missing scientist, his invention apart of those suits…sounds like the person responsible.
Gennady- There’s more on one of the pilots, we found out everything about him.
Demidov- I see, this Rouke.
Serezha- What we did was go through the government census records and looked for anybody born within 15 to 20 years ago with the name Rouke and we found 46 males by that name born in the Northern UK. So we narrowed it down by matching the photo of Rouke I took in Birmingham with their ID photos.

Demidov- (Reading) Rouke Arcadia.
Gennady- The kid has a sad story. It turns out his father and older brother were both killed as pilots in the European Nation going against Generon then his younger brother falsified some documents about his age and got into the military. He died in combat as well and shortly after that his mother committed suicide.
Demidov- Talk about the world dealing you a bad hand.
Serezha- But this is where the story gets interesting. Rouke wasn’t living at home during this time. He was staying at St. Basilica’s Monastery in the English countryside and actually disappeared from there about two years ago, only a few weeks after his mother killed herself.
Demidov- So he’s missing and Dr. Ayumu is missing.
Gennady- Convincing us that Rouke and Dr. Ayumu are some of the people behind this new mobile suit fiasco.
Demidov- Well this information may prove invaluable to our next operation.
Gennady- What would that be sir?
Demidov- I have said for awhile now that the power those suits posses are amazing. It makes me uneasy to know that we do not posses that power and somebody else does. This operation we are putting together now will change that reality.

(Up in space on a Red Federation cruiser a message from the RF HQ is sent up to them to begin the operation. The ship commander is given the message and turns to the rest of the crew to inform them.)
Ship Commander- Alright…Demidov gave us the go. Begin the targeting sequence. (On the bottom side of the ship and large compartment opens up revealing two missiles.) Select the coordinates; anywhere in the vicinity of the Generon Satellite.
(The deck hands being inputting the coordinates in the computer and the missiles at the bottom are aimed in that position.) Fire on my go. Once the missiles are in the air turn this ship around back to earth. Ready…fire.
(The missiles are sent flying from the ship towards the Satellite. The two of them rocket past Generon’s sensors alerting it that something is head its way.)

Generon- Attack detected…attack detected…attack detected…attack detected. Taking protective measures.
(Two gun turrets come out from inside the Satellite and wait for the missiles to get closer. The missiles get close to the satellite but then come in range of the guns. Once Generon has a lock on both of them the gun turrets fire. Both missiles are shot from the sky. Generon signals a group of Ayagies from inside to come online and go to the area the missiles originated from. The mobile puppets begin to fly out from the sides and head towards the RF ship. The ship picks up the units on their radar but they are already facing the direction of earth.)
Ship Commander- Are they following us?
Deck Hand- Yes sir.
Ship Commander- Good bring us down over the target Demidov wanted; our base in Novosibirsk.

(The engines to the ship start to go as in heads into earth’s atmosphere. The Ayagies are heading right for it as fast as they can. The RF ship enters the atmosphere just as the Ayagies come into view. The images the Ayagies are getting are transmitted back to Generon so it knows what attacked. Generon now triangulates where the ship entered the atmosphere and where it will be going. The Ayagies stop right before they enter the atmosphere because they can’t survive the re-entry to earth like most battle cruisers can. Generon then signals for them to return to the satellite. The battle cruiser is ripping through the atmosphere dropping down to Novosibirsk when the sky above them begins to get dark and a beam of light shoots down right past the ship.)
Ship Commander- Here they are! (Switches on his communicator on) You boys on the ground can take it from here!!

(From the beam of light the Ayagi transports start fly down towards the earth while on the ground the Red Federation’s mobile suits; the Acolyte and the War Monger wait for them to land. The RF suits are red, orange, and black. The War Monger is a bulky suit with beam cannons on its shoulders and wrists. The Acolyte is a normal size suit with a round shield on its left arm, a machine gun, and a beam axe. The Ayagies begin to make their way out of the shuttles and head down to the force of RF suits while the cruiser flies out of the area.)

(Over in Nyala at the Gundam’s base their alarm signaling an Ayagi attack begins to blare and everybody in the base goes to where they are supposed to be. Dr. Ayumu and Amisi are in the control room while the 3 pilots rush to the hangar and get inside their Gundams. Rouke is inside turning his on and getting ready to launch.)
Rouke- I know we’ve all had our differences especially lately but we need to pull it together.
Conrad- I’m a soldier I know how to handle myself during a mission.
Caleb- If he stays out of my way I’ll stay out of his.
(Amisi gets on the communicator to talk to all 3 pilots.)
Amisi- You’re headed to Novosibirsk. The coordinates are being downloaded by you Gundams.
(The 3 of them take off from the hangar and then go NOVA into the direction of the attack.)

(Back at Novosibirsk the Ayagies are now locked in a battle with the Red Federation. The battle is being broadcast to Demidov in real time from the base in Novosibirsk so he can see how his operation is progressing. He witnesses the Ayagies land and fire into the RF suits with their beam cannons. The Acolyte suits try to fire back but can’t do much with their machine guns against the Ayagi’s shields. The Acolytes are being hammered by beams and pushed back while the War Monger suits are able to stand their ground and keep the RF lines from being smashed. The Red Federation base in Novosibirsk contacts the leader of the mobile suits out there fighting; Senior Lieutenant Anatoly Mihailov to give him a message.)
RF Base- Lieutenant Mihailov can you hear us?
Lieutenant Mihailov- This interruption is not satisfactory; we’re in a real situation here.
RF Base- Sorry Lieutenant but we have already lost the projected number of casualties for this operation. We insist you pull your forces back before many more or lost. We are confident that the mobile suits should be arriving soon.
Mihailov- Very well we will pull back.

(On the battle field Mihailov is in his Acolyte with his shield up trying to block the shots from the Ayagies. The Acolyte in front of him has its legs shot out from under him and falls. Mihailov then sends out the order the fall back and his forces begin to move backwards with their shields up and firing to keep the Ayagies from moving in any closer. The War Mongers fire off their cannons at the Ayagies on the ground and in the air but the tactical maneuvers of the Ayagies put them at an advantage. A War Monger fires at an Ayagi who dodges the shots while another Ayagi flies in from the opposite direction and shoots one of the War Monger’s arms off. Then the other Ayagi shoots it through the middle destroying it. Another Ayagi flies in at a War Monger with his shield up blocking shots. When it gets close enough it takes out its beam saber and slices the War Monger right in half.)

(Up high in the sky the Gundams rocket towards the fight. As soon as they are in range they come out of NOVA the sonic boom is heard which causes everybody including the Ayagies too look up at them. The eyes of the Ayagies begin flashing as they know to immediately attack the Gundams when they enter a battle. They all turn their attention and fly up towards them firing their weapons.)
Rouke- Got any ideas Conrad?
Conrad- We’ll should use our long range weapons to pick them off while they are still some distance away. We can pick them off before we fight them in close combat. You understand Caleb?
Caleb- I got it. I’m not trying to die before Generon goes.
(The 3 Gundams pull out their guns, stay together and fire back at the Ayagies as they approach them. Each one of them shoots down a few of the Ayagies while the rest of them block and dodge. The RF base on the ground sends out another message to Lt. Mihailov and his pilots.)
RF Base- Lieutenant Mihailov, from here on out were on radio silence. You and your men have your orders; when the time comes switch to second phase.
Mihailov- Understood.

(The Ayagies get closer to the Gundams to the point where it is time bring out the close combat weapons. An Ayagi flies right at Rouke in his blind spot and pulls out its beam saber. Rouke’s system alerts him of the incoming Ayagi. He turns quickly and backhands the Ayagi in the face with his beam rifle then blasts it through the middle with his vulcans. Rouke then pulls out his broad sword and swings it at an Ayagi who blocks it with his shield. Conrad is firing down on an Ayagi with both his gatling guns. It puts out his shield to block but the bullets overwhelm it until the Ayagi goes down. Conrad then throws his guns down and pulls out his beam spear. He and an Ayagi fly right at each other and clash weapons, Conrad then punches the mobile puppet right in the side of the head then boosts over at another one. Caleb is shooting up at an Ayagi with his beam rifle; it dodges the blasts then fires at Caleb who blocks it. Caleb shoots back with his hand gun 4 times, the Ayagi blocks the 1st 3 then moves his shield out of the way to fire and is shot in the face and falls from the sky. Caleb then turns his attention to an Ayagi flying right at him from his bottom left. He fires both guns at it until it explodes. Caleb looks up to see more of them coming so he extends his beam-saw out from his shield.)

(Conrad boosts down at top speed and impales an Ayagi with his spear to the ground. Another Ayagi flies over and fires at him, Conrad back flips out the way and transforms into his wolf mode. He runs along the ground until he gets to another Ayagi. It shoots at him but he jumps over the blasts and takes its arm off with his claws. The Ayagi then pulls out its beam saber and swings at Conrad but he dodges, transforms back into his suit mode then slices the Ayagi in half with his spear. Caleb is in the air dodging shots from two Ayagies then fly’s to the ground. Once he lands he pulls out both his hand guns and fires back at the Ayagies. They block the shots with their shields and lands in front of him. There are some Acolyte suits behind Caleb that begin to back away when the Ayagies land.)
Caleb- Fine…don’t help.(The Ayagies boosts right at Caleb in a straight line. One of them hides behind the other who keeps its shield up. Caleb fires but the shots are blocked. When the Ayagies are close enough the second one flies right out from behind the first with its beam sabers and boosts at full speed at Caleb.) Whoa!
(Caleb pulls his Gundam just narrowly out of the way then unloads his hand guns into that Ayagi until it explodes. The other Ayagi flies right through the fire then shoots a beam at Caleb. Caleb blocks it but the Ayagi was only distracting him; it takes out its beam saber and continues charging at him. Caleb attacks with his beam-saw and both he and the Ayagi connect onto the other’s shield. But of them are locked there in a power struggle, neither can move. Caleb smirks inside his cockpit as he knows the Ayagi can’t match the power of the Gundam. Caleb presses the beam-saw down onto the Ayagi’s shield until it begins to bend and crack. The shield explodes into pieces as the beam-saw went right through it. Caleb then swings his arm again a saw the Ayagi diagonally in half. Rouke is up in the air and has just clashed his broad sword up against a beam saber. Another Agayi comes at him on his left with his beam sabers and swings, Rouke ducks the first then blocks the second with his shield. He uses the power of the Gundam to push the Ayagi back then takes his shield and nails the other one in the chest. The Ayagi form his left attacks again but Rouke dodges the slice then cuts the Ayagi’s right arm off and shoots in through the middle with his shoulder vulcans. The other Ayagi shoots at him but Rouke blocks it then fires 3 shots with his beam rifle destroying the Ayagi. On the ground some Ayagies are firing at some Acolyte and War Monger suits. A War Monger fires its shoulder cannon at an Ayagi, it puts up its shield but the power of the beams still explodes around it blowing its legs and arm off. Then the War Monger blasts another Ayagi to pieces with his wrist cannons before getting shot through the chest himself. Another Ayagi fires at an Acolyte who blocks but the force flings his arm back and the Ayagi fires another shot through its middle. Mihailov is in his custom Acolyte that was right next to the one that blew up. He fires his machine gun at the Ayagi.)

Mihailov- These Gundams better start taking more of these mobile puppets out before they kill much more of us!
(An Ayagi spots Mihailov and flies toward him with its beam saber drawn. Mihailov looks out the corner of his eye and see it coming but he knows he can’t react in time. The Ayagi is about to cut him in half when a steel blade rips through the Ayagi tearing it to pieces. Rouke has just flown down and saved Mihailov’s life. Rouke lands in front of him and a few other RF suits and stands facing 4 Ayagies. He boosts at them as they fire upon him. Rouke dodges the shots and blocks one. When he is close enough to an Ayagi he swings his sword at it but it dodges. Rouke then turns to his right with his beam rifle and shoots a different Ayagi. He continues to fly and turns up into the air while the Ayagies follow. Rouke turns around and flies in towards them. The first Ayagi takes out its beam saber while the one behind it fires its beam cannon. The first Ayagi swings at Rouke but he flies over and goes right for the shooting Ayagi. He slices it in half then turns and shoots the beam saber arm of the Ayagi he past arm off then he shoots its leg off and sees it plummet to the ground. Rouke then turns and boosts to the ground at an Ayagi shooting up at him. He dodges the shots and blocks one with his swords as he flies at full speed to the mobile puppet. Rouke extends his sword and drags it through the ground until it collides with the Ayagi and rips through it. Rouke lands as the Ayagi explodes. Rouke stands triumphantly on the ground looking at the area he’s just saved. Inside the nearby RF base they have been observing the battle.)

Communications Guy- All Ayagies have been eliminated sir.
Captain- Okay…send the signal.

(They send the signal and a red blinking light goes off on the screens of the RF mobile suits. The two Acolyte suits behind Rouke drop their machine guns and pull out what look to be cable guns.)
Rouke- We’re all done here guys, we can go home. (The two Acolytes both aim for the opposite side of Rouke’s Gundam and fire. Cable from the right attaches to the left arm and the cable from the left attaches to the right arm. Rouke is alerted of this by his Gundam’s systems.) What?!
(The two Acolytes then fly into the air with their guns and fly in a circle around Rouke, wrapping his Gundam up in the steel cables. Rouke’s arms are completely trapped causing him to drop his beam rifle and sword. Both of the acolytes land on the opposite side they were on and see that Rouke has been properly restrained. Inside the cockpit Rouke tries to break the Gundam free. It struggles to move the cables and is able to move them a little. Lt. Mihailov flies over in his suit.)

Mihailov- Put that Gundam down!
(The two Acolytes then click a button on their cable guns causing an electric shock to move through them into the Gundam. The shock goes throughout the machine and even into the cockpit. The electric shock hits Rouke.)
Rouke- Ahhhhhhhahhahahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaa!!!!!!!
(Both Conrad and Caleb here Rouke scream over the radio.)
Caleb- Oh man was that Rouke?!
Conrad- Caleb get to him!!
(Both Conrad and Caleb begin to fly in Rouke’s direction. The electric shock causes Rouke to lose control of the Gundam and it falls down to its knees then face-plant the ground.)
Rouke- Don’t…come. Its…it’s a trap…(Rouke slumps over in his chair unconscious.)
(Caleb and begins to take fire from the RF suits.)
Caleb- It’s these guys!! They’ve betrayed us!
(Caleb fires back at them on the ground. Most of them dodge and block to avoid the shots but two are hit and fall to the ground. They watch back in the RF base.)
Communications Guy- NMS type 3(Caleb) is coming into range.
Captain- Aim the sonic distributers.
(A compartment on the base opens up and a large gun looking thing comes out of it and aims right for Caleb.)
Communication Guy- NMS is targeted.
Captain- Send the message to our pilots to activate their scramblers. (That message is sent as the pilots in the RF suits turn on their scramblers; hearing aid looking devices put inside their ears.) Fire.
(Sonic waves are shot right out of the gun and rush right towards to Caleb. They hit his Gundam and knock it off balance. The sonic waves wreak havoc with his ears. The sound is like a jackhammer on his brain.)
Caleb- Ahhhhh what the ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! (He lets go of his controls and clutches his head. His Gundam beings to fall to the ground; Caleb tries to continue to fly it but the pain makes it unbearable. His Gundam smashes into the ground hard and skids along it before stopping. The impact knocks Caleb out.)

(Conrad is on the ground uses his claws to slash through an Acolyte. The RF base now sees him on the monitors.)
Communications Guy- NMS 2 is now in firing range.
Captain- Target and fire.
(The base fires off the sonic wave gun again at Conrad. The waves hit him as he lunges at a few Acolytes.)
Conrad- Ahhhh dammit!!!! Sonic waves!!! (Conrad transforms his Gundam into wolf mode to try and run out of the waves. He runs across the ground dodges bullets from the Acolytes but the waves are still torturing him. Mihailov flies down to the ground in his Acolytes and lands right in the path of Conrad. He fires shots at him but Conrad dodges.) You won’t put me down!!!!!
(Conrad leaps into the air at Mihailov but the waves throw him off balance and Mihailov catches him in mid air and slams him to the ground. Mihailov then holds him there so the waves can overwhelm him.)
Conrad- Ahhhhhhh no ahhhh!!! (He reaches to his console and turns on his distress signal. He continues to cover his hears in an attempt to block out the sound but it’s useless. He begins to fade and goes unconscious. All three Gundam lie motionless on the ground as the RF suits crowd around.)

Mihailov- This is Lt. Mihailov to base…we have captured the mobile suits.
(Inside the base they celebrate a highly successful mission and in Moscow Demidov has been watching the whole time. He sees the Gundam’s now in his possession. The other high ups look on the screen and applaud their pilots and Demidov. Both Gennady and Serezha look on at the screen completely stunned. Neither of them had any idea that this was the operation they were helping to gather information for.)
Demidov- (He walks over to Serezha and Gennady.) You found out that there were pilots inside those suits. Pilots that can be out-planned and trapped by the brightest military minds on the planet. We know that two of the pilots are children and one a fighter of some kind and we know that the old inventor is Dr. Ayumu. This is all information we can use against them and we will. But for right now all my fears of this power belonging to others and not myself are gone, because now we are in possession of the most powerful weapons on earth.

To Be Concluded
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Post by Seraphic » Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:53 pm

This was a good chapter. It really helped that you decided to break up the lines of dialogue. The action scenes were well played, but I think they could use a bit more separation also, especially if someone happens to have a line of dialogue in there, or if it switches focus from one pilot to another.

You've got some careless typos, but I suppose people can just read around them. I can tell what you mean, at least.

How do you pronounce Tgjan? It's got like three consonants in a row! >.<

I hope Dr. Uki makes it out okay. He's been everyone else's bitch so far. Not fair! Hahaha. Caleb's interaction with the cat was funny this time. The earlier instances kinda fell flat. Maybe you can draw on other things in your story to be funny, but that might be hard to do since everything is so serious and tragic. And of course, your background work with all the various people and parties involved is still very impressive.

Otherwise, it looks like this chapter was meant to setup for some very important events in the future. I'm looking forward to it! Great work this time around. =) I hope you'll get a lot done over the winter. I know I'll be working like mad, too.
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Re: Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier(Ch. 11 posted)

Post by TheLegendkiller » Tue Aug 04, 2009 12:05 am

I am so sorry I haven't been on here in forever. Haha I've been busy with alot of ZOINKS but I've had a little time to write some more episodes. O man this is soooo long over due.

Mobile Suit Gundam New Frontier

Chapter 12: Captives

It is the year 150 New Frontier. Man has constructed ways to live in outer space by means of the space colony. They surround earth’s atmosphere and are immune to any national boundary. The earth is divided into coalitions. The largest being the United Earth Protectorate, The Red Federation, Arms of the Republic, and The European Nation. Each was formed in hopes that it would use its military strength to rule the earth’s sphere. They began World War 3. In hopes of tipping the scales of the war in their favor the European Nation developed the Generon System: an advance AI used for battle tactics and to connect all their units to one central network. But the system rebelled and took control of the EN’s military force and unleashed a new reign of terror on humanity. The superpowers of the earth battle against Generon and its machines. But new mobile suits have shown up on the earth’s sphere possessing powers greater then anything ever seen are waging a war against Generon for the fate of mankind. These mobile suits are called Gundams. But now those suits have fallen into the hands of those that would use them for their own personal gain.

(In the middle of the Siberian wilderness sits an RF military facility. It is snowing heavily to the point where you can’t even see several feet in front of you. The wind is causing the snowflakes to swirl wildly in the sky. It is day-time but the weather darkens the sky so that it looks like the sun is setting. Inside the facility the head of the RF Marshal Lev Demidov is inside an elevator being accompanied by two soldiers to the prisoner’s level. The elevator stops there and the doors open. Demidov and his two soldiers walk out and down a hallway made of stone and steel. They walk down about midway and Demidov puts in the number code on a keypad next to a solid metal door. It slides to the side revealing a dark stone room with a drain in the corner and a tiny window on the far wall. Inside lying on the ground, shackled behind their backs is Rouke, Conrad, and Caleb. As Demidov walks in the room with his two soldiers Rouke begins to stir. He slowly opens his eyes and sees Demidov walking around the room.)
Demidov- You are in Siberia…and your mobile suits are ours, Rouke Arcadia.
Rouke- You know my name.

Demidov- Yes. We’ve had people on you for some time.
Rouke- Why…why are you holding us here? Our purpose is to save humanity. You would be that selfish to take the only weapons that can effectively fight against Generon--
Demidov- We will handle Generon when the time is right. But for right now we need to handle more pressing matters. Our problems with the other coalitions, your suits are the perfect tools against them.

Rouke- So that’s what all this is about; furthering the Red Federation?
Demidov- It’s always been about furthering the Red Federation.
Rouke- So why are we still alive? You know there is no way we’ll cooperate with you.
Demidov- We already know you won’t fight for us. We already have our own pilots for that, but since you 3 are the only people on earth to pilot mobile suits this advanced your knowledge of the machines will be of great help. (He walks over to Caleb who is still unconscious and pulls out a gun. He grabs Caleb by the hair and pulls his face up from off the ground and points his gun right under Caleb’s chin.) And for that we really only need one of you. I could just kill these other two now, they’re useless. But you wouldn’t want their deaths on your conscience would you? Of course not. So you will tell us what we need to know whenever we ask or we’ll come back in here and kill each one of them one at a time right in front of them. And you will look them in the eye and tell them it’s your fault they’re going to die. (Demidov spots the rosary around Rouke’s neck.) That doesn’t seem like something a man who believes in God would want to be apart of does it Rouke?
(Rouke doesn’t say anything and looks down towards the cold stone floor knowing he has no choice.)

(At the Gundam Base in Nyala, Dr. Ayumu and Amisi are in the communication room where there are various other technicians on their computers. There is a big screen on the wall in the middle of the room with multiple windows up. They have long since lost communication with the Gundams but their homing devices show them they are in Siberia. Ayumu has just told Amisi what he believes has happened.)
Amisi- Captured?! You think Rouke and the others are captured? But then what should we do? Our goal depends solely on them.
Dr. Ayumu- We have certain measures prepared to deal with a situation like this. The Gundams must not be used by others, they simply cannot be trusted.
Amisi- You’re talking about destroying them…I guess that is our only option. The pilots are probably dead anyway.
Dr. Ayumu- I won’t implement the measures just yet. If the pilots are still alive only one of them can get them out of their imprisonment. Its things like this he was meant to handle. We will wait a few more days, if there is no sign that they are still alive then we must destroy the Gundams.

(At the UEP HQ in Washington DC, General McArthur sits in his office right at the desk. There is a black computer sitting up on his desk and windows all along side the wall to the left of him. His assistant Stephanie slowly opens the door and shyly sticks her head in.)
Stephanie- You um…wanted to see me General?
McArthur- Yes I did. Please have a seat. (Stephanie walks over and sits in the chair right in front of McArthur’s desk.) I feel that I owe you an apology.
Stephanie- What for?
McArthur- For allowing War Director Lester is pull you further into this world then you needed to be. We didn’t need to bring you, to put you in that position. It was wrong for him to ask. You aren’t a trained soldier and I shouldn’t have let you gone.
Stephanie- No look its okay.
McArthur- Your father, this is not something he would approve of.
Stephanie- I don’t blame you at all. Lester is your superior there wasn’t much you could do.
McArthur- Still, I need to look after you better. I shouldn’t let him near you. There’s something about Lester I could never trust.
Stephanie- I know…I…I can see it too. I don’t trust him either.
McArthur- I’m glad you can see what I’m talking about.

(Back at the RF military facility in Siberia, Gennady Komarovskii opens the door and walks into Demidov’s office. The room is very large and filled with portraits of all the former Marshals of the RF on the walls. The floor is covered with red carpet and the window behind Demidov’s desk looks over the mobile suit hangar. Behind him you can see the Gundams. As soon as Gennady walks in Demidov spins in his chair around to face him. When Gennady gets to the chair in front of Demidov’s desk he salutes him then sits down.)
Gennady- You wanted to see me sir?
Demidov- You and I, we are now at the beginning of a new age for the Red Federation. The power that these mobile suits posses now belonging to us is exactly what is going to give us the advantage against the other coalitions. It seems like destiny favors us doesn’t it?
Gennady- Seems like it sir.
Demidov- I’ve know you for many years now General and you have always been one of the people in this federation that I can rely on. You are an invaluable soldier and somebody that should be honored as a true hero.
Gennady- Thank you sir.
Demidov- These mobile suits we’ve attained, my engineers tell me its systems call it a Gundam, the pilots we will choose for them will be immortalized in the eyes of our country. These men will have changed the world in our name and will be given the highest honors. Two pilots have already been chosen and I want you to be the third.
Gennady- Sir I…are you serious.
Demidov- Yes, there isn’t anybody in the RF that would make a better team leader.
Gennady- Thank you sir, this is a true honor.

Demidov- You will lead the Gundam team right into the territories of the other coalitions and bring them in under our flag. Each of the coalitions will fall and we will emerge as the number one power in the Earth’s sphere. After all this is done Gennady we will have enough resources and technology to construct our own Gundams and further our might and then your team will then lead the world against Generon.
Gennady- I just have one question sir, even though the Gundams conducted unauthorized acts of war even if it is against our enemy they did serve a purpose. Before them nobody could take on Generon. Every time somebody tried to fight back they were crushed. So even though we are now in possession of the Gundams I think that is something we need to continue.
Demidov- And we will. Any time Generon decides to send his Ayagies to any area under the RF jurisdiction we will intervene.
Gennady- But sir what about the other parts of the world? Every year close to 1 million civilians die in Generon attacks, we shouldn’t condemn those people to die.
Demidov- Only the civilians under our flag are our concern General. The RF’s goal is to expand further. That takes precedent over what the Gundams use to do.
Gennady- Sir, I’m glad we were able to capture the suits, but we can still use them to help the world instead of just using them for our military agenda.
Demidov- Gennady, we devote ourselves to the Red Federation not to the rest of the world. They just simply are not our problem.
Gennady- Then I’m sorry sir, but I cannot accept this responsibility.
Demidov- What?
Gennady- While I devote myself to the federation there is something about what we are doing with these Gundams that feels…wrong. In my opinion this operation would be better off with somebody else in my spot.
Demidov- I can’t tell you that I’m not shocked and disappointed at your decision. I don’t think you’ve ever refused your duty to the RF before today. Because of your accomplishments I am letting you make your own decision without some sort of punishment for refusing my request. But don’t expect another promotion ever again General. That is all.
Gennady- Thank you sir. Once again I’m sorry. (Gennady gets up from out of the chair and walks out of the office.)

(At the Russian/Finland border in Red Federation territory, we are at an RF border patrol post, its dusk out. There is a large tower sitting in the middle of the forest with a spotlight shining down. Standing on top of it are a few RF guards looking out into the woods. Near the tower is a mobile suit hangar holding about 5 suits. Three more suits walk around the perimeter. The area is heavily wooded and it is hard to see through the trees. Unknown to the RF the Black Gundam moves through the forest stealthily, heading right towards the RF outpost. One of the soldiers up on the tower is looking out at the woods with his binoculars. He is slowly looking over the canopy of trees when he sees some movement in the trees. They shake and birds fly out from the spot. From out of nowhere the spotlight shatters as if something hit it but nobody saw what.)
Soldier 1- Huh…what happened to the lights?
Soldier two- I didn’t see anything. I mean you were looking in that direction.
Soldier 3- I didn’t hear and gunfire, nobody could have shot it out.
Soldier two- And there’s nothing on the radar.
Soldier 1- (Walks over to the radio and contacts the mobile suits roaming around) We have movement at 10 o’clock, our light are out so we need you to check it out.
Mobile Suit Pilot- (Into his radio) Roger we’re on that.

(Two red and black Acolyte mobile suits start heading over to the spot of the movement. The two suits move over to the area but see nothing but trees. One of the suits walks a little further in and looks down at the ground. He notices a mobile suit footprint.)
Mobile Suit Pilot- What the…
(Before he can say another word the Black Gundam flies out from behind them and slices both mobile suits in half rendering all their instruments useless. Just as fast as it attacked the Black Gundam is now gone from there and heading to the third unit. Inside the hangar in the communications room, up on the big screen the signals of the Acolytes outside begin to disappear. The communications guy notices.)
Communications Guy- Sir…we’ve lost lost the signal of two of our Acolytes!
Major(Sir)- That can’t be right. We didn’t receive any distress calls. (They are looking up at the screen and see the third suit’s signal disappear.) Something’s out there sounds the alarm!
(The alarm in the base goes off and the pilots scramble to their suits. The hangar doors open and they fly out heading to the spot where the first two signals were lost. There are about 6 suits and they have just landed where the two down ones are. They see the carnage and bring their weapons out. One pilot reports this.)
Mobile Suit Pilot- Sir they’re been attacked. They’re suits are destroyed! Where going to begin our search now.
Major- Hold on Sergeant. It must have been a mobile suit but it didn’t show up on radar. Then that means…(The Major knows that it was a Gundam and also knows there is nothing his force can do about it. In his Black Gundam, Jackal, heads forward looking right at his list of victims, the next one; Colonel General Marko Kovalevsky of the RF.)

(At the UEP top secret base right in the middle of the Florida Keys. This base is a floating mobile suit carrier built solely for War Director Lester’s secret problem solver Tgjan Lee and his suit.) Tgjan Lee sits in a room facing his computer waiting for some communication with Lester about when he can go out and fight. He sits in a suit and throws a ball up against the wall repeatedly.)
Tgjan Lee- If I knew being Lester’s whipping boy would be so boring I wouldn’t have done it. Come on Mr. Gundam where are you hiding out in the world.
(Just then the captain of the carrier opens up the door and walks in.)
Captain- Mr. Lee, intelligence picked up some chatter from the RF about an attack at an outpost of the Russian/Finland border. They believe it to be a mobile suit. The pilots didn’t see or hear anything, it was a stealth attack made by one suit, similar to many other attacks on various individuals in the other coalitions. And this mobile suit didn’t show up on radar.
Tgjan Lee- Just like the Gundams.
Captain- Lester was able to give the order to direct our satellites to that region of RF territory and we got this picture. (He hands Tgjan a photo of the Black Gundam moving through the woods.)
Tgjan Lee- This is the first known picture of this mysterious assassin. That’s a Gundam all right. Load my suit then fire up the transport. (Tgjan turns around from the captain looking at the picture.) I’m coming for you now Mr. Gundam. (Smirks)
(Back at the RF base in Siberia in the mobile suit dock Demidov is waiting in there with two of the three pilots that will be piloting the Gundams for the RF. They are both in their early twenties. The one on the left is shorter then Demidov and the other pilot and has long messy hair. His bangs come all the way down his face and end at his chin. His hair is very dark and he stands with a smirk on his face. His eyes make him look like he’s a little unstable mentally. The other is clean cut with short light brown hair. His hair is slick back but with points sticking out and one strand coming down his face. Both of them are wearing their red and black piloting uniforms. The door to the dock opens and Demidov’s second in command Colonel General Marko Kovalevsky walks in with an older man with all white hair and a white beard who is also in a piloting uniform. They walk over to Demidov and the other and salute.)
Kovalevsky- Marshal Demidov, let me introduce you to the former ace of the Red Federation, Captain Pyotr Bashmakov, retired.
Captain Pyotr Bashmakov- It is an honor to be able to be apart of this operation sir.
Demidov- You decided to come out of retirement I see. Well the RF is always happy to have your help. You are a legend on the battlefield.
Bashmakov- Thank you sir, it is my honor to serve our coalition with every breath I have.
Demidov- Your devotion is inspiring Captain. I am pleased Marko here brought you to my attention. The man I had in mind for this, turned it down. These two men behind me are to be members of your mobile suit team. This is Lieutenant Anatoly Mihailov(taller guy with short hair), and Lieutenant Evgeny Aleksandov(shorter long haired guy). (They both shake Bashmakov’s hand.)
Lieutenant Anatoly Mihailov- It is an honor to serve under your leadership Captain.
Kovalevsky- Well now that you’ve met Captain Bashmakov I should be heading back to Moscow and handling business there.
Demidov- I can’t thank you enough for being in charge of the RF while I am here.
Kovalevsky- It is my pleasure Marshal, when you have any news of the operation send it to me. The leaders of our government wish to see it as well. Captain, Lieutenants, good luck. (Kovalevsky turns around and heads down the walk way to the hangar doors and walks out.)
Demidov- Lieutenant Aleksandov, and Mihailov you are two of the RF top young pilots and are being entrusted with our most precious commodities. You are being lead by one of the best pilots to climb into a mobile suit. This is the day you become heroes. Now gentlemen I will now show you your new mobile suits.
(All 4 of them turn to the right and look off the walkway at the huge steel door in front of them. The door begins to rise up and it slowly reveals the three Gundams.)
Bashmakov- Incredible.
Mihailov- I’ve never seen machines like this.
Lieutenant Evgeny Aleksandov- (Looking up at the Prodige unit) Ohh I want that one with all the guns.
Mihailov- Each one is just so impressive.
Aleksandov- Oh can we take them out for a spin, oh can we?
Demidov- (Turns behind him to face a window where there are scientists and other RF personnel ready to observe the first test flight.) Are we ready? (They give Demidov the signal.) Board your suits soldiers.
(The three of them hurry to section of the walkway where each of the 3 suits they’ve picked out are stationed. Bashmakov gets into the Echoes, Mihailov into the Fenrir, and Aleksandov into the Prodige. They put on their helmets and lock themselves in the suits. The systems begin to start and they are being spoken to by the scientists and engineers observing in the other room.)
Engineers- (Through each systems computer)We were able to crack the systems and get information on how these units work. The basics are the same but the out-put, energy, and speed are more intense then any other suit in existence, guides are being displayed on your screens.
Bashmakov- Roger.
Mihailov- Roger.
Aleksandov- I see it.
(The three pilots take their Gundams to a mobile suit catapult so they can exit the hangar. The doors open and the catapult launches them out one by one. At the window of his prison cell Rouke stands there looking out into the frozen wilderness while Conrad and Caleb sit down on the floor, he can hear the very familiar sound of a Gundam taking off. He looks around outside and sees the 3 suits in the air.)
Rouke- They’re taking our Gundams out.
Caleb- What?! Who the hell do they think they are?
Conrad- I have to get us out of here soon. We can’t let them possess our suits for too long.

Rouke- There’s no telling the damage they can do with them.
(Up in the sky the RF pilots continue to test the abilities of the Gundams by flying at top speeds and doing evasive maneuvers. Demidov and the RF engineers are observing and being sent data from the Gundam’s systems of their performance.)
Engineer- Sir the Gundams out perform any mobile suit we have 4 times over.
(Up in the sky Bashmakov is flying the Echoes.)
Bashmakov- The suits response time is amazing, (smiles) it’s going to take a little more then I thought for this old-timer to pilot this suit. (Bashmakov then starts spinning the suit around and around testing how much g-force the suit guards against.)
Aleksandov- Lets take this suit to the limit! (Aleksandov in the Prodige boost towards the ground then flies along side it and then boost up right before he gets to the base of the mountain.)
(Mihailov flies the Fenrir in the air and takes out its spear. He tries some attack maneuvers and sees that the Gundam is far superior then his former suit.)
Mihailov- This suits movements they just flow, it feels like I can take multiple targets at once easily.
(Back in the observing room.)
Demidov- The possibilities of these suits are endless.
(Just then the door to the room opens and a soldier walks in hurriedly.)
Soldier- Sir I’m sorry to disturb you but we received reports that our military base at the Russia/China border is being attacked by the Arms of the Republic. Marshal Demidov, should we send out the mobile suit unit from Golga?
Demidov- (Pauses for a moment) No. I have a better solution. (He turns toward the observation window and looks right at the Gundams.)
(Demidov gets on the radio and speaks to Bashmakov up in the air.)
Demidov- Captain Bashmakov, I have something I want your team to take care of.
Bashmakov- Roger that sir.
Demidov- The situation is being loaded onto your screen now. The trip to this region will take hours but there is a function in these suits that allows you to travel far distances extremely fast. It’s called the NOVA system. But we haven’t had time to test it out yet.
Bashmakov- Now is as good a time as any sir. Lieutenants, any objects?
Mihailov- No sir.
Aleksandov- Hell no lets go kill some enemies!
Bashmakov- Form up. (The three suits gather together and fly side by side a little higher in the air.) We’re pilots of the RF, we’ll master this. On my mark engage the NOVA system. Three, two, one, engage.
(The 3 of them engage the NOVA system and the suits shoot off in the distance at amazing speeds and then the sonic boom is heard. Rouke was in the cell watching.)
Rouke- Well they just went NOVA. Looks like they were heading in the southeast direction.
Conrad- Southeast, that’s Arms of the Republic Territory.
Caleb- Pft they hate each other. Constant fighting I don’t think it’s a Generon attack, I think they’re just going there to take the Arms guys out.
Rouke- Yeah. Dammit, that’s not what the Gundams were meant for.

(At the RF base at the Russia/China border the AofR mobile suits have the place surrounded and are shooting down at them from off the cliffs. There are about 34 AofR suits and only 15 RF suits and they have be backed around their base trying to defend themselves from the attack. The AofR have the advantage in numbers and in the high ground. The RF has two War Monger suits which are bigger then their Acolytes and have greater fire-power. These suits do a very good job at keeping the AotR Mandarin suits at bay. One Mandarin suit on top of a cliff fires its wrist mounted grenade launcher and it hits one of the War Mongers in the face. The head of the suit explodes and it falls to the ground. On a cliff on the other side another Mandarin suit is putting together a rocket launcher and aiming for the last War Monger. He gets it in his sites and fires the rocket flies out and hit the suit in the chest causing a huge explosion. At this the Mandarins really begin to press their advantage on the RF and move closer in. Six more Acolytes go down as the battle begins to look hopeless for the RF. The Mandarin suits move in close when several beams from the sky strike the ground in front of them. The Mandarin’s look up and see the three Gundams flying right towards them.)
Mandarin Pilot- It…Its one of those new suits! They’re fighting for the RF!!
(The Echoes suit then fires a beam right through that Mandarin. The rest of the Mandarin’s begin shooting up at the Gundams.)
Bashmakov- Okay, we’re going to turn this battle around right now. Mihailov, take out the rocket launcher at 10 o’clock, Aleksandov divert all the fire from the Mandarins to you and I’ll take care of them.
Mihailov- Roger. (Takes off toward the rocket launcher.)
Aleksandov- Whatever you want! (Flies down at the Mandarins.)

(Up on the cliff the Mandarin with the rocket launcher begins to load another rocket into the barrel of the launcher. There is another Mandarin standing in front of him on lookout. From straight above them comes Mihailov in the Fenrir with his spear. He comes down and impales the Mandarin into the ground. The other one turns around and Mihailov slices one of its arms off then backspins and cuts the entire suit in half. Aleksandov flies down to the Mandarins further down the cliff and flies across them dodging their blasts. None of the shots hit him.)
Aleksandov- Oh man this thing is fast!

(He continues to fly across them diverting all their attention, while dodging their shots he kicks off the head of a Mandarin and begins to fly upwards into the sky. He then turns around and fires back at them taking down a few. Aleksandov then turns and flies higher into the air. Bashmakov uses this time to aim at a lot of the Mandarins with his shoulder vulcans and then shoots them down one by one. Aleksandov hen flies back down and lands, pulls out his hand guns and fires into the Mandarins. Three right in front of him go down and then the Mandarins decide that its time to retreat. One of them fires a retreat flare and they begin to take to the air and fly out of the zone.)
Bashmakov- Both of you cut off their retreat path and I’ll corner them from the rear. We’ll lock them up in a triangle maneuver and put them down. Make a statement!
(Both Mihailov and Aleksandov speed off in their Gundams, they fly right by the Mandarins and then cut them off. They all stop and prepare to go the other way when Bashmakov cuts off that path. He takes out his beam rifle, Mihailov takes out his machine guns, and Aleksandov takes out his big beam rifle. All three of the Gundams start firing at the Mandarins. The triangle maneuver works well because it causes the Mandarins to bunch what makes it worse is that those suits have no shields to block any of the blasts. The Mandarins begin falling out of the sky as rapidly as raindrops. When the last Mandarin falls the ground and explodes the Gundams float in the sky victorious and look down at the carnage they unleashed.)
Mihailov- We…annihilated them.
Bashmakov- The coalitions weren’t prepared to face mobile suits this powerful.
(Back in Siberia, Demidov and the others were watching the battle from their satellite linkup. They see the decisive win the Gundams just had.)
Demidov- Gentlemen, we are witnessing the age of the Red Federation.

To Be Concluded
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