Thank You, Listeners!

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Thank You, Listeners!

Post by hawk of endymion » Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:53 pm

Neo Here!

About a month or two ago, you may have noticed that Gundamn has a sponser now, Petco.
On behalf on myself, Chris, and Soul Bro I would like to thank everyone who used the Gundamn discount and would like to encourage those that haven't to try it out. The more you support Petco though the codes the more you will support the growth of Gundamn. There is a possiblity of additional sponsers in the future and we'd appreciate the support of those sponsers too.

Since the beginning, you the Listener, have been great with your support and enthusiasm of Gundamn. The more sponsership we get and the more support you give them, the more Gundamn can start offering and giving back to the listeners.

Thank you for everything you've done and keep it going.
I promise, once we get into power, Soul Bro will buy you something nice.


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Re: Thank You, Listeners!

Post by thehod » Thu Sep 17, 2009 3:35 am

Thanks for providing a great podcast to listen to.

I am still awaiting the much anticipated gunpla episode.

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Re: Thank You, Listeners!

Post by CanadaMan » Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:28 pm

Quick question about Petco, is that offer good outside of the States?
Not that I have a pet, but I know many people who do.
Now Advertising for Gundamn! in Vancouver

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