Exploring Gihren's Greed "what if's"

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Exploring Gihren's Greed "what if's"

Post by marasaidw » Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:08 am

First topic creation so if I put this in the wrong area or something please let me know.

I have been working on Gihren's Greed: Threat of Axis V. For those unfamiliar. It's a UC strategy game on the large scale. Where you choose a faction (for example EFF) and follow them to when their conflict starts until Char is defeated in CCA. The game is fun for it's challenge. However, it's also very fun for the sheer number of "what if" choices you have.

I'm working off of my basic Japanese knowledge and with some help from others. If anyone has translations of events in the game that would be awesome info.

See if your faction's leader (e.g. General Revil) dies in a plot choice (not a regular battle, those dont kill characters), then it is game over. Considering that every one of the 5 major factions leaders die in canon, beating a campaign requires deviating from canon. There are many different ways to do this, so this thread is to discuss thoughts on various "what ifs" and their connections to other works or theories bouncing around on mecha talk.

To get started, I just finished the Titian's main campaign. The "what if" in this case is Jamitov reins in Bask Om after the 30 Bunch incident and doesn't let him go through with the Titan's more outrageous plans, no nuclear bomb at Jaburo, no lunar colony drop, no Blex assassination. As a result Scirocco doesn't betray Jamitov to Axis and Jamitov wins. End result Jamitov and Scirocco move most of humanity out into space. It struck me this reminds me a theory I saw in another thread where Jamitov wasnt an earthnoid supremicist but actually trying to use the conflict to get people to move up into space with his consolodated power.

Thoughts? Ideas? Other favorite "what ifs"? I'll post another one in a few days.

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Re: Exploring Gihren's Greed "what if's"

Post by yazi88 » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:38 pm

If you start with the Earth Federation then during the Gryps Conflict you have a choice between siding with the Titans or the AEUG, and if you join the AEUG if your alignment is Lawful (100%) you can even get Scirocco to join your side and stay with you along with the rest of the AEUG with the exception of Quattro cause you fight against him in Char's counterattack.

If you start with Zeon (default with Gihren's faction that is) you have everyone against you with the exception of the Delaz Fleet and Glemy Toto's Neo Zeon faction. Even Haman betrays you.

My thoughts about the units of the various factions:

Zeon (OYW):Decent suits but the best ones are the underwater 0080 variants of suits for land battles cause projectile weaponry starts becoming obsolete rather quickly especially bazookas which have bad accuracy.

EFSF (OYW):Good suits especially the Light Armor GMs which have high movement and good weaponry and saber attacks.

Titans:Start off with good MP suits but their prototypes aren't very good compared to the AEUG and NEO Zeon and many of them aside from the Psycho gundams and the XEKU series don't have many sub weapons and their performance isn't that great either by the end until you get to Char's counterattack and get Jegans after the poor performance of the various MP suits until the Barzam.

AEUG:In my opinion have the best prototype ACE units but have rather mediocre MP units until you start getting Sentinel units (the EX-S gundam aside from the FULL armor ZZ are some the most powerful units until Char's counterattack ERA prototypes and even then they still pack quite a punch against those top tier units) and Z-MSV units (Z-MSV also has some of the best MP units for the AEUG until the Jegan series cause GM III is a rather poor MP unit.)

Neo Zeon (1st group and Glemy Toto): Has the best MP units and good prototype especially Newtype units but the problem is that you don't have many newtypes and have to sacrifice alignment points for turning characters into cyber newtypes.
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Re: Exploring Gihren's Greed "what if's"

Post by Bonesy! » Fri Nov 05, 2010 3:43 am

How hard would you say it is to get used to Gihren's Greed, though? I have the guide for the Playstation version and I'm used to playing GGen and SRW games in Japanese.

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Re: Exploring Gihren's Greed "what if's"

Post by Murra » Fri Nov 05, 2010 10:21 am

Bonesy! wrote:How hard would you say it is to get used to Gihren's Greed, though? I have the guide for the Playstation version and I'm used to playing GGen and SRW games in Japanese.
It'll definitely be a change, the Gihren's Greed games are pretty much pure strategy, and on a larger scale than SRW or such.

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Re: Exploring Gihren's Greed "what if's"

Post by marasaidw » Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:35 am

Well this didnt go where I was intending with the topic. I was thinking more exploring the different paths it can take compared to anime canon. However, my thoughts. Yes it's a pure strategy game, but really its not any harder to learn the japanese controls than super robot wars. The guides and wiki's online are enough. There are a lot of event choices which are in japanese but the wiki explains each choice. Axis no kyon V is the way to go, make sure it has the V.

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