Why is there hardly any Gerbera Tetra toys or models?

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Why is there hardly any Gerbera Tetra toys or models?

Post by zaku69 » Sun Mar 18, 2007 6:26 pm

Personally I think it's one of the most coolest MS designs ever. (next to the Kampfer). And according to this source, one of the most powerful MS for it's time. Mika Akitaka really did well on this design.


So my issue here is why don't they have more Gerbera Tetra toys or models? We do have a 1/144, a FIXX version and several B-Club kits but outside of that NOTHING. Sure it didn't appear as much as the other Gundams in 0083, but the powered-up GM and the Zakus from that series got MGs. Heck they even made a MSIA of the YMS-16M Xamel!

Please, I pray to the Bandai Gods, release an HCM Pro, MG or at the very least an MSiA of this bad ass MS!
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