MS-X roundup

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MS-X roundup

Post by asterphage » Tue May 20, 2008 6:29 pm

MS-X roundup

This post deprecates all my previous MS-X posts, and I'll be editing them all momentarily to redirect to this thread. Okay, for this update I've collected, as far as I know, almost every piece of design art for MS-X - I'm only missing a couple of the weapons, and decent line art of Zeon's scooty-puff jr.
At some point in the future, I intend to do a comprehensive review of MSV in the same manner- but that's going to be a long, labor-intensive process of scanning and cleanup and for now my next task is some Plamo Kyoshiro line art I found.

Now, there are three different colored versions of every mobile suit in MS-X.
There's the painterly rendered ones that more or less match the original MSV art - I believe these to be the chronologically earliest colored versions of these designs.

Then there's the flat colored ones. These are the most common images of the MS-X machines, but I'm fairly sure they weren't printed until 1988, in the first edition of MS Encyclopedia. This art is also marked as a later version by two details: the color scheme for the Act Zaku matches its appearance in Zeta Gundam, and the Burstliner is manned by a Full Armor Gundam in the blue Plamo Kyoshiro color scheme, rather than the original green. Oddly, the Skiure never had a flat colored version, and throughout the editions of MS Encyc/MS Illustrated the original rendered image of the Skiure has been printed alongside the flat-colored versions of the other mecha.
The MS Encyclopedia art is pretty much the same versions that MAHQ already has, but MAHQ's versions have been digitally brightened way more than they should be, so I've newly scanned them all and adjusted the the colors and exposure to match the printed versions.

Finally, there's an odd set of art that looks airbrushed... almost smooth enough to make one wonder if it was digitally colored with gradients. However the art was done, it seems pretty incongruous with anything else by Okawara. I haven't even seen most of these outside of a low-quality scan of a poster from an old issue of Terebi Magazine, but I have since found and scanned more recent printed copies of the Act Zaku and Galbaldy A in this style.
I've also included cropped versions of the low-quality poster scan as placeholders/comparative examples for all the other MS. The Burstliner and Skiure were never colored in this style, as far as I know.

high-res images of all the art I've collected for this can be found in the following galleries on my site: Now, moving on to the actual MAHQ-sized images of everything.

Heavy Gundam Burstliner Guncarry Act Zaku
This one is a little unusual - the art MAHQ has right now isn't actually the MS Encyclopedia flat colored version, but rather the image from the second volume of "Gundam Mechanics", which features full-page images of the colored line art for MS from First Gundam, MSV, and the OYW-era OAVs. The Gundam Mechanics II art has slightly thicker and darker lines, a little bit of yellow detailing added and a little bit of red detailing removed. I've included both versions here, though the MS Encyclopedia version seems more "official", having been in print for two decades without being changed or replaced. In any case, the current MAHQ image needs to be replaced, as it's WAY too bright compared to any printed version I've seen. Galbaldy A Pezun Dowadge Gasshia Gigan Skiure
  • MSV-style version (with green & white Zaku II)
    As far as I know, this is still the only colored art of the Skiure. This was also published in every edition of MS Encyclopedia/MS Illustrated.
  • manned by Zaku II:
    This is a larger image than the current one MAHQ has, but I'm not sure if it's worth replacing it with. Some of the details are a little clearer in this image, but the way the line art is filled in with a grainy, textured grey makes it uncomfortable to look at for me. I may eventually try and clean that grey out by hand on a high-resolution scan.
-Paul Segal

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