Ep. 042 - Dedicated to All Future Pioneers

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Re: Ep. 042 - Dedicated to All Future Pioneers

Post by jabman025 » Mon Nov 30, 2009 4:31 pm

Hello, and great show guys.

I would like to throw my opinions on the pile as far as the first decade of gundam goes.

First the original MSG, as far as the series goes I would toss out the G-fighter and speed up the pace of the show, specifically in the middle of the series where it tends to drag on. I personally always prefer the movie trilogy to the series because they fixed most of the problems the biggest being the explanations and involvement of the newtype phenomenon. Unlike the Soul Bro, Neo, and Chris I liked the Zeong and I liked the way the show ended. It both wrapped the story up but left a lot of characters alive, which made us all wanting more.

The only real problems I had with Zeta Gundam were small. I would have Four died once the dying over and over again got a little old. Also I would have liked to see Scirocco survive as he was a great villain and I would have loved to see him in future shows.

ZZ Gundam is a show I will defend to a certain point. The first 20 episodes were just flat out stupid. They could be condensed to 3 episodes easily. The sections with Puru and the colony drop are as good as anything in Zeta if not better so nothing needs changing there. The Moon Moon and Tiger Baum parts can go they are filler at best. Now I will defend the ending Glemmy Toto while a “low rent Char” was a capable leader. If you watch ZZ carefully and read between the lines I think you can see him starting to build support for something. He becomes friendly with some of the hardcore Zeon forces and is in charge of the Puru clone forces. He has a lot of fire power at his disposal and we know he is an ambitious guy. I would be willing to bet that he was originally planed to turn on Haman and work with Char and then turn on him as well. When CCA was approved he became the leader of the rebellion against Haman as apposed to one of Char’s lackeys. Alright…..I’ll get off my soapbox now.

CCA had its faults (I’m looking at you Quess) but overall I would not change that much. If anything it could have been longer and like Soul Bro I would have liked to have seen a cameo by Kamille at bare minimum. As a movie format it did a good job of explaining Char’s reasons for his actions. He and the AEUG fought so hard and sacrificed so much to give the world and chance to heal. So what happens they start a new war with NeoZeon and Haman. Everything they work for was flushed down the toilet. CCA is just Char no longer screwing around. He is tired of waiting for humanity to see the error of its ways he is going to force them to change, even if he has to kill a few billion to do it.

0080 can be fixed by doing two things. One, lose the soundtrack. Two spend more than the first episode on the development of the NT-1. Other than that the show really does not have that many issues for me. Now where is my hamburger….
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Re: Ep. 042 - Dedicated to All Future Pioneers

Post by NastyNate » Fri Dec 18, 2009 2:48 pm

Great show. I would have liked gundam to show judu at jupitrous. Maybe just a quick seen of him watching what was going on in the news in counter attack. I agree with what you guys said too. Also they should have included beltotchorica and kept her with amuro in chars counterattack.
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Re: Ep. 042 - Dedicated to All Future Pioneers

Post by Mu La Flaga » Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:18 pm

On Macross Plus.
I liked it in the OVA form, sure the movie version was the original intended idea.
But giving the OVA some space to flesh out plot details, since you guys said at times was almost too much in the story.
I liked that aspect like seeing the 2 new Macross prototypes going through their test stages and even with Guld at the start and the BDI system.
Anyway I liked the series all in all, as it was my first venture in to the Macross stuff.

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