Putty Emergency!

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Putty Emergency!

Post by G-Slayer » Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:08 pm

I'm currently building the first edition SD God Gundam, which includes a separate arm and hand for the God Finger. Both the arm and hand were hollow in 2 areas so I filled them in using Tamiya basic modeling putty on the arm and Testors contour putty on the hand. When I got back to sand it, the hand was just fine. But while sanding the arm (the one with the Tamiya putty), I noticed it turned significantly soft, like it was melting. And I always store my kits at room temperature. What can I do?
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Re: Putty Emergency!

Post by neolordmaxwell » Thu Nov 10, 2011 11:41 am

I know this is pretty late, but basically what's happened there is that many putties are designed to chemically react to the plastic, which is to say they basically break it down and fuse to it. If you add too much at once, it can result in unfortunately melting the plastic, as you're experiencing there. It might 'dry up' and harden back up with time, but you might have to rebuild any warped or damaged areas with- yup, more putty.

The best thing you can do in that sort of case is prevention. Test any material you're going to use beforehand, and if it's the type known to melt up plastic, try adding it a bit at a time, rather than trying to fill it all at once. That'll help to minimize the effects.
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