Paint Color Visor Clear?

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Paint Color Visor Clear?

Post by Eat68 » Thu May 26, 2011 2:53 pm

how would I go about painting a colored visor (Orange on a Master Grade Nemo) to a clear visor if it is possible? Just want to recreate the Nemo in Gundam Unicorn.

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Re: Paint Color Visor Clear?

Post by South Burning » Thu May 26, 2011 5:03 pm

There is no way I know of to take the color out of transparent plastic and, not having the model in front of me, I can't say this is the only solution. However, you could cut a piece from some very thin clear plastic or acetate and sandwich it between the outer shell of the head piece and the interior parts. I can see how this could be easily done on, say, a Master Grade GM, and I would expect a Master Grade Nemo to be similar. Precision trimming would be the key as you would want the new visor to be just the right shape for the edges to fill the space the original visor was to have occupied and no more. And it may have to be held in place by friction as gluing such a small piece of clear material would be a real challenge.

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