The Official Gundam AGE Anime Thread Mk II

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Re: The Official Gundam AGE Anime Thread Mk II

Post by Deathzealot » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:35 am

Honestly this episode is pretty interesting. I love the Gundam vs. Genoace Fight no matter that it was pretty short. The mid-episode little montage was interesting, basically showing Flit and Yurin get closer. However I wonder who those extra folks are in the meeting, the leaders of other forces included in the operation or someone else. Also was I the only who was surprised to see that one person who looked like a girl speak in a male voice. /shrug/

You guys are forgetting the other Genoaces in the first episode that where torn apart by the UE defending the Colony. They all had the same color scheme of the one Largan uses. I say that color scheme is for those units protecting that paticular colony. The White and silver scheme is perhaps the colors for machines assigned to the fleet. Though again the Genoaces at Madorna Workship still have the same sceme. Maybe it is the color scheme for units protecting every colony perhaps.

Also I was kind of shocked about having a Mid-Season (kinda) upgrade for the Diva. As far as I am aware that has only happened with the Argama. Also if I am reading the sub-titles right it looks like the Diva is going to get some sort of Lohengrin like main weapon. But anyways this is the Anime thread not the mecha one.

Moving on, Grodeck looked like he was expecting Flit and crew to save him. Also I wondered where that Inspector guy/feddie Officer got the communication device if Grodeck took all of them?

Anyhow there is my two-cents for Episode Eleven. Eagerly await the next episode where we finally get some ship-vs-ship action. Heh. Perhaps we shall get to see the Divas new weapon in action during this. Till then ciao.

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Re: The Official Gundam AGE Anime Thread Mk II

Post by ShadowCell » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:42 am

snaps, time for a new thread. stand by.


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