Hi i'm creator of DUAL GEAR a Jp Mecha Insipired TBS game!

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Hi i'm creator of DUAL GEAR a Jp Mecha Insipired TBS game!

Post by matgyro » Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:14 am

Thank for given a sharing my game project here. This is my first time post but i'm follow the MAHQ since the website is name is Mecha Domain(When i was a young). Me and my studio has develop this game. I need to sharing our Mecha game here! Maybe everyone are interest.

"DUAL GEAR" is a turn based and action game featured by Mecha call DUAL GEAR develop by Unreal Engine 4. The game inspire from the Front Mission and Valkyria Chronicle, We bring some ideas to build the Dual Gear.

I can't attach a pictures of mechanic design and some gameplay here but you can check out the game detail on my link below. Also the free Pre-Alpha demo for PC is ready to download. If you're intereset you can check it out on our Indiegogo Campaign

Feel free to give me a question or comment and I really glad if you'll try out the demo.

If the moderator think I should not post this topic here.You can delete this topic anyway.

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Re: Hi i'm creator of DUAL GEAR a Jp Mecha Insipired TBS gam

Post by MasterChiefSnake » Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:37 am

Nice. The member of Shinjuku Station name is Shoji Ramuro played this game after I've shown it to my friend, Shoji. I've also told the owner of Mecha Damashii name is Ollie Barder to post the article about Dual Gear on Mecha Damashii. So they could make more attracting and ready to support this game on Indiegogo. Unfortunately, I don't have Indiegogo account and my cash balance is $0.00 including my PayPal bank account. I will sign up the Indiegogo beside Kickstarter after my PayPal reaches to $200.

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