Some things about Nirvash typetheEND

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Some things about Nirvash typetheEND

Post by Xanadu » Sat Jul 12, 2008 7:57 pm

Unit type: high performance LFO (Light Finding Operation)
Equipment: ref board (can split into pair of skis) x 1
Armament: homing laser x 2, retractable claw x 2, blade x 2
Pilot: Anemone
Mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori
Ok sorry if there's a topic where this should go I didn't see it. I've noticed some things about this. There was much more then two homing lasers if your refering to what I thing. There were at least 20 I think. It also doesn't mention those cannon things on it's chest. I'll try to find some sort of video showing these things
I also think theEND is a klf because the klf's use the kind of cockpit-pilot interface style like theEND(putting arms in sockets causing them to move, cant explain all that well) while LFO'S use a series of levers and sticks and that kind of stuff.

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