Destiny Astray 3 Error

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Destiny Astray 3 Error

Post by Volnixshin » Sat Mar 17, 2007 4:03 pm

In the review of Destiny Astray Volume 3 it says:
"The third volume brings us up to the beginning of the DESTINY TV series and goes all the way up to the beginning of the Break the World incident with Junius Seven. Strangely, although Shinn appears in volumes 2-3, he has just about zero dialogue. I could understand silent cameos in an anime, but it doesn't make much sense in a manga. Speaking of cameos, this volume also features brief appearances by the Extended pilots, as well as the ZAKU Athrun Zala uses during the Armory One attack. Canard also returns, as do Gai, Lowe and even Rondo. We see that the thefts at Armory One and the Junius Seven incident are pretty closely related. Matis' plan seems to involve manipulating the ZAFT separatists into their actions, as well as frame the Junk Guild and destroy it. She fails the first time because GENESIS Alpha doesn't fire at Earth, but the firing at an Alliance base doesn't look good. The Testament Gundam is revealed, and we learn some secrets about Out Frame: it was just a reserve unit for spare parts. In addition, the Testament Gundam's pilot is revealed to be none other than Ash Gray from ASTRAY R. Lowe had sent the Testament Gundam into Alliance territory at the end of that series, so obviously the Alliance captured Ash and brainwashed him in the same way it turned Mu La Flaga into Neo Roanoke. Although the Testament Gundam and Ash have been defeated, there's still a lot on the horizon with the looming war that will ignite after the fall of Junius Seven. "

Lowe sent the Regenerates backpack with Ash inside into EA Territory. This is how Ash was captured, and the EA had a hold of the backpack for future Proto-Saviour+11.
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Post by Chris » Sun Mar 18, 2007 12:16 am

Thanks. That's just a simple typo - I meant to type Regenerate, but for whatever reason I typed Testament.
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