Episode 100 Listener Participation Project!

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Episode 100 Listener Participation Project!

Post by Soul Bro Ryu » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:54 pm

Listen up, gang! We need your help!

In our upcoming 100th episode, we would like to feature our listeners in two special segments! The first will be about "Your Favorite Gundamn Moment" and the other will be about "$h!t Gundamn Listeners Say"!

All you have to do is to call our Google Voice "Special Projects Hotline" @ 407-505-5798 and leave a message pertaining to either subject -

Special Segment #1 - "Your Favorite Gundamn Moment!"
- Simply relay a moment, episode, or segment on the the show you enjoyed most.

Special Segment #2 - "$h!t Gundamn Listeners Say!"
- Based on a popular internet meme & already a hit thread on the Gundamn! @ MAHQ Facebook Group! (thanks to our clever group member, Will Podlewski), here is where you can leave of quote of something a Gundam fan would say. It can be something witty about mecha fandom, reciting famous lines from the Gundam franchise's long history ("Play with me, boy!" or "Even my own father never hit me!"), a reference to a meme or event on the podcast, or something else. Be creative! (For examples, visit the Gundamn! @ MAHQ Facebook Group!)

Here are some guidelines for those participating:
- When calling, state your NAME, HANDLE (optional), the SEGMENT (#1 or #2) that your message is for, and then finally your MESSAGE.
- Calls should NOT exceed 4 MINUTES.
- To keep things organized, your MESSAGE should strictly be about SEGMENT #1 or #2, but not both in the same message.
- You CAN participate in both SEGMENTS. However, make sure they are SEPARATE messages.
- PREPARE what you plan on saying before you call. It will better your chances of it being in the episode.
- If you flub part of your message, take a moment and repeat what you meant to say. Mistakes can be edited out but remember the clock is ticking.

UPDATE: For those who have issues calling (especially international listeners), you can send your submission via email to GundamnMAHQ@gmail.com instead. There are a few additional guidelines for this as well:
- Make the SUBJECT of the email "Episode 100 Listener Participation Project". If not, your submission may be overlooked.
- Recording MUST be in 320 Kbps MP3 (44100 Hz Stereo) or 44100 Hz WAV (32-bit or 16-bit) format.
- If you are participating in BOTH SEGMENTS, make an audio recording for each individual segment and label them SEGMENT-1 and SEGMENT-2.
- DO NOT insert background music into your recording. Only the RAW AUDIO is needed. Editing out any mistakes is very appreciated.
- Compress the audio files into a ZIP or RAR file before attaching it to the letter of submission.

The deadline for the segment submissions is APRIL 1ST, 2012. The best submissions will be selected & featured in the 100th episode, so make them creative, entertaining and full of energy! Again, the phone number for this "Special Project" is 407-505-5798, not to be confused with the MAHQ Podcast hotline for Gundamn! @ MAHQ, Chaos Theater & Laplace's Box. (Continue to leave those Questions & Remarks at 305-792-8324.)

Many thinks to those who participate and we looking forward to hearing you in Episode 100 of Gundamn! @ MAHQ!
Soul Bro Ryu
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