Out Magazine parodies

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Out Magazine parodies

Post by asterphage » Thu Jul 31, 2008 12:05 am

I just stumbled on a scan of another one of Out Magazine's parody Gundam sequels, in the same vein as O Gundam: Newtype's Light, but with its own title and premise.


The title is "Kido Senshi ZZ Gundam: Rousui no Shaa" - "Mobile Suit ZZ Gundam: The Senility of Char".
It takes place 49 years after Mobile Suit Gundam, in UC 0128.

We see two mecha on this page, though I don't see a name for the one shown in profile at top left. I'm inclined to assume it's a title mech, taking advantage of the same "ZiZi"/"JiJi" pun used in a later Newtype Magazine article.

I don't know about the Gundam, since what little I can figure out doesn't really paint a clear picture of what that illustration represents, but I think this piece and its "Hi-Hizack" definitely merit inclusion under the Out Magazine heading. I've also included a cleaned up, mahq-size copy of the Gundam, whatever you decide to do with it.


"ZiZi Gundam":
-Paul Segal

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