6 Arcade Games to Awesome for a Western Release

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6 Arcade Games to Awesome for a Western Release

Post by DuelGundam2099 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:18 am

This was the video game forum, so why not?

http://www.cracked.com/article_19447_6- ... -west.html

Normally I wouldn't post a Cracked article here, but guess who got number one? :P As for the actual article, those first two games seem really neat.

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Re: 6 Arcade Games to Awesome for a Western Release

Post by Siroh32 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:02 pm

Personally (and no offense intended), I hope in retrospect that you would've gone normally and not make an exception, since that website in general isn't to my taste, and while others may like it, I'll still nevertheless not recommend it and spoil the unnecessarily-two-webpages-long article that's more about stupid links to other two page articles off to the sides.

Not surprisingly, I guessed right about #1 (given how you hinted to it, and given how the MS-07B Gouf being front and center of the graphic header spoils it). #1 on that article is naturally the arcade version of Mobile Suit Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield. Who doesn't want the closest thing to being inside a mobile suit cockpit and virtually piloting a mobile suit in a mobile suit combat game? The article also embeds this YouTube video. I personally like the video reply to it better, which is the instruction video showing you how the game is played (turn on the Closed Captioning for that, since the video is translated).

#6 is "Sonic Blast Heroes", and I didn't feel too excited about that, despite that it looks a little fun. *shrug* If you click on the link expecting it to be a Sega arcade game starring their mascot, prepare to be disappointed. But if you like punching out dinosaurs and meteors and what not and risking fracturing your hands somehow, then here's the game for you.

#5 is "Let's Go Island 3D". If I want a 3D on-rails shooter, I'd naturally go for Star Fox 64 3D. At least it's not disguised or has flavors of a "date game". But if you want some flavor of Jaws (in terms of shooting sharks virtually), it seems this game has that. *shrug*

#4 is "Heat Up Hockey", which is something on the list I might actually go for, if available... But the keyword is might, since all this is a more expensive version of air hockey with projector screens, sounds, and sensors for the pizazz. I could actually see myself losing where the puck is in this game, and the concept of it without such pizazz still works great, since it's a game that isn't broke. Does the fixing work? I know those of us outside of Japan won't know, but you can see for yourself in the YT video I linked to.

#3 is "Initial D Arcade Stage 4 Limited", which is basically an arcade racing game placing you behind the wheel of an actual car. Sounds great in concept, but unlike the spoiled #1 choice of the list, it doesn't seem that great in practice. I actually did see (and I think tried) something very much like (if not outright) this in an arcade place a little ways away from me over six years ago, and tried a more compact version (that seemed more like a custom moped without wheels and connected to an overhang) two years or so ago. The way it would be better in practice is the way Bonds of the Battlefield as an arcade is so great; a panoramic screen with controls akin to "the real thing". This just has a screen in front of the car/setup you're in, and I think I'd rather play an arcade racing game with a screen right in front of you... Or Mario Kart Wii.

#2 is "Eternal Wheel", and I'm generally not into card games, pizazz included or otherwise.

And I mentioned #1 beforehand, and if you didn't click on the above article and instead saw this list, then I guess I ironically saved you the trouble of clicking there by clicking on more stuff here. At least I'm not intentionally separating this post into two akin to separating articles like that on a normal basis. *shrug*

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Re: 6 Arcade Games to Awesome for a Western Release

Post by 2NA Fish » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:47 am

Lol! They finally made a new Sonic Blast Man game! However, it's just a glorified test your strength machine, just like the Hajime No Ippo arcade game. Don't worry about fracturing your hand. I played Sonic Blast Man hundreds of times and I'm still okay. It's the idiots who don't put the glove on who hurt themselves. You won't be at the machine for hours like Street Fighter or Raiden, but one go or 2 once in a while is hilarious.

The card game is nothing to write home about. They've had a variety of those for years. There's a Gundam one as well.

Bonds of The Battlefield however is incredibly fun, even if it's just an upgraded(actually simplified) version of the Mechwarrior arcade game.

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Re: 6 Arcade Games to Awesome for a Western Release

Post by Enileph » Thu Sep 29, 2011 8:50 am

Well, the fun part of Kizuna is that you almost always fight someone else rather than doing computer battles. That said, quite some amount of skills is needed definitely... Oh, Version 3.0 of Kizuna is out now!!! We get to use GP01... now thats a beauty!

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