System Shock 3 Teased

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System Shock 3 Teased

Post by ChaoticSheep1 » Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:27 am


If you haven't heard by now some people decided that they wanted to reboot SystemShock. A Studio calling itself Otherside Entertainment is now planning to work on a System Shock 3. Go check it out.

Link's (I am allowed to link official site's right?)

Teaser Page:



It's being covered from people like Polygon to Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Aside from that... I know next to nothing about these guys. However their Ultima game is only at prototype stage right now so it might take a while before they start on System Shock 3 if they even get to.

(Edit) Also apparently another thing that slipped under my radar happened. A studio called Night Dive made an enhanced version of the original System Shock 1 on Steam.

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