Ep. 051 - Hot Toonami Time Machine!

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Re: Ep. 051 - Hot Toonami Time Machine!

Post by skyknight » Thu May 06, 2010 1:28 am

OK, to be honest, I can't comment on much of this ep topics, but I'll offer a few thoughts.

Videogame adaption of any franchise is really hard, as in how would you capture the "essences" of the series? Heck, it was until last year, that a GREAT Batman game finally came out, after 20 years from the first NES release. Superman 64 is the legend for all gamers and fans to show that videogame adaption requires something extra.

I did rent Journey to Jaburo in the early days of PS2, and boy was I glad that I rented it! The game wasn't that good, and the controls and camera angle were ok, sometimes the mission objective isn't all that clear. I played Side Story: Rise from Ashes (shocked that you didn't mention it, or I missed it in the podcast), and I do like the feel of the control and in-cockpit theme, too bad, there's no Gundam for you in that game!

The Koei's Warriors series - let's just say its the potato chips of all games, you can't seem to put it down for any reasons. Yeah, my bro did buy DW:G2, he played it and complain several MS were just junk to boost MS count, and I did laugh at him for buying it, as he did laugh at me when I bought Warriors Orochi for my PSP before! :roll:

Otherwise there was the Battle Assault fighting series that I never pay attention to, and Giren's Greed that fans usually apprise for bringing something different to the Gundam universe. And I do support with SBR on encourging Namco Bandai to take some risks by bringing in some more Gundam games, even if its download only.

I do agree if any of us were to talk about subjects that are outside of our knowledge, it would be best to bring in guest that have first-hand knowledge and experience with the games to share information and guide us through, just like you guys brought in Andres for the gunpla segments.
iblade wrote:I was wondering since you covered mecha games, has anyone ever played Robot Alchemic Drive? It was a game released by Enix for the PS2 and you controlled a giant mech to protect your city. It really captured the feeling of piloting a giant clunky robot and was totally awesome.
YES, that game got some attention from me, as it was listed as an under-appreciated game by the staff of GamePro.com. Yet, it was also listed as a game that featured the worst voice-acting. Has anyone here played it?

There are plenty of mecha-based videogames that I played, and I do agree some of the short-comings of each. AC series just wasn't the same after PS1 release, and it heavy focus on the design of your AC unit, as you need find the right balance of firepower, mobility, defense..., to the point you would even ask if the mission is actually much easier.

The Front Mission has a long stable of SqaureSoft(Enix), since its first release on the Super Famicon, I did play the demo of FM3 on PS1, complete FM on DS, and looked at the trailer for FM:Evolved. Gotta say it does take in the good stuff of AC and works it in simpler way, with the attributes of your crew being the factor in combat. It was a shame when I heard that FM5 wouldn't come outside of JP, since FM4 was a major appointment for fans that played the entire series. Don't know if Evolved is the right step to take.

On Toonami, granted that I never had cable television for the majority of my life (surprised!?), I was fully aware of anime fans that watch shows on that station. For a while I thought it may be a good way to watch anime series that I longed for, especially when Gundam Wing was on. But I didn't and bought the DVD's instead. I do agree with you guys on rise of P2P file sharing, that Toonami isn't the medium for every anime fans.
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Re: Ep. 051 - Hot Toonami Time Machine!

Post by Mu La Flaga » Mon May 17, 2010 8:32 am

It took me a while, but I found that pic Neo referenced to getting an idea what the Troll looks like.
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Not to mention the straight talk express. :P

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Re: Ep. 051 - Hot Toonami Time Machine!

Post by Momaru » Fri May 21, 2010 3:01 pm

Ah Gundam video games. I've played most of the ones that have come out in the US even if just a quick demo of it. Having said that, in my opinion, gundam vs zeta gundam is the best. My second choice would be encounters in space mainly because it introduced me to a bunch of the lesser known side stories from UC gundam. Gundam Muso 2 was a fun rental, but I'm glad that I didn't buy it. Some of the lines of the characters in that game were really funny like Ramaba and Loran who spouted some really weird ZOINKS about the moon. I'd like to get the chance to play Giren's Greed, the newest entry in the vs series, ACE and of course super robot wars.

As for Toonami, I think I represent the majority of people here in that it was really my gateway drug into anime and gundam. I can hardly believe that 10 years have passed since GW aired on Toonami. Its really a shame that it had to go, but in this day and age where streaming and torrents have become so prevalent, there really isn't room for a programming block like toonami.
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Re: Ep. 051 - Hot Toonami Time Machine!

Post by mobiusdiablo » Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:24 pm

Okay, I feel like Armored Core needs to be defended (a little bit). Yes, it is challenging, yes, the game WILL punish the slow-acting and/or cocky beginner. However, AC4 and ACFA have come a LOOOONG way from their nearly impossible predecessors. From took out a lot of the complex mechanics and tried to make the two games more beginner-friendly while still giving good to its fanbase. It's a niche title, but it has gone leaps and bounds to improve its gameplay. Then again, it still lacks a strong story...
From 00 S2 ep 25

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