Differences in Gundam: The Origin

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Re: Differences in Gundam: The Origin

Post by Kratos » Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:34 am

I don't know if I'd characterize Bright as "goofy" (but then again, I wouldn't have characterized Fraw as being 99% comic relief); Yas certainly gives some characters goofy moments, but I've never found myself thinking "wow, he sure is using a lot of slapstick/not taking these characters seriously".

Anyways! The Jaburo arc is finished, so the episode-by-episode (or volume-by-volume; that'll probably be what I end up going with) comparison will begin soon. Jaburo was probably my least-favourite volume so far (specifically the last quarter of it or so).
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Re: Differences in Gundam: The Origin

Post by Calubin_175 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:18 pm

I've skim read the Origin manga up to Vol.22 or so and I enjoyed the Char and Sayla prequel the most.

The Origin version merged the good bits of the TV version into the movie trilogy and added some little bits that may allude to the original 52 episode version but not much from Tomino's novel.
Good bits from the TV version include the second battle with Gaia and Ortega being fought during Operation Odessa instead of being promptly killed during the first encounter as in the movie trilogy. There is no Bigro, but they are replaced with better looking Zaku Rellos that are mass produced.

The prequel part is awesome, though the battle scene in Loum is cut short maybe they want to maintain its exclusivity in Gihren's Ambition.

The Black Tri-Star already had MS-06R equivalent in the Battle of Loum.

Revil's escape is depicted.
In terms of MS:
The Gundam gets progressive minor upgrades in Jaburo and after Solomon I think. It gradually evolves from Okawara's plain version to something similar to Ver.Ka/post 1995 MG version with added thrusters and such.

There is a Core Booster/G-Fighter equivalent that has a rear platform large enough to have it function as an SFS. There is also a smaller fighter oriented Core Booster IIRC.

The GM doesn't look as dopey and actually scores kills. It looks more like Okawara's RGM-79[G] with GM Command shoulders. Amuro actually gets to pilot one and confirms that its response time is inferior to that of the Gundam. So we can finally confirm that Amuro in a GM is not the same as him piloting the Gundam, in spite of the similar catalog specs.

There are some GM cannon and missile equipped variants based upon the above standard model, but there is also one that seems to be an overall upgrade similar to the GM Kai and designed for ace pilot use, specialised in close combat.

Gouf looks fatter while Ramba Ral is actually slimmer. The Dom has broader shoulders, Z'Gok looks like Z'Gok E, the Braw Bro looks more monstrous with its tentacles, and I think the Gyan had almost no change.

The Gelgoog is a merger of the MG Ver 2.0 with the beam machine gun and added thrusters from the MG MS-14A Ver 1.0. Afterall, the Ver.2.0 was said to be based upon Yasuhiko's illustration.

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