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Iron Brigade / Trenched!

Post by Koshernova » Sun Dec 11, 2011 12:23 pm

Gentlepersons, start your ZOINKS bipedal trenches!

Anyone else playing this? I'm surprised I couldn't find a thread for it on Mecha Talk.

For those who don't know: it's a third person shooter/tower defence hybrid, available on Xbox Live Arcade. This mad scientist is trying to take over the world with a bunch of cyborg creatures made out of TVs called 'tubes', and your chracter is part of a defence force that uses 'mobile trenches'. Basically, they are trenches on legs.

The trenches are customizable and you can get clothes for your character (sadly you can only pick between four characters, all dudes to my chagrin, so no nice character creation but ah well). The aesthetic is pretty much 'WW2 propaganda' meets dieselpunk. Quite fantastic if you ask me.

I went into a co-op game and it was LUDICROUS. There were five of us in our mechs, defending a hospital against, like, five portals that spat out dozens of enemies. You can build stationary defences, upgrade your trench with better weapons, it's a lot of fun.
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