Official Gundam Next-Gen Games and Upcoming Releases III

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Re: Official Gundam Next-Gen Games and Upcoming Releases III

Post by Mark064 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:20 pm

Unless I'm missing something in the Japanese article it doesn't say that, then again I trust the English article less after they identified Full Cloth as Skull Heart. From what I'm understanding they're having a nation wide contest related to the game in which Raphael and Full Cloth will be playable during the contest. Standard contest stuff of voting and tons of prizes and what not. They also mention of how it's the second time they are having a release playoff to decide the next arcade suit.

So if I'm understanding correctly you can play as these units from September 28th till October 17th after which they decide which will be the next release for the arcade. If that's not the case having a whole playoff to decide the next arcade release and then not releasing in the arcade makes no sense at all.
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Re: Official Gundam Next-Gen Games and Upcoming Releases III

Post by 2NA Fish » Fri Sep 30, 2011 1:51 am

The Mecha Damashii article is plain wrong. It's mistranslated.

The original Gamewatch article it references is talking about the user poll that will decide which unit is released first. Players can vote for which unit they want more online via their mobile phones, and September 28th to October 17th are the dates the poll is open.

Neither of the units are playable until after the contest ENDS. ... 79735.html

The same information is up on the official Gundam website here. You will notice from the promotional image that the contest is on Gundam Versus Mobile which is the mobile service for the game, NOT for the game itself.

If you've seen footage of Full Cloth or Raphael being played, that was from the PS3 demo at TGS.

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Re: Official Gundam Next-Gen Games and Upcoming Releases III

Post by hotlimit » Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:35 pm

Arsarcana wrote:
2NA Fish wrote:I'd be happy to just get an expansion to World with more units and a better upgrade system. Just couldn't be bothered adding HP all the way to level 60 or 70.
It sounds like you'll get your wish. They just announced G Generation 3D which from all appearances is yet more of the same **** they've been giving us for the past three games in a row (right down to the animations) except with more Trailblazer mecha, plus some Beginning and AGE representation. Not that I mind expanding things but at this point the formula of 'let's recreate famous episodes and run you through them with no real connecting plot' is starting to get a bit stale.

Admittedly, there's a glimmer of hope in that they mention Seishin Commands (which by any name are typically associated with either SRW games or the story-based G Gens) as a new feature but they teased us with a plot in World when they first announced it and look where that went.
OK, so these games you seem to be pissed about have been running FOREVER. The 'recreate famous episodes' thing has been going on since SD Gundam A Generation. Those are the traditional G Gen games.

The games you like, with the ID commands and plot and all that, are the Portable G Generation games (not to be confused with the PSP releases, which are just ports of the console games). These are the Wonderswan, Gameboy Advance, and DS titles. So you know, don't make up stuff about how this is just 'starting' to get stale when it's how the games have been for decades.

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Re: Official Gundam Next-Gen Games and Upcoming Releases III

Post by Arsarcana » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:12 pm

I'm fully aware of that. The point is that they used to do some really neat G Gen games with, y'know, plots and stuff. In fact, they used to do it kind of regularly with all the games you mentioned, plus Neo. Oh, and they didn't recycle the exact same engine for four games running, adding some new series and a couple bells and whistles as they go. Is it too much to ask that at some point they do something different when until five years ago they actually did experiment a bit with the formula?


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