My Super Robot Taisen model kit showcase thread.

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My Super Robot Taisen model kit showcase thread.

Post by neolordmaxwell » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:19 am

I'm cross-posting this to a couple of places. I don't think I've posted a showcase thread here in a long time, if ever, so hey, why not. This is all of the SRW OGs kits I've completed and painted over the past few years. 1/144 Alteisen, Completed in 2008. 1/144 Gespenst Mk II, Also completed in 2008 Non-Scale Cybaster, Completed in mid 2009 1/144 WildRauptier, Late 2009-mid 2010 1/144 Alteisen Reise, Completed Late 2010 1/144 R2-Powered, Late 2010 1/144 WildWurger, Completed- Earlier this evening.

The entire Gallery can be found here! Yes, I'm using a livejournal account to host this gallery.

...And I've got seven more OGs kits still to work on. (Snapped together, but neither glued nor painted.) So this thread might get bumped with more of the same if I finish any quickly enough.
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