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Re: mOONwOKA's mecha models

Post by mOONwOKA » Fri May 20, 2011 5:53 am

1-4-4 wrote: Nicely done. Did you have any trouble with the mod? I did this to a few GM Commands I was working on a few years back and I had a fair bit of trouble getting the surface smooth again...
Actually, i didn't bother to smooth the surface. I have a "scriber", that i carved from blunt hobby knife blade. It came out too crude for actual scribing, but is OK for cutting something off. Basically, i "scribed" around those magazines until i was through plastic. Then i cut out piece of thin pla-plate and glued it to cover the hole. That's the grey (in reality painted aluminium) square in the inner bottom part of the shield.
G-Slayer wrote:I'm more interested in exactly how you've weathered your GINN.
On this one i kept weathering to the minimum. I used powder of dark brown pastel and charcoal pencil. And since model was painted with matt enamels, powder stuck so good, that i had to use rubber to remove it from unwanted places. I believe, in some photos you can see sharper edges where i tried to rub pastels off. Back then i had no concept of using them in wet form...
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