Ep. 076 - The Gospel of Anime Moses

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Re: Ep. 076 - The Gospel of Anime Moses

Post by kayone73 » Thu May 12, 2011 5:52 pm

Mekton GM wrote:the whole thing with the reused animation in Unicorn is just a trolls outlet for something to bitch about. last time i checked noone bitched about Simon's Giga drill break being identical to Kamina's. besideds they robots are robots they mosy likely have preprogrmed with set moves; in f91 seabook needed to grab the rifle from the mount on the ship, when he tryed he missed then the technition told him to use the automatic program. stock footage for a move like throwing the sheild is beleiveble but the enemy being in the same spot for your shot every time looks so fake (ie seed and destany) Also sorry for the bad spelling im typeing this on a cellphone
It's actually quite the compliment to the show if you think about it. Unicorn 3 is such a well done episode you see how deep the trolls have to dig to find *something* to complain about and couldn't latch onto anything more substantial.

it's kind of the equivalent of them losing in a debate and trying to finish with 'SHUT up! That's why!' thats when you smirk and know they're out of things to say.

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Re: Ep. 076 - The Gospel of Anime Moses

Post by jcncasval76 » Tue May 17, 2011 12:20 am

Chris wrote:
VentZX wrote:Chris makes a good argument that watching something as it was originally intended to be watched is preferable. But I also posit that when the animators are making these shows, they are not doing so thinking that people will be reading lines of text at the bottom of the screen at the same time. In that sense, I feel that dubbing it in the language of a viewer is getting closer to how something is "intended to be watched."
An interesting argument, but I don't agree. Anime is not some kind of special category here. Foreign films have been subtitled for decades and will continue to be in the future. It's a slight accommodation to overcome the language barrier, as opposed to changing the language altogether.
I wonder if this argument comes along on the same line as the dubbing issue: there are many Tokusatsu fans (myself included) praying for their favorite soundtracks to be sold on iTunes. However, the moment when that announcement was made (referring to the recent Gokaiger & Super Sentai Soundtrack), some of them complains about going to iTunes. Just can't please everyone, "to dub or not to dub" can also be said as "to iTunes or not to iTunes".
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