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 Post subject: Gundam tabletop games
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2008 10:14 pm 
Newtype Emo Guy
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There are a LOT of these. I haven't got a complete list (maybe later) but I have mecha listings right now for a few of them, courtesy of the old-version site on MS Lexicon.
These are all Tsukuda Hobby games, and should go under that section where Twilight of Zeon is.
Whenever there's time to organize the mecha listing index, I suggest that manga and novels should be separated out into their own subcategories. Perhaps distinguishing proper novels from model magazine articles and photo-stories, as well.

Sieg Zeon
  • MS-06FZII - Zaku II Final Production Type
  • MS-06T - Zaku Training Type
  • RX-78M - Gundam (Magnetic Coating)
That last one actually just says "Gundam (Magnetic Coating)" in katakana, and nothing else. I'm not sure exactly what to call it... especially if it's just this game's way of differentiating Amuro's Gundam pre- and post-magnetic coating. Without the game book, I guess we should just leave it at that.

Cross of Zeon
MS Lexicon has a page for this, and a listing that's completely blank. Just the "newly introduced machines" heading, and none listed. I guess this means that there actually are no original mecha in this, since they bothered to make a blank page.

Twilight of Zeon
  • MS-06H - Zaku Minelaying Type.
    (This uses different kanji from the original MSV books' F-type Minelayer Zaku; I don't know enough to clarify the difference.)
  • MS-06L - Zaku Missile Equipment Type
  • MS-06J - Zaku Reinforced Armor Type
    (You could also go with "Strengthened", "Enhanced", etc. I believe we've seen this term before with its multiple translations.)
  • MS-06G - Zaku High Mobility Type
    (This is named with the same term used to describe the MS-06R series in MS Encyclopedia.)
  • MS-14C - Gelgoog Cannon
    (It says "MS-14K is described" in parentheses. Not sure what that signifies.)
  • MS-15B - Gyan Mass Production Type
  • MSN-02C - Zeong (Head)
  • MSN-01 - Kikeroga
  • RGM-79L - GM High Mobility Type
    (Again, same kanji as the MS-06R. It says "RGM-79H is described" in parentheses; same as before.)
  • RGM-79bis - GM Reinforced Armor Type
    (Same deal as the Zaku.)
  • RG-79AV - Gundam Mass Production Type
    (RG? I guess that model number concept has fallen by the wayside.)

-Paul Segal

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 12:46 am 
Newtype Emo Guy
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Joined: Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:56 pm
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Three more Tsukuda Hobby games.

Everywhere I use "custom" here, it's actually "custom" in katakana, not "kai" or "senyo". The "Type"s are all over the place, though - katakana, "kata", and "senyo" in the case of Amuro's Dias.

Cyclops Attack
  • RX-78 - Gundam (Custom)
  • MS-09 - Dom (Desert Type)
  • MS-06 - Zaku (Custom)
  • MS-07 - Gouf (Custom)
  • MS-14 - Gelgoog (Desert Type)
  • MS-14JG - Gelgoog (Custom)
  • MS-15 - Gyan (Custom)
Psyco Gundam
  • RMS-099 - Rick Dias Amuro Ray Use
  • MSN-100 - Hyaku Shiki Enhanced Type
    (could be strengthened, reinforced, whatever.)
  • MSA-003 - Nemo Commander Type
  • RMS-154 - Custom Barzam
  • PMX-000 - Messala Mass Production Type
  • RMS-099 - Rick Dias (Mass Production Type)
    (on this one, the mass production part is in parentheses for some reason.)
  • MSA-003 - Nemo Custom Type
Quin Mantha
  • MSZ-010 - Full Armor ZZ Gundam (Hyper Mega Launcher Equipped)
  • AMX-102 - Zssa Missile Pod
    (...just the pod?! I guess it's not stranger than the Zeong Head.)
  • AMX-102 - Zssa Bomber
  • AMX-014 - Doven Wolf (Commander Type)
  • AMX-110S - Zaku 3 (Newtype Use Machine)
    (this one is "senyo ki" (「専用機」), and one dictionary has that compound as "special purpose machine", but I don't know if there's a standard way to translate this in Gundam/mecha/anime in general.)
  • AMX-003 - Gaza C (Commander Type)
  • RGM-86R - GM III (Commander Type)
  • RGM-86R - GM III Kai
  • MSZ-006 - Zeta Gundam Amuro Ray Use

-Paul Segal

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:18 pm 
Creepy Bishonen

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Excellent contribution, indeed! :)

Concerning Twilight of Zeon, I think that the "is described" in parentheses means that in the game Gelgoog Cannon and GM High Mobility Type (possibly a GM Light Armor) are respectively described as MS-14K and RGM-79H, but for some reason MS Lexicon prefers to have also a more familiar designation for them.

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2008 11:50 pm 
AEUG Slapping Boy

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I've found quite a large collection of rare and obscure Gundam lineart. I've saved a handful of images with mecha/vehicles that might be of interest, but unfortunately I really don't know how to clean them up properly, so what I think I'll do is post cropped versions of them so anyone who's interested can make them a bit more presentable.

Gundam 0079 ... 9Wappa.jpg ... Launch.jpg ... aceBus.jpg ... ceBoat.jpg ... ceDock.jpg ... 6Ships.jpg ... 9Ship2.jpg ... 79Ship.jpg ... ssiles.jpg ... osters.jpg ... ndShip.jpg ... ighter.jpg ... ppLift.jpg ... 9Commu.jpg ... nonCar.jpg ... eTruck.jpg

Gundam 0080 ... eships.jpg ... copter.jpg ... ehicle.jpg

Gundam 0083 ... tapult.jpg ... ontrol.jpg ... ellite.jpg ... goShip.jpg

EDIT: Can someone delete this? Minor brainfart on my end. :oops:

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