A sort of SRW update for Z2.2 and OGS 2

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A sort of SRW update for Z2.2 and OGS 2

Post by Mu La Flaga » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:46 am


So this was posted up on gamefaqs and some ran it through a google trasnlator.
blog wrote:so take it with a grain of salt:

JUGEM Theme Game

Good evening, and Terada. Now just after 2011.

Looking back to the 20th anniversary year is the Super Robot Wars
As had been previously prepared, was a very busy life. First TV Anime
"OG Super Robot Wars di Inspector." A year ago this time,
It was around the halfway point.

Following this, the PSP exclusive software titles Anniversary 20 "Super Robot Wars 2
Hen broken world. " And PS3's first dedicated software suparobo "Super Robot Wars 2
OG "... here is the sister announced it postponed the launch, truly sorry.
Archives of the PS Store later in the game, has released the movie on the past or present.

Well, next year and says the specialized software first PSP on January 12 "Ⅰ & Ⅱ God-tier machines,"
"Ⅱ-tier Machine God" will be released. And the 18th anniversary of the March 20 "steel
魂祭 "will be held. Because out in January 2006 for more information, please wait.

Then "Z Hen second world destruction" That you know if I was cleared. Currently, intensive
In development. However, PSP's upcoming first sortie "Ⅰ & Ⅱ tier Machine God", "Ⅱ-tier Machine God" to
I would like to wait. Of course, "OG" second who is still under development.
Despite the notice had been long before this blog, you've also kept you waiting,
Really sorry.

Kawarimashi talk, delivered from the last Sun launched a "hot-blooded! Hitting the target! Voice logging spa!
Part Ⅱ-tier Machine God "... I was looking for from you in the first round, quite a few emails
We surprised. The amount was far beyond imagination. "God tier machine," a sequel to a much
And I have many who have waited ... and I realized. During this decade,
Production of the sequel is good to 諦Menaku.

Content of the program for "WAVE too much horse" in the same popular, "I want more followed,"
"I want to do it OG Z and the second" second opinion is also that there are many, the original
Content is "God-tier machine" So, some say that it can be delivered from intensive,
WEB also has a radio, "WAVE horse too," We mainly want to.

Stance that "the second Z-Hen" as did, for example, questions about the original
We can not answer ... we will just go, "OG second," and you were feeling ah,
It may help produce a darker intensive delivery programs.

The "spa voice logging" is underway on the relationship between year-end distribution after some time next year
Been recorded since the third to the appointment reflected from you will be the fourth and subsequent
The. "Ⅰ & Ⅱ tier Machine God", "Ⅱ Machine God tier" Towards be released on January 12,
"WAVE horse too," because I want to heap up together, both of us
Please listen.

So much care is now again this year. Suparobo anniversary until next April 20
To say that, based on it, also for one year, "Super Robot Wars," in company, Yoroshiku
Thank you!
Considering it's from gamefaqs trake with a grain of salt, but the gist of the odd grammar was as someone said.
Z2.2 and OGS2 have taken a while to get somewhere and still working on them at present.
So that might explain why news for a while.

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Re: A sort of SRW update for Z2.2 and OGS 2

Post by 2NA Fish » Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:59 am

That blog is the official SRW developer blog. Definitely trustworthy.

I'll run my own translation summary. Most of it is talking about the online blogs more than anything else.


Terada thanks everyone for their support, mentions the games, anime and events of the past year, including the PSN rereleases, and apologises for the delay on OG2. Then mentions the 2 PSP Masou Kishin games, a special event "Hagane no Tamashii Matsuri" in March and says stay tuned for more info in January.

For those who have completed Z2, "that thing" is currently in development, but will come after Masou Kishin. Of course, OG2 is still going as well. Apologies for the delay again.

The response to the Masou Kishin blog was overwhelming. The continued support from the players over the past decades has made working on the Masou Kishin sequel all worth it.
Fans have asked for similar blogging/web radio for Z2 and OG2, but they'll be just concentrating on the Umasugi Wave for now.

Besides, the staff will obviously be unable to answer questions on the various anime appearing in Z2(not appropriate as they are not the original creators), but they might be able to do something for OG2 if it is a short term project.

The 3rd episode of the Voice Suparoblog will be out soon, gearing up for the releases of the 2 Masou Kishins. Please give both that and Umasugi Wave a listen.

It's still the 20th Anniversary of Super Robot Wars up to April, so let us step forward into another year of Super Robot Wars. Yoroshiku Onegai Itashimasu!(Pleased to be in your care/working with you)


If you really want to read into it, they might be hinting that they're aiming to release something in April.


Re: A sort of SRW update for Z2.2 and OGS 2

Post by DuelGundam2099 » Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:35 pm

In other words wait until after Lord of The Elemental 2 gets released, then look forward to Z2 part 2; OGs 2 will be mentioned again eventually. Well.... Okay then.

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